Secret Rooms

by Erik Maskot

In college I had my own secret hiding place. A place where nobody could find me. I found it by pure luck.

It all started the first week. I had just settled down in my dorm room. Everything seemed to be fine. Until the day one of the seniors, a muscular white guy, a quarterback on the football team, came in to take a shower in the shower room at the end of my floor.

At first he seemed friendly and he said «Hi!» But I guess it was when he undressed that I made my wrong move. It turned out he had a very large cock, twelve inches at least, and I must have stared at it a moment too long.

«You're a fag, aren't you?» he said to me, and he didn't seem so friendly anymore.

«No, I just...» I didn't find words.

«Yeah, you just wanted to have a good look at my dick, didn't you?»

«No, I...» I didn't seem convincing enough. I dressed quickly and ran out the door. As I ran I heard him yelling «I'll be getting you!»

Scared I hid in my room. What was I gonna do? I could face him and maybe get it over with. But I didn't know him, and didn't know if he would cause me trouble for the whole year. Maybe the word would spread, and everybody would call me a faggot. What about his friends?

He was right about one thing, though. I was gay. But I was a closet case, so you might understand what his words did to me. And I thought the worst of it.

Half hour later I heard a lot of people outside my door, then a knock, and the voice of this guy shouting «Hey, faggot, why don't you invite us? Followed by a roar of laughter from the others.

Shit, what do I do now? I supposed they wouldn't break the door, but when I heard someone say «I know where I can get a hold of a key to his room,» I needed to get away somehow. I couldn't jump out the window, as I was in the third floor. The only place I could think of was my closet, and just hope they wouldn't look there.

In the closet I panicked. This was not a good hiding place. I lost my balance in there, and grabbed onto something so I wouldn't fall. To my surprise this was a handle, and the wall pushed sideways.

Without considering what I had discovered, I went into the new room and pushed the wall back. What luck. I had found a little room behind my closet, I thought, as the mob entered my room.

I heard them searching all ove rfor me, and they even pulled all the clothes out of my closet, and dumped them all over my room.

I don't know for how long I was standing in my little hiding place, but I didn't dare coming out right away after they disappeared. Instead I moved around in the dark room. It was narrow, but it seemed very long. I started carefully to walk along the wall. I was surprised how far it went. Seems like it was as long as the building, and I could confirm this when I heard showers running.

What surprised me even more was the small hole where there was a small stream of light coming in. I went over to the hole, peeked through it, and was shocked to see straight into the shower room. A guy was about to finish in there.

I had found paradise, I thought. This was great. I didn't want to go back to my room. Instead I was sitting in the secret room for hours, watching all the hot studs taking showers. My own rod was hard, so I opened my jeans and started pulling on it as I was watching my fellow students naked. It probably was midnight before I went back to my room, which was a mess. My clothes were lying all over. I was scared to go to sleep, but eventually I must have fallen asleep.

I woke up late the next day. It was almost noon already. Shit, I'd missed several classes that day already. I carefully peeked out the window, and saw the football team practicing.

For some reason, I suddenly had this bizarre idea. Instead of leaving my room that day, I brought my digital camera to my secret hiding place. It most likely wouldn't make my standing among the football players more favorable, but I decided I was gonna take nude photos of every single one of them. And I was ready by the time practice was over.

I took very good shots, thanks to my good and expensive camera. I zoomed them in, one by one, and even though they didn't know I was there, it was like they were posing for me.

I had taken more than a hundred photos when the last footballer left the showers. I hurried back to my room and downloaded the pics onto my computer. I printed out some of the best ones, and burnt all of them onto a CD. Then I hid the prints and the CD in my hiding place, so nobody would find them. That afternoon I ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut, and never left my room that day.

The next day I went to classes as usual, but avoided the football team, especially the one who had called me a fag. Every time I saw him, I turned around and walked in a different direction. I bought take away food and ate in my room. I didn't take a shower until everybody else has gone to bed. This whole gay issue was making me paranoid. At the same time the secret room became an obsession.

The following week things started to become interesting. I was, as usual, sitting in my hiding place, eating my pizza, waiting for someone to take a shower. It was about nine p.m.

Suddenly, Goran, the Swedish excange student from my literature class, entered. I had never actually put my eyes on him before, but realized he was pretty cute. I zoomed him in with my camera, and took a couple of great pics of him.

But then the real action started. My quarterback came in, with his half stiff twelve inch cock dangling between his legs. Goran turned towards him, said «hi» like anyone would do. But Patrick, the quarterback, walked over to him, gave him a fierce look,and said «So you're a fag, aren't you? You were staring at my dick.»

Goran seemed scared, and said no, but obviously didn't sound convincing enough to Pat. He turned around, facing the wall. Didn't want Pat to accuse him of still staring.

«But you have a hard-on,» Pat said.

At this moment I had my camera up and started shooting. Goran didn't say a word. Pat walked up behind him, put his arms around him, grabbed his cock and started pulling on it. At the same time he started rubbing his own dick up and down the crack of Goran's ass.

«You want this, don't you?» Pat asked. Goran didn't answer, but he didn't seem unwilling.

«You know, if you keep this between the two of us, you can have it,» he continued.

Goran whispered «Okay.» He did seem a little worried, though. Maybe it was because of the size of Pat's tool.

«But you got to keep quiet,» Pat continued. «One word, and I'll make your life on campus a living hell.»

«Okay,» Goran said again. Then he bent forward, and Pat entered him from behind. At first he fucked him slowly, then faster. During the five minutes or so the whole session lasted, I took about fifty photos.

Pat pulled out and they both finished showering when a third guy entered the room.

I felt a lot lighter that night. Not only did I have pics I could use against Pat, but I had also found out that he wasn't all that straight as he'd appeared to be. Besides, I had found out that I wasn't the only gay person in my class.

Like before I made prints of some of the photos and a CD back-up of all the pics, and hid them in my secret room. Then I went to sleep.

The next morning was the first time since I started college, that I actually had breakfast with all the other students. In my literature class I kept looking at Goran, and finally our eyes met. I smiled, and so did he. That day we ate lunch together. Pat walked by us, but didn't say a word. I don't think he felt too comfortable seeing Goran and me together. Would Goran talk? Not that it would make any difference.

I spent a lot of time with Goran from that day on. He was complaining about his roommate, who wouldn't let Goran in some nights, because he had female visitors. A couple of times Goran had to sit outside until two in the morning, before the girl finally left.

I told Goran that I didn't have a roommate, but there was an empty bed in my room, so why didn't he move in with me? He did the same afternoon.

There was one drawback about Goran moving in, though. I stayed out of my secret room for days. I realized I either would have to quit going in there, or I'd have to share my secret with him. But how would I explain to him that I've been spying on him, or even worse, that I'd taken photos of him and Pat?

