Tamed Jock Goes Crazy - Chapter Four - Aid & Ash


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By Colton Aalto


11:30 A.M. - AID & ASH

Xavier gave me a knowing smile as I left the gym, nodding and saying, "So, you met my bro, Yves." He groped his big package, leaving no doubt about what type of meeting he was talking about.

"Um, yeah," I answered, feeling awkward that my sex life was an open secret. The dude probably had accessed the stairwell security cams and watched Yves rail my ass. Twice. He'd probably watched me on my knees sucking the black stud like I was desperate for his nut. Which I had been. From what Xavier told me earlier, he'd likely seen Tony and me while we were fucking there, too. More than once.

Xavier gave me a conspiratorial smile. "Yves and I are roommates at college and we have a lot in common." He licked his thick lips and for emphasis repeated, "A lot in common." He grinned bent close to me, adding, "Like our taste in hot boy bottoms. Blond boys look good on a black stick. And a pretty blond boy with an awesome body and a sweet ass is gonna look extra fine on our big black poles. Count on seeing our dicks regularly this fall."

Flirt and give it up, Tyhcinn had instructed me. That wasn't a task I was objecting to. It was merely hard to get used to. I smiled and ran my tongue over my lips. "How will I be able to see your dicks when they're buried in my mouth and jammed in my ass?"

Xavier laughed. "I like you, bro. Like everything about you." He leaned forward again and whispered, "Particularly your tight ass. You took me like your hole was hungry for dick you jus waiting for my big black cock."

I continued to flirt. "Waiting is over. I'm counting on you dudes to do one thing: breed and seed. Remember. Tight and right, dude."

Xavier flashed a big smile. "That right, baby. Yves and I gonna pass you back and forth until your ass so sore you can't walk. Then we gonna pass you back and forth some more. We been talking about how great it would be to find a blond bitch boi to breed. This gonna be fun!" I exchanged fist bumps with the smiling black hunk and emerged into the bright sunshine wondering exactly what I'd signed up for.

Lang was late no surprise there so I relaxed in the sun while killing time. It gave me a chance to digest what had happened so far. Three hours since I'd arrived at the gym and three stud jocks had already fucked my ass and dumped four loads into it. Not to mention the mouthful of jizz Yves sprayed down my throat and the nut I'd left in Tony's muscular jock butt. The sex left me feeling oddly euphoric. Well, I usually felt euphoric after getting my ass pounded, but this was different. Better.

If Xavier or Yves had hit on me before Tyhcinn's instructions last night, I'd have been embarrassed and probably would've run in the other direction. I knew Xavier only in passing and Yves was a complete stranger. As sexy as both black studs were, I'd have been cautious and reluctant. Hooking up with random guys wasn't something I did. Or even contemplated. Well, maybe I'd contemplated it, but I never would have acted on it.

Before Tyhcinn told me I should embrace being a cock whore, it might even have felt like I was cheating on him. Things were different now. It was all about attitude and approach. I couldn't be embarrassed about being a slut who'd go down on a total stranger and spread my ass crack wide for him. I had to be open to sexual encounters and ready to grab them when the possibility arose. I had to look for men interested in getting their rocks off. I'd just engaged in something that was one step removed from anonymous sex. Yeah, it was hot and I was excited and ready to do it again.

Tyhcinn was right. Deep down, I was a slutty cum dump. I hungered to have a stiff cock in my mouth and in my ass. Hell, in my hands, too. Now that I'd accepted what I was, I was happy and at peace. To think I'd had a virgin ass until two months ago and now I couldn't get enough cock in it. Fuck. My hole still tingled from getting opened by Xavier, stretched by Tony and pummeled by Yves, but it was like an itch. I was ready to scratch it again. It was only 9:00 a.m., so maybe I'd get some more dick. Lang was a good bet and Tyhcinn might come through, too. But hell, maybe lightning would strike a third time and I'd hook up with someone new.

