Taken by Chance
by Thomas Fasch

People can't get sick from sex that never happened, and this is fiction. Always play safe.

Rob and I didn't know each other until we were roommates, but I think it's an unwritten rule in life that it's easier to become friends with your roommate than to become roommates with a friend. It seemed to work for Rob and for me.

In some ways, Rob and I were very different. Rob was 6'2", barrel-chested, black hair, furry all over (well, not his back), v-waisted, sort of a "natural body-builder" frame. I was 6'0", trim and tight, but my shoulders weren't much wider than my hips, and not much body hair beyond a patch between my pects and a treasure trail. Before I met Rob, I thought my hair was dark brown, but his hair was so dark, it made mine look lighter by comparison.

In some ways, Rob and I were pretty similar. We were both pretty easy-going, but serious about our schooling and studies. We were both in Engineering tracks, and could "talk tech" with the best of them. We worked when we needed to work, and relaxed when we needed to relax. Neither one of us kept pants on much more than we needed - stripping down to our briefs and pulling on a pair of gym shorts during the day, or just staying in our underwear in the evening.

Seeing each other naked was no big deal. Our dorm had gang showers, so we saw a lot of our friends and neighbors with nothing on. Rob was maybe a little more relaxed about things - he would strip off totally before finding what he was going to wear - often standing at his chest of drawers completely naked looking for fresh underwear, where as I tended to find fresh shorts before taking everything off. Rob also slept in boxers. While we were both "plain white briefs" guys during the day, Rob liked to "swing free" in bed, and I just wore my underwear to bed. Sometimes, if Rob was gone overnight or something, I'd sleep naked, but the novelty of it often kept me jacking off much of the night.

Rob and I both liked the company of women, make no mistake, but I won't deny that his body fascinated me. Rob just seemed so manly compared to my slighter frame, smoother skin, less pronounced chin-shadow, and his more aggressive approach to finding sex. Rob had no problem at all with the concept of the one-night stand.

The fact that Rob was getting sex more than me didn't seem to take the edge off his horniness. I'd see Rob's cock sticking out of his boxers more mornings than not, and it would be hard and throbbing. I don't think he'd ever seen me hard, but being seen that way didn't seem to bother him. He'd nonchalantly tuck himself back in without a sheepish look or trying to hide. I thought about making an off-hand comment, like "nice one," or something, but never did.

I also enjoyed watching Rob jack off. Not that he was showing me, or anything, I just pretended to be a heavier sleeper than I was. At least once a week, Rob would come home late, after I was in bed, maybe with a beer or two under his belt, leave the lights off, strip naked, and find his boxers, as usual. Instead of putting the shorts on, Rob would get a used towel from his laundry basket, and drop the towel and the boxers beside his bed. Then Rob would lay down, still naked, boning up if not already fully hard. Even with the lights out, we had a lot of light in our room from a courtyard light not far from our window. I had no trouble at all seeing Rob stroke his cock, rub his balls, thrust his hips, and shoot cum high in the air, landing all over his furry chest and tummy. As the earthy smell of his cum permeated the room, Rob would wipe up with the towel, toss it toward his laundry basket, and slip his boxers on.

These jack-off shows blew me away! Before Rob, I'd never really seen another guy hard, and certainly not masturbating and ejaculating! The first time I saw Rob do it, I was so shocked I didn't know whether to spit or wind my watch. The second time, I had a spontaneous ejaculation and creamed my shorts watching him shoot. >From the third time on, I'd quietly push the front of my shorts down and jack along with Rob. I made it a practice of putting a sock in bed with me any time I went to bed and Rob was out - I'd slip the sock over my cock before cumming to contain the mess and toss it in my laundry with my shorts in the morning.