I didn't tell Goran right away that I was gay. It isn't easy the first time you tell somebody. Maybe he sensed it. Isn't it so that a gay can tell from the look of the eyes whether a guy is gay or not? Maybe that's why Goran and I got along so well. He maybe knew already.

I could sense him lying awake at night staring at me. I could have pretended to be asleep and turn around and face him, or let the blanket slowly slide off me, but I was too much of a chicken.

On Friday evening Goran decided he was gonna take a shower. I know it was too big of a temptation, and I couldn't resist. As soon as he walked out the door I went through the closet and into my secret room.

I don't know if Pat had told Goran to be there, or if it was just a coincidence, but Pat was there waiting for him. And he seemed to be threatening the exchange student.

«I've seen you spending a lot of time with that faggot Erik lately. I don't like that. You better not be telling him,» he said.

«No, I haven't,» Goran said.

«You know I'm gonna be making your life a living hell if you do.»

«Yes, I know,» Goran replied, obviously seeming bothered by having this repeated.

«Now, bend over and let me fuck that faggot ass of yours,» Pat said, and forced Goran down and entered him. No matter how much Pat threatened him, he didn't seem to mind being fucked by the quarterback. After all, Pat was one of the most popular guys in the whole college. I praised the features of my camera, and recorded everything Pat had said.

In the end Pat pulled out, and Goran finished his shower. I hurried back to our room, and pretended to be asleep when he walked through the door.

It was very hard keeping my secret from Goran. I'd been spying. Goran might not have been taking it too well if I told him. He wouldn't need to be afraid of Pat making his life miserable. I had the evidence that would shut him up. On the other hand, Pat could take me to court, but honestly I was pretty sure he was too much concerned about his reputation. I would also need to be careful not to ruin Pat's reputation, because then he would have no reputation to save, and that would mean serious trouble for me. Damned, this was difficult. Half the night I couldn't sleep, just having all these things on my mind.

When I woke up late Saturday morning, Goran had already left. He said something last night about going downtown to pick up something. So I thought I had plenty of time to copy the photos from last night onto a CD.

Well, I did have time to do that part, but I was peeking through some of the first photos I took when Goran suddenly entered. I was taken by surprise, and a close up nude photo of one of the football players covered my whole 17'' computer screen.

«Hey, what's that?» Goran said, before I had the time to click on the X in the upper right corner of the screen.

«Eh, nothing,» I said, trying to sound as innocent as a child.

Goran locked the door behind him, and walked over to my computer. «Yes, sure there was,» he said. «Why don't you show me?»

I tried tokeep him away, and we started wrestling. Unfortunately for me, he was stronger than, and he had me locked down in a firm grip.

«Okay, now show me,» he said. He was grinning and laughing.

«No,» I insisted.

«I promise I won't tell a living soul,» he said. I wouldn't let him. Then he changed position and sat on top of me. I couldn't move.

«I was planning on going to a party tonight,» he said. «I bought three cases of beer. If you show me, I'll spend the whole evening here, and share the beer with you.»

As I made no sign to do as he said, he stretched out and grabbed a can. He opened it, took a sip, then started tinting the can above my face. With a grin he said «Open up!»

I couldn't do anything but obey, and he poured some of the beer into my mouth. Then he grabbed his cell phone, dialed a number and said «And I'll order a large pizza for us. What do you want on it?»

When he had finished the call, he grinned again. «Okay, I'll be nice. I can wait till the pizza delivery boy has been here,» and he got off me.

I sat up and down on the edge of my bed. Goran handed me a beer, then turned the TV on with the remote. He seemed so relaxed. He was such a fun, loving guy. Could I trust him?

Fifteen minutes later the pizza arrived. It was funny watching Goran making sure that the door was locked after the delivery boy left. Then as we were eating, drinking and watching TV, Goran acted completely normal as if he had forgotten all about the photo on my computer. We were watching a comedy, and we were both laughing. I don't know about Goran, but I almost forgot all about the incident earlier, as I enjoyed his company, and I'd had six or seven beers already when the movie was over.

I pretty much realized that Goran wanted me to get drunk, and I was starting to act like I was already. He turned towards me, surprised me by saying «I want to hug you,» and then put his arms around me, like best buddies do.

He started telling me he was gay. As I already knew I didn't appear surprised. Then he looked into my eyes and he continued «You're gay too, arent you? That's why you wanted me to move in with you?»

I couldn't deny that, and he made it so simple for me. I had not been looking forward to telling him, but it was like he could read my mind, and I didn't have to.

But Goran was smart. As things had gone so smoothly, he suddenly said «Now, as we've gotten that part over with, I believe you have some pictures to show me.»

Being drunk, I didn't resist any longer, and walked over to the computer, and found the file with the pics.

Goran's first reaction was «Wow! How did you take these? They're from the shower room down the hallway!» And he didn't seem less impressed when he discovered it was the whole football team.

«Shit, man! These are awesome! How did you do it?»

I tried to make him relax, put my arms around him, and whispered in his ear. «You gotta promise me one thing. This will be our secret. Don't tell anyone. We might end up with several lawsuits against us if someone finds out.» Actually, I knew that so far I was the only one who had done something illegal, but if I revealed this to Goran, and got him into it, he would keep shut.

I put my can down. «Okay, this is gonna sound too fantastic, so I'm gonna show you.»

He looked puzzled when I opened my closet door, pushed the wall aside and went into this hidden room. I made a sign to make him be silent and follow me. He was right behind me all the way to the other end. As the secret room was completely dark, it was easy to find the peep hole, as it was the only spot on the wall where light was coming in.

I took a quick glimpse before I let Goran look. There was nobody in there, but Goran was impressed. He whispered to me «Do you have any other good pics?»

I don't know if he had certain pictures in mind, but I said «Sure! I have every single guy living on this floor.»

He just said «Wow!» and «Let's go back and see.» This was getting interesting.

Back in our room we kept eating pizza and drinking beer while I made a slide show with all the pics. Goran kept rubbing his crotch, but didn't seem to take his pants off. I had saved the best pictures for last.

«Okay, Goran. I hope you won't kill me now, but this is gonna be shocking...»

He grinned. He didn't know what was coming, but he was also drunk. The first picture of Goran filled the screen. Goran's jaw dropped. He did seem shocked, but surprisingly he didn't say anything.

In the next photo Pat entered the shower room. The whole session in no less than 100 photos. When the slide show was over, Goran grabbed another beer while he was laughing.

«And he didn't want me to mention this to anybody, and he mentioned you specifically,» Goran said.

