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Some You Give Away

Part II

01 September 2017
New York, New York, United States of America

After driving for over 7 hours, Warren parked his car outside of John Jay Hall, his new dormitory. This was going to be his home for the next two semesters. He exited his Lexus, and there were hundreds of people. New students, old students, parents, and a few Columbia Greeters.

Mr. Altier honked his horn as he pulled into the parking lot.

Mr. Altier clapped his son's back and said, "This is it, Warren. We're here."

Smiling giddily, Warren replied, "I know! Oh my god!"

The left ankle boot of Warren's 6-inch-heel wedge had begun to unzip, so he adjusted it. He, his dad, and his stepmother each grabbed a box out of Warren's Lexus and proceeded into the dormitory.

At the front desk, the young redheaded woman's name tag read Aliya, and she greeted, "Hello. Welcome to John Jay Hall. May I please have your housing approval letter and photo I.D.?"

Warren eagerly provided the documentation. As Aliya worked away at the computer, Warren looked back at Mr. and Mrs. Altier and offered them a grin.

"Here you are, Mr. Altier," Aliya said warmly, handing the documents back to Warren with a keychain. "You are staying in a single unit on the 9th floor, room 913. Your resident assistant, or R.A., is named Sergio Morino, but everybody calls him Gio. He'll be living in room 900. This fob will grant you access to the main entrances after 9:00pm as that's the time each night the automatic locks engage. These two keys are for your dorm room deadbolt and knob. Now, should you lose any of these keys, you will have to notify us immediately so that we can deactivate the fob and change your locks. Loss of any or all will result in a $100 charge that will have to be paid immediately before we can hand you any new keys. Any questions?"

Warren replied, "Yeah. What if I lose my keys after 9:00?"

"Well there won't be anybody manning this desk, so you will have to call your R.A. and he will let you into your dorm room. If security sees anybody else but an R.A. letting you into the building, they will ask for your student I.D.'s and they will reference their housing list to verify. Gio has copies of dorm keys, so he can get you back into your room. He will leave a message on this telephone stating you lost your keys and we will take it from there when we come in."

"Okay. Is there a laundry facility in the building?"

Aliya nodded, "Yes there is. Down this hall, first door on the right.. All machines are for free for students, but we lock the door at 9:00pm.
"On the other side of the hall is the computer room. Computers are free to use, but printing costs $0.25 per page. If you don't have your own printer, you can add funds to your student account."

"Got it," Warren said with a nod of his head. "One more question. What address do I change mine to for my important documents and getting mail?"

"Here is this dorm's address," Aliya handed a small slip. "Change 'John Jay Hall' to your name on any of your documents such as bank information, cell phone, bills, and all other mail. We collect any and all mail sent here, and hold it for up to 30 days until you pick it up."

With that, Warren and his parents took the elevator up to the 9th floor with the three boxes. At least a dozen guys on the 9th floor noticed Warren's 6-inch heels, but cared very little, which relieved Warren.

After moving two more boxes into Warren's new dorm room, Mrs. Altier's bottom lip trembled and she tried to quickly wipe a single tear away.

Warren saw, and said, "Mom. You'll make me cry."

Mrs. Altier laughed, but her tears fell, and she responded, "I know, I know. I just- I can't help it!"

Mrs. Altier wrapped her arms around her stepson's arms from the side. Mr. Altier stepped in front of Warren, and embraced both his son and his wife.

"Alright, alright, alright," Mrs. Altier said with laughter to try to dry her tears. "We'll leave you to unpack and whatever. Don't forget to go grocery shopping sometime this evening. After we check-in to the hotel, we'll text you our room number. I love you, sweetie."

Warren hugged his stepmother again and kissed her cheek. His dad, smiling with pride, kissed his cheek.

While Warren was hanging his shirts to hangers and putting them in his small closet, there was a knock to his doorframe.

A young and handsome Hispanic man smiled and said, "Hey. I'm your R.A. Gio. Just making my rounds to welcome new students. You must be Warren Alteer."

Warren shook the man's hand and replied, "It's Alt-yay. French. But it's good to meet you, Gio."

