Jack Edwards

The Activist , Pt 3

The weather was warm, so I wore a short-sleeve, striped shirt, opened down to my sternum, along with black, broadcloth bells which sat low on my hips, belted with a wide leather belt. (I preferred subdued colors to the outrageous colors and patterns that were so popular at that time.) The Italian briefs carried my package up and out in front, almost obscenely. In one hand, I had a small sports bag and in my other, a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Nathan answered the door in tan bells of light wool, and in a silk shirt of pure white, with high peaked collars. It was open down to his sternum. The bells molded to his slender hips and legs. His package was up and out in front much like mine. Around his neck was a gold chain.

“Shit, Nathan,” I murmured, looking him up and down. “You’re gorgeous.”

He grinned; his happy grin. “So are you.” His eyes dropped to the front of my pants. “Italian briefs?” he asked.

I laughed and nodded. “You, too?”

He grinned and threw his arms around my neck, hugging me, there on his doorstep. His slender body pressed mine. His soft cheek rested against mine, and I could smell his cologne… something light, with a touch of patchouli. My own had a hint of musk.

Nathan hugged my neck and I wrapped my arms around him, trying to juggle my bag and the wine bottle. I rocked him in my arms and felt his hardening cock press against my own.

“It’s been a long two days,” I murmured.

“I know,” he said, hugging my neck tightly.

I kissed his cheek. His skin was warm.

He leaned back from me, arms still around my neck, our bellies still together. “You brought the wine,” he observed, smiling.

Pulling it from behind his back, I handed it to him and he let go of my neck to take it. Inside the door, I saw Paul, watching us, smiling wistfully. I felt a little sorry for him, just then; it seemed to me that everybody should have a boyfriend.

Nathan smiled. “And you brought a bag,” he observed.

“You said to stay overnight,” I reminded him, “and to bring lots of underwear.”

Nathan chuckled.

“I thought we could both try underwear on,” I told him.

His smile went wide. Shifting the bottle to his right hand, he took my right hand with his left and led me inside, closing the door behind us. I said ‘Hi’ to Paul as Nathan led me down a hall and into his bedroom. It was attractively furnished but my eyes went to the double bed. It was a thick bed with a comforter on top.

“We’ll leave your bag here for later,” Nathan said taking it from me and setting it down by the dresser. When he turned back, I was waiting for him and took him into my arms. I covered his mouth with mine and pressed my body to his. His body felt hard in my arms, and his return embrace was strong. The kiss was instantly hot. For my part, it grew instantly desperate.

I grabbed his butt and pulled his hard cock hard against my own. He ran his fingers into my hair.

“Don’t you want to eat?” he murmured, his lips brushing mine.

“Later, Nathan. Please! Later.”

Nathan pushed back from me, set down the wine, and closed his door. Turning back to me, he unbuttoned his shirt, so I unbuttoned mine. We watched one another undress… shoes, socks, pants. And then we stood in our Italian briefs which were little more than a g-string and a pouch. Both our pouches were full and stretching.

Nathan’s slender body had surprising definition. He had as little body fat as I, and I was a runner. His pecs, abs, delts… every muscle was as perfect and well-defined as a sprinter’s. His hips were narrower than mine, and looked more compact.

His nipples were small and dark. His neck was long. I don’t mind body hair, but I was pleased that Nathan was a smooth-skinned as I was. His skin looked soft and warm, and I wanted to touch it.

Nathan stepped up to me, slipping his hand behind my neck and planting his mouth on mine. He reached into the front of my briefs and pulled my dick out, mercifully freeing my erection. I did the same to him and was surprised to find an erection longer and definitely thicker than mine. The feel of his hot, thick tube in my hand thrilled me.

“Oh, shit, Nathan!” I murmured, hugging and stroking him. “You’ve got a great dick.”

“I like yours,” he said, stroking mine with a firm grip. “You’ve got a great body.”

“Geez,” I murmured, rubbing my cheek against his. “You’ve got a great body. You’ve got a perfect body.”

He pushed my underwear down, and I pushed his. We stepped out of them and Nathan threw back the comforter on the bed. He climbed up onto the bed and I followed. We rolled into an embrace, our erections trapped between our bellies. We kissed, and we rolled. Our legs entwined.

