Taking a Stand

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Chapter 01: Beginnings

I sat in my room and looked around. Tomorrow I start at the University of Illinois at Urbana -Champaign.

This has been my room since Dad Philip and Dad Jeffery took me in. They found me in in a McDonald's parking lot next to the dumpster. I was a bloody mess after my ex-Father beat the shit out of me while he was in a drunken stupor.

I will always remember the day. It's etched into my memory. When I arrived home, I tossed my back pack on the floor of the kitchen. I needed to hydrate, so I grabbed a water out of the fridge.

I started reading a book I had checked out of the library, How to Tell Your Parents You're Gay. I mistakenly left the book on the kitchen island. Leaving it there became the beginning of the end.

My Dads adopted me and officially changed my name to Trevor Harris-LeBlanc. I never knew such peace and security existed until they became my fathers. It certainly didn't live in the ex-Congressman Franklin's house.

I caught a glimpse of myself in a full-length mirror when I changed clothes in the gym at school. I looked pretty hot, if I do say so myself. Short, but not buzz cut, brown hair. Nice set of pecs. My biceps have even started to grow. I've hit my final height, too. Six-one. Not bad for a kid whose father was five-nine and obese.

I even have two of the funniest little brothers around. They're five-year-old identical twins, and, as my Dad Jeffery always says, "They could explode at the drop of a hat and wreak havoc on their surroundings."

My Dads took them in too. Sam and Tim's mother had died of an agonizing battle with cancer. She wanted my Dads to adopt the boys because she wanted them in a loving, non-bigoted environment. She decided my Dads were the perfect choice to be fathers to her beloved boys.

My Dads are both hot as shit, too. I know I shouldn't say "hot as shit" about my Dads, but they are. Both are around six feet tall, built, and both about 34 years old.

Dad Jeffery is a UCC minister. I've decided I want to follow in his footsteps. He's so kind and patient with everyone and everything around him. But, he's no prude. He spent four years in the Castro as a youth minister. His flock consisted of the downtrodden. Homeless. Addicted. Mentally challenged. Veterans.

My Dad Philip manages a huge organic farm. He's the business person of the family. He's a lot like Dad J, but more practical. He walks the talk, so to speak. He's about as down to earth as they come.

"Trevor," Dad J said to me as he stood in the open doorway. "Is something wrong, Trevor?"

I tried to wipe the tears off my cheek.

"No," I replied. "Everything is great. I just sat here thinking."

"Thinking about what?" Dad asked.

"How great my life has become after I met you," I replied.

"It's a two-way street, Trevor," Dad said. "Dad P and I are so grateful you came into our lives. You've gone from being a high school kid to a brilliant, kind, and generous young man whose starting his college education."

"Thanks, Dad," I replied as he hugged me.


I sat in the back seat of the SUV as Dad P drove us to UIUC where I start college in a few days.

"Trevor," Dad Philip began after we had pulled in the drop-off area for my dorm. "I'm not trying to be sappy here, but I need to say this. You have made your Dad and me very proud parents. You are on your way to making a difference, not only in our community, but also this college community. If anyone can organize a group to protest or provide support for a cause, it will be you. We will always be at your side at every turn in your life. Even if we aren't in the same place."

"Thanks, Dad," Trevor said as he wiped a tear from his cheek. "You are the best parents a kid could have. You are supportive—even when some of my off the cuff ideas weren't exactly the best ideas. You have made me so I am in this very spot as we sit in this car. I'm not certain where I would be right now if it weren't for you two. I love you, Dads. Don't forget it either. You two are my rock."

We all got out of the car and did a joint hug.

I took a box, Dad J took a box, Dad P took a box, Sam and Tim carried books as we headed to my dorm room.

"Trevor," Dad J said as we put the last of the boxes into my dorm room. "Did you leave anything in your room?"

"This is only the necessary belongings," I replied. "I left enough of my personal stuff at home to make the room looked lived in."

"Thank you, Trevor," Dad P said. "It is reassuring you are not going to abandon your dear old dads anytime soon."

"I could never abandon you guys," I added with a smile. "At least not until you quit paying for the gas in my car."

All of us turned our attention to the open door, "Hello! I'm Grayson."

"I'm Trevor," I said to my new roommate. "Finally, we meet in person! These are my dads, Phillip and Jeffery Harris-LeBlanc, and my brothers, Sam and Tim."

"Good to meet you!" Grayson replied as two older people followed Grayson into the room. "These are my parents, Harold and Claire Whitmore. The two dudes with the boxes are my brothers, Thomas and Stephan."

We all exchanged pleasantries. I kept staring at Grayson. His close cropped blond hair and blue eyes popped against his flawless summer tan. His muscular chest and arms strained against the tightfitting polo shirt. His jeans looked as though they were tailor made for his muscled lower body. His brothers were duplicates of one another and looked very much like Grayson—same blond hair, same muscular body, same tight fitting polos—different colors, of course—and jeans.

"Do you want some help with getting your belongings into the room, Grayson?" Dad P asked.

"My dad bribed my brothers to bring the stuff up," Grayson replied. "I didn't bring a lot with me this trip."

"Are you twins?" Sam asked Grayson's brothers.

"Yup," Stephan replied. "You two must be twins, too."

"Yes," Tim replied. "And, we have two dogs, Barkley and Barlow. They weren't allowed to come with us today."

"As it was, we barely had room for my things in the Tahoe," I explained. "Adding two dogs to the mix was not an option today."

