Steve: Chapter Two
  Here's the warning. If you're not 18 or your parents are in the room, don't read this story. If you don't like the thought of two guys doing it until the windows shake, don't read this story. If you're a dumbass, don't read this story. If you're happy and you know it, clap your god damn hands. Otherwise, go ahead and read the story.

This is the first story I've ever posted, so be gentle.

It's amazing how differently you can feel over the course of one day. I opened my eyes, hearing the rain beat down on the window. It was amazing to be waking up with somebody else. Steve had his arm wrapped around me still; I don't think he took it off of me the entire night. I smiled and snuggled up closer to him, feeling warm and fuzzy. It was weird. I never thought I'd enjoy something like this. Here I was, though, smiling my happy little ass off. I looked at the clock on the bedside table and almost wet myself. I turned myself over and shook Steve gently to wake him up.

"Babe, get up," I said, knowing that it would take more than that to wake him up, "it's noon already."

He mumbled something incoherent and pushed my hand away. Was it wrong that I found that incredibly sexy? I decided that I'd need something more drastic to get him out of bed. I looked down and saw that he had the blanket over his waist. I pulled it off.

I have to admit that I was still in awe of his body. Just looking at him made me a little bit weak in the knees. I reached over and ran my finger along the dark line of hair reaching from his navel to his pubes. I looked up and saw him smiling a little bit, but I could tell he wasn't awake. I moved lower and starting tracing the outline of a prominent vein going from the bottom of his cock up. I heard a moan that time.

I looked up. He was still asleep. This time, I lowered my entire body until I could just touch the tip with my tongue. He was already half hard because... well... because he was a guy and he was just about to wake up. I ran my tongue all along the head, pausing for a minute to lick my way down the shaft. He was getting harder by the second. Almost immediately after I returned my tongue to his sensitive piss slit, I heard a low growl. I looked up to see him looking back at me, smiling.

"Damn, if this is how you're gonna wake me up every morning, you might as well just move in now!" His head went back to the pillow to enjoy the blowjob I was giving.

I pulled away for a second to get a good look at him. He got sexier every time I saw him. I looked back down to find a very hard dick waiting for me. I licked my lips and sucked the head into my mouth. My hands were busy either stroking the shaft or kneading his balls. I suddenly had the urge to take it all.

I glanced up at him again. He was lying back, his eyes closed and his face an expression of pure pleasure. I began to slowly push myself down. I felt him look at me, knowing what I was trying to do.

"Mmm... you don't have to-" he started. I responded by pushing him deeper. Just as he reached the back of my throat, it opened up, letting him in. I don't know how I kept myself from gagging, but I continued sliding down until I had my nose buried in his pubic hair. That brought a roar of pleasure from him. "Oh, fuck, yeah!" he yelled out, his hands on the back of my head, softly stroking my neck.

I just stayed there, enjoying the smell for a minute or two. There was just something about the way he smelled that turned me on to no end. The hair was tickling me, though, so I started pulling up, sucking as hard as I could as I went. My tongue worked the shaft as it slid out of my mouth, rewarding me with moans from Steve. When I could taste the head again, I noticed a lot of pre-cum dripping from it. Hell, I didn't complain. My hand reached back down to his cock, stroking him hard. I softly ran my teeth along the ridge of the head, bringing another loud moan from him.

"Oh, fuck man, I'm gonna shoot!" Steve announced just before he started firing volleys of warm, thick cum into my mouth. I could feel him pulsing and taste the salty-sweet liquid as I struggled to swallow. There was barely enough room in my mouth for his cock and my tongue, but the excess mass wasn't unwelcome. After about three or four large shots, he pulled out and hit me directly in the face. He laughed when he saw that, then moved in to kiss me.

Watching him lick his own cum off of my face was almost too much for me. I was already pretty hard from sucking him off, but that just put it over the top. I was at the "so-hard-it-hurts" stage. He kissed me, got up off the bed, and began walking out of the room.

"Hey!" I yelled, pointing to my dick. I needed attention.

"What, you want some too?" I could tell he was toying with me. "Well I'm gonna go shower." He turned his back to me again.

"And what the hell am I supposed to do?" I glared at the back of his head.

"Did I say I was locking the door?" Even with his back turned, I could tell he had that sly grin on his face. He made his way to the bathroom with me practically running behind. I actually had to keep my hand under my dick to prevent myself from dripping on the carpet.

Watching him bend over to turn on the water was an incredible sight. I could see his asshole if I really looked, and I had to really control myself to keep from jumping him right there. He took an overly long time adjusting the temperature, knowing what I could see. Finally, he turned the showerhead on and we got under the water.

He grabbed a washcloth and the soap and began to lather me up. Damn, I would never get tired of him touching me any way he wanted. He ran his fingers along my neck, laughing at the hickey he'd left the previous night. I gave him the smack in the head he rightfully deserved for that.

