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by Jeff Allen



Derek drove Jordan, Mitchell, and me out to the house; then after saying hello to Daddy and Scott and giving me a big cock-hardening, heart-stopping kiss, he climbed back into his Jeep to go to his house.

Daddy had a very Southern meal prepared for all of us. Fried chicken, biscuits, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, pinto beans and pecan pie made with pecans from the trees in the front yard. Being from Mississippi, Mitchell took it as a normal meal, but Jordan was thrilled and couldn't `say' enough about how great everything was. He kept Mitchell and me busy interpreting his signing for Daddy and Scott.

That night, Jordan and Mitchell slept in the extra bed in my room. While it felt good to be back in my own bed, I missed Derek. We hadn't spent a night apart from one another in four months.

The next day we helped get things prepared for the big Thanksgiving meal, and then I took Jordan and Mitchell for a tour of Indian Crossing. We stopped at Derek's house and introduced Jordan and Mitchell to the Jacksons. Derek joined us for the rest of the tour.

We ran by Art Langdon's house and caught him just before he was heading out the door to go to his parents' in Savannah for Thanksgiving. We introduced Jordan and Mitchell to him and chatted for a few minutes before resuming our tour.

Believe me; a tour of Indian Crossing doesn't take all that long. We were done in a little over an hour, even counting the time we'd spent talking with Art.

After dropping Derek off at his house, we headed back out to my house in the swamp.

The house smelled of turkey and pumpkin pie. Mitchell and I settled down with our text books in chairs in the living room to do a little studying while Jordan worked on his sketch pad.

We'd probably been studying for about forty-five minutes before I got up to use the bathroom. When I came back into the living room, I passed by Jordan and got a look at what he was doing on his sketch pad. It was a drawing of me sitting in the chair reading, and it was darn good!

I tapped him on the shoulder and signed I didn't know you were drawing me.

Do you mind?


No, it's okay. The sketch is really good.

Mitchell spoke and signed from the other side of the room, "I'm glad he was drawing you. He's been making drawings of me all semester."

Can I see some of the sketches of Mitchell?

Jordan looked over at Mitchell with a questioning look on his face.

Mitchell laughed before signing, Heck, go ahead and show him. You're turning some of those in for your portfolio anyway, so I better get over being shy about it.

Jordan nodded and flipped toward the front of his sketch pad. He showed me a drawing of Mitchell seated at his desk. Next was one of Mitchell's head and bare shoulders. The third sketch was of Mitchell lying on his dorm bed. He appeared to be sleeping, and he was naked. Jordan had accurately portrayed Mitchell's cock and balls.

I'd been in the shower room lots of times with Mitchell and Jordan. Neither one of them had reason to be ashamed in the male equipment department. Both were uncut with foreskins completely covering the heads of their cocks. Mitchell's balls looked a little bigger and hung a little lower than Jordan's, but both guys made for some very nice scenery in the showers.

Jordan was blushing, but Mitchell just chuckled. "Hey, it's all for a good cause. I hope some of the hot girls in his drawing class get a good look at the drawings. Maybe then it won't be so hard to find a date."

You're a very good artist.


Thank you. Do you mind if I keep drawing you?




Can I draw you naked some time?


I'll have to think about that.

Jordan smiled.

The Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful. It looked like we had enough food to feed a small army, but three college athletes and a rapidly growing fourteen-year-old managed to make a big dent in the food supply.

Jordan, Mitchell, and I cleaned up the kitchen, then joined Daddy and Scott in the living room.

We'd been settled for just a few minutes when Jordan pulled Scott and me over to the couch to sit on either side of Daddy. Then he took out his sketch pad and went to work. Scott and I were on either side of Daddy leaning in to him while he had his arms around our shoulders. It probably took Jordan about an hour to finish the drawing.

When he showed it to us, Daddy got tears in his eyes.

"That's wonderful, Jordan."

