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Some You Give Away

Part XI

05 November 2017
New York, New York, United States of America

Christian arrived at John Jay Hall at 7:00pm with a bouquet of red carnations and purple irises. He tried to open Warren's room door, but it was locked. He knocked, but there was no answer.

Back in his own room, Christian busied himself with his H.R. homework. It was surprising to him that he was able to read 3 chapters, take notes, and complete the assignment from that morning.

At 9:17pm, Christian went back to Warren's room with the flowers in hand. The door was still locked, and there was no answer. So Christian went back to his room and did a lot of his economics work.

At 10:32pm, Christian Left his room again. The elevator door had just closed and Warren stopped walking when he saw Christian.

"H-hey," Christian said awkwardly.


Warren resumed walking to his dorm room and fished his keys out of his coat pocket.

While the blonde was unlocking his door, Christian asked, "Mind if I come in?"

"No. We should talk."

It was said so stoically, so ominously that Christian became even more uneasy than he already was.

"I- umm... I got you these."

Warren looked away from the closet where he was unzipping his wedge heels, and said, "You can lay them on the desk."

Sorrowful, Christian laid the beautiful bouquet of flowers on Warren's desk, and said, "I really am sorry, Warren. I will never stop being sorry, okay? I- I fucked up. I had no reason to be jealous and an asshole, but I was anyway."

Removing his coat, Warren replied, "Do you know how it feels to see you with Misha? To see you joking around with any girl? I become scared that you'll relapse to playing straight and leave me. But I don't listen to that fear. I have trust in you. I force myself to trust you because of your inner battle with religion. I supported you, I am patient with you. And you fucking blindside me with your own jealousy when I had promised a friend to help him. A friend who had money trouble."

"I know," Christian said quietly. "I will apologize to you every single day if you want me to."

"So what's the plan of action then?"

Crestfallen, Christian answered, "What, like a breakup?"

"Do you want to breakup?"

"No," Christian said firmly. "I want you. I want an everyday with you."

"So, what do we do then? I stop speaking to my exes and you stop speaking to girls?"

"That's... that's ridiculous. Absurd."

"I agree," Warren replied, softening up. "So the only solution is to trust each other. I won't stray and you won't either."

"I promise," Christian said as he sat beside Warren on the bed. "You'll be friends with whomever you want and I will, too. And we won't let jealousy take over."

"So why today?"

"'Why' what?"

"Why'd you get jealous today? I mean you know that I'm friends with Aaron, and Jeff, and Gio."

"Gio?" Christian asked with confusion.

"Why today?"

"Because I've never been jealous before. I mean about someone that I'm with. I've only dated girls before and I never got jealous because I didn't really care for them. I get jealous whenever Jeff is around, or you go hang out with Aaron. Today it was all just too much for me. I asked you out on a date having forgotten that you'd be taking Aaron to the airport, and the cap popped open. It unbottled."

"Well, I'm hungry."

With that, Christian watched as Warren took a can of salsa out of his refrigerator and grabbed a bag of tortilla chips. He sat them on his bed and removed his green chunky-heeled ankle boots.

"Cuddle and Netflix?" Warren asked.

While Warren set up his laptop, Christian asked, "What did you do today besides taking Aaron to the airport?"

"I met Laura for an early dinner at Artisan Resto," Warren answered as he leaned his back to the brunette's chest. "And we went to see 'Bad Grandmas' at A.M.C. Loews. The flowers are so pretty, by the way."

Christian huffed out a tiny laugh and kissed the side of Warren's head.

09 November 2017
New York, New York, United States of America

'Fill in the official financial statements for A.B.C. Company as their fiscal year ended on March 31, 2014. Financial statements include the balance sheet, income statement, statement of changes in equity, and cash flow statement.'

Warren was working on his accounting homework on his laptop in the library. With him were Christian, Lynn, Vivian, Carter, Chad, Misha, and Jeff.

