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by Jeff Allen



As the smell of brewing coffee began to fill the apartment, Art and Radu emerged from the spare bedroom looking happy but a little tired. They moved around the apartment as if they'd been joined at the hip. It looked like things went well between the two of them after Derek and I went to sleep.

Derek and I had arranged with the real estate agent to look at five houses that day. We got a late start because there were four of us trying to take showers in the one bathroom in the apartment.

There was about six inches of new snow on the ground but the roads had been mostly cleared, and Derek's Grand Cherokee seemed secure slicing through the snow and slush left on the roads.

I was glad Art was with us. He spotted some problems with the first two houses that I would have missed. He said the third house was okay structurally, but neither Derek nor I liked it very much. The fourth house had some promise, and the fifth house was a rat trap. It was so dirty inside that Radu turned right around and waited for the rest of us in the Jeep. We didn't spend a lot of time inside that place. We went back to the fourth house to take a closer look.

It was an early 70's split level on almost an acre of land at the edge of town, about a twenty minute walk to the university. The walking time from places was something I was concerned about since I hadn't brought my car up to school. Daddy was using it instead of the gas-guzzling old Buick station wagon.

There was a nice master bedroom suite with a full bath along with two other good sized bedrooms and another full bath on the upper level of the house. The lower level had been a family room, but it had been converted into another large bedroom with a full bath. There was a two car garage behind the original family room. The middle level had a functional kitchen and large living and dining area.

The real estate agent didn't volunteer the information, but we could tell that the house had been used as a rental for students. The bedroom in place of the family room downstairs was the first clue. There was also some damage to the walls and paint, but it was mostly superficial. Nothing a new coat of paint and some spackling wouldn't fix. Art and I checked the appliances and plumbing and tested all the electric circuits.

Derek and I liked that place the best of all we'd seen that day. The master bedroom was plenty big enough for the two of us, and we could rent out the other bedrooms to our friends, reducing the cost, another thing that was important to me, since it would be Derek's father's house and I would be paying rent.

It started snowing again in the late afternoon. We took Art to Cantana's for dinner to say thanks for helping us with the house shopping. Radu came along to be with Art. By the time we were done with our meal, there was another six inches of new snow added to the amount from earlier. We had Derek's Jeep, but even with the Jeep in four wheel drive, it wasn't easy getting back to Josh and Brandon's apartment.

Radu and Art retired into the spare bedroom soon after we got back home. Derek and I watched part of a basketball game before turning in ourselves. We only heard a few moans from the other bedroom. We might have heard more if we'd really been paying attention, but I was too busy moving my hard dick in and out of Derek's incredible ass to worry about what was happening in the next room.

The next morning we were awakened by Radu's slightly accented voice coming from the living room.

"Holy shit! Look at all the snow!"

Derek and I stumbled out of bed and staggered naked into the living room.

Radu was peering out the curtain. "Look, there must be a foot and a half of snow out there!"

Sure enough, the whole world looked like it was covered with fluffy white stuff. I'd never seen so much snow at one time in my life. Of course, I didn't have a lot of experience with big snowstorms. Although, after spending a winter in Adams, I was becoming an expert.

Art came stumbling out from the other bedroom rubbing his eyes and scratching his butt through his boxer shorts.

"What's all the noise about?"

"Take a look."

"Man, how am I supposed to drive back to Georgia in this mess?"

I heard my cell phone ring in the bedroom. It was Scott calling to tell me that they had snow down in Indian Crossing and that school had already been called off for Monday because the snow wasn't expected to melt. Scott was all excited about their four inches of snow. I laughed and told him that we had about eighteen inches on the ground. We chatted for another couple of minutes before hanging up.

I pulled on a pair of old sweat shorts and went back out into the living room. Art and Radu were still looking out the window. Radu had his hand stuck down the back of Art's boxer shorts. Derek had started the coffee and was bent over rummaging around in the refrigerator for breakfast fixings. He was still naked. I pinched his bare butt making him yelp in surprise.

"Hey, don't goose the cook."

I gave him a quick kiss. "If the cook doesn't want to get goosed, then the cook shouldn't bend over like that when he's naked. You're lucky I didn't stick my fingers up your butt."

"Hey, it's probably still loose and lubed from last night." He wiggled his ass at me.

I was tempted, but instead I went and joined Art and Radu at the window.

Art was still carrying on about trying to get back to Indian Crossing. He was relieved when I told him that schools in Fenokachee County had cancelled classes for the next day.

