Teen Bodybuilder -- Part4, by swimmboy4@aol.com


This story contains scenes involving sexual contact between college-aged males. If you do not enjoy such stories, or it is illegal to read such stories in your jurisdiction, please do not continue reading.

Eric was excited. His training had been going well, and he was holding his own at team practices. Though not the fastest guy on the team, he was growing more and more confident he could contribute points in a dual meet or tournament, and he was soon to find out if his confidence was well-placed. His recent workouts had gone well, and he was building both speed and endurance. As he churned through the water, his mind wandered back to the previous Friday evening - an evening where he and Jimmy had fulfilled Tyler's special "fantasy" by working the stud bodybuilder over both physically and sexually. It was an evening he would never forget, and even now, nearly a week later, as he sliced through the water doing an IM set, his body tingled with pleasure at memories of that special evening's activities.

Their team was hosting a tournament that weekend that was to be the first big meet of the fall. Teams from four other schools would be attending, teams that had beaten Eric's squad the past couple years. The meet started Friday at 10:00 a.m., and it was now Thursday evening, almost 6:00. The boys had enjoyed their easy late-afternoon workout - nothing too strenuous to tire them before tomorrow. Leaving the pool, the coach had asked each of them what his waist size was, then handed each a small flat box marked "Speedo". Each athlete was given a new racing suit, one size smaller than his waist. Eric had stated his waist was about 31", so coach had given him a suit sized 28. Pete and Kevin, another senior and co-captain on the team, were given 30s for their 32" waists. Now, here they were in the locker room, holding suits so small and lightweight, they could easily be crumpled and hidden in one hand. Eric removed his suit from the box and exclaimed "I'm supposed to fit into this?" as he dangled a skimpy piece of blue fabric from his index finger. Kevin walked over to him. "These are the new high-tech suits you've probably heard about. The fabric is paper-thin, extremely lightweight, and repels water." "But it's so small," Eric said, "I don't think it will fit me." Looking at the tag, he continued, "Oh, no wonder - it's a 28 - coach gave me the wrong size." "No, you want it snug - the briefer and tighter, the better," replied Kevin. "I was in Long Beach last summer to watch the Olympic Trials, and lots of guys were wearing them - at least those who didn't wear racing jammers or body suits. I could swear some of those dudes must have been wearing 26s - the guys were barely covered at all!"

Eric proceeded to remove his practice suit and dry off. Then he put on the new suit, albeit with some difficulty. Kevin, who had already tried on his new suit, returned to his locker, but watched out of the corner of his eye as Eric slipped his 6', 170 lb., toned and muscular body into the briefest suit imaginable. Eric struggled to pull the suit over his large, muscular thighs, and Kevin was intrigued to see him gingerly stuff his ample maleness into the front of the suit. Eric turned to face Kevin and asked, with a pleading innocence in his eyes, "Kev, is this right? It feels so small -- like I don't have anything on!" This was Kevin's cue -- he walked toward Eric, sat on a nearby bench, and said, "Come here, let me see."

Eric stepped over and stood in front of him. Kevin liked what he saw - the sandy blond/brown hair, sparkling brown eyes, dimpled smile, the muscular pecs and arms, flat, rippled stomach, those sexy legs - all exposed to his hungry view. And covering the boy's privates - barely - was a blue Speedo paper-thin suit that clung to his manly form, leaving nothing to the imagination. Eric's crotch was at Kevin's eye level, and he could plainly see the outlined ridge of Eric's mushroom head as it raised from the firmness of the youth's shaft. Kevin was delirious, but knew he had to control himself - for now. He told Eric to turn around, then smiled when the boy jumped at the feel of Kevin's fingers brushing his ass. "I need to tuck this tag in," Kevin said, then slipped his fingers into the waistband just above Eric's ass, allowing his fingertips to momentarily dance along the boy's bubble-butt. The sides of the suit were so narrow - barely 1.5" wide - they looked like skimpy bands reaching around Eric's sexy hips. Kevin placed his hands firmly on those hips and turned Eric to face him again. The suit was snug, but couldn't hide Eric's male anatomy at all. Maybe it was his imagination, but Kevin could swear Eric's penis looked somewhat plumper than it had moments ago. The shaft was pointing to the right, and the large, bulbous head was positioned right at the word "Speedo" and the underlying boomerang symbol, forcing these two icons of the aquatic world to swell outward from his hip. The minimal fabric strained to enclose Eric's maleness, so the front of the suit rode quite low on the teen athlete. Kevin was delighted to notice a number of stray pubic hairs poking and curling above the waistband - before Eric could say a word, he placed his finger along the waistband and drew it from right to left, saying, "Eric, you'll need to shave down for the meet dude - I can see your pubes along here!" "Oh, oh," Eric stammered, as he felt Kevin's finger touching him so near his private place, "OK, I guess I can try that." He then giggled slightly at Kevin's ticklish touch.

Kevin glanced up at Eric's face. "Haven't you ever shaved for a meet before?" "No, I haven't. I don't really have much body hair." With that, he brushed his fingers along his arm, hoping to distract Kevin from his examination of his pubic region, but Kevin was not to be dissuaded. He placed his fingertips on Eric's abdomen, lightly stroking the taut, tanned skin, then traced them around Eric's pecs, even tickling gently around the left nipple. Eric shuddered involuntarily while Kevin said, "I can feel a light dusting of body hair - I think we need to shave you down, make you really slick for the meet tomorrow." Eric began to giggle again, and Kevin asked, "Are you ticklish, Eric?" "Well, a little, I guess," the youth stuttered between chuckles. Ticklish - hmmm, Kevin would have to keep that in mind.

