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Someday We’ll Know
Chapter 2: Skeptics and True Believers

            “Today John! I though you wanted to go and get some food.” I yelled up the stair case to John. Geeze it’s like we are replaying the first day of class last year. I was ready to go and grab some breakfast before our first class. John wasn’t ready and we ended up being late to our first class. I had woke up pretty early and gotten ready. I sat down and ate an apple while listening to my ipod and checking my myspace and facebook pages. I was wearing a polo I that was given to me by Derek. I had stayed over his house one night after a party and gotten pretty wasted. Well that morning, I made a mess over my shirt so to say… so he gave me a shirt to wear. I had for got to give it back to him, but I think it looked better on me then it did him so I’m keeping it. I threw on a pair of shorts and flip flops. I wasn’t ready to give up the beach attire just yet. I decided just to go to class feeling chill, it was the first day of class, I’m not going to try and impress anyone just yet.

       “I’m coming down right now I just can’t find my shoes I wanted to wear.” If he only realized how gay he sounded at that moment. “Alright I’m ready, how do I look?” John was acting a little too much like a princess for my liking today.
    “You know you look good, now lets move! Where’d you wanna catch breakfast at?”
    “Lets just run to the “Muse” and pick up some coffee and a muffin. It’s on the way to class.” I pushed my remote start on my car and John gave me a funny look.

     “You’d think coming from California you would be a little more eco friendly Trist. Lets just walk, it’s not far, and parking right now will probably suck.” He was right; it was a nice day today. I ran to my car turned it off, and off we went.

            As we walked I just took in the day. It really was nice out today. Cars were rushing down the street, more than likely someone who was late for class or something. We turned on the main street and it was bustling with people walking all around.

            “So John did you give any thought as to what we should do with that third room?” I still hadn’t decided either, but I figured we might as well get some sort of idea.

            “No, I mean I don’t care really. I like it being just us two right now though.” Aw, that boy’s a heart breaker I tell you.

            “Alright well that sounds like an alright plan then, I mean we don’t have to do anything with it right now. You want it to be just you and me for now, then that’s fine.” I didn’t mind though, I mean poor Brit was gonna get stuck in the dorms. Oh well, I love living with John anyways so it’s alright. We’re both pretty clean, and are each others better halves so it shouldn’t be a problem.
    We were doing good on time, and we both had different classes but they were in the same building so it was alright. The coffee house we usally would hit up was a local one, “the muse.” Served a good cup of coffee there and it’s actually where me and Brent had our second date. They had your usual coffee house activities like open mic night or other things like that. I was thinking about getting a job there this year so I could have some spare change. We got our coffees and continued our walk to class.
    “You ready for school Trist?” John trying to act all big brotherly now. He was older then me, but only by 2 months.
    "Yea, I only have my 2 classes today so it should be a good day. Only thing that sucks is they’re spread so far apart. I don’t mind the 10 o’clock class but then having to waite another two hours after that one lets out kinda sucks. I think I’ll go out to lunch with Britney or something. I don’t know we’ll see.” I opened the door for John and walked in after him.
        “Thanks for asking me to lunch…” John was trying to act hurt but he has another class after this one so I wouldn’t see him till later. “Alright bro, I’ll talk to you sometime today. If you see Britney tell her I say, “Hi and to call sometime.”

            John headed up the stairs and I kept walking down the concourse. I was excited to be back in school. Yea it feels a little dorky saying that but who cares? I got to what looked my class. It was a sociology class. I had gotten lucky to evade it last year and decided to get it over with. I hated psychology so hopefully this one goes better. Pulling out my schedule outta my pocket I looked and saw yep this was it.

            ‘Great’ I thought. Another big lecture class… I hate those types of classes. It’s too hard to pay attention because it’s so easy to screw around. Luckily it didn’t look too big; just about 75 students could fit in there. I walked in and gave the class a quick look over to see where I was gonna sit. Looking over I saw a few familure faces in the crowd.

            “Tristan!” I looked over to the other side of the class and saw Britney over there.

            I waved and started walking over to her. I couldn’t see who she was sitting next to but they were both talking. Whoever she was sitting next to had their head facing the other way with their hand faced so I couldn’t see them from a distance. I got closer and saw who it was. It was Brent sitting next to her.

            “You didn’t tell me you were taking this class too Tristan! Well come sit down with us. Oh this is gonna be so much fun, us three together!” She was one enthusiastic girl.

