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by Jeff Allen



I'd called ahead to Dino's Pizza so there wasn't a wait for a table. Derek and I maneuvered Jordan so that the empty sixth chair at the table was next to him. We all chatted back and forth while we looked at the menu. Radu wasn't very good yet with sign language, so one of us translated Jordan's signs for him as we `talked.'

I saw Russ come in the door. He spotted us and headed over to the table.

"Sorry I'm late. I thought you said seven o'clock."

Derek handled it easily, "I did, but we all got here early. Relax, you're not late. Take a seat and let me introduce you around the table. Guys, this is Russ Shields. Russ, that's Mitchell Carr sitting across from you. Mitchell's the only straight guy here, but he's an honorary family member, so don't worry. The tall guy next to Mitchell is Radu Kavacevic. Then the big, shy guy sitting next to you is Jordan Nance."

Russ reached across the table to shake hands with Mitchell and Radu. Then he turned and extended his hand to Jordan who was turning a bright scarlet color.

Jordan shook Russ's hand and then signed, You modeled for my figure drawing class. Mitchell interpreted.

"That's right. I thought you looked familiar. It looks like I'll be doing more modeling for your class. The time fits in well with my schedule, and your art prof seemed pleased with my job."

Mitchell translated again as Jordan signed, She said you were one of the best models she's worked with because you take very natural poses.

"Thanks. The prof seemed to be pleased with your work as well. She spent a lot of time with you."

In reply, Jordan took out a pocket notebook and started a sketch of Russ, which he finished just as the pizzas arrived. He handed the sketch to Russ. Russ showed it around. We all complimented Jordan on the drawing. It looked just like Russ.

"May I keep this?"

Jordan nodded, and Russ carefully slipped the paper into the side pocket of his coat without folding or bending the drawing.

After the pizzas were demolished, Radu excused himself, reminding us that he had a game the next night and needed to get back to the dorm before the team curfew.

As the rest of us were getting ready to split up the bill, Russ said, "I've got some beer over at my apartment if you guys want to come over for a bit."

Mitchell, Derek, and I thought that was a great idea. Jordan `said' he would come along to keep us out of trouble, but he couldn't have any beer because he had to make weight for the wrestling team on Monday. He was worried that he'd already overdone it with the three slices of pizza he'd eaten. The rest of us had put away at least four slices each, except Russ who'd limited himself to two.

Russ's apartment was only about a four block walk from the restaurant. It was a cozy one bedroom place at the back of a larger house. There were two other apartments in the house, both of which were larger than his place.

We piled our coats in the bedroom, and Russ broke out the beer. As we talked Mitchell, Derek, and I signed the conversation in order to keep Jordan interacting with the rest of us. By the end of the second round of beers, Russ had picked up a number of signs and was using them.

Jordan yawned broadly just a little after midnight. The rest of us took it as our clue that it was time to head back to the dorm. We retrieved our coats, said good-bye to Russ, and started out the door.

Russ gave each of us a quick hug before we left. It may have been my imagination, but I thought the hug between Russ and Jordan lasted a little longer than the others.

As we were finally headed out the door, Russ signed to Jordan, Thank you for the drawing.

Jordan smiled broadly, I'll do another one of you sometime.


I'd like that. Good night.

On the walk back to the dorm, Jordan was figuratively walking on air.

I leaned over to Derek and whispered in a falsetto voice, "Oh, Daddy, I think our little boy's growing up. He's in love for the first time."

He chuckled and whispered back, "Yes, Mother, I think our plan worked. Now, I just hope Jordan doesn't get hurt."

The next couple of weeks went by quickly. Derek and I contacted a local real estate agent about finding a house to buy as Mr. Jackson had asked. Radu started dating Jean-Paul Lamanche, one of the guys on the hockey team, and Mitchell started spending time with a great looking art student who'd seen some of Jordan's drawings of Mitchell. She was totally after Mitchell's body, and Mitchell was loving it.