As I waited for Lang, the sun heated my tanned skin and made my cock, hidden under my red swim trunks, feel great. It promised to be another scorching day. Even though it was early, the temperature was already above 80.

As usual, I was shirtless. The pool service company issued the pool boys white polo shirts to go with our lifeguard-red swim trunks, but like the rest of the dudes, I seldom wore it. I'd pull it on for a few minutes when I ran into someplace to grab lunch but that was about it.

At the beginning of the summer, Lang told me his brother, who owned the company, preferred that his crews go shirtless. "He says it's good advertising," Lang said on our first day on the job, after I remarked about how nobody wore their shirts. When I asked why, he gave me a wink and whispered, "Lotta frustrated housewives like to see the eye candy when we service their pools. And sometimes, one or two of those women do more than watch. I know from personal experience."

I knew Lang was about to spill the details of another of his sexual conquests. He loved talking about sex and once he got started, he couldn't be dissuaded. I'd have been more interested if his story was about horny househusbands rather than housewives, but his tales were always entertaining.

"Last summer," he whispered, "I worked with Kyle for a week. Well, I found out why he keeps coming back summer after summer and always insists on doing the route out in the western burbs. We showed up at a pool on the first day and the woman who lived there was sunning. She's fucking topless! Damn, she had amazing tits! She was perfectly happy for us to ogle her, smiling at us and even kinda flirting. You know, always lifting her tits and adjusting her bikini bottom. Damn, I was boned the whole time we worked on her pool. Kyle was like totally nonchalant about it.

"We were almost done with the pool when she says, `Oh, Kyle, can you rub some sunscreen on my back?' Kyle throws me the keys to the truck and says, `Get lost for an hour, high school boy. Get me a sandwich for lunch. This one's all mine. You'll get yours later.'

"I killed some time, ate lunch and picked up Kyle's sandwich. When I got back Kyle had a big shit-eating grin on his face. He flashed me a $100 bill and said, `Mrs. Everly is very appreciative. Says my dick makes her feel alive. She sure acts like it when I work on her pussy. She goes wild. I kinda like a woman who's hungry for it rather than college bitches who give it up reluctantly. Don't worry, there's a cougar on Wednesday who likes three-ways.'

"Damn. I about went crazy waiting, but sure enough, on Wednesday afternoon we finished a pool and a woman comes out of the house in a tiny bikini and coos, `You boys must be parched. Come inside for a cool drink!' Kyle winks at me and nods and we follow her inside.

"We're barely in the kitchen when she says, `Kyle, this bikini top keeps bothering me. Could you be a dear and untie it?' Kyle unties her top and lets it drop to the floor. He knows exactly what to do. He wraps his hands around her tits and starts feeling her up. She's purring and moaning about how big and strong his hands are and soon she guides one of them inside her bikini bottom. He starts fingering her cunt and she goes wild. Before long he's hard as a rock and rubbing his boner against her ass crack. She says, `Oh Kyle, you know exactly how to make me lose control.'

"She turns around and yanks down his swim trunks. His prick flops out and she wraps her hand around it, but she looks at me and says, `You too, red. I love young bucks.' Fuck, I was out of my swim trunks and jock in a second and she sees my dick and says, `Oh my!' Soon she's on her knees slurping on both of our cocks. Kyle pulls me next to him and whispers, `You take her pussy and I'll take her ass. That's the way she likes it.'

"'You're gonna fuck her in the ass?' I asked. `Hell yeah,' he says, "Don't knock it until you try it.'

"Damn. I got on the floor and she crawled on top of me and like swallowed my cock with her cunt. She kept saying `Oh my, oh my!' over and over. Her tits were bouncing up and down while she rode me. Then Kyle gets behind her and I feel his dick press against her ass while I'm still inside her. He rams it in and she goes wild. It was freaky because I could feel his cock as he pumped her butt. He's practically rubbing his dick against mine while we're both inside her. She was having multiple orgasms, like once every two minutes. When Kyle came in her ass, I swear I felt his jizz shooting. No way I could hold out any longer and I grabbed her hips and fucked her like a bitch until I shot. I shot like a ton!

