Taking a Stand


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"I've avoided any potential to be hurt by people around me," I continued. "I don't really have meaningful relationships. I have relationships that don't rock my safe boat. I need to rectify the situation and step outside my safety net."

"In other words, you need to date other men before you settle down," Wyatt said. At least he still had a smile.

"I'm sorry, Wyatt," I added. "I didn't mean for any of this to happen."

"I thought you were moving out of your safety net," Wyatt said.

"I don't understand," I said.

"Trevor, you just told me you needed to explore relationships outside of your safety net," Wyatt continued. "You apologized just now for something you need to accomplish. Don't fucking apologize, Trevor."

"Okay," I said. I paused for a moment before continuing. "I'm not sorry."

"Better," Wyatt said. "I'm not in any position to know what I want in a relationship either. I don't even know if I'll want to have a relationship with a guy. Maybe I'll turn back to being straight. I doubt it, though. My dreams lately have been about naked men. Men in our gym group."

"Anyone in particular?" I asked.

"Henry," Wyatt confessed.

"But he's straight!" I exclaimed.

"I can dream, can't I," Wyatt countered. "You?"

"Ah...," I stammered. "I have a date tomorrow night with Remington."

"Remington!" This time it was Wyatt's term to exclaim. "You hit the big time, Trevor! He is one smoking hot man."

"I hope I'm not getting into something I can't handle," I admitted.

"Stop it, Trevor," Wyatt said. "Remember you're moving out of your safety net. Let go of the ropes that hold you there."

Chapter 06: Continuation

Remington and I sat in his car in the restaurant parking lot.

"Great dinner, Trevor," Remington said as he put his hand on my thigh.

"I like this place," I replied. "Simple, friendly, and cheap."

"I like to think of what some call cheap an excellent value," Remington said with a smile. "It could have been a horrible place, but I had a wonderful time with you."

Remington leaned in to kiss me.

"Oooooo," I moaned.

Remington backed off but still left his hand on my thigh. "Would you be interested in coming back to my apartment? We won't do anything except talk unless we're both ready."

"This is where I'm supposed to say, `I can't tonight. I need to study all day tomorrow.'" I said. "But I don't want to say `no'. So, yes, I'd like to spend some more time together tonight."

"I have an extra tooth brush I bought yesterday," Remington said as he squeezed my thigh a bit tighter. "In case you decide to stay. It's a possibility I'm throwing out. No pressure. I promise."

"The old me would say, `No. I can't stay overnight with you.' The new me isn't saying `no.' Instead, we can see what happens."

"Good," Remington replied as he hit the start button on his car.

He only took his hand off my thigh to start the car and put it in gear. He pulled out of the lot and put his hand on my thigh again. His touch made me feel safe. The new me decided I didn't want the night to end.

We drove to Remington's apartment in silence. Remington's random squeeze of my thigh kept me company during the short drive.

We parked his car in the underground garage and took the elevator up to the lobby. Remington waived at the doorman on the other side of the glass before pressing the up button to Remington's sixth floor apartment. The whole building smelled of money, but I still felt safe.

We walked inside the apartment.

"Wow!" I exclaimed. "Killer view!"

"I convinced my parents to let me live here because of the view," Remington replied. "Let me show you around so you, at least, know where the bathrooms are."

We finished the tour and landed at the kitchen island.

"May I get you something to drink?" Remington asked. "Water, soda, fruit juice, wine, beer."

"Water for me, please" I replied as I settled onto a stool at the island.

Remington slipped beside me with two bottles of water in hand.

"Nice place," I finally said. "But, three bedrooms for a college student."

"Not to mention the three bathrooms and a half bath near the entryway," Remington added. He smiled. "Three bedrooms will make the place easier to sell after I am finished with it."

"This is a condo?" I asked.

"Yes," Remington replied as he put his left hand on my right thigh.

I looked around at the view. "I can see why you wanted this place. Before we begin our conversation, I need to tell you something. When you put your hand on my thigh or on the small of my back, you make me feel warm inside and safe. I know I'm using the word a lot in recent weeks, but it's how I feel around you."

"This is good or bad?" Remington asked.

"Very good," I replied as I leaned closer to Remington and kissed him.

"Wow!" Remington said after we broke the kiss. "To borrow a phrase from you...you made me feel safe when you kissed me."

"Safe, huh?" I asked. "You also make me feel excited whenever you touch me or smile at me. I don't mean excited sexually necessarily. I mean excited being with you and sharing time together."

"You feel the same way I do," Remington added as he leaned in to kiss me.

The kiss, as they say in the social media scene, went viral in my mind and my body.

"Do you feel light headed?" I whispered as Remington moved his lips off mine.

"A little," Remington replied as he brushed my cheeks with his thumbs. "Want to try again?"

"Yes," I hissed as I moved my lips toward Remington's.

"Oooooo," I moaned as Remington shocked my system for the second time.

We paused once more.

"I really did mean to have a conversation with you before we moved onto this stage," Remington added as he rested his forehead on mine.

"This is a nice conversation, Remington," I replied. "I don't mind coming back to our planned conversation. I'm trying to become more flexible, remember. Just because my vision isn't happening as planned doesn't mean I need to feel worried."

"Good point," Remington replied. "But I will want you and me to be naked and in one another's arms in not too much time if we keep this up."

"It might be fun to have a serious conversation while we're naked," I replied.

"We may not ever make it to the conversation, Trevor," Remington replied.

"It's a chance I'm willing to take," I replied. "Kiss me, Remington, please."

Remington slipped off the stool and pulled me with him. He looked me in the eyes and pulled me closer. We lost eye contact when Remington put his lips to mine.

We seemed to melt into one another as we continued our passionate kiss. I tasted Remington's lips. I felt his hands slip my shirt up and slide onto my bare skin. His touch sent shivers through my body.

I put my arms around Remington's neck. My hands slipped through his hair. I smelled Remington's scent. It drove me wild.

Remington pulled me closer so our hard dicks met through our jeans. I whimpered.

"Trevor," Remington whispered between kisses. "Are we... going... too fast... for you?"

"No...," I whispered back. "Fast is... okay."

Remington pulled slightly away from me. He left his hands on the bare skin of my back. I left my arms around his neck. I saw his bright blue eyes focusing on mine. Thick black lashes surrounded them.

"Your eyes are beautiful, Remington," I whispered.