The down side was that whenever Mitchell and the `Art Chick,' as we called her, wanted to fuck...which was at least once a day...poor Jordan was sort of kicked out of the room. Usually he came down and spent the time with us. We didn't mind. He was quiet company. We usually just studied for our classes, and sometimes Jordan would sketch one of us while we studied.

Russ modeled for the figure drawing class again, and after the class he and Jordan had gotten a cup of coffee at the Student Union. However, the next time Jordan asked Russ to meet for coffee, Russ had said `no,' and Jordan's feelings were hurt.

I felt sorry for him, so I mentioned it to Russ one day when we ran into each other on campus.

Russ sighed sadly and said, "Brett, I just can't see any future for Jordan and me. He has to be one of the sweetest guys on the planet. He doesn't need to be hanging around with a guy like me."

"Whaddya mean `guy like me'?"

"Brett, he's an innocent farm kid from Iowa. I'm a jaded whore from Massachusetts. He'll be hurt if he finds out who I really am. It's better if he doesn't get too attached to me."

"Are you saying that you think Jordan wouldn't want to be around you if he knew what you do on weekends."


"Then I'm pissed at you, Russ. Did Derek and I turn away from you?"

"No, but that's different."

"What's so different about it? Derek and I still want you as a friend."

"And I can never tell you how much that friendship means to me. I think Jordan `likes' me in a different way. I think he wants to be more than friends with me, and I just can't do that to him. He's much too sweet to get hung up on a loser like me."

"Now, I'm even more pissed. Derek and I don't make friends with losers, Russ. So you're not a loser, unless you make yourself into one. Think about that."

The next day, Jordan was all excited because Russ had asked him to go for coffee after the figure drawing class.

However, when he came back from meeting with Russ he went right into his room and shut the door. I went across the hall and pressed the button that had been set up on the door. Since Jordan couldn't hear someone knocking, the button was connected to a flashing light over the door frame inside the room. Jordan didn't answer.

I tried the door. It opened, so I went in. Jordan was on the floor propped up against his bed. He was crying.

I caught his attention and signed, What's wrong?




What about Russ?


He doesn't want to be friends with me anymore.


Why not?


He said that he's not good enough for me. He told me that I need to stay away from him so I don't get hurt. But I'm hurt now.


I sat down beside him and wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders.

He leaned into me for a few moments, then signed, I need to leave. Mitchell and his girlfriend will be here soon. They don't want to see his faggot roommate sitting on the floor crying.


Then come across to our room. We're all faggots there, and you can sit on the floor and cry. No one will care.

Jordan grabbed his books and sketch pad and followed me into my room.

Derek looked up when we came in.

"It didn't go well, eh?"

"Right. Jordan needs a place to crash out for a while."

"Mitchell and the Art Chick again?"


Jordan sat at my desk and started looking through one of his text books. Derek and I snuggled together on the bed. I was reading chemistry. He was studying for a history test.

After about an hour, the three of us went over to the cafeteria for dinner. Afterward, we all settled back to our studies.

It was hot in the room. Why are dorm rooms always so darned hot? Without a thought, Derek and I stripped down to our boxers, our normal attire for studying, and snuggled back on the bed. Jordan removed his shirt, sat back down at my desk, and picked up his sketch pad.

Can I draw you while you're studying?



We went back to our notes and textbooks. We focused on the books for a good two hours. Finally I felt Derek's head rest against my shoulder. I looked down at him. His eyes were closed. I looked over at Jordan who smiled at us.

Are you done studying? He asked.

I nodded.

Would you two pose for me?

I thought that's what we'd been doing. My signing woke up Derek.

Yes, but I'd like to draw you together on the bed...naked. I won't show your faces. The contrast in your skin colors is very interesting.

"What do you think, Babe?"

Derek stretched, "It's okay by me. Being naked with you is one of my favorite things."

We jettisoned our underwear, then Jordan directed us to lay facing one another. He positioned us so that our faces were mostly hidden. Mine was tucked into Derek's shoulder, and my hand was covering the majority of his face. Our crotches were pressed together hiding our dicks, and Derek's lower leg was positioned over the top of mine.

