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by Jeff Allen


The last six weeks of our senior year seemed to go by at warp speed.

I continued to work weekends with Art on the renovation project. We installed the new bathroom fixtures which meant that we could pee in the house, not out in the yard as we'd been doing before, and we could even wash our hands afterwards. We got the drywall put up. Man, that was a real job. It was not only the cutting and fitting of the heavy plaster sheets, but it was also finishing off the seams between boards so they didn't show. The new kitchen cabinets arrived, and we got those installed. All that was done by the time graduation rolled around. It was a lot of work, but the truth of the matter was that Derek helped most of those weekends, so there were three of us working on the project. By graduation time, about all that was needed to finish off the house was to paint the new walls and refinish the hardwood floors. Art even had a buyer lined up for the house once it was finished.

That didn't mean I would be unemployed for the summer. He had already purchased another fixer-upper. He'd taken Derek and me out to see it, and the place really needed some fixing. My summer employment was assured.

I took Caitlin Lawing to the senior prom. Derek was back dating Autumn Greene after breaking up with her in January. He dated Jennifer Flores and Pam Merchant before circling back to Autumn. Caitlin and I had continued to go out with each other on occasion, but it wasn't anything serious. We'd actually talked about it on one of our dates. It was a relief when we realized that neither one of us wanted a real boyfriend/girlfriend sort of relationship and that we were fine with being just friends. I had the feeling that Caitlin really wanted to be with Autumn. The dynamics between the two of them reminded me a lot of the dynamics between Derek and me.

All of the sudden, graduation was upon us. Derek's father was the commencement speaker. I don't remember a thing he said, but I remember it sounded nice as he was saying it.

What I do remember about the graduation ceremony is walking across the stage to get my diploma. The graduating class stood at the proper time in the ceremony, and row by row we were directed to the stage by the junior marshals. Mrs. Moore, the guidance counselor, read our names as we walked individually across the stage. We were supposed to shake hands with the chairman of the school board, shake hands with Principal Longworth, cross the rest of the stage and receive our diplomas from a table manned by two of the teachers.

I shook hands with the chairman of the school board, but then I walked right by Mr. Longworth and headed straight for the table with the diplomas. The old son-of-a-gun had never apologized for wrongly accusing me of cheating. He seemed surprised when I walked right past him. I heard sort of a collective gasp from the audience followed by a scattering of applause from the graduating class. As I received my diploma, I glanced over to the dignitaries seated on the stage. Most were frowning at my behavior, but Derek's father smiled and winked at me.

The Jacksons had an open house at their place following the graduation. I think most of Indian Crossing came through the house that night. Derek, his sister, and I spent most of the time making sure that the food trays were replaced as soon as the starving hordes of high school graduates and their parents cleaned off the ones out on the tables.

When the party was over and the house was cleaned up, Derek and I retreated to his bedroom.

I'd had a hard time trying to decide what to get him for graduation. What do you get for your best friend who also happens to be one of the most generous people on the planet? Derek was always giving me clothes that he said he didn't wear anymore. That was mostly true, but some of the things he'd given me still had the store tags inside them. His parents had given him a new cell phone with one of those unlimited minutes plans for his birthday in April. Derek had gone out and bought the same cell phone for me, and added that line to his contract. I argued with him, but his response was that it was only $9.95 a month and it was worth the price so he could talk to me whenever he wanted. I took the phone, but I insisted on paying the charge for the extra line on his contract. His graduation present from his parents was a brand new laptop computer and printer. I got his "old" machine and printer which were only two years old. I know some of you are saying, "All he did was give you hand-me-downs." I didn't look at it that way. As far as Derek was concerned, anything he had was common property with me.

We were sitting on his bed in just our boxers. We'd been talking for a while about what it felt like to be a high school graduate. I reached down into my backpack beside the bed, retrieved a small clumsily wrapped box (hey, gift wrapping is not a guy thing), and handed it to Derek.

