This work contains scenes of sex between two males. If you are under the age of 18, or if it is illegal for you to read such material in your state or country, or if you are offended by this type of material, then please do not read any further.

Please remember the following:
This story is a complete work of fiction.
All characters have been renamed from their original names.
This story is based upon the author's fantasy.

Snow Day in the Dorm
****This is based on the TALES OF THE G1 RA series.****

It was a Monday in late November and there was already snow on the ground. The day before, there was a weather report that there was going to be a major snow storm in the area. Mike had picked up some lunch and headed back to his room for the hour he had off inbetween two of his classes. At the time, it wasn't snowing and he was hoping it would.

As Mike was on his way out back to his next class, Will called his cell phone.
"Yo Mike, are you in your room?"
"Nah, I'm about to head off to class. What's up?"
"It's already starting to snow."
"Nice, but I doubt it'll enough to cancel classes right now."
"Yeah I know."
"Yo, ping pong later?"
"Of course man. Yo, I gotta go, I'll catch you later Mike."
Going on to his next class, Mike got to class and nearly fell asleep cause his Shakespeare teacher is sooooo boring. By the time the class ended, Mike had to hurry to his next class. As he got to his class, he saw a sign saying that classes after 5 are cancelled for the day. "Great," Mike muttered. He atleast hoped classes the next day would be cancelled.

Getting back to his room after class, Mike crashed on his bed and turned on his TV to watch anything that was half decent at the time. He seriously wanted to just relax and not go to class the next day.
About an hour later (roughly 6pm) Louis stopped by.
"Hey, do you think we have classes tomorrow?"
"Hard to tell yet Lou."
"Come on man, you should know, you've been here long enough to know."
"Yeah, well it's always hard to tell. They were plowing the snow during the night last time we had snow and didn't cancel classes."
"True, true."
"Yo, wanna go grab some food while it still isn't too bad out?"
"Yeah, wanna get the gang and go to Union?"
"Sure, let's go."
The two got a couple of friends and headed off to dinner.

Around 9 that night, Mike and the crew got back to the building. Will was back in the building then and joined both Mike and Louis in Mike's room.
"Yo, it's really coming down out there now, it's a good thing we got back to the building from dinner."
"Yeah, no shit Sherlock," Mike responded while looking out the window with Will and Louis.
"Do you think they're going to cancell classes?" Will asked.
"Hope so," Louis stated.
While Will and Louis continued to watch the snow, Mike turned the TV on and turned to NBC to watch ER. Since it wasn't going to be on for a bit, Mike channel surfed till there was something good on for the time being.
While waiting, Mike slipped out of his pants leaving only his boxers on his lower half.
"Yo guys, I'll be right back." Mike went to the bathroom real quick, he had too much to drink at dinner.
Upon returning to his room, Mike found Will and Louis down to their boxers also and mutually jacking off too. With a smile, Mike walked over the two and dropped infront of Will. Mike always loved playing with his dick. While Mike gave Will a blowjob, Louis lowered himself under Mike and started to give Mike a blowjob.

Before Will or Mike blew their load, Mike stopped and the three got into a position where Mike and Louis were 69ing and Mike had will screw his ass for it's been awhile since Mike has anyone fuck him. Not before long, Mike blew is load right after Louis blew his. This caused Will to explode within a minute inside of Mike. The three guys repositioned themselves on the bed so they could watch ER. During the commercials, the three made out together while rubbing each other's hard again members and licking each other's nipples.

Soon after ER, Will and Louis left to go back to their rooms. Mike went and took a quick shower and brushed his teeth and went back to his room and fell asleep.

Mike woke up to his room phone ringing, it was the Residence Hall Director informing him there were no classes and to be extra aware of parties and the such. After hanging up with the RHD, Mike went to the bathroom to relieve himself. After changing afterwards, Mike put up signs on his floor that there were no classes that day and headed back to his room to eat some cereal.

Finishing his cereal and coffee, Mike went to take a dump and wash his dishes. Coming back to the room, he heard his cell phone ring. Not getting it in time, Mike checked to see who it was, it was Justin. So Mike called him back.
"Hello?" Justin said answering his phone.
"Yeah, I'm looking for a sexy blonde soccer player, is there one at this phone number?" Mike jokingly said.
"Ha ha, hey Mike."
"What's going on?"
"Nothing much, was wondering if you were planning to go out at all today since there aren't any classes."
"Nope don't have anything planned as of right now. Probably catch up on some work and watch some movies and stuff."
"Aight, mind if I stop by later? I gotta go over to a friends place to pick up some things."
"Sure, stop by whenever, maybe you'll get a treat while you're here."
"Hmmmmm, sounds good. See you later?"
The two hang up.