I felt over the hard muscles in his shoulders, his arms, his back… madly enjoying his soft skin and lean muscles. We wound up with me on my back and Nathan lying on me, his legs between my legs. Both my hands were free to roam his body, and when I grasped his firm buttocks, I thought them the most perfect of all.

The feel of his solid body, lying on mine and between my legs, was unbelievable; far, far better than any sensations I had at thirteen with Jimmy, and far, far better than I ever imagined they could be. I held the working muscles of Nathan’s pumping butt in my hands as we humped together and every inch of our contact gave me unbelievable pleasure. But his skin there, on his bottom, was perhaps softest of all. It was such a delight to feel.

I ran my hands up and down his back, I could feel his muscles and sinews moving and straining as we pumped belly on belly. His balls were loose and heavy and draped my own, and his scrotum slid deliciously on mine.

Most arousing, most exciting of all was the thick tube of his erection grinding and sliding in the crease of my leg and up toward my hip. His taut belly moved skin up and down the underside of my cock. I was in a delirium of sensations.

For all that guys like getting their cocks sucked, or fucking, I’ve never experienced anything that gave me more pleasure or excitement than Nathan lying on me and between my legs, holding me and kissing me while we ground cocks and my hands roamed his body.

I planted my feet on the bed and lifted my pelvis to meet his. Our mouths were locked and I moaned into his before breaking the kiss. “You’re gonna make me come,” I murmured.

Nathan ground harder.

I pawed at his back, pulling my knees up along his sides. “Nathan!” I gasped, arching back under him.

He drove his hips hard and I gasped; I almost wept because it felt so damned good. I came, squeezing his narrow, pumping hips between my thighs. I came, whimpering, clutching at his back, and he kept going.

“Nathan,” I murmured, “I came.”

His hips slowed into a grind. He covered my mouth insistently with his, and I thought perhaps he was close to coming, but he kept grinding and grinding and probing into my mouth with his tongue. I was so fucking hot, my cock never even got soft. In moments, I was grinding back up against him.

Unbelievably, I felt a new orgasm stirring deep in my loins.

“Oh, hell, Nathan!” I gasped. “You’re going to make me come again!”

He covered my mouth with his and kept pumping. I writhed under him and came to a second, powerful orgasm.

My pulse was racing and my breath was ragged. I clung to his neck and strong back, trying to catch my breath. His wiry body continued to pump against mine, driving even more exquisite sensations up from between my legs.

“Oh,” I gasped as his pumping forced out two more dry squirts from me. I cried out softly on the last one, and collapsed. Nathan slowed again to a gentle grind. His body felt so wonderful on top of mine and between my legs, I didn’t want him to move.

“You have no idea,” I murmured, breathlessly, “how incredible you feel on top of me. I can’t believe you made me come twice, in only minutes.”

He chuckled softly and nuzzled into the side of my neck. “We’ve only started.” He ground his thick erection inside my leg.

“But what about you?” I protested. “You haven’t come yet.”

“I’m alright,” he murmured, grinding. Incredibly his balls sliding over mine kept me aroused. Hell, his entire body kept me aroused. I’d come twice and he hadn’t let my dick get soft.

“What do you like?” I asked “What would get you off?”

“Taking care of you,” he murmured, “getting you off.” He covered my mouth again.

We’d been belly to belly, virtually the entire time. We hadn’t rolled, and we didn’t roll then. My legs were apart, hugging his hips between my thighs and that’s how I stayed. I was certainly in no mood to change. I couldn’t imagine anything feeling better than the position we were in, especially with Nathan still moving.

We talked. We nuzzled. We kissed. We whispered. We laughed. He ground his cock slowly and insistently on my belly and inside my leg, and I stayed hard.

I never knew I could get so much pleasure from another boy’s body. I kept feeling over Nathan; back, sides, shoulders, arms, butt. I used my hands and my fingers. I felt him with my belly and chest. I felt him with my legs and the inside of my thighs.

