This work contains scenes of sex between two males. If you are under the age of 18, or if it is illegal for you to read such material in your state or country, or if you are offended by this type of material, then please do not read any further.

Please remember the following:
This story is a complete work of fiction.
All characters have been renamed from their original names.
This story is based upon the author's fantasy.

Tales of the G1 RA - Part 1

It was about 5 days before school started back up again and Mike was already back out at school. Being an RA (resident assistant), he had to be there for stupid training. But the one thing that he liked about it was the high speed connection for the internet, this being because his family only had dialup at home.

There were only a handful of residents there, those being the athletes and whatever international students, and even those who stayed over the summer. On Mike's floor, he only had one resident, Justin. He was a freshman that got accepted for the soccer team. Justin, like Mike, is about 5'9". He has curly golden blonde hair, a 6-pack, nicely developed muscles (not as developed as football players, but still nice), a hair-less body, except for a decent amount on his armpits, and a smile that you could die for.
Mike is 5'9, about 220 pounds (he's slightly muscular, but has a small beer belly). Mike has black hair, brown eyes, and isn't that hairy (only a little on his underarms, light coating on his chest, legs and arms). Another thing is that Mike is bi, but leans more towards men than woman.

The one thing that Mike liked about living in a corridor style building (where there is about 15 or 16 rooms on a hallway with a bathroom in the middle of the hall) was that there were guys walking around with no shirts on once in awhile. The other thing about the bathroom is that there are four shower stalls and 4 toilets along with about 6 sinks.

But anyway, one morning during these few days, Mike was using one of the toilets when Justin walked in. He had no shirt on and a pair of soccor shorts on really low, like right where his hips were (think just above the crotch area). When Mike saw him like this, it drove him wild cause it made him think that he didn't have any underwear underneath. Half the time Mike actually wondered if he did. As Mike finished up, he went to wash his hands and to check out Justin.

"Sup Justin?"
"Nothing much, you man?" Justin responded while moving side to side checking his side profiles. With this, Mike saw Justin's cock bob around in his shorts a bit giving him a semi.
"Tired man, we've had too much to do this past few days. I could really go for a beer and a good screw right about now."
"Ha ha ha, yeah man. I know how that feels. We've had soccor practice everyday for like 7 hours each day."
"Ouch man. Anyway, I gotta head off, I'll catch up with you later."
"Yup yup."

Mike headed off to the next round of trainings for the day. Since most of the material was boring, Mike's mind wandered thinking about the last time he had sex or even a blowjob. He remembered the last time he had sex was in the shower with some girl he knew last semester, she loved his 7.5" dick and was insatiable. But over the summer, Mike and his friends to this bar where he got a blowjob from the busboy (a sexy chinese guy roughly the same age). Mike gave him a bj back.

Noticing that the session was coming to an end, Mike snapped out of his daydream. Everyone headed back to their buildings before dinner. As Mike was heading to his room, he noticed Justin left his keys in the door, and the door was still somewhat open. Taking the keys out for the door, Mike stepped into Justin's room and found him playing with his semi-errect cock while watching some porn. This instantly got Mike hard.
"Hey, umm, Justin, you left you keys in the door."
"Oh shit dude, you scared me," Justin said as he jumped in shock. "I didn't even hear you come in."
Mike's eyes quickly checked out Justin's body, keeping his eye on Justin's semi hard dick for like 10 seconds before looking back at Justin's face.
"Sorry about scaring you man. I just thought I'd give you your keys to keep them safe. You don't want you stuff being stolen."
"Nah man, don't want that." Justin now noticed Mike's hard on.
"Well, I'm gonna head over to my room, think I'm gonna take a nap or something."
"Aight, talk to you later."

Later that night, after dinner and some other RA things, Mike took a shower. As he was drying up from his half hour shower, Justin accidentally opened up the shower curtain of the stall where Mike was. Justin stared for about two or three seconds before regaining his senses.
"Sorry Mike, didn't know you were in here."
"Nah, it's ok. Don't worry about it. It happens to everyone now and then."
"Ha ha, true. Besides, you did it to me earlier today anyway."
"Yeah. But it didn't embarasse me. I'm sure it did you."
"Huh? How could it not embarass you?"
"he he, don't worry about it. It'll probably come to you eventually."
"Yo, stop by later, I'm going to pick up some beer."

Around 10 that night, Justin stopped by Mike's room. Mike was in the middle of watching so bisexual porn.
"Hey Mike."
"Yo, grab a beer and take a seat."
"You're into bi porn?"
"yeah, a bit. Makes things a bit more interesting."
"Hmmm, good point."

