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Summer Nights

"My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me

So won't you kill me?

So I die happy..."

Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down

It was hot as hell outside, nearly one hundred degrees, which was reason number one I was lying on my bed watching tv inside my apartment. I lived right off campus in an old motel that had been transformed into student apartments. They were kinda ratty, but good enough for someone who didn't have a lot of money to blow. Someone like a student. Like me.

What am I like, you ask? Well, I'm 5' 11", 170lbs., medium build. As for my face, I have soft green eyes, rich brown hair down to my ears, and also a pair of very kissable lips (so I`ve been told). I'm in fairly decent shape but I don't work out often so I don't have a toned athlete's body, much to my chagrin. At the moment I was laying on my side on the bed, wearing only a t-shirt and a pair of blue low-rise briefs.

Anyways, the show I was watching had gone to commercial so I looked out the window, catching the last of the suns rays filtering through the heavy glass. It looked beautiful, but I was definitely glad I was seeing it from this side of the glass. The show started up again and I turned back to watch the comedian on the screen. I was chuckling at something he'd said when suddenly I felt a hand reach under my shirt and rub up my back, the very touch electric. A soft sigh passed through my lips as the hand continued up my back and then around to the front, pulling me back to melt against the body of the sweetest boy to ever live.

That's right, reason number two I was lying in bed on a Saturday night. My boyfriend of ten months was in it. I turned my head to look into his deep brown eyes that spoke of intelligence, warmth, and right now especially of lust. Apparently he saw the same things in my eyes because he pulled me around and pressed his lips against mine, softly at first and then with a growing intensity, slipping his tongue in as if trying to get as far inside of me as he could. Now all thoughts of the tv were lost and I closed my eyes and pressed myself against him, entwining a leg around his and running a hand through his jet black hair, feeling its soft silkiness slip through my fingers. His mouth continued to press hungrily against mine and his hands reached around, one rubbing up my spine and the other playing with the waistband of my briefs. Needless to say we were both hard by then, our straining cocks separated by the thin material of my briefs and his jeans. We quickly remedied the situation, me unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them and his black briefs off while he did the same to me. Our mouths never lost contact, his tongue dancing across mine and then he was sucking on my lip, both of our eyes closed in an expression of perfect ecstasy. As I continued running my hand through his hair I felt his light touch run up my spine, causing me to arch my back into him as I shuddered from the indescribable feelings he was already creating in me.

Suddenly he broke the kiss and I opened my eyes, staring into his with a heated passion. He pushed me onto my back and moved on top of me, pressing the length of his body into mine. He brought his face down and began licking and nibbling my ear, which made a low moan build deep in my throat. Then he worked his way down my body, licking from the hollow of my neck down the center of my chest until he stopped to work on my nipple. He licked it softly, swirling around the areola and gently lapping at the now raised center. His fingers were teasing my other nipple and I was awash with the sensations when suddenly he bit down on the one nipple and twisted the other with his forefinger and thumb, causing me to buck my entire body up off the bed and scream with the mixture of pain and pleasure. He kept this up until I was reduced to a quivering mess of sensations, my heavy breathing and moaning fuel for his ministrations. Finally he took pity on me and continued licking downward, brushing across my navel and then reaching my throbbing cock.

I turned my body around on the bed, reaching for his cock to return some of the pleasure he was giving me. Even it was beautiful, seven inches standing out from his body with the slightest curve upward. Its hard length tapered into a slanted mushroom head which I placed a soft kiss on, caressing the length of his shaft with one hand while the other cupped his ballsac. I licked the underside of his cock, tracing it's silky smoothness with the tip of my tongue while I felt his tongue gliding over and around my head. He continued this for a few seconds while I was licking up and down his cock, and then he placed his lips around the head and pushed all the way down my seven and a half inch cock until I could feel his lips against my skin. I almost came in his mouth right then, the pleasure was so incredible. Instead I sucked one, then both of his smooth balls into my mouth and was rewarded with a moan against my cock. He began to move slowly up and down on my cock and I brought my mouth back to his, dipping my tongue into his slit and swirling it around his head before bringing my mouth over his length and sucking my way down it. My tongue rubbed along the top of his cock as I drove down on him, inhaling his sexy aroma which always drove me crazy. My cock twitched in his mouth as he kept deep throating me, driving me closer and closer to release.

I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer so I increased my pace on his cock, bobbing up and down and caressing his balls while my finger teased his hole. He must have been feeling the same way: his pace increased and I could taste the precum leaking from his cock as I pulled it further into me. We both sped up, completely lost in our own world of heavy breathing and moaning until we came almost at the same time, tensing up and shooting hot streams of cum into each others mouths. After we were done I turned back around and pressed my lips to his again in the softest and most sensual of kisses, tasting my cum in his mouth and allowing him to taste his in mine. He ran his hand through my hair and pulled me against him again, wrapping his lithe form around mine, and I heard him whisper "I love you" into my ear before we both drifted off into the blissful oblivion of sleep.

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