"Mmm, that feels good..." I trailed off as he started soaping up my chest. I was nowhere near as impressive as he was, but he apparently thought it was nice. I could feel him twisting my nipples through the washcloth. He moved in to kiss me, and hell if I was gonna stop him. His hands reached behind me and started soaping up my back. I was too absorbed in his tongue darting in and out of my mouth to notice what he was doing until he reached down and grabbed my ass. I opened my eyes to see him staring back at me, almost asking for permission. I nodded almost imperceptibly.

I closed my eyes and lost myself in kissing him while he pushed my legs further apart. I felt him work one of his soapy fingers up my hole and moaned into the kiss. He pulled off to smile at me.

"Yeah, I suppose this would be your first time getting finger fucked." Steve said, still smiling at me. I looked at him, trying to come up with something biting and witty, but I couldn't concentrate. He had pushed it in all the way and was slowly moving it in a slight circle.

"Well, with someone else's fingers, yeah," I smiled back at him. He actually looked slightly shocked, which amused me even more. "What, you must've tried it."

He shook his head at me, rolling his eyes. I felt him pull out and begin to push two fingers in. I kissed him to stifle a scream of pleasure. He had dropped all pretexts of washing me by that point, so his other hand was slowly stroking my achingly hard cock. I whispered into his ear that I was going to cum soon, which only made him stroke me harder.

I couldn't stop myself from letting out a loud, deep groan as I shot a huge load all over his firm stomach. He pulled his fingers out of my ass and used his hand to steady me from falling over. I immediately dropped to my knees and began licking my cum from his body.

He pulled me up and I grabbed the washcloth from the floor. The rest of the shower resulted in my rubbing his gorgeous body, occasionally forgetting the soap and making me have to go back over a spot several times. We were forced to get out when the water started turning cold.

We got out and toweled each other off, taking much longer than we should have. I just couldn't get enough of his body. I don't know why I didn't notice it before, but he didn't have a tan line.

"So what's up with that?" I asked, pointing to his waist.

"What?" He asked, searching for the toothpaste.

"The tan line." I grinned. "Or, should I say the lack of a tan line?"

"Oh, umm..." Steve blushed a little bit. "Nude sunbathing."

"No shit. Where?" I was pissed off that I'd never caught him.

"Ya know all those times I invited you to come swimming with me this summer?" It was his turn to grin. "Well, whenever you said no, I'd go and lounge around naked." He paused for a moment. "I always kinda wished you'd change your mind and come up and catch me..."

"You are such a huge perv." I laughed at him. "Besides, I probably would have just stayed in the bushes and jacked off."

"That would've made two of us." I saw his grin. "We should do that sometime before the summer's over."

I stopped and thought about it for a second. "I could suffer a little sunburn if it meant having you on the beach... or whatever it is the area outside of a river is called."

He reached over and kissed me. "Ugh, brush your teeth." I smacked him on the shoulder and grabbed a toothbrush. I slept over so often that I had one here. We both stood in front of the sink, our mouths full of foam, watching the other brush. It was amazing how sexy even such a mundane thing had become. I looked at him and he was staring at me, probably thinking something along the same lines. We spit and rinsed and I went out to the kitchen to get some breakfast/lunch. I looked at the clock on the microwave.

"Steve, did you realize that we were in the bathroom for an hour and a half?" I yelled at him out in the living room. I heard a shocked gasp from him.

"Damn, I guess time flies when you're screwing your boyfriend." I heard him yell. I don't know why we were yelling, since the living room opened directly into the kitchen. He walked in and put a load of laundry in the washing machine. I really didn't think that much about it, since I was busy looking around for anything to eat.

"So, umm, exactly how have you lived for the past several days, man?" I asked, looking through the bare cupboards. "You have no food!"

"Yeah, I know. Nobody's been shopping yet, that's all." He joined me in the search, also coming up with nothing. "I've still got some pizza money left, wanna go out for lunch?"

"Hmm... eat nothing or let the grease from fast food congeal in my stomach... that's a toughie." I smirked at him.

"The grease wouldn't congeal in your stomach," he said matter-of-factly, "the human body's internal temperature is too hot to allow that to happen."

"Whatever," I laughed at him. "If we're gonna go out, I've gotta go get some clothes on."

Steve stopped smiling. "Well, I know this sounds stupid, but I just put your clothes in the washer." I stopped smiling too.

"And what exactly am I supposed to wear?" I asked, not really angry, but not amused, either.

"Who says you have to wear anything?" I saw his devilish little grin and had to laugh at him. "I won't if you won't."

"Normally I'd be all for that, but I'm insanely hungry right now and your parents are going to be home probably before the clothes are dry." I glanced him over. I wouldn't mind spending the day naked with him, but I knew we couldn't.

"You can wear something of mine. I'm sure I have something I outgrew when I was twelve." He smirked at me. I shot him an evil glare. "...that I should probably give to Goodwill. You can wear whatever the hell you want."