"Afterwards, she gives us both $100, saying it was a tip for doing such a good job on the pool. Like hell. Kyle told me that for the rest of the summer she asked about me every week. I would have done anything to do his route again, but his regular partner Max was back and wasn't about to give it up. Kyle told me some weeks he got paid more for using his cock than he did for cleaning pools. Apparently getting bedded by a hot college stud was a big status symbol among those housewives."

I'd gotten a boner listening to Lang's tale. It wasn't because of the cougars. It was Kyle. The stud was wickedly sexy and the thought of seeing him naked and in fuck mode made me drool. That and the fact that he liked fucking asses. I wondered if maybe he'd be interested in a guy's ass. I could always hope.

In the hot sun, I practically dozed off waiting for Lang, but he pulled up in his truck and woke me up. I hopped into the cab. It wasn't actually Lang's truck. His older brother had several pickups that were for hauling supplies and equipment in the pool servicing business and Lang drove one of those. The dude looked sleepy as he greeted me.

Lang was a tall, lanky redhead. We played baseball together in high school and were on the same summer league team. He was a lights-out pitcher when he was in the zone, but his control wasn't always the best. He looked like a windmill on the pitcher's mound, a skinny string bean, but out of the uniform he looked... well, hot. He was surprisingly muscular although his body was all shoulders, legs and arms. The stud wasn't bad looking if you didn't mind freckles. I mean, he was a freckle factory, particularly when he was in the sun. Some high school kids called him "Archie" after the freckled, red-headed cartoon character.

Lang's junk was awesome, although I always did a double take when I saw it because of his bright red pubes. At least he kept them trimmed. His dick was long and the shorter he cut his pubes, the longer it looked. His nickname among guys on the baseball team was `Lang Long Dong,' and with good reason. His prick was almost as long as Tyhcinn's. Not as thick but the dude could do some damage with his weapon. I knew, firsthand.

Lang's brother split the pool boys into teams of two and I was paired with Lang for the summer. He'd suggested it after our wild Memorial Day weekend and I readily agreed. I'd never been that friendly with him in high school, mainly because he was close with Tony, but once the ice broke over that weekend, it was like we'd been buddies forever. Tony was the same way. I suppose having sex with the dudes became sort of a bonding experience. Lang confided in me like I was his best friend; indeed, he even divulged some secrets that he'd never told Tony, and the two of them had been best buds since middle school.

Lang always got roped into running errands for his brother, so often I did half of the pools by myself. He would drop me off and disappear to handle some problem and I'd hustle to get the pool and grounds done on schedule. I didn't mind. If you're busy, time goes faster.

We were assigned to an area of the city that was the most elegant and expensive part the city in the 1920s and 1930s. The streets were lined with huge trees and populated with Victorian and Georgian mansions, along with an occasional Mansard-roofed castle. The lots were huge, with enormous back yards. The area had gone downhill for years until the houses and landscaping almost all needed tender loving care. But ten or fifteen years ago, the neighborhood became trendy and quickly gentrified. The gentrification wave brought new families that installed swimming pools in the huge back yards. Once pools became trendy in the neighborhood, everyone wanted one.

Lang and I knocked off five pools before 11:00 a.m., but as usual, he got a call from his brother and had to divert for an errand. He wasn't pleased. It was Friday and he was hoping to get off early because he had a hot date. We'd been ahead of schedule, but that was now out the window. Resigned to his fate, Lang dropped me at our next pool and sped off, promising to be back soon.

The house was owned by an elderly couple. They had one of the rare pools that had been installed back in the neighborhood's first era of trendiness. As near as I could tell, they never used it. Maybe they merely liked the look of a backyard pool. I had to admit that the pool and the landscaping were spectacular.

