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by Jeff Allen


I woke up once during the night.  Derek was pressed up against my back, and his arm was thrown over me.  One of us had pulled the blanket up over us.  I could feel his breath on the back of my neck.  I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven.

When I woke up again, Derek was asleep on the mattress on the floor with a light blanket covering him from the waist down.  His jeans lay in a pile next to the mattress, so I knew he'd removed them before climbing into his make shift bed.  I lay in my bed recalling the feel of my hands on his skin as I rubbed his shoulder and later his semi naked body pressed against my fully clothed one.  Darn, I wished I'd taken off my shirt and pants before going to sleep!

I quietly slipped out of bed and headed down the hall to the bathroom.

Just as I came out of the bathroom after relieving my bladder and brushing my teeth, Derek was coming down the hall.  He'd pulled his jeans back on, but he was still shirtless.

We mumbled `good mornings', then he disappeared into the bathroom, and I went downstairs to rustle up some breakfast.

Daddy was already moving around in the kitchen.  He and I whipped up some pancakes as Derek, and then Scott joined us in the kitchen. 

After breakfast, Derek showered and left for home.  He said he'd had a great time and thanked us all for having him over.  Daddy told him to come back anytime.  I was thinking maybe I'd try for the next weekend.  Every time I thought of his body pressed up against mine, I got a warm feeling in the core of my body.

Later that morning, Daddy, Scott and I loaded into the big Buick and went into town to check out the damage to the tires of my car.  It was worse than I'd thought. 

Whoever had done it, hadn't just let the air out.  They'd punctured each sidewall with a nail or screwdriver.  The tires were ruined, and I didn't have enough money to buy replacements!

Daddy left Scott and me with the car while he went over to the police station to file a report and then to Brown's Garage to arrange to have my car put on a trailer and towed out to our house. 

By the time we were done with all that, it was time for me to go to work at Tarricone's Market.  Man, what a crappy day!

The next week wasn't all that good either. 

Derek seemed really friendly when we saw each other at school or football practice.  He even commented a couple of times about enjoying staying out at my house.  However, when I asked if he wanted to stay over the next weekend, he said that he couldn't.  He had his eye on a girl in the sophomore class, and he had arranged a date with her.  In addition to the rebuff from Derek, it rained most of the week, so while I rode the school bus in the mornings, I got completely soaked running back home at night after practice.  It rained so hard that I had to wrap my books and my school clothes in plastic bags inside my backpack to keep them dry.  Finally, we lost the football game that Friday. 

What a crappy week!

The next week was much better. 

On Sunday, Mr. Tarricone told me that he was giving me a fifty cent an hour raise.  I hadn't even asked for it; he was just giving it to me because..."you've been a good kid, and you need to buy some tires."  It would take several weeks' of earnings to buy the new tires, but I still appreciated the raise.

When I got home Monday evening after practice, I found an invitation to join the National Honor Society in the mail.  It was expensive, but Daddy said he could pay half if I could come up with the rest of the money to join.  Paying the fee would add a few more weeks to the time I'd need to save up cash for new tires, but being a member of the National Honor Society would look good on college application forms. 

On Tuesday I aced an advanced algebra exam and the English exam that followed the next period.  I'd been a little worried about those two tests, because I hadn't felt as prepared as I thought I should have been.

Wednesday as we were all heading into the locker room at the end of football practice, Derek ran up along side me and asked, "Have you been running home after practice?"

"Yup.  The tires on my car were ruined, remember?"

"I know, but I thought you'd have `em fixed by now."

"Can't fix `em.  They were slashed, and I don't have the cash right now to buy new ones."

"So you've been jogging home each night after practice?"

"Yup, helps me keep in shape so I can catch your passes."

"Well, how about catching a ride with me after practice.  I'll take you home."

"It's way out of your way, Derek.  I can't ask you to do that."

"You're not asking me, you stubborn swamp rat; I'm telling you.  Get your ass into the showers, then wait for me `cause I'm taking you home."  He smiled showing his perfect white teeth.

I smiled my best `melt your heart' smile right back at him.  "Yes, Sir, Mr. Quarterback, Sir."

"That's more like it.  I'm glad some of you white boys are finally figuring out that I'm the boss." 