«Oh, you mean this?» I said, as Goran was taking this so lightly, and started my latest slide show from the night before. I turned up the sound:» I've seen you spending a lot of time with that faggot Erik. I don't like that, You better not be telling him.»

Goran was bursting with laughter now. «You knew the whole time...» Then I told him about my first encounter with Pat, how I ran and hid in my closet, and accidentally found this room.

«Okay, we can't tell anyone about this,» Goran said.

«No,» I replied. «But on the other hand, Pat can't make your life miserable, because then we might wanna show him one of these photos.»

We really got drunk that night, and even though we ended up in the same bed, we fell asleep before we even had thought about the possibility of having sex together.

* * * * *

The next morning Goran had left the room again before I woke up. He came back an hour later with breakfast from McDonald's and a bag from Walmart. He didn't tell me what it was, but I would find out later.

After we had eaten, we went outside, as it was a beautiful day. We got to know a lot of the people on the campus, who also were outside enjoying the sunshine. The funny thing was Pat, who apparently didn't seem to know us. But we gave no sign of knowing him either. We laughed about the whole incident as soon as he'd disappeared.

That night I was pretty tired and fell asleep around ten.

At 2 a.m. Goran woke me up. He was grinning and laughing.

«You gotta see this,» he said. A camcorder! So that's what Goran had bought at Walmart. «It looks like Pat is cheating on me,» he continued and laughed even harder.

I had barely gotten my eyes open before the tape started rolling on the screen, but it woke me up fast. Goran had been waiting until Pat had appeared in the shower.

Another guy, as we recognized as Steve from our math class, was there too.

«Hey faggot. Tell me you want to have my big fat cock up your ass,» we heard Pat say. «Nobody's coming.»

«You sure?» Steve said. He seemed nervous.

«Just bend over and give me your ass,» Pat continued. Steve did as he was told. Pat fucked him hard, and Steve moaned loudly with every thrust. As Pat came and he pulled out, he told Steve to be quiet about this, otherwise he'd have to do something to him that he wouldn't like. In other words, more threats from Pat. Goran and I both laughed. If he kept this up, the whole college would know anyway.

How did Pat do it? How come he was always there when nobody else were around, except for one guy? And how did he know who was gay and who was straight anyway? Goran and I couldn't tell.

I decided I was gonna find out, so I undressed and put a towel around my waist and went down the hallway. The first thing I realized was that Pat's room was right next to the dressing room. I was wondering if he also had a peep hole in his wall. I was searching all over, but couldn't find any.

Then suddenly a voice behind me said «Studying the patterns of the walls, are you?» It was Pat standing by the door. He locked the door behind him. «The dressing room is closed for the night.»

Then he walked towards me, and dropped his shorts, revealing his 12'' cock to me.

«This time I won't let you get away, faggot.» I backed into the shower room, and Pat followed me. «Oh yeah, I want you to beg for my cock, little faggot. You like cocks, don't you? Ooh, I know what you and your faggot roommate do every night,» he said.

«I bet you don't,» I thought, but didn't say anything.

I backed up against the wall, Pat put his hands on the wall, one on each side of my head, leaning over me. Then he turned on the cold water. It was freezing. I started shaking and had goosebumps all over as the cold water ran down my body.

«Now, let me hear you beg for my cock,» he said in a low tone of voice. He put his head forward and kissed me, bit my lower lip carefully, then grabbed the back of my head and started French kissing me. I didn't think he would do this. I thought he only wanted a quick fuck. He surprised me, and I couldn't say I disliked it.

«Hmm,» he said. «Maybe I'll give you the full package.» I probably was a bit reserved in the beginning, thinking of the fact that this was my first time. Pat, definitely, didn't seem to be in a hurry for a change, as the door was locked, and soon I started kissing him back.

«Oh yeah, that's better,» he said. «Pretty soon you'll be craving my cock,» and rubbed his giant cock against mine. I was rock hard.

He grabbed my ass with both hands and squeezed it hard. Then he lifted me up, and I put my legs around his waist. He kept rubbing his cock against my crutch, while he kept saying «Beg for it!» over and over again. «Let me fuck your tight little ass.»

In the end he got me going, and I whispered «Let me have your cock.»

«That's better. Say it louder!»

«I want your cock!»


«I want your cock!»

«Yes! Where do you want it?»

«I wanna have your big fucking cock up my ass!» I screamed.

Then he put me down on the floor, with my ass up in the air. «Yes, take my dick, you filthy cockcraving faggot,» he said. «I'm gonna fuck you senseless. You won't be able to walk tomorrow, faggot.»

He was pushing his giant tool against my virgin ass. To my surprise he was careful and didn't use all his strength. I was screaming as he pushed it inside me, but when the head finally was inside, he stopped, let me get used to it, and the feeling wasn't so bad. As I got my breath back, I told him «Now, let me have the rest!»

«Oh yeah, that's it, you hungry little faggot.» He jerked it in slowly, and eventually he was in all the way. I didn't believe he could get it all in, but he did.

«Fuck me! Fuck me now!» I moaned. If Goran was doing what I thought he would, he would be producing a free hardcore gay movie for us tonight. I wanted this to last long, and I wanted Pat to enjoy it as he had never enjoyed sex before, and I wanted him to tell how much he loved it, and that we get it all on tape. I was starting to like Pat already, and he would never be a problem for us during the rest of the school year. I knew that for sure. Not to forget, I did not mind being fucked by him at all, even if this one was for the tape. Next time maybe would be in cozier settings, and most likely on our conditions.

«Oooh, you have such a nice firm ass,» he moaned as he fucked me.

«I don't mind hearing you say that again,» I replied with a shaky voice.

«Your cute little ass is so tight.»

«Yeah, it was made for your big dick,» I said.

«Oh yeah, you're all mine,» he said, thrusting his cock all the way to the bottom. And soon I had him just where I wanted him. I could make him say just about anything I wanted.

«Tell me you love fucking my ass,» I said to him, and he replied «Oh yeah, I love fucking your ass.» And he repeated it, louder.

«You love men!» I said.

«Oh yeah. Nothing's like a hot man's ass.» And as he came inside me, he said it louder. He was pounding me harder as he filled me with his juices, and then finally he lied down on top of me, and whispered into my ear that he'd beat me senseless if I told anyone about this.

I turned towards him, smiled, and said «And miss another chance to get fucked by you?» He seemed satisfied with my answer.

As Pat left the showerroom, I was staring at his hot, firm ass for a moment. Before I left, I turned towards the wall where I knew Goran was standing with his hidden camcorder. I grinned and gave him my thumbs up. Then I went back to the dressing room, put my towel around my waist, and walked back to our room.

Goran was laughing when I got back, and as we both jumped into his bed, I put my arm around him, and together we were lying there watching the tape. Around five in the morning we finally fell asleep.