The locker room was nearly deserted now. Only Pete, the other team captain, was still there. He was standing at the corner of the row of lockers, watching the exchange between Kevin and Eric. He now stepped forward and said, "Hey Eric, you look like you're ready to win a few races!", as he eyed the young swimmer standing before him in the too-brief Speedo. "Thanks Pete - I hope I do well this weekend!" "Eric, did I hear you say you've never shaved for a meet?" asked Pete. Kevin interjected - "That's right - that's what he told me. Looks like we'll have to give him the old "Welcome to the Team" shavedown!"

While both captains were completely dressed, Eric remained standing between them, barely covered by the skimpy racing suit. Kevin took Eric by the arm and led him to a corner of the locker room where a massage table was located. "Hop up, Eric. Pete and I will take good care of you!" "What are you going to do?", asked a perplexed Eric. "Are you going to shave me here - now? 'Cause that's OK - I can do it back at my dorm." "Oh, we wouldn't hear of it, dude. As team captains, it's our responsibility to see that freshmen are ready for the meet," replied Pete. "Well, what about the other freshmen - they've already left," said Eric. "They have even less hair than you, Eric. It'll be another year before they shave. Besides, our hopes are really riding on you, so Kevin and I need to make sure you're ready," said Pete. "Now, up you go, and lie face down on the table."

Eric sheepishly did as he was told, though he was curious why he alone had been selected for this special treatment. He lay down on his stomach, placing his forehead on his arms which were crossed above him. Then Kevin and Pete got to work. Kevin retrieved a can of shaving cream from his locker, and a bag of Bic razors. They started on Eric's back - only a light dusting of hairs existed on his upper back, and a few swipes of the razor by Pete quickly removed them. Kevin ran his fingers down Eric's back, feeling for hairs, then claimed he'd found a few near the waistband. The microsuit Eric wore was so ridiculously brief that the seniors were treated to a tantalizing view of the top of the swimmer's crack - the fabric simply wasn't large enough to completely cover Eric's 'backside.' Kevin placed his wrist on Eric's left buttock and rested it there, then used his right hand to wield the razor along Eric's lower back. He teasingly ran a finger around the top of Eric's crack, making the freshman jump and squirm. "Just checking for stray hairs!", joked Kevin. Pete placed his palm on Eric's right buttock and gently squeezed, causing Eric to say, "Hey, what are you guys doing?" "Just messin' with ya," replied Pete with a grin.

"OK, let's get on his legs - he has quite a bit of hair there," Kevin said. Pete began to run his fingers and palms tenderly down the back of Eric's right thigh and calf, while Kevin did the same to the left leg. Eric squirmed again. The older boys applied the cream and massaged it along the skin, then began scraping with fresh razors. The small suit rode high on Eric's glutes, and the boys massaged cream along this ticklish area, causing Eric to squirm and giggle again. "Do you have to touch my legs in such a ticklish way?" asked Eric. "We need a light touch to feel the hairs," said Pete. Some of the shaving cream got onto the back of Eric's suit, so Kevin said, "Eric, maybe you should take the suit off - we're getting shaving cream on it." "No, that's OK," said Eric, "I'll rinse it out later." With the excuse they were wiping up excess shaving cream, the older youths rubbed and fingered Eric's barely-covered ass, causing the teen to moan softly. Then they placed a folded towel under his head, and had him stretch his muscular arms back along his sides, and proceeded to remove the light hairs they found on the backs and sides of his arms.

A thousand thoughts were racing through Eric's mind. The feel of two sets of hands touching him - rubbing him - stroking his skin in search of hairs - had made him feel surprisingly aroused. He remembered helping Tyler shave for the Hot Bod contest on campus, and what that had led to. He knew shaving down was a ritual among swimmers, and he didn't mind the feel of the blade scraping his skin. Yet his teammates' hands - incessantly caressing, stroking, almost tickling him - those hands had caused a stirring in his groin area both pleasurable and embarrassing. He knew his penis had swollen in size, though it was not yet fully erect. What if they needed him to turn over soon? Would they notice his swollen member? What should he do? His thoughts were shockingly interrupted by the feel of a hand reaching between his thighs, just below his ass. "Spread your legs a little, Eric - we need to shave the area along the insides of your legs," said Kevin. Eric complied, but the movement pushed his shaft harder onto the surface of the table, and this friction made his cock surge to life. The fingers brushing and dancing along his inner thighs rubbing the cream into his skin, brought tingling new sensations to his groin, and he now found himself fully erect. His shaft had stretched out the fabric, forming a snug little pocket for itself in the tight suit. Furthermore, he could sense - he could feel - a drop of pre-cum lubricant working its way up his urethra. "No" he thought to himself, "I mustn't have an emission from my dick - the guys will certainly see the wet spot on my suit - right where my cock is." He tried to will his penis to relax, but he knew it was hopeless - he could already feel more fluid seeping up his shaft! What was he going to do?

Just then, Kevin said, "OK, we're done with your back -- go ahead and flip over for us. Eric was mortified -- how could he cover himself? The tiny Speedo, made of the paper-thin material, could in no way hide his swollen, straining cock. Yet he also knew the longer he lay there, the more the pressure would build. If he could just get this over with quickly, he would be OK. His back had only taken a few minutes -- how long could the rest of him take? He raised up on his hands and knees and turned to lie on his back. Discreetly glancing down, he was horrified to see his cock, swollen and engorged, thrusting out the front of the skimpy suit. And as he looked, he flushed red with shame as a small damp spot appeared on the blue fabric where his cock tip touched the suit, the fluid forced from his penis by his movements in the snug racing brief. But it was a small spot - maybe the older guys wouldn't notice?

