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Chapter 8


Vince and I had walked back into my bedroom. I felt like shit inside and out. I was over before it began. I didn't really want to be next to him at this time. It felt like his kiss had ruined something that probably would have been really good for me and Amir. Was there even anything close to an Amir and me?

"Can I come in?" he asked.

"No...Vince...this, this isn't right," I explained to him and looked back at my door, "I have to think about a lot right now."

Everyone would still be at the celebration or asleep by now. I knew it was really private for the most part in this hallway, but as I had walked to my room I had passed the piano. It was the piano that he'd kissed me. It made me feel like an absolute asshole.

"What are you chasing that boy for?" he asked me, "He's not saw how he talks to girls. You know it."

"He likes me though."

"He's a play boy. He just wants attention," Vince argued and gave me this hard stare, "You heard about Mia. You heard about Tosha. You heard about Kim. You heard about the countless other girls that he's broken their hearts. It's about time that someone showed him what it was like."

"Is that what I did?"

Had I really broken his heart like Amir had said before and like Vince was saying now? I didn't mean to. I knew within myself that I had no intention on hurting that boy.

I found it hard to really concentrate as he spoke. My mouth opened to mutter a few words. "You aren't making me feel better." Images of Amir's smile and slanted eyes kept entering my mind. His kiss kept popping into my head.

"He is a playboy," Vince explained, "Me and you...we are all that we have together. I know that and so do you. We are one in the same. We are here in this situation and he wouldn't understand...even if he tried."

"I think he really cared about me Vince."

"No...I care about you," Vince told me grabbing me, "He was interested in you. Him and his fairytales. We are in reality. Haven't I always protected you? I protected you against Patience...I'll protect you against yourself. This is just a stupid infatuation of yours."

I couldn't speak to him. I didn't know how to argue his point. Maybe it was an infatuation but I really did want to take it there and see what happened, but Amir probably wouldn't ever speak to me again.

"I'm tired, Vince," I finally explained to him after thinking about it for a second. I wanted to go to sleep.

"You seem upset...I'm here for you."
Vince was right. He may have been overprotective at times, but he was always there for me. I opened the door and let him in. He came in with all his manliness and I knew that he seemed to think that he had won some kind of victory over my mind and my decisions. I wasn't so sure though. I was still confused on what to do about Amir.

Vince and I fell asleep together.

I couldn't help but to notice that I had an attraction for him as well. Why else would I let him sleep with his shirt off and hold me close? Yet I knew that Amir was in the back of my mind. I had passed my test when he had made his attempt. He'd kissed me on my neck tenderly, but I never turned around. His hand had moved to my started and started to fondle the area right above my penis.

I had pretended I was asleep though. I kept my eyes shut and remained asleep while he had done it. I could feel his hard dick up against my back and I knew that if I didn't really fall asleep, I'd end up digging myself deeper into confusion...deeper into what made Vince.


I heard knocking on the door and it woke me up. It wasn't enough to wake Vince up. He was a much heavy sleeper. I figured if I moved away from him, he would wake up, but he just made a snuffled grunt. Then he turned over. He still had a raging hard on.

I moved to the door, thinking for a moment that it was actually Amir come back to talk about what had gone on that night. I should have known better.

Mia was at the door.

She seemed excited as she walked into my room. I'm sure she didn't even spot Vince or was so excited that she didn't care that he was over there sleeping. It wasn't odd to see us sleep in the same room for her anyway. She never seemed to care.

She came in the room with her head wrapped in a scarf and these dark shades on. It was a whole Jackie-O look that was really dramatic. Only difference is, she wasn't Patience and she wasn't the first lady...she'd never be.

"Hey are all smiles today?"

I wasn't surprised or excited to see her. I was surprised however when she handed me a note. I looked at the note and knew it had to be from Amir. Had he written something to her to make her so happy? Damn...had he gotten over me already?

"Oh my god!" she said with the widest smile in the world, "It was under my door last night. I'm so afraid to read it. You have to do it for me Chauncey. I'm so afraid of what he said."
He wrote it for her last night...before he met me?

"Sure I'll read it."
I took the letter from her. My heart was racing probably more then hers was at this moment. The letter read:

















I read the letter and looked at it. For a moment I thought of not giving it to her and making up something a little more appropriate. Amir definitely was blunt with the letter. He did apologize but it basically didn't seem to ease her pain at all.

:"So what did he say?" she asked, with this girlish excitement.

" should probably read this."

