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Student Orientation
Chapter Five

The rest of dinner and the ride back to campus were awkwardly silent.  Tom was the only person who seemed unfazed by what had happened before the entrees had arrived.  I had been turning what had happened over and over in my mind, trying to figure out what was going on with me, and the nature of the relationship between Tom and Hayden.  What was more important, I decided, was the nature of the relationship between Tom and me.

As we climbed out of Hayden's car in the dorm parking lot, Tom broke the silence.  "Well, kids, I don't know about you, but there are going to be a lot of underclassmen around here by this time tomorrow and I intend to enjoy my last night of peace and quiet.  I'll see you guys at the 8 o'clock," he announced as he turned and walked up towards the quad.

"See ya, Tom," Phil called after him.  "Nice to meet you, Jeff," he nodded to me.

"Go heel for your master, bitch boy," Hayden sneered.

I turned and walked quickly until I'd caught up to Tom.  We walked in silence to our dorm's door.  I followed him inside, and he spun around as soon as the door closed behind me.  Surprised, I backed into the door, and he moved towards me step for step.  When my back was pressed against the wood, he reached out his arms and planted a hand on the door on each side of my head.  My wide eyes met his, and I was relieved to see them soft and warm.

"For a minute there, I didn't think you were going to do it," he said quietly.

"I didn't think I was.  I still don't know why I did," I answered.

"You did it because it was instinct.  There are different kinds of personalities, Jeff.  I'm pretty good at reading them.  You're gay, but more than that, you're submissive.  Not in the SM slave kind of way, but more like a puppy.  You like to have your ears scratched and your tummy rubbed, and when you find the right person, you'll be happy fetching the paper and chasing a tennis ball."  I frowned and he laughed.  "I didn't mean it like that."

He looked at me intensely, and then surprised me by leaning in and kissing me on the lips.  The smell of him as his face touched mine, the feel of his lips on mine, made me forget the insulting comparison to a dog.  I leaned back against the door, my entire body relaxed, my lips parted and his tongue slipped between them.  Completely subconsciously, I raised my arms and wrapped them around him until my hands rested on his shoulder blades.  I felt my cock beginning to grow in my jeans, and too soon, Tom pulled away.

"Why don't we go upstairs, and you can give me that blowjob now?"  I nodded.  He draped his arm across my shoulders and we walked together to the stairs and ascended.  At his door, his fished his keys from his pocket, unlocked it, and guided me inside.

"I'd like you to take your clothes off, Jeff," he said as he walked over to the stereo and put his keys and wallet on top.  Silently, I unbuttoned my jeans and lifted the polo shirt I wore over my head.  I kicked off my shoes, and slid my pants and boxers to the floor and stepped out of them.  My hard cock pointed up and away.  Tom sat on the sofa, and motioned for me to sit beside him.  He reached over with one hand and began to softly stroke my sack.  It made my cock throb, and a drop of precum oozed out.

I glanced up from his hand, and saw him biting his lower lip.  His eyes looked up and caught mine, and I spread my knees as he began to run his fingertips over my inner thighs.  "Do you trust me, Jeff?" he asked.

I thought about the blowjob in the bathroom, and the cold shower afterwards.  I thought about the anger he'd shown after I sucked off Hayden at his command.  I thought about how he'd tricked me into getting fucked in my own room.  I thought about how his way of standing up for me to Hayden at the restaurant was ordering me to suck him off, right there in the booth.  I stared into his eyes, and I thought about swallowing his cum as the cold water ran under my collar, and the way he'd masturbated me in my room.  I thought about the orgasm he'd given me by fucking me, and him stopping me from actually going down on him while I was entranced at dinner.

"Yeah, I trust you," I heard my voice say.

"Good," he smiled broadly.  "I want you to close your eyes, and no matter what happens, don't close your knees or take your hands off the sofa cushion."  I closed my eyes and rested my hands loosely on the edge of the cushion.  I felt his hand lightly trace over my thigh and rest on my sack again.  He wrapped his fingers around it, and slowly began to tighten his fist.  "Breathe and relax," he said.  I groaned as the pain began to well up in my gut.  He continued to increase the pressure on my nuts, and soon I felt my legs tremble as I fought the urge to clamp my thighs shut.  My hands clenched around the edge of the cushion, and I whimpered between pants.