With that he took off running toward the locker room.  I gave chase.  Derek's fast, but I'm faster.  I caught him before the entrance to the locker room, grabbed him in a headlock, and rubbed my knuckles across his short kinky hair.  We laughed and jostled one another as we entered the locker room.

On Friday, we beat the pants off the opposing team, one of our archrivals.  The victory partially atoned for our dismal loss the week before.

Derek told me he'd give me a ride home after the game.

"I thought you had a date with that sophomore girl?"

"That's tomorrow night.  Tonight, I'm just going to hang with one of my buddies."

We recapped the game on the way out to my house and then again in the kitchen with Daddy and Scott while we ate popcorn and drank lemonade.

After about an hour of talking, Daddy went to bed. 

I turned to Derek, "Thanks for the ride home, Derek.  I appreciate it. I know you said you were going to hang out with one of your buddies, and I've made you kind of late for that."

Derek looked over at Scott and rolled his eyes before turning back to me, "You're not only a stubborn swamp rat, you're also a darn dense one.  I have been hanging out with one of my buddies."

" that case, do you want to spend the night?"

"I was hoping you'd ask.  I've got a change of clothes out in the Jeep."

"Well, bring `em in."

Scott and I had put the extra mattress that Derek had used before back in its proper place, so the three of us again wrestled it to the floor of my room.  Then Scott said goodnight and headed down the hallway to his room.

Derek and I sat down on the mattress on the floor and talked and laughed for another hour or so.  We took turns in the bathroom.  Back in the room, he said, "Last time I was out here you really helped my shoulder.  Tonight my left calf muscle is killing me.  Do you think you could work some of that magic again?"

My dick stirred at the idea of getting my hands on the beautiful body once again.  "Sure.  Pull off your pants so I can get to it."

He stripped down to his boxers, and then lay down on his back on the mattress on the floor. 

"Left leg, right?"


I placed both hands around his lower leg with the palms on his shin and began working my fingers into the meat of his calf.  The black hairs on his calves were curly, not kinky like those on his head.  Above his knee, the hairs became sparser.  He propped himself up on his elbows and watched me work while giving appreciative groans and moans as I worked on the tight muscle.  I looked up.  His leg was bent slightly at the knee.  His boxer legs were loose, and I found myself looking right down at his crotch.  I could see the head of his penis and the side of one ball in the gap created by the leg of his underwear.  I quickly tore my eyes away from the vista to look at his face.

He had his eyes closed.  Thank heavens he hadn't seen me checking out his junk. 

I tried to keep my eyes on either his face or his leg as I massaged the muscle, but I wasn't successful in doing that.  My eyes kept being drawn back to the sexy view up the leg of his boxers.  Darn, his dick looked bigger than before!  Was he getting a woodie?  I sure was.

I finished with his left calf and switched over to the right one.  He kept his eyes closed.  His boxer leg gaped on that side also.  I couldn't see the head of his dick, but I could see part of the shaft and almost all of his scrotum.  His black, thick, and wiry pubic hair framed the top of the shaft of his dick and the side of his ball sac.  It looked like there was more of a bulge in his boxers than before.  I think he really was getting hard!

I looked up to see his eyes looking straight into mine. 


He pulled his leg away from my hands and rolled over on his stomach.

"Man, that was great.  Thank you."

I figured if I was busted I might as well go for broke.  I scooted up so I was kneeling beside his hips and began to massage his shoulders.

"Oh, man, that feels good.  I'll give you twenty minutes to stop that."

He didn't last twenty minutes.  He was asleep within ten.  I stretched out next to him, placed my palm on the middle of his back and went to sleep myself.

I woke up later.  Derek was spooned against my back like he'd been before.  He must have gotten up at some point, because the lights were off and we had a blanket over us.  I pushed back into his embrace, and was rewarded by feeling his arm tighten around my body pulling me even closer.  I drifted back to sleep.

We woke up together the next morning lying side by side on the mattress.  Neither one of us said anything about spending the night in the same bed.

Daddy and I made pancakes and fried bacon for breakfast.  Then Scott, Derek, and I played touch football out on the lawn until it was time for me to go to work at Tarricone's.  Derek drove me into town.