Because the owners were never in the back yard, it didn't occur to me that someone might be there. So I was startled to see a young dude sprawled on a chaise lounge.

"Um, I'm sorry," I mumbled. "We're scheduled to clean the pool and work on the landscaping."

"No problem, dude," the guy said with a dazzling smile.

Fuck. He looked like a model who had walked off the pages of a male swimsuit shoot moments ago. He was... incredible. He sported blond hair, not dirty, sun-bleached blond like mine, but naturally light. His body was perfectly proportioned, from his buff chest to his strong arms to his tight abs to his long, slender legs. Actually, his legs were spectacular. They were muscled and toned. Not legs you got from a gym; the dude must have been a cyclist or something like that.

"I'm Aiden," he said with a smile, stretching out his hand. "Aid for short. That's what I use as my stage name. It's a little grabbier."

"Um, Tyler," I responded as we shook hands. Guys I knew didn't have stage names. I wondered why Aiden had one and what short of stage he was on.

"My grandparents live here," he said. "My parents, kid brother and I are in town for a couple of days because it's my great grandmother's birthday. Tough old dame. She was fucking riding a motorcycle until two years ago. She's gonna be 100."

"Wow," I replied.

"Yep. I guess I inherited some good genes."

My eyes were fixed on Aiden's body and without thinking I replied, "I'd say you got awesome genes."

Aiden laughed and spread his hands as if to show off his body. "This is what you get with the right genes, I suppose."

I was embarrassed to be scoping him out so overtly and went about cleaning the pool and the grounds. It seemed like every time I glanced at him and I glanced at him early and often he caught me staring and gave me a knowing grin.

The job was easy. Weather-wise, we'd had a remarkably calm week, which meant no storms that had blown through and dumped leaves and debris in the pools. Some weeks dead leaves covered the bottom of every pool we serviced, particularly the ones next to trees that shed constantly. But the light workload meant I was ahead of schedule. Lang wouldn't be back for a while.

"Uh, so you don't live around here?" I asked Aid as I packed away the last of the pool and landscaping equipment.

"Nah, New York. I dance. If you want to make it as a dancer, you have to be in New York."

"A dancer?" I echoed. The stage name and the awesome legs now made sense. "I guess that's why your legs are so muscular and strong." I caught myself before mumbling something even more embarrassing about Aid's glutes. Shit. Here I was foaming at the mouth over the dude's body.

Aiden smiled and gave me a gratuitous flex of his thighs. They were covered with a sparse, golden-blond fuzz that glowed in the sunlight. "Your legs aren't bad, either," he said. "You into sports?"

"Um, yeah," I responded. "Pretty much everything. Football, basketball, baseball, cycling. Playing baseball this summer and next year at college, but I'm probably done with football and basketball."

"Cool," Aiden replied. "You have amazing abs. You must work out plenty."

I got a warm glow when Aiden complimented my abs. Hell, I got a warm glow when anyone did, but coming from a hot stud it was extra nice. "Thanks. I hit the gym regularly. Except Sundays. That's my cycling day, unless I'm working."

"I love cycling," Aiden said. "It's a great way to work my legs without dancing. I bike whenever I can in the city, but there you're either dodging pedestrians or cars or both. Or riding in circles in Central Park."

My mind was whirling. The blond Adonis had complimented my body and hadn't been at all annoyed when I blatantly stared at him and gushed over his. I didn't know if that translated to anything he might only be friendly and used to others looking at his legs. After all, as a dancer, that's what people in the audience were probably looking at. Although the dude's handsome face and ripped torso were well worth the price of admission, too.

I stopped myself. You're a cock whore, I told myself. You should be hitting the guy up. Aid had given me no hint that he was interested, but that shouldn't deter me.

Or had he given me a hint? He'd scoped out my legs and abs. Maybe he was being friendly and returning my compliments. But maybe he was hinting.