I watched in sympathy as she read the note and after each line, her excitement dissipated. I wanted to be completely sad for her but I couldn't. I was the person Amir was late to seeing. He had wrote that letter to her because of me. I felt excited. I felt on top of the world all of a sudden.

She crossed her arms, and gave me the letter. Through gritted teeth she gave a slight order, "Get rid of" She seemed distraught.

"Mia...are you ok?" I asked.

She forced this smile. I could tell she was forcing it. A smile kept trying to happen but kept fading away before making another attempt.

"Of course," she explained, "Why wouldn't I be...I was just being silly about this. Picture me...really interested in some hood rat piece of trash. He's not even up to my standard hunny."

"You aren't going to write him back, I guess?" I ask.

"He's trash! Hunny, drop it...why would I write back? Why would you ask something so silly."
"I didn't know I was being silly..."

She rubbed her blonde hair down and gave a white girl smile, "You are. You know him though...who do you suppose he was talking about. Is it Tracy? I thought I noticed them flirting with one another a few days ago."

Tracy the Puerto-Rican dancer from Chicago? Damn I was competing even with her?

"Don't let that bother you. You said you didn't care," I pointed out and added, "Remember?"

"Of course I don't," she explained and crossed her arms, "It was just curiosity. You know what I mean, don't you dear Chauncey. Try to find out who the person is though would you?"
"What are you going to do?" I asked, "Get Patience to do something to the person. It doesn't matter. Once you stop listening to everything Patience says, you will be open to so many new opportunities. There are many other available boys."

"Enough!" she cried out, "You need to stop speaking about such things. These people are below us. Do you understand Chauncey? Didn't Patience let you know that? You are too free spirited. You need some discipline. I'm going to have to have a word with Patience about this...independent...behavior."

She stormed away.

It was so sad. She had taken one step forward and about 10 steps back. I couldn't believe that all the excitement and all the risk she was willing to put up for a shot at true emotion just faded away just like that.

I walked back to the bed and realized that Vince wasn't asleep. He was still up and he seemed very alert.

"See...look, he broke another one's heart," Vince stated before laying back down.

He was right, Amir was going around breaking hearts. He seemed to change his mind about someone so quickly and it really scared me. He had even changed his mind about me after just a kiss even before asking about what it was about.

Amir wasn't predictable. He wasn't a constant force. Was that fact going to be what hurt us or was it going to be what I loved most about him?


I had spent Saturday recording some fake history for Vince. I didn't know that it would end up taking the entire day. It was nice being around Vince though. He seemed to back off on the flirting slightly, but when he looked at me I still felt as though something was there. I wasn't sure if I wanted him to back up from the flirting. Slowly, I was beginning to miss the flirting.

It was just an attention thing more or less. I could feel Vince's eyes on me and I wanted to feel more of him all over me. He had this thing where he really made me feel...wanted. I liked it.

As soon as he left even for a second, all I could think about was Amir. I carved A&C in my headboard like a little ass kid. I didn't even care the fact that it was so obvious and someone might look at it wondering what it meant. I was so...taken by him.

However Saturday night had come around and we were leaving Africa. Patience had said that we were invited to the deck by Mia's father and she expected everyone to be there for our "farewell to Africa". When they left however I decided to go see Amir. I figured they would just go to do what they always went to do. They would show their faces to show that they attended then retreat back to their rooms...proper Dollhouse style. I would risk Patience getting a little annoyed at me to see Amir. I don't know why I felt like it was important that I talk to him before we left Africa. It felt like Africa carried the beginnings in it. It was the beginning of life and it was supposed to be the beginning of Amir and I.

I walked over to the Amir's room. I wasn't surprised to see that he wasn't there. He was never there. I was however to surprised to see Kim. She was holding someone's hand. I didn't see who it was and they disappeared into another room. I followed them down. It had to be Amir.

I was going to bust in on them. I knew I shouldn't have, but as soon as they were about to shut the door. I opened it.

"Hey...can I talk to you!"

It definitely was Kim that looked back at me, but it wasn't Amir. Kim and Pony stood looking over at me. They were holding hands. Pony had his shirt off and he had a condom in his hand.

"Oh...Chauncey..." Kim said, seeming a little embarrassed.

Pony seemed way less embarrassed. He let out a quick, "Hey Chauncey. We definitely need to hang out later and talk up a storm but right now...we are kind of busy."

"'s cool man."

I gave Kim another surprised look as I closed the door behind me. I had no idea that they were hooking up. It would make sense why Kim was hanging around a lot with the guys. I guess Amir wasn't the only one getting over people quickly. This was college.

As I backed out I felt myself bumping into someone. I turned around to see that I had bumped right into Desmond.