"We were going to take Trevor out to lunch before we turned him loose to unpack his stuff," Dad J added. "Would you care to join us?"

"We would love to," Mr. Whitmore said. "Unfortunately, we have to head back to Chicago. I am leaving on a business trip to London at 7 pm tonight. Can we have a rain check?"

"Absolutely," Phillip replied. "You are welcome to join us, too, Grayson."

"I would be delighted to join you, Mr. Harris-LeBlanc," Grayson replied. "I'll just walk my family down to their car, say good bye, and wait for you downstairs."

"Perfect," I agreed. "We will be downstairs in a few moments."

After Grayson and his family left, Phillip raised an eyebrow and turned toward me, "Is he or isn't he?"

"Yes," I explained. "We went through the `is he or isn't he' conversation early on during our Skype conversations. He hasn't told his parents yet. He's worried his father will go nuts. He is certain his mother will be okay with the revelation, but not his father."

"What does his father do for a living?" Dad J asked.

"Vice President of Sales for a technology company is all I know," I added. "He told his brothers. And, guess what, they are gay, too."

"I wouldn't want to be part of the family discussion when dear old Dad hears all three of his sons are gay!" Dad J added.

"Daddy," Sam said as he tugged Jeffery's shirt sleeve. "I'm hungry."

"Okay," I replied. "The stars have spoken. Let's go eat!"

Tim and Sam took Trevor's hand as we headed downstairs. Sam asked the question: "Are you going to miss us, Trevor?"

"Of course I'll miss you, little dudes," Trevor replied. "But, don't worry we live close enough to see each other fairly often.

"So, you're not going to forget who we are?" Tim asked.

"Guys," Trevor began. "How can I forget who you are? You are two of the most fun five-year old kids I know. I will never forget you! You can have our dads send me a photo of you every day."

"Can we, Daddy?" Sam asked.

"Sure," I replied. "Just remind us and think of creative situations. You can also send us an occasional photo, too, Trevor."

I finished off this phase of the conversation just before we rejoined Grayson, "I will try to find the appropriate moments to share with you."

"So, your family is on their way back to Chicago, Grayson?" Phillip asked.

"Yea," Grayson said. He seemed a little sad to see his family leave. "My father and his business trips take precedence over dropping his oldest son off at college. Oh, well! It's life in the Whitmore family."

"Maybe I should drag you down to Southern Illinois to see how we southerners live some weekend, Grayson," Trevor suggested. "We lead a simpler life than people who live in Chicago."

"You make it sound like we haven't been off the farm," Jeffery added as we arrived at a popular pasta place just off campus. "We have been around the block a few times!"

Once we picked up our food order and found a table, our conversation continued. "I'm not insinuating my Dads haven't seen bigger parts of the country," I explained. "Dad Jeffery lived in San Francisco for four years. He met a lot of homeless gay people, drug addicts, and otherwise unfortunate souls."

"You hung out with drug addicts?" Grayson asked with some surprise in his voice.

I smiled broadly as my Dad J corrected me. "I was a youth minister for a United Church of Christ in San Francisco's Castro district. My responsibilities included working with young men and women, many of them gay and homeless, move on in their lives. Sometimes I was successful. Sometimes I wasn't. But, I tried as hard as I could to be successful. I accepted the position as youth minister in Olney because I was burnt out working in the Castro. And, if I had stayed in San Francisco, I wouldn't have met my husband. I also would not have three terrific sons. So, it has turned out to be a very, very good move for me."

"Wow!" Grayson replied. "Why were the gay kids homeless?"

"Most were abandoned by their parents when the kids came out," Dad J replied.

"Like me," I added. "I probably would be a homeless kid in Southern Illinois if it hadn't been for my two dads. They have been the greatest thing to happen to me."

"Why would you have been homeless, Trevor?" Grayson asked.

"My asshole ex-father, the esteemed ex-Congressman, and my ex-mother threw me to the wolves," I explained. "Jeffery and Phillip save my life."

"Our mommy wanted Daddy Jeffery and Daddy Phillip to take care of Sam and me when she went to Heaven," Tim announced.

"Oh!" Grayson replied as he looked at Tim and Sam. "So, Reverend Harris-LeBlanc, do you have any suggestions on me coming out to my family?"

"Not now," Dad J replied. "But, if you need some advice, I will help you work through your issues with your father whenever you're ready."

"Thanks," Grayson replied. "I'll need all of the help I can get."

"What's your major, Grayson?" Dad P asked.

"It is officially electrical engineering," Grayson replied. "My father's idea. He has a degree in electrical engineering from UIUC. He wants me to follow in his footsteps. I'm not certain I'm cut out for engineering. I'd rather major in English or journalism. My father would have kittens if I changed, though."

"You should come to Daddy Phillip's farm and talk to Mabel," Sam interjected.

"Mabel?" Grayson asked.

Dad P, Dad J, and I tried to stifle our laughs. "Mabel is a cow on Dad P's organic farm," I responded. "Dad J did a talk at church about talking to Mabel. He became an Internet success overnight. It might have had something to do with his reference to some billionaire running for President. We're not quite sure which put Dad J over the top."

"You talk to a cow?" Grayson asked. It didn't look like Grayson was buying the talking to the cow business.

"Mabel is a very wise, older cow," Dad J explained. "She has a lot of good advice if you listen very carefully."

"You mean more like a metaphor for listening to a cow give advice?" Grayson asked with a knowing look.

"Sort of," Dad J said. "You need to be a believer for the truth to come out."