He quickly stretched out on his back, and Kevin and Pete returned to the job at hand, starting on his slightly hairy forearms. His hard shaft was no longer rubbing against the surface of the massage table, so at least that stimulation had been removed. Eric was able to relax somewhat - though his cock still felt like it had a hair trigger. The work on his arms helped him to refocus his mind, taking some of the concentration away from his sex organ. He even chatted with the captains about their expectations for the tournament, possible pool records that could be set, etc. But quite suddenly, young Eric was again faced with a dilemma - Kevin had finished the arm he'd been shaving and was now spreading the cool foam on Eric's chest, rubbing it across his muscular pecs, gently massaging it around his hardened nipples. Moments later, Pete joined in, smoothing the shaving cream across Eric's taut, six-pack abs. In a slow, circular pattern, Pete's hand moved lower and lower, finally touching the low-rising waistband of the Speedo. Eric could not stifle a giggle, and Pete said, "Oh Kevin, I think he's a little ticklish here." He then teased Eric's lower abdomen, between his navel and the waistband - tickling, poking and swirling his fingers as Eric writhed weakly on the table, snickering and giggling aloud, feeling as helpless as Tyler must have felt when he tickled him. Eric finally gasped, "Co..co..come on guys, I...I'm ticklish..pl..pl...please stop..I do...don't want you to cut me!" "OK, OK," Pete said, "just hold still." The tickling had brought a brief respite to Eric's feelings of sexual tension and embarrassment, but now those feelings returned full force as Kevin pinched his hardened nipples and smoothly shaved around them.

Kevin and Pete were elated. They couldn't help but admire the site before their eyes. Eric lay virtually naked before them. His muscular chest and sexy six-pack abs were theirs to play with. His long, strong arms rested at his sides, and his powerful thighs and strong calves would soon be in their hands. His handsome young face had a look of vulnerable hesitation, as though the boy was unsure what was yet to come, and helpless to prevent it. Both older boys found their gazes drawn again and again to the ridiculously brief Speedo covering - just barely - their 'victim's' genital area. Both boys made eye contact, acknowledging their realization of Eric's sexually aroused state. The hard shaft of his penis was almost ripping through the thin material, and they could easily see the outline of his seminal duct as it ridged from the flank of the hard shaft. The coronal ridge of Eric's mushroom head was blatantly evident, and a dark damp spot glistened at the place where Eric's piss slit pressed against the taut fabric, slowly oozing pre-cum.

Kevin quickly finished removing the sparse hair from Eric's chest area, while Pete swiped the light, sparse hairs from his muscular calves. Eric had to bite his lip to keep from laughing at the ticklish sensations he felt in his calves - Pete would slowly rub his palm along the lower areas of Eric's legs to "raise" the hairs, and if a few appeared, he'd spread a little cream and shave them off. Then, Kevin and Pete together tackled Eric's abdomen. There were few hairs in the upper region, so they quickly headed "south" toward more fertile ground. "This treasure trail has got to go," said Kevin, tracing his index finger along the slightly furry path leading toward the waistband. Pete agreed, then said, "Yes, there is some hair in this area we need to remove. Hold still Eric - I'm going to slip my fingers into your waistband and pull it a little lower - we need to remove some of your pubic hair so it doesn't show above your suit." While Kevin continued fingering and stroking the treasure trail, Pete deftly lowered the waistband and began to tickle and tug lightly at the pubic hairs now visible.

Eric's mind was spinning. Both boys were now focusing on his groin area - surely his throbbing erection was evident to them. And then, as if reading his mind, he felt his cock harden even more, and he felt another emission of pre-cum working its way up his penis. Oh, if he could just hold it! Then, he felt Pete fingering the top area of his pubic bush - and he lost control. The pulse of sex lubricant rose the rest of the way up his shaft, and he could feel his piss slit open to release the fluid onto the paper-thin suit. He moaned involuntarily at both the feeling of the release, and the sensation of his team captains touching him in such a private, intimate place.

Pete and Kevin could plainly see the shiny globule of lubricant emerge from Eric's penis tip and cling precariously to the sheer fabric it had just passed through. Kevin slyly caught Pete's eye, both boys relishing the power they had over young, naïve Eric. In a voice husky with emotion, Kevin said, "Pete, why don't you continue with this area along Eric's waist, including his pubes, and I will start on his thighs." With that, Kevin stepped down along Eric's left side and gently placed his fingers just above Eric's left knee. Then he softly brushed his fingertips up and down the sensitive upper thigh, lightly stroking and caressing the swimmer's bulging quadriceps. Then he softly stroked the inner thigh, up and down, so very gently, teasing the few downy hairs to attention. Ever so softly, he caressed higher along the inner thigh, even allowing his fingers to gently brush Eric's swollen testicles, which were barely sheathed by the thin fabric. "Yes," he said quietly, "I do feel a light dusting of hairs that needs to be removed. Eric, please hold still, I have to shave you along here (and again he stroked the youth's oh-so-sensitive front and inner thigh regions), and I don't want you to move, or I could accidentally cut you - here," and at that, he smiled and firmly prodded Eric's large, aching nutsac. Kevin continued, "You seem to have a few stray, wiry scrotal hairs slipping out from the leg openings along here (as his index finger traced the upper, inner thigh, right along the leg band, rubbing incessantly along the side of Eric's laden sac, tickling the churning gonads within). I may need to remove your suit to get a good shave in this area." "No...no...you...you don't nee...need to do that...it's ok...Kev...ju...just fin...finish where you are...and...and...I'll be done," Eric gasped.