* * * * *

That Monday we really were tired during classes. It was really hard to stay awake, and it seemed like the day was never gonna end. However, eventually it did. And that afternoon, when we saw Pat practicing with the football team, Goran and I went to the dressing room, and started checking the wall against Pat's room.

After having searched every inch for about 15 minutes, we found what we were looking for. A tiny little peep hole, like the ones they have on doors, with a small fish-eye lense, which makes you able to see the whole room.

Hmm, I wondered if Pat made this, or if this was something a previous student had done. And I still wondered how Pat knew who were gay and who were not.

Goran said that was easy. He said he could tell who was gay as well. Just by making eye contact you can be able to tell. The way a gay person look at you would reveal him. So the way gays look at Pat, the school's sexiest stud, he would have no problems knowing who he could approach. He simply knew who couldn't resist him. I thought that made sense. How many times during the day my eyes have been undressing him, I had no way of knowing. And that was also the case with Goran.

Now we had to find out what to do next.

* * * * *

The dorm had more secret rooms. This we would find out the next day. On the first floor there was a public bathroom. We didn't use that very often, as we had our own private bathrooms in each room. Anyway, on that next day I had to use the one on the first floor. I don't know why, but when going to a public bathroom I always chose the stall at the end of the room, that is, the one that had a solid wall on one side. It was probably because I was shy, and didn't like having people on both sides of me. Actually, I didn't like public bathrooms at all. I liked things being private when I went to the bathroom. However, I loved reading all the writing on the walls. And in this restroom there for sure was a lot of it. For some reason it always turned me on. I also noticed something else. When I was gonna reach for the toilet paper, I accidentally pushed the paper holder a little bit, just enough to discover the hole in the wall. There was a 4'' gloryhole. I just couldn't believe what I saw. With gloryholes between the stalls, I assumed that there also, most likely, would be some action going on in the restroom. My cock grew hard.

Trying to read one of the obscenities on the back wall, I discovered a black spot that made it hard to read one of the words. It caught my attention, and looking closer at it, I realized it was a small hole, about half an inch.

Luckily I had my flashlight pen with me, and when I looked into the hole I knew right away there was a secret room behind the wall, just like the one upstairs by the showers. Now, this made me curious. On my way out I checked the the other stalls, and it turned out, they all had gloryholes between the stalls, and peep holes on the walls behind.

On my way out, 'detective' Erik's brain had started working. Who would be occupying the room right next to the restroom? As I came out, Goran was waiting for me.

«What took you so long?» he asked, and I had to tell him. He grinned.

«I believe my college years are gonna be something to remember,» he said. I laughed, as I couldn't agree more.

As we had been living at the dorm for a couple of weeks only, we didn't know very many people yet, and especially not who were living where. It probably did seem suspicious the way we were watching the door to the room right next to the restrooms, especially as the students on that floor knew we weren't living there. We were standing by a bulletin board, pretending to be reading the messages. Guys were coming, time passed by, and some of them were leaving again. We were still standing there, and students started looking at us funny, wondering what we were doing there. Nobody said anything. Still, we were getting a little uncomfortable about the whole situation, and were about to give up and leave when he came. A hot looking stud, with looks that resembled Leonardo di Caprio, a nice athletic body, and a round, firm ass, that filled his shorts nicely. It was one of the seniors, and he was sweating as he had just been out jogging. We knew he was one of Pat's friends, and that his name was Kenneth. He also smiled at us when he walked by. We both got the feeling that Pat had been telling him about us. But he just passed us, walked straight to his room and shut the door. Now we knew who was living there, and we left.

On our way out we met Pat, and he was carrying a camcorder, and a case of beer. I wondered if they were up to something that evening. I suggested to Goran that we should check out the restroom that same evening. But first we needed to get some sleep, which we hadn't had too much of lately. It was 5 p.m., and we slept till eleven.

We quickly got dressed and headed for the public restroom on first floor. There were nobody there yet, but Goran and I decided we had plenty of time, so we decided to pick a stall each, and just sit down and wait. It was a Tuesday evening, and most of the students would most likely be in bed by now, so when we heard someone enter, we sort of knew that this person was here for the action. I made a sound, to let him know that someone was here already. He picked the stall right next to mine.

I lifted everything that covered the gloryhole off, and the other guy peeked through. He smiled, then unbuttoned his faded jeans, and before I knew it his huge cock was being shoved through the hole. I decided not to waste any time, and immediately went to work on his fuck tool, gulping it down my hungry throat. It was deliciously intoxicating to my senses. His low-hanging balls were likewise delectable. I made a meal of them as well, slurping and sucking one at a time, tasting everything that he had to offer.

The student fucked my mouth through the gloryhole for more than ten minutes. My jaw was getting tired, yet I kept on sucking. It was too damn good to stop, and I felt like I could go on for hours. But right then he flooded my mouth with his thick jism. I gobbled down every last drop of his seed.

The student pulled up his pants and left. Only seconds later a new guy stepped into the stall and locked the door behind him. I now heard there was action everywhere.

I looked through the hole to the stall on the other side of me. There was a guy there with his jeans down to his ankles. Moving closer to get a better look, I saw that he'd let another guy into his stall, who went down on his knees and started sucking him.

I wondered if I was gonna unlock the door to my stall and let someone in. As I noticed that also in the other stall right next to me, there were two guys making out, it seemed not very likely that I'd see another cock coming through the gloryhole at the moment, and it made my decision easy. I turned the lock and the door popped open. I noticed the long line of people waiting. Xavier, a black guy from the football team, stepped inside and locked the door behind him. I wondered if he knew that two of his team mates were now standing on the other side of the wall watching him, and most likely also videotaping him.

Xavier dropped his jeans to his knees and presented me with a long, thick cock. I knelt and took him in slowly, savoring the feel of his still soft cock, nuzzling his pubic hairs with my nose, swallowing him and licking the top of his ball sack. His cock grew hard and stretched my mouth and throat to the limit. Then he slowly slid his big tool in and out of my mouth while running his hands over my hair.

When he whispered «I'm coming,» I gripped his cockhead with my lips, stuck my tongue under his foreskin and slowly jerked him while he deposited wave after wave of bitter sweet cum in my mouth. I had to swallow twice to take it all. He pulled his pants up, said «Thank you,» and left.

Another student, wearing worn jeans and a flannel shirt cut off at the sleeves that showed off his muscular upper arms and tattoos. He had dark blond hair. When he turned around to lock the door, I noticed he looked as good from behind, the way his muscular butt filled his jeans. I believed he was from the wrestling team.

As there was a big cock coming through the glory hole of our stall, the wrestler told me to start working on that cock, as he was gonna work on my ass.