"Chris," Vivian said, "did you hear me?"

Christian looked up from his H.R. textbook and asked, "Hmm?"

"You're staying here for Thankgiving?" Vivian asked. "A few of the Omega Phi Beta sorority girls are staying over the weekend and they're holding a huge Thanksgiving dinner. A couple other frats and sororities are doing the same thing, but I was wondering if you wanted to go with Porter, Karen, and me."

"Oh," Christian responded, and sat his hand on Warren's knee under the table. "Sure. Beats video games with Dylan."

Smiling brilliantly, Vivian said, "Bring him, too, if he wants."

Chad then asked, "When's your flight to Ontario?"

"It's ooonnnnnn-"

Warren squeaked and stopped speaking because Christian was slowly sliding his hand up Warren's thigh. Christian's grip on his skinny jeans was firm, meaningful. But the brunette prick was keeping his eyes trained on his textbook like a hawk.

Chad, expectant, asked, "When?"

Breathless, and wide-eyed, Warren answered, "It- it's on N-November 22nd."

"What time?" Christian asked, the utter asshole, caressing Warren's inner thigh. "I can drive you to the airport."

"It's- it's- umm..."

"Warren?" Lynn asked. "Something wrong?"

"Yeah," Warren replied a little too quickly. "No. No. Everything's a- all good."

"You sure, man?" Jeff asked, his brow quirked.

Christian quickly tapped his finger on Warren's thigh and said, "I'm gonna go look for a book."

A few seconds after Christian had left the table, Warren looked. Christian was walking with his head turned, and was smiling teasingly. Christian gestured with his head.

"I need a book, too," Warren announced excitedly.

Warren walked toward the other side of the bookcases so as not to cause any suspicion. He kept his head turned, looking out for his boyfriend. He found Christian in the deep end of the library. He stood there with his shirt lifted and caressing his toned and slightly hairy abs.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Warren whispered-shouted with a smile.

Moving his hand down to his crotch, Christian whispered, "I've always wanted to mess around in a library."

Christian dove right in. He smashed his lips to Warren's and Warren grabbed onto Christian's belt loop. Christian hiked Warren's shirt up until his toned, smooth stomach was exposed.

Warren giggled and asked, "What's gotten into you?"

Kissing Warren's neck, Christian said, "I can stop."

Warren only mewled breathily. He snuck his hand inside Christian's shirt and scraped his nails in the small patch of fur on his chest.

Christian began unfastening Warren's jeans and whispered, "Better make this quick."

Before Warren could do anything else, Christian got down on his knees and pulled his jeans down to his thighs.

"Shit," Warren whispered in shock. "You sure, Babe?"

Gripping Warren's thick, uncut cock, Christian answered, "Been thinking about this for a few days."

Christian nibbled on the excess skin over Warren's dickhead between his lips. He pulled the foreskin back, exposing Warren's already leaking head, and licked the pre-cum.

"Goddamn," Warren seethed in pleasure.

Warren thought Christian was just gorgeous on his knees with his dick in his mouth. Their eyes remained locked, Christian's brown ones shone brightly with sensuality and determination. He slid more of Warren's cock into his mouth, and sucked hard. He had to place his hand over Warren's mouth because the blonde was moaning a little too loud for comfort.

"Your mouth is so fucking talented," Warren whispered.

It wasn't a lie. For a first time cocksucker, Christian was doing rather well. His mouth was perfectly warm and wet and begged for a load.

Christian searched his mind for ways to make Warren feel better. He gently gripped Warren's balls and kneaded them.

"Shit, I'm gonna cum already."

Christian bobbed his head faster on the 3 inches of cock that he had in his mouth. He tugged Warren's heavy scrotum down, and was rewarded with a big spurt of cum in his mouth.

"Fuck. Chris."

Warren's back hunched forward due to the intensity of his orgasm. He had to squeeze his eyes shut, and his hips shuddered.