After about an hour and a half of watching a lot of different clips and videos along with drinking a lot of beer, both Mike and Justin were pretty buzzed though not drunk.
"I was thinking of what you said earlier, Mike. When you said you weren't embarrased about walking in on me or having the curtain opened up on you, what did you mean? Were you saying that you're bi or something?"
"Yeah, I'm bi. But I wasn't referring to that. I just feel that people should be comfortable around others, no matter what. Why do you think I'm still in my boxers and a t-shirt? cause I'm comfortable."
"I see your point, it's kind of like the locker room where all the guys shower naked and no one seams to care."
"Exactly. That's also why everyone walks around shirtless when they're relaxing."
"How about some nudity?"
"What do you mean?"
"Mind if I take off my pants and boxers? I got so horny from watching the porn, I need to give my dick some air."
"By all means man, I might join ya."
"Actually, you mind if I jack off? I haven't had a chance to release or get laid recently."
"Ha ha, no prob man, I got some lube too that you can use."

Both guys bared all for the lower half of their body. Mike played some more porn as the two slowly massaged their own cock. Mike kept on checking out Justin's 8 inch throbbing cock. Justin had noticed this, and turned so that Mike can give him a good show. Mike kept on licking his lips with lust.
"Like what you see Mike?"
"He he, yeah, I do."
"Even though I'm straight, it's been awhile since I've had a blowjob. Would you be able to give me one?"
"Sure," Mike responded eagerly.
Mike got on his knees in front of Justin. Having him spread his legs a bit, Mike started to lick up and down Justin's 8 inch monster before taking it in his mouth. As he started with his plum like balls, Mike looked Justin's anus hole. Finding it, he started to rub it and took his cock in his mouth. Working the cock in and out of his mouth, Mike started to poke his finger inside Justin's anus making him moan. Soon, he kept the finger in there and slowly moving it in and out. Then, he used two fingers, and moved onto three fingers each getting more and bigger moans out of Justin. Soon enough, Justin's balls started to tighten up letting Mike know he was about to cum. Mike went faster when suddenly Justin tightened up and pushed himself deeper into Mike's mouth blasting cum about 5 times. Mike kept his fingers still while this happened and while he cleaned up Justin's now softening cock.

"Dude, that was freakin' intense. I think your fingers helped."
"Something I picked up from a friend. But . . . um. . . mind doing something for me?"
"Like what?"
"Would you let me do you from behind? You know, have sex with you."
"Oh wow . . . I don't know. I'm not gay or bi though. Plus I've heard it hurts from friends that are."
"Well, only if you aren't ready or loosened up first. Me putting my fingers in your ass helped loosen you up." At this point, Mike still had his fingers in Justins ass and give them another push or two in and out to remind him how good it felt.
"I guess I'll give it a shot. But if it gets uncomfortable, will you stop?"
"Of course."

Taking Justin over to the bed, Mike put some lub onto his now throbbing cock. Laying down, Mike had Justin to hover his pelvic area above his crotch allowing Mike to add some more lube to Justin's now loose hole. Holding his erect cock still, Mike guided Justin down onto it. Slowly, Justin took the whole 7.5 inches in feeling a small amount of pain, but it turning into pleasure that he's never felt before. Mike, having only done this once before was in ecstacy with the pleasure and the heat that he felt as his cock was being engulfed.
"Yo man, your pubes are tickling me."
"ha ha, are you serious?"
The two started awkwardly to get Mike's cock sliding in and out. After a few minutes they got into a good rhythm.
"OH God, don . . . don't stop . . . . this feels too good. . . I think I'm gon . . . gonna cum."
Mike pulls Justin down to him so they are face to face and kisses him. Just as Justin replies back with a french kiss, Mike thrusts one last time into him and releases the biggest load he has ever had into Justin.

For about five minutes, the two layed there in Mike's bed.
"Wow . . . umm . . . I don't know what to say right now," Justin said breaking the silence.
"Did you atleast enjoy it?"
"Yeah . . . . yeah I think I did . . . I think I'm going to want to do this again."
"That's exactly how I felt my first time. That's also why I'm bi, the girls are good and everything, but doing it with a guy adds a different edge to it."
With a smile, Justin replied "When I do want to do it again, can I count on you to be there for me?"
"Hells yeah man, anytime and anywhere."
Getting cleaned up and dressed, Justin came back over to Mike, gave him a big frech kiss and said "Thank you," and went back to his room with a smile.

***That's it for part one, more with Mike and Justin, and maybe other residents to come.***

The End. Questions, comments, email me.