The following story may contain some sexual material between consensual adults.
If you are offended by this, or homosexuality then you shouldn’t be reading.
Any connection between anything is completely incidental. This story is somewhat true, atleast taken from events in my life.
Also, if you know this is something you shouldn't be reading because of local laws, please stop reading now.

Someday We’ll Know
Chapter 3

            A week had past since Derek had come over for dinner. It was an interesting one to say the least. Britney isn’t that big of fan of Derek because of what happened this summer with us. But it all ended out to be a fun night. Food was delicious; John had once again out done himself. Although I was a little pissed at first that John had planned it in the first place; I loved to hang out with Derek. We had so much fun last year before all of this crap went down. It would be awhile before I trust him, but I am already on the edge of losing on friend, I don’t want to lose another.

            Later on that night we went up stairs and watched a movie in my room. I was laying down my futon and Derek came and put my head on his lap. I hesitated at first and looked him strangely, but shrugged it of and just enjoyed the cuddling. It had been so long since I had cuddled with someone. I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up, I had a cover on and a pillow where Derek’s lap was. Always the gentlemen I thought. Yea we have our differences but Derek was just as good for me as Brent. I didn’t like being in this weird triangle but there really wasn’t one. Brent and I had broken up and were just trying to be friends. Derek and I… well we’re good. Definitely not dating, nor am I even considering it. But to have someone around was nice. It was a welcome change, and something that I was sure that was just out of being nice and him not wanting to sit on the floor. Oh well, I am done looking into it, it was nothing more then friendly companionship.

            Johns friend Mike was in a frat and had asked us to come to his party so we all decided to go. Vanessa got stuck being DD today but I let her drive my car since it was big enough for all of us. She and Britney came over early to do some pre-gaming. We left around 11:45ish to get to the party.

            “Is this it?” Vanessa asked us creeping down the street with all the frat houses on it.

            “No it’s a bit farther down. It is that house over there on the right; why didn’t we just follow Derek? Oh wait, no I remember, Tristan decided he needed to look extra good for all the straight frat boys!” John playfully punched me on my shoulder.

            “No… no… no, they are only straight until they are drunk, and then its fair game.” I was just joking though; I totally never hooked up with another straight guy before. I look at it this way, why hook up with someone who I probably will get no action in return?

            We got to the party and got in. It was kinda funny because there were a few people there who weren’t on the list and couldn’t get in and we asking us if we could take them in. It’s never happened to me, I find it totally stupid though when frats have a “list” but I guess I don’t have to worry about that since I was lucky enough to have friends in frats.

            They were having the party up stairs in multiple rooms and hallways. I went straight to the bar to have a drink. Turned out they were doing shots of Patron, I wasn’t a big fan of tequila but I was down.

            “Here’s to a great night!” All of us cheered and took the shot. Man it felt good going down. My mission for tonight was to get pretty plastered.

            “Dude watch yourself...” John tried to warn me. Always looking out for me, I told them I was gonna go look for Mike.

            “Come on lets go dance John!” Britney grabbed John and walked off towards the DJ. John acted like he was going to try and fight it but walked away with Britney.

            “You bitches better wait for me! Sorry Tristan but if I’m not gonna drink, I atleast want to have some fun and not look around for Mike.” I told her not to worry and I would be right over.

            I asked this random guy who looked like I had seen this person before. I think I had class with him but I wasn’t sure. He had the frats letter shirt on so I asked if he knew where Mike was and he was like, “Yeah bro there’s Mike…” and pointed in another direction, “there’s another Mike!” I laughed and he put his arm around me. “Who care’s where Mike is dude, lets go get another shot!” Oh man… at this rate I would be drunk. We walked off over towards the staircase. “Dude, do I know you? You look like someone I’ve seen around campus before.”

            “Yea I thought I had seen you before. I’m Tristan; I think we have that film class together?” I had decided to take that class as an elective, but anyways.

            “Yea! That’s were I know you from. I’m Colton, friends call me Colt though.” That’s where I knew him from! He was that cute guy who sits two rows over from me in the film class! Colt asked me which Mike it was that I knew. “Oh man, that Mike! That’s my boy, we were pledges together!” We exchanged some talk as we smoked a cigarette on the balcony with some other people outside.

            After smoking we sat out and talked to a few other people for a little while longer. Colt asked me if I was interested in pledging for the Frat and I told him Frat life just didn’t seem for me. “That’s what I thought too at first. But I love these guys. You should really check it out.” I lied and said I would give it some thought. “How about that shot now dude?”

