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Second Time Around, Part 1

"Spence! Spencer!!! Spencer Michael Andrews!!!"

I jumped with a start at the sound of my name.  I looked up to see my roommate Seth looming over me.

"What time is it?" I said.

"Time for you to get your ass to Chemistry!"

"Shit!  It is in 10 minutes."

I must have fallen asleep.  I looked down and there in my lap lay my chemistry book.  I looked at my watch and it was 12:20 and I had to be to class in 10 minutes.  No big deal right?  Wrong!!!  My class is on the other side of Campus and my apartment is 2 blocks away.

I ran to chemistry and got there just as the professor was walking in the room.  I took my usual seat next to my good friend Stacy.

"Fall asleep again Spence?"

"As usual.  I hate having an 8 o'clock class and then my next class at 12:30."

"Yeah that will do it to ya!  So how's the husband?"

"Seth is doing just fine but he is not my husband!"  I said not trying to be too loud.

Now Stacy is a really good friend of Seth and I.  If you haven't guessed both of us are gay.  No we are not boyfriends even though Stacy insists that we are.  We dated once in high school but that is a whole other story.

"I know Seth has a boyfriend.  And James is so cute too."

"Actually they broke up."  I said flatly.

"You go Spencer! Go get him!"

"Stacy, you know that Seth and I are just good..."

"Mr. Andrews can u tell us about the oxidation levels in this circumstance?"  Professor Stein said.

I turned and not knowing what was going on replied, "Ummm, Ahhh. I'm sorry."

"Then I suggest that you and Miss Randall pay more attention and save all the gossip for after my class."

Damn I was busted.  Well then I will take this opportunity to tell you how I got where I am today.

My name is Spencer Michael Andrews, but everyone calls me Spence.  I am 20 and attend the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.  I am about 6' and have brown hair that I like to keep pretty short.I consider my eyes my best feature. They are the most gorgeous blue that I have ever seen. (I know I am a little vain.)  I am built like a football player and was told all through high school that I should play football.  However, I am not a big sports fan.Never really like any except for soccer.  I am more the musically inclined type.  I was in the band in high school but haven't played since.  And of course I am gay.  I've known I was gay for a very long time.  In fact Seth was my first boyfriend.  We went to high school together here in Milwaukee.  Well for three years at least.

We met freshman year and became the best of friends.  We were both in the band together.  We were inseparable.  If there was Spence there was Seth.  In the summer of '96 we discovered that we shared another interest that we never knew we shared.  Boys.

I was sitting in his room one night when I was over on the Internet doing a project for school because my family didn't have a computer at the time.  He had left the room to go take a shower and I was researching.  I was kind of bored so I decided to look at what his favorites were.  I took the mouse up there and saw one that was simple titled "Whatever" and thought to myself, "Well if Seth likes it so will I."  Little did I realize when I clicked on it that I was in for a shock.  It was a link to a gay porn site.  I froze.  I had no idea that Seth was gay too.  Just then he walked in the room.He was just as shocked as I was.  Two weeks later we were a couple.

About a year later in June of '97 we were over at my house in my room.  Things had gotten pretty hot and heavy.  Unfortunately I had forgotten to lock the door.  Big mistake!  We were both there in my room.   Shirts thrown across the room and in walked my mother.  She immediately told Seth to leave and told me to wait in my room till dad got home.

When he got home the let me stir in my room for about an hour before they told me that they had called my cousin Jeff that lived in Appleton and that I was going to be moving there in a week.  I packed my things and 4 days later my cousin Jeff came to Milwaukee and picked my things and me up.

About halfway thru the trip Jeff broke the silence and told me that he was gay.  My parents decided that it was best for me to be there with him.  The family also disowned him and that was why he was sent there.

I spent my senior year at a private school up there and hated every moment of it.  The time came for me to go to college and I moved back to Milwaukee and lived in the dorms.  Funny how things always seemed to work out, as Seth was my dorm mate, for the freshman year.  After that we decided to get an apartment and that brings us to where we are today.

I left Chemistry and said goodbye to Stacy.  I also reminded her that tonight was movie night at the apartment.  I headed to the Union to check out all the hot guys and to have lunch with Seth as we did every Wednesday.

"How's it going Seth?" I asked as he walked up.

"Good and you?"

" Well other than my usual Wednesday nap, good."

"Well if you didn't go out on Tuesday nights...." He started laughing at that comment and I soon followed.