"I see a lot in yours," Remington added. "Kind, gentle, sharp, engaging, warm, loving: they make me want you even more."

"Take what you want, Remington," I whispered back. "I'll enjoy the journey."

Remington moved his hands so he could unbutton my shirt. He pushed my shirt over my shoulders. I lowered my arms and let it fall to the floor.

I unbuttoned Remington's shirt, and he let it fall to the floor.

"I want to taste, feel, see your body, Remington," I whispered. "All of you. I want to experience all of you."

"You used my line," Remington whispered back as a smile crossed his face.

"Great minds think alike," I added.

"Are you mostly a top or a bottom," Remington asked as he gazed into my eyes.

"Mostly bottom," I replied. "You?"

"Mostly top," Remington said.

"Works for me," I said in response to his comment and the touch of his hands on my back.

Remington tightened his hold on me and drew me closer. Our bodies pushed together. Bare chest to bare chest. Cloth covered dick to cloth covered dick. Mouth to mouth.

Finally, Remington released me and pulled back. "Naked in the bedroom?" Remington asked.

"Yes," I replied as Remington took my hand and led me into his bedroom.

We stood facing one another beside Remington's bed. He began unbuttoning my jeans. I unbuttoned his.

Remington pushed my jeans down over my ass and my dick slapped against my stomach.

Remington kneeled in front of me and helped me step out of my jeans.

"You're even more beautiful than I remember," Remington whispered as he eyed my hard dick. He moved closer to the head of my cock and licked with his moist tongue.

"Oooooo," I moaned.

Remington traced the entire length of my shaft with his tongue. Then, he started licking and sucking on my balls.

"Ah! Shit!" I exclaimed as my brain went into sensory overload.

I put my hands under Remington's arm pits and pulled him up after several moments of pure bliss as his tongue titillated my balls.

"My turn," I whispered when Remington stood and looked into my eyes.

I reached down to Remington's unbuttoned jeans and slid them down. I gasp as his cock, released from his jeans, slapped against his six-pack abs.

I landed on my knees and helped Remington step out of his jeans. I couldn't keep my eyes off his perfectly formed ten inches of uncut meat. I slowly slipped my tongue under Remington's foreskin and circled the entire area of the head of his dick. I savored the taste of his uncut cock. I pulled my head back for a moment and then swallowed Remington's dick. I paused momentarily when his dick hit the back of my mouth. One gulp later, Remington's dick slipped down my throat.

"Shit! Trevor!" Remington moaned.

I continued sucking, swallowing, and licking Remington's cock and balls until I felt a tug. I stood and face Remington. His hands carefully guided my head so his until our lips met once again.

We continued to kiss as we stood naked beside Remington's bed.

"Remington," I whispered between kisses. "Make love to me, Remington, please."

"You're sure?" Remington replied. "I don't want to move too quickly for you."

"I'm sure," I responded. "I'm more certain of this than anything else in my life."

Remington smiled, gazed into my eyes, and ran his fingers through my hair. He brought his lips to mine again and gave me one last passionate kiss before we moved to the bed.

Our eyes locked together as Remington guided me backwards until we couldn't move anymore. I melted onto the bed, and he moved beside me on his side with his head propped on this right arm.

"You amaze me, Trevor," Remington quietly said to me. "I've never felt this comfortable with someone."

"The feeling is mutual," I replied as I raised up and kissed Remington. "Now, I want to say something to you, my good man."

"What?" Remington asked.

"I need you in me, Remington," I said. "Please. I've never felt this desire so strongly."

Remington smiled at me and rolled on top of me.

"The feeling is mutual, Trevor," Remington said. He kissed me before he sat on his thighs.

He grabbed a condom beside him on the bed and rolled it on. Then, he massaged lube onto his huge, hard dick, and he added some to my asshole.

"Oooooooo," I moaned when I felt Remington touch my asshole.

Remington aligned his dick to my hole and leaned down to kiss me. He lifted himself up on his forearms and began slowly pushing his big dick into me.

His huge smile and his bright eyes let me know I was safe. I felt his pubic hairs rub against my balls.

"Hold," I whispered.

"Tell me when you're ready," Remington whispered back as he leaned down to kiss me.

"Go," I hissed at him when I felt I had adjusted to his big dick.

Remington slowly began to massage my ass with his big dick. I watched his face. He watched mine.

`This can't be real,' I thought to myself. The pleasure I felt seemed surreal. My world became Remington and me. No one else. Just the two of us.

"I don't want this to end," Remington whispered to me as he continued to slowly massage my ass.

"Same here," I whispered back. "But I can't wait. I'm there."

Remington moved in and out of me at a faster pace. His eyes still locked on mine. Faster. Faster. Faster.

"Ahhhhh! Shit!" I exclaimed as my dick exploded onto Remington's and my stomachs.

"Oh! Yea, Trevor," Remington bellowed as I felt his body tense. His eyes closed. I felt his cum filling my ass as Remington moaned in pleasure.


My eyes fluttered open. I stirred slightly.

"Good morning, Trevor," I heard a soft voice say to me as he kissed my forehead.

I looked up and saw Remington's radiant smile and his brilliant eyes.

"Good morning," I whispered. "I hope I didn't' wake you."

"Nope," Remington said as he brushed my hair back with his fingers. "I woke up with the sun. I just watched."

"Watched what?" I asked.

"You," Remington replied. "You're very sexy when you sleep."

"That's funny because I usually wake up looking like shit," I whispered back.

"From your perspective, but not mine," Remington said as he added another kiss to my forehead. "How do you feel this morning?"

"Right now, I feel perfect," I began. "Laying peacefully next to a very hot man. I might need to change my status once I walk around a little this morning."

"I'm sorry if we overdid it," Remington replied. "I wasn't the one with a dick in my ass."

"I was the one with a dick in my ass, and I wouldn't change a thing, believe me," I replied.

"Are you hungry?" Remington asked.

"Starving," I replied. "We must have burnt a lot of calories last night."

Remington rolled on top of me and began kissing me. He stopped suddenly.

"I need to stop before this leads to another hour or two," Remington said as he slid off the bed. He offered me his hand to help me up.

Remington took my hand, and I followed him into the kitchen.

"Let me get coffee going," Remington said. "You can sit and recuperate from last night."

"I can help you," I added. "I have been known to cook simple meals."

