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Rated: -YGM18+ -R.U.One2. The characters of this STORY have Unprotected sex, thus reenacting these scenes requires the use of a/several condom(s). This Is A Story.


Author's Note: It's a possibility for this series to be canceled. Due to low ratings, the producers have asked me to think about the final installment of Sister Mona Lou's Boys. Well, hopefully they won't cancel it--- please write us about it. In other news, I apologize for keeping you waiting. I know some of you wanted it aboard with you on Spring Break (LOL). Let me stop, Read on. Speaking of Spring Break, any of you going to Puerto Rico in April?

Bedtime Stories Presents

SMLB 7: Sister Mona Lou's Boys

with Ed'Michael as Quamaine Persaud Williams

Inspired by Actual Events

This is from last time,

His thrust got faster and faster, his breathing heavier, and kisses were all over my face. At a steady rate he screwed it, not ever slowing down. I reached and held him on his back. I felt his prick engulfed in me and he began filling my hole with his hot, creamy, man seed. Squirts after squirts of plenty juicy, tasteful cum. He moaned as he dove in deeper to release more juice in me.

After, he collapsed on me as we took deep breath. He lured out his penis that began to soften within me. We both sighed and I turned around to kiss my lover.

"Yo man, how long have been doing this?" He asked with a smile and wrapped me in his arms. I embraced him as well, and laughed.

Let us now proceed with the 7th part of the series...

After a while of chatting with Justin, we got ourselves together, and didn't mention a thing about the fabulous sex we just had. We started to play the video game once more, laughing and kissing each other. We then heard a truck pull up the driveway and it was clear enough that it was good-bye. When the truck pulled up, we both looked at the door as if we could have seen through it. I sighed.

"Well, I guess that's it, huh?"

"Yea." He chuckled and lowered his eyes to the floor. I brushed the hair off his face and lifted it up by the chin. I laid a soft, gently kiss on his lips.

"Thanks for the gift..." He whispered softly to me as he opened his eyes.

"Yeah, no problem. Thanks as well, I'm glad we did this" I responded in the same tone of voice.

"Me too man"

"So, what happens after this?"

"I don't..." "Yo, J you there?" John called out and came into the room.

"Hey! Well, if it ain't Q the man... What's up?" John approached me with a pound.

"What's up, John?"

"Eerr... It smells freaky up in here... What was ya doing?" He grimaced. Justin and I laughed and quickly got off the floor. Justin exited the room and I followed, but was pulled back in by John's grip.

"Hey!" I yelled softly.

"Did ya do it?" He asked anxiously and with a big smile. I looked down at my arm, and he loosened the grip.

"Yeah and..." I said and he smiled and winked at me. Justin came back and got him in an arm-lock.

"What's up? Let him go" He said jokingly.

"Aw man!" John cried out. He tried to break loose from the grip.

That was that. I helped them pack the truck up. As we loaded the things, we fooled around in the street and driveway. No, not like that. A moment later, I heard my house phone ring and my aunt calling me out of her lungs. Apparently, the phone was for me and I had to rush up there. I said my good-byes and exchanged numbers. You know, all the right stuff. I already knew that I wasn't going to see them again. Well, unless I went to visit my parents down in Florida. Which is very rare, they usually come visit me instead.

I rushed up to the kitchen to get the phone and...

"Hello?" I said out of breath.

"Hey! How you doing?" The female voice asked.

"Oh, hi Viviann, what's up"

"What took you so long?" She asked. I quickly thought to myself, that's what I rushed up there for. A fish on the phone. We chatted about the West Indies Parade that was going on. I told her that it was unfortunate that I couldn't make it. I wasn't interested on going. I remarked that Viv was very sweet on the phone. I mean, it appeared that she was trying to kick it to me. Huh!

It wasn't too long when the next day arrived. I went to school and met with whole crowd that went to the parade. They all had a blast apparently, even Chris. I had already told him that I wasn't planning on going. So that's that.

I had no doubt in my mind that Chris was part of the `Family'. I mean, I know you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but come on now. I think that my gaydar was detecting something pretty clear! Though, I began to believe that he was, it never crossed my mind to actually be with him. I mean, the attraction I had for him in the beginning diminished little by little, as I assumed that he was a bottom. And I'm not a lesbian, if you know what I mean. I want it up my ass!

We joked about everything. Every now and then a gay joke was thrown out. Nonetheless, our friendship got closer--well, so I thought. We had lunch together, we shared information... Basically everything. We spoke about anything except for my `being'. I never admitted nor denied it. It was never asked anyway.