When I felt his mouth on the head of my cock, I almost leapt off the sofa.  I gasped hard and writhed, and my hips began to pull my nuts against his hand, making the pain in them sharper.  I felt his tongue swirling around the head of my cock, and then his face moved down into my crotch.  I felt his long bangs brushing against the skin on my lower stomach.  Halfway down my shaft, he clamped his lips around me and sucked all the air out of his mouth.  The suction was intense, and when he started to pull his head back, I thought he was going to turn me inside out through my piss slit.  I cried out, and he repeated his cycle.  My knuckles were white on the cushion, and my legs were visibly quaking.  My eyes were clenched tight as my face screwed up with the intensity of the pain and the pleasure.

It took no more than a dozen of his upward strokes before I knew I was going to cum.  He felt it in the pulsing of my shaft between his lips, and he pulled off my cock with a pop, never releasing the vacuum around it until it was free of his mouth.  He clamped down hard on my balls as the first shot of cum erupted from me, and then moved his hand up to grip my shaft as tightly.  He pistoned hard as the hot liquid shot out of my tortured nuts, and the cum splattered on my chest and the tops of my thighs.  Every muscle in my body was drawn tight, but I only noticed it as I began to relax into the sofa, drained.

I panted hard as I opened my eyes, and looked at the lines of semen on my body.  Some had gotten on the rug between my legs, but none on the sofa.  I looked up at Tom, who was still watching his hand, now loosely stroking my shaft and covered in cum.  My gut still ached from the nut crushing, but I leaned forward trying to kiss him.  He looked up and moved his head out of reach.  His face was blank.  He released my cock, and moved his hand to my face.  Knowing what he wanted, I began to clean my cum from it with my tongue.  Once clean, he began to scoop the cum from the various splotches and lines on my body where it had landed and feed it to me.

When he finished, he pointed to the drops on the rug.  Wordlessly, I knelt and rubbed my tongue over the smooth fibers, cleaning up his floor.  He didn't order me to do it, and he hadn't had to.  I did it at his suggestion, and the thought never occurred to me to argue or protest.  He had gotten me off, he'd sucked my cock, and based on all that had transpired that day, I'd never have expected it from him.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Tom's shorts fall around his ankles, and I looked up to find him nude.  I crawled between his legs and stared at his long, hard cock.  I glanced up to receive his nod of permission, and then lowered my face into his crotch.

I lost sense of time.  I didn't care about how long it took, I just wanted it to be as good for him as it had been for me.  I started at his balls, licking and sucking, taking them into my mouth and rolling them around.  The skin on his sack was lightly hairy, and the smell and taste was wonderful.  I lapped at his nuts, and briefly the image flashed in my mind of a puppy playing with a chew toy.  I almost smiled.  Eventually, I felt his hands ruffling my hair, and I moved up to take his cock into my mouth.  The head was pretty wet from precum, and I licked it clean before sinking down on his shaft.

I developed a rhythm of sucking hard all the way down to the root, my nose buried in his straw colored pubes, then sliding softly up, swirling my tongue around his head a few times, and repeating.  I could hear him breathing above me, and my hands wrapped around his firm calves, gently massaging as I continued to give him head.  Occasionally, his cock would twitch inside me.  Inevitably, his hips began to rise gently on each downstroke, and I reversed the process to suck hard on the upstroke instead of the down, milking his shaft as it withdrew from my mouth.  He was panting hard and his grip tightened on my hair.  At last, I felt him shoot his first spurt into my mouth, and I slid back so only his head was in my mouth.  As volley after volley pumped into my mouth, I swallowed it down and lightly traced the tip of my tongue over his smooth, spongy head.  I tilted my head up to see his face tight with the sensation, eyes closed, mouth partly open.

When he was finished, I didn't pull off, but gently suckled at his cock as it deflated.  Sweat glistened on his chest, and when he was completely soft, his eyes opened.  He looked down at me, my lips still around his cock, and stroked my hair again.  "You really do like my cock, don't you?"  I moaned my agreement around him.  He closed his eyes and rested his head back on the sofa.  After several minutes, he mumbled, "That's the last time you cum until I get you off, Jeff.  It may be tomorrow, it may be Christmas, but that's the last time."

I knelt there, on the floor between his legs, his soft cock in my mouth, until his hands dropped from my head and he'd fallen asleep.