"Oh my god," Warren groaned quietly. "Stop. Please."

Christian swallowed the mouthful of hot, musky cum. He smiled to himself, pleased with himself. He gave his first blowjob and his boyfriend came in a minute. And cum was so much more delicious straight from the source.

The second Christian got off his prick, Warren dropped to his knees. He wasted no time in unzipping Christian's jeans and pulling them down to his ankles.

Stroking Christian's 7-inch cock, Warren asked, "This is okay, right?"

"Y-yeah. Fuck yeah. Go for it."

Warren spat a wad of saliva onto Christian's thick shaft and lathered it.

Teasing, Warren whispered, "You sure?"

"Please fucking suck it."

Warren did. He slid his lips over the leaking head, glided along Christian's thick shaft, all the way until his nose was in the brown-haired bush. He loved how hairy Christian was. It burned a fire in Warren.

"Fucking hell," Christian moaned, loudly.

Warren pulled the cock out of his mouth and promptly shushed the brunette. They shared a giggle before Warren took the whole dick in his throat again.

"Shit, Baby," Christian groaned. "So tight."

Warren bobbed his head slowly, making his throat make sweet love to Christian's cock. That didn't matter, though. Because Christian had been looking forward to this, and because he had never been deep-throated before, he was shooting his creamy load deep down Warren's throat.

"Mmmm," Warren hummed with a smile, still suckling on Christian's head.

Christian slowly rocked his hips and said, "Ooh, that was fucking intense, Babe."

Warren stood, and they embraced and kissed passionately. Warren, happy in the afterglow, pressed his forehead to Christian's cheek.

"Feel like going to dinner?" Christian asked. "I'm craving Vietnamese."

"Shit!" Warren cursed and hurriedly fastened his pants.

Christian looked to the side as well, his stomach knotted. There stood an Asian girl, who was absorbing the scene with rapt attention.

"That was so hot," the girl said huskily, and walked away a second later.

Warren and Christian turned back to each other with surprise taking over their features. A second later, they laughed in whispers.

"That was awkward, right?" Christian asked as he pulled his pants up.

"So awkward," Warren agreed with a laugh. "Even more awkward? She's probably running to a bathroom to flick her bean."

Christian laughed harder before he said, "Gross."

As the couple walked back to their table, Vivian said, "Look at that. No more snakes in their pants and no new books either."

Warren, grinning, wiggled his blonde eyebrows. Christian merely blushed fiercely as he packed his books and laptop.

11 November 2017
New York, New York, United States of America

As an episode of 'Parks & Recreation' ended, Warren asked, "Voulez-vous sortir pour manger?"
(Do you want to go out to eat?"

Christian tightened his embrace around he blonde's chest and replied, "Je meurs de faim."
(I am starving.)

Warren swept his blanket off of them. Christian watched for a moment as Warren, clad in a pair of pink boxer-briefs, threw the empty carton of strawberries into the trash. Christian thought that he had the most beautiful boyfriend in the whole world, even though the blonde was unwashed. He smiled at the sight. Warren's dirty-blonde undercut hair hung to his left, and his thick-rimmed black eyeglasses framed his chiseled face beautifully.

While tossing empty apple and orange juice bottles into his recycle bag, Warren asked, "Allez-vous prendre une douche?"
(Are you going to take a shower?)

"Je n'ai pas envie de prendre une douche," Christian replied. "Si vous allez prendre une douche, ca ne me derange pas d'attendre."
(I don't want to take a shower. If you're going to take a shower, I don't mind waiting.)

"Je ne veux pas prendre une douche non plus. Trop paresseux."
(I don't want to take a shower either. Too lazy.)

"Je vais vous rencontrer en bas en 10 minutes?"
(I'll meet you down in 10 minutes?)

Christian snaked his arm around Warren back and planted a sweet kiss to the blonde's lips.