"Okay," Remington replied. "Get your naked butt next to me so we can begin this creation."

I slipped into the kitchen on the other side of the island. Remington swatted my naked ass with a towel.

"You're not playing fair, Remington," I added. "I don't have a towel."

"Here," Remington said as he pulled a dishtowel out of a drawer and tossed it to me. "Now, you're armed. How does tofu bacon, scrambled eggs, fruit, and rye toast sound?"

"I've never had tofu bacon, but it all sounds scrumptious," I responded. "Who taught you how to cook?"

"My nanny started me out young," Remington said. His smile broadened as he spoke. "First, I was the chief spoon licker. I progressed to making a cake. We attacked breakfast food after the cake segment. I never made it beyond breakfast."

"Why?" I asked.

"My mother fired my nanny," Remington replied. His face grew sad. "Out of the blue. Poof! You're fired!"

"I'm sorry if I brought up a bad subject for you, Remington," I said.

"It's a fact of my life," Remington said as he turned to me with a spatula in his hand. His smile returned. "Do you know how to make scrambled eggs?"

"Yup," I replied. "I know two versions. We have the Dad P version—with water—and the Dad J version—with milk. Which would you prefer?"

"Water, please," Remington said.

"Does this mean you don't consume dairy products?" I asked.

"Not many," Remington replied. "I'm not a vegan or a vegetarian. I just limit my intake of meat. I'm definitely a fish person and not a beef, chicken, or pork person. But, if someone handed me a burger and fries, I wouldn't turn it down."

"How civil," I said as I began breaking eggs into a bowl. "How old were you when your nanny left?"

"I was fourteen," Remington began. "They sent me off to Philips Andover for my freshman year. When I came home for Thanksgiving break, she had left. I never had the opportunity to say good bye to her."

"Did you contact her?" I asked.

"I tried sending an e-mail to her," Remington added. "It came back as undeliverable. I googled her, but I never found her."

"I'm sorry," I replied as I poured the egg mixture into the omelet pan. "The tofu bacon smells good. I don't want to know how it's made until after we eat it, okay?"

"I won't spoil your breakfast," Remington replied. "We work well together in the kitchen, don't you think?"

"Yes," I replied. "Team work is king in the kitchen—or so I am told by Dad P. Dad J likes the kitchen all to himself when he wants to be creative."

"We should cook dinner together," Remington suggested.

I turned the heat off the eggs and move the omelet pan to the side. I walked in front of Remington, put my arms around his neck, and kissed him. I backed away slightly after a few moments of kissing.

"For what do I owe the honor of such an impromptu kiss, my Lord?" Remington asked.

"I accept your invitation to cook dinner with you sometime, my Lord," I replied. "Does this mean your Lordship is not tired of me yet?"

Remington put his arms around me. His eyes were dancing in the sun filled kitchen. "I'm certainly not tired of you yet," he began as he planted another kiss on my lips. "I'm fairly certain I won't be tired of you any time soon. Am I moving too fast?"

"Nope," I replied. "I already love your body. It's smell. It's feel. And it's looks. I could enjoy talking with you about nothing at all or something weighting on our minds. You might wind up being habit forming, Mr. Mortimore."

"I'll do my best," Remington said. "Shit! Breakfast going up in smoke if we don't concentrate on the food."

"We can talk about your body after we eat," I suggested.

"We'll do more than talk," Remington promise as he set breakfast in front of me.

We began eating breakfast in silence.

"Trevor," Remington said. "I... um... my mother is visiting this Saturday," Remington began. "Her majesty requested my presence during dinner. I really wanted to take you somewhere, but I need to meet her."

"Don't worry," I replied. "I can manage to entertain myself on a Saturday evening."

Remington paused until a smile crossed his face. "Why don't you join us?"

"You want me to meet your mother?" I asked.

"I believe we'll both survive," Remington added. "Please?"

"Date!" I replied.


From the time Remington and I picked up his mother, Jennifer Astor Mortimer, she talked constantly. Rarely did she come up for air. Her subjects consisted of her successful trip to China, her most recent fundraising gala, and the expansion of her business to Morocco."

"Timothy," she said as she turned attention to me once we were seated at the restaurant. "I understand your father is running for a seat in the House."

"It's Trevor, mother," Remington said.

"Oh! Silly me," Mrs. Mortimer added. "What prompted your father to run for Congress, Troy?"

"It's Trevor, Mother," Remington said in a louder voice.

"He couldn't in good conscious allow a right-wing fanatic represent our district in Congress," I began. "He'll become an excellent Representative. He believes in treating people as human beings and not a line item on the budget. Stephen Morris, the Representative from Massachusetts, wants to form a coalition with my Dad to fight for some common issues."

"He's the Veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq?" Mrs. Mortimer asked. "I should hope we don't put our hopes on a solder. Most service men join because they can't do anything else."

"I beg to differ with you Mrs. Mortimer," I said with my voice raising. "His undergrad degree is from Harvard as is his MBA. He and my Dad have Harvard in common."

"I suppose," Mrs. Mortimer continued. "Those Harvard men do stick together, don't they?"

"They do," I replied.

"Remington," his mother began. "Your father and I want you to join us during your winter break at the house in the Caribbean. We're inviting Harvey and Ramona Goldstein to join us as well. Cecilia will be with us. We're all hoping you and Cecilia will get to know one another better."

"Why?" Remington asked.

"She's a lovely girl, Remington," his mother continued.

"Mother," Remington began. "May I remind you I'm gay?"

"So?" Remington's mother asked. "Harvey and Ramona are well connected. It would be good for you socially."

"Why do I really care about Harvey and Ramona's connections?" Remington asked. "I don't plan on running in the New York social circles."

"Oh! Don't be silly, Remington," Remington's mother continued. "Of course you'll be involved. How can you not? Don't you agree, Thomas?"

"Mother!" Remington exclaimed. "His name is not Timothy, not Troy, and not Thomas. His name is Trevor!"

"Lower your voice, Remington," Mrs. Mortimer retorted. "You'll embarrass us."

"To answer your question, Mrs. Mortimer," I began. "I'm fairly certain it will be Remington's choice if he is or is not part of New York's high society."

Remington smiled at me.

"Then, you obviously don't know our family," Mrs. Mortimer. "We're Astors. We ARE the New York social circle."

