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This part of the story takes place ten months before the previous installment.


Summer Nights Pt. 2

"Okay, Today was a good day

I didn`t even have to use my A.K.

At least I didn`t get my heart broken anyway..."

The Ataris - Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, B, A, Start


Colin was so busy watching everyone else that he missed the tree root stretching out across the lawn under him. He managed not to land square on his face, but he was pretty sure that the way he flailed his arms around trying to keep himself balanced ruined any attempt to appear calm and collected. Great. Way to keep it together Colin. At this rate you'll have the guys fawning all over you.

It was a bright August day and the sun burned down upon the college campus. Colin began to get a little warm in his dark jeans and button up shirt, but the silver sunglasses he was wearing at least reflected the sun's glare so he could see where he was going. Not that I'm doing a good job of that... he mused. His soft brown hair was still damp from the hasty shower he'd taken before driving to the campus. He'd almost been late to the first day of orientation despite setting the hotel's alarm clock an hour early. Does me no good if I turn it off and go back to sleep.

A warm breeze lifted his hair and swirled it around. It was something he was used to with hair so thick but it still drove him nuts. He looked around to see if anyone was still paying any attention to him and wiped his hand through his hair to smooth it out before continuing to walk towards the large brick building where he'd been told to go for orientation. By the time he'd made it to the stop of the steps he'd regained his composure and walked through the doors to meet his orientation group.

The group was a motley assortment of teenagers with the typical groupings. Colin looked them over from behind the safety of his reflective sunglasses and passed each one by just as quickly. Sure, some of them might make good friends, but he was looking for something a bit different.

"...My parents were so worried about me getting addicted to anything that they wouldn't even get me hooked on phonics. I was thirteen before I learned to read. Coincidentally that was also when I got my first porno magazine."

Colin turned towards the laughter and the source of the comment that spawned it, then stopped dead in his tracks. Leaning against the wall with a hint of amusement in his brown eyes was exactly what Colin had been looking for. The guy looked to be around 5'7" and only 130 pounds. He had mid-length hair the color of night and was wearing a thin black shirt that clung to his chest and tight black jeans. Whoa...Colin turned his head away but continued to check the guy out through the corner of his eye, glad he had thought to wear his sunglasses. Definitely need to find out who this guy is.

Colin worked up enough courage and walked over to the group and introduced himself.

"Hi everyone. Guess we're all in the same orientation group eh?"

Everyone standing around responded with a chorus of "hey"s and "yeah"s. The boy Colin had been checking out leaned forward extending his hand.

"Hey! The name's Gabriel, but everyone just calls me Gabe. What's yours?"

Colin reached up and removed his sunglasses, placing them in his pants pocket, and reached out to return the handshake.

"Oh, um, my name's Colin."

Their eyes met while their hands were shaking, Colin's light green pair staring into the deep, soulful brown eyes of Gabe. Gabriel...what a name...well, he certainly fits the bill. Colin continued to shake Gabe's hand until he realized he'd been doing it for much longer than was normal and quickly let go. Gabe smiled at him and gave him a quick wink, then turned his attention to the crowd he had been entertaining.

"So there I am in my room, looking at this porno mag I'd taken from my dad's closet. My dad walks in and sees that I'm trying to read some magazine, but he can't tell what it is immediately because I'm sitting at my desk and I have my back to the door. Of course there's a bunch of words I can read but have no idea what they mean, so I ask him over to tell me what some words mean. As he's walking he says 'Good boy, glad to see you're reading something. What's giving you trouble.' There were a lot of words I didn`t know, so I just went with the first one I saw on the page. `Well dad, how about this word, cock?' He turned beet red and I thought his head was going to explode, that is until he came up beside me and saw what I was looking at. I swear he jumped three feet up in the air. Then he snatched up the mag and said `Uh, a cock is a rooster son. But you shouldn't be looking in this magazine because it's an adult magazine. Now I don't want to ever find out you've been going through my closet again.' And as he says this he's practically running out of the room to go hide the magazine before my mom finds out I've been reading it."

Everyone laughed at the story, thinking about how funny it must have been to see Gabriel's dad fleeing to escape the wrath of his mom. Most of the boys also remembered their own experiences with being caught with Playboys and Penthouses and laughed more now that sufficient time had passed so that the experiences could actually be seen as funny.

Colin laughed along with the rest of the group, He'd been watching the way Gabe's eyes sparkled as he told his story and the way they crinkled up as he laughed.

"Hey Gabe, you still believe what he told you? That a cock is a rooster and all?" Colin said with a hint of mirth crossing turning the ends of his mouth up into a smile.

With a perfectly serious expression Gabe looked back at Colin and said "Cock-a-doodle-doo."

Both boys burst out laughing again as if sharing a secret joke. As their laughter subsided they heard the call to collect in a large circle around the orientation group leader as the activities were about to begin. Gabe put his arm around Colin's shoulders and led him over to the group so that both could hear the instructions and prepare for this introduction to their new life at college. Colin smiled at the gesture. If this is what college life is going to be like I could definitely get to enjoy it.


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