I was about to respond with one of my more biting comments, but he rushed over to me, picked me up, and threw me over his shoulder. He carried me into his bedroom.

"Damn, you're heavier than you look." Steve set me down on the bed, panting. I got up and slapped him on the ass. "Stop it, I'm not that kind of girl."

"Yes you are." I said as I started looking through his dresser. As much as I loved him, the boy really couldn't dress for crap. At least, he didn't have anything that fit my tastes. I finally wound up with a blue t-shirt and a pair of his jeans. I started rummaging around in his underwear drawer.

"Hey, this is nice," I laughed as I pulled a Playgirl out from under his socks. "Damn, you're not as good at hiding stuff as you thought you were."

He grabbed the magazine from me. "Shut up."

"Ooh, feisty." I grabbed the magazine back from him and started flipping through pages. There was a centerfold, one of the many anonymous twink-boys I'd seen in my years of porn travails, with pages that stuck together. "Looks like you liked this one..."

"Erm, yeah, ok, sure..." I could tell I was making him uncomfortable, but I loved it. I would have stopped if I thought he really wanted me to.

"Hmm, he looks kinda like me," I teased as I looked Steve over. He was all squirmy and nervous. I loved it.

"Why do you think the magazine was in my drawer?" He asked quietly as he looked at the bed. I dropped it to the floor and sat down next to him.

"Well, you've got the real thing now," I said as I kissed his forehead. I was about to stand up and find some underwear to put on when grabbed me around the middle and pulled me next to him. We were both still naked, so he took the time to rub his hands across my stomach.

"Mmm, nice, you been working out?" He asked.

"Not really," I said, somewhat self-conscious. "I used to, but I stopped a while ago. Didn't really have much of a reason."

"I dunno, we could get you some killer abs if we tried." Steve kept rubbing my stomach, more for his entertainment than to demonstrate a point. "Feels like you've got a pretty nice start. You know, underneath all that fat."

His joke effectively killed the mood. I smacked him playfully (we tended to do that a lot) and got up to put on some clothes.

"Damn, what's your deal with boxers? That's all you've got in here." I said, searching through his underwear for something I'd consider wearing. I finally picked up a pair of blue ones. Might as well keep the color scheme going.

"What can I say, I enjoy the freedom." Steve reached down and grabbed his cock and balls by the base, waving them around. I laughed as I slipped on his boxers.

It was an amazing feeling. My dick was resting where his usually did. I was instantly aroused.

"See, there's another problem," I said, pointing at the tent in the boxers. "During the many times today I'm probably going to get hard, they don't hide it very well." Steve laughed at me.

"Quit whining and put on my pants."

"Yeah, well, fuck you, too." I glared at him a little, then bent down to pick up the jeans. I heard a hoot, so I wiggled my ass a little bit more, then resumed getting dressed. Once I had finished I sat next to him on the bed and rested my head on his shoulder.

"Steven Wallace, I've fallen madly in love with you," I paused to look into his eyes, "and no matter how hard you try, you're not going to be able to fuck it up."

He sighed. "Yeah, but that doesn't mean I won't try my damnedest." He pushed me down on the bed and straddled me. He kissed me with a fervor I hadn't ever felt from him before. I had to push him off of me.

"Dammit, get off me and get dressed. We don't need you getting these clothes all sticky, too." I laughed at him. He pulled me close to him again.

"I've been in love with you for as long as I can remember, Michael Branford," he whispered in my ear. For the first time in my life, my heart actually skipped a beat. Still, the growling in my stomach was not to be ignored, so I told him to go put some pants on.

Lunch was unremarkable. We wound up going to some Chinese place, which was actually pretty good. The only bad part was that I had to be so close to Steve without touching him. I desperately wanted to just stand up and announce to the entire world (okay, maybe just the entire restaurant) that I was in love with this gorgeous hunk of a man sitting across from me. From the look in his eyes, he wanted the same thing.

After lunch, we went for a stroll in the park. It was beautiful. The trees were still a lush green, dripping from the rain that had stopped only an hour ago. I looked around and saw nobody, so I gave him a peck on the cheek.

"You need to shave," I said, smiling at him, "though it does look really sexy on you."

He looked at me and laughed. We had continued walking, but we weren't watching where we were going. We were too lost in each other's eyes. It shouldn't have come as much of a surprise when we walked directly into somebody.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I-" the person started. "Mike?"

"Oh, hey Susan," I said, slightly annoyed that she had disturbed our moment. I was also sort of glad to see her. "What're you doing here?"

"Well, other than walking into you, I came here with Rachel to check out the shirtless guys playing basketball." She took a look at us both. "Looks like I found some cute guys anyway..."

"Where's Rachel?" I asked, suddenly a little nervous. I looked over at Steve. He seemed to be in the same boat.

