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by Jeff Allen


I'd just blurted out the words telling my daddy that I was gay.  I was afraid he might yell.  I was afraid he might pull away from me.  I was afraid he might tell me to leave the house.

Instead, he pulled my head down into his lap and stroked my hair while I cried. 

When I stopped crying, he leaned down and kissed me on the forehead.

"Thank you for telling me."

"You're not disappointed in me?"

"Brett, how could I ever be disappointed in you?  You're my son; you're a good kid; you get great grades in school; you never cause me any trouble; you're a star athlete.  If you're gay, then I worry that your life might be a little harder than if you were straight, but I'm not disappointed in you.  I understand what you're feeling."


"Son, you know I loved your mother.  After I met her, there was never another person in my life.  But, let me tell you a story about when I was fifteen, and I fell in love for the first time........... 

The summer weather was hot and sweltering.  The kind of day in South Georgia where all that was necessary to break a sweat was to breathe.  Nick grabbed his fishing pole and headed down to the river.  He wore his usual summer outfit: a pair of bib overalls...nothing else.  Nick didn't think about much on the trail down to the river except for being able to strip off the overalls and let his body settle into the cool water of the river while he waited for a catfish to take the bait.


Once he'd made it through the woods to the riverbank, he shucked off his bibs and stretched his naked body enjoying the feeling of the cooler air near the river on his moist skin.  Nick was proud of his body.  At fifteen, he had a much larger cock and more hair growing around it than most of the other guys he'd seen undressed in the locker room after gym class.


He retrieved the old half-gallon tin can he always left at the edge of the woods.  The can was his bait box.  All he needed to do now was find some bait.  He waded along the edge of the river turning over the flat rocks on the bottom.  Soon he had four good-sized crawdads squirming around in the bait can, making noise as their hard shells clanked against the sides of the can.  That would be enough bait for a while.  He took the bait can and his pole and waded into the river toward the large rock that was gathering a sandbar around it in the middle of the stream.  The rock was Nick's normal fishing perch.  After a painful first experience, he was always careful to splash some water on the sun-warmed surface of the rock so he could comfortably plunk his bare butt down on the rock.


He enjoyed the solitude of the river, and his mamma and daddy enjoyed the catfish he brought home for supper.  However, that day Nick wasn't going to be alone on his stretch of the river. 


He was almost half way out to the rock when another form appeared on the opposite bank.  The intruder was a Black boy.  Nick thought he recognized him from school.  The public schools in Fenokachee County had just been integrated that year.  Previously, all the Black kids went to another school on the other side of town.  This year all the students...white and Black...were at the same high school.  The transition to an integrated high school had been a mostly smooth process, but the Black and white students still kept to their separate groups of friends.


Nick stopped.  The water was up to his waist, and he crouched down so that only his head was above the slow current.  He watched as the Black boy put his fishing pole down on the riverbank, stripped off his bib overalls, and laid them on the riverbank.  He then pulled off the briefs that looked almost brilliant white against his dark skin.


Nick didn't understand why the sight of the naked Black youth caused his member to stir, even in the cool waters of the river.  Watching the other youth, who Nick thought to be the most beautiful human being he'd ever seen, was almost hypnotic.  The other boy was still unaware he was being observed.  Nick watched in fascination as the youth scratched his dark pubic hair and pulled once on his dick and balls. 


The intruder took a cloth bag from the pocket of his discarded overalls and began searching under rocks for crawdads, just as Nick had done.


After capturing three or four of the feisty crustaceans, he returned to his gear, grabbed his fishing pole and began wading out toward the rock in the middle of the river.  His large flaccid dick swinging with each step.  He still hadn't noticed that he wasn't alone.

Nick waited until the dark, young Adonis was halfway across his side of the river before he stood up and spoke, "Nice day for fishing."


The Black youth was so surprised that he stumbled and fell into the river.


Nick laughed as he waded the rest of the way to the rock.  As the water became shallower toward the small sandbar, his semi erect penis came into full display.


The other boy recovered, shook the water out of his eyes, and said, "You really scared me.  I didn't see you there."


"I know.  You seemed busy finding those crawdads.  I'm Nick Privette, and my daddy owns this part of the river.  Who are you, and what are you doing here?"


Nick had expected the stranger to back down.  Even though the schools were now integrated, most Blacks in Fenokachee County still moved out of the way when a white person walked by or gave deference to the white person when challenged. 


This youth didn't back down.  He stood as tall as he could in the river, and seemed oblivious to the fact that his ample male endowments were on full display.

"My name's Cleon.  I'm Rufus Washington's grandson.  His place is just through the woods a little way on this side of the river.  I'm staying out here with my grandparents this summer."