"Hey Chauncey," he explained and then added quickly, "Listen, did I rub you the wrong way a couple days ago? I didn't mean to homey. You cool as hell, especially what you did for Pony and Jr. My gay jokes...I mean that's all they are..."

"It's cool," I told him.

"You looking for Amir huh?" he asked.

He gave me a suspicious look. This boy may have been trying to pretend like he didn't think we were gay, but the way he asked made me knew that he suspected us of being gay.

"Yeah Desmond," I explained, "So do you know where he is?"

"He's out with Jr. acting like a damn clown."

"Doing what?" I asked.

"You promise not to tell," he told me and leaned in a little bit closer.

"Of course I do."

He had on this little worried look, "Well they are going to get your sister back. They are going around pulling these little pranks. Nothing serious though. I think they are going to put bug attractant in her shampoo or something."

I looked at him. He was saying it in this nonchalant way. They were going to put bug repellent in her shampoo. What the fuck kind of nonsense was he talking about?

"Whose shampoo?" I asked trying to make it clear.

"Your sister."

"Patience Crane's shampoo?" I asked trying to make sure.

I turned around and started running fast back to the luxury area. They had no idea who the hell they were messing with. Patience Crane was the devil reincarnate. They had gotten a pass and now they were going to provoke her some more! I couldn't understand it. I couldn't understand Amir. Patience hadn't even done anything to him. Well she did bug me in an attempt to find out about him. Still...she hadn't done anything to him that he found out about yet.

I had to get to Amir and warn him before he started to move a pawn up against a Queen.

I'd made it to the luxury suites. There wasn't much luxury going on when I walked out of it though. I realized that there was stuff everywhere in the hallway as I walked out. Patience's bra was on top of the damn grand piano. How the hell did her bra get on top of the grand piano? It was only a matter of time before the Dollhouse came there way back to their rooms and Amir and Jr. would be caught.

These luxury suites were supposed to be reserved for only the Dollhouse and some important members of the captain's crew. I was responsible for showing Amir this part of the ship. He had no idea how deep of a wrath he would have when Patience found out about this.

I realized there wasn't only Patience's stuff everywhere. I realized that there were Vince's favorite dress shirts and his entire line of Armani business suits scattered around the entrance of the elevator. What the hell was going on? I recognized even a few of Wednesday's things, Mia's things and definitely a lot of Ethan's numbers mixed out scattered around the place.

Then I noticed that foam. It seemed like everything was squirt with foam.

I thought the worst.

I ran to my bedroom. The door was open. I could hear footsteps in there. What the hell...they were on to my room. I ran inside my room, shutting the door behind me to trap the person in there.

That was when I saw Amir...he was standing there looking at the A&C that I had carved into my bedpost earlier that morning. I was a little embarrassed that he saw that, but the emotion I felt more was the emotion of shock.

"What the hell Amir?"

He looked over at me and smiled, "A&C...? Please say that you don't know somebody name Amber or something..."

I wanted to laugh. I wanted to shed the smile across my face, but I couldn't because I realized how messy he had made things outside. I walked over and him and blocked the A&C that was carved into the wood.

"You have to leave! What the hell were you doing here?"

"Jr. and I decided to play a prank on these uptight assholes," he explained with this look of anger in his eyes, "They walk around here acting like they are all better than everyone. It's time someone taught them a lesson."

"You were going to teach me a lesson too weren't you?"

"Of course not...I mean, I picked your lock like I did everyone else, but I was just going to throw some of your stuff around a little so that they wouldn't think you had anything to do with it. I wasn't going to mess any of your stuff up."
"You did it to Mia."

"She's like the rest of them. That is what I was meaning to tell you. She was fake and I was just doing it to prove that they aren't as PERFECT as they think they are."

I couldn't believe I was hearing this from him. It was rude and ignorant, but something about it turned me on. He was playing out the Dollhouse just like they'd been playing other people out for years. He had done that to Mia...on purpose?

"What about me?" I asked, "I'm one of them..."
"No you aren't. You know damn well you aren't. Don't ever say that. They may think you are, but soon all that is going to change, because I'm here," he explained to me with this shining confidence, "I was really going to play Mia real deep...but I had to forget about it...because I found out my feelings...for you."

He was so fearless. He was so brave and he was so fucking bad. He had no idea what Patience was really capable of, but he didn't seem to even give a fuck any way.

"Get out of here. They may be coming back."

He stopped for a minute, "No...tell me about that A&C that you had carved on there. What did you mean?"