Rob quickly became the focus of my sexual fantasies. I didn't really think about it, but my jack-off time was focused on Rob's body. Rob's balls were a bit bigger than mine, and his cock was intriguingly different. My cock is about 6.5" long, and quite thick (as I now understand), very straight, with a blunt tip. Rob's cock is longer than mine, a bit thinner, with an upward curve, and his cockhead was sort of arrow-head shaped. At some point, without really meaning to, it occurred to me that if there was a cock built for opening up a butt, this had to be it. The thought shocked me at the time, but once in awhile, I did wonder what it would be like to be mounted by Rob, and what it must feel like to be butt-fucked. I came pretty hard thinking about that, jacking myself and rubbing my pucker.

I'd have never made a move on Rob, or given him any hint of this. I'm sure that I never did, consciously or in any recognizable way, reveal any of those dark, hidden thoughts. Fate seems to have had other plans.

Rob and I horsed around like any guy roommates that get along OK. We'd wrestle, and, due to the size and aggressiveness differences, I'd always loose, but we'd both be laughing and having a great time. Often times, we wouldn't have much on when these wrestling matches would occur, like just our briefs. If one of us started boning up, the wrestling would just sort of stop, without anyone calling attention to why.

The fateful event happened on a Saturday morning. It was bright and sunny. I tended to be more of a morning person than Rob, anyway, and I had just completed a bunch of assignments, so I was looking forward to a full weekend of fun and relaxation. I hopped out of bed with the early birds, pounding my chest and practically crowing with youth, virility, and the prospect of just-plain fun. My bright attitude was met with Rob's pillow, sent with high velocity (but good humor) from his side of the room. I launched myself on top of him in return, and in seconds, we were wrestling on the floor.

In no time, I was on the bottom, and Rob was on top of and behind me. I suddenly realized that something warm and hard was rubbing against me - sometimes on the back of my briefs, sometimes against my bare legs below the briefs - but it felt like bare skin - and it had to be Rob's cock, out his boxers fly. My struggling slowed down as I tried to process this information. Before I could make much of it, I started to feel sticky dampness, and I knew that Rob was starting to leak precum, and it was getting on me.

"Yew! You're getting me messy, man!"

Rob rubbed against me intentionally a few times - his cock slipped between my legs under my balls - I could feel him against my bare thighs and my cotton-covered nutsack. "Well, you're the one that jumped me - and you know I almost always have morning wood!"

"That doesn't mean I want your dogwater all over me!"

I felt one of Rob's big paws move down my chest, across my stomach, and rest on my crotch. With a gentle squeeze, Rob assessed the situation. "Well, bro, you're doing a number on the inside."

I realized he was right - my dick was hard, and jumped at his touch, enlarging the wet spot already there.

"Maybe you'd rather have it inside your shorts than outside?" With that, Rob moved his hand from the pouch of my shorts to the back, and pulled down the back of my underwear. His oozing cockhead slipped between my thighs again, but this time, against my bare balls, with my briefs holding it in place.

"That is so gross! I can NOT believe you did that!" I spat out, laughing. My laughter moved our bodies against each other, and we both gasped from the feelings. Rob's hips responded reflexively, and he started dry-humping (well, pretty wet, but you know what I mean) my nutsack - and his hand grabbed our two cocks and my balls from the front.

Despite the intense feelings - and loving having Rob's warm, furry chest pressed against my bare back - I decided that this was 'way outside my comfort zone. I tried to pull away, but the result was that Rob's cock - now harder and wetter than ever - got pulled out from between my thighs and tracked right up the crack of my ass, coming to rest right in my pucker. Rob's wrestling instincts were to keep me from escaping, and he pulled me back - I felt the arrow-head shaped tip of his dick begin to open my hole. At this point, my inexperience really betrayed me, and I tried to push his cock out of me, just like I'd push out a crap. As you experienced man-sex guys know, that just opened me up, and without either of us exactly meaning for it to happen, Rob's cockhead slipped into my ring.

Whatever I though this would feel like in my jerk-off fantasies, this was so much more intense as to be completely different - totally outside my experience, and with nothing to compare it to. Even though his cock was only just barely in me, I felt like electricity was sparkling through my body. The feeling in my hole wasn't exactly pain, but a burning feeling of stretching and just the most intense thing I've ever experienced. My mind panicked, and I wanted to yell, "take it out!" but my body betrayed me, and no words would come out.