"If you'll please excuse me for a moment," I said as I looked at Remington. I did my duty in the restroom and headed back to the table. I stopped in my tracks out of Mrs. Mortimer's sight. I felt guilty listening.

"How will you explain your little farm boy to your father, Remington?" his mother asked I heard from a distance as I returned from the restroom.

"Mother!" Remington objected. "Trevor's not a farm boy!"

"One of his fathers is a farmer," Mrs. Mortimer added. "His other father is a minister turned politician. And he's from East Bumfuck. He's not a good match for you."

"Mother," Remington began. He tried to stay calm. "His Dads are two very remarkable people. His little brothers are amazing. I envy his relationship with his Dads and brothers. Besides, why would I worry about what my father thinks? I barely know him."

"Remington!" Mrs. Mortimer shrieked. "He's your father. He was a famous columnist for the New York Times before he became a bestselling author. Of course, you know him!"

"He's a pig, Mother!" Remington said. Remington's eyes caught mine. He stopped talking with his mouth still open.

I wiped the tears from my cheek and walked to the table.

"I'm sorry, Remington," I said. "I'm not feeling well. I'm heading back to my dorm room."

"Trevor, wait!" Remington exclaimed. "I can take you back to your dorm. Mother is just leaving."

"No, Remington," I added. "Stay and talk with your mother. I'll call you when I feel up to it."

I turned away and stalked to the door. Once the outside cool fall air hit my face, the tears began to stream.

"Trevor!" I heard Remington call my name. "Trevor! Wait up, please, Trevor!"

I stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and turned to watch Remington move toward me. He finally stood in front of me.

"Trevor," Remington said softly. "I'm so, so sorry. She's more of a bitch than I thought. Can we please talk this out?"

"Not now," I replied. "Obviously, your mother doesn't believe I am up to your standards. I will not, however, be responsible for making your relationship with your father and mother even more strained.

I turned and left.

I fumbled with the key card for my dorm room. I could barely make it work because the tears still streamed down my cheeks. I managed to finally click open the door.

"Trevor!" Grayson exclaimed as I entered the room. He and Wyatt sat on the floor playing video games. "What's wrong?"

"Remington's mother!" I replied.

"Why?" Wyatt asked.

"It's a simple explanation," I began. "I'll not be his `little farm boy,' as his mother put it."

"She said that?" Grayson asked.

"Yup," I replied. "She slammed my Dads claiming one to be a common farmer and the other a sleazy minister turned politician. It didn't help I came from East Bumfuck."

"In front of you?" Wyatt asked.

"No," I replied. "I excused myself to use the restroom. I heard them talking as I neared the table. They didn't see me."

"What did Remington say?" Grayson asked.

"He tried to defend me," I explained. "I stood in front of them, and announced I didn't feel well. I left them sitting at the table. He came after me and wanted to talk. I told him to back off. I wasn't about to move between him and his family."

"But he did try to defend you, Trevor," Wyatt said. "He at least responded to his mother positively toward you."

"I doubt his family will let us be anything else than a fleeting relationship," I added.

"You're being too hard on him, Trevor," Grayson added. "At least, I think you're being too hard on him. Maybe you don't, and it is your decision to talk it out or not."

"Thanks, guys," I replied sitting on my bed. "I thought this relationship might be something. I was wrong and stupid to think a country boy could be happy with a hot shot city boy. God was I stupid!"


Wyatt, Grayson, and I gathered at Starbucks on Sunday afternoon following the dinner fiasco with Remington's mother.

"Hi, guys!" Ryan said as he pushed through the crowd to our table. "I'm sorry about missing the gym group these last two weeks. I've been under the gun to finish a project. I finally finished it in this morning. I'm a free man again."

"Want to join us, Ryan?" I asked.

"Sure, if you don't mind," Ryan said.

I slid to the wall side of the booth, and Ryan sat next to me.

"You three look like something died," Ryan said with his trademark chipper attitude. "What's wrong?"

"Remington and I met his mother for dinner last night. Wyatt and Grayson have tried to cheer me up," I replied.

"I'm sorry I asked, Trevor," Ryan added.

Wyatt led our discussion to another topic. "Your Dad must be stoked after winning the election on Tuesday."

"He's both stoked and anxious," I explained. "He keeps asking, `What have I done?' He's excited about working with Stephen Morris. It seems Stephen wants to help get Dad up to speed so they can collaborate."

"He's the dude who might run for President in 2020, Right?" Wyatt asked.

"Yes," I replied.

"Maybe your Dad will be his VP running mate," Grayson added.

"Dad has a lot of courage, but I don't believe VP is in his sights," I continued. "So, Wyatt, Grayson, how's your relationship working out?"

Grayson almost spit out the coffee he had just sipped. Wyatt looked like a deer in headlights.

"What relationship?" Wyatt finally asked.

"The one you and Grayson seem to be building," I replied with a huge grin.

"We're friends, Trevor," Grayson finally said. "We enjoy each other's company. Simple as that!"

"Okay," I replied and dropped the subject. I saw Grayson and Wyatt look at one another. It didn't look like a look from a friend.

"I thought a movie and pizza tonight would be a good way to end the weekend," Ryan said. "Anyone want to join me?"


I sat in my dorm room working on a paper on Sunday evening. I fished my phone out of my pocket when it started ringing around five. It was Dad P.

"Hi, Dad!" I said in a perky voice. "How are things with you and the man of the hour?"

"We're good," Dad P said. "Jeffery has been fielding calls from all over the country since the day after the election. He's considering changing his cell number."

"Of course, you talked him out of it," I added.

"So far," Dad P said.

"Are Sam and Tim keeping out of trouble?" I asked.

"You've got to be kidding," Dad P exclaimed. "They are under house arrest. They were playing in the back yard one afternoon, and the neighbor's dog slipped into the yard."

"Benny the cocker spaniel?" I asked.

"Yes," Dad P replied. "They played with the dog for a while. Sam and Tim and the dog were having fun until one of the dynamic duo decided the dog needed a haircut."

"They didn't!" I exclaimed.

"They did," Dad P added. "Benny didn't come out looking like the nice hairy dog he was. Sam and Tim cut Benny's fur down to the skin on one side. Your Dad and I looked out the window and instantly panicked. It costs us an amazing amount of money to have Benny professionally groomed. Our three dogs tried to stop them, but the dogs weren't successful."

"Lock up the scissors, Dad," I suggested.