            “I did too, Brit. It’s not my fault if you weren’t listening.” I looked over to Brent. He looked so cute; I hadn’t seen him really since I left in May. “Hi Brent.” I said with a smile and put my bag down into the chair next to me.

            “Hey” he said with a smile and then went back to his text message. Man this was going to be a bit awkward, I hope he didn’t mind me sitting here. We all discussed our summers. It was kinda funny talking about it though because we kept intouch with each other over the summer anyways. But I guess it was an easy way to shoot the shit and waste sometime. Britney was telling us about something from the summer where she got so wasted. I was starting to day dream and looked over at Brent. Our eyes met and we gave each other the same look as to say “okay Britney, shut up” She kept talking and I was looking around at the class. Our professor had started taking attendance and then the door opened up.
     “Sorry if I am late.” I looked over and probably could have died. It was Derek. Great I thought, as if this wasn’t awkward enough.
    “Oh shit…” Britney nudged me and I shot her a look. I’m sure Brent had heard about us but I didn’t want that to be talked about.
    “Your name? The professor said to Derek.
    “Huh? Oh It’s Derek…” He started walking up the stairs to a row towards the center of class. I don’t know if he had seen me or not.
    “Derek… and is it just Derek or does Derek have a last name?” He sat down to some guy. He must have known them because they started talking.
    “Yea Derek…” He cracks me up, even when he’s being grilled he can act like it doesn’t bother him. But then I thought man, if I am a year behind him and avoided Soc, how long has he avoided it?
        “Yes, Derek is the proper way to say that.” She said sharply.
     “Sorry, Yes, Derek has a last name, it’s Ative.” He said with a smile. Man this chic was grilling him. Derek family was France so that’s where his last name came from.
     “Alright Mr.Ative…” There was along pause and everyone was looking back and forth between Derek and the teacher. “Thank you for being the first to introduce yourself.” People started to smile. “Sorry I had to do that, but I had to show people who it is that runs this class. Don’t worry about being late, just next time come in from the back please? Now Derek do me a favor and  look around the class and pick someone else to introduce themselves.” God, please do see me, please don’t see me… skip that… don’t pick me… “Sure, how about…” he looked around and Britney made eye contact with him.
    “Dammit” she said quietly. She thought he was going to pick her.
    “How about him, you in the polo over there, go ahead and introduce yourself.” I looked around and he was staring right at me. He must have saw me when Britney was staring right at him.
    “Sorry Trist” She whispered to me. I didn’t mind, I was gonna have to talk about myself in front of the class sooner or later. And I’m sure Derek would have noticed me when I left so I didn’t mind.
    “Thanks, Derek is it?” I introduced myself and called on someone else. What an ass I thought oh well, I acted totally highschoolish by acting like I didn’t know him. Class was your usual first day of class crap. Got our syllabus, the over achievers asking way too many questions. The three of us chatted quietly. I looked over at Derek and he waved at me, I forced a smiled and waved back. So as if it wasn’t bad enough, I had my ex boyfriend in this class, and sitting right next to him, I have my other… well whatever the hell we were in here too.
     “So not only do I have Brent in my first class, but I have Derek in it too.” I sent that text to John as I was walking out with Britney and Brent.
     “You guys have any other classes today?" I asked them, hoping one of them would have some time to hang out between classes.
    “Yea, my next one is in 20 minutes so I’m gonna get going. It’s a little bit away. I’ll talk to you guys later. Nice seeing you Trist.” Brent gave Brit a half hug and walked off. Brit and me walked out the building and just started walking around campus killing time. We talked about what classes we were taking and assorted things. We sat down by this fountain that’s kinda in the center of campus and I had a smoke.
    “So I hope you’re not made at me for calling you over with Brent being right there.” I took a drag of my cig and laughed.
    “Don’t worry about it. I would be more worried about him being pissed at you then me.” A nice breeze swept by us, we got misted with some water from the fountain.
     “Yea, I mean you were the one who stomped on his heart. And then proceded to kick it when you paraded around with Derek.” Geeze! I thought.
     “Hey now…”
     “I’m only playing around with you. Yea it sucked, and Brent is a good friend of mine. But you’re a good friend too and I’m not gonna let that get in the way of me and you being friends. Besides Brent told me you guys were atleast talking and trying to be friends.” I looked forward and took another drag of my cig. I sighed and looked at her.
    “Yea, I’m happy about it too. I messed up a good thing with him. I don’t know if I want to get back with him, I just wanna see what happeneds.” That was the truth, I didn’t kow if I wanted to get back with him or not. Truth being told, Derek was still on my mind at times as much as I hate to say it.