What was I thinking? Even if Aiden had a `fuck me' sign around his neck, we could hardly do it in the back yard. Although the area was secluded...

Aid's grandparents were probably in the house. Not to mention his brother and parents. "When's the birthday party?" I asked, searching for an excuse to stand close to the blond stud and stare at him some more.

"Tomorrow. My parents and grandparents are out, running around all day making the final arrangements." As he talked, he flexed his massive thighs and biceps a couple of times. Maybe it was a nervous habit. Maybe he was putting on a little show for me. "Happily, I got a free pass because I told them I needed to work on a new dance. But that only took me a couple of hours."

Hmm. Nobody was at home. I continued to debate making a pass at him. Stalling, I asked, "So, um, what type of dancing do you do?"

"Ballet, of course, but some modern dance and even Broadway. I'm cast as the featured dancer in a musical that starts previews next week. If it goes well, I'll be doing eight shows, six days a week. This is my last chance for a vacation for God knows how long, although spending four days with my family and grandparents isn't exactly what I hoped for."

"Yeah," I commented, trying to sound sympathetic.

Aid took the occasion to adjust his junk. I suppose my eyes were riveted on him too long, because when I forced them up from his crotch, he was smirking. He said, "You like what you see, pool boy?"

Fuck. I was hopeless. But Aid's comment resolved my dilemma about what to do. Summoning my inner cock whore, I said, "Yeah, but I'd like it even better if I was in between your amazing legs getting a close-up view."

Aiden laughed. He was beautiful when he laughed. Hell, he was beautiful when he wasn't laughing. "What are you waiting for? I've been stuck here with the family for four fucking days, sharing a room with my baby brother. Way too much time on my hands and way too much time without getting off."

I didn't hesitate, crawling between his muscular legs and tugging his cock from his swim trunks. The semi-hard sausage was accompanied by big, low hanging eggs. His balls were hairless, but his cock rested in a bed of white-blond pubes. I don't think I'd ever seen pubes that light before and I sort of wished he didn't keep them trimmed so short.

I brought my mouth to the head of Aiden's cock and began to lick, staring at the blond Adonis as I did so. He let out an appreciative moan and said, "Oh fuck, I need this. You have no idea."

Soon I'd worked his dick down my throat. He interrupted me long enough to pull off his swim trunks and tug mine down, too. "Nice cock," he murmured as he squeezed my boner. I went back to work on his fuck rod and he began playing with my hole. "Fuck, you have a dynamite ass!" he said as he ran his hands over my butt cheeks and into my sweaty crack. "Sweet tan lines. Damn, dude, watching your bubble butt as you worked on the pool was making me hard."

I focused on job one, coaxing several big dollops of pre-cum from Aid's rock-hard pole and taking the shaft down my throat. I broke occasionally to mouth his big, smooth eggs. I swear I could almost feel his cum churning inside them, getting ready to explode.

The blond dancer began to thrust his hips upward, moaning each time his tool sank all the way down my throat. My nose was buried in his trim blond bush. I mentally thanked my luck for the back yard being so secluded.

It apparently wasn't secluded enough. I was working Aid's tool with my mouth and playing lightly with his balls when I heard a voice say, "Who's the cocksucker?"

My eyes went wide and I looked up to discover a younger version of Aid, six feet away. The kid had Aid's white-blond hair and ice-blue eyes. Shit. Thinking that his parents and grandparents were gone, I'd forgotten about his kid brother. The kid brother who was now gazing at me with a cocky smile, as if finding a dude in between his brother's legs with a mouthful of dick happened all the time. Hell, maybe it did.

"Hey Ashton," Aiden responded, acting as if nothing was unusual. "This is Tyler, the pool boy. Along with a hot body, he has other skills beyond skimming water. He's marvelous with his mouth. The dude knows how to give head. I was about to blow a load down his throat, but now that you've interrupted us, I think I'll check out jock boy's bubble butt. Which looked wonderful as I was watching him work on the pool.