"What's this?"

"It's your graduation present, you dumb jock. Open it."

He tore off the wrapping, opened the box, and removed the thin gold chain. He smiled, and then he started to laugh.

It pissed me off. "Don't you like it? Is it too gay for you?"

"Calm down, white bread." He reached behind the pillow and pulled out a small box. It was wrapped way better than mine had been. "Here, open it and you'll see why I'm laughing."

I removed the wrapping, opened the box, and took out a thin gold chain that was almost identical to the one I'd bought him. I got tears in my eyes.

He leaned forward, took the chain from my hands, undid the clasp, and placed it around my neck.

He pulled the back of my head forward until our foreheads were touching. "Brett, you are not only my best friend, you're my brother...forever."

I was really bawling at that point, and there were tears in Derek's eyes also. I took the chain I'd given him, and placed it around his neck.

"Derek, my brother, my friend, I love you...forever."

He pulled us into a full embrace, and we sort of cried on one another's shoulder for a few minutes.

We settled down after a few minutes, but the events of the day and the emotions of the night had worn us out. We were asleep within a couple of minutes.

Two days later the Jackson Family left for Washington. I drove them to the Jacksonville airport in Derek's Jeep. Derek was going to spend the summer working in his father's congressional office. It would be great experience for him, and I knew he'd missed being with his parents since January when they'd moved up to DC. He and I had to report for football practice at Adams State University the first week of August, so he wasn't really going to be gone all that long, but I was already missing him by the time I got back to Indian Crossing.

It was a good thing that he'd gotten me that cell phone package `cause we sure spent a lot of time in the evenings on the phone talking with one another over the course of the summer.

As for me, well, Art and I worked pretty hard finishing up the first renovation project and the starting on his next one. By the middle of July, we were putting up the new drywall. The project was on target to be finished by the time I had to report to Adams State for football practice.

In addition to working and earning some good money over the summer, I also had a lot of sex with Art. We got it on almost every day after work. I stayed over at his house a couple of nights a week, and one weekend he took me with him to a party in Savannah.

The party was a new experience for me. It was at the house of a gay couple in their late thirties. They had a very private backyard with a hot tub and a pool. As it got to be a little later in the evening and as the guests got to be a little tipsier, more and more guys ended up naked in the pool or hot tub. I was right in there with them. I wasn't one of the tipsy ones, but I wasn't going to miss the opportunity. I got groped several times, kissed by almost everyone, and even had one guy start to give me a blow job when I was sitting on the edge of the pool. Needless to say, I was really ready for Art and me to get back to the privacy of our hotel room, where we had a lot of fun!

We finished Art's renovation project on my last day of work. Talk about close timing. Art had a potential buyer for the house, and he was already looking around for another project.

When we got back to his house, we stripped down for our shower. It was going to be our last opportunity to be together, so I'd arranged to stay overnight with him. After a dinner of steaks, salad, and potatoes, Art and I snuggled together on the couch in his den. We watched a baseball game as we lay in each other's arms. We'd started out the evening in shorts and tee shirts, but by the time the baseball game was over, we were naked, and our cocks had been erect, or semi erect, for a long time.

The next day, I said good-bye to Art, drove back out to my house, and got ready to drive Derek's Jeep to the Jacksonville airport, which was about a two hour drive, to pick up Derek. Scott wanted to ride along. I was reluctant at first to have him go with me because I wanted Derek all to myself. However, Scott's pleadings wore me down.

Derek's plane was delayed coming out of DC because of thunderstorms in the suburban Washington area. Scott and I each had an overpriced and overcooked cheeseburger and some greasy, cold French fries at one of the places in the airport's food court. The meals sat like lead weights in our bellies. Even Scott, who was fourteen and could eat a huge meal and then be roaming around in the kitchen looking for more food half an hour later, complained about the aftermath of the burger and fries.