Rob's body knew right what to do, however, and "what to do" was fuck. Rob started moving his hips, very slightly at first, but working me open and working in deeper. Almost before either of us knew what was happening, I felt Rob's boxers pressed against my bared bottom, and I knew he was in me to his balls. Rob froze, and I finally managed to find the ability to speak.

"Rob - I don't really think I want to be butt-fucked!"

I could feel Rob shrug. "You're already fucked, Phil. You've got my cock all the way up the butt. You've paid the price of admission - you might as well get the ride." With that, Rob slid himself almost of of me, and back in all the way. I was going to protest, but once again, the capability of speech left me, and I was smothered in the sensations.

It didn't take very many strokes before I was pushing back - meeting every one of Rob's thrusts with my body - we were working together to make each other wild. Rob was upright now, pulling my hips back into his as he thrust. This was fucking, and no mistake. My mind was in shock - I was getting butt-fucked! Cornholed! Ass-rammed! We used to joke about this, as if it was imaginary, but now it was very real, and it was happening to me. The whole focus of my feeling was my roommate's cock moving inside me - I could feel the exact shape and size, familiar to me by sight, and very recognizable by sensation. The feeling was amazing - his cock felt so warm in me, moving around stiffly inside me, pushing my guts around. Before I could even sort out my feelings, another familiar feeling started deep inside - Rob's cock was hitting my prostate, and he was about to fuck a cum right out of me.

I became aware of some odd sounds. You're gonna think I'm making this up - but it's honestly true - I realized the sounds were coming from me! I didn't know I could make sounds like this - some odd mix of groaning, whimpering, panting, and grunting. I started shaking, and felt weak all over. My balls, which were not free to swing because of my underwear, began to pull up tight. My odd noises became a series of short, labored gasps, and I began unloading my spunk into the pouch of my briefs.

As my earth-shaking orgasm started, my ass ring clamped down hard on Rob's hard prong. With his hardest thrust yet, he drove in to me as deep as he could go, and as my muscles spasmed and milked him, he shot about 7 rounds of his nut juice into my chute. Having seen him shoot high in the air so many times, I could imagine what was happening inside me, as I felt his cock surge against the pulsing of my insides. As warm as his cock was inside me, his spunk felt even warmer. Other than his initial penetration, this was the only time the intensity reached the level of pain - but the burn of my muscles fighting his cock just made the orgasm stronger.

Rob relaxed slowly, his hands sliding down my hips and thighs, then he leaned over and put his fists on the floor to keep his full weight from bearing on me. Just like when he jacks off, Rob's cock softened quickly (I tend to stay hard for awhile), and I felt him shrink and withdraw from my butt. A few seconds after his slimy cockhead slipped out of my hole and brushed down the back of my sack, Rob suddenly yelled, "Oh, fuck!" leaped up, pulled on jeans (over his boxers - he never did that), a shirt, shoes (with no socks) and dashed out the door, slamming it behind him.

I was still coming around, still kneeling on the floor with my shoulders low, my hips high, and my semen soaking into the front of my underwear. Next I felt Rob's spunk leaking out my still-open hole, running down my sack, and probably soaking into my shorts. I wish someone had been there to take a picture of me! It would have been a sight.

I'm not sure how long I stayed that way, in a daze, until I started getting sore, and realized that my arms were falling asleep. I rose slowly, amazed at what had just happened. Suddenly, another fit of horniness grabbed me. Remembering how Rob's dick felt thrusting inside me, I pushed down the front of my briefs and started jacking. It was less than 20 minutes since Rob fucked a load out of me, and now I was whacking off again. I soon fired another load, about half the size of the first, pulled up my slimy briefs (to contain the leakage) and sat heavily on my bed. When I caught my breath and felt that my face wouldn't be too red, I wrapped a towel around my middle, and went to shower.

