The following story contains some sexual material between consensual adults.
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“Someday We’ll Know”
Chapter 1

            This story is about the college life and times of me, Tristan. I’m your normal 20 yr old college student. I go to a big school in Ann Arbor, Michigan. By normal I mean anything you would expect of a 20 yr old student who is pretty active. Yea I party, but I am serious at school too. I am lucky that school has always come relatively easy to me. I have a lot of friends, but a select few are in my close inner circle of friends. The one thing that people can say isn’t normal is the fact that I am gay… I however don’t look at it as being something abnormal though. Being gay is what I am, not who I am. I am involved in a few clubs here at school, and was the captain of my high schools basket ball team. This is my second year here in Ann Arbor and it has definitely been the hardest yet.

             I come from a relatively well to do background. My parents are both in real estate development. I’m originally from Orange County, California. Yea I know, a boy from the O.C, definitely isn’t as exciting as it sounds. But I go to school here in Ann Arbor because I wanted a change from beach life. Don’t get me wrong, I love California and will probably end up back there sooner or later. But for now, this is a welcome change.

            However I can be easily pegged as a California boy it seems for some reason. I guess it’s the tan? I don’t know but I don’t mind. I find it funny though when people ask me what it’s like living in the O.C? Or is Laguna Beach really that awesome? It’s kind of like yea, but to me it isn’t a big deal. I grew up in these places. Look wise, I like to think I am doing well in the looks department. I have a nice tan going on, 6’1,180 pounds, nice short buzzed cut, hazel eyes, and swimmers/athletes build. Not only that, I like to think I have a good sense of style. However the hardest thing about living in Ann Arbor, giving up the ability to wear board shorts and flip flops at any time of the year.

            I came here with my best friend John. John and I have been best friends since we were sophomores in high school. It’s quite funny because at first we didn’t like each other. We even got suspended for fighting each other in school freshman year. But our parents thought they a real punishment would be for us to spend our suspension together doing work around our houses as a way to pay off our punishments. Since then we’ve been the closest friends. Turns out we didn’t like each other for stupid reasons. I mean we had the same circle of friends since high school, just always avoided each other.

            Friends say one of the reasons we didn’t like each other because we are very much the same person; John being straight though. They say we could pass for brothers. I guess we could. John is a little shorter then me, about 5’10 and longer brown hair. Typical surfer hair cut you could say. Just as tanned as I am, but he’s a little skinnier than I am. He’s around 160 I would say, but well built for what he’s working with, and ice blue eyes. He’s cute and attractive, I’m not gonna lie. I would hit it… but that time is long past. I came out to him in Junior year and his first question to me was, “So you think I’m cute then? Because I want you to know… your never gonna get it!” jokingly and pulled me into this big hug. I knew right then and there he was fine with it.

            I told him, “Yea you’re cute, but I’ve seen better. Oh and I don’t see you as someone I would hook up with. You’ve wasted your chance, we’re too close now.” I have been dared to kiss him, and a couple of drunken times this summer we’ve made out but it was out of fun, nothing more. I know what you’re thinking, but I can promise you, John is straight. We’re that close that something like making out is no big deal. He’s secure in his sexuality.

            John was dealt a blow when his parents had an accident and unfortunately passed away. He was devastated and it was a really hard time for him. This happened junior year of high school so you can imagine what a ride he had. He still had two other siblings both in there mid twenties though. But they lived a few hours away and he didn’t want to move so my parents took him in as their own. My mom had told me though, that Johns mom had asked mine if anything ever happened to them to please take care of John for them. My mom told me she promised his mom and we took him in as one of our own.

            It was a somewhat rough transition at times because going from one set of parents to just two people who he did know, but certainly weren’t his parents. But my parents are very chill and easy going and we all got through it. I was excited because being the only boy; it was nice to finally have a brother. His parents had set up everything for John to be able to live a nice life. They too were very well to do and left him a very nice inheritance. He was being responsible with it too which is hard for then 18 yr old at the time. 

            We did the living on campus thing last year as freshman, but my parents hooked us up with this nice apartment/house near campus for this year. We are only about 5 mins from campus if we’re driving though. 15 if we are planning on walking. But it was a nice place and I couldn’t believe my dad. But he was like it was a good investment, even if I don’t finish schooling out there; it’s another source of income for him, since he said he planned on leasing it. Not only that but he saw it as a way to save a few thousand dollars too by being able to claim instate resident fees now.