"I know Mr. Rufus.  He works some of our land, and Miss Bessie helps my mamma sometimes with the canning.  This rock's big enough for the both of us.  I don't mind sharing it, and it'd be kinda nice to have someone to talk to while I'm waitin' for the catfish to bite."


Nick extended his hand.  Cleon hesitated before accepting the handshake.  He wasn't used to white people offering to shake his hand.


"That's kind of you, Nick.  If you don't mind, I'd like to join you."


Nick splashed some river water on the rock.  "Gotta do this to cool it down some.  Otherwise you'll have blisters on your butt."


The two boys settled down on the rockThe rock was large enough that it was beginning to collect river sand to form a small sandbar, but it wasn't big enough for the two boys to sit on it without touching each other.  They tried at first to shift around so they weren't touching, but both soon realized that they enjoyed the touch of the other's body.  They settled in, sitting side by side with their legs and hips in full contact.  The contact caused a reaction in both boys, and soon their pricks were standing at almost full erection.


Nick was fascinated with Cleon's equipment.  He'd noticed that several of the Black boys in gym class still had their foreskins, but he'd never seen an uncircumcised penis in its full glory.  The head was a much lighter color than the dark chocolate shade of the rest of Cleon's body, and it was almost halfway out of the foreskin.


For his part Cleon had never seen an erect white boy before.  He'd played around with some of his friends, but sitting next to this strange white boy stirred feelings he couldn't identify.


Nick made the first move.  He reached over and gently touched the head of his new friend's cock.


"Do you mind?  I ain't never seen one like this.  You know, hard but with the skin and all still around it."


Cleon shuddered with pleasure at the touch and moved his legs apart to give Nick better access to his boyhood.  He reached over and ran his finger down the side of Nick's erection.


"And I've never held one that didn't have the skin on it."


They began stroking each other.  It didn't take long before both boys erupted in a mind-shattering climax.


They stretched out side by side on the warm sand until the euphoria of their climaxes began to dissipate. 


Cleon walked into the river to wash the cum off his hands and stomach.  Nick followed.  Soon the two boys were splashing and playing around in the cool water of the river.


They spent the rest of the afternoon alternating between sessions of mutual masturbation and playing in the river.  Late in the afternoon, they hugged each other and agreed to meet at the same spot the next afternoon.


That became their pattern.  Almost everyday, the two met at the rock in the middle of the river to catch catfish and to explore their bodies.  By the end of the summer, they had discovered the wonders of fellatio.


It stays warm in South Georgia well into late October so the boys were still able to meet at the river during weekends after school started.  They also saw each other in the hallways at school, but they didn't have any classes together because Cleon was two years older than Nick. 


Late that autumn, Cleon's grandfather, Rufus Washington, died.  His wife, Miss Bessie, moved in with Cleon's parents, and the boys weren't able to get together after that until the early spring.  They still saw each other regularly in the hallways at school, but because Blacks and whites didn't mix socially, they were only able to exchange a few words.  Their frustration grew.


Just before Easter vacation, Cleon walked by Nick's locker while Nick was getting his books and dropped a note on the top of the stack of books.  Nick waited until Cleon was out of sight, and then opened the note:




Meet me at the usual spot this Saturday at two.




When Nick arrived at the river, Cleon was waiting for him on the other side.  He motioned for Nick to cross the river, so Nick stripped off his pants and shoes and waded across to his waiting friend.


They exchanged a long passionate kiss.  Then Cleon led his young lover by the hand through the woods to the Washingtons' abandoned sharecropper's shack.  Inside, they shared a joyous reunion that left the youths satisfied both sexually and emotionally.


Nick and Cleon used the old shack almost every weekend after that for the next year.  Cleon told his parents that he was going to check on his grandparents' old home and spend some time fishing.  He then rode his bicycle the four miles from town to the shack. 


It was on the old straw mattress in that shack that Nick lost his virginity to Cleon, and Cleon lost his to Nick.  It was in that shack that they first declared their love for one another, and it was in that shack in the spring of the next year that Cleon told Nick that he was going away to college...........


Daddy wiped a tear from his eye.  "I was so angry at him that I never spoke to him again.  He dropped a couple more notes on my books at school.  He even wrote me a letter and sent it in the mail.  I threw away the notes, and I burned the letter without ever opening it.  It was my immaturity that I didn't understand why he had to leave me.  He had a full scholarship to a big name school up in New England, and there's no way he could have turned it down.  If I'd been more mature, I would have understood that.  I did understand by the time I was a senior in high school, but then it was too late.  Our relationship was broken, and I'm the one who broke it.

