By Erik Maskot

I probably wasn't the most masculine guy in college. Some people considered me a nerd. I probably was. I didn't have any close friends. I spent a lot of time by myself.

There were a few guys who liked to play tricks on me. They hid my books, hid my clothes after gym. They were calling me girls' names, calling me faggot, etc. I hated them, I hated college. I didn't want to go there, but at the same time I wouldn't let them ruin my education.

One day, this was the last semester, I've had enough. Two of the guys on the football team were having fun with me. I was the last one in the shower stalls after gym as usual. When I came out, my clothes were gone again. Matt and Steve came in laughing.

"Your clothes missing again?" Matt said with his wide grin.

"Well, I don't think he needs any. With a hot body like that, people should get a chance to admire him without any clothes," Steve said.

Matt started laughing. I knew I didn't have a sportsman's body. I was pale and skinny.

Matt turned his ass towards me, and he said: "Does this turn you on, faggot?"

More laughter.

I blushed. But the more they teased me, the more anger built up inside me. This was different. Normally I'd probably start crying and hide, but this time I forgot everything I'd done before and shouted at them "So what if I'm gay?" They shut their mouths. I had never announced before that I was gay. I'd been living in the closet until that day. "So what if your ass turns me on? So what?" I couldn't believe what I'd just said.

The two of them looked at each other. This was not what they'd expected. They had stopped laughing. Instead they turned around and walked out of the dressing room. I found my clothes behind the lockers, got dressed and left.

I didn't know what to expect next. I kinda expected that they would tell the whole school. Surprisingly they didn't. Some people were still making fun of me, but not Matt and Steve.

A whole week went by, and I didn't see the two of them. Not until the next Friday. Everybody had left the dorm, except for me. I wanted to study that weekend. I laid down on my bed and started reading a book. It didn't take long before someone knocked on the door. I was surprised that anyone at all were in the building, but said "C'mon in, it's open."

Then Matt came in. Oh no, I thought, what's he up to now? But he said "I noticed the light was on..."

I didn't say a word.

He continued: "I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry." He paused. "I've wanted to tell you this whole week, but was afraid to. I'm sorry that I've been treating you like shit."

When my eyes met his I knew that he meant every word, and I said "I forgive you."

He looked down on the floor. Just stood there for a long time, before he slowly said "thanks." He kept looking down. Neither one of us said anything. I could've been thirty seconds, but it could also have been two minutes. It sure felt like it. Then he finally said "I thought you were brave. Saying you were gay."

I didn't answer.

He continued: "I wished I had the guts to do the same." I looked at him surprised. His eyes met mine.

"Yes, I'm gay too," he finally said.

I put my book on the table. Matt was about to turn around and walk out, when I said "Why don't you stay for awhile? Maybe there's a good movie on TV or something."

Matt smiled at me, and said "I'd love to." He sat down. I walked over to the fridge, found a couple cans of beer, and handed him one. It was obvious that this had bothered him for a while, because I'd never seen Matt smiling so much before. Not in this warm way. He all of a sudden was acting so calm. I knew I had finally found a friend.

And as we drank beer his tongue loosened up quite a bit as well. Pretty soon we didn't have any problems discussing what kind of guys we liked.

Matt was a stud, and I fell in love with him. Still, I didn't know if he had the same feelings for me. After a while I went over to my dresser and pulled out a Falcon video and asked him if he would be interested in watching it. He certainly was.

The video certainly turned him on, and I could see he had a big bulge in front of his jeans. We were both shy still, and neither one of us dared to open up the jeans.

When I went to the bathroom I decided it was now or never, and took my clothes off before I walked back into my room.

Matt was staring at me, from head to toe, before he said "I've never really looked at your body, Erik, but you look great."

"Don't be kiddin', Matt. I'm too skinny."

"I like you skinny," he said and stood up, unbuttoned his jeans. "Was that true what you said in the dressing room, that my ass turned you on?"

"Are you kiddin', Matt? You're a god!"

He let out the biggest dick I had ever seen. It had to be 14 inches. He walked over to me, put his arms around me and held me tight. His cock pushing against mine. We kissed and we ended up in my bed together. Matt and I actually spent the whole weekend together. Neither one of us had any experience with gay sex, so we took our time exploring. He licked my cock the first night, and I licked his. We both came fast.

The next day Matt wanted me to fuck him. This turned me on so much that I came almost right away. Matt wanted to fuck me, but realized his cock was too big. I didn't want to give up that easily, and got some Crisco to grease his cock and my ass both. We tried different ways, but in the end we found out that the easiest way was for me to sit down on his cock. That way he wasn't forcing himself in, and I could stop if it hurt too much.