While he listened to Eric's plea, Kevin continued to absentmindedly caress the athlete's scrotum and inner thigh. Pete meanwhile was continuing his ministrations to Eric's upper pubic region - slowly fingering and stroking the soft skin along the inguinal ligaments, gently curling his fingers in the soft pubic hair above Eric's cock root, softly running the razor through the exposed pubic hairs. Kevin now used both hands to lightly stroke both of Eric's thighs - the quad muscles bulging, the legs quivering slightly with tension. Again and again his fingers danced along Eric's warm, sensitive thighs, and he stroked outward toward the hips, tracing along the tiny suit's narrow, revealing sides. As he ran his fingers delicately across the swimmer's naked thighs, he glanced at the boy's handsome face. Eric's eyes were closed, his pretty mouth open and quickly gasping for air. As the two older youths continued to caress and stroke their ward, they watched as a huge drop of fluid emerged from Eric's penis slit, then pooled on the wet fabric. It was immediately followed by another, even larger, clear, sticky droplet.

Eric was fighting with all his might to maintain control of his body. But his sex organ seemed to have a will of its own. Try as he might, he could not stop the flow of sexual lubricant from rising through his throbbing shaft. His balls were tingling, his cock aching, and his lower abdomen was fluttering with that slightly queasy feeling all young men experience as the seminal vesicles, located near the bladder, begin to pump the seminal fluid. And through all this, he could distinctly feel his piss slit once more gaping open to release yet another emission of his male fluid. He felt the slightest burn on his "piss lips" as the fluid was released onto, then through, the suit's thin material. "Oh, when would it stop," his mind cried. Certainly his swim suit had a sizeable wet spot -- did the guys notice? Did they care? Perhaps they were too focused on the shaving to pay any attention to his state of sexual arousal? Yet he knew he was totally exposed -- the tiny Speedo in no way hid his pulsing erection, and he was sure he could feel dampness on the front of his hip - had he completely soaked the paper-thin material? These thoughts only fueled his sexual fever, and again, he could feel another involuntary emission oozing through his penis tip. "What am I going to do?" he wondered to himself. "Those fingers brushing and stroking me - are they shaving or just tormenting me?" "No, I MUST stop myself from ejaculating any more fluid, but..but..I can't stop it - it just keeps flowing up my dick! How much more can I take?" he thought deliriously.

Kevin and Pete could not help but smirk at Eric's predicament. The boys knew Eric was now totally aroused, and completely at their mercy. The shaving was completed, and the razors had been put aside. Yet both youths continued to caress and stroke Eric's most vulnerable, sensitive areas, pretending to be in search of a stray hair or two. "Is this some hair?", "Am I feeling a few hairs here?", they would say aloud, all the while stroking - teasing - even gently fondling the swimmer's thighs, hips, and lower abdomen and pubic region. Occasionally, one or the other would brush the thin fabric of Eric's revealing suit, teasing the area along the narrow waistband, or even the barely-clothed pubic mound. They watched with a burning lust as their stimulation of their teammate's sexual region finally broke the dam of Eric's shy resistance. Now, Eric's shaft was completely swollen, hard, and turgid, and was releasing a steady stream of pre-cum fluid. Every stroke or caress seemed to cause the penis to twitch uncontrollably, cause the slit to gape open, and bring forth a fresh, copious flow of the youth's pre-orgasmic syrup. Yet something had changed - before, the fluid had been clear and sparkling, but now it was becoming milky, clouded with the sperm Eric's virile male body was involuntarily releasing into the flow. Eric's pulse was racing, and his breathing was short and rapid - both boys knew the tell-tale signs of an approaching orgasm, having experienced the same feelings themselves so many times. They knew Eric was close - ever so close - to an uncontrollable ejaculation of his semen. There was no way his body could resist much longer.

Kevin decided to toy with the freshman a little longer. "Oh Pete, look," he exclaimed, pointing toward Eric's enlarged, protruding shaft straining against the Speedo suit, "Our boy is getting excited! Eric, are you getting turned on by the shavedown?", he asked innocently. "Your dick looks rock hard and ready to rip a hole right through your little suit!" "No...no..I...I'm not..I ju...just need..to..." Eric tried to speak, raising his right hand to try and cover his shameful erection. But Pete gently pushed his hand back down by his side. "It's cool dude," he cooed, "some guys just spring boners when another dude is shaving them. Nothing to be embarrassed about, Eric." "But dude," continued Kevin, "look at this - his cock is oozing juice like a river! There's a big pool of the stuff on the front of his suit where it's leaking out of his cock - look, you can see it oozing through the material right now!"

Eric heard this and again tried to raise his hands to cover his genital area, but both boys gently pushed them down. "Here, look at this," Kevin said, continuing his torment, then swiped his index finger through the fluid pooled on the front right side of Eric's suit, where it had collected over the Speedo logo and boomerang symbol. Eric could feel the finger touching him, and could see Kevin raise the finger - covered and dripping with his emission. He flushed a deep red, realizing both older boys were now aware of his condition. But Kevin wasn't done. With the pre-cum running down his upraised finger, he said, "Pete, what can we do about this? We can't let it get on the massage table." Pete said, "Just wipe it on Eric's suit for now." "But where?", asked Kevin. "The suit is so small there is no place to wipe. Well, maybe along here." And with that remark, Kevin placed his dripping finger right at the base of Eric's rock-hard penis, and slowly, deliberately, wiped his finger along the exposed, vulnerable, sensitive undershaft of Eric's cock. The teen moaned at the sensation - he couldn't help himself. Kevin smiled wickedly, and dipped his finger again into the sticky pool of pre-cum. And again, but more firmly, he spread the fluid along Eric's undershaft. The pressure of his finger moving up the swollen seminal duct forced - or more appropriately, milked - a huge drop of cloudy fluid from the piss slit. Scooping that huge drop onto his thumb, Kevin spread it once again along the raised, tender ridge of Eric's seminal duct. Almost immediately, the thin covering of fabric encasing the penis was soaked. Once wet, the fabric offered no more protection to Eric's exposed shaft than a covering of wet tissue paper might offer. As Eric's emissions continued, Kevin would scoop the sweet honey onto his fingers or thumb, and gently rub it into the fabric - up and down the length of Eric's tortured shaft. The damp material offered no covering to his overly stimulated penis, and the feeling of Kevin's fingers grazing his undershaft and tracing along his seminal duct brought Eric to the very edge.