"Oh, she's over at the courts. Had her eye on some cute little blonde guy. You've gotta wonder about these guys who play basketball on a wet court, though." Again, she stopped and looked at us kinda funny. "I was on my way back from the bathroom."

I looked over at Steve and smiled. "You know she's dying to ask."

He grinned back at me. "Should we just tell her?" I didn't say anything, but wrapped my arm around Steve's waist. He did the same for me.

"Well it's about damn time," she said. "I mean, it took you long enough. I thought that was Steve's shirt."

"Yep," I answered, "and these are his pants, and underneath they're his boxers."

"Nooo!" she screamed. "Too much information!" Steve and I laughed at her.

"Seriously, though," I said, pulling myself away from Steve with a bit of an effort, "I've got to thank you."

She just shook her head and grinned. "No problem. I do love seeing my friends get together, even though they may be sodomites."

"Mmm, sodomy. We're gonna have to try that, huh?" I glanced over at Steve. He got the hint.

"You know, oral sex is considered sodomy," he said. Susan closed her eyes and put her hand over her face.

"Stop it, guys." She made another disgusted face. "It's bad enough I have to think about why Mike's wearing your boxers."

"We were actually just about to get started back to my place for some hot lovin'. I'd invite you along, but we prefer the sausage to the clam," Steve said, grabbing me around the waist again.

"Seriously, though, come by later," I said, "but don't forget to knock."

"You guys are fucking sex maniacs." She reached over to hug me. "But I'm happy for you. I just wish one of you were straight so I could get it on with ya. Either one, really, though Steve does have those nice arms."

I stood protectively between her and my man. "Hands off, woman. You don't want a cat fight, do ya?"

"You'd win," she said, smiling at her upcoming joke, "you always were a bigger bitch than me. Anyway, I've got to get back to Rachel. God knows what she's done to that poor, defenseless boy by now. Well, that and I want my turn with him. I will be coming by later, try to keep your pants on."

She started to walk off. "We can do it with our pants on!" I yelled at her. She just shook her head and I could tell she was smiling.

We were just sitting on the couch, talking. I was cuddled up to him and he had his arm wrapped around me, but other than that, it was just two guys talking. Granted, it wasn't a typical guy conversation, but it had its moments.

"So," I said, suddenly remembering the way Jeff had acted the previous night, "you gonna tell me what was up with Jeff last night?"

Steve looked down at me. "I'm not gonna get out of this one, am I?"

"Nope," I smiled up at him.

"Well," he sighed, "remember when I was dating that girl Jenn?"

"Yeah, the one who lived in Columbus or something?"

"That'd be her. You know, the one you never met. Well, replace the 'n's' in her name with 'f's.'" I heard him shift himself, getting more comfortable with me next to him.

"Aah, that'd explain it," I said, realizing why he had that jealous look on his face. "I'm guessing he assumed that we were a couple."

"And he assumed right." Steve pulled me even closer to him. I could smell him-damn he was so sexy. "And if he tries to get back with me, he'll be having another thing coming."

I smiled at that. I knew that he was going to be a little bit overprotective of me, but I actually kinda liked it. I mean, it's not every day you have the most gorgeous guy in the world saying that you're the only one for him.

"So why'd you two break up, anyway?" I asked.

"Nosy little thing, ain'tcha?" I could tell he was smiling. "Jeff got a little bit too stalkerish. He'd call me nonstop: this one time, I was gone for about three days, and when I got back the answering machine was completely filled with calls from him. He needed to spend every second of his day with me, too. I mean, I'm just as touchy-feely as the next guy, but I do need my alone time."

I looked up at him for a second. "You know, that sounds kinda like me. I really don't like the thought that I'm going to have to sleep alone tonight... or any night, for that matter." I paused, looking at him. "Besides, you are the greatest guy ever, so I can see why he might be a little bit obsessed with you. Hell, I've been a little bit obsessed with you for the past four years."

He laughed at that. "Yeah, but you're not a stalker. I know we'll be all hot and heavy for a while, but I plan to be in this for the long haul, and we'll eventually come to a place where we're not so co-dependent and can actually have separate lives."

It was my turn to give a dramatic pause that time. "Exactly how long is the long haul," I asked, baiting him. I knew what he'd say.

"I was thinking sometime around forever." He started rubbing my arm. "You know, I do eventually intend to marry you."

"Oh no, not marriage!" I exclaimed with mock horror. "I should be running for the hills right about now."

"Not in my favorite boxers you don't." He grabbed me and held me tight, preventing me from moving.

"Ugh, air!" I yelled out. He released me a little bit, but not completely. "I didn't know these were your favorite."

"Well," he gave me that devilish look of his, "they weren't until this morning."

"Susan was right, you are a sex maniac." I reached my hand up his shirt and began rubbing his chest. "Though I do remember her saying 'guys,' which implies more than one of us."

"Mmm..." Steve was getting lost in the moment when the doorbell rang. "Well mother fuck, I was about to get laid."