"Before Grayson gets the idea we are all a bunch of lunatics," Philip said, "maybe we should leave these guys alone so they can unpack their stuff."

"Probably a good idea," Jeffery replied as we stood from the table and cleared the remains of our lunch.

As we arrived beside the Tahoe, I pulled both of them into a hug, "Thank you for everything, dads! You have made this possible for me. If I hadn't met you, I would probably be working at McDonalds instead of beginning college. I promise I won't disappoint you."

"Trevor," Jeffery said, "you'll never disappoint us!"

"We are the lucky ones, Trevor," Philip added. "You've made our life together worthwhile. You've been a joy to be around. And, we expect you and any of your friends to visit whenever you want. Just don't invite the whole school to come with you."

"Got it, dads," I said as I tried to discretely wipe a tear from my eye. "I'll keep you posted about any events on campus."

I knelt down to Sam and Tim, "I'll see you again, soon, little dudes. I love you both. And, take care of the dads while I'm away, okay?"

"We'll make certain the dads are okay, Trevor," Tim said as they both clung to my neck.

"We need to go before we all lose it!" Philip said. "Keep in touch, Trevor!"

"Will do," I said as the dads locked Sam and Tim into their car seats.

When they were finally settled into the front seat and Philip had the engine running, Jeffrey said through the open passenger window, "Take care of our boy, Grayson. He can be a handful, but he's a good kid."

"I'll do my best, Sir," Grayson replied.

"Your Dads are awesome," Grayson said as we watched the SUV drive away. "I've never known a gay, married couple with three kids."

"They are definitely awesome," I said as I wiped a tear from my cheeks. "I thank God every day they are my Dads. Now, we have a room to organize."


"I'm sorry I had to work yesterday, Trev," Rupert said as we sat in Starbucks on Sunday morning.

"Not a problem, Rue," I replied. "I'm getting to know my roommate, Grayson. I have this feeling we're going to be great friends."

"Good," Rupert said. "Just don't get too friendly. I wouldn't like cutting your balls off."

"Don't worry," I replied as I put my hand on top of his. "I know where my balls belong. Grayson may be cute as fuck, but my balls are yours."

"Speaking of balls," Rupert said. "It looks like your Dad is gaining on his opponent, Mr. White. You must be excited."

"Dad will be the best Congressperson around," I replied. "He could be President one day, but he will never go so far as to run."

"Do you think you want to be political?" Rupert asked.

"Probably not," I replied. "But, Dad had absolutely no desire to become a Congressperson. The need reared its ugly head, and he knew he had to run. If he wins, Dad will be the most honest and straight-forward politician in Washington."

"You're a lot like him, you know," Rupert added. "I know he's not your birth father, but you and he share a lot of the same qualities and values."

"Thanks, Rue," I replied and I sat quietly for a moment. "Rue, can I ask you something?"

"Sure," Rupert replied. "You can ask me anything you want any time you want."

"Where are we going, Rue?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" Rupert asked.

"I've been thinking a lot about things over the course of the last few weeks," I began. "You've been a big part of my thoughts. I have a photo of you on my desk. You're in board shorts—no shirt. Your hair is tussled from the wind. I get hard every time I see your picture. I love being with you. Even now, just sitting here with you, I feel I'm safe and... loved. When we've slept together in my room at home, I just want to hold you and kiss you. Are we ready for the next step, Rue?"

"I don't know, Trev," Rupert replied. "I've never gotten this far with a guy before. I think we are both inexperienced. I'm very, very willing, but I don't want to screw us up."

"Funny you should say the word screw," I said with a smile.

"It wasn't a slip of the tongue," Rupert responded. "But, I have no desire to screw you, Trev. I want to make love to you, but I don't want to screw you."

"Nicely put, Rue," I added. "Are you sure you don't want to become a politician?"

"I'd blow it," Rupert replied. "I'd probably say something unpopular and would be escorted out of the room. But, getting back to the subject of us..., I have visions of us getting old together. Kids. Dogs. House. I'm not certain I'd be open to us living in your hometown, but I could be swayed if the offer included being naked in bed with you every night."

"Could you live with someone who is a minister?" I asked.

"Before I met you, I'd say no," Rupert said as he looked me in the eyes. "Now, I'd say I don't know. Religion fucked me up, Trev. You gotta remember where I came from—a house of religious zealots. It wasn't comfortable for me."

"Not to worry," I replied. "Does this mean we're officially boyfriends?"

"Trevor!" I heard a voice say to me from across the room.

"Rob!" I replied. "What's up? Want to join us?"

"Thanks, but I'm meeting a dude from my history class here in a few minutes," Rob replied. "We have a history project we'll be working on. How are the two love birds doing?"

"Who said we're love birds?" I countered.

"Trev," Rob began. "You're sitting here with the guy who has visited you and your family for every freaking holiday since you met. Your hand is on top of Rupert's. Rupert has the biggest shit eating grin I've ever seen. So, yea, it qualifies as love birds. Have you reached boyfriend status yet?"

"A few minutes ago," Rupert replied. "Rob, I'd like you to meet my boyfriend, Trevor Harris-LeBlanc."

"Congratulations," Rob replied. "If either of you needs boyfriend advice, come see me."

"Boyfriend advice?" I asked. "It'd be like the blind leading the blind."

"Yea, but we could have fun being led," Rob replied.

"Rob," we heard a voice announce.

Rupert and I stared at the guy with the voice. He was gorgeous!