Meanwhile, Pete began to tickle, prod, and tease the youth's overactive testicles, and stated, "Look, Kev, I can see his nuts jumping and squirming in their sac - those boys must be on overdrive!" Pete rubbed and tickled the two large orbs, then reached a little lower between Eric's thighs and fingered the young stud's perineum - that so-sensitive area between his scrotum and anus. "Oh, oh," Eric gasped, now writhing helplessly as his teammates worked him into a sexual frenzy. "I can now feel his nuts starting to harden and pull up tight," Pete continued, and Kevin reached his free hand down and also began to torment Eric's aching 'nads.

Eric realized how truly vulnerable he was. He was lying on a massage table wearing nothing more than a small, tight piece of paper-thin fabric. His sex organ was so stimulated, it was hard as steel, and despite the suit's tightness, was obscenely tenting the sheer fabric that barely covered it, and leaking incredible amounts of his male sex fluid. Glancing down, he was shamed to see the fabric over his cockhead was soaked with his own emission, that there was a gooey pool of the stuff accumulating on the front of his skimpy suit, and that his shaft was continuing to leak, emitting pulse after pulse of warm, milky syrup. The two older boys, he realized, had discarded the razors. So why was the torment continuing? Through hazy, half-closed eyes, he glanced down again and realized Kevin and Pete were unabashedly tormenting and toying with his genitals. He tried to call out to them, but he could only gasp and whimper as the sexual excitement continued to build within him. His mind was feverishly racing now - it felt as if every fiber of his being was concentrated in his groin. Every sensation felt as sharp as a jagged piece of glass - Pete's fingers rubbing his throbbing, churning nuts and tickling his thighs, and Kevin - oh Kevin, and those wicked fingers mercilessly stroking and teasing his young penis, caressing his undershaft as only Eric's own hands had touched it before! And...and...as Tyler's hands had touched it also. Tyler! Oh, what would he say - what would he think about this? Though his lust was growing - swelling as his cock swelled - he still found it shocking that two other boys - no, men, as they were 20 and 21 - now had complete control over his most primal urges and needs. That these two men controlled his reproductive organ, stimulating it, growing it at will, was both shocking and yet highly erotic to the young teen athlete. Eric's mind told him to resist this assault on his maleness, for his sake, and for the sake of his feelings for Tyler, but his virile young body would not obey - it wanted, NEEDED, to surrender to the overwhelming desire now climaxing in his groin.

The thin material covering Eric's straining, yearning cock was now completely wet. Kevin had continued spreading the ever-flowing sex fluid from Eric's slit up and down the enlarged shaft. Then he would softly squeeze and rub the spongy cockhead, milking more fluid from the tip. >From scrotum to tip, Eric's male organ was only covered by a thin layer of soaked, sticky fabric, which offered no protection from Kevin's eager, stroking fingers. Eric's body was flush with heat, and the bulging muscles of his well-defined quadriceps quivered uncontrollably from the strain his muscular body was somehow enduring. But he could not endure much more.

Kevin had noticed how the turgid shaft would pulse, and how Eric would whimper and moan when his fingers brushed one certain area of the undershaft --an area just below the mushroom head, in the valley below the glans. Kevin knew this area was a "sex-trigger" on his own cock, and realized it was the same for Eric. The time had come to pull that trigger. Slightly crooking his index finger, Kevin placed his fingernail directly on the trigger region of Eric's dick. He simply held it there, lightly, for perhaps fifteen or twenty seconds, watching as more and more milky pre-cum flowed from the slit and seeped through the suit's material. Then he began to softly tickle and scratch in quick, short stokes, concentrating his attack on Eric's overly-sensitized g-spot. Eric's tanned, toned, teenaged body went instantly rigid, then he threw his head back and let out a low, guttural moan. Pete removed his hands from the boy, stepped back, and watched Kevin complete the initiation of young Eric. Eric was both shocked and aroused to hear Pete, in a low, shaky voice, urge Kevin on with the words, "Milk him Kev, milk him dry! Milk the fuck-seed from that stud!"

Eric knew this was it - Kevin had found his most sensitive spot - a spot that before now, only Eric himself and Tyler had touched. At night, alone in his bed, Eric used to sometimes ache for the release of a sexual emission, and he would rub and tease his undershaft and that too-sensitive spot until he brought himself to a quivering ejaculation. Now, another male was touching him there - bringing him to the point of ejaculation on his terms, not Eric's. Eric knew his cock could no longer withstand the teasing and torment it had endured for what seemed like hours. The insistent scratching on his g-spot was the final straw, and he could feel his semen as it raced from his tight, aching testes, up around his sperm duct, and finally began its ascent of his urethra. He could resist no more, and his piss slit burned as it erupted, spewing a great gush of teenboy sperm through the fabric of the dampened swimsuit. In quick succession, his cock pulsed again - and again - and again - and still again, as he cried out in the heat of lust, his cock ejaculating gush after gush of thick, white semen.