"Likewise. Likewise. Says here on my list that you're from Canada?"

"Yeah. Hamilton. Just outside of Toronto."

"Well, welcome to New York City. Judging by your sexy footwear, I'm gonna assume that you're gay. Just letting you know I, personally and as your R.A., give zero fucks about sexual orientation. We here at John Jay have a 'no bullying, no harassment, no bullshit' policy. If anybody, and I mean anybody, gives you a hard time, do your best to put an end to it. Talk it out, if you can. If it continues, that's when you come to me."

"Right. Got it."

"Good. Says here that you're going to CBS."

"Columbia Business? Yeah."

"What're you studying?"

"I'm doubling in accounting and marketing."

"Nice. Nice. I, myself, am a senior studying sports medicine. I'm from Seattle. Played basketball and baseball in high school. Got a boyfriend?"

"Oh, uhh... no. I- no."

"Okay. No strangers in past 9:00. No exceptions. If you come in drunk off your ass, security and an R.A. will ask your friends to leave and help you to your room. No loud music past 9:00 other than Friday and Saturday nights. Do not, do not invite me to any of your dorm parties. If you bring in any alcohol, do not let me see it. Am I understood?"

"Yep," Warren made the P pop. "Got it."

"Toilets and showers are to your left. End of the hall. Full kitchens are stationed on floors 2, 5, 8, and 11 free for use. You are expected to wash any dishes and utensils that you use to cook or prepare meals. It's pretty common for residents to prep meals for the week and store them in their rooms. As you can see, you have a fridge and a freezer. If you break either, you don't get a new one until the next year and you'll be fined $300. Any questions?"

"Not at the moment."

"I'll give you my cell number."

"Yeah, thanks," Warren said while patting his pants pockets. "Oh. I think I left my phone in my car."

"Take the card anyway. S'nice meeting you, Warren. Hope your first year here at Columbia goes great."

Warren walked out of his dorm room behind Gio. Gio went left to continue meeting the new residents while Warren left for the elevator to get his phone out of his S.U.V.

There were 2 girls in the elevator when it picked up Warren. The black-haired one cried, "Ohmygod! I love your shoes! Those are Michael Antonio's from the autumn collection of 2012 right? Oh my god. I have been searching for those literally all over the world!"

"Yeah," Warren answered warmly as the elevator descended. "I found them on Kijiji last year for just $30."

Confused, the girl asked, "Kijiji?"

"Umm, subsidiary of eBay," Warren clarified.

"I'm Karen," the girl stretched her hand out.


"Well, Warren, we should hang out some time. I'll check out your shoes, you'll check out mine."

Smirking, Warren responded, "Mm. I don't do 'show you mine' with girls."

"Playing with both teams makes for a lot more fuuunnnn!" Karen sang with a grin.

"Well, if you give me your phone, I can give you my number."

As Warren typed his name and number into her contacts, Karen asked, "Feel like going to a party with me tonight? My sister's friend is in Sigma Iota Alpha and invited me."

Warren smiled, "Sure. What time? Maybe we can help each other with outfits."

"I already have my outfit ready. But I can help you with yours."

Warren grabbed his cell phone from the dash mount, and was not surprised to find text message after text message. Juri Kalikov had sent a selfie of himself from Vancouver with the Pacific Ocean and islands in the background. Trisha Leyton had sent a photo of her bare bachelor apartment in Calgary. Elliot McAllister sent a photo of the Berlin Wall.

Warren replied to those text messages as he walked back into the building and into the elevator.

Warren exited the elevator on the 9th floor with his cell phone practically touching his nose. And he collided with a tall, buff body. Warren fell to the floor, and his cell phone flew down.

"Oh shit, man," the other young man cursed apologetically. "Here's your phone, man. I'm so sorry."

Warren accepted his device and replied, "It's fine. I wasn't looking where I was going. This Spigen case is pretty tough. See? Not even a scratch."

"You sure?" the black man asked, concerned, while picking up his textbooks off the floor.

Warren picked up one book as he answered, "Yeah, no damage whatsoever."