Derek's plane finally arrived almost three hours late, but I forgot all about the bad meal and the long wait when I saw Derek coming into the baggage claim area from the concourse. He looked darn good. Of course, he always did.

The three of us hugged and then chatted together while we waited for Derek's bags to arrive. When they came, we hurried out to the parking lot and left the airport. Derek hadn't had any dinner, so we pulled into a fast food joint to relieve his hunger pains. Scott ordered another cheeseburger and fries. I just had a coke.

It was nearly midnight by the time we got back to the house. Daddy had waited up for us, but he headed off to bed shortly after we arrived. Scott grabbed some milk and cornbread and went up to his room. Derek and I carried his luggage upstairs to my room and quickly stripped down to our boxer shorts, as was our normal pattern.

Both of us were tired from the driving or traveling, so we fell asleep not long after going upstairs.

When I woke up the next morning, Derek was spooned against my back. I could feel his breath on the back of my head, and his morning wood was pressing against my ass. I started to move away, but he put his arm across my chest and pulled me closer to him.

"Don't get up just yet. I've missed this."

I hugged his arm to my chest, "I missed this, too, but I've really got to pee. I'll be right back."

Derek came into the bathroom as I was relieving my bladder. He stepped up next to me, pulled his boxers down to free his half-hard dick, and peed into the bowl with me. I'd seen Derek naked lots of times, but it was unusual for me to see his dick in a state of semi arousal. I enjoyed the show.

After shaking the last drops off the tip of his softening dick, Derek announced that he was hungry.

There was a note from Daddy in the kitchen saying that he'd taken Scott over to Nathan's and was going to run some errands in town. He expected to be gone most of the day. I suspected that he was going to visit Derek's grandfather.

We ate our breakfast, showered (separately), and started packing for our move up to Adams State the next day.

We'd gotten a couple of things organized and packed into Derek's Jeep when Derek sat down on my bed.

"Can we take a break?"

"What's the matter? Tired? Man, if you're tired now, wait until a couple of days of college football practice."

"I'm not tired, but I've got something that I've got to talk with you about."

"Okay." I sat down next to him.

"I did some thinking while I was up with my parents. About you and me. About our relationship..."

Uh oh, here comes the part where he tells me he can't keep up a friendship with a gay guy.


"...Brett, you've been straightforward with me. You told me that you're gay, and I reacted badly to that. I apologize."

"You apologized a long time ago. It's past."

"My reaction to your news had more to do with my own feelings than with you."

"You mean your latent homophobia?" I smiled trying to lighten the mood. It didn't work.

"About my own feelings about me and you."

I thought I'd better go right to the chase and get it over with. "You're still homophobic, and you don't think that you can be roommates with a gay guy, right? If that's it, just spit it out. We can arrange for a room change when we get up to Adams State tomorrow."

He grabbed my hand. "Will you stop talking, and listen to me. You're my best friend. I want us to be roommates...I want us to be boyfriends."


"I've had feelings for you for a long time. I tried to force those feelings out of my mind. I told myself that I couldn't be gay. Brothers can't be gay..."

I snorted.

He smiled. "I'm trying to be serious here, and you're ready to break out in laughter."

"I'm sorry, Derek. `Brothers can't be gay' is just such a cliché. This is the Twenty-First Century."

"Okay, so brothers can be gay. I just didn't want this brother to be gay. Brett, I've fought my feelings for you for the last four years. I can't fight my feelings any longer. I like being with women. I'm good..."

"Whoa, no ego there."

He punched my arm, "Just shut up and listen. What I'm trying to tell you is that if I had to make a choice between spending a night sleeping next to you like we did last night, or spending a night fucking the hottest woman on the planet, I'd choose to be with you. Do you still love me?"

"More every day."

"Well, I love you, too. And not just as best friends. I'm in love with you. I have been for a long while; I was just too stubborn to admit it to myself."