"I joined the Army right after high school, and ten months later I was over in Viet Nam watching my buddies die and thinking that I was going to be next.  When I got out of the Army, I was really messed up on pot, booze, and sex.  I screwed anybody that would spread their legs for me.  Didn't make a difference if it was a man or a woman.  I spent two years in prison in Texas because of the pot and booze.  When I got out, I told myself I had to change my ways, but I was soon back to old habits.  That's when I met your mother.  I fell in love with her on our second date.  I quit the pot.  I quit the booze.  I loved her until the day she died.  I never did understand what she saw in me, but I was thankful for her everyday.  I'm still thankful for the time we had."

He paused to wipe away another tear.  "There it is, son.  I've truly loved only two people in my life.  The first was Cleon.  The second was your mother."

"Do you know what happened to Cleon?"

"Oh, he finished college, then went to a big-name law school up there in New England.  He got married and had a family."

"Have you seen him or talked with him since then?"

"No, I never talked to him again.  I know where he is.  I just don't think it would be good for either one of us to go dredging up the past.  He's still married."

Daddy and I had been sitting side by side while he told me the story about him and Cleon.  I moved closer and gave him a hug while I buried my face against his chest. 

"Thank you for telling me the story, and thank you for understanding."

"I love you, Son."

"I love you too, Daddy."

I never really did go to sleep that night.  There was just too much running through my brain.  I felt such a sense of relief that I'd finally come out to Daddy and that he not only continued to love me but that he understood my feelings.  I felt like he and I had entered into a new phase of our relationship.  He had shared some very deep feelings with me when he told me about his love affair with Cleon.  I felt it was an indication that he was starting to think of me as a young adult instead of as a sixteen-year-old kid.  I wondered who Cleon was.  Daddy said he knew where Cleon lived.  Did that mean he had moved back to Fenokachee County after college?  But, if he was back in the county, why hadn't Daddy at least talked with him?

After tossing and turning most of the night, I got out of bed and wrote a long letter to Hector telling him about coming out to Daddy.  I didn't say anything about Daddy's story.  That was private between him and me.

Derek stayed over night the next Friday after we won the football game.  He was full of news.  He'd broken up with the girl he'd taken to the Homecoming dance, and he had his eye on yet another girl in the sophomore class.  His big news, however, was that his father was going to run for Congress in next year's election.  Derek swore me to secrecy about his father's political plans.  He said that his parents had talked with both him and his sister to let them know why his dad was going to be gone so much over the next year.

When I woke up the next morning, he was spooned up against me.  His chest was pressed against my back, and I could feel his morning wood poking into my right ass cheek.  I lay there for several minutes trying to get up enough courage to reach back and feel his hard dick.  Just when I was about to make my move, Derek stretched and started to wake up.  Dang it!

As usual, Derek stayed out at the house until it was time for me to go to work.  Then he drove me into town.

He stopped the Jeep in the parking lot.

"Next week, you need to come stay at my house on Friday.  My mom has kind of hinted that I shouldn't be staying out at your place all the time.  She wants to meet you."  He shrugged his shoulders.  "Hey, it's a parent thing.  I don't understand."

I chuckled.  "Your house is fine.  Just so I can continue to hang out with my best buddy."

He smiled.  "You got that right, bro."

As that Friday got closer and closer, I started to get nervous about meeting Derek's parents.  I told Daddy about it.

He laughed and ruffled my hair.  "Just be yourself, son.  Just be yourself."

I wore some of my nicer clothes on Friday, and I packed a set of clean clothes and my toothbrush in a small gym bag.  Heck, I even shaved that morning.  Being blond, my beard is pretty light.  I can normally go almost a week before the stubble is noticeable.  It had only been a couple of days since I'd shaved, and I really didn't need to, but somehow it just felt better.

Daddy noticed.  He ran his hand across my cheek, whistled, and winked at me.

Scott looked up from his gravy biscuits. 

"Hey, you shaved again.  Do you have a date or something?"

"Brett's staying over at the Jacksons' tonight.  I think he's trying to impress Mrs. Jackson."

Without even looking up from his food, Scott deadpanned, "If he wants to impress her, he'd better not say anything all night."

Daddy roared with laughter.   I was really steamed at first, but then Daddy and Scott's laughter got to me, and I joined them...after first flicking pieces of biscuit across the table at each of them.

(To be continued)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Some of the characters who play parts in this story were previously introduced in "When Love Comes" (last posted in the College section on Sept. 6, 2001), "Love of a Lifetime" (last posted in the College section on May 19, 2003), "Finding Family" (last posted in the College section on June 5, 2008), or "Construction Job" (last posted in the College section on July 24, 2008). While not necessary, readers may find it useful to read the earlier stories posted on this site.  All of the Adams State/Carterville stories listed above as well as my other stories are also posted at

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