November 1997.-

It was the week before Thanksgiving break. I finally had the ability to admit to someone that I was happy. And of course I admitted that I was `Happy' to Chris. I still wanted to remain in the closet, but for some reason, I had the urge to let him know. I wanted to put him at ease or something. Well, the fact that I had strong feelings about him being gay maybe caused it. I knocked on the door of his club on campus. I walked in and to my surprise drooling girls didn't surround him.

"Quamaine, what's up?" He asked sitting being his desk, playing solitaire on the computer.

"Hey, you busy?" I asked as I sled on the couch.

"Nah, what's up?"

"Nothing... Chillin'. Just came outta class. It was a bore. Whatcha doing?"

"Why, you taking me to lunch again?" He smiled.

"Yeah. You ate already?"

"Thanks man. Yeah, I'm full." He said as he got up from behind the desk and sat across me.

"Yo, how come there are no girls up your ass today?" I asked jokingly and laughed. He gave me a fake smile and said.

"You know what you want up yours..." He laughed

"Yeah. A big fat one... Ooh, going up and down..." I said while I gestured as if I was sitting on one. We laughed historically.

"You are one nasty kid, you know that" He said laughing.

"As if!" I snapped at him.

"What do you mean, `as if'" He asked in his sexy voice, as he stood up from across me. Apparently he got a little offended.

"Well, you know how you be doing it. Honey, don't pretend like you don't like it." I laid out, not wanting to offend him, but as a mean to teasing him.

"What, what??" He playfully frowned and punched me twice, my stomach and arm. At that point, I began to feel ready to lay it out. I continued.

"Aw man!... That's the best feeling in the world. You know, when the juicy sausage begins filling you up and gently rubbing against your prostate..." I licked my lips for special effects.

"iiillll!!!" He grimaced and I laughed out loud. I continued, "And, and..."

"Shut up man, you nasty!" He laughed

"Oh yeah... I remember when I did if for the first time with my boyfriend. Yes, it was wonderful...Ooh!"

"Shut the hell up Quamaine. Imma gonna kick ya ass outta here" We laughed.

After we laughed for a quick minute, I began to daze away, as I reminisced about my so-called boyfriend Carl.

"My boyfriend Carl was cool..." I began to say out of thin air.

"Are you fucking serious???" I looked up at him, but really through him as my past was being played in the background.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" I said in a far away tone. We paused.

"You're full of it Q. Nobody can take you serious." He began to smile but stopped when he realized that I wasn't. "Ok. Ok. Now tell me about ... about him." He continued as he grabbed a seat behind the desk.

Well, let me talk about the first relationship I ever had. I was young and the World Cup series were a hot item on television. I wasn't really a big fan of sports. Anyway, it was in the same period that Carl entered the group home, and my life. He was about a few years older than I. He wasn't the cutest young buck around, nor the ugliest. He was in between; taller, darker, and rougher.

Play fighting was one of my favorite games. Its hard to imagine if you know me now. I always imitated my favorite cartoon characters--He-Man, Thunder Cats, G.I. Joe's, and even Jem. Remember that one. The barbie doll that would transform by touching her earrings. Anyway, youngsters get acquainted with one another rather quickly, right? So, a few days later Carl was included in the various games we would play.

It was Carl, Henry, and I whom decided to fight each other. Two against one, I was by myself. The fight began and obviously they were winning. We were putting a great battle when Carl tackled me onto the ground. I was not hurt because Carl apparently knew what he was doing. As I was being dropped on the floor he was holding onto me.

Now, I was laying flat on my stomach when all of sudden he decided to crush me on the floor. He laid on top of me and Henry joined as well. I was being pressed on the floor. I felt his face very close to mine, it was distracting me. I quickly felt a peck on my cheek. I didn't get it at first, but he kept on doing it. After the fifth time I understood what was going on. Henry was of course clueless.

Thus, I retreated because I couldn't believe that he was doing that sort of thing to me. He said that the match wasn't over and that I had to beg for forgiveness. So a rematch was scheduled for later that night. Oh boy, I thought.

Later that night, more people were added to the fight. Now, it was three versus three. We headed to Henry's room and laid the mattresses on the floor. Three to be exact, two person each. The fight started and I grabbed Henry as one of opponents while I observed Carl turning off the lights. We were wrestling in the dark.