I tried several times. It hurt at first, but at the same time I didn't want to disappoint him. Matt thought the whole time he was too big, as I was not very big, and I looked so skinny. But when his cockhead finally was inside me, it didn't hurt any longer. I moved my ass up and down on his love stick, and soon I sat down all the way on him. I couldn't believe all his fourteen inches were inside me.

Matt smiled as I was moving my ass up and down. I was moaning loudly. It didn't take long before he came inside me. Loads and loads of cum. I could feel it running down the insides of my legs. I laid down on his chest and fell asleep on top of him, his cock still inside me. The whole weekend we explored each others' bodies.

* * * * * *

The following Monday I went to the shower room at the end of the building. I undressed, went to the stalls and turned on the water. I had suddenly this feeling that I was not alone. So I turned around and discovered that Steve was standing there, naked with a big boner. It was nothing like Matt's, but still... He seemed a little nervous for a change, and he said:

"I'd like to apologize for having been such a jerk. The truth is that I've always been attracted to you. I've just been too scared to let me feelings out. I've always been too scared to admit I was gay. Instead it has turned me into a homophobic. Erik, can you forgive me?"

I knew from the look of his eyes that he was being honest and spoke from his heart. I gave him a warm smile and took his right hand and pulled him to me. Our eyes met, then our mouths opened and we kissed.

Steve was worried that someone would discover us, but I told him not to worry. We continued kissing until we heard the door to the dressing room slam. We stopped kissing, finished our showers and got dressed. The guy who came in had no suspicion whatsoever. Steve followed me to my room, got undressed again, and we got into bed together.

First I fucked Steve, then he fucked me. He spent the whole night with me, and he fell asleep with his cock inside my ass, and his arms wrapped around my chest.

* * * * * *

After that night I had my own theory. As I wasn't very masculine, a lot of guys might have thought I was gay. Their reason for mobbing me must have been they were all homophobic. Why were they all homophobic? Was it because they were gay themselves, and they were too afraid to show it. I wanted to find out.

The following weekend I made a trick on this muscular guy, Daniel, who's been mobbing me for a long time. He was sitting at a bar when I came in and jumped onto the bar stool right next to him and ordered a beer. Dan had had a few beers already and was getting a little drunk. I assumed this made him relaxed and maybe a little brave. I turned towards and said "Hi!" and smiled. I'd never said hi to him before, as I've always tried to avoid him.

Without thinking he said "hi" back to me. I think I caught him by surprise, as I looked into his eyes and knew right then he had the look in his eyes. He was gay. There was something in his glare that revealed his inner thoughts. As he was studying my body while I drank my beer. I could feel his eyes on me even when I wasn't looking at him.

After a while he went to the bathroom. I followed him. We were the only ones in there, and I took the spot right next to him and pulled my cock out. I caught him glancing over at me, and I turned slightly to make sure he could see it. As I knew he was busted, I turned my head to get a glimpse of his cock as well. He seemed to accept me, and I said:

"I have more beer at my room. Wanna come over?" He nodded.

Back at the dorm we sat down with a beer, however we more or less forgot about the drinking. He wanted to see me naked, and I took all my clothes off.

"You have a nice ass, dude," he said to me.


"I'm so horny, you know, so I won't let anything keep me away from fucking it," he continued.

"That was never my intention either," I said.

This was the signal he needed, and he let his jeans drop to the floor, and exposed a giant boner, that was at least twelve inches and thick as an arm. He pulled my body to his and let his dick in between the crack of my ass. He moved it up and down a few times. He reached for the Crisco that he discovered under my bed, put some on his shaft, then some in my hole with his index finger. I moaned.

"Oh yeah, you like this?" he asked.


"Just wait till my cock fills up your hole."

I couldn't wait.

Slowly he entered me. Fucked me slowly, and soon he was in all the way. He held his hands around my waist, moved his cock in and out, in and out... He let out words like "yes," "your ass feels so good," "I love fucking your hot ass," mixed with "oooh's" and moaning. I was worried that the whole building would be hearing us. The truth was that there most likely were nobody left in the whole building, as they've gone home for the weekend. Dan was almost screaming when he filled me up with his man juices.

When he finished his sweat body fell on top of mine. It didn't take long before he was ready again. The next morning his cock was red and limp.