Things went well for quite a while, but then my dick started to grow. Hey, I can't help it if Derek turns me on. He always has, and he always will. Derek gave me a little squeeze when he felt my dick start to harden. Pretty soon his was in the same condition.

He chuckled softly and pumped his groin against mine.

Jordan came over and waved his finger in front of our faces. His finger was saying, "No", but he was smiling and there was a very definite tent in his pants.

We were still for another couple of minutes before Derek humped me again. I couldn't help it. I humped him back.

Jordan came over again. The tent in his jeans was even bigger than before. He bent down to wag his finger at us again, but Derek reached up, grabbed his hand, and pulled him down onto the bed with us and began tickling him.

Jordan struggled a little, but he was laughing too hard to put up much resistance. Derek winked at me and started kissing and licking Jordan's cheek and neck. I started doing the same thing on his other side. Jordan stopped giggling and started to groan. He looked down to where our fully hard cocks were exposed and his eyes grew wider. He'd seen both Derek and me in the shower dozens of times, but he'd never seen us with full erections. His moth formed an `O' in appreciation at the sight.

I reached down and squeezed Jordan's hardness through his jeans. Derek's fingers worked the button at Jordan's waist and then opened the zipper. Together we skinned his jeans and boxers off, leaving him as naked as we were.

I've noticed that wrestlers tend to have very cut and defined bodies. Jordan's was no exception.

He had a dusting of dark blond hair between his chiseled pecs and a treasure trail that led down to his pubic hair that was a little darker than the hair on his chest and stomach. When I'd seen him in the showers and his dick was soft, his foreskin completely covered the head of his cock. Now the one-eyed monster was standing hard up against his belly, and it looked like the top third or so of the head of his meaty seven inches was exposed and leaking precum.

Derek bent down and ran his tongue around the exposed head of Jordan's cock. Jordan moaned. Loudly. So loudly, in fact, that I was worried that the guys next door would hear him. I kissed him in an effort to quite his moans. He kissed back.

According to Jordan, he was a complete virgin. If that was his first kiss, then the lad had real talent. He almost sucked my tongue out of my mouth when Derek went down on him. Jordan's hands found our hard dicks, but he was so busy kissing me and having his dick sucked by Derek that all he did was hold them.

Derek's hand tapped on my shoulder. I switched places with him and began sucking on Jordan's dick while Derek took over the kissing for a while.

I played with Jordan's nuts as I used my tongue and mouth on his cock. When I felt his nads begin to draw up in their sack, I tapped Derek's leg. He stopped kissing Jordan and joined me to use our mouths on our friend's cock. We put our mouths on either side of Jordan's cock and moved up and down, alternating whose tongue went over the top of the head.

Suddenly Jordan's dick began spouting. The first volley landed up between his pecs. Derek got the second spurt in his mouth, and I took the third in mine. Jordan grunted and moaned so loudly that I was sure the entire floor would hear him.

When his contractions settled down, Derek and I shared a long three-way kiss with him. As Jordan lay back on the bed recovering from his orgasm, Derek and I began making love to each other. I moved over Jordan in the bed so Derek and I were pressed together once again.

Derek's fingers found my hole and probed. I opened up to him.

As Derek's fingers opened my sphincter, I felt Jordan's large hands begin to run up and down my back.

Derek reached under the bed to retrieve the lube we kept there. He applied some of it to my hole and to his cock before lining up and moving slowly into me as we lay on our sides. We'd used condoms until the First of February, but we'd both had six months of clean HIV tests as a part of the regular blood screening done for the football team, so condoms were now a thing of the past. The first time we'd made love without condoms, I'd been surprised at the feeling. Don't get me wrong. Making love with Derek was always a fantastic experience, but knowing that there was nothing between us, brought a new and very satisfying emotional element into our love making.

As Derek's pistoning motions began to pick up speed, Jordan moved his head between us and took my throbbing dick into his mouth. I rolled over a little more onto my back and used my hands to guide Jordan so that I could take his dick, which was again hard as a rock and leaking precum, into my mouth.