Jordan was darned good at lip reading, so he understood what Daddy had said. He broke into a wide smile then carefully tore the sheet away from the sketch pad and handed the drawing to Daddy.

"Oh, Jordan, thank you. I'll get this framed and put it over there above the fireplace."

Jordan just beamed again.

Late that evening, we'd all just sat down in the kitchen for some turkey sandwiches when Derek appeared at the door. He'd been crying.

"Derek, what's wrong."

"Oh, man, I told Mom and Dad that I'm gay. It didn't go so well."

I gave him a hug and a quick kiss, and ushered him over to one of the kitchen chairs.

"What happened, babe? I thought you were going to wait until Friday or Saturday to tell them?"

"That was the plan, but Mother had been going on all day about how she hoped I'd find a nice girl up there at college and how I needed to start thinking about settling down. You know how she can get. Finally, I'd had enough and told her that I'd already found the person that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She seemed happy until I told her the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with was you, then all hell broke loose."

"Babe, I'm so sorry. I thought they'd be cooler about it."

"Oh, Dad's okay with it, I think. At least he didn't yell like Mom did. Grandpa tried to calm things down, but Mom got angry at him. Now, he's in the doghouse, too. Can I stay out here tonight?"

Daddy came over and hugged Derek's shoulder. "You know you're welcome anytime out here. You don't ever have to ask."

That night all five of us slept in the same bed. We didn't plan it that way, it just sort of happened. We all went up to my room and ended up lounging on the bed and talking. Derek said he was okay, but we could all tell that he was still pretty upset. I think Derek was actually the first one of us to go to sleep. Either Jordan or Scott was next to drop off. Mitchell and I were the last ones awake. Just before I went to sleep, I remember Mitchell laying his arm across Derek's fully clothed and sleeping form and stretching out his hand to me. I reached out and held his hand as I went to sleep.

Daddy's hand on my shoulder woke me up the next morning.

"Wake up Derek and come down stairs."

I untangled myself from the mass of arms, legs, and bodies on the bed to lean over and kiss Derek on the cheek.

His eyes opened.

"Morning, Lover. Daddy wants you and me to come downstairs."

The other guys stirred as we climbed out of bed, but didn't wake up.

After relieving our bladders, Derek and I made our way down to the kitchen.

Derek's father and grandfather were sitting at the table with Daddy.

When we entered, Derek's father got up and gave both of us a hug.

"Sit down, guys, we've got some talking to do."

Daddy got up and poured cups of coffee for everyone as Mr. Jackson began to talk. The jist of it was that Mrs. Jackson was pissed (we already knew that), but Derek's dad thought she would come around eventually. We just needed to give her time to get used to the idea that Derek was gay. He asked how long Derek and I had been lovers. When Derek told him, he said he was surprised. After thinking back on our friendship, he'd thought we'd probably been lovers for a couple of years.

There wasn't any more drama the rest of the weekend. Derek stayed out at the house with us. That was fine with me. We all went over and visited with Art on his new renovation project on Saturday afternoon and helped him with some heavy lifting. We played a lot of basketball and touch football, ate a lot of leftovers, and had a great time.

Early Sunday morning we headed back up to Adams State.

There wasn't a heck of a lot of time between Thanksgiving vacation and the end of the semester. Man, it seemed like we'd just gotten back up to school and we were in the middle of exams. Then in a flash, exams were over, we'd finished our first semester of college, and our friends started heading home for Christmas.

I found out that Russ Shields was going to be by himself over Christmas, so I invited him to come home with us. Russ told me that he'd be busy working over the Holidays, but then the day before we were leaving for Indian Crossing, Russ telephoned to ask if the invitation was still open. He said he could come down for a couple of days, but he'd have to leave the day after Christmas because he had some jobs lined up. I gave him directions to Indian Crossing and told him we were looking forward to having him visit.

I was completely surprised by how tired I was after final exams. Once we got home, I sort of crashed. Derek did, too. We slept for fourteen hours straight, got up to pee and eat, and went back to bed for another eight hours.