"I shouldn't have been running down a busy lobby anyway," the young man said with a laugh.

"It's seriously fine," Warren held out two textbooks. "Don't worry about it."

The black man blatantly checked Warren out, appreciatively. His dark eyes began at the well-fitting hummingbird-print tee that displayed his small pecs and erect nipples. The black man's eyebrow cocked at the bulge of Warren's groin in his black paint-on skinny jeans.

"Damn, you are tall in those shoes," the man commented when his eyes reconnected with Warren's.

With a smirk, Warren replied, "Yeah, well, I'm jealous that you don't need heels to stand 6-2."

"Cool. Cool. Maybe I'll see y'around then, man."

Warren finished hanging his dozens of shirts while listening to music on his laptop. He then transferred his pants from boxes into the dresser drawers, and then assembled a wicker shoe rack in the closet.

A couple of guys had looked into his room while Warren worked away. Warren offered them nods of acknowledgement, and the guys nodded back and left.

One guy, however, a latino, said, "Yo, man. I'm Clyde."

"Warren," he responded while walking to the door and offered his hand.

"A'ight, Warren. Good to meet ya, man. Any idea where I'd go to buy my textbooks?"

Warren shook his head, "No, sorry. I haven't bought my books yet either. Wanna go together?"

As Warren locked his dorm room, Clyde asked, "Eh, you gay, man? Ain't nothin' wrong wit dat, I ain't judgin'. My girl's brother is gay."

"Yeah, I'm gay," Warren answered with a soft laugh. "If you strike out with a girl and you're frustrated..."

Clyde laughed and replied, "A'ight, man. You slut."

Warren laughed with his new friend. Together, they went to Columbia University Bookstore per the directions from Warren's cell phone.

After paying the $813 from his credit card for his 7 textbooks, Warren and Clyde walked back to John Jay Hall. Warren, however, said he had to go grocery shopping.

Warren smiled while walking down the cereals aisle and saved the phone number and name to his phone.

31 August 2017
Columbus, Mississippi, Unites States of America

Mrs. Hawkings, tearful, handed Christian his backpack as the young man had closed the tail of his truck.

"You- you drive safe," Mrs. Hawkings said emotionally. "You hear me?"

"I know, mama," Christian said. "I will."

"Call us if anything happens."

"I will, mama."

"You call us the second you check into the hotel."

"I know, mama."

Mrs. Hawkings couldn't reign her emotions in any longer. She jumped into her son's arms and sniffled.

Mr. Hawkings said, "C'mon, Bev. Let the boy go. He has to get going, hun."

"Okay," Mrs. Hawkings ended her embrace. "Okay. I love you, Chris."

"Love you, too, mama."

Mr. Hawkings then captured Christian into a bone-crushing hug, and kissed his cheek.

After the hug, Christian stepped toward Kalinda Brooke. Though the two had agreed to breakup amicably, Christian offered the girl a sweet kiss on the lips.

Christian drove for over 8 hours listening to music from his cell phone. At 7:24pm, Christian checked into the Green Gator Motel just outside of Colonial Heights, Tennessee.

After calling home and telling his dad that he checked into the motel and would rest, Christian logged into Pornhub and masturbated to straight pornography.

01 September 2017
New York, New York, United States of America

After Christian had received the keys to his single dorm for room 905, he had moved 3 boxes from his truck up to his room.

While he grabbed a 4th box, a blonde guys, also wearing a letterman jacket, said, "Here, man, lemme help."

The guy grabbed the 5th and last box and followed Christian into John Jay Hall.

"Name's Chris," Christian told the blonde while they waited for the elevator.

"Barry," the blonde replied. "Where's NHHS?"

"New Hope High," Christian clarified the initials on his letterman. "Columbus, Mississippi. From where do you hail?"

"Bellflower, Cali," Barry answered proudly. "Home o' the Braves!"

"No way!" Christian said with a smile. "St. John Bosco? 2015 national champions? Dude!"

Grinning, Barry said, "Would've been the 2016 champions, too, but five o' my teammates were injured in a car accident."

"Damn. That sucks."