After spending some time watching TV, burning some files to disc, organizing his music files (for once) and heating up some soup for lunch, Mike was finally bored. He would watch a movie, but there isn't anything he feels like watching. It was around 1:20pm that Mike heard a knock on his door. Unlocking it and opening the door, Mike found Justin standing there with only his boxers on.
"Hmmm, I don't remembering a sex toy."
"Really? My label here says that I'm to be delievered to you."
"Huh, then it must be my birthday. My lucky day!"
The two went into Mike's room, locking the door behind them. Turning the TV back on, the two got into Mike's bed and turned to Cartoon Network. While watching a couple of episodes of Dexter's Labatory, the two made out and stroked each other since the two got semi erection from all the kissing.

After about 5 or 6 episodes, Justin turned off the TV, and pinned Mike onto the bed, with a michevous smile on his face.
"And what I have I done to deserve this pinning?"
"For giving me a semi and not doing anything about it."
"Hmmm, do I have any rights officer?"
"You have the right to to be pleasure me. Any moans you make can and will be held against you in this bed for sex."
"Will there be any searches?"
"Oh, there will be some probing around. Anything that seams pleasureable will be repeated over and over till I get what I'm looking for. Now, are you hiding any concealed weapons?"
"Well, I am concealing something, but it's a weapon of pleasure."
"Is it this here?" Justin asked grinding his groin against Mike's.
"Well, maybe if you point your gun at me, maybe I'll reveal my weapon," Mike responsed with a smile.
Justin then got off Mike, but still on his knees, and lowered his boxers letting his now erect dick pop out. Using his right hand to point his dick at Mike, and placing his left hand on Mike's chest, Justin said, "Reveal your weapon or I will have to use force."
With a smile, Mike lifted his body slightly in the air and slide off his shorts and boxers. "Happy officer?"
"More than you can imagine. Now on to the pleasuring, . . . I mean questioning."
The two continued to kiss each other, sliding their tongues into each other, and grinding.

After a few minutes, Justin wanted to be inside Mike really bad.
"Time for a 'Cavity Search.' I think you have something I'm looking for inside of you."
"Be kind, officer, I don't want to get hurt," Mike responded.
Justin lubed himself up and slowly teased Mike's rosebud a little before actually entering in. Justin slowly slide his dick in and out for about a good twenty minutes before picking up the pace, he wanted to keep Mike wanting more. Finally picking up the pace, it took Justin another ten minutes before he shoot his load into Mike, and they both knew it has been Justin's biggest load yet.
"Hmmm, looks like that weapon of yours could use some attention right now, but first I might just have to handcuff you." Justin grabbed the toy handcuffs Mike had and chained him to the bed.
Slowly taking Mike's dick in his mouth, Justin got him nice and wet and made sure Mike didn't shoot his load yet. Once satisfied, Justin sat on Mike's stomach, kissed him, and then positioned himself to take in Mike's now throbbing dick. Once fully filled with Mike's dick, Justin just sat there.
"Is there anything you want to tell me?"
"No officer, there isn't."
With a few humps and a little sucking on Mike's nipples, Justin asked again, "Is there anythin you want to tell me?"
With a few groans, Mike responded "Please continue, officer."
With that, Justin continued to hump Mike and kissing him on the lips every so often. As Mike's breathing got heavier, Justin also started to rub Mike's nipples which sent him into ecstacy and shot his load. Once Mike stopped bucking, the two laid there.

Ten minutes had passed, and Justin had already laid next to Mike on the bed.
"So, officer," Mike said breaking the silence, "am I free to go?"
"You are free to go, all charges have been dropped," Justin said taking off the handcuffs.
Both guys turned the TV back on to watch the evening comedy line up on TBS. They continued to make-out from time to time and giving each other a quick blowjob before eventually deciding to go and grab some dinner.
Will and John had joined them for dinner, and the four watched a movie afterwards.
Once the movie was finished, Mike and John played some pool as Will and Justin went and did their own things for a bit.

Returning to his room, Mike grabbed his handcuffs and went and 'arrested' Justin.
"You've been a bad boy Justin, and now it is time for you to pay your debt to society."
"Oh, what are the charges officer?"
"Making me ever so horny."
With that, the two went back onto Mike's bed and switched position in what they did earlier. As Mike was sitting on Justin humping him, Mike played with his soccer boy abs and tickled Justin on his armpits causing Justin to push his dick harder into Mike.
For the rest of the night, the two continued to watch TV, talk about classes, and the occasional blowjob.

Mike and Justin hoped there would be another snow day the next day.

The End. Questions, comments, email me.