He moved his face toward mine. I moved toward him as if being drawn in by a force ten times stronger than gravity. We kissed. It was tentative. The second kiss was full of love and tenderness. The third kiss was a lust-loaded scorcher. When we came up for air, we were reclining on the bed with Derek's hands stuck down the front of my cargo shorts.

I pulled away, got up, and extended my hand to him.

"Come on. I don't want our first time to be here. Follow me."

Hand in hand, I led him downstairs. I grabbed an old blanket from the closet and threw it over my shoulder as I led him out of the house and into the woods.

When we came to the bank of the river, I stopped and began removing my clothes.

"This is my favorite spot in the whole world. I want our first time to be here."

He looked around. "It's beautiful. So peaceful."

"I've spent a lot of time fishing from the sand bar out there in the middle of the river. My daddy used to come here when he was a kid. He's the one that showed Scott and me this spot."

"PawPaw always said that he enjoyed fishing on the river when he was a kid."

I smiled thinking about my daddy and Derek's grandfather. Maybe someday Grandpa Jackson would tell Derek about their love affair.

Naked, we waded out to the sandbar. The river wasn't very deep because it hadn't rained in a week or so. I spread the blanket on the sandbar and lay down beckoning Derek to join me. He may have been a little slow understanding and analyzing his feelings about me, but he was quick to recognize my come hither look.

When our hard cocks touched skin to skin for the first time, it was like a jolt of electricity going through my body. As we kissed and rolled around on the blanket, we ground our erections against one another. Way too soon our passion erupted between us. Our seed flowed together and coated our bellies.

Derek moved to lie beside me on the blanket. "That was the most amazing sex I've ever had."

"That's because we weren't having sex, Derek. We were making love."

"You're right. I'm sorry. I..."

I put my finger on his mouth in a signal for him to stop talking.

"Hush. It's okay. That was the most intense feeling I've ever experienced...and it's because I was making love with you."

"I can't wait to try other things."

"Start by trying some of this."

I scooped up some of the cum that was on his stomach and lifted my finger toward his mouth. He looked at me with some apprehension in his eyes, but he licked our mixed cum from my finger.

"Hey, that's not too bad. I think I could get used to that taste."

I scooped up some of the jizz on my stomach and tasted it.

"I can taste you."

"You mean cum has different tastes?"

"Yeah, everyone's cum tastes a little different. Part of the taste is the person's own body chemistry. Part of the taste is affected by what the person's been eating."

We washed ourselves in the river then settled down on the blanket to let the sun dry us. I lay with my head on Derek's chest and playfully ran my finger around the rim of one of his dark brown nipples. His nipple got hard, and when I looked down toward his crotch, I could see that his nipple wasn't the only thing getting hard.

I moved down, took his growing cock in my hand, and began to run the edge of my tongue around the helmet-shaped head. Derek's dick was a little darker than the milk chocolate color of the rest of his skin. He moaned as I continued to move my tongue around on the head of his dick. I moved away from his cock and buried my face in his pubic hair. I inhaled his scent. I already knew what he smelled like. I'd often jacked off while holding some article of clothing that he'd left at my house up to my nose. His scent was much stronger at the source. It was slightly musky with a hint of earth and cloves.

Thoroughly turned on after sniffing his crotch, I took his erection in my mouth and tried to give him the best blow job of his life. Judging from his moans, and the pressure of his hand on the back of my head, he was enjoying it. I lightly fingered his balls as I sucked on his dick. When his sperm makers started drawing up toward his body, I knew I was going to get my first taste of Derek's cream directly from the source. His body bucked and jerked as he shot his load down my throat. Delicious!

Derek's orgasm subsided, and he pulled me up into a kiss. He moved his tongue hungrily around in my mouth cleaning out the remains of his cum.

He pushed me over on my back and began moving his tongue and mouth down my body. When he reached my throbbing prick, he grasped it in his hand and tried to take it all in at once. He gagged.