Even after all that sleep, I had to literally haul Derek's ass out of bed the next morning. We'd promised Art that we'd help him with his renovation project over the holiday.

We put a set of clean clothes in a gym bag before heading over to meet Art. It was Saturday, and the plans were that we'd work on the house during the day and then eat dinner with him to catch up on all the happenings at Fenokachee County High School.

We put in a good hard day's work putting up new drywall in the house. We talked a lot while we worked, so the day passed quickly. Late in the afternoon, we were wrapping up the drywall job and Derek started working in another room of the house.

When we heard Derek's hammering, Art leaned over and gave me a quick kiss.

"I've wanted to do that all day. Do you think there's any chance we could get together while you're home on break?"

I kissed him back and groped his crotch. "I think we can arrange something."

"Damn, I've been half hard all day just thinking about the possibility of getting you in bed. Your hand on my crotch is making things down there a lot worse. I figured you'd have a boyfriend up there at school by now."

"Oh, I have a boyfriend, but I don't think he'd mind. Especially if we share."


I'd told Derek about Art and me. Derek said he'd always thought Art was kinda hot. Although we'd agreed before we went up to Adams State that we could have sex with other guys, neither one of us had ever done it. We had made plans to seduce Art that night after dinner, but right then seemed like a good time.

I called out, "Hey, Derek, get your ass in here."

Derek appeared in the doorway, a puzzled look on his face.

"What's up?"

"Come here."

When Derek approached, I grabbed him and laid a big kiss on him. He was surprised at first, but then he got into the kiss. When we broke the kiss, we both looked over to Art. His mouth was hanging open. Derek and I laughed.


"You mean Derek's your boyfriend?"


He broke into a huge grin. "Okay, work's over for the day. You guys have got to fill me in on how all this happened."

We had the work site cleaned up, the tools put away in Art's van, and were back at his house in record time.

"You guys want a beer first, or get cleaned up and then have a beer?"

Derek spoke up, "I want to get some of this drywall dust off me before I start thinkin' of anything else. I've got so much of the stuff on me that people would think I was a white man."

Art smiled, "Okay, you guys know where the bathroom is. I've got clean towels already laid out in there."

I looked at Derek and winked, "I think we've got a better idea. Think all three of us could fit into that shower in your bathroom? That way we'd be closer to the bed when we get done."

Art swallowed hard. "Are you guys sure about this. I don't want this to mess up your relationship."

Derek stepped forward and began unbuttoning Art's dusty flannel work shirt. "Brett and I have talked about this, and we're cool with it. I always thought you were hot, Art. Now that I've got the chance to see just how hot you really are...there's no way I'm going to pass it up."

Art and I had been together in his shower numerous times. The shower was comfortable for two, but it was a tight fit for three. None of us seemed to mind the crowding, and by the time we were finished washing each other, we were all fully erect. Art had a large amount of skin covering the head of his cock. Even when he was completely erect, most of the head was still under his hood. This time, he was so hard it looked like most of the head was poking out of its covering.

Derek was fascinated by Art's foreskin. Once we were toweled off and stretched out together on Art's bed, Derek moved right down to Art's crotch and started moving Art's foreskin back and forth over the head of his dick and licking at the precum that was oozing copiously from the tip. Art and I shared long, deep kisses as I played with his nipples and the hair on his chest. One of Art's hands was playing with my cock, balls and asshole. He used the other to stroke the smooth skin of Derek's shoulder.

Derek was really going to town on Art's cock. His oral activities expanded to include licking and mouthing Art's nuts. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Derek get his middle finger wet with spit and move it down below Art's scrotum. I could tell from the tension in Art's body when Derek's digit found Art's prostate.

Art didn't last long after that. He gave a muffled cry and exploded in Derek's mouth. When his spasms stopped, Derek got up on his hands and knees and leaned in for a kiss to share our former teacher's cum with me.