I didn't last long with Jordan's mouth on my dick and Derek's cock up my ass. I came. Jordan managed to swallow all my load before dumping his second load of the evening down my throat. As Jordan gave his last orgasmic spasm, Derek delivered his load in my rectum.

We cleaned up as much as we could using our discarded boxers. Then the three of us went to sleep in the bed with Derek sandwiched between Jordan and me.

I woke up around three o'clock in the morning. I snuggled a little closer to Derek, who was stretched out on his stomach in the bed. I realized that Jordan was no longer in the bed with us. I looked across the room. The streetlight outside let enough light into the room that I could see Jordan sitting cross-legged on the floor.

I sat up in the bed and signed to him, Are you okay?

Are you and Derek going to be okay? I don't want what we did to cause a problem between you two.


Derek and I are fine. We agreed that we might like to have another guy join us on occasion. We've done it with one other guy before you. Back to my question, are you okay with what we did?


Yes. That was my first time with another guy. I love you guys, but only as friends and brothers. I'm not in love with either of you. Does that make sense?


It makes perfect sense to me. Now come on back to bed.

Jordan smiled, got up from the floor, and slid his sexy body back under the covers.

Over the next two weeks, Derek and I welcomed Jordan into our bed three more times. It was never planned in advance, and it just seemed natural and right when it happened. However, by the end of February, Jordan was spending more time back down in his room because Mitchell and the Art Chick had broken off their fling. Mitchell was dating another girl, but the relationship hadn't progressed to the point where Mitchell would be bringing her back up to the room he shared with Jordan.

Derek and I decided to stay up in Adams over spring break and use the time to find a house for us for the next year. Josh Locklear and Brandon Harris were going down to Key West for the week of spring break and offered to let us stay in their apartment since the dorms were closing for the week. When I emailed Art and told him about our plans, he said that he was going to be attending a math teachers' convention in Charlotte and would be willing to come up and look at some houses with us. I took him up on his offer. If Derek's dad was going to put out all that money to buy a house for us to live in while we were in school at Adams State, I wanted it to be one that wouldn't need a lot of expensive repairs. I'd learned a lot working with Art on his renovation projects. I felt I could spot most major trouble items on any house we looked at, but Art's expertise would be most welcome.

Josh and Brandon left for Florida on Thursday before the start of break. Derek and I moved our bags over to their place that same evening. We had a great set up in the dorm, but the extra privacy of being in a separate apartment and not having to pull on a pair of shorts to walk down the hallway to the bathroom whenever you needed to take a leak was very nice.

Art cut out the last half day of his teaching conference and arrived in Adams late in the afternoon on Friday. We had pizza at Dino's and then went to the basketball game. It was the last game of the regular season, and because of the university being on spring break, it was very poorly attended.

Because of the sparse crowd, it was easy to spot other people. We saw Dr. Luke Madison, the Chair of the History Department whom we'd met on our visit to Adams State the previous year. He was attending the game with an absolutely gorgeous butch-looking guy with a blond crew cut, cleft chin, and amazing blue eyes. We went over and spoke to him and introduced Art. Dr. Madison introduced the hunk as Michael Crane.

Just after the start of the game Doc Griffith, the Chair of the Biology Department, and Head coach Matt Stevenson came in and sat with Dr. Madison and Michael Crane. Coach Stevenson and Doc Griffith had always been pretty open about being partners. We watched the interaction between them and Dr. Madison and the blond hunk. It became pretty obvious, at least to other gay guys, that they were probably partners. Interesting.

Our basketball team wasn't the best in the conference, but the guys were holding their own that night. Our friend Radu was dunking baskets right and left.

Art leaned over and whispered to me, "Number 12 is really hot tonight, but I'll bet he's hot most nights. He's the best looking guy on the team."

"Yeah, that's Radu Kovacevic. He's in our dorm, and he's become a good friend."

When our guys won, the team had a little celebration down on the floor and then started the obligatory shaking hands with the other team. Because of the sparser than normal crowd, we were able to make our way quickly to our exit which was next to the entrance to the team dressing room. Just as we were about to go through the door, Radu and a couple of his teammates came toward the dressing room.