"Who said anything about that?" I grinned at him. "I was just going to get you all worked up and then leave."

"Pricktease." He got up off the couch rather bitterly and went to the door.

"Oh, hey Susan," I heard him say from the doorway. "Mike and I were making out in the living room. C'mon, you can join us."

"As much as I'd like to, I don't have the right equipment. At least not of my own." She walked into the living room and sat down on the loveseat.

"Really, do tell whose you have." I said from my comfy spot near the arm. "I mean, didja get any basketball boy-toy action?"

"Wouldn't you like to know..." she trailed off, leaving us in suspense.

"Well yeah, that way I'll know which ones not to hit on." I had to laugh at Steve, giving me a really bad mock-hurt look. "Yeah, yeah, I know: look but don't touch."

"I don't even want you looking. Those eyes are all mine." Steve walked over and kissed me.

"Ugh, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it! I didn't come over for the peepshow." Susan jumped up and broke us apart. "Steve on this end, Mike on this end, and no moving."

"Alright, alright, you win," Steve gave his concession. "You want a soda or something?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever ya got," she said, and I could tell she was checking my boyfriend out.

"You've got soda? I didn't notice any last night." I shifted my position on the couch so I was lying down. Steve grabbed my legs and starting massaging my calves.

"Yeah, I put it in the freezer before you came over so it'd be cold and I forgot about it, what with all of the passionate sex." I saw Susan wince as he said that. "And you know that the second you find someone straight enough to get between your legs we won't stop hearing about it," he said to Susan. "Want one, babe?"

"Works for me." I pulled my legs off of him and he went into the kitchen to get a couple of sodas. While he was gone, I got the third degree.

"So how is he?" This girl wasted no time. I gave her a look of disgust.

"A gentleman never speaks of his conquests." I said with a snooty English accent.

"You've never been a gentleman," she said, "so dish."

"He's incredible," I said without a trace of exaggeration in my voice.

"Really, I always figured he would be." She checked for him coming out of the kitchen, but we still had time to talk.

"You liked him, didn't you?" I asked. "I mean, I can see why. Hell, I'm in love with the guy, I can definitely see why."

She sighed. "Yeah, I guess I did, but that's a moot point now, huh? You guys are good together, though."

Right around then, Steve walked back into the room. "So what are you girls gossiping about?"

"The size of your dick." I answered. "Pull down your pants so she can see I wasn't exaggerating."

"You keep your pants where I can see 'em." She stood up and grabbed her Pepsi. "You'll take 'em down and the next thing I know he'll be getting all sucky-sucky with you."

"Hey, I have more self control than you think!" I said as Steve handed me mine. They both looked at me.

"No you don't," they both said simultaneously. I flipped 'em all off.

We sat around talking for a while. Again, it wasn't your typical conversation, but it was close enough for us. We talked about what Susan had been doing for the past few days, what we'd been doing (heh), and about Rachel and her new boy-toy.

"So where is she, anyway?" I asked.

"Oh, she and that guy went over to Taco Bell to talk and stuff." She took a sip of her soda. "She said that he could just give her a ride home, so I drove over here cause I didn't want to watch them sit there and make out. I suppose it kind of defeated the point, though, huh?"

I smiled at that. She still wouldn't let Steve and me near each other. I suppose she was still getting used to the thought that two of her best friends let each other's dangly bits touch.

A second or two later, the phone rang. Steve got it.

"Yeah, she is. Hold on." Steve handed the phone to Susan. "It's Rachel."

"Hey, Rach. Did you-" she stopped talking for a few seconds. "What the hell? We'll be right over there." She hung up and herded all of us into the car.

On the way there, Susan explained what had happened. Apparently, the cute little blonde guy had gotten a little too frisky for Rachel's taste, so she tried to push him off and he didn't go. She wound up knocking him upside the head with her purse and walking out.

I had to grin at that. I know it was inappropriate, but the thought of Rachel hitting someone with her purse was too funny. The girl kept everything she could possibly think of in there, and it wasn't just limited to makeup and emergency absorbent pads (another of the reasons I don't like girls... yeech). It was one heavy piece of baggage.

We picked her up from outside the Taco Bell. I sat in the back with her and did the comforting friend thing while Steve talked to her from the front seat, getting details.

"So who was this guy?" he asked, obviously agitated.

"His name was Ryan Brooks. I don't really know much more about him, other than the fact that he's a complete asshole." I was sitting in the back seat, holding her hand and being supportive. "He was getting a little bit too grabby, so I tried to get him to stop. I'm sure Susan's told you the rest."

"Yeah," I said, "those purses do come in handy. I'm gonna have to get one of those." I heard a chuckle coming from Susan up on the front seat. I kicked the back of her chair and she stopped.

"Well, here's what I'm gonna do," Steve said with anger in his voice, "I'm going to drop you two off at home, and then Mike and I are going to go beat the shit out of this Ryan guy. How's that sound, Mike?"