"We're locking Sam and Tim up," Dad P explained. "The scissors will remain free."

"Great idea, Dad," I said.

We continued our talk for about thirty minutes. I decided not to tell him about dinner with Remington's mother.

"I need to run, Trevor," Dad P said. "Sam and Tim are standing wide-eyed in front of me. Either we're about to begin another catastrophic evening, or they are hungry."

"I hope it's the latter," I said. "Talk soon, give my best to Dad J and Sam and Tim. Love you."

"Love you too, Trevor," Dad P said as we ended the conversation.

Twenty minutes later my phone rang again. Remington's name popped up on the screen. I threw the phone on my bed and let it go to voice mail.

Another thirty minutes went by before I listened to the voice mail.

"Trevor," Remington began. "I am so, so sorry I asked you to meet my mother last night for dinner. You don't deserve the shit she's capable of dishing out. It might be best if we stop seeing one another for a few weeks or until my parents and I call a truce. The shit will only get worse, and I don't want you to get hurt in the process."

"I felt good about us," Remington continued. He sounded like he might be crying. "Please don't hate me, Trevor. Thanks."

I became a hermit for the two weeks following the fateful dinner with Remington's mother. I went to gym with the guys, but I didn't eat lunch at the pasta place. I needed space.

"You can't sit around here forever, Trevor," Grayson as he returned to the room from our bathroom dressed in a towel slung over his shoulder. "You need to socialize. You've moped around here for two weeks."

"I know," I replied. "I'll think of something."

"I would offer to do something with you, but I'm going to the movies with Wyatt. Or you could call Ryan and see if he's free."

"I'd hate to ask him at the last minute," I replied. "I don't want him to think he's second in line."

"Isn't he?" Grayson asked with a smile.

"I don't want him to think so," I replied. "Don't make me feel guilty, Grayson. I don't need to go on a guilt trip."

"So, call him," Grayson urged. "I need to get dressed and meet Wyatt at the student union. I'm almost late as it is."

I watched Grayson throw on some clothes. Underwear was not among the articles of clothing. He messed with his hair in the mirror before he turned back to me.

"How do I look?" Grayson asked.

"Very good, Grayson," I said. "Without underwear, you can tell you have a really big dick."

"Cut the shit, Trevor," Grayson responded. "Call Ryan."

"Have a wonderful time," I said as Grayson slipped out the door.

`What have I got to lose?' I said to myself.

I picked up my phone and selected Ryan's phone number.

"Heh! Trevor! What's up?" Ryan asked.

"I was thinking you and I could get together tonight if you're not busy," I said.

"I'd love to get together," Ryan exclaimed. "Want to meet at Starbuck's in an hour? We can chat. Maybe we could see a movie or whatever later."

"Sure," I replied. "I'll see you in an hour."

I arrived at Starbucks early to meet Ryan for our coffee date so I could finish some homework for my Monday class. I found a table in the back and waited for his arrival.

"Hey, Trevor," Ryan said as he appeared beside me. "I'm sorry I'm late. My mother called me and went off on my father. Not a pretty conversation."

I watched Ryan as he explained his situation. Ryan is slightly taller than Rupert, so he's six-one. His arms are massive, his legs like tree trunks, and his chest gigantic. Deep brown—almost black—hair, cut moderately short, pulled me to his sparkling green eyes with long eye lashes.

"I'd hate to have one parent call me and complain about the other," I added said as I realized Ryan had stopped speaking. "May I get you something, Ryan?"

"I have two-star awards," Ryan replied. "I can get us both a jumbo something or other without breaking the bank."

"Sure," I responded. "I won't say no to a jumbo something or other."

We headed back to the table after we retrieved our drinks.

"You're looking good tonight, Trevor," Ryan said. "Something different?"

"Probably my hair. I got it cut this morning," I replied. "It became a little unruly."

"Looks good on you," Ryan said. "I'm a fan of short hair. Mine's getting a little long, too."

"I can give you the contact information of the girl who cuts mine," I replied. "She's at a salon not far from campus."

"I do worry about having someone new cut my hair," Ryan said.

"I understand completely," I added. "What made you think you might be gay, Ryan?"

"It's a long story," Ryan replied.

"I like long," I responded with a smile. "Stories that is."

"I grew up with the expectation I'd graduate from college, find a terrific job, marry someone nice, have kids, and live happily ever after," Ryan explained. "It never occurred to me I might be gay until I started school here. And, frankly, I didn't want to even give it much thought. I was scared to think I might not live the life I had planned—and my parents planned."

"It's too bad we're not born with a gay or straight label as well as a sexual identity," I added. "It would make life easier."

"Yea," Ryan said with a smile. "But it isn't. We go through the process of finding out who we are. Sometimes it doesn't hit until we're older."

"Some people go through most of their adult life before they admit to having a different sexual orientation than they thought," I said.

"I tried to ignore my thoughts of being with a man instead of a woman at first," Ryan explained. "It didn't work. Especially after I had met a man who I liked and who liked me. I didn't know exactly what criteria the `like' was until he casually told me he liked my mind and my body. I almost shit my pants."

"I'm guessing he wasn't subtle," I said with a smile.

"I explained my inexperience with a man and my fear of coming to terms that I might be gay as well," Ryan continued. "Amazingly he didn't push me into bed. We'd meet for coffee and talked at least once or twice a week. One day, unexpectedly, I told him I thought I was ready for the next step. He promised me he wouldn't hurt me or do anything I wasn't comfortable doing. He behaved as promised."

"Where is he now?" I asked.

"This is the kicker," Ryan said. "He went back to his wife and kid. His news devastated me. I never asked if he were married, divorced, or separated. It didn't occur to me someone who was in a heterosexual relationship would question their sexuality."

"I hope he apologized for not telling you about his wife and kid earlier," I added.

"He did," Ryan replied. "But I'm grateful in a way. He taught me how to love a man."

"Do you ever see him or talk to him?" I asked.

"We ran into one another a few times until he graduated," Ryan replied. "He and his wife and kid left town for some faraway place but didn't tell me."

"Maybe he had to because he had feelings toward you he couldn't shake off," I suggested.

"I thought of the possibility," Ryan continued. "I spent last summer trying to convince myself I could be straight. I dated a slew of women. The sex seemed boring if I compared it to the sex between me and the man I cared for. I didn't decide I was gay until Rupert and I became roommates. He's so comfortable with his sexuality. So are you!"