    “Well, I’m all ears if you need to talk. I’m sure John would be more then willing to lend a helping ear too.”  She’s right. He would be a good listener. But I mean he has already done it, but hey now that I think about it, I have listened to him and his chic problems all the time. That’s why we’re so good probably.
    We continued talking for about another 20 minutes before we decided to go and grab something to eat at one of the quick eateries around town. I had to be at my class in an hour and half so Britney drove since she only had the one class today. On our way there, John called me and told me he got out early and to ask Brit if she wouldn’t mind picking him up too since he was hungry. We picked up John and headed over to this Mexican restaurant on the main street down town. It was some of the best Mexican food I had being so far away from home. We finished eating and it was time for my class. They dropped me off and John headed back to our place with Brit.
     My second class went by pretty quick. The professor seemed really cool, he was kinda cute to though… and not much older then all of us. He told us that he was a total dork his first two years at college and loaded up on courses, but got more laid back as he came closer to getting his degree. Hey though, I’m not one to judge, you wanna spend your time studying, more power to ya. It was only around 4:30 when I had gotten outta class. I sat down on a bench for a smoke and pulled out my cell so I could send out a text.
      “Hey Tristan, you just get outta class?” I looked up to see Brent infront of me.
     “Oh! Hey… yea I just got out a few minutes ago. Trying to figure what I wanna do before I head back to my place. Where did you end up getting a place at for the year? I put my phone away and tried to hide my cigarette, Brent’s never liked the fact that I smoke, so I kept it to my side.
    “Don’t be afraid to smoke infront of me. I’ve accepted the fact that you’re a smoker. Just don’t ever burn me again.” He was talking about onetime we were at a frat party and I had a lot to drink and it was pretty crowded too. I let a cigeratte, and then wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see Brent reaching for my hand and he grabbed the cig full on. “I’m just teasing ya. But I’m living with Jeff, in an apartment a few blocks away. Jeff is still moving his crap in and he moved in first! I just got here a few days ago. I was back at home; I stayed till the very last minute.”
    I put out my cig and got up and we started walking. “So where were you heading?”
    “I was running to my car to head over to the gym and work out for a few hours actually.” Brent did like to work out. He had a nice body too, so it paid off. He was built like a runner, I remember him telling me he was on his schools track team. Me I hate track with a passion, I love to work out, but I hate the cardio part of working out. Me, I work out, but not a lot, I got a good metabolism which definitely helps me out, especially the way I eat sometimes.
    We kept walking towards his car just randomly talking about stuff. It was nice to do this, I am happy that we’re friends. I mean this was the guy who I had screwed over and for him to be so forgiving really was nice. But he still seemed distant with me too. I couldn’t blame him, I wouldn’t wanna be my friend either with all things considered.
    “So um… do you need a ride because I noticed that you walked me to my car and you clearly live in the other direction…” I really must have. I got so caught up in talking with Brent that I hadn’t payed attention that we walked to his car.
    “Oh man… I’m sorry, I just completely stopped paying attention to where I was going.” I actually felt kinda embarrassed. He was at his door with me standing in front of him. We sat there looking at each other. I was looking into down into his eyes. It hurt me that I hurt him. I looked around and there was no one around us. We just sat there for a minute. I grabbed his hand and began to say something…
     “Don’t Tristan…” He pulled his hand away from mine. I was partially expecting it I guess. “You don’t get to just act like nothing happened. I was fooling myself acting like I could act like nothing happened between us. You hurt me and if you expect to just be able to get back with you…” I cut him off.
    “I never said I was trying to get back with you!” I know I didn’t say it, but I can’t say totally that I didn’t want to. But I mean this was just the first time we seen each since May. Not the first time we talked, but seen each other.