"This is Makato," Rob said. "He's in my history class. Makato, these are my friends, Rupert and Trevor. Trevor is from my hometown. Rupert is Trevor's boyfriend as of a few minutes ago."

"Congratulations," Makato greeted us. "You do look happy."

Makato's smile pulled us all in. He stood six feet tall with muscles in his chest and arms straining the tight t-shirt. His tanned, smooth body with spikey coal black hair exuded sex appeal.

"I hate to break up this conversation, but Makato and I have a history project to plan," Rob added. "Call me and we can get together for coffee."

"Okay, Robby," I said.

Rob turned to face me. His eyes burned a hole in mine. I smiled.

"Do... not... call me... Robby, lover boy," Rob said. "You can call me Rob, Robert, or even asshole. But don't call me Robby!"

"Got it," I replied. Rob and Makato turned to find another open table.

"I may need a gaydar tune up, but I'll bet Makato and Rob could become an item," I said to Rupert.

"He has an amazing body," Rupert added. "Of course, no one has a better body than my boyfriend."

"After seeing Makato, though, we need to seriously schedule some gym time," I suggested.

"Do you think?" Rupert asked with a smile.


I stepped into my political science class and picked a seat near the front of the lecture hall. The hall seemed overpowering, so I wanted to be in the front.

I pulled out my tablet, found the stylus, and opened a new note page.

"Is this seat taken?" a voice asked.

"Only if you sit in it," I replied. The dude with the voice slipped into the seat beside me. His long, curly blond hair fell over his forehead—almost covering his eyes. He's nice looking with a slinky body. Not skinny. Not gym built, but lithe and limber. He looked about five-eleven.

"I'm Wyatt," he said as he settled into the seat. "Wyatt Delmonico."

"I'm Trevor," I replied. "Trevor Harris-LeBlanc."

"Are you related to the guy running for Congress?" Wyatt asked.

"My Dad," I replied.

"No kidding!" Wyatt exclaimed. "I love his positions, and I absolutely love to hear him talk. He seems to have so much passion. So much realism. So much honesty."

"You nailed him," I replied. "He'll make a terrific Congressperson. How do you know about my Dad?"

"Everyone in the state knows about your Dad, dude," Wyatt replied. "He's seen in some political circles as the state's most up and coming person in the Democratic Party."

"He's a wonderful man and an outstanding Dad," I added. "I owe him and Philip my life."

"Are you the one they rescued from the ex-Congressman Franklin's grip?" Wyatt asked.

"The one and only," I replied.

"So, you're gay, too?" Wyatt asked.

"Yup," I replied.

"As a straight boy, I find his stance on human rights issues to be right on target," Wyatt explained. "Your Dad is amazing!"

"He is," I replied. "Next time he's in town, I'll introduce you."

"Does he need help with his campaign?" Wyatt asked.

"If you're offering, he'll welcome you with open arms," I replied. "I'm heading home the weekend after next to help with an event. My boyfriend and I will host a couple of events for new college age voters in the district. You can join us."

"Really?" Wyatt exclaimed. "I'd be honored. I don't have a suit here, though."

"Won't be a problem," I responded. "We'll dress casually with a polo and slacks. You do have a polo and slacks, right?"

"Yes," Wyatt said with a smile. "I have one pair of slacks and two polos. I wasn't planning on helping with a political campaign when I packed for school."

"Where are you from?" I asked.

"Chicago," Wyatt replied. "Lakeview. My Dads bought a run-down town house and fixed it up. I don't remember living anywhere else."

The instructor strode to his position in front of the class, clicked on the PowerPoint projector, arranged some notes, and began the class.

"Welcome to Political Science 101," Professor Marszalek said as she surveyed the class. "I'm Professor Linda Marszalek. I'll be your guide through the maze of Political Science 101. You'll do most of the work. My brand of teaching, learn by doing, lends itself to a very stimulating class environment. We will have fun. We will have arguments. We will not have hate speeches or violence. I never felt the need to add the last thought to the introduction of this class—until now. If you believe your political views are the only right view or if you believe you do not need to listen to opposing viewpoints, please drop this course. Now, let's find out who is in this class."

Professor Marszalek read the names one by one. Students identified themselves by raising their hand.

"Wyatt Delmonico," the professor read Wyatt's name.

Wyatt raised his hand.

"Your father is a Chicago City Alderman, correct?" the professor asked.

"Yes," Wyatt replied.

More names were read.

"Trevor Harris-LeBlanc," Professor Marszalek read my name.

I raised my hand.

"Any relation to Jeffery Harris-LeBlanc who is running for Congress?" the professor asked.

"He's my Dad," I replied.

"Excellent!" the professor said and continued the roll call.

More names were read.

"Arnold White," the professor announced.

"It's Arnold White the third," the voice associated with the name said. I didn't dare turn around. "And, before you ask, yes, I am the son of Arnold White the second who is running against Harris-LeBlanc."

"This should be an interesting semester," the professor said before she continued to read the names of class members.

The professor finished calling out the names of students in the class and then moved onto her final instructions.

"This is a project oriented class," the professor continued. "You will work on two projects this semester. So, if you can find one team mate, you will pair with your partner to work on the two projects. The first project will be fun—at least for most. Pick a candidate running which will be decided in November. It can be a city council race, a state race, a Congressional race, or a Senate race. You'll need to make your case of projected winner based on research you perform. Interviews with candidates. Candidate position papers. Or others sources which you may uncover. I'll give you a few minutes to pick a partner."

The classroom grew loud as students scurried to find a partner.