While Christian was in his room rifling through his shirts, his phone buzzed on his desk. So he walked over and grabbed it.

Warren was waiting for him in the main lobby when Christian walked out of the elevator. They greeted each other with smiles, and Christian held his hand forward for the blonde to grab.

Outside of John Jay Hall, Christian came to a halt, effectively stopping Warren as well. Christian took his cell phone out of his coat pocket and held it up high. Warren stood flush against the brunette, and they both lifted their sunglasses and they smiled brilliantly at the camera. After snapping a selfie, Christian leaned forward, and they kissed sweetly.

"Chris?" a man's voice said.

Christian froze because he knew that voice. He saw Warren look over his shoulder, and his green eyes widened. He knew that Warren knew who the man was based on photos. Christian felt like he was going to be sick. His stomach knotted and twisted so badly that he really felt like gagging.

Fearful, Christian turned around. Standing there about 6 feet away were his family. His whole family. His mom, his dad, his brother, and his twin sisters. All were dressed heavily in winter gear. All were staring expectantly at both himself and at Warren. Warren dislodged himself from Christian.

Mrs. Hawkings opened her arms with a smile and took a step forward. But Christian took a step back as tears began to form.

"Chris," Mrs. Hawkings said softly.

Christian ran. He ran back inside the building crying. In the lobby, he bent over a trash can and emptied the contents of his stomach. He threw up so much that his stomach was completely empty, but continued to dry heave.

Meanwhile, outside of John Jay Hall, Warren met his boyfriend's family. Much to his surprise, the Hawkings were warm and cordial.

"You must be the reason my Chris has sounded so much happier lately," Mrs. Hawkings said as she approached Warren with her gloved hand held out. "I'm Beverly Hawkings."

Warren shook her gloved hand and nervously replied, "Warren Altier. I think I should go check on Chris."

Mr. Hawkings shook Warren's hand next as he told the blonde, "Nah. He needs some space. He'll just become more upset if you rush after him. Just text him that you're going out to lunch with us. I'm Walter, by the way."

"Hi. Warren."

"This is my son Isaiah," Mr. Hawkings introduced.


Both young men spoke at the same time while shaking hands.

Mrs. Hawkings then said, "And these are Chris' sisters Tara and Tessa."

While shaking Warren's hand, Tessa asked, "So, is Chris, like, bi?"

"We will let him tell you that tomorrow, sweetie," Mrs. Hawkings answered. "Warren, I would very much like to get to know you. Would you mind coming to lunch with us?"

"I still feel like I should go check on Chris," Warren responded worriedly.

Isaiah clapped Warren's arm and told him, "Nah, he'll just bitch at you. Let him cool down."

"He's right," Mr. Hawkings agreed. "Chris can be real emotional. Especially about his sexuality."

"If you're sure..." Warren said, still worried.

"It's better that he cools down, sweetie," Mrs. Hawkings said. "Now, shall we call a cab?"

"I- I have an S.U.V.," Warren said unsurely. "If- if you guys want."

While Warren drove, Mrs. Hawkings asked from the front passenger seat, "So how long've you been seeing my son?"

"Umm... about 3 weeks," Warren answered. "You guys need the heat higher?"

Mrs. Hawking placed her hand on Warren's forearm and told him, "You don't have to be nervous, Warren."

Warren nodded, though he was still nervous and awkward.

Mr. Hawkings asked from behind Warren, "What are you studying, Warren?"

"Umm, business," Warren answered. "Like Chris. But I'm majoring in accounting."

Isaiah then said from the seat beside his dad, "You know you have the slightest bit of a French accent. Almost not noticeable."

"Yeah," Warren responded. "Yeah. My- umm, my grandparents are French. My grandparents are from Montpellier, France but moved to Canada in 1954."

"No kidding!" Mrs. Hawkings said brightly. "Which part of Canada?"

"Ontario. 'Bout a 7 hour drive from here. Are you guys- how do you guys feel about Chris being with a guy? Sorry if that's a bit abrupt."