I scrubbed slowly but thoroughly in the shower, mulling over how I felt about everything. I checked out my hole, probing it with my fingers - checked my fingers for blood - everything seemed fine. I had a distinct feeling back there - not pain, exactly, nor soreness, but a warm and unique feeling that I sort of liked. I can't say that I'd ever really planned to get fucked - despite my fantasies, I hadn't planned to act on it - but I decided it maybe really wasn't a bad thing. Actually, I was surprised about how little intensity of emotion I felt either way. I'd been butt-fucked - big deal. I was still me, the sun was still shining, the earth was still spinning - it was OK.

I didn't see Rob all day. I went for a walk, got something to eat, and played some computer games, but still no Rob. I was a little worried, but didn't know what to do about it. I'd have gone to look for him, but it was a big campus, and I had no idea where to start. Part of me was worried, and part of me wasn't - it was a very odd feeling. I finally went to bed, deciding that I'd call the campus police in the morning if Rob wasn't home, but I just didn't feel that he'd do anything dangerous.

I hadn't been sleep very long when I heard Rob come in. I wasn't fully awake, but as soon as he closed the door, Rob was crouching by my bed, shaking my shoulder. "Phil! Phil! Wake up! We have to talk, man! I'm sorry! I'm soooo sorry!" Rob's voice sounded funny, and when I looked at him, I realized he was crying. It was so unexpected, a part of me wanted to laugh, but fortunately, I didn't.

"Rob - what's wrong? What's the matter?"

"What's the matter? Phil - I fuckin' RAPED you, man! I belong in jail! I know it's the right thing, but I don't wanna go to jail! I'm so scared. I've thrown my life away!"

"Rob - slow down, man! Did you hear me yelling rape? I haven't called the cops - I'm not about to file any charges! I don't know what it was - maybe it was rape, maybe it wasn't - but I feel like I'm OK - and you should be OK, too. You're my friend as well as my roommate - I don't want to send you to jail!"

"Oh, man, Phil. I'm so relieved to hear that. I still feel like that's what I deserve, though, man. I shouldn't have done that! I didn't mean to do it - I didn't plan to do it - I've never thought of doing anything like that!"

"Rob - did you notice that I shot off while you were humping me? Did you notice that, man? It's pretty hard for me to say that I wasn't going along for the ride by then!"

"Yeah - yeah - I did notice that. I have to admit, that kind of surprised me. I'm glad you got off, though - I'm glad you weren't in pain. Sometimes - from the noises you were making - I wasn't sure if I was hurting you - but even if I had been, I just kept fucking!"

"OK, look. Let's not worry about how things might have been. How things were is that I was feeling pretty good by then."

"Still - I took something from you - something I can't give back. You're no longer an ass-virgin, Phil! I busted your butt-cherry." There was actually a hint of a smile on Rob's tear-stained face now.

"That's true, Rob. I can never say that I haven't taken it up the ass, because I did, and I'll tell you - I ended up enjoying it. But what you say is right - you can't make it the way it was, and I didn't go looking for this to happen."

"What can I do, Phil? How can I make it up to you?"

I don't know where the thought came from, but I immediately said, "Give me yours." I hadn't thought about it or planned it, but my response was right there.

That really set Rob back. The stunned look on his face was deeply-etched. "What?"

"Let me fuck you, Rob. We'll be square."

"I'm not a fag, Phil!"

That made me mad. "Careful what you say there, boy-o! I'm not either, and I got your cock up my chute anyway. All I'm asking is turnabout - fair play."

"Fuck! You've got me over a barrel, Phil. I don't see that I have a choice, but I'll tell you - I don't want to do this. I'm asking you to let me off the hook, here!"

"Well, I don't think we need a barrel..." my attempt at humor fell flat. "Rob, believe it or not, this is partly for you. I want you to know what it was like - what it was like for me - so that you understand how it was for me - and we'll have that in common. Do you see what I'm getting at?"