    “Good, because Tristan all I can do is be your friend. And even that is hard. I mean what do you expect? You out of nowhere just break up with me one day! Almost three months in and you tell me that you can’t do this anymore? I thought we were doing good, I mean we fought once in a great while, we gave each other space we needed, we were good together!” Brent turned on opened his door and turned on his car. “You know Britney told me how you sat and cried on the phone with her during the summer because of Derek, how do you think that made me feel? You couldn’t even shed a tear when you broke up with me, and you call Derek the asshole?! I suggest you take a look at yourself Tristan!” Brent was really pissed at me. I haven’t seen him this mad, ever. “Now I have to leave weather you let go of my door or not. But if you want to be my friend or even think about something else I suggest you take a good look at yourself and tell me what the hell was it that I did that made you dump me for no reason and be so cold to me. If not then you know what, would you forgive me if I said I didn’t need you?”
    I took my hand off his door and let him close it. I sat there and watched him drive off. Man… he was right, I was an asshole. When I broke up with him I didn’t tell him the real reason, but I was falling in love with him and I was afraid of that. Yeah I may think that Derek is an asshole, but I’m no better then him. I hurt someone I cared about just as bad. I opened up my phone and started dialing Johns phone number right before I was about to press send, I just threw it. I really fucked up. I went down to where I threw my phone and luckily it was still in one piece. It hit the grass and just slid on the pavement. I needed to walk and think everything.
    I walked around campus for awhile and then decided to head home. I saw John lying on the couch with his book across his chest; must have fallen asleep reading his book for class. I gave him a nudge and told him we needed to talk. I put on my ipod and was put it on “The Acedemy Is” I told him everything that happened between Brent and I.
    “Well Trist, the one thing you need to ask yourself is what is it that you want from Brent? Do you want him back or do you just want to just be friends? You need to decide before you do anything else. Don’t hurt him he’s a good guy.” I sighed.
     “I don’t know John!” I yelled at him and put my hands in my face.
     “Well I’m not gonna give you the answer!” He yelled back at me. “Don’t you yell at me!” He said half serious half laughing. “But seriously Tristan. Derek is my friend but your not just my friend, you’re my brother and I want to see you happy. It killed me watching you cry and act depressed this summer over Derek. I think the best thing right now would for you to just be single. Fix things with Brent, he’s a good guy and friend. Don’t worry about anything else but that.” My phone rang and I went to grab it. I looked down and just signed and hit reject. “Who was it?”
    “Derek. I didn’t want to talk and I don’t want to deal with all this. I hate drama and it seems like my life is knee deep in it right now. But I understand what you’re saying John. We sat there in silence. “I might as well call him back to see what he wanted.”
    I called Derek and was waiting for him to pick up. “Hey Tristan. So how was class today? I’m sorry for picking you earlier today; I was just messing around with you. But I just wanted to say Hi, we haven’t talked in awhile and I’m sure it’s mostly my fault. I wanted to say I was sorry about everything that happened this summer. We can talk about it later though. I just wanted to talk and see how everything was. If you don’t want to talk that’s fine though.” I looked at John and he smiled and walked away.
    “I’m going to start cooking dinner. I told Brit to come over too. Was there anything specific that you want?” John asked me and I shook my head. I sat down and listened to Derek talking. I had forgiven him for the most part now that we were talking. He seemed sincere when he was apologizing to me. Maybe there was a chance Brent could forgive me and we could be friends. Ugh… I don’t know though, todays been such a long day.
    “Hey Derek, would you want to come over and have dinner with Brit, John and me?” I couldn’t believe I asked him that. But you know what, we were good friends and I need to start forgiving him if I ever expected Brent to forgive me.
    “Sure man that sounds alright. I’ll bring over some booze to drink with dinner. I’ll be over in 15 Tristan. I’ll see you in a bit.” We hung up and I smiled.
    “Derek’s coming over for dinner too.” I told John and went over to where we kept the liquor. I poured a shot for the two of us.
    “Geeze, what’s the occasion?”
    “I’m just hoping this doesn’t come back to backfire.”
    “Tristan, don’t be mad at me. But I bumped into Derek earlier and we talked. He wants to be your friend. He does feel bad for everything and just wants to be friends with you again. He’s making the effort so maybe you should just go with the flow.” I wasn’t mad he said anything though. We cheered and took our shot. Tonight should be interesting. The door bell rang and Britney and Derek were both next to each other looking awkwardly at each other. This should be a great night… I laughed.

            And so goes chapter 2 for Tristan and his friends. So much happened in just the first day of the semester the rest of the semester should be interesting. I got some ideas going on about where I want to take this. Tristan needs to settle all this drama between Brent, and Derek.  Thanks for everyone for your comments. There should be a lot of interesting things that happen soon.

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