Pete and Kevin watched, transfixed, as Eric's dick spewed volley after volley of his fertile seed. They could see his chiseled chest rising and falling as the youth gasped for breath. They saw his arm and leg muscles quivering with release, while his body convulsed with the power of his orgasm. And they watched with lustful fascination as their teammate's rigid penis pumped and pumped his life-giving seed through the stretched swimsuit fabric that covered it, the fertile substance pooling on the front of Eric's hip. Kevin had momentarily stopped touching the beautiful young man to watch the spectacle, but he now returned to work, rubbing, tickling and fondling Eric's swollen rod, milking surge after unending surge of baby batter from the teen's enflamed shaft. Watching this, Pete felt a sudden stiffening of his already-hard cock, and then felt a wet warmth on his thigh as his own dick erupted inside his tight jeans. Kevin, too, found himself soaked in the groin area, as his male spunk shot into his white cotton briefs, forming a dark damp spot on the front of his tented sweats.

Pete reached out his right hand and scooped up a large dollop of Eric's seed off the outside of the boy's skimpy suit, where it had shot through the blue material. As if in a trance, he brought the viscous semen to his nostrils and inhaled the scent of his teammate's male essence. He then brushed his dripping fingers across Eric's parted, panting lips, and smiled as the horny teen licked hungrily at the creamy cum. Kevin tenderly reached up and gently brushed Eric's forehead and cheeks, until the spent youth's eyes fluttered open. "Welcome to the team, Eric," he said softly, and the beautiful youth responded with a warm, almost shy smile.

Eric was alone in the locker room. The two older swimmers had left him to shower and change by himself. After completing these tasks, the freshman left the building and retrieved his bike from the bike rack. He began pushing the bike across campus in the gathering darkness - he wanted to walk instead of ride, allowing himself more time to sort things out. A thousand thoughts and memories of his shavedown kept swirling through his mind - thoughts both troubling and yet wickedly exciting. Why had they selected him for this special evening? Had things gone farther than the shavers had planned, or was the entire shaving ritual just a pretext for them to manhandle him as they had done? And what, oh what, would he say to Tyler? Should he even tell him about tonight? In what seemed like only minutes, he was at his dorm, locking his bike, and walking inside.

Tyler was in their room, reading a textbook on his bed. He smiled as Eric entered the room. "Hey, you're late coming back from practice today! I thought coach might let you guys go early because of the meet tomorrow!" Eric looked at him and smiled weakly, then dropped his backpack on his bed and sat down. Tyler knew instantly that something was bothering Eric. "Is everything OK?" he asked. "Yeah, I guess," said Eric, shrugging his shoulders. Eric stretched out on his bed and closed his eyes, wishing the whole world would just go away. Tyler came over and sat on the edge of Eric's bed, then placed his hand on his roommate's shoulder. "Eric, what is it? What's wrong?" "NOTHING," shouted Eric, snapping at Tyler for the first time ever, and immediately regretting it. Tyler backed off and returned quietly to his own bed, picking up his book to read, shocked by Eric's tone of voice.

Eric looked at his best friend - his lover - and quietly said, "I'm sorry Ty - I didn't mean to yell at you. It's just that...that...well, oh, never mind." He rolled over, away from Tyler, clutching the pillow to his face. How could he tell Tyler about this? Should he tell him? Would it hurt Tyler to know he'd been ...um...what would be the word - unfaithful? But he HAD to tell him - he had to be open with this special man. "Tyler, can we go for a walk?"

The two young men strolled quietly through the early evening darkness, saying nothing, finally taking seats on a bench in a secluded alcove beneath some pine trees, the smell of pine needles hanging heavy in the mild autumn air. "Tyler," Eric began, "something happened today after practice, and I need to tell you. I don't know what you will say - what you will think of me - but I feel I must tell you this." Tyler sat quietly, worried - almost frightened - about what Eric was going to tell him. He couldn't begin to guess what had disheartened Eric so terribly, and he wasn't sure he wanted to know.

Eric began: "This afternoon after practice, coach gave us each our new racing suits to wear in the meet tomorrow." "Like the suit Jimmy has?" asked Tyler. "Yes, the same. Well, anyway, we all tried them on in the locker room, and I couldn't believe how small mine was. I was sure it was the wrong size, but Kevin and Pete - our team captains, you've met them - assured me it was right - it is supposed to be that small and tight. Well, anyway, I somehow mentioned how I'd never shaved down before a meet - you know, Ty, that many swimmers shave their bodies to get a real slick, fast feeling in the water." "Yeah, dude, I know," replied Tyler, now smiling. "Just like us bodybuilders - you swimmin' dudes don't like that body hair all over the place!"

Eric nodded, then continued somberly. "Kevin and Pete - they both suddenly proposed that I needed to be shaved for the meet tomorrow - and they were going to do it." Tyler listened attentively as Eric recounted the details of the event - how he was stretched on the massage table in the too-small Speedo while the two captains caressed his skin, shaving the sparse hairs from his arms, legs, tummy and chest. He left nothing out, telling Tyler how he had become uncontrollably aroused, his erection growing, stretching the suit, and how he began to leak pre-cum, staining and soaking the fabric. He told Tyler about the guys slipping the suit down even further in front to shave much of his pubic hair - and how the fondling and stroking of his most sensitive areas had brought him to the point of orgasm. He concluded the story by revealing how Kevin had blatantly masturbated him, while Pete egged him on, and how he had wanted to resist, but the desire had become so overwhelming that he had no resistance left. During the entire confession, Eric never looked at Tyler - he just stared at his hands as they fidgeted in his lap. But finally he raised his eyes to look at Tyler, and said, "Oh, Tyler - I...I wanted to stop them - to resist them - to, well, save myself for you. I kept feeling they were violating me - but I should have fought back - I should have stopped them. But, it felt so good...and...and I was so aroused...so weak.....I'm sorry, Tyler", he whispered in conclusion.