Radu smiled, gave Art a big hug and said, "Then that means I get to keep you around for another night."

Art blushed. Gee whiz, it's not like we hadn't already figured out they'd been screwing like minks.

We finished breakfast and were having another cup of coffee when we heard noises outside. Two figures, bundled in coats and hats, were shoveling snow off the sidewalk. The four of us hurriedly pulled on the rest of our clothes, donned hats, coats, and gloves, and went out to help.

I recognized the man as Josh and Brandon's landlord, who lived in the next house. The other person was obviously his son. The kid looked like he was about the same age as Scott.

We introduced ourselves and explained that we were staying in Josh and Brandon's place over spring break.

The man said, "I'm Kevin Williams, and this is my son Gary. Josh told us you'd be here this week. Great spring break, huh? Didn't think you'd be shoveling snow, did you?"

"No, Sir, we're from southern Georgia. We've never seen this much snow before."

"Well, we often get some of our biggest snowstorms in March. Get a cold Canadian front meeting with a lot of moisture tracking up the mountains from the Gulf of Mexico and it's a recipe for lots of snow."

"Can we help?"

"Sure, there're more shovels in the garage."

It took us a couple of hours of shoveling to clear off the Williams' walks and drive, plus those for Josh and Brandon's place and the ones at the house next door which was also owned by Dr. Williams. All of the tenants in that house were out of town for the break.

When we got done, Dr. Williams invited all of us into his house to warm up. I knew from talking with Josh that their landlord and his wife were both English professors at the university. I'd also met their daughter, Heather, who was the fiancÚ of Ryan Ladd, the RA on our floor. Ryan and Heather were spending the week in Ryan's hometown of Carterville with his rather unconventional family.

Inside, Dr. Williams introduced us to his wife Kathy, who proceeded to serve us hot cider with cinnamon. The elder Williamses were an attractive couple. Both had dark eyes and dark hair sprinkled with gray. I guessed that they were in their late forties.

Their son Gary had inherited the best characteristics of both parents. He was an incredibly good looking kid, and he seemed to have inherited the easy-going personality of both his parents as well. He and I talked a little while sipping on the hot cider. He was fourteen, just like my brother. I told him a little about Scott and that I was hoping he would be able to come to campus to visit when his school was on break the week after Easter. Gary said that he was on break at the same time and that he'd be glad to show Scott around the town when I was in classes or at practice. I thanked him and told him I'd take him up on his offer.

By late afternoon Art, Radu, Derek, and I were all back over at the apartment. We'd been watching basketball games for a couple of hours and it was starting to get boring, even for Radu. He and Art were sitting together on the couch when Radu playfully ran his hand down the back of Art's pants and pinched his butt.

Art jumped. He got Radu into a headlock and the two of them started wrestling around on the floor. Derek and I tried to get out of the way, but soon the free for all involved all of us. In the melee Radu managed to pull Art's sweatshirt over his head and started tickling him under his arms. Art struggled to get his sweatshirt completely off to free up his arms. When he did, he quickly got on top of Radu and started nibbling at his neck. Radu melted into a giggling mass and Art took the opportunity to plunge his hands down the front of Radu's jeans and grab his package.

Derek and I were on the floor on either side of the struggling pair. Derek reached over and undid the snap of Art's jeans and pulled down on the zipper. We each took a leg and pulled his jeans and boxers off in one smooth motion leaving him naked on top of Radu. Next we grabbed Radu's pants and pulled his jeans off. We would have taken his boxers as well, but Radu's hard cock was sticking out of the fly of the boxers and Art's hand was wrapped around it. The head was poking out of the foreskin; it was already shiny with precum.

Art whispered something in Radu's ear, and then the two of them turned on us and began pulling off our clothes. Truth be told, I really didn't struggle too hard, and I don't think Derek did either. When we were all naked, we started rolling around in a big pile on the floor.

I'd seen Radu in the shower a few times. His dick had looked respectable, but the lad was definitely a grower. The tool that was now sticking out from his crotch had to be a good eight inches long and fairly thick. I grabbed it and plunged my mouth down on it. He moaned.

At the same time, Art went down on Derek's chocolate tool. Within minutes we were all sucking someone. I had Radu; Art had Derek; Derek had me; and Radu had Art. Very nice - and very sexy.

Art jumped up and hurried into the spare bedroom. He returned in a few moments with a bottle of lube and a pack of condoms.