"It's an act, Ryan," I said. "I've become more comfortable thanks to a few friends, a terrific shrink, and my amazing Dads."

"I've heard a little about your Dad who's running for the House," Ryan explained. "Your other Dad, Philip, does an amazing job of staying in the background."

"They are devoted to one another," I added. "They took me and my little brothers in when we were drifting aimlessly through life without the support of family. Sam and Tim, my five-year-old brothers, came into our lives during their mother's time in hospice. She asked my Dads if they would take care of her boys. My Dads never questioned her or themselves. They opened their arms and two little boys suddenly had two Dads and an older brother to care for them... I'd had better stop. I might get teary eyed."

"You're lucky to have all these people as family," Ryan said.

"I am," I replied. "What about your family, Ryan? How will they handle the news of you being gay?"

"To answer you last question first," Ryan began. "They'll be okay with it. My Mom has a gay brother whose partner is my Godfather. My Dad might have some hesitation because I'm not turning out to be the `man' he thought I was, but he'll adjust."

"Do you have siblings?" I asked.

"An older sister and a younger brother," Ryan explained. "My sister is four years older, and my brother is four years younger."

"Family planning works, huh?" I said.

"Yea," Ryan said. "My mother likes order. She's a type-A. My father, not so much. He's more of a free spirit."

"Who are you most alike? Your mother or your father?" I asked.

"Mostly like my father," Ryan replied. "He likes creative activities. He likes to go on a trip without a hotel reservation or an itinerary. I also like things orderly like my Mom. When did you come out?"

I explained the story with all the details about my ex-father beating the shit out of me and the rescue by Jeffery and Philip.

"You seem to have endured the entire process very well," Ryan added. "You seem so confident."

"Me?" I explained. "Confident...? Not really. It's taken two amazing Dads, several friends, and a truly gifted shrink to get me this far. I have a long journey ahead of me."

"But you exude confidence, Trevor," Ryan said again.

"It's an act, Ryan," I said emphatically.

"You're a good actor, then," Ryan said with a smile. "And you're a sexy actor."

"Thank you, Ryan," I replied. "And you're a sexy man."

"Are you a top or bottom?" Ryan finally asked.

"Uhm...," I stammered. "Usually bottom. Why?"

"I like both," Ryan replied. "I prefer top."

"What was your friend?" I asked.

"He liked both, too," Ryan replied. "Unless I specifically asked him to be inside me, I was inside him."

"Reasonable," I said with a smile. "Where is this conversation going, Ryan?"

"Well...," Ryan began. "I have a couple of options for you to consider. We could go to a movie. We could go shoot a round or two of pool at the Union. Or we could go back to my room. Rupert is away for the weekend."

"What happens if we go back to your room?" I asked.

"We could play video games. We could listen to music. We could talk. Or we could get naked and see where things lead. Does any of this interest you?"

"Going back to your room to talk and see where things lead," I added.

"When?" Ryan asked.

"Now?" I asked.

"Let's go," Ryan replied.

I didn't wait to decide if I was doing the right thing. I stood, grabbed my bag, and threw my cup in the trash. Ryan followed suit.

Ryan reached for my hand as we walked to campus and his dorm.

"I hope you don't mind me holding your hand, Trevor," Ryan finally said.

"Nope," I replied. "I kinda like it."

I didn't want to tell him about the surge of energy which seemed to flow though my body when he first touched my hand. Holding hands seemed to have a nurturing effect on my dick. I suddenly became sorry I didn't put on underwear.

"So do I," Ryan added. "I've never held a guy's hand in public before. This may sound stupid, but it seems to set me free."

"It's not stupid, Ryan," I replied. "It's very natural, I think. I feel the same way."

We arrived at Ryan's room. He used his key card to open the door. He flipped on the light switch.

"I've never seen this room so neat," I said as I surveyed the room.

"Rupert's away, remember," Ryan said with a smile. "I decided to put some order in place. Hopefully it will last."

"It will until Rupert returns," I said. I didn't let Ryan let go of my hand.

Ryan stepped in front of me.

"May I kiss you, Trevor?" Ryan asked.

"Yes, you may kiss me," I replied.

Ryan and I pulled one another closer. As Ryan's lips inched toward mine, his breath swept me into another high energy mark.

"Mmmmmmm," I moaned as Ryan's lips met mine.

I totally relaxed and let Ryan work his magic.

Ryan pulled back for a moment.

"You kiss like you mean it," Ryan whispered.

"I do mean it, Ryan," I replied as I moved to start another kissing session.

When I felt my hard dick under my jeans touch Ryan's hard dick under his jeans touch, I almost came.

"Ryan," I whispered.

"Yes," Ryan replied.

"Want to get naked?" I asked.

"I thought you'd ever ask," Ryan said as we pulled away from one another.

My first instinct included ripping off my own clothes and leave Ryan to do the same with his. However, I pulled it together and began to slowly pull Ryan's extremely tight polo over his head.

"God! You're beautiful, Ryan," I hissed as I took in the beauty of Ryan's muscular chest and arms.

Ryan slipped my polo over my head and threw it on the floor next to his bed.

"I've wanted to touch your naked body from the first time I met you," Ryan whispered as he ran his hands from my sides above my waist to my chest.

Ryan moved his mouth over my right nipple and licked it with this tongue.

"Ahhhhh!" I moaned as he eagerly licked at my right nipple.

"Ohhhhhhh!" I moaned again as he transferred his attention to my left nipple.

"You taste so good," Ryan hissed.

"Don't I get a turn," I hissed as I slipped down and found Ryan's nipple with my tongue and the other with my fingers.

"Shit, Trevor!" Ryan hissed. "So good! So, so good!"

I began to unbutton Ryan's jeans. I reached inside and found Ryan's hard dick. I gasped when I discovered how huge it really was. As I slipped Ryan's jeans over his ass and down to his thighs, his massive dick slapped against his rock-hard stomach.

I went to my knees so I looked directly at Ryan's super hard dick. His completely hairless cock and balls caught my attention. My tongue slipped under Ryan's foreskin.

"Ahhhhhh! Shit, Trevor," Ryan hissed again as I began to run my tongue down Ryan's dick until I tasted his balls. His huge hairless balls.

"Your turn, Trevor," Ryan hissed as he pulled me up to my feet.