"You definitely should take advantage of this mouth, Ash. It isn't every day that you get an opportunity to enjoy a world class blow job, especially while you're still in high school. Get your clothes off, Ash bro, and enjoy some top shelf head while I'm working pool boy's ass."

I wasn't all the eager to get it on with a high school kid, even one who was as hot as Ashton was at first glance. I was also a little put off by Aid taking it for granted that I'd do his little brother and offering me as if... well, as if I was a cock whore. I was a cock whore so maybe I should be thanking him for the introduction.

Ashton dropped his jeans and briefs and pulled his T-shirt over his head in one quick move. He didn't have Aiden's body, particularly his brother's legs, but the kid was damn cute. In a few years, he might even be better looking than his older brother. I'd stumbled onto the blond Adonis brothers.

Ash took his older brother's place on the chaise lounge, sporting a cock and a pair of balls that were a bit smaller than Aiden's. His legs lacked even his brother's golden fuzz and the kid's chest and stomach were as smooth as a baby's butt. The only hair on the guy's body was at the base of his dick. Ironically his pubes, while trimmed slightly, were longer than his brother's. But they were the same white-blond color.

Ash's dong had an aggressive curve to the right, which meant I had to roll my head to the side a bit to accommodate it. I licked the length of it as he sucked in his breath and exclaimed, "Oh, shit!" When I finally deep-throated the kid, he uttered a high-pitched whine.

Meanwhile, Aid spread my ass crack wide and nuzzled into it, eating my hole. I hoped he liked sweaty, used holes, because that's what he was getting. If he was bothered he didn't let on, rimming me, driving his tongue into my hole and generally slobbering as much spit in me as he could. He didn't work on my butt long before he withdrew his mouth and I felt the head of his cock. "Damn, Ash," he said. "You're gonna have to check out this hole. It's awesome."

Aid began to press his cock inside me, tentatively. His manhood felt great. It was hot and slippery, and I moaned as he popped inside me. He claimed my ass slowly, not realizing he was fucking a guy who'd been dicked three times already. Before noon. He could have rammed it into me all at once if he wanted. "Fuck, I love a tight ass," he groaned as he sank all the way inside me. I whimpered happily, my mouth filled with teen boy cock, skeptical that I was all that tight but glad the hunky dancer liked my ass.

Ash wasn't content to let me bob up and down on his boner and suck it. He got to his knees on the chaise lounge, grabbed my head and began ramming his dick down my throat. His low hanging balls bounced off my chin every time he jammed his rod down my throat. The spit roast was on. Three blonds by the pool in the hot, midday sun, fucking their brains out. Aid plowed my ass with increasingly deep thrusts while Ash whimpered as he shoved his cock down my throat.

Ash was getting close. The kid was panting and holding my head in a vice grip as he pummeled my mouth. Aid must have sensed that his brother was about to blow because he said, "You might want to chill and save your load for pool boy's ass, Ash. It's incredible. I know the dude's mouth is nice too, but an ass like this doesn't come around very often."

Ash hesitated, thrust his cock down my throat one more time, but then pulled out, panting. He consoled himself by slapping his wet dick across my face and occasionally inserting the head into my mouth. He clearly had edged himself close to a climax but planned to wait for sloppy seconds on my ass. Well, technically sloppy fifths. I'd cleaned my hole out in the shower after Xavier, Tony and Yves had seeded it, so maybe it wasn't too skanky.

Aid settled into his stretch run. He grabbed my hips and held them tightly as his cock continually sank deep into my guts. My ass felt wonderful filled with cock. The dancer picked up the pace, slamming into my butt cheeks and moaning, "Fuck, I'm gonna nut! Take my jizz, pool boy!" Two thrusts later, a wash of hot cum surged into my hole, followed by at least half a dozen more spurts as the stud's balls emptied.