"Want to be partners?" Wyatt asked.

"Sure," I replied. "I think we'll make a great team."

"We have a political competitor," Wyatt added. "Do you know him?"

"Only by name," I replied. "From what I understand, he's just as fucked up as his father. Oops! I shouldn't have said what I just did."

"It'll be our secret," Wyatt suggested as he smiled his megawatt smile with the brightest and whitest teeth I have ever seen.

"Thanks," I replied. "Which race do you want to cover?"

"Your father's," Wyatt replied. "And, I'll bet Arnold White the third will pick his father's race."

"Probably," I replied.

We continued planning our project until class ended.

"Do you want to join me and my boyfriend, Rupert, for coffee?" I asked. "We're meeting at Starbucks in about 20 minutes. We can wait for him there."

"I'd love to," Wyatt replied. "Do you happen to know any single women who want a boyfriend?"

"Not at the moment," I replied. "We'll be on the lookout for one or two."

Wyatt and I arrived at Starbucks before Rupert. We retrieved drinks and settled into a quiet table.

"Here's Rupert!" I exclaimed as my boyfriend walked toward us. "Rupert, I'd like you to meet Wyatt. Wyatt's in my political science class. Wyatt, this is my boyfriend, Rupert."

"Good to meet you, Wyatt," Rupert said with about as much enthusiasm as a statue.

"Good to meet you, too, Rupert," Wyatt said. "Don't worry, Rupert. I'm straight. I'm not a threat."

Rupert relaxed immediately.

"Did I look so obvious?" Rupert asked with a smile.

"Yes," I replied as I pulled him close and kissed him. "Don't worry, Rue. You can't be replaced until you piss me off."

"I'm sorry, Wyatt," Rupert continued. "I'm still new at this boyfriend business. I didn't have terrific role models when I was a kid."

"Wyatt's Dad is a Chicago Alderman, Rue," I explained. "Another political science classmate is none other than Arnold White the third."

"You've got to be shitting me?" Rupert reacted.

"Nope," Wyatt replied "He seemed like an arrogant asshole, too. What's his father like?"

"An arrogant asshole," I replied.

"Like father like son," Rupert said with a smile on his face. "Please tell me you've volunteered to help Trev and me with a meet and greet for young democrats in the district."

"I have, as a matter of fact," Wyatt replied. "I've been following the campaign after Trevor's Dad announced his decision to run for Congress. He seems to be a really awesome man."

"He is," Rupert replied. "His son is just like him. Awesome."

"Your biased, Rupert," Wyatt said with a smile.


Rupert and I decided to hit Starbucks to celebrate the end of the school week.

"This shitty week is finally over," Rupert said as we settled at a table in the back of the coffee shop. "If one other person asks me where the name Rupert came from, I'm going into hysterics!"

"Why does it bother you, Rue?" I asked.

"Has anyone ever asked you where the name Trevor comes from?" Rupert asked.

"No," I replied.

"Question answered," Rupert continued.

"Where does the name Rupert come from?" I asked.

"German or English, generally," Rupert said with a smile. "It's a form of Robert. My parents were obviously angry at me before I was born. Why couldn't they have chosen Sean?"

"You'd be ordinary then," I replied. "Besides, I think the name Rupert is sexy."

"Sexy, huh?" Rupert said as he snuggled closer to me on the bench we shared.

"Yea," I whispered as I looked him in the eyes. "Sexy."

"Want to go back to my empty-for-the-weekend dorm room?" Rupert asked quietly.

"Yes," I replied.

"Hey! Rupert!" a voice from the front of the coffee shop yelled out. He headed our way.

"Ignore him. Maybe he'll go away," Rupert whispered to me.

"Hello, Dirk," Rupert replied. "I didn't expect to see you here."

"I didn't expect to be here, but my girlfriend wanted to meet me," Dirk replied. "Who's this?"

"My boyfriend, Trevor," Rupert replied. "Trevor. This is an acquaintance of mine, Dirk Zimmerman. He's from where my parents live. We went to high school together."

"Boyfriend, huh," Dirk began. "So, you really are doing the gay thing. I didn't think you would try to pass yourself off as gay. Your parents must be pissed."

"I wouldn't know," Rupert replied. "I haven't talked with them for about two years. Our separation was not an amicable one."

"Being gay is not something we pass ourselves off as," I added. "We're born gay. I have two wonderful Dads to prove it, too."

"I'm not certain I'd be bragging about having two Dads," Dirk, the epitome of intolerant people, replied. "My girlfriend just arrived. I'll see you boys around."

We watched Dirk slither to the front of the coffee house to greet his girlfriend.

"See why I don't want to encourage a barely civil connection with the jerk?" Rupert asked.

"Yea," I replied. "Do we want to pick up where we left off when your unfriend appeared?"

"Yes," Rupert said as he looked me in the eyes again. His eyes sparkled. I wanted to kiss him.

"I want to take you back to your dorm room and kiss you, Rue," I said in a guttural voice.

"Are you JUST kissing me?" Rupert asked.

"Nope," I replied as I grabbed Rupert's hand and pulled him to his feet. We stowed our empty cups in the trash and made our way to the front.

"Have a good weekend, Dirk," Rupert said as we tried to slip by.

"You're Trevor Harris-LeBlanc, aren't you?" the girl with Dirk asked. "We're in the same Political Science class. I'm Stephanie."

"You sat in the back of the room," I replied. "This is my boyfriend Rupert. Rupert, Stephanie."

