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Rated: -YGM18+ -R.U.One2. The characters of this STORY have Unprotected sex, thus reenacting these scenes requires the use of a/several condom(s). This Is A Story.


Author's Note: First, I would like to thank all readers for taking interest in reading my series. It's been told that some of you relate to this. This was the whole point behind it. I wanted it to be real and not based on only sex. This is really what sort of happened to me. I would like to send a shout out to(this is from memory) My sister Nicolas, latinbandit, berryjuice, two24kt, darren, whdawg, Nenaboo (the only female that reads my thingz, thanks), all the gang at collegeclub/bedtimestories, my peeps at hotmail, nifty archives... and to all that I've missed. Thank you for sticking with me.

In other news, hopefully they won't cancel it--- please write us about it. I apologize for keeping you waiting.

Bedtime Stories Presents


Sister Mona Lou's Boys

with Ed'Michael as Quamaine Persaud Williams

Inspired by Actual Events

This is from last time,

"Sweety, look at me... please." He said softly. So I tried. "Do you know how beautiful you are?" He continued. I nodded in confusion, as in agreeing and disagreeing.

"You really are beautiful." He confirmed. I smiled lightly, still struggling to look at him.

"What `m about to say... might sound, I dunno... crazy to you... but I have to say it." He said softly with eyes looked into mines.

"Yeah. Go ahead." I responded rather slowly.

"I... Uh... I like you. I like you a lot, and... and I want you, you know, to be... to be my girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever it is." We chuckled... "What I'm saying is that, I want you to be mines." Wow! That was brave, and I quickly focused on him now. I also wanted to be dramatic, as I quickly felt as if I was Erica Kane. I tried to act scenes I had seen that day. I took my right hand and caressed his ear and down his chest. " Do you like me?" He asked me.

"Yes" I said very nicely and we kissed passionately. He was still on his knee.

And then he told me that he had to go and he would see me in the morning. Well, we were officially going out, he treated me as nice as he treated--well, you know--Jennifer. It was so cool! And this lasted for almost three years.

Let us now proceed with the 8th part of the series...

I sighed loudly after releasing part of my life story to Chris. I looked at him for his reaction and he appeared lost and blown-away. Then I snapped my fingers as to bring him back to reality. He did snap back and smiled, an amazing glow.

"Wow! That was... That was really interesting Q." He said as I quickly wondered if he had a hard on under the desk.

"Yeah." I responded in a far away tone.

"Was he..." He cleared his throat. "... Was he the one that, you know... you know what I mean man?"

"Was he the one that took it... my virginity" I smiled. It was amazing how he became interested in my life story. He nodded in a very non-offensive way. He tried to keep it cool. I continued, "Yes man, he was the famous one to take it away."

"..." He was waiting for the story.

Well, one night--it was always during the night--I met with him in his room. The conversation was generally about nothing. That's the way we were sometimes, we'd talked about anything and nothing. It was always suspected that we might have been Happy, but he did a terrific job on keeping this on the low. But if it were for me, it would have been known. I was so happy to have him in my life. I was `happy' `happy' and `happy' `happy'. Anyway, the conversation led to snuggling up, kissing, and you know what.

We were passionately making out in the dark. It was with more experienced after 3 long years. He kissed and pecked and licked everywhere on my body.

"You love me?" He asked softly as he kissed me by the neck.

"Yes..." I whispered as I was being held firmly.

"Oh, yeah?"


"I want us to be together forever" He whispered by my ear, and gave me goosebumps. His breathing really sent chills throughout my entire body.


"Are you loving this?" He pecked from the ear to the forehead.

"Yeah man"

"Say it!"


"Say you love me"

"I love you Carlito" I said enjoying every moment. I did nick name him Carlito.

"I love you baby" He emphasized to me. We smiled lightly. He then paused and said,

"Receive this as a token of our love for each other." What?? Jigga got me going on. He pulled something out of his pocket.

"Kiss me" I demanded softly. He laid a soft one on my lips.

"I want to be yours forever Quamaine"

"Oh, Carlito... I want the same man"

"Oh yeah baby" He said as he moved back and grabbed my arm and placed a bracelet that he hand-made in his art class. It was beautiful, leather covered with beautiful, colorful strings. He turned on the lamp in order to fix the bracelet and give me a good glimpse. It was really beautiful. 4 EVA was embossed on it with lovely matching colors. He had put a lot of effort into this.