"It's fine," Mr. Hawkings said lightly.

Mrs. Hawkings said, "We've all known about Chris not being heterosexual for some time. Maybe 4 years. Isaiah had some issue and discomfort for a bit, but he's come around. Chris confirmed it to me just over 2 years ago. Did he tell you about the conversion camp?"

"He did," Warren answered tersely.

"Well I tried to talk him out of going," Mrs. Hawkings said softly. "We sat in my office for over 2 hours talking about it. I told him that we'd all accept him, and support him. But he couldn't get it out of his head that he'd be banished to hell. I only agreed to the conversion camp because that night, I- I heard him crying in the bathroom. He was holding in his hand all of my antidepressants and all of his dad's sleeping pills. He had snuck into our bathroom and stole them and was going to off himself in the communal bathroom. I was not going to lose my baby boy."

"He- umm... he didn't tell me that."

"No," Mrs. Hawkings replied softly. "I don't imagine he did."

"Another reason Chris thought you guys were against homosexuality was because of an invite to a gay wedding, Mr. Hawkings?"

"Yeah, I tore that up," Mr. Hawkings responded gruffly. "But it's not because Steve was gay. Steve and I was gator hunting partners way back when. On a late spring morning, Steve was driving my boat and I was manning the rifle. I was busy hooking a gator and Steve made the boat hit a goddamn rock. I proposed he pay half the cost to repair, but he said it was completely my fault because I was hollering and distracted him. The prick."

"So you didn't care that Steve was gay?" Warren asked, surprised.

Mr. Hawkings answered, "He didn't come out til we was already gator hunting. He was always a good guy, and an even better Hunter, and he wasn't coming onto me, so I said 'fuck it'."

"Tell us how you and Chris started dating," Mrs. Hawkings requested sweetly.

Warren smiled at the memory, and replied, "It was October 28th. The night before, our group of friends went to the Zeta Beta Tau Halloween party. Neither of us remember how it happened, but on the 28th, I woke up lying on top of Chris. It was still night, still dark outside, and we were both still drunk. I woke Chris and told him to move over in my tiny twin bed. I remember it all like it happened an hour ago. I thought that Chris would've freaked out being in my bed. He just lazily took his boots off, and cramped himself against the wall.
"When we woke up and it was light outside, Chris said that he'd leave. I told him that I didn't mind him staying. It surprised the fuck out of me when he just laid back down. We cuddled, made out a bit, got to know each other, ate hangover food, and watched a lot of Netflix. He remembers what I was wearing the first time he ever saw me."

"Awwww!" Mrs. Hawkings gushed with her hand over her heart.

Christian laid in bed for hours. He wasn't even sure how much time had passed. He was so numb that he didn't hear or feel his phone vibrating in his back pocket. He didn't taste the death in his mouth, which was just remnants of stomach acid mixed with saliva.

And suddenly his light was flipped on. The sheer brightness of it caused Christian to squeeze his eyes tightly shut. He groaned hoarsely.

"Chris?" Warren's voice said with concern.

Christian tentatively opened his brown eyes. Warren- beautiful Warren- sat down at his side and removed his dark grey infinity scarf.

With his voice hoarse, Christian said, "You're alive."

With a sad smile, Warren replied, "Yeah. Your family likes me. We were at Jacob's Ladder for 4 hours."

"They- they like you?"

"Yeah!" Warren answered with a small laugh and caressed Christian's stomach. "They love me. Want to see a video?"

"Video of what?"

"Drink something first," Warren said, concerned. "I can smell your breath from here."

Warren reached forward and took a bottle of LoveGrace Green Protein smoothie out of Christian's refrigerator.

"Thanks," Christian said, twisting the cap.

"They still love you," Warren said softly, caressing Christian's knee. "You wanna know what your parents said?"

"Hmm," Christian hummed his affirmation, gulping the smoothie.