He didn't seem to get the point. He was mesmerized by a simple carving. I even tried to push him out, but he just sat on the bed to avoid being moved. Then he looked back over at the carving.

"I care about you Amir," I explained to him, forgetting the situation myself and becoming enthralled in his curiosity, "I did it this afternoon. I...I didn't want to kiss Vince. He'd been spying on me. That is how he knew I was up there. I didn't bring him up there. Then he kissed me out of no where."

" know coming from anyone else I would have thought they were lying," he explained with short laughter, "But I don't think you are lying."
He looked at me in my eyes and I looked at him in his eyes. He definitely did believe me. He seemed to have forgiven me the first time that I'd seen him. Damn, he was so sexy standing here with a bottle of shaving cream in one hand and a hair clip in another which he undoubtedly used to pick the locks. Of course he had to be in a wife beater as usual and it was tight. It clung for dear life to his bulging muscles making him see like the biggest bad ass ever.

"I'm so sorry for kissing Vince," I explained to him, "I felt like shit when you said that I broke your heart..."

He put a finger to my lips, "Fuck Vince. I know you noticed all his shit out there... I got him good. Plus you couldn't have broken my heart...because, to be honest with you, I think you are the person that found it."

He removed his finger from my lips and put his lips on mine. I couldn't believe Amir was kissing me again. His absolute masculinity was all I needed to fall into a state of euphoric forgetting. I didn't have a care in the world as I laid back on the bed and he climbed over me.

His tongue rampaged my mouth and his arms pinned me down to the bed. His left hand ran up and down the sides of my body defining my shape as he searched for treasure between my lips. His weight continued to pin me down and I felt like I was in heaven with it all. It was almost like a dream.

I got that from just a simple kiss.

It wasn't until I heard the door shut that I realized someone had come into the room. It was Jr. He seemed a little worried as he ran into the room, but when he saw us laying there kissing he just seemed a little...disgusted. He made this weird little face.

"Aye...son," Amir started to explain as he slowly eased up off of me.

Jr. had caught us. He'd cause us red handed. There was nothing we can do. However Jr. didn't seem too concerned with us.

"Ok, the homo stuff can come second," he said with these loud huffing noises, "We got motherfucking company. They are outside. Patience and her whole little crew are outside. I just saw them get off the elevator and ran in here."

"Did they see you?" Amir asked.

"I'm not sure...they might have."

I looked at the time. I started to undress quickly, "I got a plan."

Jr.'s little face started to turn into a bright red, ", that homo stuff is a little too much for me right now. Maybe I can deal with it a little later...but man..."

Amir even looked at me like weird as I started to undress.

"Get underneath the bed and cut the lights off, I'll pretend that I was sleeping. It'll explain why you guys didn't come in my room and mess with any of my stuff."

They did as they were told. Jr. flicked the light off and ran under the bed. Amir looked at me for a moment. I didn't know what he was thinking because he didn't speak, but I knew it was something good because he smiled.

Then he kissed me again. I heard Jr. make this grossed out noise from underneath the bed and tap on the floor to tell Amir to hurry up.

Amir did hurry underneath the bed all of a sudden and I climbed into the bed.


It took longer then I suspected before I heard knocking on my door. I got out of bed and bent down to look and see if Amir and Jr. could be seen. I did see Amir's head poking out and watching me, but I signaled for him to go deeper underneath the bed.

When I opened the door, I saw Patience there.

The look on her face would have been the same look of someone on Judgment Day being told that they wouldn't make it to heaven. She looked eternally ticked off.

"Look at this," she said coldly.

I walked out of the room to see everyone looking almost exactly as she looked. They were mad as hell. It was kind of funny to see them all picking up their clothes. Ethan was picking up both his and Patience's stuff.

The sad part however was to see Vince. He had really spent a lot of time, effort and a whole lot of money building his Versace suit collection. There was more than just shaving cream on his suits. There was nail polish.

I walked over to look at his suits. All of a sudden Amir's joke seemed to be hitting me in a more personal place.

"Ruined," he told with this short sigh just as I approached to help him pick up some of his things.

I could tell he was hurt. Vince was never the type to show much emotion. None of them were. Ethan didn't seem to be following the rules however. He was pacing back and forth and seemed like he was about to go off on a wall or something.

Patience folded her arms, "You have any idea who did this to our property, Chauncey?"

There things were scattered everywhere. It was clear however that Patience and Vince were the main target. Jr. had to have been going after Patience and it was no doubt that Amir was going after Vince. I was sure that their entire closets were cleared out. Mia had the most clothes out of all of us, but not nearly as much of her stuff was out here covered in cream compared to Patience and Vince.