The brothers switched positions. Ash slammed his stiff shaft into my bred pussy in one thrust and began to pound me frantically. No way would the kid last long. Aiden growled, "Yeah, fuck him in the ass, bro. Ride that hot jock hole. Blow your load." Ash grunted and panted.

Aiden crawled underneath me on the chaise lounge and presented his cum-smeared cock to me to clean. "You know what to do with this dick, don't you? Get that hot jock mouth on it."

I happily went down on Aid again, enjoying the view of his awesome body and getting the chance to feel his muscular thighs. "Damn, that fuck was what I needed," he said. "I was so horny I was about to climb the walls. But you're like an angel appearing out of nowhere to save the day with your hot mouth and tight ass."

I managed to position Aid so I could cop of feel of his rock-hard ass muscles. Next time, I thought, I want his muscular thighs wrapped around my head. I wanted him to face fuck me while I his glutes flexed with each thrust of his cock. Or maybe I'd want to be on my back with my legs on his shoulders so I could run my hands over his ass while he fucked me, the way that I'd felt Yves's hot ass.

Of course, there likely wouldn't be a next time. Aid was only visiting and was headed back to New York after the birthday party tomorrow. We'd probably never see each other again.

As I suspected, Ash barely fucked my ass long enough to get into a good rhythm before he nutted. The kid moaned and shouted, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Hopefully the neighbors weren't in their back yards. Even though we were sheltered from view, his loud announcement didn't leave much doubt what was happening.

Moments later I had my second load of blond Adonis cum. It must have been a week since Ash had nutted. Maybe the kid didn't beat off. Hell, what was I thinking? Every teenager beats off. But perhaps he'd been constrained by the accommodations like Aid was. My ass was filled with two heaping helpings of spunk and as Ash thrust into me the last couple of times, I could tell how wet and sloppy my boi pussy was.

I still had one softening cock in my mouth and another in my ass when I heard Lang honk the horn of his truck. Crap. I scrambled up, retrieving my swim trunks. As I did, my cell fell from my pocket and Aiden picked it up.

"Hold a sec," he said. "Let me put my number in your text. I don't leave until late Sunday night. After being surrounded at the birthday party tomorrow by people at least three times my age, maybe four, I could use another round with you."

"Me, too!" Ash hastened to add.

I pulled on my trunks, wondering if the brothers' jizz was going to seep out of my hole as I walked to Lang's truck. Aid thumbed his number into my text, sending himself a message that said only `Ty' so that he'd have my number. He handed me my cell and pulled me into a deep, albeit quick, kiss. "Dude, you have no idea what a lifesaver you've been. I feel kinda bad that we didn't get you off. Next time, you get doubles." He smiled and groped my semi-hard piece.

"I think I just had doubles," I replied, glancing between the blond brothers. Ash took the opportunity to kiss me while his brother stepped back and grinned. I was struck once more by how beautiful the slender dancer was. Broadway wouldn't know what hit it.

"Happy to be of service," I said. "Very happy."

I hustled to grab the pool and landscaping equipment, leaving the two naked Adonises watching me with contented grins gracing their handsome faces and spent cocks baking in the hot sun. I'd been bred by brothers. I wondered if I was the first dude to have serviced both boys. I kinda hoped I was although I don't know why it mattered. My competitive nature, I guess.

As I thought about it though, I was clearly not the first dude to get spit roasted by the duo. When Ash stumbled upon me going down on his brother, he calmly asked who I was, as if I'd been chatting with Aiden rather than blowing him. When Aid offered his baby brother the use of my mouth while he dicked my ass, it with a casualness that suggested familiarity. No, the brothers had been spit-roasting dudes for a while. I was merely their latest conquest.

So what if I wasn't first? Aid raved about my holes and in my competitive mindset I hoped they were the best he'd had. If not, I'd be happy to keep trying.

Hell, I'd be more than happy to reprise my role as the bros' cum dump.



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