"Umm, not very good." I dropped Rachel's hand and leaned up into the front seat. "See, I'm not exactly a 'beat the shit out of someone' type of guy. I'm more of a 'hey, don't do that or I'll be forced to run screaming like a woman' type of guy. Besides, you're not a minor anymore, he could press charges."

Steve glanced at me for a second. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

"Damn right I'm right. Besides, Susan could probably kick his ass better than I could."

"I'd have to agree with you on that one," she said, punching me playfully in the jaw. I fell back into my seat, clutching my face and screaming in agony.

"Oh god! My face! My beautiful face! What have you done to me?!" Everyone chuckled at me. Always the showman, I did my best Elephant Man impression. "I am not an animal!"

"That's not what I've heard-" Susan started. I kicked the back of her seat again. "Ouch, that's starting to hurt."

"Then stop making your dumbass little comments." I said quietly. I turned my attention to Rachel again. "So, you sure you're okay?"

She looked at me funny for a second. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little bit shaken up."

"See, that'll teach you not to pick up basketball boys in the park." I said. "I learned not to do that a long time ago."

That time it was Steve who chuckled at me. "Hasn't stopped me!" Susan was just rolling her eyes and trying not to laugh too hard. This was the kind of banter we always had before either of us came out, but now it took on entirely different dimensions. It was like the ultimate inside joke.

We pulled into Steve's driveway with everyone feeling a lot more relaxed. The girls (with Susan's prodding, yet another reason to thank her) headed for home. We got inside to find Steve's parents already home. I muttered an almost silent "God dammit!"

"Hey, honey," Steve's mom kissed him hello. "Where have you been?"

"Rachel had a problem with a guy, we went to rescue her," I said. I hoped that we had cleaned up all of the incriminating evidence in the house before we left. Steve and I made our way to the couch where we sat down at an appropriate distance from each other.

"So what did you boys do while we were gone?" Mr. Wallace asked, a soda in his hand. Steve and I just looked at each other and laughed. "You boys and your wild parties. Just as long as you didn't break too many hearts while we were gone."

"Mike and I are gonna go hang out in my room." Steve got up and almost dragged me behind him. He shut and locked the door.

"Dammit, I thought we were going to have enough time for some hot monkey sex!" I said with more than a touch of irritation in my voice.

"Well, we are in a locked room with a bed in it, you know." Steve jumped onto the bed and got into (what he thought was) a seductive pose.

"You just look stupid like that," I said, jumping on top of him. "Besides, you know how loud we are, your parents would hear and that'd be the end of it."

"You know, we're going to have to tell them eventually." I said. "It'd probably be good to get it done before the first baby is on its way." I patted his stomach lightly.

He glared at me. "I thought you were gonna have the kids." I grimaced.

"Ugh, I don't even want kids. Horrible little yapping garbage disposals with legs. Like I want to sink several hundred thousand dollars into the development of a person who's going to wind up being so hateful and resentful that they'll stick us in a home as soon as we start to lose the ability to chew solid food. No thanks to that," I said with an overly twisted facial expression that made it clear I was exaggerating, though I really didn't want or like kids that much.

"Yeah, I suppose." Steve got really quiet. "We are going to have to tell them, aren't we?" I smiled at him and put my arm around his shoulder.

"It'll be alright. Hell, they already love me like a second son." I paused for a second, getting a wicked smile. "Only now, I'll be a second son who gets it on with the first son."

"You fucking hornball." Steve grabbed me and kissed me hard. It felt like he was going to suck the tongue right out of my mouth, and it was incredible. I pulled off and started licking the stubble around his mouth.

"You really do need to shave, babe." I kissed his cheek. "Though I must admit, it does look sexy."

"Get that purdy mouth back over here!" Steve turned his head so he was kissing me again. I didn't mind. He tasted so damn good. He pushed me onto my back and got on top of me, not breaking the kiss. His hand went up the loose t-shirt I was wearing to pinch my nipples and rub my chest. It was one of the sexiest feelings I'd ever had, and my dick was standing at full attention.

Just as Steve was about to reach under the waistband of my pants, we heard a knock at the door. I groaned into his lips and he pulled away from me. We checked ourselves out to make sure we didn't look too conspicuous and opened the door for Steve's dad.

"Mike's mom was on the phone, she wants him home. You boys can play soldier or whatever later." His dad delivered the message curtly and then left, as if it was some huge imposition on him to do so. Steve and I had to laugh.

"Well, at least we know he has no idea," I said as I gathered myself together. Steve smacked me in the head for no reason.

"Well, come on, I'll give you a ride home." He started out of his room. I could tell he was pissed at being interrupted. Hell, so was I. We got into the car and drove to my house. We didn't say anything, but kept looking longingly at each other. I could tell I'd be jacking off a lot that night, even though it should be Steve's hand. I wished I'd gone to college and somehow gotten him to go with me so we could have a room all to ourselves. We got to my driveway and I was reluctant to get out of the car.