            “Sure dude, what do you got?” I asked him. Now that I looked at this guy he was really cute. He was maybe about 5’10ish and well built. He was wearing cargo shorts, flip flops, and this yellow shirt. He was really tanned and had pretty muscular arms.

            “Lets go back to my room, I got some good stuff they don’t have here.” Hell I was game and followed him back to his room.  We walked upstairs and into his room a little down the hall. There were a quite a few people on this floor too. “Lets see… where did I put it…” Colt rummaged around his room a little and then pulled out three bottles of some hard liquor. “Whats your pleasure; I’ve got 151, Hypnotiq, or Everclear?” Damn this guy had a lot of hard stuff.

            “What about all three, not one after another but yea, lets do shots of all of them.”  I really need to learn some self control because I’ll drink myself until I’m passed out.

            “Dude you don’t play, but alright we can do that.” He poured the shots and I threw on some music. We did shot after shot and continued some small talk. He was pretty cute but a total frat guy. After that a few of them shots I was really feeling it. Colt was talking to me and we exchanged number. He told me he worked at this bar and was excited to finally have a friend who could throw down with him when he would drink. I laughed, he probably wasted by now and was speaking outta his ass. I was really feeling it after all them shots and didn’t wanna see another drink after all of the shots we did.

            “Tristan, I know we just talked, but dude I love you! You should really consider pledging here.” We walked outta his room his arm around me both of us laughing about how drunk we were falling into the wall. We went to walk down the stairs and Mike was coming up them.

            “Tristan!” He came and gave me a big hug, this was like only the second time I had seen him since I had been back in town. “I see you met Colt.” I nodded my head yea and said something stupid to cause all of us to start laughing like crazy. Colt said he had to go look for someone else but to catch up with him later so we could drink some more.

            Mike and I talked and went back out on the balcony for a cigeratte. We stopped at the bar and he gave me a cup of some jungle juice. We talked about some random stuff. I was standing next to the railing when I felt someone come up from behind me and grabbed my ass. I turned around to see Derek looking pretty lit himself.

            “Derek! Ahhh!! When did you get here?” Man I was definetly feeling pretty good right now.

            “Mike! Whose letting him drink so much?” Derek playfully hit Mike. “Tristan how much have you had to drink already tonight?” I looked at him clueless and he just laughed at me. I threw my arm around Derek and we walked inside to look for John.

            “Man who cares? What is important is that I am here, you are here and we are going to have fun!” I threw my cup up and it fell on the floor. “Opps.. don’t tell anyone I did that” Walked by the DJ where John was dancing on the floor with the girls still. “Britney! Girl get over here! Look, look who’s here! It’s Derek… but shhh don’t tell him but he’s looking pretty hot tonight.” Britney laughed at me and pulled me to dance.

            “Boy I loves it when you get drunk! Drunk Tristan is so much fun!” We danced for a few songs just having a great time. I was so happy to be back here in Ann Arbor. We walked to go get another drink although I really don’t need another one. “So… don’t you think Derek looks cute tonight?” This one frat guy gave us a look. “Opps I forgot I where I was.” The guy laughed and came up to me. Great I thought, what’s this guy gonna say. He came up to us was laughing.

            “Nah man don’t worry about it, you would be surprised just how many…” He smiled and walked off into the other room. We joined the rest of our group in the other room. I was double fisting two beers. John gave me a look that basically said you’re gonna be so sorry tomorrow. I probably was, but tonight was all about having a good time. We all partied and drank some more. Around 2 John told me he was gonna leave with the girls and asked me if I wanted to stay. I told him yea and I would get a ride home with Derek who was still at the party. I said bye to them and they left, I told John I would be careful and call him in the morning.

            I found Derek talking with Mike and stumbled over there. This was definitely a good night. Around 3 Derek told me he was ready to go. The frat had pledges being DD’s so we got a ride with one. I decided I was going to go and stay at Derek’s house tonight. He looked a little stunned when I said I was going to stay there but didn’t say anything to me. We got to his place, I fell trying to walk up the stairs. We sat on the landing laughing for a few minutes before I got back up and we walked into his apartment. I went straight to his room and started taking off my clothes.