While we were kissing Art moved around underneath us so he could alternate sucking on our cocks while Derek and I kissed. We ended up kneeling together on the bed kissing while Art sucked us off. Eventually he had both our cocks in his mouth at the same time. Feeling Derek's cock pressing against mine while Art sucked both of us was a new experience, and it was hot as all get out! I knew Derek was getting close. I could feel the tension building in his muscles, and his kissing grew more insistent. His body jerked as he started cumming. That put me over the edge.

I don't know how Art managed to swallow both loads, but he did.

Derek and I had several more three ways with Art over the next two weeks. Somehow it seemed right to be sharing ourselves with him. We limited our play with Art to touching, kissing, and oral sex...sometimes a little digital prostatic massage during a blow job, but no anal intercourse. Derek and I kept that to ourselves. Since Derek's mom was still upset with the reality of having a gay son, he was staying out at my house. That meant that even if we'd had sex with Art after work, we were still able to make love to one another at night.

The Saturday before Christmas, we knocked off work early because Art was going to some fancy Christmas party in Savannah that evening. The party was being hosted by an older and very wealthy gay couple. I mean tuxedos and the whole nine yards. Art said that the couple gave the party every year and it was considered one of the highlights of the gay social scene in the Savannah area. He'd gotten an invitation to the party the year before after meeting the host couple at another social function.

Derek took the afternoon to go over to his house to talk with his mom. The talk didn't last very long. He was back at my house before dinner. His mom was still holding out hope that he was `just going through a phase' as she put it, and she got angry when Derek tried to tell her it wasn't a phase.

Russ Shields arrived at the house mid afternoon Christmas Eve day. After introducing him to Daddy and Scott and getting him settled in one of the extra bedrooms upstairs, Derek and I took him on a tour of Indian Crossing. We joked that it wouldn't take more than five minutes to complete the tour, but Russ seemed genuinely interested in seeing the town.

We drove by the high school and the down town area...all two blocks of it. We had a fountain drink at Herman's Drug Store and then drove around town. We made a swing down Art's street and spotted him putting some Christmas packages into his car.

Derek pulled into the driveway.

"Come on, let's introduce you to the guy Brett and I have been working with over the break. He's our old high school math teacher."

Art looked up at the sound of the Jeep coming in his driveway, but seeing that it was us, he went back to rearranging the packages in his back seat...not that there's much of a back seat in a Mustang.

Derek walked right up to him and said, "Hey, Art, glad we caught you. We want to introduce you to a friend of ours from school. Art, this is Russ Shields. Russ, meet Art Langdon."

Art extended his hand in greeting, but then froze in place for a second before continuing. Russ was affected by the same temporary paralysis.

"Didn't we meet at Jack and Dan's party? I thought you said your name was Rock."

Russ seemed to stiffen a little before answering. "I use that name sometimes. It's good to see you again."

Derek clapped Russ on the back. "You guys were at the same party? Cool! Art said it was a big shindig. So far, he's only told us the censored version of the party. You can fill us in on all the dirty details later tonight...especially the dirty details about Art."

It was meant to be a joke, but neither Art nor Russ laughed.

We spent only a couple of more minutes in a clearly strained conversation before I told Art that we had a bunch more places to take Russ. We said our good-byes and climbed back into the Jeep.

Russ was sitting in the passenger seat. I was in the back. No one said anything for the next couple of minutes. Finally, Russ said, "Guys, I need to tell you something. Can we find a place to park? This isn't going to be easy for me."

(To be continued)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Some of the characters who play parts in this story were previously introduced in "When Love Comes" (last posted in the College section on Sept. 6, 2001), "Love of a Lifetime" (last posted in the College section on May 19, 2003), "Finding Family" (last posted in the College section on June 5, 2008), or "Construction Job" (last posted in the College section on July 24, 2008). While not necessary, readers may find it useful to read the earlier stories posted on this site.  All of the Adams State/Carterville stories listed above as well as my other stories are also posted at


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