"Your mom said that I'm the reason you sound happier when you call," Warren replied with a happy smile. "And your dad said that you are lucky to have such a smart, caring man to date your redneck ass. His words, by the way."

Christian tearfully laughed at that.

Warren grabbed Christian's hand and told him, "They already knew."

"About- about me?"

"Your parents began suspecting over 4 years ago," Warren whispered. "Long before the conversion camp."

Emotional, Christian asked, "And they- they don't hate me?"

"No," Warren shook his head softly. "Of course they don't. You didn't tell me that your family started going to a different church before the camp. To a church that has been known to preach about gay acceptance and has performed same-sex marriages."

"Didn't matter to me," Christian responded as he sat against the headboard. "Same God, same Jesus, same heaven, same hell. Now what's this video?"

"We made it just a few minutes ago," Warren answered. "In the parking lot at Jacob's. Want to see it?"

Christian anxiously agreed. Warren dug his phone out of his coat pocket and launched the camera roll.

"Hi, son," Mr. Hawkings said in the video. "We just finished enjoying a meal with your boyfriend. You are one lucky guy to've found Warren. I mean that, Chris. He's fine example of the kind of person I want you to have in your life. I love you, son."

"Chris," Mrs. Hawkings said next. "Warren here is a wonderful young man. A couple weeks ago, I heard it in your voice that you seemed happier, livelier, and even more relaxed. I am happy that you are on the journey to accepting yourself, and that you've found such a kind man in Warren. I love you. I will always love you."

Christian sat the phone down and covered his face with his hands. He convulsed with sobs. He cried. He cried yet even harder when Warren laid down beside him and cuddled with him.

After a minute, Warren asked, "How do you feel?"

"This-" Christian swallowed thickly. "This can't be happening."

"But it is," Warren whispered. "And your family has zero problems with you."

"But what if they really do?" Christian demanded in a sob. "What if they're just saying words they think I wanna hear?"

With a soft smile, Warren replied, "If that were true then why did they invite me to spend a week or 2 with all of you in June?"

"To shoot you where they can easily hide your body...?" Christian joked, his tears stopping. "My parents really want you to visit us in Mississippi?"

"Your dad even made plans to take me gator hunting," Warren answered with a grin. "Just back me up when I tell them I can't eat gator because I'm allergic."

Christian laughed and promised, "I will. But my parents have epipens handy because Tara has allergies. So they'll make you taste gator at least and rush you to the hospital."

Warren sighed dramatically and replied, "Damned hicks and their gator."

Christian sobered. He sat up and leaned his back against the headboard, despondent.

Christian asked more to himself, "What am I gonna do?"

"If you want space, I can do that. But your parents want you to go over to The London hotel tomorrow at 9:00 for your birthday breakfast. They were adamant about that, because it's a tradition apparently."

"Yeah," Christian whispered, drawing circles on Warren's hand with his finger. "On each of our birthdays, my parents make us our favourite breakfasts. Mine is my dad's strawberry waffles and sausages. I'm still scared, though. I'm so fucking scared."

"It's going to be okay," Warren swore. "Even if your parents disowned you, you have me. You can move to Hamilton with me after the winter semester. You know why?"

Christian miserably shook his head, and answered, "No."

Warren grabbed both of Christian's wrists. He pressed Christian's palms together, and made the brunette interlace his own fingers.

Warren explained, "This is your heart. It is strong. It is powerful and loving. Now I'll split it in half. Do you know why?"

Christian stared his hands that were inches apart, and answered, "Because my heart is broken right now?"

"No," Warren said gently, affectionately, and brought Christian's closed fist to his own chest. "Because some you keep for yourself. But some, you give away."

Christian looked down at his right fist over his chest. His eyes shot to his left hand, because Warren was carding their fingers together.

Happy tears began to form as Christian said, "Some you give away."