He spread some of the lube around Radu's asshole as I continued to suck on Radu's cock. Art put his finger inside Radu. I felt his body stiffen when Art found his pleasure button.

I was kneeling off to Radu's side with my butt up in the air. I felt Derek's fingers beginning to work some of the lube into my asshole.

Art pulled his fingers out of Radu's ass, pulled Radu's legs up over his shoulders, and lined his condom-clad dick up with Radu's waiting hole. I wondered how Art had managed to get the condom on his dick while he'd had his fingers stuck up Radu's ass. Later, Derek told me that he'd been the one who'd suited Art up for battle.

As Art slowly sank his hard cock into Radu's willing hole, I felt the familiar pressure of Derek's dick at my back door. I pushed back to assist his entry.

While Derek and Art pumped away at our asses and I sucked on Radu's cock, Radu wrapped his big hand around my erection. He couldn't really pump it very much from his position, but the combination of Radu's hand wrapped around my dick and Derek's dick hitting my prostate at almost every stroke was darned good.

It seemed like we were in that position for a long time, but I know it couldn't have been more than a few minutes before I felt Radu's body beginning to tense. His dick erupted into my mouth. Art gave a mighty groan and plunged into Radu's ass one more time. Derek continued plowing my ass as I spilled my seed into Radu's hand. Then I felt Derek's dick pulse and grow larger inside me as he climaxed.

We lay on the floor in a tangled mass of arms and legs for several minutes before Derek began to laugh. "Guys, that was way better than watching the basketball game."

His laughter spread, and soon all of us were rolling around.

We stayed naked the rest of the evening. We even had a repeat performance of the group coupling with Radu and me topping our men.

The snow started melting the next day. I called Scott, and he said that the snow was almost all gone down in Indian Crossing and that the county school system expected to be operating the next day. That worried Art. Despite the melting, or maybe because of it, the roads in Adams were still pretty messy. Art wasn't looking forward to driving his Mustang down the mountain.

Radu provided the solution. He had an older model Nissan Xterra with four wheel drive. He offered to let Art drive the Xterra back to Indian Crossing. At first I thought that was very generous of Radu, and I couldn't figure out why Art and Derek had those sly smiles. Then it dawned on me. Radu would have to get his car back. That meant that either Art had to come back to Adams State, or Radu had to take the Mustang down to Art. Jeez, those basketball players are quick.

Derek and I walked up town for lunch. It wasn't just for the chance to have lunch at one of the little places in town; it was also to give Art and Radu some privacy back at the apartment before Art had to leave for home.

Things were quiet after Art left. Radu stayed with us for another day before going back to the dorm. The basketball team was busy getting ready for the league tournament that was going to be held at the Charlotte Coliseum the next weekend.

The rest of the week, Derek and I studied (a little) and made love (a lot). We also looked at a couple of other houses, but we kept coming back to the split level that we'd seen with Art. Derek talked with his father about the house, and that weekend Mr. Jackson flew from DC into Charlotte, rented a car, and drove up to Adams to take a look at the house with the real estate agent and us.

He thought the house was in a good location and appeared to be basically solid. He made an offer and flew back to DC the same day.

Our basketball team didn't make it past the first round in the tournament, so when classes started again after spring break all the basketball jocks, including Radu, had the next several weeks off from practice. Radu took the opportunity to take a long weekend and deliver Art's car to him in Indian Crossing.

While the basketball team had finished their season, the football team was ramping up spring practice. The workouts didn't seem as bad as they had in August, but they still put another time demand on the day. Derek and I were busier than ever.

The team practiced for three weeks before our first break...Easter vacation. We had the Monday and Tuesday after Easter off for the break. Derek and I left for Indian Crossing right after practice was over Friday afternoon. We drove straight through, only stopping to pee, eat, or put gas in his Jeep, and we arrived at my house about two in the morning.

Derek's parents and sister were back in town for the holiday so, after catching a few hours sleep at my house, he went over to stay for the rest of the holiday with his parents. He and his mother were trying to be civil to one another. She still hadn't accepted the fact that Derek and I were in love, but at least she'd gotten past the point of thinking she could change the situation and make him straight.

We headed back up to Adams State in the mid morning on Tuesday. Just the week before, Daddy came across a ten-year old Buick LeSabre that was being sold for a song by the heirs of the little old lady who'd bought it new. He snapped it up as a replacement for our ancient and humongous Buick Estate Wagon, so I was taking my car, that Daddy had been using, back up to school. Derek took the lead in his Jeep, and Scott and I followed in the Impala.