I did as I was told, and leaned over to suck on that uncut cock. He had a great fresh smell of sex in his crutch, which filled my nose and overwhelmed me. He had recently showered, there was only the clean smell of cock. It certainly seemed that he had prepared his cock to be sucked.

I played with his foreskin abit, and he reacted strongly, jumping a little as I licked at the exposed tip of his cockhead. I took his cock back in my mouth and started taking short strokes, picking up speed.

The wrestler behind me grabbed the top of one of my shoulders and with the other hand held the tip of his cock against my fuckhole and pressed, working it slowly in. Once the cock was all the way up me, he held it deep for a second or two before delivering it hard, fast and deep. Whenever he was fully up me, he'd push harder, trying to bury himself up there. His sweat was dripping on my back and running down my ass crack lubing his cock and my fuckhole. He alternated between gripping my shoulders and holding my ass cheeks as he slammed it up into me.

He kept up the hard pace for about ten minutes before suddenly slowing down. He delivered it hard as ever, but in slow, deliberate strokes, holding himself still for a second on each downstroke. Suddenly, he leaned over, pressing his chest against my back, wrapping his arms around my chest and buried himself all the way in, holding it and grunting, «Oh fuck, oh fuck,» filling my hole with a warm load.

The same moment I also felt a wetness in my mouth. It surprised me because he did not jerk or spurt or moan of thrust or do anything to give it away. Cum was simply flooding out of his cock into my mouth. By the time I realized he was coming, about half his load was pooled in the front of my mouth and running down my chin. He tasted great, rally sweet and salty. I took the rest of his load and continued sucking until he was done.

Then both pulled out of me, got dressed and left.

The guy in the other stall had been watching us, and when my eyes now met his through the glory hole, he just said «I want to suck your big cock.» His voice was low, and I could see his mouth as he licked his thick lips and whispered «Give it to me!».

I pushed forward to the wall and felt his lips part and wet tongue slide down the shaft of my cock. He didn't stop. In one smooth, slow motion he swallowed every inch of my cock. I was buried, the whole nine inches deep in his throat, my stomach pressed hard against the wall, and his lips nestled in my pubic hair. My hands went up and held on to the top of the partition and I sucked in a gasp of air. His mouth slid back, all the way off the tip of my dick and then immediately back down again to the pubes. He was unbelievable. Then he did it again. And again, and again, until it became a slow, regular motion. It was a smooth, rhythmic milking. I wanted to make the sensation last forever, but I just couldn't. The cum was pounding in my balls and I began to buck and thrust into the hole. I could feel the cum churning, and then start to burst through the full length of my cock and down deep into his throat. He just sucked, deeply and hungrily, until there wasn't any cum left inside me.

My orgasm subsided and I clung there, sweating against the wall, my cock through a hole and inside this other student's mouth. He pulled back and I felt his tongue gently licking and cleaning my softening dick.

Then he left. I decided to get dressed and check how Goran was doing.

As I walked out of my booth, I realized how long the line of young students was. Fifteen-twenty guys, several from my class (a shock), were standing, lined up along the wall, waiting for their turns. The guys I knew smiled at me, winked, and I smiled back.

Goran was down on his knees over by the urinals, sucking off one of the tall guys from the basketball team. Damn, did he have a long dick! Goran's red t-shirt was full of wasted cum in front. I didn't want to interrupt him, so I left the restroom.

On my way out, Brandon, a cute guy from my math class, grabbed my hand. He wanted to talk, so we went outside and sat down under a tree in the park.

He told me he had never been to the restroom before, and wasn't sure he had the guts to go through with it. He seemed a little nervous, and it surprised me that he even had the guts to talk to me about it, as we hadn't talked much together before, especially not about sex.

I guess, as he was already been seen in there, I knew what he wanted, but was afraid to take the full step. He told me that he was gay, but that he had never been with a guy before, just jerked off with a friend a couple of times when he was thirteen. Brandon was actually coming out, and I was the first to know. He was nineteen and still a virgin. The more he talked, I realized he was high on something. Most likely, this was why he even dared talking about it at all.

I let him talk, as it seemed to make him relax. As he talked, I couldn't help it, but I kept staring at him, and realized how beautiful he was. He could have been a member of any boyband, and be plastered all over any twelve-year-old girl's bedroom walls. I would've thought he could pick any girl he wanted, but instead he was sitting here with me, a fellow college student, telling me how much he had been dreaming of me. As he saw me coming out of the stalls, where there was, to him, shocking hardcore gay sex action going on, he just couldn't resist finally telling me that he was in love with me. As he also had seen Goran in the restroom, and as we were roommates, made him realize that maybe Goran and I were lovers, and it actually made him jealous.

How strange it may have sounded, I was hot for Goran, and we both had this passion for gay sex, and we'd been peeking and filming other people having sex together, and we had even slept together, but still, we had not made love together yet. We had been to busy with other people's sex activities, and we needed the sleep whenever we were together in bed.

When I told Brandon that Goran and I were not lovers, Brandon took my hand and looked into my eyes. He definitely was in love, and he whispered to me if I could give him a chance. He wanted to be my boyfriend.

In spite of his good looks, and the fact that I liked him a lot, it would be hard for me to be his boyfriend. And I told him. How could he cope with the fact that I've had sex with several of the other students. I told him about my sexual encounters in just the two-three weeks in college so far, in the shower room, and tonight in the bathroom. And I knew it would not be the last time. I told him I didn't believe I could be with just one guy.

Brandon was quiet for a long time. I knew I had disappointed him, but I couldn't give him a promise I couldn't keep. Then finally he started talking about the other guys in our college, the ones he found sexy. Quite a few of them were guys who appeared to be straight, but he also mentioned Goran, Steve, Kenneth, Xavier and Pat. He had seen Goran, Steve and Xavier in the restroom that evening, he said, but added he was disappointed that Kenneth and Pat hadn't been there. He'd love to see Pat naked, he said, and I kept smiling, and was almost to burst out in laughter when he said «they're probably both straight.» He should have known that Pat had a peep hole to the men's dressing room, and that Pat and Kenneth both most likely were filming all the action in the restroom that night.

When he didn't understand why I kept smiling at him, I told him I could probably arrange something for him with Pat, and I chuckled. I don't think he realized I was serious about that.

We had been sitting under the tree for several hours, when we finally realized what time it was, and the sun started rising. I needed to go back to my room and take a shower and have some breakfast before school started. Before we parted, Brandon asked me if I'd spend a night with him, and I said without hesitation, and invited him over for a beer that same evening.