"Just take it easy. You'll get used to it."

"I'm sorry, I want to taste you. I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel."

"Put your hand around the base, and then use your mouth. Your fist will keep you from going down so far that you gag. You've got me so hot that I'm going to cum soon anyway."

He grinned up at me, then wrapped his fist around the base of my dick and started moving his mouth up and down on the shaft. I was in heaven!

When I came, Derek managed to swallow most of my love juice, but some of it leaked out of his mouth and dribbled down his chin.

It was my turn to pull him up into a kiss, but before kissing him, I cleaned the remains of my ejaculate off his chin with my tongue.

We stayed on the sandbar in the river for another hour or so, just cuddling, kissing, and caressing. We decided to head back to the house to find some lunch when both our stomachs growled at the same time.

Scott was at the house when we walked in.

Derek went up and gave him a hug.

"Hey, little man, I thought you were over at Nathan's."

"I was, but Nathan forgot that he and his mom had to go up to Waycross today. I didn't want to tag along, so they dropped me off on their way out of town. I thought I'd go down to the river and do a little fishing, but you guys were already there. I didn't want to interrupt what you were doing, so I came back to the house."

My mouth dropped open.

Derek sat down in one of the kitchen chairs. He looked like he might get sick.

Scott laughed, "Man, you should see the looks on your faces!"

He went over and gave Derek a big hug and whispered something in his ear.

Derek laughed and hugged him back. "I love you, little man."

"I know you do, but I hope you don't love me nearly as much as you love my brother. Seriously guys, I'm glad that you two have finally figured it out. I thought I was going to have to sit down and have a talk with you. I mean, I've always known that Brett was in love with you, Derek. But sometime last winter, I realized that you loved Brett in the same way. It was written all over your face."

"Well, I finally admitted it to myself. Today was the first time..."

Scott held up his hands, "Too much information! I don't want to know the details. I'm an impressionable, young rising ninth grader. I'm too young to know these things. I'm just glad that you two smart jocks finally got it figured out. I just hope you can get a double bed in your dorm room."

I grabbed him in a head lock, "Little brother, you are so bad, and I love you for it."

"Hey, you big lug, let me go. I'm about to starve to death here, and you're keeping me from the food."

We rustled up some lunch, and then Scott helped Derek and me get the rest of my things ready. We piled everything in a corner of the living room and the three of us headed over to Derek's grandfather's house to start packing his things. Packing up Derek's stuff was going to be a bigger job; he had a lot more things than I did, and they were scattered between his parents' house and his grandfather's.

We finished most of the packing by dinner time. Derek's Grand Cherokee was almost full with just his stuff. I wasn't sure we'd be able to get my things wedged in there in the morning. It looked like I might have to ride the entire seven hours up to Adams State with my computer, which was really Derek's old computer, on the floor under my feet.

The original plan had been that Daddy and Scott would come over to Grandpa Jackson's for dinner. Then Derek was going to spend the night at his grandfather's while I spent my last night in Indian Crossing at home with Daddy and Scott. Derek would pick me up early in the morning, and we'd start the trip up to Adams State. That's not the way it turned out.

As we'd been packing up Derek's stuff in the afternoon, he'd become increasingly agitated. He was worried about something. I asked what was bothering him, and he said that he felt like he needed to tell his grandfather about us before leaving in the morning.

"Derek, I don't think your grandfather is going to have a problem with your being gay. He didn't bat an eye when I told him that I'm gay."

"Yeah, but you're not his grandson."

I hugged him and kissed his cheek. Scott made a "yuk" face.

"Derek, trust me. He's not going to have a problem with it."

"Will you come with me when I tell him?"

"I'll be here in the house, but you need to tell him by yourself."


Since Scott was already with us, Daddy arrived for dinner by himself. He and Grandpa Jackson sat down with a couple of beers and started talking. Derek decided that it was time to buck it up and tell his grandfather. He asked to speak to him privately, and the two of them excused themselves and went into Grandpa Jackson's study.