"Carlito, it's beautiful... I love it" The actress I was--I was really dramatic, I tell you. I must have had sparkles in my eyes because I was really happy.

"You do? I did it myself... especially for you" He said with pride and honor.

"Carlito..." I was speechless. He turned off the light and he went back to the love making session. He picked me up off of the dresser and laid me gently onto the bed while he sucked on my neck. I loved the way he sucked my neck. Yes baby suck the life out of it.

I came back to my senses to make sure that Chris wasn't drooling or bored. I found myself holding my arm up as if the same way I held it that night. Without any interruption, I continued on with the story. Chris was alert and wanted to know more.

Noticed I never mentioned that I sucked on his penis. Well he never asked. That's how great it was between us. Kissing and hugging was all that made us happy. Anyway, we were both hard as hell. I reached down and felt a big piece of pumped muscle. I kept on reaching down and couldn't find an end or a beginning. He rolled over on his back.

I unbuttoned his shirt and sucked on his chest, which got hard as soon as I laid my lips on them. I was kissing and licking my way down when I undid his pants and lured out the unbelievable piece of meat. It was gigantic, serpent-like, eight and a half, pumped muscle, and manly smelling penis. It felt and looked juicy.

"I want it in me!" I quickly whispered, as I dove on him. I went by his ears, sucked on the lobe, and whispered one more time.

"Yo, I want it"

"Sure? You ready for it?" Carl softly asked me.

"I've been ready"

"You done it before, man?"

"No... But I know I want it..." I said while I kissed on his purple lips. They looked as if he was beaten, but it was from smoking weed.

"Son, you sure?" He asked as he rolled me over on my back. Now he was on top. I nodded in agreement. I felt his warm dick on my thigh, waiting to get into action.

I held him with passion as he sucked on my neck. As he took my shorts and t-shirt off, he softly kissed me all over. I was sensitive, so everytime he kissed me on my tummy, I would wiggle and it would tremble.

He held both legs up and laid them on his shoulders, as he came in between. I was kind of nervous, so he told me to relax. While he spread my legs and lifted them on his shoulders, he laid gently over me. That made my butt cheeks spread wider. He kissed me and positioned his penis as if I had a pussy. I knew it was wrong, so I took over and positioned it where it belonged. I guess he felt my hole because he pushed, but it wasn't going in. I knew, I'm telling you I knew, that it need something slimy to slide it in. A lubricant. I spat on my hands and quickly rubbed it on the penis. That was done quickly.

Now it was well lubricated, so was my hole. And then, we tried again. Ah! My whole body shivered as the pain introduced itself. Of course, he was concerned, but I didn't let that stop us. It was painful, but that shit felt good. Real good! The pain was quickly changed to an enjoyment. It was perfect, too good to be true. Now I understood what `Fish' went through when they are being fucked. Or did I?

He was working it real well,, I guess. Up and down, in and out. Wonderfully! He quickly suggested that we did doggystyle. At first, all of it didn't go in, but then...

We got into position, re-lubricated his shaft, and resumed action. He held on my cheeks, gently caressing them. It was good! My nipples got hard as a rock. But then, he did the incredible thing ever. As he pounded my hole, half-way, he began kissing me on my back. Ooh! While he did that, he reached another spot. I never thought that I was so sensitive. When he got it, I automatically went wild.

I went down on my elbows and my butt was pushed up his shaft. Yes, floop! I took it all. It was really in me, I think that my muscles relaxed when he kissed me. I don't know what happened. So, I groaned and purred while he said `Oh yeah.' He was loving it big time, well so was I. I wanted to cry out of joy.

I quickly stood on my knees, getting our bodies parallel. He held on my chest with a firm lock. And he kissed my neck, breathed heavily on it that it blew me away. That was it for me. I had goosebumps all over. I was raging for more, as in moving in different directions. It was amazing. But, after a few screws, he came in me. He was sweating...

I tried to face him,

"Thought you never did that before?" he asked with a smile.

"First time man" I said while I kissed him.