When I got back to my room, Goran was there already, sleeping in his bed. When he woke up, he wanted to know where I'd been all night, so I told him about my long conversation with Brandon. Goran seemed to be jealous when I mentioned that Brandon wanted me to be his boyfriend. Maybe Goran already considered himself being my boyfriend. We were roommates, and we had all these secrets together, and even if we hadn't had any sex yet, we did sleep together.

But I told him not to worry. Brandon was hot for numerous people, Goran included, but I had plans for him to hook up with Pat in the showers, hinting another sex show to be put on tape. Goran seemed more than satisfied with this.

* * * * *

That evening Brandon was high again when he showed up. He had obviously been very nervous about the whole thing. As soon as he walked into our room he put his arms on my shoulders, and wanted me to fuck him. He was pulling on my pants, and seemed to have very little control of his actions.

He finally managed to unbuckle my belt and pulled my pants down. He went down on his knees, and carefully he put his tongue out to touch my cock. His very first taste of cock. At first he seemed a little unsure about what he was doing, but then finally he did what he had probably seen on gay porn. His warm, wet lips embraced the head of my cock.

Goran, who had been in the bathroom when Brandon arrived, had slipped into our closet without Brandon noticing, and was videotaping the whole scene. I really wondered what Brandon's reaction would be if he had known. Probably the same as all the other guys' reactions if they found out that we had been taping them in the shower room.

Brandon had been sucking and licking on my cock for about five minutes, when he looked up at me, and whispered «Fuck my virgin ass! I want you to be the first one!»

I lied down on my bed, and made Brandon sit down on my cock. That way he could be in control. Facing me he lowered his ass down on me. He gritted his teeth against the unexpected pain. He seemed tense, and my cock didn't seem to go in. I tried to make him relax. He was just too tense. He pushed harder and harder, and obviously wanted this to happen. He leaned back to reposition and he lost his balance. My head surged into his guts like a torpedo, and tears were coming to his eyes. But he slid down, inch after inch, and soon he realized the pain was gone. There was sweat on his forehead. He smiled bravely, then started riding my cock. This is what he had wanted. He bent down to kiss me. He was moaning, and proud of himself for what he had achieved. «Fuck me silly,» he said, turning over so I could take control. He lied flatface on my bed, and I climbed on top of him. I got him up on his knees, and I started fucking him like an animal. He was moaning and growling, moving wildly, pulling the sheets off my bed. He yelled «Cum inside me!» and that's exactly what I did.

When I pulled out he was still acting crazy. It must have been the drugs he was on, because he was simply wild. He had me in a firm grip and started licking my face, he sucked my tongue, and acted with a wildness I couldn't believe.

«I need more cock,» he growled.

«How about Goran's cock?» I said, as Goran now had come out of the closet, still filming us.

«Oh yes,» he just replied. «Let me have his cock.»

As I got up, he saw Goran. It obviously didn't bother him that he was being filmed. Brandon grabbed something out of his pants that landed on the floor, and I saw it was a bottle of poppers. He picked it up quickly, unscrewed it and took a whiff. He looked like he had lost every last bit of sense.

I took the camcorder as Goran let his jeans drop to the floor.

«Oh yes,» I heard Brandon say. «Fuck me hard!»

As Brandon obviously didn't take notice of me filming him, I got closer and made some real close-up shots of Goran's cock ramming him hard, in and out repeatedly. As he also seemed to be living out his dream, I also made some close-ups of his pretty photomodel face grimacing, grinning and shouting out the filthiest words. And I got a close-up of Goran shooting his load into Brandon's ass, and the drops escaping from his hole and running down the insides of his legs.

But Brandon couldn't get enough, so I decided I was gonna take him to the showers. As he took another whiff of his bottle of poppers, Goran was putting a new tape into the camcorder, and changed the battery. We both knew this was gonna be good, because I peeked through the curtains, and saw that Pat and the whole football team was on their way to the dressing room.

Before I could stop him, Brandon was already out of our room, heading towards the shower room, running stark naked down the corridor. He hadn't seen the football team, and I didn't have the time to warn him.

He was just acting crazy, as I had just said that there's sometimes action in the showers. Goran was already in the secret room, like a journalist who was about to be the only one to cover a world sensation. I was left by myself in our room, confused, wasn't sure what to do. It was too late to stop Brandon.

The football team was about to reach the dressing room, as Brandon was on his way out of the showers, disappointed that there was no action. Then he was facing a wall of about twenty muscle studs. For a moment they seemed just as shocked as Brandon was.

«Mr Pretty Boy running around naked, eh?» one of the footballers said.

I also entered the dressing room, and before I could say anything, Pat had already grabbed my arm. «And here's another faggot,» he said.

I don't know if all of the twenty knew about Pat's activities in the showers, that Xavier was a part of wild gay activities in the public restrooms, or about Kenneth filming those kind of activities, but it wasn't hard for these three guys to cheer up the rest of the team to join in a massive gang bang in the showers that night. Pat locked the door behind us, and Brandon and I were pushed forward into the shower room, where the rest of the guys were waiting for us in a semicircle.

I don't know if it was Brandon's drugs that did it, but he seemed very content and his ten inch cock was rock hard, pointing straight at guys in front of him, which they were very well aware of.

Pat walked over to Brandon and turned him around, saying «We're gonna give you a time you'll never forget,» and entered his nice, round and firm ass.

Kenneth walked over to me, and whispered in my ear «I've always wanted this since I saw you the first time.» And as he entered me, he added «And if you enjoy this, you could always come over to my room for some more,» and then he pushed his cock into my tight asshole.

The other guys stood around, silent, watching, holding their own bloated cocks, excited, pulse racing, something they maybe hadn't ever thought of but were now participating in. Looking at their expressions I knew this wasn't something they were normally involved in, except for a few of the guys, like Xavier of course, and the other seniors it seemed. Lust were brimming their eyes. Maybe, after this, we've created a winning team. From now on I'd go and watch every football game with these guys. I was thinking of Goran, who was filming the whole thing. Sooner or later we would have to confront Pat, Kenneth, and maybe the others, with the films.

Xavier stood in front of me, offering me his stiffened, big, black cock. He pulled back his foreskin and rubbed the exposed glans over my face and lips, leaving a trail of glistening precum. Nudging at my mouth he pushed the cockhead into my wet, hot hole and let out a loud groan as my tongue lashed at his cockhead. Suddenly I had competition from two football players who couldn't wait for me or Brandon to be available, and wanted to suck Xavier. Soon he was fucking one of them.

In the corner of my eye I saw Brandon. This was Heaven! His mind refused to work. He was going crazy with lust. He rocked back and forth between two guys, pushing his ass back to receive Pat's massive cock one moment, and then lunge forward as another guy skull fucked him. Other guys ran their hands all over him, fondling, squeezing, pinching as if he was a play thing. They were transfixed on us and were blatantly jerking off. There was more steam in the room than was coming from hot showers.