            “What are you doing Trist?” Derek looked at me as I was checking myself out in the mirror. I was starting to lose my tan it looked like. I was standing there in my boxers. I turned around and smiled at Derek and walked close to him. “I hope you’re not thinking about…” I shushed him and layed him back on the bed. “Tristan no…” I pulled his pants down and threw them next to the bed. I didn’t realize what it was I was doing because messing around with Derek wasn’t something I wanted to do… at least I didn’t think I wanted to. I was on top of Derek looking down at him. He was built nicely not overly defined but you could tell there was muscle there. He had a light dusting of chest hair, not too much where it was disgusting, just a nice trimmed amount. He used to shave it but I guess he stopped for now.  He had nice muscular legs with a little amount of hair on them. I mean looking at Derek you couldn’t tell he was gay. He looked like a football player just not as muscular or stocky.  “Tristan…it’s not that I don’t want to but not like this when your drunk.” He rolled me off of him. I didn’t get mad because he was right. I cuddled up to him and he held me tightly. Our legs intertwined and my head facing his. I looked into his eyes and gave him a slight kiss. I quickly fell asleep listening to his heart beat. I don’t know what I was doing but for the night it was nice to have someone to cuddle up to.


            I felt the sunlight coming in through the windows, the brightness was hurting my already pounding head. Man, I can’t believe I drank so much. I still feel drunk. I adjusted my eyes and took a second to realize where I was. This wasn’t my room but I have seen this place before. It took me a second but I realized I was laying down in Derek’s bed. “Oh come on Tristan…” I said to myself out loud. I realized I didn’t have anything on and was laying in the bed by myself. Fuck… I hope I didn’t hook up with Derek last night. That would be so stupid… I really hope I didn’t. I got outta bed and looked around his room and saw a pair of jersey shorts and threw them on. It was only 11 o’clock and I definitely still felt drunk. I walked into the front room to see Derek spread out on the couch sleeping with a sheet over him.

            I went back into his room and called up John. I told him I was at Derek’s and would be home in a little bit. I threw on a hoodie that I had left there since before I left in May and grabbed my shoes and took off. I was gonna wake up and thanks Derek but he looked so peaceful sleeping there I didn’t want to wake up him up. On my way back to my place I was trying to replay what happened last night? I had come to the conclusion that I was just really wasted and Derek wanted to watch over me. I got to my place and opened the door. On the couch was a bra. Well I guess someone got some last night I thought. I smelled some food coming from the kitchen. John was there shirtless sitting at the table with some toast and cereal.

            “So who did you hook up with last night mister? Is she still here?” I grabbed a bowl and sat down at the table. I put my leg up on the chair it landed on Johns leg. He looked up me and raised his eye brows. “Oh shut up you know you love it.” I loved to tease him every now and then about wanting to mess around. “But come on, tell me who you did? Who did you even leave with last night, I don’t remember you even leaving.”

            John smiled at me, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Yeah when we left you were pretty much plastered. Your lucky Derek was there to watch you after we left. So now the question is Tristan, who did you hook up Tristan?”

            “I didn’t hook up with anyone Johnny. I was a good boy last night… well at least I think I was.” I was at least telling myself that. We exchanged the bullshit for a few minutes until I finished my cereal. “Cereal was not a good I deal… I think I am going to puke…” I ran to the bathroom and it all came up. I came out to see John laughing at me about it. “Shut up John. I’m going to find out who you did last night, but not right now. Now I am going to go to bed. I’ll see you later stud!” John was laughing at me. I laid down in my best and passed back out.

            A few days had past and I still hadn’t figured out who it was John had hooked up that night. I hadn’t talked to anyone really unless I saw them in class because I had gotten really busy with my school work. Since I didn’t have class on Fridays I was sitting around the apartment when John wanted to go play some one on one. We went outside and shot a few. I made all the shorts.

            “Good to see you haven’t missed a step still.” John took a shot and missed. He was referring to the fact I haven’t played basketball or even picked up a ball in a long time, and when I do it’s a rare occasion. Back in high school during my senior year I twisted and pulled something in my knee during a practice but still played on it. Well I didn’t tell anyone but John about it. I didn’t want to risk not being able to play in the division championships. Well I got clipped during the game and blew out my right knee pretty badly. Ever since then I never really got back to playing basketball at all really. I would shoot a few every now and then, but nothing serious. I was afraid of possibly hurting it again. “You know had you just told someone when you first hurt it you wouldn’t of had ever hurt it.” I was getting pissed.