"Nice to meet you," Rupert said.

"I think your Dad is the most interesting candidate to run for Congress in our district," Stephanie added.

"Do you live in the district?" I asked.

"Yes," Stephanie replied.

"We're having two events focused on college age voters next weekend. One in Olney. The other in Effingham. You should come and meet my Dad. Rupert and I will be the hosts. You can get more information at www.jefferyharrisleblanc.com. It lists the location and times."

"Terrific," Stephanie replied. "It would be fun if you and I could go to this, Dirk."

"You've got to be kidding," Dirk replied.

"We need to be running," I added as I began pushing Rupert toward the door. "We have some errands to run. See you around."

"What errands are we running, sweetie?" Rupert asked when we were outside.

"We need to pick up some energy bars and some sports drinks," I replied.

"Why?" Rupert asked.

"Once I get you naked, we might not leave your dorm room until your roommate returns," I explained.

"Oh!" Rupert replied as he stopped walking and pulled me close to him. "Does this mean you'll try to get me pregnant?"

"It only means we will try to get one another pregnant," I added as we approached Rupert's roommate-less dorm room.

As Rupert shut the door behind us and locked it, I dropped my backpack on the floor. Rupert dropped his.

"I've waited all my life for this," Rupert hissed as he hugged me close to him. Body to body. "I didn't know I was waiting, but I do now."

When Rupert almost threw me against the wall beside the door, I knew I too had finished waiting.

His lips touched mine.

"Ooooooo!" I moaned.

I felt the heat of his body raise. I heard the beat of his heartbeat increase. Our tongues fought. His hands slipped under my t-shirt. He pressed his hard, jean covered dick into mine. His hand brushed my left nipple.

"Ooooooo!" I moaned again as I pulled his head closer to mine. "Naked!"

Rupert didn't stop kissing me. Somehow he managed to pull my t-shirt off, paused kissing me, and threw the shirt on the floor. I pulled his off.

"I want... to undress... you..., Rue," I hissed between kisses.

Rupert paused, and he his grin turned into the sexiest one I've ever seen. "And I want to undress you, Trev."

I dropped to my knees and began the process of getting my man naked. I pulled off his flip flops. The button on his jeans seemed permanently fastened as I fumbled to open it. The sight of his hard dick underneath the rough fabric of his jeans made me shake with anticipation.

Somehow the button managed to unfasten itself as I shifted my attention to the zipper of Rupert's tight jeans. I almost came in my own jeans at Rupert's rock hard dick almost slapped me in the face as the jeans slipped down.

"Fuck the jeans," I hissed to Rupert and then took his dick into my mouth for the first time. The taste of his dick. The smell of his crotch. The tickling of his pubic hairs. I gulped in more of his dick before I realized I needed to breathe. I slowly pulled off Rupert's dick. His hands slipped under my armpits and he pulled me up.

"I want to taste you, now," Rupert said as he began unfastening the button of my jeans. My cock finally emerged as Rupert slid my jeans down to the middle of my thighs. "Your dick is beautiful, Trev."

His tongue licked at the tip of my dick.

"Ooooooo!" I moaned in pleasure as Rupert slid more of my dick inside his mouth. "Oh God, Rue! So good!"

Rupert somehow managed to quickly learn how to breathe and suck cock.

"Shiiiiit!" I hissed as I felt my dick make its way into Rupert's throat.

He didn't stop sucking and licking. I felt his hands brush my ass, and when he touched my asshole, I nearly jumped out the window.

"Fuck! Jeez!" I moaned. "So good, Rue."

I knew I couldn't hold off when I felt my cock slip into Rupert's throat again.

"Shit! Coming, Rue!" I cried.

Rupert amped up his performance, and I shot my load into Rupert's mouth.

"Aaaaaaaaa!" I moaned as I spurted rope after rope of cum. I have never had a more powerful orgasm than this. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!"

I collapsed back onto the wall as Rupert licked the last drop of cum off my dick.

"Where did you learn to suck dick?" I asked when I could finally speak.

"I never learned to suck dick, Trev," Rupert said as he stood and leaned in to kiss me. "I did what felt natural."

"I guess this makes you a natural born cocksucker," I added as I kissed back. I tasted my come in Rupert's mouth. "I'm sorry I didn't warn you in time so you could pull off before I shot."

"It felt so good when you started to shoot into my mouth," Rupert replied. "I want more."

"Can we at least table this until we're naked and in bed," I suggested.

"Make it fast, Trev," Rupert replied. "I'm not a patient person when I'm horny."

We both lost our jeans and he pulled me to the bed. Rupert lay on his back, and I settled on top of him. Face to face. Dick to dick.

"I could get used to this, Rue," I replied as I brushed a lock of hair off his forehead.

"I'm already used to this, Trev," Rupert replied. "This is so natural with you. I'd be scared shitless if it were anyone else."

"Rue?" I asked. "Is this what it feels like to be in love?"

"I kinda think yes," Rupert replied.

"Good," I added. "It's time I practice."

"Practice what?" Rupert asked.

"Sucking dick," I replied as I kissed him before I slid down to lick Rupert's balls. I moved up to lick the tip of his dick.

"Oh! Yes!" Rupert hissed.

"You like my tongue on your dick, Rue?" I asked before I swallowed his dick.

"Yes," Rupert said.

In one short gulp, Rupert's dick slipped into my throat.


Several days after Rupert and I hosted the meet and greet for my Dad, we sat at Starbucks. Wyatt joined us.