When he dropped me off at the store, I asked him he he'd want to stay over the next Friday night.

He smiled and nodded and said, "It's a date.  See you Monday at school."

He drove off as I stood there in the parking lot of Tarricone's Market with my heart fluttering inside my chest.

Sunday morning before I had to go to work, Scott and I were outside playing catch when he suddenly stopped and asked, "Is Derek going to spend the night out here again next Friday?"

"Yeah, is that all right with you?"

"Not a problem.  I like Derek.  He doesn't treat me like I'm some little nerdy kid."

"Good, `cause my brother's not a nerdy kid."  I grabbed him in a headlock and gave him a nuggie.

"Ow, cut that out!  I may not be a nerdy kid, but my big brother's a real pain sometimes."

"Hey, fess up.  You love me just the same."

"Yeah, you know I do.  One thing bothers me though."

"Yeah, what's that?"

"Why have we lugged that darn extra mattress into your room when you and Derek end up sleeping in the same bed?"

I looked at him slack jawed.

"You saw?"

"Oh, come on, Brett, who do you think has covered you guys up and turned out your lights the last two times?"

"That was you?"

"Well, it sure wasn't Daddy.  He can't get up the stairs anymore.  So who'd you think it was?"

"I thought Derek had done it."

"No, it was me.  Listen, it's no big deal.  You're my brother.  I love you.  I just don't want to go wrestling with that mattress to put it into your room if you're not going to use it."

He turned and walked toward the house.  I just stood there watching him.

Derek drove me home after practice all that next week, and he came out to spend the night on Friday after we'd creamed our next opponents.

Again, he and I recapped the game for Daddy and Scott before we headed upstairs to my room.

Once inside the door, I turned to him, "Is it okay if we don't bring that other mattress in here tonight?  We've only used one mattress both times you've been over."

Derek looked at me for a second before replying.  I couldn't tell what was going on behind those green eyes.  Finally he formed a kind of nervous smile and said, "You're right, we haven't used the other mattress.  Does it bother you that we've ended up sleeping in the same bed?"

"No.  Does it bother you?"

He hesitated for a second or two, "No, it doesn't bother me."  Actually, it `bothered' me a lot, because I had a constant erection when we were in bed together, but I liked being `bothered' that way.

"Good, then let's climb in bed `cause I'm really tired."  I started pulling off my shirt.

"Me too, It was a rough game."  He toed off his shoes, and pulled his shirt over his head.

"You got any sore muscles this week?"  I unzipped my jeans.

"I'm okay this week.  How about you?  Got any sore muscles?"  He slid his jeans down over his legs and dropped them in a pile on the floor with his shirt, shoes, and socks. 

"Yeah, my neck's kinda stiff.  I really landed after I caught that last pass from you."

"You got popped pretty hard by their guys.  Let's pee.  When we get back, lie down on the bed.  You've helped me the last couple of times, it's my turn to give you a little massage."

I didn't need a second invitation.  I was in and out of the bathroom in record time.

I lay down on my stomach with my head resting on my hands.  Derek straddled my hips and began kneading the muscles of my shoulders and neck.  I was in heaven.  He settled his rear end down on mine as he worked on my muscles.  I could feel the heat from his butt and from his legs where they touched my sides.  I got a boner.  Thank Gawd, I was lying on my stomach so he couldn't see it.

"You're really tense up there, Man.  I'm going to work down your back a little."  He shifted his butt backwards, which dragged the elastic band of my boxers down a couple of inches on my ass.  His hands began working my trapezius, latissimus, and deltoid muscles.  I could hear myself moaning softly.  Those hands felt amazing.  He ran his thumbs down either side of my spinal column and onto my sacrum where his movements had exposed the top of my ass.  Then he pushed forward with his palms flat on the muscles of my back before bringing his thumbs back down my spine again.

I don't know how long he worked on me.  My muscles relaxed as he worked...well, not all of my muscles relaxed...if you get my drift.  I had one muscle that was hard as a rock, but there was no way on this earth that Derek would ever massage that muscle.

Derek climbed off my back, and gave my butt a playful slap.

"You good?"

"I'm good."

"Good, `cause I'm about to crash."

