This work contains scenes of sex between two males. If you are under the age of 18, or if it is illegal for you to read such material in your state or country, or if you are offended by this type of material, then please do not read any further.

Please remember the following:
This story is a complete work of fiction.
All characters have been renamed from their original names.
This story is based upon the author's fantasy.

Tales of the G1 RA - Part 2

The next day, Mike woke up early for the new students were going to be arriving that day. Breakfast was at 8am, so Mike went to use the bathroom to take a dump and stuff. Just as he was finishing up, Justin came in. They give each other a smile as Justin went into one of the stalls.

"Got practice today?"
"Not till the afternoon. Coach said us freshman had to go to the morning orientation things. But the good thing is we're excused from the afternoon stuff."
"Yeah. All the other frehsman are coming in today?"
"Yeah, I'm going to be checking them in from about 8:30ish, 9 till about 4. It's gonna be hell."
"Ha ha, yeah I'm sure man. Parents gonna make you crazy too, huh?"
"Like you have no idea. Yo, I'm gonna go get dressed and get some breakfast. I'll catch you later?"
"Yeah, after practice."
"See ya later, cutey." Mike gave Justin a quick peck on the cheek and headed back to his room to change into some shorts and his RA staff shirt.

After breakfast, Mike went back to his building and was sitting around waiting for the check-ins to get over with.
The morning went fast, mainly because there were a lot of people coming to be checked in. To Mike's surprise, there were a lot of nice looking girls this year. Mike was also checking out some of the guys, and there were some alright guys that he wouldn't mind doing, but nothing that struck his fancy; except for maybe a handful. But none of them were on his floor. Mike also knew that there some returning students that he would like to try and go after.

Around 12:30, Mike and two of the other RAs took their break.
"Yo Mike, did you check out some of those girls on F2?"
"Brian, I am telling, I would tap that shit in an instant."
"Guys, come on now, I'm eating here," Gina replied.
"Ha ha, sorry Gina, but you gotta admit, some of them are dressed like they're here to be clubbing."
"Yeah so?" Brian said. "Let them come club in my room, hehe."
"There was one girl that had a skirt I liked," Gina said. "I wonder where she got it."
"That is so like you," both guys said in unison.
"Who's bringing them to the party tonight?"
"You and me are, Brian," Mike said.
"Ugh, whatever. Maybe I'll find someone there tonight."
All three justed laughed and finished up. Returning back to the check-ins, everything slowed down to a trickle.

After all the check-ins were finished, all nine RAs brought everything into the office for whoever was in duty to check whoever in later that came late. Mike went to go and crash for a bit before they had to take the freshman to dinner. After falling asleep for an hour, he barely got up in time to meet everyone.
At 9 that night, Brian, Mike and Stephanie brought the freshman over to the Freshman Mixer party. Mike stayed around for about half an hour to an hour because the freshman were just standing around and not too many people were dancing. After leaving, Mike walked over to 7-11 to pick up some chips and stuff and returned to his room to finish the night off with a movie.

Once back in his room, Mike took a shower and changing into nothing but his lounge pants for the evening. He loves wearing no boxers underneath his lounge pants for some reason, just helps him relax more.
It was around 10:20 or so that night that Mike heard a knock on the door. He was hoping it was Justin. It turned out to be a resident wanting to know how to register his computer for the internet usage.

10 minutes later, Mike returned back to his room and Justin came in. Mike didn't see him come in, mainly because he was staring straight up at the ceiling. Justin came over and planted a long passionate kiss on Mike's mouth, tounge and all.
"Heeey. How was practice?"
"Tiring man. But it isn't going to be that bad for the rest of the week. The coach wants us to relax and have a few scrimages for now."
"Yeah, completely . . . . Hey, um, would we be to do something again, like last night?"
"Sure, what did you have in mind?"
"Well, I was thinking maybe I can fuck you this time."
"Oh you sexy sexy stud. I would love to have you 8 inches of manhood in me."
"Well then, let's get you ready."

Justin grabbed the lube, which was still on Mike's desk.
"lay down on your bed."
"Sir yes sir," Mike responded.
With Mike on the bed, Justin started to suck on Mike's nipples and rubbing his groin. With Mike moaning from the pleasure, Justin moved down to his now rock hard cock and slowly engulfed it into his mouth.
"Ah, watch the teeth man."
Continuing on, Justin put a little lub onto his finger and started to work on Mike's hole, just like Mike did it to him the night before. Just as Justin started in with three fingers, Mike got close to cumming.
"Get ready Justin, I'm . . . I'm about to . . . to cum."
At that moment, Mike cam into Justin's mouth and his muscles tightening on Justin's fingers. Justin tried his best to swallow all that Mike spewed out.

"Mine turn, Mike." With that, Justin continued to finger Mike's hole as he applied some lub to his own cock, now rock hard. Getting into Mike's bed with him, Justin lifted Mike's legs over his shoulders, giving him easier access to Mike's now loose hole. Sliding his cock into Mike, Justin was moaning and gasping from the new sensations that he was feeling, as his cock was engulfed with heat and pleasure. They got into a position so that they're both laying on the bed and Mike had his legs wrapped around Justin. Justin took it slow for it was his first time doing this and wanted to savour the pleasure he was feeling. As Justin slowly humphed Mike, they were passionately kissed, Mike sucking on Justin's tounge. Occasionally, they would suck on each other's nipples.
After about 10 minutes, Justins motions started to become faster, as he started to reach his climax. Suddenly, he plunged himself into Mike one last time and Mike felt Justins hot spurts hit him inside, causing him to cum again all over his and Justin's chests and stomachs. After their bodies were tense for a minute, they collapsed, as Justin's cock was still in Mike.

Laying there for about another 5 minutes, Justin took his now softened, but still somewhat large cock out of Mike, leaving him feel empty.
"Wanna take a shower with me, Justin?"
"Sure, why not?"
The two grabbed their towels and a change of boxers and headed into the bathroom. They went into the stall in which everything had started for them. They turned the water to warm, so it wasn't too hot nor too cold . . . just right.
Justin whispered into Mike's ear, noticing he was hard again, "Fuck me here, pleeeease."
With that open invitation, Mike took some soap and lathered his fingers. He started to loosen up Justin's hole. Once satisfied with his looseness, Mike stood behind Justin and plunged into the hole he had made love to once before last night. While doing this, Mike wrapped his arms around Justin, one rubbing his right nipple and one jerking his cock. Justin turned the tempature a little higher.

The heat from the water, and Mike's hands rubbing on his nipple and on his cock caused him to arrupt quickly. Justin's orgasm sent shockwaves through Mike causing him to cum as well. Just standing there with the water showering down on them, Justin leaned against the shower stall wall panting with Mike still leaning on him with is hands around him. Once they got their energy back, the finished their shower up. Just before they turned off the water, Mike gently pushed Justin against the wall and started to give him another blowjob. Justin was about to protest, but then didn't when he saw what Mike was doing. Since both of them had recently cam, it took a little longer for Justin to cum this time.

Leaving the shower all smiles, the two went into Justins room for a few minutes where they kissed goodnight, and the two went off to bed. Mike was happy that he didn't have to wake up early the next morning, the first in a long few days.

***That's it for part one, more with Mike and Justin, and maybe other residents to come.***

The End. Questions, comments, email me.