"My Dads plan to visit over the weekend," Wyatt explained. "They'd like to meet you... both of you."

"I'm certain we can manage to tear ourselves away from our demanding schedule to meet the rents," I said.

"Why don't you join us for lunch," Wyatt suggested.

"Sure," I replied.

"Isn't the guy at the counter your roommate, Grayson?" Rupert asked.

"Yup," I replied as I stood and waived to get his attention.

He joined us once he had his drink.

"Grayson," I began. "This is Wyatt Delmonico. He's in my Political Science class. Wyatt, this is Grayson Whitmore. My roommate. How has your day been, Grayson?"

"Shitty," Grayson replied. "I woke up in a bad mood. I went to class in a bad mood. I took a phone call from my mother in a bad mood. Now, I'm here with you in a bad mood. I need help!"

"Trevor will cheer you up," Rupert said to Grayson. "Won't you, Trev?"

"I'll do my best, but I left my bumblebee costume at home," I added. "Sit, Grayson. Tell us all about your bad mood."

"I wanted to sleep in until noon, but my eight am class took precedent. My mother called right after my class ended. She wanted to tell me to come home this weekend for a gathering at Dad's club. He's taking one of this clients for a golf outing. I'm joining him, his client, and his client's daughter—my age—for lunch. I'm being set up again. He knows I hate this shit." Grayson took a sip of his coffee.

"I'd be in a cranky mood, too," Wyatt responded.

"She's a bitch to boot," Grayson replied. "My father set us up before. Not a pleasant experience."

"Tell her you're gay," Wyatt suggested.

"I wouldn't be lying," Grayson replied. "But, my family doesn't know. I'd be a dead man walking."

"I see the conundrum," Wyatt added. "Does she have a brother?"

"Only child," Grayson explained.

"It's only lunch," Rupert added. "It could be worse. Like an evening event after which she expects you to have sex with her."

"I have a plan if it comes to sex with her," Grayson continued. "I'll get sick and throw up on her shoes."

"Rue and I decided we wanted to go to the gym on a regular basis," I said to change the subject. "Tuesday and Thursday morning at ten. We could go to lunch after."

"I'm in," Wyatt replied.

"Great idea," Grayson added. "Somehow the gym is more tolerable when shared with another person."

"You'll be the token straight guy, Wyatt," Rupert added with a smile.

Rupert's unfriend Dirk stormed into the coffee shop and headed to our table.

"Wyatt, you are a fucking asshole," Dirk exclaimed.

"What have I done to warrant the asshole label?" Wyatt asked.

"You've fucking my girlfriend, Stephanie!" Dirk exclaimed.

"You're kidding me, right?" Wyatt asked.

"She fucking broke up with me, asshole," Dirk explained. "A few days after we went to the idiotic political event."

"What does Stephanie breaking up with you have in common with the political event and me?" Wyatt asked calmly.

"Why else would she break up with me?" Dirk asked.

"Could it be, Dirk, she discovered what an asshole you can be?" Rupert asked.

`This will not turn out well,' I said to myself.

"Could it be fag boy, you should keep your nose out of my business?" Dirk asked.

Wyatt stood directly in front of Dirk. Their eyes locked.

"Dirk," Wyatt began. "I'm giving you some friendly advice. You do not call friends of mine `fag boy.' You also should refrain from calling people out just because your girlfriend broke up with you. And judging from your performance in this coffee shop, I'd say Rupert's assessment totally explains her decision to dump you. Now, I'll show you the way out of this coffee shop unless you'd rather find it yourself."

Dirk said nothing. He turned and left the coffee shop.

"Good job, Wyatt," Grayson said after Dirk's departure.

"Thank you," Wyatt replied. "My Dad taught me the fine art of making the other person believe you have power over him or her. It's helped him deal with the Chicago bureaucracy for over twelve years."

"Maybe your Dad could run a workshop for us," Rupert suggested. "I've wanted to tell Dirk to go fuck himself for several years now."

"We can work on self-defense during our gym time," Wyatt added.

"What gym time," Robbie asked as he and Makato slipped into two empty chairs at our table.

"We've decided to hit the gym on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at ten," I explained. "Want to join us?"

"I'm game," Makato said. "Working out alone is a bummer."

"Sure," Robbie replied. "I've discovered I'm a scrawny kid standing next to Makato. I need some gym time."


Grayson and I arrived at the gym promptly at ten a.m. on Tuesday. Rupert, Robbie, and Makato arrived together. Wyatt arrived ready to pump iron.

We found lockers together and began changing. I caught glimpses of Makato's body. He looked even better naked than with clothes. Six feet tall. Perfect skin, tanned and stretched over some breathtaking muscles. I slipped on my jock quickly so I wouldn't be standing naked in the gym with a hard dick.

As I turned around to grab my gym shorts out of my gym bag, I almost bumped into Wyatt—naked. His runner's body and shaved cock and balls hanging from a mound of neatly trimmed blond pubic hair made my blood boil.

`Enough!' I said to myself. `Concentrate on dressing and not naked men. Concentrate!'

Rob smiled at me. He had the same problem he covered up with his jock strap.

I turned around to see Grayson bent over picking something off the floor. His perfectly formed, smooth, muscular ass stared me in the face. `He's my roommate,' I said to myself. `Stop! Stop! Don't look!'

We finally had gym clothes on, and we headed toward the weight room.

"Does anyone know what we're supposed to do here?" Wyatt asked of no one in particular.

"I only know what our gym teacher and swimming coach taught us," I replied.