"Tell me about it. Hey, Dugger in 902 heard about Epsilon Iota Gamma's party tonight. You game?"

"For sure, man," Christian enthusiastically replied.

Barry told Christian that he was going to BestBuy to buy a laptop. So Christian unpacked all his 5 boxes out on the floor of his dorm room. He took the empty boxes downstairs to the recycling bin.

Back up on the 9th floor of John Jay Hall, he saw a guy that he knew was gay based on the fact that the guy was wearing 6-inch high-heeled wedges. The guy's dyed-silver hair was styled in a near pompadour, and his shirt and jeans were very slim-fitting. The guy walked into his own dorm room with a girl who wore her long black hair down. But the guy... the guy was beautiful, and sexy. Christian was jealous of his confidence and bravery to be out.

Christian hung shirts in his closet, threw his shoes haphazardly to the floor of his closet, and organized his neatly folded pants in his dresser.

After hanging photos and posters, Christian heard shouting a tinny gunfire from another room. He went to explore, and found himself at room 910, where three guys were playing Halo on a PlayStation 4.

One guy, brunette, glanced at Christian and told him, "Hey, come in! Join in on the next battle. Controller's there on the dresser."

Christian eagerly grabbed the 4th console controller from beside the PlayStation and took a seat on the floor beside a blonde guy.

"What's your- ugh you sonuva bitch!" the first guy said. "What's your name, dude? I'm Chad."


"I'm Frank," the blonde one said.

"Porter. Aww, fuck you!"

"There's beer in the fridge," Chad told Christian.

Christian and his new friends played video games for about an hour. They got to know each other as best as they could while trying to best each other's first-person-shooter skills.

Christian locked his dorm room and stopped in his tracks. In front of the elevator, waiting, was the sexy high-heel guy. He stood with his weight on one foot, while the other foot jutted out. The man's legs were on full display despite the jeans, jeans so tight they looked like the pants were only painted on. And that ass! That pert, perfect, sinful ass!

And then the elevator doors opened. Luckily Christian was only two doors from the elevator, so he ran and got in behind the silver-haired heel man.

The black-haired girl said to Silver Hair, "My parents want an estimate on how much my textbooks will total to. What do you think?"

Silver Hair answered, "I dunno. 7 textbooks cost me $813.63. That would mean that each textbook cost about... $115...?"

"Hmm. How's your floor?"

"Fine. Everybody seems nice. Nobody seems to care that I'm gay and wear heels so..."

"Meet anyone special?"

"Maybe," Silver Hair answered giddily. "I didn't get his name though. I wasn't watching where I was going, we both crashed. He's black and I've never been with a blank guy!"

And then the elevator doors opened at the 6th floor.

Barry said, "Yo, Chris! I was just about to text you, dude!"

"You ready?" Christian asked his friend.

"We are gonna get so drunk tonight, man! Oh, hello."

The girl smiled sultrily at Barry and said, "Mm! Hello yourself."

Barry and the girl, Karen, flirted heavily in the elevator and during the walk to Greek Row. Christian walked about 6 feet behind them with Silver- Warren. The two barely spoke.

"How are you not freezing your balls off without a jacket, man?" Christian asked.

Warren shrugged and replied, "I'm from Canada. Right now, at home, the temperatures are at 15 to 19 C, which is roughly 60 F. That's summer to me. Here seems fucking hot to me. Why? Where are you from?"

"I'm from Mississippi," Christian answered. "My folks are enjoying 85 of toasty warmth while I'm almost shivering here."

Warren laughed and said, "Aww. Poor baby. Want me to hop on your back to keep you warm?"

"No. If your feet are killing you, good sir, that's your fault."

"Aww come on," Warren cried dramatically. "Where's this southern gentleman charm I've heard about?"

"I reckon it's saved specifically for a member of the opposite sex," Christian answered with a small smile. "But I ain't claiming to be a gentleman."

"Mm," Warren nodded. "Nice meeting you, Chris."

Christian watched the silver-haired, high-heel-wearing man walk across the road to a sorority. He and Barry continued down the road a block where the fraternity party was being held.

To Be Continued...

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