This work contains scenes of sex between two males. If you are under the age of 18, or if it is illegal for you to read such material in your state or country, or if you are offended by this type of material, then please do not read any further.

Please remember the following:
This story is a complete work of fiction.
All characters have been renamed from their original names.
This story is based upon the author's fantasy.

Tales of the G1 RA - Part 3

It wasn't until around 5pm that most of the students had returned and were signed in. Mike and the others were allowed to go as long as one or two stayed for another hour. Since Mike was in the middle of taking care of a couple of residents, one of them being Louis up on the third floor. As Mike brought all the paperwork back to the check-ins table, they talked about their summers. Mike knew Louis was open sexually, though he was more into girls then guys.
Louis was about 6' tall, really skinny, dark black hair that was long, but not longer than half way down his neck, brown eyes, and a really nice smile.

"Wanna do a party tonight since classes don't start for day?"
"Yeah sure, we'll do it in my room. We'll have Will, John, you, another one of my resident Justin, and I'll get this other Louis I know. He's a new asian kid I met."
"Sounds good. Everyone gonna chip in for drinks?"
"Yeah, I'd say about 5 to 10 bucks each person; I'll go over to the soda and beer place and get some beer there."
"Nice, 10 tonight?"
Louis and Mike went and told the others about the get together and collected the money for the beer and maybe some chips or something.

Later that night, as the party started, the 6 guys decided to play a drinking game called 'Asshole.' (Since the rules take a little bit to explain, i will not go into specifics; I'd suggest checking online to see if you can find it.) While playing, someone made up the rule that whenever you put down two cards down, you have to take off an article of clothing. Everyone was fine with that since the day before, 4 of the 6 guys had sex with atleast one other of the 4.

By the time all the beer was finished, pretty much everyone was done to their boxers or their boxers and socks or boxers and a shirt.
"Damn man, all this beer and being like this is getting me fucking horny as hell," Asian Louis just blurted out. Quickly he just whipped out his cock revealing it to be the smallest of the group at 6.5" but just as thick as everyone else's. Will then joined him in the masturbation, then Justin, and then John and Mike were the last two to whip out and jerk. All six got into a circle and on their knees jerking off.
Everyone moaning faster and faster, Will was the first to shoot his load, some of it landed by Mike who was exactly opposite him; then John, then Asian Louis, then the other Louis shot his load. It was down to just Justin and Mike, who was trying to see who could last the longest. Suddenly they both shot their load at pretty much the same time and the two collapsing to the floor next to each other.

"Shit man, that was way too much. I haven't shot that much in a long time," Mike said looking to where he shot his load.
"Well, I'm still horny as hell though," Justin responded.
"Wanna put some porn in?" Will asked.
"You know, we could just make our own instead of just jerking off. I mean some of us have already had sex together," John replied.
All six looked at each other as if they had to decide a man's fate.
After a long pause, Mike blurted out "Ok, Louis, Louis and Will are police officers, and us other three have been arrested. They're now giving us a strip search and found our 'weapons.' Sounds good?"
"Ummmmmm," John and Will said in somewhat of a disagreeing way.
"Well if you have a better idea, say it. If we wanna get in the mood and shit, we need something for all of us to participate in."
With that, everyone started to agree and everyone moved Mike's furniture around to make some room.

Will took John as his prisoner, tall Louise took Justin as his, and asian Louis took Mike as his prisoner. All three pairs started off the same way, with the 'prisoners' blowing the 'officers.' Over the course of the next two hours, there were combinations of 69ing, rimming, blowjobs, and everyone ending up with someone fucking someone else.

By the end of their orgy session, everyone was tired. John and Will went back to their rooms. Both Louises, Justin and Mike spent the next hour talking about the upcoming semester and how they think it's going to be like. They talked about which classes they are taking and which classes they wanna take and all of that. But before everyone retired to their rooms, the four decided to try out a 4 way 69; they made a square with their bodies as they tried it out. But since it didn't work, Justin and Mike had a quick screw (Mike screwing Justin) and both Louises doing their own thing.

After everyone left, Mike cleaned up the room and took all of the empty beer bottles to the recycling room and threw out all of the trash. Once everything was cleaned up, Mike went to take a shower. As he was about to start his shower, asian Louis came in and asked if he could join Mike. With a smile on his face, Mike allowed him, for Mike can never turn down the chance to shower with someone he's had sex with.
The two lather up and Mike purposely bumps his boner against Louis' ass. Getting the idea, Louis pushed his ass towards Mike, and he slipped himself inside of Louis. The two slowly humphed each other for about 10 minutes before Louis cam (because of Mike hitting his prostate with his dick) which caused Mike to cum. Mike then proceeded to let Louis do him, taking another 10 minutes.

After cleaning up and getting dressed, the two kissed for a minute before going their separate ways.

That's it for part four, and this series. Throughout the semester, these six guys enjoyed several moments together engaging in sex. More stories to come about Spring Break when Mike is on duty for the week.

The End. Questions, comments, email me.