Ryan skillfully unbuttoned my Jeans and unzipped them all while he locked eyes with mine. As he pushed my jeans down and over my ass, my hard dick popped out of my jeans with a snapping sound on my stomach.

"I'm going to own this dick, Trevor," Ryan hissed as he took my dick in his hands and began to stroke it.

"Take it, Ryan," I moaned. "It's yours."

Ryan lowered himself to his knees and sucked in the tip of my dick.

"I like how you taste, Trevor," Ryan said as he prepared to take his prize. "You taste like a man should taste. Musky with a hint of freshness. Just like you smell like a man."

Ryan took a deep breath and took my whole cock. Deep. Down his warm throat. Lips against me crotch. Chin on my balls.

"Fuck, Ryan," I moaned in pleasure.

I threw my head back and savored the feelings of Ryan teasing my dick. I finally pulled Ryan up to his feet, kissed him, and pleaded, "I need you in me, Ryan. Please."

"You don't need to beg, Trevor," Ryan replied. His huge smile and his sparkling eyes were even bigger and brighter.

Ryan wrapped his arms around me and brought his lips to mine. His kiss made me even more eager. He walked me backwards to the bed until I bumped into it.

I slipped onto the bed, and I pulled Ryan with me. I lay on my back with Ryan on top of me. The weight of his muscular body made me feel safe and certain I wanted him.

Ryan lowered his mouth to meet my lips. A new burst of energy slammed through my body. Nothing existed except Ryan smothering me with his impassioned kisses.

I put my hands around Ryan's neck to pull him closer than humanly possible. My fingers slipped through Ryan's hair as our tongues fought for power. Mine lost. I relaxed into our lovemaking and let Ryan take the lead.

Ryan lifted his well-muscled body off me and leaned back and sat on his thighs. As he rolled the condom on his huge uncut dick, our eyes locked. Lube on his sheathed dick. Lube on the outside of my asshole. Lube inside me.

Ryan positioned my legs on his shoulders, and he aligned his massive dick with my asshole.

He paused.

"Do you like it rough, Trevor?" Ryan asked.

"I've never had rough sex," I admitted in a whisper of a voice. "You?"

"Both ways," Ryan replied.

"Make me feel you, Ryan," I whispered. I saw fire in his eyes.

Ryan slowly eased his big dick into my ass. One long gentle push.

"Ahhhh!" I moaned as Ryan's big dick practically ripped me in pieces.

Ryan paused. "Are you okay, Trevor?"

"It hurts, but I want you," I hissed. "I want all of you. Stay while I get used to you."

Ryan smiled at me and leaned in to kiss me.

"Go," I whispered.

Ryan's dick continued inside me until I felt his body brush my balls.

"Stay," I moaned so I could get accustomed to such a big dick in my ass.

Ryan kissed me again until I managed to say, "Go."

Ryan began to massage the inside of my ass with his big dick. Slowly and gently.

"Harder, please," I moaned at my lover.

Ryan smiled and began to pound my ass. Over and over. I concentrated on Ryan's big dick driving in and out of my ass. It felt so good. He ramped up the speed and force of his efforts. Ryan's dick brought us together. Almost like one. A unit.

Ryan's muscular, sweaty body began to tense. He looked into my eyes again and smiled a lust filled smile.

"Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" Everyone of Ryan's moans coincided with a massive spurt of cum filling the condom.

Ryan lowered his sweaty body on top of mine until he could speak, "Are you okay, Trevor?"

"No," I replied. "I'm not okay. I just experienced the best sex I have ever had. I don't want it to end."

"It doesn't need to end right now," Ryan replied. "Just looking at you, feeling you breathe, and feeling your heart beat makes me want to do this with you over and over and over again."

I wrapped my legs around Ryan's waist and my arms around Ryan's neck. I pulled him closer to me so I could kiss him.


"What movie did you and Grayson see?" I asked Wyatt as we left the classroom of our last class on Monday after I spent the night with Ryan.

"Victoria and Abdul," Wyatt replied. "Great movie. "We played video games in his room afterward for a while."

"You didn't play Galactic Civilizations, did you?" I asked.

"Yup," Wyatt replied. "Grayson loves the game apparently. I'd never played it before."

"Who won your round?" I asked.

"I did," Wyatt replied.

"You won! With Grayson?" I exclaimed. "He always wins."

"So he said," Wyatt added. "I just had a stroke of luck. Grayson's a really nice guy."

"He is," I said. "Do I see an interest in one another brewing here?"

"I can't let it brew too much even though I like him a lot," Wyatt responded. "I won't do a relationship yet. I hope I can get over my fear."

"Someday," I said. "It'll happen someday."

"I called Ryan after Grayson left to meet you," I explained. "We had coffee and hung out."

"And you didn't come home on Saturday night or Sunday morning," Wyatt said with a smile.

"How did you know I didn't come home?" I asked.

"I didn't leave Grayson until about noon on Sunday," Wyatt said.

"You sneaky dude, you!" I exclaimed. "Did you and Grayson have a wonderful time?"

"Yes," Wyatt replied. "We didn't do anything except get naked and cuddle. Grayson's idea. He knew from our conversation on Saturday after the movie I wasn't ready for much beyond cuddling. He didn't push. He just held me all night."

"I don't believe Grayson has a pushy bone in his otherwise magnificent body," I added.

"I hope you're not angry at me," Wyatt replied. "I did dump a whole lot of shit onto you while I was in the hospital."

"I won't be mad at you or Grayson if you and he develop a relationship with one another," I replied.

"Thanks," Wyatt added. "Grayson and I ran into Remington while we were getting something to eat on Sunday afternoon. He looked terribly disheveled. He seemed upset. He made some quick excuses and left."

"Remington always looks like he's ready for a modeling session," I said. "Even in gym shorts and a tank top. Something must be eating at him."

"Especially in gym shorts and a tank top," Wyatt said with a smile. "Want to grab coffee at Starbucks?"

"Sure," I replied.

We found a window seat after we had our drinks.

"How does it feel to be a Congressman's son?" Wyatt asked.

"It hasn't hit me yet," I replied. "But I know I'll be very proud of everything he accomplishes."

"He'll do remarkable things," Wyatt replied. "How will all of this affect the family dynamics?"

"Dad J adapts well," I replied. "Dad P will have Sam and Tim to contain by himself. They make life frantic most of the time. Their angelic side doesn't come out until they're asleep."