Dan didn't want me to fuck him. He was definitely a top, but on Sunday evening he finally let me do it, because his own cock was so sore. It turned out he loved it, and when he left that night, he said "I like you, Erik. You're not bad at all. I really would like to apologize for what I've done to you in the past. And if someone else is bothering you, just tell me, and I'll make sure it stops."

As he left we kissed.

* * * * * *

Now, there were two guys who always meant trouble to me. John and Damien. One time they tied me to the flag pole on a cold, rainy day. One time they took all my clothes from the dressing room, and left me with a girl's dress...

"Hey, Sandy!"

Yeah, that's it. They call me Sandy. It was between classes, when they called me. I was on my way to the bathroom. They followed me. As I had no idea what they were up to, I quickly went into one of the stalls and locked the door. I just sat down. Maybe if I stayed long enough, they'd leave. Instead the picked the other two stalls, and now they were one on each side of me.

They started talking to me, telling me what a hot chick I was, what lovely smooth girl skin I had, if I wanted to dance with them at the school party at the end of the month, and so on. I didn't say a word. Half an hour went. Then one hour. Two hours. They didn't leave, and the whole time they were talking to me like I was a girl.

Then Damien asked me why I didn't show them my tits. John laughed. It was such a pity, because Damien was the hottest guy I'd ever seen in my whole life. He was hotter than any of the twinks I've seen on the internet or on any gay video. But John was good looking too.

"Yeah, why don't you lift your skirt and let us see your wet cunt, as well," John said.

More laughter. Soon school was over, and we were still sitting in the bathroom.

Suddenly I heard something banging and scratching on one of the walls, and soon I saw the tip of a knife getting through the wall. John was making a glory hole, 3-4 inches wide.

"Hi, Sandy!" he said, peeking through the hole. "Do you know what this is?" he continued. I still didn't answer him. "It's a glory hole," he continued. "I could put my dick through it, and someone could suck it off." I got turned on by the idea, but didn't move. Then Damien made one on the other side.

Then Damien said to my surprise "Well, let's stop all this bullshitting. Let's be nice to the guy. Aren't you getting hungry?"

John answered yes, then he said to me "Aren't you getting sick of this?" I agreed. Then John continued "Why don't we grab something to eat?"

I wasn't sure if this was another trick, so I didn't move. Then John said, "Damien, why don't you go to the school kitchen and see if you can find something." Then Damien left.

In the meantime John kept talking about sex, and how much fun you can have with the fuck hole. He even made me look through it, and he pulled his pants halfway down, let me have a good look at his 13-inch cock.

I had a hard time trying to hide my hard-on. There's nothing I wanted more, but I couldn't show it. Or could I? Would they treat me differently if I opened up my man cunt for them. Having them as fuck buddies would be just perfect, much better than all the other things they've been doing to me.

After a few minutes Damien came back. "Found some pizza," he said.

"You want some, dude?" John asked me.

I had loosened up, and said "Sure!"

"Okay, peek through the hole for a minute," he said. I did. John took one slice, then started jerking off. Soon he shot a big load of semen on my slice. Then he handed it to me under the wall.

I grabbed it, and looked at it at first. John and Damien both were watching me with excitement. Would I eat it with the cum on it?

Maybe this wouldn't be so bad, I thought. I took a bite from the part that didn't have cum on it. I was pretty sure the guys couldn't have been more excited if there was a girl stripping right in front of them. Or did they care about girls at all? I was starting to wonder.

I let my tongue touch the cum. They both gasped and whispered "oh yeah." I ate the slice of pizza slowly.

Looking to the left, I noticed that John had removed all his clothes already.

"You're hot, girl," he said. "Why don't you let us into your stall? We're gonna give you the night of your life."

I was starting to enjoy this. I wouldn't let them in. Not yet. Instead I said "Why don't you put your big popsicle through the hole, so I can have some sweet dessert?" It didn't take long before he did what I said, and I started licking on it carefully.

Damien undressed too. He had to widen the hole in the wall before he could put his enormous giant cock through. My jaw fell down when I saw it. It had to be 16 inches at least. I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams anything like this. I would have given up all chores, school and future plans to become his sex slave.

Damien knew what I was thinking when he saw me. "Put your nice little cunt up to the hole," he said and I lifted my ass and backed up to the glory hole. Then I felt a finger opening my ass hole, and grease was applied to it. Soon my ass felt smoother than ever before.

"Okay, here it comes," Damien said.

I pushed towards the hole, and the monster cock tried to force its way into me. It hurt like hell at first. Then the head was inside. He jerked it a little back and forth, and slowly he moved his way to the bottom. I moaned loudly. John wanted me to suck him while my ass was being penetrated by this big tool that felt like it was an arm.