Our kissing grew fevered once again. Nathan’s heat kept me hot. Our bodies moved insistently and writhed together. I grew mindless and euphoric. I clasped the sides of his head in my hands and kissed him hard, very hard.

“This is what I wanted,” I murmured, pulling his cheek to mine. “When I came to this house, after waiting for so long, this is what I wanted, Nathan. Not what happened with Travis. I didn’t know, Nathan,” I whispered, rubbing the side of my face against his. “I wanted you, and I didn’t know it!”

Nathan whimpered and drove harder.

“Come again,” he whispered.

“You come, too,” I murmured.

“Hug me tight.”

I wrapped my arms around his back and squeezed him hard.

“Wrap your legs around me.”

I wrapped my legs around him, hooking my heels under his butt. I wrapped him up, holding him tightly, and his lean, hard body undulated on mine. His thrusting hips rubbed our cocks hard between our bellies.

Nathan wrapped his arms tightly under me. “Let me hear you come, baby,” he whispered. ”Hold me tight and let me hear you come.”

I hugged him so hard that only our hips moved… hard, steady, faster. The bed protested in creakings and rhythmic squeaking. I placed my mouth at his ear and whimpered with each impact of his hips.

“I’m almost there,” I whispered, rubbing the side of my face against his. I squeezed him tightly in my arms and tongued into his ear, moaning, whimpering.

His hips worked into a frenzy. He panted hard, just like me.

“Come with me, Nathan,” I whispered, licking in his ear. “Make me come, and come with me.”

He clutched my shoulders and drove hard. I whimpered. He grunted. He was so damn male. My drag queen lover was as male as a stallion and his passion was like fire between my legs.

We came together, and came, riding our orgasms, stretching them out until, at the end, I shuddered, totally spent.

And still, Nathan didn’t move off of me. He nuzzled the side of my neck and kissed my cheek softly.

I smiled and stroked his strong back. A surge of affection swept over me, and a peacefulness, like Nathan and I were meant to be this way and it was perfect. It was beyond perfect.

We rested and talked, and the weight of Nathan’s body between my legs kept our cocks thick between us. We kissed, nibbling lips.

“You hungry?” he asked.

I ran my hands down his hard back to the soft skin on his mounded bottom. “Honestly, I could stay like this for the rest of the night,” I murmured, “but supper sounds okay.”

Nathan smiled and pecked my lips. “A shower first.”

He started to get up, but I held him. “I don’t want to let you up,” I told him. I smiled, but I meant it.

He smiled and tickled me. I jumped, reaching for his hands and he rolled away laughing.

“No fair,” I murmured, watching him get up from the bed and cross the room to his chest where he pulled out a clean washrag. He was lithe and his movements were graceful. His lean-muscled young body was as beautiful as any, male or female, I had ever seen, down to his smooth-mounded little bottom, and his dick which hung pendulously heavy beneath a small, tightly-curled pubic patch.

He returned to the bed and stood beside it for a moment, gazing over my body, and I was grateful for every mile I had run because he obviously liked how I looked as well. Nathan sat on the bed beside me and applied the washrag to my belly, wiping off our combined cum.

I ran my hand over his thigh, feeling the smooth skin and the relaxed muscles beneath. He smiled at me, and then used the washrag on his own stomach. I sat up and reached into his lap, lifting his thick, flaccid cock on my fingers. After years of sneaking glances at other boys’ members, to be able to simply handle one was fun; especially handling a big one.

Nathan finished cleaning his stomach and set the washrag aside, watching as I played with his cock and it grew erect, curving up from between his legs like a thick, upward curving bone. His genitals were darker than the rest of him; I liked that. His cock was a superbly proportioned as the rest of his body, with a wide shaft and a crown that flared like the head of a snake. Beneath it, his scrotum lay like a puddle on the bed, his testes lying like eggs on a nest.

I scooted my body sideways to lay my head in his lap for a closer look. I fondled him while he stroked my hair. He had a mild smell, but a rich one, with a slight tang like a boy. I pulled his shaft down to my lips and felt his soft skin with them. I licked and tasted him; a salty taste from precum and semen.