"Yeah right!"

Back to reality...

"Were you reviving the moment? Because you have your back arched like you were doing it or something." Chris laughed. I regain control of my body and blurred out,

"Yo, check to see if you're not wet?" We laughed.

"Sooo... What happened to him?" Chris asked with a concern tone. I flicked my hair behind my ears and looked down at the floor. I had to really think about this one. This wasn't an easy area to touch. In a prolonged tone I began,

"Well, we didn't have a happy life after all... I mean, what I just explained to you was just the beginning of things..." I stood up and walked towards the book shelves which had little figurines on it, as I began to touch and take a good look at them. I didn't want to be overwhelmed by what I was about to say, knowing that it was painful... I continued on as he faced my back with the same tone of voice. Sadness was mainly the sound.

"...the beginning of hate, the beginning of abuse, being used by, and being mistreated... Being used as a SexBoy... at some point in the relationship things had gotten crazy. I mean, he wasn't as loving anymore... as caring... passionate. It was all about sex! No love making. He just wanted a piece of tight ass..." I chuckled, still admiring the little figurines on the shelves.

"...I was a kid back then, but these stuff were serious to me... I wasn't feeling loved anymore. Though, I still loved him... it was so different that... that I had to go look for it elsewhere..." My voice cracked.

"Hey... yo, you ok man?" He quickly got up and tapped my shoulder, as he repeated himself. My eyes were tearing up.

"Yeah, man... It's gonna be fine. It's just... just that I never spoke about it before. Even my best friend in the world... Nicolas... has no clue of this." I turned around to face him with my arms crossed. His hands landed on my arms and he said softly,

"If it brings pain, I think we should stop for now... You?" I smiled at the `for now' remark and walked towards his desk.

"No, let me tell you what that asshole did to me." I sat on the desk while he turned to face me. He looked interested in my story as well as concerned for my feelings. "Since I was not the star that brightened his nights anymore... as he usually told me... the Chicago Bulls championship of that year caught his attention at all times. I..." I cleared my throat and moved down to sit on the couch. I stared at the wall across. Chris followed me as well. I continued,

"I went and looked for other ways to make me happy. Yeah, and yes... I did mess around with the other kids... but what was I to do? They made me happy not only sexually but morally as well... They made me laugh.

"All he wanted was my ass and that's all. We barely spoke. It was not the same Chris. Nah, it wasn't. So, when he found out that I messed around with Johnny, Greg, and Gary... He had a meeting with me and threatened to report my actions to Sister Mona. Not only that, but to spread the news around and beat the living day out of me.

"Needless to say, I was scared. I began to cry and cry and cry while he tortured me with his words." I paused for a moment as my eyes began to tear up again. I took a deep breath and continued,

"And all I mentioned next was... was that I think that it should end. Our relationship should end at this point..." A tear ran down my cheek. "When he heard that..." I paused and tears began to flow. "And when he heard that man, he slapped me. The last thing I remembered was that I was on the ground."

"Oh man! I'm sorry..." Chris said very softly, almost as a whisper. I turned to look at him, and smiled.

"Yeah." I chuckled. "He even told me that night if I had ever mentioned breaking up with him again that it wouldn't be good for me... So, I guess I was afraid of him... we still had it going on despite all this for another year, well until he left the home. He used that against me to have sex. I rebelled sometimes. It didn't work." I continued softly and wiped the tears off.

"His a jack-ass for doing this to you, as a matter of fact, anyone who would do that to you." Chris said with concern, and I laughed lightly.

"I'm gonna be Ok. I'm over it." He moved closer to me and opened his firm arms.

"C'mon, let me give you a hug" I plunged in and felt this vibration from being wrapped around his arms. His relaxed muscles and his breathing by my ear were titillating. I held him firmer and closer. He gently pulled back and stared deeply into my brown eyes. We stared for a long period. We remained in that position for a few minutes, breathing at the same rate...

Sister Mona Lou's Boys

Will Continue

Written by Ed'Michael

This is what's gonna happen,

"What's wrong? You look as if you were crying, what happened?" She quickly asked, observing my face with precision. I wiped my eyes.

"Oh, its the Visine I just dropped. They... My eyes were dry" I smiled.

So, see you next time!

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