"Yeah - yeah - I guess I do... So - how do you want to do this?"

"Well, I don't think we should do it now. We're both worn out right now. Let's see if we can't get a good night's sleep, and we'll figure it out in the morning. OK? Can you sleep with that? It'll be OK - whatever we work out - it'll be alright."

"Yeah - yeah - I can live with that. Listen - I never got a shower today - I'm going to go take one now, and then turn in. We'll be OK, right?"

"Right. We'll be fine."

Rob stood up, kicking off his shoes, pulling off his shirt, and dropping his jeans. Of course, he still had his sleeping-boxers on. He wrapped his towel around him and went out the door. I was asleep before he got back.

The next morning was as beautiful as the last. I woke up to sun streaming in our windows. I looked over at Rob. He was awake and looking at me. "You still want to do this?" he asked.

"I really think it's the best thing for both of us," I answered.

Rob sort of shrugged. "How do you want me?"

I got out of bed - I was half-hard in my briefs, and quickly approaching a throbbing hard-on. "Leaning on your desk, I think," I answered.

Without comment, Rob got out of bed, pulled down his boxers, and stepped out of them. I was disappointed to see that he wasn't erect at all. I took off my briefs. Rob looked at my dancing, throbbing dick, and then out the window. Rob went to his desk, and leaned over it, looking out at the sun-lit courtyard. Our room was high enough that there was no danger of anyone seeing in.

"You're not hard," I couldn't help observe.

"Phil, I'm not excited about doing this. I'm only doing it because I think it is fair, not because I'm expecting to enjoy it."

I decided I was going to do my best to make it as good as I could for Rob. I took some hand lotion from my desk and pulled up a chair behind him. This was certainly the closest I'd ever been to another guy's ass, and it looked pretty cool to me. Rob's butt was thinly covered with fine black hairs, getting denser to his crack, and surrounding his hole. I squirted some lotion into my hands, and warmed it. I put the lotion into Rob's crack, and started to rub it around. The first time I brushed up against his actual pucker, I thought Rob was going to jump out the window.

"Sorry," he said, giving me a sheepish half-grin over his shoulder. As I started to rub around his hole, Rob started making quiet noises: almost purring sounds, "Hmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

Pretty soon, I started pushing a finger in. At first, Rob tensed up and pulled away, but then he relaxed and let himself back - my finger slid smoothly inside him, and he gasped quietly.

"How's it going?" I wanted to know.

"Not bad - much different than I expected."

I looked down and saw that I had a pool of precum below the tip of my cock on my chair. I also really took notice of how thick my cock was. I peaked around Rob's hip to see his. I was pleased to see that Rob was more than half-hard, and rapidly bouncing to full hardness. I could see that my cock was a lot thicker than his, and realized this could be a problem.

Rob groaned as I pulled my finger out. I took some more lube, and pushed my thumb in. Again, Rob gasped, tensed, and then relaxed. When my thumb could move easily in and out, I went for two fingers. Now Rob was leaking precum, too. There was a trail of clear liquid from his dick to the desk and another to the floor. Two fingers actually went in more easily than my thumb - I guess Rob was getting used to having something up there.

I pulled out my fingers and stood up. Rob tensed up completely. "I'm really not sure I want to do this, you know. If I hadn't done that to you yesterday, there's no way this would be happening."

"I know, but just relax. I want you to know it's not so bad - that's part of why I want to do this. Another part is that I want us to be on equal footing again - neither of us will having anything over the other."

Rob nodded, and looked forward again.

I moved close to him - I was conscious of everything - I could feel the heat from his bare skin even before I touched him. My cock rubbed the bottom of his buns, then the back of his balls. I took another handful of lotion, and spread it on my cock. I was so hot and so sensitive, I was afraid I might shoot even before I mounted him. "Bend forward a little more," I instructed, and Rob complied. I took my rod firmly, and rubbed up and down his crack to find the right spot. I centered in. "Now relax," I told Rob, "and push out like you're taking a dump." Rob might have been reluctant, but he did as I told him, and I felt my blunt cockhead pressing into his pucker. Rob let out his breath slowly, gradually building to a full groan as my cockhead slipped just inside him. Suddenly he tensed up. "Ah! Stop! It hurts!" he said.