Ken took me by the hips and began to withdraw completely from my ass and then reenter handlessly. What a sensation having such a rod rammed up me repeatedly. Finally he rammed hard inside me and began thrusting his hips against my ass in a vibrating motion. I knew what that meant, and felt hot spurts of cum being released in me time after time, more than I could contain, so that it leaked out my ass hole and ran down my legs. When he had spent his last load he left his cock up me until it was soft, caressing my engaged cock all the while. That was when I shot my load in ecstasy at being so plugged up. He pulled out and turned me toward him, just standing there cum dripping from his flacid cock. Suddenly he took me by the shoulders, pulled me tight against his rock hard chest and thrust his tongue deep into my mouth, exploring every cravasse, our tongues intertwining. This excited us both so we became almost instantly erect again.

«Now, it's your turn,» Ken said. «Fuck me!» I couldn't really believe what I heard, and to my surprise he turned and bent over. «Push it all the way in, fast and hard.» I obeyed.

What a tight ass, I thought. As I exploded inside him and squeezed his cock hard, he erupted projecting sprays of cum across the room almost to where our voyeurs were losing their loads. The volume of cum he shot was enormous. Suddenly he pulled himself off my rod, turned around and kissed me lightly on the lips.

«Friday at eight,» he whispered in my ear. «My room.» Then he left.

Spurt after spurt of manjuice covered Brandon's ass and face. «He loves it!» one of the football players said, as Pat pulled out his wilting cock from Brandon's man pussy. Brandon's shoulders slumped and he lowered his head to the floor, a soft, satisfied moan escaping him. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at me. The freshly deposited cum oozing out of the tiny hole to roll down his own spread thighs must have felt awesome. He smiled.

How Pat would keep his sexual preferences a secret after this night puzzled me. He went to almost every guy on the football team, and started kissing them, fucking them, and making them suck his cock. All the guys suddenly knew he was gay, because of his excitement about the whole situation. There was no longer «let's get that faggot and nail him!» coming from Pat's lips.

Pat did try to fight it when one of his team mates came up behind him, and started pressing his big dick up Pat's ass. But Pat's team mate had his arms locked around him, and Pat gave up when he realized he couldn't move. A loud moan sounded when his ass was penetrated, followed by an «Ooooh, yeah,» when his team mate started fucking him.

This was the signal everybody had been waiting for. As soon as the most straight acting team mate seemed to be gay, the rest figured it was okay to have sex with whoever they wanted, and suddenly Brandon and I were no longer the center of attention. The football team just proved that they were a true team, one for all and all for one. They never lost a game after that.

Brandon was exhausted, almost unconscious when I took him back to my room. Everything had been so overwhelming. He was tired, but happy. After a few hours of sleep in my bed, he went back to his own dorm room. After that night he became a regular at the public restroom downstairs.

* * * * *

It was Friday, almost 8 p.m. The whole campus seemed deserted. A lot of the students had gone home for the weekend. Some were on their way to town. I was alone in the corridors when I headed toward Kenneth's room.

I knocked. No answer. The door was unlocked, so I entered, calling Ken's name. Still no answer. The first thing I noticed was a movie that was playing on his TV. Then I realized it was gay porn, and then I recognized myself from that night in the restroom. I just stood there for a while, watching, didn't notice that Ken entered the room, came up behind me.

«I've been watching this tape every night,» he said. I jumped and turned around. He laughed, and said he was sorry for scaring me. I laughed too.

«I just went out to get pizza and a case of beer.» He put the pizza down on the table, and the beer in the fridge.

«You're really hot on this tape,» he said. «That's why I wanted you to come over.» He handed me a beer.

«I'm really sorry that I filmed you.» He seemed a little nervous, didn't know how I would react. To his surprise, I was calm.

«I knew about it all the time,» I said. He looked at me, even more surprised. The other day, when I went to the restroom, I discovered the peep holes, then tried to find out who had the dorm room right next to it.»

Kenneth didn't know what to say.

«I assume you have a closet against that wall. A closet with a fake wall, and a secret room behind it?» I said.

«How did you know that?» he stuttered.

«Elementary, doctor Watson,» I said with a sly grin. Then I told him about the secret room behind the closet in my dorm room. How I discovered it, that it was leading to the showers. His jaw dropped. I told him that Goran and I had been taping the action, and that Goran also taped Ken fucking me that night in the showers. I also said I knew all about Pat's peepholes between his room and the dressingroom.

Ken thought he would shock me, but instead it was him being shocked. I opened the can he had handed me, and took a sip. Then I sat down and took a slice of the pizza. He had forgotten all about the beer and the pizza, and it seemed like he just woke up, when he realized it was there. I laughed.

Ken was awful quiet for a while. I was sitting there watching the restroom action. I think I probably had three or four beers before he finally looked at me.

«I had no idea,» he finally said. He drank two more beers before I finally realized I had to do something to loosen him up. So I went down on my knees in front of him, and unbuttoned his jeans. He made no sign of stopping me, and I pulled his jeans off, and had his fat ten inch cock in front of my face. It was still soft, probably because of the shock of his new discoveries, but it quickly hardened as I grabbed it with my hand, and started licking and sucking on its head. I went up and down on the giant shaft. I licked his ballsack. Once I had the whole scrotum nice and soaked with my spit, I sucked in the balls one by one. It didn't take him long to reach the breaking point. I felt him quiver, and next my face was getting showered by massive amounts of cum. I gobbled the spewing cock back in my mouth to swallow the last couple of sprays.

I had imagined Ken as the one to give and not to receive cock. Therefore it came as a surprise when he rolled over, and spread his buns in front of my face.

«Fuck my ass,» he said hoarsely.

I buried my face in that fine little rear, tonguing the smoothly shaved crack of his. When my tongue went up his sweet hole, a happy moan came out of his mouth. I didn't need any more prompting. I knew well enough what he needed. I spit on my dick and shoved it right into his wet, eager manpussy. Ken groaned.

I reached around and let my hands run over his lean, hairless belly and chest before fingers found their way to his hard, dime-sized nipples. My head rested on his shoulder. I couldn't hold it anymore, my dick unloaded inside of him, He moaned in appreciation.

That night I fell asleep in his arms. I didn't head back to my own room before noon the next day. And when I entered, Goran was still sleeping. When he woke up he wanted to know where I'd been. I told him. Believe it or not, but I actually thought Goran sounded jealous when I told him. Was Goran in love with me? We had stayed together in the same dorm room for a weeks now, but we had not made love together yet.