Derek called to him, and he came over to talk with us. We introduced him to Art. The two of them exchanged pleasantries. There was some pretty strong body language going on between the two of them.

Derek looked over at me, smiled, and winked.

Back at the apartment, we broke out the beers that Art had provided and settled in to watch a basketball game on TV. We were about halfway through the first round of beers when we heard Derek's cell phone ring in the bedroom. He left to answer it.

When he came back into the living area, he said, "That was Radu on the phone. I invited him to come over to watch the game."

Art perked up right away, "That's the same guy I met tonight? The basketball player?"

"The same. He and his boyfriend had plans, but they've had a fight so Radu's on his own for tonight. Hope you don't mind that I asked him to come over."

"No, it's fine. You said `boyfriend.' So Radu's gay?"


"Good. I mean, I was getting some vibes from him after the game, but I thought it might just be the excitement from the game. Man, that beer's going through me already." He got up and went into the bathroom.

Once the door was closed, I whispered to Derek, "Are you playing matchmaker?"

"Maybe. Radu did have a fight with Jean-Paul. I think they're getting ready to break up, but Radu doesn't seem that upset about it. He did ask about Art. Said he thought Art was hot."

"Remember the last time we tried to play matchmaker? Jordan ended up getting hurt, and I think Russ was hurt as well. I'm not sure about this, Babe."

"It's too late now. Radu fairly jumped at the chance to spend some time with Art."

Art returned from the bathroom, so our discussion ended.

When Art sat down on the couch near me, I could smell the fresh toothpaste on his breath. Guess he was as anxious to make an impression on Radu as Radu seemed to be to make an impression on Art.

Our tall, basketball-playing friend must have walked pretty fast on his way over from the dorm. He was knocking on the door only a few minutes after Art returned from brushing his teeth.

Derek answered the door, and Radu entered shaking snowflakes off his coat and hair. "Man, it's really starting to snow out there. I didn't think it was supposed to do this until Sunday at the earliest."

We watched the rest of the basketball game and had another round of beer. Radu joined us in the beer since, after the game the coach had given the team the weekend off from normal in-season rules and curfew. When the game ended we just sat around and talked for another hour or so. Derek and I lounged together on the floor. His arm was thrown over my shoulder, and my back was pressed up against his chest. Art and Radu sat on the couch. The more we talked the more they leaned toward one another. It was cute to watch.

Finally Radu got up announcing that he was tired from the game and needed to get back to the dorm to go to bed. Derek looked out the window and discovered about three inches of snow on the ground, so he suggested to Radu that he just crash on the couch that night and go back to the dorm in the morning.

We got some blankets out of the closet for him, and the rest of us headed off to bed. Derek and I had Josh and Brandon's room, and Art was sleeping in the other bedroom of the apartment on a futon that converted into a double bed.

Derek and I made love. As always, it was spectacular. I don't know how it just keeps getting better and better the longer we're together, but it does.

When I went to get a washcloth to clean us up after our lovemaking, I saw Art and Radu sitting on the couch talking. Art, dressed in boxers and a tee shirt, had Radu's feet across his lap. Radu was in just his briefs leaving his fine chest open for view. And that was just where Art appeared to be the patch of dark hair between Radu's firm pecs.

I said goodnight to them and went back into our room.

When I went out into the kitchen in the morning to make coffee, the blankets were still on the couch in the living room, but Radu wasn't there.

I heard two sets of soft snores coming from the other bedroom.

(To be continued)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Some of the characters who play parts in this story were previously introduced in "When Love Comes" (last posted in the College section on Sept. 6, 2001), "Love of a Lifetime" (last posted in the College section on May 19, 2003), "Finding Family" (last posted in the College section on June 5, 2008), or "Construction Job" (last posted in the College section on July 24, 2008). While not necessary, readers may find it useful to read the earlier stories posted on this site.  All of the Adams State/Carterville stories listed above as well as my other stories are also posted at

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