Here is the perfect opportunity for me to describe Seth.  He's 20 and also a student here at UWM.  He is about 5'10" and has the build of a swimmer.  He's got blond hair that he keeps very short and spiked.  He has the most piercing green eyes that can look through anyone and into their soul.  He's the best friend that anyone could ask for.  Like I said before, we dated in high school but when we started college we never dated each other again.

We ate most of the rest of the meal in silence.  We both got up and went our separate ways.  On my way back to the apartment my friend Melanie jumped me.  Melanie and I had met at work never realizing that we went to school together.  We both are servers at a quaint little Italian restaurant downtown.

"Hey stud!" She shouted as she jumped on my back.

"Hey sexy!" I replied in our standard greeting.

"So did you get any phone numbers at the club last night?"

"Yeah I got one.  That guy Josh I was talking to most of the night."

"If I didn't know any better I'd say that Seth looked awfully jealous last night."

"Mel need I remind you that Seth and I haven't dated since junior year in high school?  We are just really good friends."

"I think he still loves you."

"Of course he does and I still love him.  Just not like that anymore."

"So Spence, what are you up to tonight?"

"Seth and me are going to rent some movies.  Stacy is coming over too.  Care to join us?  You can bring Kevin with if you want to."

"Kev has to work tonight but I have off.I'd love to join the three of ya."

"Alrighty then."

"So that makes it girls night then, eh?"  Mel joked. With that Melanie and I both started laughing hysterically.

"I am going to hurt you for that comment Mel!"

"Right!  Anyway what time tonight?"

"About 7."

"Okay.  I'll see you at about 7ish then!"

The rest of the walk back to the apartment was rather uneventful.  When I got back I sat down to watch TV.   Unfortunately there is nothing on TV at 2:30 on a Wednesday.  So I decided to study.  About 4:30 Seth appeared and we went out to get the movies for this evenings little get together.

"So who's all coming tonight Spence?"

"Well I wish I was coming!"

"Pervert you know what I meant!"

"Oh!Stacy and Melanie.  I tried to get Mel to bring that cute boyfriend of hers but he has to work this evening."

"So I guess that means we need to get a chick flick then, eh?"

"Sure what do you wanna get?"

"Gimme a few.  I am gonna look around."

"K," I replied.

After about a half an hour and 1500 movies later we decided on "The Object of My Affection".  We stopped at the local McDonalds and ate and then headed back to the apartment.

"Seth, how are you doing buddy?  I mean you and James were together for about a year now."

"I am okay.  Kinda pisses me off, ya know?  We were together all that time and then I come to find out that he was cheating on me.  I told him I loved him."  And then Seth broke down and started crying.

I sat down next to him and he put his head on my shoulder.  The poor kid.I love him to death and I hate seeing him like this.  I started to tear up.  Just then there was a knock at the door.  Seth went to the bathroom to clean up and I went to answer the door.It was Stacy.

"Hey boys!"  She shouted.

"Hey!"  Seth yelled from the other room.

"Hi!"  I replied.

"So what is tonight's movie?"

"Object of My Affection."  Seth replied walking back into the living room.

"Great you guys get me here to watch a chick flick."  She replied.

"Hey Mel is coming too.So we had to pick a movie that has something for everyone."

About 10 minutes later Mel arrived.

We all sat down and watched the movie.  About halfway through the phone rang.

"I got it."  I said walking over to the phone.


"Can I speak to Spencer please?"


"Spencer its Eric. We need to talk..."

My brother?  We haven't talked in two years.  What could he possibly want?

"Ok,"  I said.

"Can we meet tomorrow?"

"Sure. When and Where?"

"How about the park by our house at about 6?"

"You mean the park by your house?"  I remarked.  "Fine I'll be there at about 6."

"See you then!"

"See ya bro!"

What in the world could he want?  I wondered as I returned to the movie.

"So, who was it?"  Seth asked.

"My brother Eric."


"Yeah we are meeting at the park near my parents house tomorrow night at 6."

"Huh.  Interesting."

About an hour later the girls left and I went to study.  However Seth wanted to bother me as usual.

"So what do you think he wants?"  Seth asked.

"I have no idea.I am just surprised he got my phone number.  The only person in the family that I talk to is Jeff.  And if the rents knew that Eric called they'd send him off too.  You know how my family is."

"Yeah unfortunately I was there the day you were sent away.I really missed you then Spence.  I was madly in love with you."

"And I was in love with you too Seth."

"Well I better get to bed now.  I'll see you in the morning.  Good night!"

"K. Good night Seth."

I went back to studying for about an hour before I went to bed.  I went to bed wondering what my brother wanted.  I tossed and turned for about an hour.  I finally fell asleep at about 12.

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