"I'm so pissed," Tyler said, his voice hissing. Eric bit his lower lip, which had begun to quiver. "Oh God, Tyler, I know, and I'm so sorry. You can't be as angry with me as I am with myself. Oh, how I wish I could turn back time and stop the whole thing from happening. You must hate me." "What are you talking about?" Tyler asked. "I'm not mad at you - I'm mad at them for ruining my plan!" "Your plan?" Eric asked meekly. "Yes! Damn it! I know you swimmers shave down - I was going to shave you myself tonight in our room! I got the razors, some nice-smelling shaving cream, some lotion - even some little cartoon band-aids for the one or two places I knew I would nick you accidentally! I had some candles and everything! Tonight was going to be a special night for just the two of us! But not too special - not like the night we shared - 'cause I know you need to save your strength for the meet! And those clowns go and mess it up! Damn!"

"But...but...well, I thought you would be angry about...well...you know...about the sexual stuff that happened," Eric stated. "Dude," Tyler said quietly, "I know how, um, arousing it can be when another guy shaves your body. Do you think I've forgotten what happened between us when you helped shave me for the Hot Bod contest? I know how you felt - the urges, the desires, the need to just let go. And I'm afraid Kevin and Pete knew it, too - they knew exactly what they were doing - entrapping an innocent young freshman - touching you, shaving you, trying to get your body all worked up. I guarantee you they did the whole thing on purpose. I'll bet they blew a bigger load than you did before they left that locker room. That shavedown they gave you was more for their own pleasure than anything else. I'm not angry with you, Eric - you were the victim here. It's them I'm angry with. The way they tricked you, used you..."

"Tyler," Eric said, "I don't deserve you in my life. You are too good to be true." Tyler smiled, and pulled Eric into a hug in the darkness of the alcove under the pines. "Let's get something to eat and go back to our room - you have a big meet tomorrow. And maybe we can still salvage something special tonight," he said. They walked to a nearby restaurant where both ordered pasta and big salads, then went back to the dorm.

It was after nine when they reached the room - there was an envelope taped to the door, addressed to "Eric - Super Swimmer". Eric couldn't believe what was inside - a `Good Luck' card - signed by Jimmy and a whole bunch of kids in the dorm, all wishing him great success in his first collegiate meet! "That made me feel so good, it just lifted my spirits a thousand percent! What a cool thing for them to do," Eric told Tyler. He immediately started going up and down the hall, thanking each and every one of them for the card and kind words. Returning to the room, he found Tyler had turned off the lights and lit a few candles, giving the room a warm glow.

Tyler smiled and told Eric to strip and lie on his bed. He did as told, and Tyler set a candle on the table between the beds. Ever so gently, he began to touch Eric, feeling his skin, caressing his arms, legs, chest, abs - everywhere, searching for any stray hairs the other guys might have missed. Finally, he said, "Well, I have to give those guys credit - they did a hell of a job shaving you. Every part of you is slick as a baby's butt - not one friggin' hair left." Then he smiled and gently ran his fingers through the swimmer's seriously trimmed pubic thatch, stating, "At least they left you a few signs of your manhood," as he twirled a couple fingers around the pubes, while Eric's cock began to grow and harden. "Let's put our mattresses on the floor - just for a little while," Eric suggested. They quietly put together their bed, and as Eric stretched out on it, he said to Tyler, "Why don't you strip and lie here next to me?"

Tyler quickly removed his outer clothes, until he was down to just his small white bikini briefs. Then he was next to Eric, cuddling him. "Ty, you could remove your briefs as well - if you want to." "Hmmm," he said, "if you want those off, you'll have to take them off me yourself." Eric giggled, and playfully grabbed the small things and attempted to slide them down while Tyler playfully tried to keep them on. But Eric was quick - with two hands, he yanked them down Ty's thighs, then on down his legs and completely off. Eric held them in his hand as Tyler grinned and said, "Hey, hey, come on...give me back my briefs!" "Nope," Eric replied, "I'm claiming these as my prize tonight!" The boys wrestled youthfully, with Tyler grabbing for his briefs while Eric switched them from hand to hand, stretching to keep them just out of his reach. Obviously, if he'd really wanted them back, he could have simply overpowered his roommate and taken them. But it appeared he enjoyed - as Eric did - the feeling of their nude bodies touching as they 'rassled' on the mattresses, pretending to fight and spar over a small pair of Tyler's underwear. Back and forth the match went, as hard, muscular bodies and warm flesh was pressed and strained. Tyler said, "Come on, Eric, let me have my briefs back -- gimme my underwear!" But Eric resisted until finally pinned by the stronger youth. The bodybuilder took the skimpy things from Eric's grasp. Suddenly, Tyler playfully dangled the damp fabric over Eric's face, then pushed the briefs over Eric's nose and mouth, forcing the swimmer to inhale through the material. The musky, manly scent of the bodybuilder's intimate apparel aroused Eric. Noticing this, Tyler said, "Dude, you really like sniffing my underwear?" Eric just nodded, his head spinning from the aroma of the bodybuilder's briefs. "Dude, dude," continued Tyler, "You are so weird -- getting off on sniffing the crotch of my briefs!" Tyler toyed with his roommate some more, laughing while he rubbed the little bikinis on Eric's face, teasing and tantalizing him with the underwear. Tyler finally chuckled, then said, "OK, I give -- I'll stay naked - but we can't do anything tonight - you need rest for tomorrow." The swimmer answered him by saying, "I need rest, but you don't."