Daddy looked at me and asked, "What's going on?"

Scott piped up, "Derek's going to tell Grandpa Jackson that he's gay and that he and Brett are boyfriends."

Daddy looked at me again, "When did this happen?"


"Did you say anything about...?"

"No, sir, that's not my place."

Daddy just smiled, "Well, I think this is going to be interesting."

Scott looked from Daddy to me with a puzzled expression on his face. Neither one of us said anything.

Daddy just sat there and sipped his beer.

In just a few minutes, Grandpa Jackson opened the door to his study.

"Nick and Brett, would you two come in here for a minute, please?"

Daddy got up from his chair, "It'd be okay with me if Scott came along also."

"In that case, Derek and I will come out there."

Mr. Jackson went back into the study for a moment and emerged with his arm around Derek's shoulders. Derek had tear stains down his cheeks. He steered Derek to the couch and then sat down next to him.

"Derek has just told me that he's gay and that he's in love with Brett. Derek, I want to tell you a story. Is that okay with you, Nick?"

Daddy nodded.

"Derek, I told you in there that I love you. You're my grandson. I don't care if you're straight or gay. I just want you to love somebody and be loved in return. Back when I was in high school I fell in love with a white boy."

Derek and Scott did double takes.

Grandpa Jackson continued, "For nearly two years this young lad and I carried on a secret love affair. At first we met out on a stretch of the Fenokachee River that ran in back of his property and was near where my grandparents had their place. After my grandfather died and my grandma moved in with my folks and me, my lover and I met at their old shack. I got a scholarship to Harvard. I thought that was my ticket out of the Fenokachee County, so I took the scholarship. My lover didn't understand right then why it was important for me to go, so we had some words, and then we didn't talk to one another for over forty years. Up at Harvard, I met your grandmother, and we fell in love. I finished school, went to law school at Yale, and then to my surprise we ended up moving back here because my parents' health was failing, and I needed to be able to take care of them. When I came back here, I found out that my old lover had moved away. I never expected to see him again, and I was glad of that because I was afraid I might still love him, and then I would have to choose between my love for your grandmother and my love for him. Almost eight years ago, my old lover moved back to Fenokachee County with his young sons, but we avoided contact with one another. It wasn't until after your grandmother died that we talked to one another and began to rekindle our old love. So you see, Derek, I understand your love for Brett. I think he's a fine young man, and I see so many of the outstanding qualities in him that made me fall in love with his father."

The look on Derek's face was priceless. He was stunned

Scott was smiling, but didn't look surprised. He must have suspected that Daddy and Grandpa Jackson were a little more than friends.

Grandpa Jackson came and stood next to Daddy with his hand resting on Daddy's shoulder.

Derek turned to me, "Brett, did you know about this?"

"Yes, Daddy told me the story when I came out to him. He didn't tell me who his lover was, but I knew his name was Cleon. That's why I was so agitated when I found out that Cleon is your grandfather's, your father's and your real first names."

"I remember that. I thought you were just making fun of my name."

"No, that's when I realized that Daddy and your grandfather had been lovers in high school. That's why I wanted to go to the river today..."

Scott broke in, "Whoa, too much information! Remember, I'm only 14. Images like that could damage my developing psyche."

"I thought you were already damaged."

"And I'll have to add food deprivation to the list of things that have damaged my psyche if we don't eat soon. I'm starving."

We all laughed.

During dinner, we decided that we'd all stay at Grandpa Jackson's that night. Scott got the guest bedroom; Derek and I got Derek's room; and Daddy and Grandpa Jackson retired to the master bedroom.

After Derek and I took care of our bathroom needs, showered, brushed our teeth, and snuggled together in the middle of his bed. We'd slept in that bed together dozens of times, but this was our first night there as lovers.