"Well, I'd kiss you goodbye, but that'd completely blow our cover." I felt kinda bad about not being able to kiss him. He took a quick look around and apparently didn't see anybody, because he leaned over and gave me a quick peck on the lips. That'd have to hold me. "Later, babe."

"We'll see about that," he said with a gleam in his eye I couldn't quite place. I was intrigued, to say the least.

I spent most of the evening in my room. It was around 4:30 when I got home, only to find out that Mom didn't really want anything, she just wanted to know where I was. I was madder than hell at being called away for THAT. I stalked up to my room, sulking around and basically being as bitter as usual. Hey, ya gotta go with what you know.

I was just about to doze off when I heard a soft tapping at my window. I looked up to see Steve's gorgeous face pressed against the glass. I shook my head and laughed, then opened up the window to let him in.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked, now knowing what he meant in the car. He just smiled at me and kissed me. It felt great to feel him against me again. I had to break it off to lock the door, though. I was pretty sure I didn't want my parents walking in on what we were going to do.

"You know how Susan made that sodomite comment earlier?" He asked, smiling. I immediately knew what he wanted and what was in the little brown paper bag he was holding. I smiled back at him, wondering which end he wanted. I'd be happy either way, really.

I grabbed him around the waist and kissed him. "You want me, huh?" I was gonna make him say it.

"Damn right I want you. What guy in his right mind wouldn't want you?" He moved over and started licking my ear. It was amazing. He was showing me all of these spots in my body that I had never thought twice about and causing me to writhe in his arms every time. It was amazing.

"Fuck me?" I pleaded. He let out a low, guttural moan. "Shit, my parents. They'll hear us."

He looked at the door for a second, then back at me. "Then I guess we'll just have to be as quiet as we can."

I was hardly in a position to refuse him. I was putty in his hands and he knew it. He reached behind me and grabbed the bottom of my shirt, pulling it over my head. I actually got goosebumps when he touched my bare skin. Tonight, he wasn't wasting any time. Almost as soon as my shirt was crumpled up on the floor, his hands were busy undoing my jeans. It didn't take them long to join my shirt on the floor. He pushed me back onto the bed and tore down my underwear. I actually thought I heard a rip. He reached down and pulled off my socks so I was completely naked before him. It was strangely erotic, knowing that I was vulnerable and naked before him. I'd have to do this to him some time.

He must have set a new record for getting his clothes off. Within seconds, he was naked on top of me, kissing and licking. I'd never get tired of the feeling of his skin rubbing against mine. He started moving down, making sure to suck on that same spot on my neck again. I didn't complain as much as I should have. When he reached my chest, he gave each of my nipples a swift lick and continued on his way down. That boy certainly was in a hurry.

I felt him kiss my navel, darting his tongue in and licking me in another spot I never considered being erotic. It seemed that he knew my body better than I did. He stopped to tease me, softly biting the skin around my navel. I could barely stop myself from screaming.

"Oh, fuck!" I managed to whisper. "How the fuck did you get so good at this? Damn. Keep going, dammit!"

I could feel him chuckling at my desperation. He started moving back up, but I pushed his head down. He took the hint and kept going. He stopped when he reached my pubic hair, burying his face in it and taking a long, hard sniff. He apparently liked what he smelled, because he snaked out his tongue and started licking the area right above my cock. I had never considered that to be sensitive, so it shocked me when I heard myself gasping for air. Circumventing my cock, he licked around the base until he reached my balls.

He slowly started licking in an up-and-down pattern, matting the hair to the skin as he went. He knew how badly he was teasing me and the bastard was getting off on it. I felt him move down below my balls, licking the skin between them and my ass. How the hell did he know exactly where to lick to make me even crazier? I started writhing around on the bed, desperately trying to suppress my moans and yells. I can't even remember how many times I wished the room were soundproof.

Steve pushed his hands under my thighs and started pushing them up. He never too his mouth off of my skin, though. When he finally had me in the position he wanted, he moved down even lower.

"He can't be-" I thought to myself just before he did.

Steve reached down and pulled my cheeks apart, supporting my legs with his arms. I could feel his hot breath on my ass. It was, to say the least, an incredible sensation. He started rubbing around my hole with one of his fingers. I couldn't believe how good that felt. He moved his head down and I could feel his breath more intensely. I closed my eyes in anticipation. Not a second later, I felt his warm tongue against my asshole.

"Unngh... yes..." I managed to whimper. I was trying to keep myself as quiet as I possibly could, but it wasn't working too well. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming out. This was one of the most amazing feelings I had ever experienced.

Steve noticed how much I liked it, so he started licking all around my hole, never focusing on it directly. I couldn't control myself - I was whimpering and groaning all over the place. I tried to keep it as quiet as possible, but it was insanely hard to do. My cock was hard and dripping all over my stomach, collecting a pool of pre-cum in my navel. Still, Steve wouldn't do the one thing I wanted him to.