He stretched out bedside me on the bed and pulled the blanket up over us.  He was on his side with his right hand resting in the small of my back.

And that's how we went to sleep that night.

We woke up with our arms and legs tangled together.  Derek pulled away and sat up on the edge of the bed.  His morning erection peeked out of the fly of his boxers.

"Nice wood."  What I really wanted to say was, "Will you let me suck your cock."

He looked down, giggled a little, and adjusted the fabric of his boxers.  His hard dick made a huge tent in the fabric of his underwear.  "No one's complained yet."  He stretched.  "I gotta pee."

I watched his shapely ass move across the room and head down the hallway to the john.

We had breakfast, and then played around in the yard until it was time for me to go to work.

Derek drove me into town, and I asked if he'd like to stay over the next Friday after the game.

"I'd love to, man, but it's Homecoming, and I've got a date to the dance after the game.  Aren't you going to the dance?"

"I'm trying to save my money so I can replace the tires that some jackass slashed, remember?  Where would I get the extra cash to take a girl to the dance?  Beside that, I don't have a coat and tie."

"You could borrow one of mine.  We're the same size."

"Derek, just drop it, man."

"Okay.  Sorry, I didn't mean to step on a nerve."

We pulled into Tarricone's parking lot.  He stopped the Jeep, and I opened the door to get out.

"I'm sorry I sounded off about the Homecoming dance, Derek."

I extended my arm to bump fists.  That was our usual `good-bye' when I got out of his car.  To my surprise, he grabbed my hand and pulled me forward until our foreheads touched.

"Don't sweat it, Man.  I was just looking out for my best buddy.  It's cool.  I'll come out the next Friday, deal?"


"Okay, see you Monday at school."

Just about the only thing anyone talked about at school that week was the Homecoming.  The hallways were decorated with signs and banners about the game and the dance afterward.  We all had to vote for the Homecoming King and Queen and the Queen's Court, which was comprised of some of the junior girls.  I tried to keep a low profile that week.

Since the game was at home that Friday, and since Derek wouldn't be able to give me a ride back home after the game, Daddy and Scott came into town for the game.  I rode back home with them.

I couldn't sleep that night.  I kept thinking about Derek and his date.  I wondered if Derek was kissing her, and I wished that he was right there kissing me.  I was jealous.  I hated it, but I was jealous.  I tossed and turned for an hour or so before going downstairs thinking I could find something to eat in the kitchen.

Daddy was sitting in his chair in the living room reading a book.

"Having trouble sleeping?"

"Yes, Sir, I sure am.  Looks like you are, too."

"I've got lots of aches and pains tonight.  Guess I shouldn't have been climbing around on those bleachers at the game."

I sat down on the sofa across from Daddy.

"How do you know when you really like someone?"

"You're talking about having romantic feelings for someone, right?  Not like being friends the way that you and Derek are friends, right?"

I didn't answer right away.  "Yes, but it's a little more complicated than that."

"Son, all relationships are complicated, and new relationships seem to be more complicated, but I think that's just because we don't really know the other person yet.  Can you tell me who she is?"

"I...I can't tell you."

He chuckled, "Hey, it's not like I'm going to go calling up her parents..."

I put my face in my hands and started crying.

His joints may have been paining him, but Daddy was next to me on the couch in a flash.  His arms went around my bare shoulders.

"What's the matter, Brett?"

"I...I...can't tell you."

"Brett, you can tell me anything."

I didn't mean to say anything, but it was out of my mouth in a flash.

"Daddy, the person I like is Derek."

"I know you like him, you and he are good friends...Oh, I see.  You like him, and you're all torn up because he's at the dance with a girl, right?"

"Yes, Sir.  But I shouldn't have said anything!  Now you'll hate me because I'm a queer!"

(To be continued)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Some of the characters who play parts in this story were previously introduced in "When Love Comes" (last posted in the College section on Sept. 6, 2001), "Love of a Lifetime" (last posted in the College section on May 19, 2003), "Finding Family" (last posted in the College section on June 5, 2008), or "Construction Job" (last posted in the College section on July 24, 2008). While not necessary, readers may find it useful to read the earlier stories posted on this site.  All of the Adams State/Carterville stories listed above as well as my other stories are also posted at

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