This work contains scenes of sex between two males. If you are under the age of 18, or if it is illegal for you to read such material in your state or country, or if you are offended by this type of material, then please do not read any further.

Please remember the following:
This story is a complete work of fiction.
All characters have been renamed from their original names.
This story is based upon the author's fantasy.

Tales of the G1 RA - Part 3

It was around noon the next day when Mike woke up. After checking his email and IMs, he went to use the bathroom and to change. He knew Justin was already out to go to soccer practice, so Mike decided to go and watch their scrimage for a litte bit.

Before heading over to the soccer field, Mike grabbed a sandwich and drink from the deli on campus and walked over. Mike found a bench near the field where he could sit and eat while he watched the practice. Half of the soccer team was shirtless and the other half left their shirts on, thus creating two teams from the team. To Mike's luck, Justin was on the shirtless team. Sitting there watching the teams scrimage for about half an hour, and dreaming about some of the nice bubble butts some of the team members had, Mike went back to the building. Though he didn't go back without a raging hard-on.

When Mike got back to the building, there wasn't really anything good on TV and Mike's boner had passed, so he headed to the pool table with his pool stick and stuff. Playing for about half an hour to an hour, Mike saw his friend John was back. John is a 5'11" asian, thin, not really muscular yet having some tone to him. Along with him was Will, another cute looking asian. Will was about the same hieght as the the two but more muscular than Mike and John. Will had his hair gelled forward while John had his gelled back.

"Hey John, hey Will," as the two walked into the lounge where the pool table was.
The three talked about the break for about 20 minutes before Will left to finish unpacking his things. John stuck around to play some pool.
"Hey Mike, wanna make things interesting? Say 5 bucks a game?"
"How about 5 bucks and a blowjob," Mike responded, but with a laugh so John wouldn't think he was completely serious even though Mike was.
"Ha ha, sure, why not."
The two played several games, one would win, and then the other would win, it stayed in this circle for a bit. Finally, on their last game John won.
"Ha ha, looks like I won, but don't worry about the money," John had a smile on his face when he said this.
"Aight sounds good."

Both guys returned to Mike's room.
"Gimme one sec John, just wanna swithc into more comfortable shorts."
As Mike changed his shorts, and with his back to John. Without Mike knowing, John checked out Mike's body, but he didn't know why he was. Maybe it was that he hadn't gotten laid in awhile and the thought of a blowjob was really appealing to him right now.
As Mike finished changing, John brought himself out of his daydream.
"Mike, I'm gonna head over to my room and take a shower. Mind if I come by after?"
"Yeah, sure, no prob."
John left and Mike p
lopped on his bed and watched some TV for the time being.

It was about 3:30 when John returned to Mike's room, and he was wearing only his boxers and a shirt. Though Mike didn't notice at first, John had a boner going.
"Hey John, grab a seat."
"Sure. Anything good on?"
"Nah not really, just flipping channels right now."
Staying on Comedy Central, the two watched some comedian's special. After a couple of minutes, Mike noticed John's erection, which has become even more obvious. Licking his lips a little, Mike didn't take his eyes off of the buldge, now his own buldge developing in his pants. After some time, John realized Mike was starring and rubbing his own dick through the mesh shorts.
Dropping his boxers, John asked "So how about that blowjob?" revealing a 6.5" rock hard cock.
Without even hesitating, Mike quickly kneeled in front of John and starting giving him the blowjob. Both guys were so into it, that they didn't even notice Will, who happened to walk in on them, but quickly backed out a little. He started to play with himself.

As John was about to cum, Mike was stroking himself, and Will was also outside in the hall cause the whole thing seamed oddly sexual to him though he's straight. As both Mike and John shot their loads, Will quickly ran to the staircase and into the basement and finished himself off, then going back to his room to think about what just happened.
"Wow Mike, what was that?"
"Well John, I'm bi, that's what."
"Are you serious? I never knew."
"Yeah, and I've been dieing to taste that cock of yours too."
"Ha ha, well you finally got your wish."
"Say, ummm, could . . . could we do some more of this and maybe go grab some dinner?"

The two continued to pleasure each other orally. Just as they were gonna wrap up, Mike said he wanted to give John a little treat. John not knowing what it was complied anyway.
"Lay belly on the bed, with the pillows underneath your stomach John."
John did as he was told. Mike took his lube and put some on his fingers and started to play with John's anus hole. Slowly, sliding in one finger till John was loose enough, and then two, and finally working up to three fingers. All the meanwhile, John was moaning out of pure pleasure. Mike pulled his fingers out, lubed his own dick up, and pressed his head against John's now loose hole. Pushing in slowly, John moaned out of pain and pleasure, though out of more pleasure. Laying over John, Mike put all of his weight on his lower arms so he didn't rest upon John. John felt Mike's breathing on his neck and was curious why.
"How come your head is near mine, Mike?"
"Cause I've got my dick up your ass."
"Whoa what!" John yelled.
"Shhhhhhhhh. You were liking it before you knew what is was. So be quiet, continue to enjoy it."
"Yeah, you're right. Go ahead, I am actually liking it."
With that, Mike put some of his body weight onto John, and screwed him faster. It wasn't long till Mike shot his load and collapsed onto John. The two just layed there for a bit.

After a bit, Will returned to find the two how they were. Coming into the room, he coughed to get their attention. Both John and Mike blushed as they got up, and trying to get their clothes back on.
Dropping his own shorts and boxers showing off his 7.5inch cock, Will just said "Mind if I join?"
Mike and John looked at each other in amasement and slowly walked over to Will. John and Will started to kiss as Mike started to work on both of their cocks. The three got on the floor and started to do combinations of mutual masturbation, 69ing, anal, kissing and grinding till the three were tired.
After all three had cam about three or four times, they headed off to clean up and have dinner. Each has a smile knowing what was ahead to come for them during the semester.

After dinner, Mike returned to his room by himself and watched a movie. Almost falling asleep, Justin came over. Mike being as tired as he was, and the same with Justin, Justin just climbed into bed with Mike.
"Mike, I know we're both tired and all, but mind if I just fuck you once before we fall asleep? I really need to release right now."
"Sure sexy. Just grab the lube from the desk. If you think you're gonna sleep here, just set the alarm."
Justin set the alarm, and prepared himself as well as Mike. They put themselved in a missionary style, where Mike was on top. Slowly humphing Justin, they also kissed a bit sucking on each other's tongues.

After about an hour, Justin finally cam in Mike's ass, since they were taking it slow. After Justin pulled out of Mike, the two just laid there.
Noticing that Mike was somewhat hard after that, he asked "Want me to take care of you? After all, I was in you for about an hour."
"Sure, which ever way you wanna do it, go ahead."
With that, Justin took Mike's cock into his mouth and started giving him a blowjob until he was nice and slick. Once satisfied, Justin then straddled Mike and took his cock into his ass and slowly fucked Mike.
Unlike Justin, Mike cam within 10 minutes.
The two fell asleep in each other's arms for the night and slept like babies.

The alarm rang the next morning. Justin got up and turned it off. After making sure Mike was still sleeping, he gave him a kiss on the check and a quick lick on his cock; the two slept in the nude that night. Getting dressed, Justin left to his room and then off to practice. Later, Mike woke up in time to grab some food and then to the lounge to start checking in the returning students.

***That's it for part three, more to cum Mike and the others.***

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