It felt so, so good to Eric to hold the big, strong, muscle-bound body so close. He was so warm, and smelled so good, and felt so powerful and wonderful. Eric squeezed Ty's big biceps while he popped them out for show. Eric traced his fingers along the rippled abs, and prodded the hard, granite-like pecs. Their quiet touching became more earnest, the fondling more urgent, as they explored and touched and probed one another. Where Tyler had previously been somewhat reluctant to go "too far", this time something was different. He was more daring - more curious - more eager to touch and writhe, to lick and kiss, to whisper sweet words. Eric couldn't imagine what had brought this on - his new curiosity, his playfulness - when before, he had seemed somewhat reticent about their sexual contacts. Gently, oh so gently, Eric began to play with Tyler's large testicles, while his hard shaft throbbed just above them. He palmed and rubbed those hairy orbs, thrilled at holding future generations of Bradwells in his hands, and thrilled that he was trusted to do so. He allowed his index finger to linger under Ty's ball sac, softly pushing against his perineum, teasing him there. Then - a little further back - and his index finger was at Ty's ass, lazily sweeping up and down the warm, sweaty, musky crack that had been forbidden territory up to now. Eric heard him grunt softly a few times as he curiously probed him back there - wondering if he could or should go further. This was all new to Eric - he'd read stories on the internet that included stories of a finger - or several fingers - then a cock - penetrating a man's anal opening, but Tyler and he had never dared go so far. He was not sure either of them had really wanted to - until now, their touching and mutual masturbation had seemed to fulfill their needs.

But now, here he was, an index finger resting against Tyler's 'rosebud' - wondering if he should attempt to penetrate his inner sanctum. Ty groaned softly, but did not resist. With his other hand, Eric felt a small pool of pre-cum accumulating on Ty's abs as it leaked from his hard shaft jutting above them. He placed the probing finger in the pool and swirled the sticky fluid all around his finger, soaking it and making it slick. Then he returned it to its place at the entrance to the strong man's most private place. "Tyler," he whispered, "should I?" Tyler didn't answer with words, but did raise his knees up, giving better access to his quivering opening. Eric placed his sopping finger there and very gently pushed against the opening. Nothing. He pushed again, a little more firmly. Not a chance. He remembered what he'd read in some of the stories, and whispered to Tyler, "Help me a little - try to push out, like you need to go to the bathroom." He did, and suddenly the finger was inside slightly, slowly invading the virgin cavity. Eric heard him say "Oh, oh" and asked if he was hurting him. "No, not too much - it just feels so weird, and sort of uncomfortable," he answered. Eric realized he was in to the big knuckle, and softly began to wiggle that finger, exploring the warm insides, easing the finger a little deeper and deeper. "Oh, ooohhh," Tyler moaned.

Eric was now positioned between Tyler's powerful legs - his feet were flat on the mattress while his knees were up in the air. Pushing a little more, he finally had the entire finger inside. Again, he began to probe and explore the anal cavity - rubbing the warm flesh within, but gently, so as not to hurt him. Tyler writhed and twisted slowly beneath Eric, his chest heaving, abs slick with sweat and the fluids dripping from his cock where it arched and seeped above them. "Ooohh, ooohhh," was all he seemed to be able to say. A couple of times he exclaimed, "That hurts, it hurts," and Eric would ease off to allow him to adjust, to relax. As his finger explored further, Eric felt something rather hard - and as soon as he touched it, Tyler's body convulsed, and he arched his neck and back, a low, guttural roar coming from his throat. "There, oh, oh, there," he said, as Eric touched the harder thing again and again. It had to be - his prostate - he was touching and tormenting his prostate, and it was driving Tyler absolutely wild with lust.

From his position above him, Eric had a sudden urge to take Tyler - all of him - to make him his own. A feeling of animalistic power swept over Eric, and he pictured himself shoving his hardened, dripping dick into Ty's boy-pussy, raping him, forcing him to accept Eric as his master. His cock swelled, spurting a glob of cum onto Tyler's chest. How easy it would be to dominate him - to make him take my manhood, to accept it within him, like it or not, thought Eric. He lusted for Ty's body - to impale him on his sex spear, to take his innocent cherry in a fit of raw power and male control and dominance. He took a deep breath, glanced up at the handsome face, now sweaty and distorted with pain, and looked into Ty's eyes. Eyes that were looking back, penetrating to Eric's very soul. Eyes that were trusting him, depending on him, loving him, and he knew then and there that he would never, ever force himself on Tyler. He trusted Eric to love him, and he did. As the finger touched the prostate once more, Ty let out a sharp breath, and his cock began ejaculating wildly, shooting his sperm all over his body and Eric's. That sent the swimmer over the edge, and for the second time that evening, he lost control, his teen seed shooting from his cock in wave after wave of boy-spunk, coating the young bodybuilder beneath him.

'I...I...think...I've...had ab...about all...I can take...for tonight," Tyler said softly. Eric smiled down at him, and slowly pulled his finger from Ty's anus. Tyler was breathing hard, but smiling, his eyes seeming to dance in the candlelight. "Did I hurt you, Tyler?" Eric asked him, the concern showing in his voice. "No, well, maybe just a little," he responded. "But we need to stop Eric, or we will go too far - at least for tonight. You have a big meet in a few hours, and you must save your energy for that. Your teammates are counting on you. But in forty-eight hours, this meet will be over, and then I'll see just how much energy you have left!"

And with that, he stood up, then stooped and placed his mighty hands and arms under Eric's mattress. In one motion, he lifted the mattress, with Eric on top, and gently lowered it onto the bed. Untangling the blankets at his feet, he quietly placed Eric's over the athlete's naked body, then tucked it snugly around him. "Now," he said, "get some sleep. You have some ass to kick in the pool tomorrow and Saturday. My ass can wait!" He replaced his own mattress, blew out the candles, and crawled into his bed a few feet away. "'Night, Super-Swimmer," he whispered. "Good night, Tyler," Eric whispered back. "Sweet dreams!"

Eric drifted off to sleep, wondering if it was possible to love anyone more than he loved Tyler.