            Our place besides being nice and close was a two floor house. A normal style house you would see in a college town. John and me came down early in the beginning of August to start fixing it up. Nice place though, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, decent sized backyard and front yard. We haven’t filled the 3rd room yet though. We’re still deciding what it is we wanna do with it. My dad left it up to me if I wanted to rent the room out or not. Either way, he told me this was my responsibility and to not burn down the place and take care of it since I’d be living there for the rest of the time I’m here.

            I was thinking about asking my friend Britney about moving in. She waited too long last year on deciding who she wanted to live with and got stuck in the dorms again. I felt bad for her though, she said she doesn’t mind, she got a single but still. I’d have to talk to John about it first though. This place is as much mine as it was his. But Britney and John were good friends too, so it should be alright. I mean they weren’t as close as John and me, but we were all friends and I think a girl living with two guys would do us some good. A way to keep us party boys grounded.

            A few other people who play parts in my life are Vanessa, Brent, Derek, Mike, and Lauren. The three of them live just down the street from John and me. Mike and Lauren are our friends. I met them through John. Incidentally enough though, Mike is Derek’s best friend and roommate. Lauren is dating Mike and all there of them share an apartment together. The three of them are about a year ahead of us her at Ann Arbor. Vanessa was Britney’s best friend here. At first when I met Vanessa we didn’t get along to well, frankly, I thought she was a bitch but we ended up becoming pretty close.

            Brent was the first guy I met here at Ann Arbor. We really hit it off pretty good, didn’t realize he was gay till he came out and asked me on a date one night. We dated for sometime in the second semester. He was my first actual boy friend. But as the semester grew to a close I ended things. He’s a great guy and I don’t know why I did that. Brent was pretty outta shape about it. I guess I was scared I might get hurt and ended it before that could happen. In the end I ended up hurting someone who was really good for me. Right now Brent and I are working on being friends again. I know something won’t happen over night, but to be at least good friends would mean a lot to me. I missed Brent a lot this summer.

            Then there’s Derek… what is there to say about Derek… I don’t know how to put it other then calling it a mess right now. When I broke up with Brent, Derek and I already hung out quite a bit, and this just increased. I thought he was cute, but I never said anything because I was happy with Brent. But when Brent and I had broke up, and I was leaving to Cali the next day I told him I thought he was cute. He gave me a hug and we kissed. Never thought anything about it because we’ll I was leaving the next day and a long distance relationship wasn’t exactly something I had planned on. We talked on and off through out the summer though. When I told him I thought I might start have feelings for him he acted kinda skiddish about it. He said he didn’t want to deal with anything until I got back to Ann Arbor because distance isn’t something he wanted to deal with. Well I was fine with that, because I mean, it’s summer and I didn’t wanna be held down to my cell phone all summer.

            One night I got a call for him, and he was obviously drunk. He was just telling me how much he missed me and how he couldn’t wait for me to come back. I told him I missed him to, and that maybe we should talk about this when I got back there in a few weeks. Well he pretty much blew up about it. He thought I was trying to rush things, which I wasn’t. I chalked it up to him being drunk. Well about a week before I came back to start fixing up the place, I had called to talk to him and he was telling me how he was back with his ex. I was a little put off, and called him out on it.

            “Well how to do you expect me to react? I thought we had something, but I guess I was wrong?” It must have really pissed him off because he kinda flipped out on me. Saying he doesn’t do long distance relationships and that maybe we’re better off as friends. I was hurt by it, but I told him that if that’s what he wants that’s fine but let me know before I put any energy into it. We’ll he couldn’t make the decision so I did and told him, as much as I enjoy you as my friend, a relationship wouldn’t work with us right now, you need to figure out some things for yourself. We haven’t talked since that night part of it because I was a little hurt, another part of it because I was starting to feel like I had feelings for Brent still.

            Either way the semester is getting ready to get started and I am excited to see where it brings me. I’m excited about living in our new place which is finally looking amazing. I am excited for school… god in high school I would never be caught dead saying that… Freshman year was amazing so hopefully this year will be just as fun…


            So there it is the prologue of this new story. I know it is January right now but I felt it better we start this story at this moment. I wanted to do a prologue to introduce some of the characters in this story. I wanted to do this so I don’t have to take the time out of the story to write background. It may seem like there are a lot of people in this story, by mine of somewhat biographical and I have a lot of friends that I spend time with, not just one small click. I have a vast amount of friends, but only these are the ones that I feel are important to introduce and talk about because these are the main players in my life. I just felt like this would be a good way to start. Comments and thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoyed this prologue; the second chapter should be submitted soon.

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