Scott's Easter vacation was that week, so the plan was for him to stay with Derek and me for the week while Daddy and Derek's grandfather went up to stay in Grandpa Jackson's apartment in Atlanta. Derek and I would drive Scott down to Atlanta the next weekend so he and Daddy could go back to Indian Crossing.

Scott had a great time up in Adams. The first two nights he slept on an air mattress in our room. Thursday and Friday he stayed over with Gary Williams.

It was only by chance that Scott met up with Gary. I'd forgotten about Gary's offer to show Scott around town, so I hadn't called him.

On Thursday morning, Scott and I were walking across campus when we ran into Gary and another boy. The other boy, who Gary introduced as Greg Hatcher, looked like he was two or three years younger than Gary and Scott. We started a conversation that ended up with the three younger guys leaving me alone and heading off to the local skate park. They apparently bonded and asked Scott to spend Thursday and Friday nights over at the Williams's. Being the overprotective big brother, I talked with Gary's mother before giving permission. She just laughed and said that there would probably be two or three other friends of Gary's that would be staying over as well. "It's like a big zoo over here. I never know who's going to be eating breakfast with us," she laughed.

Derek and I made good use of the privacy of our room. We both loved Scott, but his presence in the room with us had put a damper on our love life. We tried to make up for the lost time.

On Saturday morning, Derek and I picked up Scott at the Williams house. He was packed and ready to go when we got there. Gary and his friend Greg were in the kitchen with Scott. The guys said their good-byes. I was surprised when Scott hugged both Gary and Greg and kissed them on the cheek before grabbing up his gear and heading out to the car.

We'd decided to take my car to Atlanta because it got a lot better gas mileage than Derek's Jeep. Scott took the front seat with me. Derek sacked out in the back seat. He was softly snoring even before we got out of the Adams city limits.

Scott chattered away about the great time he'd had with Gary, Greg, and their friends. He said he'd invited Gary and Greg to come down to Indian Crossing for a visit in the summer. He hoped they'd be able to make it.

"Uh, Scott, I noticed that you gave Gary and Greg a kiss on the cheek when we were leaving. I was just wondering..."

Scott chuckled, "Don't worry, Bro, I'm pretty sure I'm straight, but I really like Gary and Greg. They're a lot of fun, and they remind me of you and Derek."

"You mean..."

"Yup, they're gay, and they're a couple. They said they've been together for almost five years."

"But Gary's only fourteen, and Greg's younger than that."

"Bingo. Great observation there, Bro. Seriously, Gary told me that they've been tight ever since they met. Greg's father and his partner are good friends with Gary's parents. Both sets of parents have sort of let the guys be themselves. One nice thing about being a straight guy with a gay brother and now some gay friends, is that I don't have to be concerned about being all macho all the time. If I want to give my friend or my brother a peck on the check, it's no biggie."

With that he leaned over and planted a big kiss on my cheek. I wrapped my right arm around his shoulder and gave him a hug as best I could without losing control of the car.

"Love you, Scott."

"Love you, too, Brett."

Down in Atlanta, we met up with Daddy and Derek's grandfather and spent a couple of hours at the Atlanta Aquarium before catching some dinner, then heading over to Mr. Jackson's apartment.

Derek and I left to go back to Adams right after breakfast the next morning. He was driving. I told him he owed me since I'd driven all the way to Atlanta the day before while he napped in the back seat.

We stopped for gas and a pee break about two hours outside of Adams. Derek climbed into the passenger seat and told me it was my turn. I gave him the finger and told him he stilled owed me another two hours of chauffeur service. We'd just pulled back onto the highway when my cell phone rang.

"See who that is."

Derek grabbed the phone off the console and looked at the display.

"It's Russ." He flipped the phone open. "Hey, Russ, what's up, man?"

Derek's expression changed, "Russ, you don't sound too good......"

(To be continued)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Some of the characters who play parts in this story were previously introduced in "When Love Comes" (last posted in the College section on Sept. 6, 2001), "Love of a Lifetime" (last posted in the College section on May 19, 2003), "Finding Family" (last posted in the College section on June 5, 2008), or "Construction Job" (last posted in the College section on July 24, 2008). While not necessary, readers may find it useful to read the earlier stories posted on this site.  All of the Adams State/Carterville stories listed above as well as my other stories are also posted at

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