"Ditto," Rob replied. "We had the same swimming coach, too!"

All of us looked at Makato and Grayson.

"I'd be happy to show you what I know," Grayson replied. "My dad planned a football career for my brothers and me. He became incensed when I told him I wasn't playing football and waking up with concussion injuries when I was thirty. My brothers too. He wouldn't give up in the hopes we would change our minds. He kept up the gym regimen."

"My dad is a personal trainer for all the Hollywood actors," Makato explained. "Some of it rubbed off onto me."

"Some?" I said in a moment of insanity. "I'd say all of it rubbed off on you, Makato. He must be an excellent trainer!"

"Thank you, Trevor," Makato replied. "Why don't I go first and show you what to do and what not to do?"

"Perfect!" Rob replied.

We worked through our soon-to-be gym routine with amazing grace. Makato and Grayson were both excellent teachers.

All six of us shucked our sweaty gym clothes, grabbed a towel, and headed to the shower. Heads turned as our group of naked, sweaty men trudged to the shower.

"I enjoyed our workout," Wyatt said as he adjusted the water temperature of the group showers. One big room. Ten shower heads. Six naked men.

"I did, too," Rupert replied as he stepped into the shower. "Working out with a partner or two really helps to keep focused."

"Makato and Grayson are both terrific teachers," Rob added. "Have either of you ever thought about being a personal trainer?"

"My Dad has suggested I work in his office," Makato replied. "My mother told me plainly she is against personal training as a career path. My parents' divorce did not go well! My Dad is in California and my mother in Chicago. Distance helps in this instance to soothe ruffled nerves."

"I wouldn't have the patience to be a full-time trainer," Grayson replied as he stepped out of the shower and began to dry himself off. I swear his dick began to plump. "Besides, my Dad wants me to become an electrical engineer so I can join him in the family business. It's not happening, but I haven't figured out how to tell him."

"How about, `It's not going to work, Dad,'" Wyatt suggested as he attempted to dry his hair with his towel.

"It should work really well," Grayson said with a smile. "I will follow the statement with, `And guess what, Dad? I'm gay!' I will cut off funding to my entire college career in one easy paragraph."

All of us flung our towels over our shoulder and paraded back to our lockers.

Upon Rupert's suggestion, we headed to the pasta place for lunch.

"Have you heard anymore from your friend Dirk, Wyatt?" Rupert asked once we settled around the table.

"No," Wyatt replied. "I did hear from Stephanie. She wants to meet for coffee sometime. I'm not certain meeting her would be a good idea. She agreed with me Dirk is a time-bomb waiting to explode."

"If Dirk were not in the picture, would Stephanie be in the running?" I asked Wyatt.

"She doesn't turn my crank," Wyatt replied.

"What does turn your crank?" Makato asked.

"So far, I haven't really found any crank turners," Wyatt replied. "I dated a few girls in high school. One looked nice, but she didn't have a brain in her body. Another looked okay, but she was a computer geek. We didn't have a lot in common. Another looked really good, and she could form a sentence. Problem was she came from a very religious family. My Dads didn't fit their religious views on what a family should look like. It rubbed off on her. So, you've just heard my entire high school dating experience."

"What did you do in high school for fun?" Rupert asked.

"I was on the track team all four years," Wyatt replied. "It became a way of life for me. I had a lot of friends who were gay. A couple were transgendered. I had a lot of theater friends because I liked acting, singing, and dancing. I was in several shows at school. I had thought about theater as a college track, but I don't know if I could live the starving actor's life until I am discovered."

"Do you sing or play an instrument?" I asked.

"I sing," Wyatt replied. "I play the piano, the guitar, the banjo, and the fiddle. Why?"

"Just curious," I replied. "Why aren't you in the music program?"

"I thought about it," Wyatt added. "I've written a few songs, which I am told are fairly good."

"Trev is a music major," Rupert said. ""What's your major, Rob?"

"Undecided," Rob replied. "I am officially a sociology major. I'm learning very quickly this semester I won't be a sociology major for very long. Who knows, I might follow in Trevor's Dads' shoes and become an agriculture major."

"Agriculture?" Makato asked. "As in dirt and tractors and cows and sheep and pigs agriculture major?"

"Not exactly," Rob replied. "Trevor's Dad is CEO of an organic farm operation. Five thousand acres of organic farm."

"I don't think my Dad has been on a tractor since he left his family's farm," I added. "He's usually immersed in Excel spreadsheets or marketing plans. Although, my Dad does have an old cow named Mabel. My brothers, Sam and Tim, talk to Mabel a lot. She gives them advice on living the life a cow would be proud of."

"Has the fresh air fried your mind, Trevor?" Grayson asked. "I remember you mentioned Mabel when we first met."

"She's a wise cow," I continued. "My Dad often gives his talks on Sunday morning about Mabel's advice to him on certain societal issues."

"I hate to break up this party, but I need to head to class," Rob added. "I'm looking forward to Thursday morning. This gym group idea was a great one."

"The gym will give us time to bond," I suggested. "Wyatt, I'll see you in class tomorrow. Wouldn't it be interesting if Stephanie sat beside you in our political science class?"

"I used to like you, Trevor," Wyatt replied with a smile. "I won't put on deodorant tomorrow. It will be a deterrent."

"Trevor could loan you a photo of Mabel," Rupert added. "You could tell Stephanie she's your girlfriend from your hometown."

"It's time to disband the group for the day," Makato said. "This conversation is getting out of hand."


To be continued...


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