"No...I have no idea."

"Where the fuck were you?" Ethan asked me, getting in my face and making me trip over one of Patience's underwear.

I fell flat on my back and quickly tried to get up, only to have Ethan push me back again.

Vince got up and made his way over, "He doesn't have to answer to you."

"He does have to answer to me though," Patience made it clear. Her arms were still crossed when she turned my way. Mia and Wednesday went on both sides of her as though supporting her and making this all of a sudden turn into some type of interrogation.

"I was asleep. I was on my way and then I fell asleep. I had no idea this was happening. I didn't even hear a thing."

"Look at this..." Ethan said looking around, "You mean to tell me you were asleep through all of this bullshit?"
"I'm sorry," I explained.

Vince got up all of a sudden and crossed the room with a bothered look on your face, "Look, maybe we should call Mia's father and some other authorities or something and let them know we got vandalized."

It was a good idea. I was looking around the room. Maybe some insurance or some bullshit would cover some of this stuff. Rich people had insurance on everything. As I looked around to see the extent of what was going on, I caught eyes with Ethan. I could just tell by how he was looking at me that he didn't trust I had nothing to do with this. Maybe he was just trying to look for a scapegoat. I didn't know... I knew however that Ethan didn't trust me.

I just went and kneeled next to Vince, helping to gather all his stuff up into a bag and helped to pack them neatly up.

"That's not an option," Patience explained, "I don't want any of us to look like anyone's victim. They want people to know they did this to us. They want us embarrassed. We can't allow them to do that."

"Who would do this to us? We didn't do anything to ANYONE," Wednesday explained with this shriveled look.

Leave it up to Wednesday to say something stupid. She been right next to Patience this entire time. She knew damn well what Patience was doing. Hell, she was an accomplice in most of the things Patience did. She just didn't want to open her eyes and realize how evil she truly was. Wednesday was of course "America's perfect daughter." She couldn't see herself as any differently.

"Are you sure you aren't the blonde one?" Mia asked her, giving her this weird look that I'm sure everyone else wanted to give her, "People hate us...they are jealous of us."

"I think it is hate more then jealousy," I added, "They are happy with their own lives. We are the ones who think everything is about us."

Now all of a sudden Ethan wasn't the only one shooting me an evil stare. Damn, I had a big mouth. I felt Vince elbow me a little bit. His lips barely parted as he squeezed out a, "Shut up." Vince was always trying to keep me secure and...keep me imprisoned all the while. That is why I needed Amir. It had to be from being around Amir. He was making me speak so freely.

"My dear brother," Patience said, putting on her most perfect fake 5th Avenue socialite smile, "You need to stop living in these fantasies. Mia told me about you're little thing. I was just trying to give you enough rope to hang seems like you are only seconds away from doing just that..."

She got quiet because something else was slowly coming to her attention. I looked over and saw that there was a junk pile and a drawer there. In that junk pile I could see some things. It was manly things and I could almost tell that it was Vince's things. Ethan had been looking through that junk pile and he pulled out a golden cassette tape.

"Hey, look at this."
Patience turned to Vince and they both seemed to be walking for the tape. Vince was rushing over matter of a fact and he would have gotten the tape if Ethan didn't pull it away from him and give it to Patience.

"Is this mine?" she asked me.

"'s not." Vince looked worried. His face was covered in sweat all of a sudden, "That is private."

He made another attempt to try to snatch the tape, but Patience had put it in her fancy white clutch, "No...these are one of my golden cassettes. Vince we have to get you back on your memory exercises. Now everyone...get the cleaning."

I watched Vince's face as he walked away. His eyes were followed by Ethan who seemed to be noticing everything. We had went back to cleaning the things silently. There was something about Ethan that I didn't trust.

Ethan was sneaky. It took a certain type of man to get engaged to the devil and I never really trusted him.

I waited until he was out of the room to go over and talk to Vince.

"Vince what's wrong?"

He looked upset, "She's got them. Remember I told you I hid the original recordings from the surveillance in your watch. Well that golden cassette...those were the original recordings."

My mouth dropped.

Everything was on that tape.

Patience would find out that I was gay...she would find out about Amir. She would find out that we cared about each other deeply. Hell would come on Earth.

Information that could cause a natural hurricane in my life was on that tape. I knew that when she listened to it, everything was about to change.

Our ship was leaving Africa tonight and heading for Europe. Everyone on board felt they were safe with their excitement. They were all dangerously wrong. A hurricane was coming.

It was called Hurricane Patience.