"Your boyfriend is on his way here," Wyatt said quietly as he nodded toward the coffee bar.

I turned as saw Ryan walking our way with a coffee in hand.

"Hello, Trevor, Wyatt," Ryan said as a slid into the chair next to me. He set down his coffee and leaned in to kiss me. "I shouldn't have kissed you. Sorry."

"I'm not," I replied. "How's your day been?"

"Disconcerting," Ryan replied. "Have you heard from Rupert?"

"No"," I replied. "Why?"

"He hasn't returned to the dorm from his weekend outing," Ryan explained. "He told me he'd be back late Sunday evening. He doesn't answer his phone or respond to my texts."

"Strange," I said. "Do you know where he went?"

"He didn't tell me where," Ryan explained. "Only he'd be back late Sunday evening."

I pulled out my phone. The call I made went to voice mail.

"Rupert," I said into the phone. "Please call me or Ryan. We're worried about you. Please, Rupert. Let us know where you are."

I ended the call.

"We'll just wait for a call or text," I said. "This isn't like him to just disappear."


I sat in my last class three weeks after I had last seen Remington. Wyatt and I sat in the front row. My phone vibrated letting me know I had a text. I pulled out my phone.

Trevor, can we please talk. I have information I need to share with you. Please, Trevor.

I slide my phone so Wyatt could read it. He rolled his eyes at the text.

"I'll see you next week," the professor said as he ended the class.

I looked at my phone and typed two words

Not yet.

Wyatt and I slowly left the classroom before we spoke.

"Doesn't he know the meaning of `I don't want you in my life right now,'" I said to Wyatt.

"Shouldn't you at least give him a chance to explain his situation?" Wyatt asked.

"Why?" I asked. "He's just a rich kid with his head stuck up his ass."

"Trevor," Wyatt began. "Don't be so hard on him. You and Remington were good together. He worshipped the ground you walked on. And he did try to defend you against his mother's stupid remarks. At least give him a chance to explain himself."

We walked down the Quad in silence until I turned to face Wyatt. Tears were streaming down my face.

"I thought I wouldn't get hurt again," I said as I wiped my cheek with my sleeve. "I started to move out of my comfort zone, and he pushed me back in. I don't want to get my hopes up only to be bashed again."

"You're not back in your shell, Trevor," Wyatt explained. "You're still trying to find where you're most comfortable. Remington might be a setback, but I don't believe he's pushing you down again."


"Hello, Remington," I said softly into the phone. I had just left the gang at the pasta place.

"Thank you for answering, Trevor," Remington said. "I didn't expect you to pick up the phone after all this time."

"I almost didn't," I said.

"Can we meet somewhere to talk?" Remington asked. "Name the place and time."

"Starbucks at 4 pm tomorrow," I suggested.

"I'll be there," Remington said. "And, Trevor?"

"Yes," I added.

"I'm so, so sorry you had to endure my mother's shit," Remington added.

"We'll talk tomorrow," I said.

"I'll see you at Starbucks at four," Remington said before we ended the call.


I walked into Starbucks and immediately spotted Remington. He sat near the back at a table for two. He looked like shit.

"Hi, Remington," I said as I dropped my back pack on the floor beside the empty seat.

"Thanks for meeting me," Remington said. "What can I get you? A caramel macchiato?"

"Sure," I replied.

Remington left to get us both drinks. He finally returned with two macchiatos.

"Thanks," I responded. "How did the rest of the conversation with your mother go after I left?"

"My mother insisted I not see you anymore," Remington replied. "I told her I would see you whenever and wherever I decided. I thought she'd explode. She had two more drinks after you left. Clyde suggested we leave because we were disturbing the other guests."

"How did you leave it with her?" I asked.

"She told me I'd hear from my father," Remington replied. "She also threatened to cut off access to my trust fund unless I agreed not to see you anymore."

"She wouldn't cut you off, would she?" I asked.

"As of this morning, I have no access to anything except the money in my local checking account," Remington answered. "I suspect my two credit cards don't work anymore."

"Shit!" I replied. "I'm sorry I created all this hassle for you."

"Trevor," Remington added. "This is not your fault. I just have a fucked up set of parents. Wait until I tell you what my father told me."

"Bad?" I asked.

"The leasing company is taking my car back," Remington replied. "They can't take my condo away from me because it's in my name. However, the condo fees and real estate taxes could be a problem."

"Why are your mother and father doing this to you?" I asked.

"To punish me for being insubordinate," Remington answered.

"Insubordinate?" I exclaimed. "You aren't in the military, Remington. You're their son. How do you make amends?"

"I... um... I... I need to stop seeing you..., permanently," Remington stammered.

"Okay," I responded. "Then, we'll stop seeing each other."

"I don't want to stop seeing you, Trevor," Remington replied. "It would feel as though I caved if I let them walk all over me. I don't want to stop seeing you, Trevor, because I like you. More than like, but we won't go there right now. But I also don't want their vindictiveness to hurt you."

"Physically or emotionally?" I asked.

"They'd never do anything physical because they might wind up in jail," Remington replied. "Their emotional ugliness could get nasty."

"What happens now?" I asked.

"I pray my parents don't make this worse than it already is," Remington replied with a smile. "I take control of my trust when I turn twenty-five. I'll need to be frugal until then... and get a job."

"I hate to ask this, but how much money do you normally get every month?" I asked.

"Five grand a month," Remington replied. "Mr. Cook paid my condo assessments. I'm afraid the condo will need to go so I can afford to stay in college."

"When is the last time you've slept, Remington?" I asked.

"A couple of hours last night," Remington replied. "About the same every night for the last three weeks. I look like shit, don't I?"

"You look tired," I responded. "Why haven't you slept?"

"I worried about you and me," Remington replied. "You're the one person in my life who's made me really happy, Trevor. And, now, I see us slipping away because of some punishment my parents heap on me."

"You hurt me once when you told me a couple of weeks ago we needed to stop seeing one another for a while," I explained. "I can't get hurt anymore, Remington. So, until you decide you can live with your parents' decision to shut you off or they decide you can see me again, I cannot be involved in a quasi-relationship with you. Good bye, Remington."

"Trevor, please," Remington pleaded. "Tell me what I can do?"

"Grow a spine, Remington," I said as I turned and walked out of the coffee shop.

To be continued...

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