We were naked and in the middle of a very passionate kiss when the door flew open and Scott, clad only in his boxer shorts, jumped into the bed with us.

"I'm lonely; can I sleep with you guys?"

"NO!" we said in unison.

"How about just snuggling for a little bit?"


Scott was trying very hard to keep a straight face. "Well, okay, if you guys are going to be that way about it, I'll just have to go back to my lonely bed all by myself. Now, you guys have plenty of condoms, right?"


He quickly kissed both of us and jumped off the bed. "Good night, guys."

I swatted his behind as he moved past the bed toward the door.

When Scott was gone, Derek got up and locked the door. He went over to one of his suitcases in the corner of the room and came back with a box of condoms and a bottle of lube.

"I came prepared."

I pulled him down into a kiss, and then said, "I never thought this night would happen."

"I've been dreaming about this all summer."

"How do you want me?"

"On your back."

I lay back on the bed and pulled my knees up to my chest exposing my asshole.

Derek laughed, "No, silly, I want you on your back so I can sit on your cock. I've read that it's easier to do it that way for the first time."

I was confused. "You mean, you want me inside you?"

"Yes, I've been practicing all summer by putting my fingers in my butt when I jerk off. I've been thinking about what it would be like to have you inside me. Now shut up and make love to me."

Derek rolled the condom down over my hard dick, spread some lube on the latex sheath and positioned himself for penetration. He held my dick in one hand as he slowly lowered himself down on me.

He groaned, "You're a little bigger than my fingers."

"We don't have to do this, Derek. We've got lots of nights ahead of us."

"No, I want this. Just give me a little time to adjust. It's starting to feel better now."

He lowered himself until his beautiful ass was settled completely down on my pole. His balls rested on my pubic hair, and his dick stood at attention with the tip almost touching his navel. I watched the tension leave his face as he adjusted to me being inside him. When he began rocking back and forth on my dick, I started thrusting up into him.

"God, this is fantastic. Why did we wait so long to do this?"

"Hey, I told you two years ago that I had a thing for you."

"Shut up and kiss me, whitebread."

I'd never felt anything like it before. I'd always enjoyed it when I was inside Art or Hector, but this was so much more. I loved Derek, and that brought out a whole ocean of feelings that I'd never felt before.

I felt my climax approaching. I increased the depth and power of my thrusts and exploded inside the condom.

When I opened my eyes, Derek was looking down at me. He smiled and began stroking his dick.

I grabbed his hand to stop him. I had other plans for how he was going to get off.

Still inside him, I reached over and grabbed another condom package. Derek watched as I tore open the foil and rolled the condom down over his dick. He was wet with precum. When his dick was sheathed, I applied some lube then gently placed my hands on his legs giving him the signal to lift his body off my softening cock.

When I was free, I spread my legs. Derek repositioned himself between my legs, and I reached between my legs to guide him into me.

His eyes closed as his weapon sunk deeper and deeper.

"God, you are so tight. I'm not going to last very long."

"Then start moving."

"Yes, sir."

It wasn't long before his thrusts became more insistent. He was approaching his climax, and to my surprise, I realized that my dick was again hard within the condom that was still covering me. When Derek came, his final thrust put me over the edge also, and I pumped a second load into the condom I was still wearing.

Afterwards, we lay wrapped in each other's arms as we drifted off to sleep.

The next day we would leave Indian Crossing and become college students at Adams State University...and we would do it as a partners.

(To be continued)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Some of the characters who play parts in this story were previously introduced in "When Love Comes" (last posted in the College section on Sept. 6, 2001), "Love of a Lifetime" (last posted in the College section on May 19, 2003), "Finding Family" (last posted in the College section on June 5, 2008), or "Construction Job" (last posted in the College section on July 24, 2008). While not necessary, readers may find it useful to read the earlier stories posted on this site.  All of the Adams State/Carterville stories listed above as well as my other stories are also posted at

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