"You want it?" he finally asked. I managed to groan out a yes and he went to it.

It was subtle at first. His tongue slowly pushed its way in, but only a tiny bit. It felt so good. I could feel my throat tightening, about to let out another whimper or scream. I tried to hold it back. Slowly, Steve worked his tongue in further. I couldn't believe the way it felt. I just let myself go and started moaning and gasping for air. I just hoped that I wasn't loud enough for my parents to hear. Steve saw the effect he was having on me and decided to go for it. He shoved his tongue in as far as he possibly could.

"Mother fucking shit!" I yelled out, my voice barely above a whisper. "Ungh, yeah, do it!"

Steve wasn't about to stop there. Just when I thought he had shown me everything he could do with his mouth, he pulled his tongue out. I felt him wrap his lips around my hole and start sucking, pushing his tongue in as he did. It was the single most incredible thing I had ever felt. He kept that position for a few more seconds, letting me savor the feeling. When I stopped thrashing and whimpering, he pulled away and looked up at me. I knew it was time.

He reached over and grabbed a small tube from his bag. He coated his dick generously with it, then put a glob on his fingers. I raised my legs for him again and he started rubbing around my asshole. I was amazed that I hadn't cum already, though my stomach was completely covered in my pre-cum. He worked in one of his fingers to the last knuckle and held it for a minute, slowly moving it in a circular motion. Then he pulled it out and immediately pushed it back in, joined by another finger. I felt my breathing get heavy as he massaged my insides. Again, he left them in for a short time, then pulled them out and had them joined by a third.

I was only able to make appreciative groaning noises. My capacity for speech was gone for the moment, but I was absolutely in heaven. He was slowly fucking me with his fingers. I thought I was going to go off right then, but I somehow managed to hold off. I reached down to play with the huge amount of sticky fluid on my stomach, but avoided touching my cock. I knew that if I even thought about it, I'd be shooting all over the place. It was torture, but it felt incredibly good.

He looked up at me, not saying anything. I managed to nod my head at him, telling him to go on. Slowly, he pulled his fingers out of my ass. He reached down and pulled my legs up all the way until they were touching my shoulders. I reached down and grabbed his slick cock. He started moving forward, staring into my eyes the entire time. I guided him into position and let go, allowing him to make the push.

"Just tell me if you want me to stop," he said, still staring into my eyes. I nodded and he pushed.

It took a second for the head to go in. It didn't hurt as much as I had always thought it would, but there was still some amount of discomfort. He paused, allowing me to adjust. I looked up at him and nodded again. With that push, he slid in a lot more easily. He was about halfway in when he stopped again. I was biting my lip, trying to keep from yelling out. This was incredible. I reached behind him and pulled him by the ass into me. He took the hint and slid the rest of the way in. I could feel his pubes against my balls. It was a little scratchy, but I wouldn't have traded that feeling for anything in the world. He stopped for a second, getting used to the feeling of my tight ass.

I looked at him with lust in my eyes. "Fuck me."

He didn't resist. I felt him pulling out of me and I automatically clenched the muscles down, trying to hold him in. He got almost all of the way out, leaving only the thick head in. As he pushed back in, the muscles relaxed and almost tried to pull him back. We kept that up for a while - maybe ten or fifteen minutes. The entire time, neither of us had touched my cock. Steve had a whole lot more self-control than I did, because if I was in his position, I would have shot my load before I even got into his ass. He reached down and grabbed my cock, softly stroking it.

"Yeah, I'm gonna cum," he said, still not breaking the eye contact we had. "I'm gonna cum right up your ass. You want that, don't you?"

I loved the fact that he was talking dirty to me. "Yeah, cum up my ass. You keep stroking me and I'm gonna cum all over your chest, too."

"Yeah, babe, here it comes! I'm gonna fill you up with my cum! Get ready!" Steve shoved his cock all the way into me and started groaning. I felt him shooting his warm, thick jizz up my ass. It was an incredible feeling. With one hard squeeze from his hand, I started firing my own cum all over the both of us. I'm not sure how I managed to have such a huge load, having cum already that day, but we were both covered in it.

Steve didn't pull out right after he came. He stayed in for a few minutes, relishing the feel of me squeezing his cock while my muscles spasmed. He collapsed on top of me, his mouth meeting mine. We kissed lazily, letting our tongues explore each other's mouths while we recuperated. I felt him slowly pull out of me, leaving me feeling empty. My asshole clenched around thin air. I looked up into Steve's eyes and let a huge breath out of my lungs.

"Can you stay with me?" I asked, holding him tighter to me. I didn't want to let him go.

"Yeah," he said, leaning down to kiss my neck again, "and even if I couldn't, I would."

We rolled over so Steve was on his back. I rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes while he rubbed the small of my back. For the second night in a row, I fell asleep in Steve's strong arms.

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