            “You know John this wasn’t a time for a walk down memory lane. It happened almost two years ago.” I took a jump shot and made it. John was looking like he getting pissed. He knew the one quick way to piss me off was to talk about that whole situation; I don’t like talking about it.

            “Yea well you know if you wouldn’t hide everything from everyone but me maybe you wouldn’t get yourself into the situations you get yourself into.” I stopped dribbling and looked over at him.

            “And what the hell is that supposed to mean? Keep secrets? Kinda odd you bring up something that happened to years ago for no reason.” John was looking at me. I had half the mind to scare him and take a shot and act like I hurt my knee again but decided not to.

            “Yea I’m not talking about your knee, but while we’re on that topic, you could have been great but you let your ego get in front of you. Even if you didn’t get picked for a team in college atleast helping them win the state title. But that’s that not I’m talking about. What about Brent, Derek, and you? John you tell me you don’t know what you want, but how do you think that makes them feel?  Great, he was right, but I hate thinking about the situation.

            “There’s not situation. I’m not with either of them. Derek and me are friends right now, and Brent seems perfectly happy not talking to me much or unless he has to.” That was the truth too. Ever since our blow up in the parking lot mine and Brent’s conversations have been kept to a minimum. It sucked because I realized he was a great person and a great friend and I fucked him over.

            “You want everything to be fine Tristan. Then dammit quit being a brat about it and talk to him. Tell him the truth. Lay it out on the table. You guys are good for each other just as Derek but if you as me you need to focus on Brent at least for now just to get him to be a friend again. He’s worth it.” I smiled at him and shot again but this time I missed.

            “I guess some things really can change.” I turned and walked and sat back down stairs in the back of the house.

            “It’ll be okay Trist.” John came over and put his arm around me and we just sat there for a few. “It’s going to work out for you. I know what it is you want and you do to so you need to go for it. If you want Brent as a friend as much as you act like you do, then you need to prove it.” We sat there for about and hour and talked. John really was the perfect best friend I could ask for. He understood me completely as I understood him.

            We decided to go and catch a movie and then see what’s going on at the café because it was open mic night tonight. We got dressed and headed out to dinner first. We grabbed a bite to eat at a Mexican restaurant that served some of the best tacos I’ve had outside of California. We finished up and ran to the movie. It was pretty good, I thought it was going to be stupid but it actually was really funny. It was about 9:30 when we headed over to the coffee house. We walked in and it was pretty busy. I made a beeline for the register to order a drink. I got John and mine drinks and we sat down at a table and listened to the person playing.

            “Hey guys, what are you two doing here?” I turned around and saw Jeff with Brent walking up to the table. He got a little uncomfortable look on his face but sat down at the table next to us. I invited them over to sit with us and Jeff came and sat next to us, Brent looked a little pissed at first but sat down next to me. We all sat there listening to this guy playing on the guitar. He was pretty good, told us he had an EP coming out in January and he was touring right now just to get his name out there. It wasn’t long before Jeff and John were in their own conversation checking out some chicks and Brent and I were sitting at the table. It was odd because I never was at a loss for words when I used to be around Brent. We sat there in silence and I decided I might as well ask him how he was doing. We talked until closing and it was like old times. They told us they were going back to their place for an early night too. John and I left back out our place.

            I was up in my room unpacking my last box of pictures that I had lying around. I sat on my bed on looked at them. I flipped to one of Brent and me at the beach together. I smiled and continued looking through the pictures. I got to the picture on the bottom of the pile and it was a picture frame. Brent gave it to me after dating for 3 months. It had 3 pictures in it representing the 3 months we were together. God I am such a dusche bag. Brent was such a great guy, and a great guy to me. I signed and turned up my music louder. I grabbed my phone and sent a text.

            “We should talk; I have some stuff I need to talk to you about.” I sent that to Brent in hopes he would respond to me. I layed back on my bed with this picture frame right next to me and listened to the music. I sat there wondering what it was I was gonna say to him, and how he would take it. I hope it would go good. But right now friendship was all I could give anyone no matter how much I really want to be with him. I was torn though.


-Sorry this took so long with this chapter. I had been busy with school lately. As I said this is more of a story of the daily life of Tristan which is showing through his college life. I know there hasn't been any real sex yet but that will come. For now just enjoy the ride. Any comments or anything is definietly appreciated, email to sound_of_settling22@yahoo.com