All of a sudden the lights came back on. It was Carl suggesting that we switched opponents, and with that the lights came off and I was picked by him. We wrestled for a while, but I started to feel the same sensation from the fight earlier.

He was kissing me all over as we rolled over, pretending to be wrestling. He kissed me by the ears, neck, cheek, and finally my lips. This one was passionate and at the same time savage. He was literally sucking my face of my bone. That kiss was very wet, I assure you. He seemed as if he was craving me for awhile.

He was sucking on my tongue and lips like I don't know what. We did touch each other, but the kiss was demanding special attention. That shit was good! The lights came on as I quickly pushed him away from me and rolled over on my stomach. That was to hide my face and my erected penis. Henry accused us of kissing or something--Poor us. LOL. Well, you know, we quickly denied it and left the room.

It was so amazing that I retreated to my room, embarrassed. I was trying to sink in what just happened to me. Never had I been touched or kissed in such a way. I sat quietly in my room for a while when I heard a soft knock. I opened it and gasped for air when I saw Carl at the door. I wasn't expecting him. He grinned and looked at me in a sweet way. I'll never forget the way his eyes looked that night.

"Yo, can I come in?" He said in a ruff-neck way.

"Yeah. Sure... What's up?"

"You know... the fight was great even though you ran away. Pussy cat." He said as he walked his way in and sat on my bed.

"Whatever man! Ya'll cheated and shit" I said as I faced my chest that was opposite to him. He was facing my back.

"Of course we did..." He chuckled before he continued. "Anyway... Uhm, about the little thing that happened man, can you like. You know. Keep it on the DL."

"DL?" I asked as I made an 180 degree turn. I was very dramatic.

"Yeah, you know. Down low. Keep it to yourself." He said as he gestured with his hands, a lowering movement.

"Uh, ok." With a puzzled face. I was never told to keep it on the low, you know, it was a natural instinct to not announce it to the world. Anyway, he made himself comfortable and began talking about his past love, Jennifer. Our friendship got deeper over a course of two months. He was kicking it to me in a way. We became so close that my attitude towards the others was very different. I'd blame that on the maturity he laid upon me. Anyway...

One night we met in my room and started to talk about Jennifer. On how he used to make love to her and all the other beautiful things he used to do. I was being turned on by his romantic ways. And then, I sensed it; he was making his moves. I, of course, was ready for him.

I was sitting on the bed when he approached me. I was facing his penis when I noticed the bulged. He handed out his firm, beautiful hand to me as if to lie mines onto. Actually, his palms were darker than the ordinary. It was marvelous.

I placed my soft, small hand on his and he started feeling on it. He rubbed his thumb on top. He slowly bent down till we were at eye level. I quickly turned my eyes away, and then my head followed. He gently turned my head back, and laid the softest kiss ever onto my lips. Assuring me that it was ok. And then we passionately kissed, as he held my head from the back and squeezed my left hand. It was really nice.

Our kiss seemed to be forever. We looked at each other after he pulled himself back. But I quickly looked away. I wasn't able to look at someone into the eyes. I just couldn't.

"Sweety, look at me... please." He said softly. So I tried. "Do you know how beautiful you are?" He continued. I nodded in confusion, as in agreeing and disagreeing.

"You really are beautiful." He confirmed. I smiled lightly, still struggling to look at him.

"What `m about to say... might sound, I dunno... crazy to you... but I have to say it." He said softly with eyes looked into mines.

"Yeah. Go ahead." I responded rather slowly.

"I... Uh... I like you. I like you a lot, and... and I want you, you know, to be... to be my girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever it is." We chuckled... "What I'm saying is that, I want you to be mines." Wow! That was brave, and I quickly focused on him now. I also wanted to be dramatic, as I quickly felt as if I was Erica Kane. I tried to act scenes I had seen that day. I took my right hand and caressed his ear and down his chest. " Do you like me?" He asked me.

"Yes" I said very nicely and we kissed passionately. He was still on his knee.

And then he told me that he had to go and he would see me in the morning. Well, we were officially going out, he treated as nice as he treated--well, you know--Jennifer. It was so cool! And this lasted for almost three years.

Sister Mona Lou's Boys

Will Continue

Written by Ed'Michael

This is what's gonna happen,

The return of Chris!

"So what happened to him? I mean, where is he now?" Chris asked with a concern tone. I flicked my hair behind my ear and looked down at the floor... We didn't have a Happy life after all... The beginning of abuse, of hate... Being used as a sex boy...

So, see you next time!

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