I started licking John's cock again, then I opened my mouth wide and let it inside. I was now being fucked in both ends. Man, did I love those cocks.

They both came inside me. Damien filled up my ass, and I felt the cum running down the insides of my legs. John came in my mouth, and I thought I was gonna drown. I swallowed all of his man juice. When they were both finished I unlocked the door to the stall, and they helped me up to my room, as I had a hard time walking after the penetration from Damien's cock.

It was midnight already, and Damien told me I should get some sleep. Then he looked at John, and with a sly smile asked him: "We have plans for our little slut, don't we?" John smiled back and said "We sure do!"

Then John said to me: "We have some big plans for you. Why don't you come to the bathroom tomorrow morning at nine?"

I nodded. Then they put their arms on my shoulders and gave me kiss on my cheek, and left.

* * * * * *

At nine a.m. precisely, I entered the bathroom. The two studs were there already. I didn't know what they were up to, but was excited. The last couple of weeks had turned me into a sex maniac, and I had no enemies anymore, as the guys who used to mob me, now were my best and only friends.

John told me to get into the same stall I `d been in the night before, and get undressed. I did as he told me. Naked as the day I was born, he told me to put my hands up on the wall. Then he took a pair of handcuffs out of his back pocket, and cuffed me to the water pipe that that was leading to the water tanks to the toilets.

"Just relax," he told me. "You're gonna love this day." With a finger he greased my asshole with Crisco. He then patted my ass cheeks and left the stall.

After a couple of minutes someone came in, and I heard this person unbuckle his belt, and let his pants fall down to the floor. A couple of strong hands grabbed me around my waist, then a cock was pushed against the crack of my ass. Soon the cock was going in and out of my hole. This was going on for a few minutes, then he same inside me, pulled himself out, pulled his pants up again and left with a "Thanks, you're ass is great."

A few minutes went without anything happen. Then I heard the bathroom door open again, and another guy came up behind me and opened up his pants. He fucked me just like the first one, came inside me and left.

It was kinda slow in the morning, but by noon I was pretty sure there had to be a line of college students waiting to fuck my ass. The word of mouth must have spread the news about my ass being available to anybody. The inside of my legs and the floor was full of cum.

I had never had so much cock in my life. It wasn't over before six p.m. Then Damien came in and unlocked the cuffs. He handed me my clothes, and asked me how I was doing. "Tired," I told him.

"Okay, get dressed. We're gonna let you get some rest," he said. Like last night I needed their help to get to my room. When we entered my room, John and Damien sat down by my table.

Then John said: "Hope you don't mind that we ordered some Chinese food, and got a case of cold beer for the three of us?"

I was surprised that they did all this for me, and had nothing against it at all. They were both being so friendly to me, and I was so happy to finally have friends who came over and spent time with me.

While we were eating, Damien said: "I really sorry for what we've put you through. We promise we won't do it again. You're a nice guy, and we like you..."

I thanked them, but said that I had enjoyed the day. I loved sex, and I definitely had a lot of it that day. They both laughed and kissed me.

"Okay, now let's tell you what we'd been doing all day," Damien continued. "You had 42 people fuck your ass today."

Wow!" I was amazed.

"We stopped the first one who came to the bathroom, and asked him if he wanted to fuck some ass. He did. When he was done, we told him to spread the word. That's why it was so slow in the morning. In the afternoon we had a long line as you probably figured out."

I nodded. Damien and John both smiled.

"But don't think you'd be getting nothing out of this." John took up his wallet. "We charged them 30 bucks each."

My mouth fell open.

"So we made 1,260 dollars today. And one third of that is yours. Not bad for a day's work, is it?" He handed me a pile of money.

"Were they really willing to pay 30 bucks for a quick fuck?" I asked in awe.

"Sure. Nothing's happening around here, and the guys are desperate," Damien said. "Besides, you have one of the hottest asses around. More guys are aware of that now," he continued with a grin. I smiled and ate my food.

We sat in my room all evening watching TV, drinking beer and chatting together. I loved them both, and they seemed to enjoy my company as well. John and Damien were now my best friends.

The whole next day I slept with a sore ass. But I was happy. Happy because nobody was mobbing me anymore. Happy because I've made new friends. Damien and John came over every evening, and I introduced them to Matt, Steve and Dan as well. We all became fuck buddies. And there were 42 guys at the college who smiled at me every time I met them. I noticed that every single one of them had a hard-on when I met them, and would willingly come up with 30 bucks for another fuck anytime. I was definitely not lonely anymore.