"Yeah," Warren replied in a whisper. "Now you have some of my heart, and I have some of yours."

Christian tore their hands apart and surged forward. He captured Warren's lips in a heated kiss.

"Mm," Warren protested. "I can hear your stomach grumbling. Let's go out for dinner."

"It's, like, 8:00," Christian rebutted. "Let's just stay in."

Warren began unbuttoning his coat and responded, "It's actually 9:00. But okay, we can stay in. Oh, order a pizza or something and I'll be back in a minute."

Christian ordered a Chinese and 7Up, and Warren came back into his room with a shiny blue gift bag.

"Happy birthday, Beautiful!" Warren said brightly.

"Aawww," Christian gushed before he kissed Warren's cheek. "Warren... this is- this is too much."

In his hand, Christian held a black box that was wrapped in clear plastic. It was a Samsung Galaxy S8+ cell phone.

"There's more," Warren told the brunette.

Shocked, Christian fished his hand in the got bag again. He pulled out a red Otterbox slim case, a galaxy print Popsocket phone grip, and 2 Pop clips for the grip.

"Warren," Christian breathed.

"It wasn't too much," Warren promised with his hands raised. "Shane works at Samsung 837 and got me this insane discount."

"Thanks," Christian said gratefully and kissed Warren again. "I love it."

"Well set it up!" Warren said excitedly.

So Christian did. He unboxed the new cell phone and turned it on. As the device was powering on, Christian took his Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge out of his jacket.

The Chinese food arrived while Christian's new cell phone was copying data from his old one and the young couple was cuddling watching Arrow on Netflix. Christian, unfazed by his mostly nude state, paid the delivery guy.

After the new device had finished syncing, Christian inserted it into the case and checked it out. He tested the music on the speaker, and watched videos from the camera roll.

"This is my favourite," Christian stated with a soft smile.

Christian held the new phone in front of Warren. It was a video of a mostly nude Warren sitting crossed-ankled on his floor folding laundry. 'Revenge' by P!nk was playing, to which Warren had swayed his head to and lip synced expertly. It was Christian favourite video because Warren looked so sexy, handsome, and gorgeous, and so carefree and relaxed.

It was while Christian had been playing Assassin's Creed on his new phone that he noticed Warren was completely quiet and still. He paused his video game and looked to his side. It never failed to mesmerize Christian whenever he saw the blonde sleeping. Christian thought that he looked 100 times more beautiful than usual.

Christian kissed Warren's cheek softly and whispered, "I love you."

Warren remained deeply unconscious. Christian closed Warren's laptop on his nightstand and snuggled up the sleeping blonde.

12 November 2017
New York, New York, United States of America

"What floor?" some mid-30's man asked when the young couple walked into the elevator of the hotel.

"Floor 17 please," Warren answered the man.

Christian held Warren's hand tightly and whispered, "I feel like I'm going to pass out."

Warren turned his body and pressed a kiss to Christian's coat, and told him, "Just breathe, Baby."

After a couple of really deep breaths, Christian asked, "They'll understand if I chicken out, right? I mean I can just skip classes tomorrow and visit my family then, right?"

Warren scoffed in amusement, and replied, "You will be fine. They will be fine. They like me. I spend 4 whole hours with them last night. And it's your birthday. Your dad said he'd be making your waffles when we get there."

Christian smiled appreciatively. He let go of Warren's hand in favour of sliding his arm around Warren's back.

Approaching hotel room 1712, Christian became 1,000 times more anxious. He and Warren stood in front of the door for a few silent, still moments.

Warren whispered, "Do you want me to knock?"

"I- no. No. I- I- just gimme a second?"

Warren didn't respond verbally. He wrapped his arms around Christian's bicep. Christian tentatively raised his arm, and touched his knuckles to the door silently and held his hand there. He finally knocked.

A few short seconds later, Mrs. Hawkings opened the door. Tears immediately began to mist her blue eyes. She smiled,malmost with relief, and opened her arms wide.