"Try to relax!" I told him. "It didn't really hurt when you were in me, except when I tensed up. Just give it a minute."

After several seconds, I could feel Rob relaxing, and his breathing came easier again. My hands circled his hips to find his tackle. He was back to semi-hard, but getting harder again. He must have gone almost completely soft when I first started to mount, but he was back on the bone now.

"Hey, keep your hands off my junk!" Rob growled.

"Look - you fucked me up the ass yesterday, and I'm part way up yours now. You're worried about me handling your goodies?" I let my hands slip from his cock and balls to his hips anyway, because I wanted more leverage. With steady pressure, I pushed a good inch into my roommate's tight, virgin ass.

"Oh.... my..... fucking...... gawrrrrRRRR!" Rob hissed.

I let up the pressure, pulled back a bit, and pushed in more. Rob went down on his elbows on the desk. I moved my hands from his hips to his shoulders, and gave him another inch.

"UNNNGGGhhhhhhhhh!" groaned Rob.

"Does it hurt?"

"N... No - it's not pain - it's ... I don't know ... go ahead, though - give me the rest!"

I reached around his hips again and found his cock hard, bobbing, and leaking. Pulling us together, I entered my roommate completely, until my legs were pressed against his, my hips against his buns, my tummy against his back, and my balls against his. I stayed there a few minutes, but Rob was panting like he was lifting weights.

"Give it to me - let me have it - do it before I go out of my fucking mind!" Rob gasped, his head turned to the side and his eyes squeezed tight shut. I didn't need to be told twice - I pulled almost all the way out of him as he gasped in a deep breath, and then I went deep again. My body soon found a natural rhythm, and my hips were slamming into Rob's bubble butt. Rob was no longer communicating coherently, so I hoped I was doing the right things. All I heard was, "I... Ungh! Yeah... Oh! You... Fuuuuuck..." and other snippets of language.

I wanted to last, but there was no hope. I felt my orgasm approaching like a freight train. There was no way I wanted to cum and leave Rob without, so I grabbed his cock and started rubbing it. Rob sucked in a huge lungful of air, and I felt the muscles in his legs turn into cords of steel. My hand was a blur on his nice, curved cock as my cock pistoned in and out of his tight, no-longer-virgin ass. Rob suddenly stood bolt-upright, arching his back - his back against my chest - as I felt his cock surge. His ring snapped tight as I was on the outstroke, but there was no way I wasn't getting back in. I shoved hard, Rob roared as he shot multiple stripes of cum across the desk, and I unloaded up his clenching butt. I could feel Rob start to go soft right away, but, as usual, I stayed pretty stiff. As soon as Rob began to catch his breath, he gasped out, "Could you pull out now? Slowly, please?" I rocked my hips back, but there were many stops and gasps from both of us, before I finally pulled free. Rob spun around and plopped on his desk surface, and I sat heavily into my chair.

"So - what did you think?"

"Surprisingly - not bad - except for that last thrust!" Rob made a scowling face with his eyebrows knit that made me laugh.

"Sorry about that - it was unfortunate timing! I wasn't gonna miss the big pay-off, though!"

Rob laughed and said, "It's OK! It doesn't hurt now - though it does feel different!"

I was watching Rob closely - the old Rob was back. The tension was gone - we were equals and buds once again - neither one owing anything to the other.

The balance was restored, but I won't say that things went back to normal - not quite, anyway. For one thing, we both started sleeping naked. After having fucked each other up the ass, covering up was pointless.

That wasn't the only difference. About once a week, one of us would look at the other, and we knew the look meant "do me!" We never asked to fuck the other, but we did silently ask to be fucked, me more often than Rob, but we both did. Neither of us ever refused the other a good shot up the ass.