I told him that Kenneth now knew about us filming the action in the shower room. Goran seemed a little upset, because I had told Kenneth. Soon Pat would know too. Things were not gonna be the same.

I suggested that we could trade videos with them, but Goran still seemed mad. In the end everybody would know about the tapes.

«No,» I said. «It'll be between Pat, Ken and us.» Then I suggested that we went to see Pat before Ken did. Goran also thought that probably would be the best. So he got dressed and we walked down the corridor over to Pat's room. We knocked, but nobody answered. The door was unlocked, so we entered.

Pat was lying flat on his bed, stark naked. It must have been a rough night for him, because our presence didn't seem to wake him up. Our eyes wandered around the room. His closet was on the wall against the dressing room, and I guessed there was a secret room behind his closet as well. It made me just wonder, who had constructed this building, with secret room all over?

Goran grabbed my hand and pointed at Pat. He had noticed a big dildo in Pat's hand. A big box was also on the floor, halfway pulled out from under his bed. It was full of dildos in various sizes, and DVDs and CDs with x-rated contents.

I kept looking at his sexy ass. I wanted to just climb on top of him, and fuck him. I accidentally touched the mouse by his computer, the screen saver disappeared, and pictures of college guys, taken through the peephole in his closet appeared on the screen.

Guys who were undressing, getting ready to enter the showers. Naked guys. Guys who probably would be meeting Pat shortly after the pics were taken, and being fucked by him in the shower room. There were photos of every guy on the football team, every guy living on this floor including Goran and me. To our surprise there were no action photos, just the photos of guys getting undressed. Probably because Pat couldn't see into the shower room, and also because he always joined them and had sex with them in there.

That's when Pat woke up, and saw us standing by his computer.

«Hey, what are you two faggots doing here,» he shouted.

«You're busted,» I said and laughed. But Pat obviously didn't find that funny. He also obviously still believed his homosexuality was a secret to everybody in the college.

«Just relax,» Goran said. «Nothing's gonna change. We've known about this for a few days now. And about the secret room and peephole behind your closet.» He seemed shocked.

«But how...?» he said in disbelief. His jaw had dropped an inch.

«Don't worry,» I told him. «We know about Ken's films from the public restroom as well.» Pat started to seem worried. Was he afraid he would be thrown out of college, afraid of losing his scholarship? He was shaking. We started telling him that we also kept a secret, and let him know about our secret room, and our photos and films from the showers.

Goran pulled out a DVD with the recording of him and me a few nights before. Pat almost screaming out the words «Oh yeah, I love fucking your ass!» and «Nothing's like a hot man's ass!» came out of the TV speakers.

Goran and I sat down on each side of him on his bed. For the first time Pat seemed to panic. He was no longer in control. He started realizing most people knew about it. People knew he was gay. He felt his life shattered into dust.

We tried to cheer him up, and told him that we preferred having him as a gay friend, and that a lot of the guys in the college didn't mind him being gay. The more gays the merrier. Our hands were working all over his body, rubbing his legs, his shoulders, his chest..., and eventually it seemed to work. His cock grew hard, and as Goran went down to kiss him, he finally started smiling again.

I positioned myself between his legs, grabbed his cock and let my wet lips embrace its head. My right hand went for his balls and started kneading them. He let out a groan and started bucking his hips. I could smell the soap he'd showered with that morning. My other hand reached for his smooth, firm ass and I started stroking the cheeks, working my way into his crack. I let off his dick for a second to spit in my hand and then went back to work before he'd even noticed that I'd stopped. With my hand moistened, i returned to his ass crack. The very tip of finger went in and I felt his hole tighten a little. My mouth stepped up the suction and his hole loosed as he sighed. My finger went all the way in and his hips started slamming into my head. I rammed two more fingers up his ass and he let out a low, whimpering sound. Before I knew it he was spraying the back of my throat with what had to be like a gallon of jizz. I sucked it all down.

I got up and turned him around, and lowered my cock into his hole, at the same time as Goran lowered his cock into his mouth.

Pat moaned and wiggled his ass as I entered him, taking him all the wary. He moaned again and shuddered. I pulled out slowly and felt his ass muscles tighten. I drove myself all the way back in making a slapping noise with my hips against his ass cheeks.

Using a slow rhythm I pleasured myself with his ass. He did his best to stifle his moans and grunts. His ass was milking my cock for all it was worth. My hands held on to his hips. He moaned and bucked and I had to hold him down strong, taking control and forcing his hips to stay still, so I could get just exactly what my cock needed. I fucked him rough, and soon my jizz spew out, a huge load, spurt after spurt shooting up his tight ass.

The same moment Goran shot his load down Pat's throat.

Pat seemed almost unconscious, as Goran and I got dressed and went back to our room. We both knew this would not be the last time. The question was, would we be able to graduate from college? We were obsessed with sex.

As we entered our room, Goran came up behind me, reached around and gave the waistband of my pants a tug. I leaned back against him, and turned my head into his shoulder. I kissed his strong, tanned neck.

He turned me around, and kissed me. I could feel his hard cock press against mine, as his tongue slipped into my mouth. I grabbed his jeans and gave one strong tug. His button fly came open, and his hard-on poked out through the front of his white boxer shorts. It was thick and covered with veins. I looked up into his eyes, and kissed his full, sweet lips.

I dropped to my knees, and started to lick the head of his dick, while I freed my own stiff cock from my jeans. His dick went all the way down my throat, my tongue lapping his low hanging balls.

He pulled his shirt off, lifted me up and pushed me onto his bed, then started licking and sucking my cock. I ran my fingers through his short hair, and guided his hot mouth up and down. Our eyes met as he deep throated it, and I almost filled his mouth with my cum.

He pulled away, and shucked his own jeans. His body was smooth and hairless, with a cute trail of hair that lead from his belly button to his bushy, light brown nest of hair. He put my legs up over his shoulders, and slowly pressed himself into my tight hole. I relaxed onto it. My cock was oozing precum, as he slowly slipped his dick in and out of me. I could feel every bulge and vein on his hot cock.

«Fuck me! Please!» I said. «I really need to be fucked hard!»

He started plunging it in and out of me, panting. His dick was hitting my prostate. I knew it would be over soon, but I didn't want to let him go.

«Oh God, your ass feels good. I can't hold back! I'm cumming!» he screamed, and kept bucking and pulsing. As he hit my prostate, my dick exploded with a load of cum that struck his chest. Some of it landed on his chin. I sighed, and leaned forward, licking my cum from his chin and kissed him. I fell asleep in his arms.

What I didn't notice then, but would find out later, was that Steve came out of our closet while we were asleep. With a grin in his face, and a camcorder in his hands, he whispered to himself «I knew there was something between you two guys,» and left our room.