"Mama," Christian said softly, also nearly crying, and hugged his mom.

"Aww, my baby boy," Mrs. Hawkings tearfully gushed. "I missed you so much, Chris."

Christian sniffled and replied, "Me- me, too, mama."

"Come in, come in," Mrs. Hawkings said brightly. "Warren, wonderful to see you again."

Mr. Hawkings stopped mixing the waffle batter and said, "Chris, my boy!"

Going into his dad's arms, Christian greeted, "Hi, dad."

"Lookin' good, son," Mr. Hawkings said as he patted Christian's back in the embrace.

"You, too, dad. How's business?"

"S'good, my boy. Sold 11 hides last week. Warren. How are ya, Blondie?"

Warren shook he man's hand and answered, "Doing well, sir."

"Chris!" Isaiah called as he came out the bathroom.

Christian embraced his older brother in a hand shake hug. Tessa and Tara came out of a bedroom and jumped into Christian's arms.

While Mr. and Mrs. Hawkings cooked, Warren, Christian, and his siblings sat at the kitchen table.

Christian asked his siblings, "So- umm... so you guys hung out with my- my boyfriend last night."

Tara animatedly replied, "He promised to take us shopping later!"

Tessa carried on, "He's gonna show us all the best shoe places!"

Christian, amiling happily, looked to Warren at his side and asked, "He did?"

Isaiah then said, "Speaking of shoes... I gave Warren Julianne's number and he'll be giving her tips on how to walk in heels."

Smiling tearily, Christian clasped his hand over Warren's on the table.

Isaiah grabbed Christian's phone off the table and said, "Sweet phone, bro. Nice."

"Yeah," Christian replied with a big smile. "Birthday gift from Warren. See this? It's a Popsocket grip and it is so fucking useful."

From the stove, Mrs. Hawkings chastised, "Language, boy!"

"Sorry, mama! Anyway, Warren also got me 2 clips that stick onto things to hold your phone. Got 1 on my truck's dash and the other on my wall. S'awesome, man."

"Just how rich are you, dude?" Isaiah asked, inspecting the new phone.

Warren giggled and answered, "Not that rich. Not rich at all. I'm living mostly off my parents' college savings but some savings of my own. In high school, I had a part time job at my dad's friend's construction business. I only painted, cleaned sites, and helped lift, but it's great pay. I'll be doing that when I go back home for the summer."

"And your Lexus?" Tessa asked.

Tara said, "Yeah, those aren't cheap."

"It was a gift from my parents for graduating high school. It's secondhand. The previous owner had it for 4 months before it got repo'ed. Travis, the manager of the dealership, is my mom's middle school friend and gave my parents a discount. I loved driving my mom's LX 470, so they bought me the 570."

Warren thought that Christian was absolutely right about Mr. Hawkings' waffles. They were delicious! Sweet, fluffy inside, crispy shell, and the perfect amount of strawberry bits.

Christian loved the atmosphere. His family adored his boyfriend. They meshed together so well. He laughed at their jokes, they laughed at his, conversation flowed easily. He was happy. Christian thought that he would never be happy. He had condemned himself to marrying a woman and hiding behind heterosexuality for his entire life.

Christian grasped Warren's hand and whispered, "Thank you."

Warren simply smiled, and leaned in for a sweet peck on the lips.

"Alright," Mrs. Hawkings said happily while grabbing the platter. "Last waffle. Who wants it?"

The End

Thank you for checking out this series. We have reached the end. As you can see from the dorm room cuddle scene, that's where I got the title of this story from. I knew that I wanted to write about a character going through his own battle with religion, and searched love song titles. I don't know the song 'Some You Give Away' and neither have I heard it. When I saw the song title, I imagined another character using hands as a symbol of a heart.
As with many of my stories, I knew the title of the story long before I knew the journey the characters would be going on.
Thanks for reading. Sending hugs.