With my fingertips, I stroked the soft skin inside his legs and up onto his taut belly. I compared the softness with that on the underside of his shaft and on his scrotum. I felt the hardness of his belly with my fingers and ran a fingertip over his outie bellybutton. I ran my palm up onto his flat pecs and felt his small, dark nipples with my fingertip. My eyes rose to his face. He smiled at me affectionately, still stroking my hair.

He ran his hand down and over my shoulder, then down my side. He lay down onto his side, facing my crotch, and I cocked my top leg to give him access. His fingers lifted my balls and traced over my cock, once again erect. He traced inside my legs with his fingertips as I buried my face in his balls and took a deep breath of him.

Our hands ran over one another’s hips. I lifted my head to watch my hand run over his bottom, feeling, examining. The tones of his skin were warm and flawless. His bottom was firm to the touch, even relaxed. I pointed his cock at my face and licked his crown. His belly tensed. I closed my mouth over it and sucked, experimentally. Nathan moaned.

A moment later, I felt his warm, wet mouth close over my own erection, and then, incredibly, I felt him swallow almost my entire length. With a gasp, I looked down my body. With another bob, Nathan’s chin hit my belly.

“Holy crap!” I said with a shudder. “How are getting my dick all the way in like that?”

Nathan pulled off, taking hold of the base of my cock, as if saving his place. He smiled back at me.

“I open my throat,” he said, “like I’m swallowing. Like a sword swallower.”

My brow knit in concentration as I aimed his dick once more at my face. I tried to swallow him, and gagged. I tried bobbing and taking his cock deeper; I tried to swallow, and gagged again.

Nathan sat up. Looking down at me benevolently, he stroked my cheek. “It takes time to learn,” he said, soothingly. He stroked my cheek with the backs of his fingers.

“I’ll practice,” I promised, looking up at him with a smile. “I’ll practice a lot.”

Nathan scooted his hips back from me and lay down to face me. He laid his hand on the side of my face and his eyes roamed my features. “You’re the prettiest boy I’ve ever met,” he murmured.

“That’s how I feel about you,” I murmured back, stroking his side. I smiled. “Maybe we’re falling in love.” I was teasing, but I really did mean it.

Nathan’s eyes grew earnest and he pulled me into a hard embrace, pressing the side of his face to mine. Our erections pressed between us. “We are, aren’t we?” he whispered. “Falling in love.”

“Yes,” I told him, nodding. I’d never fallen in love in my life… till now. I was falling in love, and I was sure of it.

He nuzzled the side of my hair. “I fell in love the moment I saw you,” he whispered.

“The moment I saw you,” I murmured, softly, “I wanted to know you. You looked so happy.”

“I’m happier now,” he murmured.

I rolled onto him and he opened his legs to me. I kissed him and probed into his mouth with my tongue. As good as it felt when he was on top, it still felt awfully good lying on top of his body. I ground my hips and he ground back.

I pushed up onto my hands to look down at him; to look down between our bodies and see our cocks – one pink, one dark – pointing up between our bellies. Nathan wrapped his legs around my hips and closed his hands around the back of my neck, watching my face as we pumped against each other. I watched his body; the beauty of his movements.

This time, I was determined to bring him off. I’d come three times, but he’d only come once, so I figured I could. I could feel his balls under mine, and I wondered if the way my balls draped his gave him the same pleasure I’d had. I made long thrusts with my hips, grinding in at the end and Nathan’s eyelids drooped with pleasure.

I dropped to my elbows, my forearms under the back of his shoulders and my face just above his. “Let yourself go, Nate,” I whispered. “Let yourself go, my beautiful lover.”

He did. He closed his eyes and held onto my back while he pumped his hips under my thrusts and our cocks rubbed between our bellies and our balls slid over each other.

I kissed over his face; his cheekbones, his nose, his lips. I’d waited since junior high for sex with another boy, and I’d found so much better. I touched his lips with mine; just touching.

“I’m going to love you,” I whispered. “I do love you,” I said, for the first time in my life, saying it to someone outside my family. It felt great to say it… to Nathan. “I love you. I love you,” I repeated.

Our bodies moved as one, pelvis thrusting against pelvis; driving.

“You’re going to teach me,” I whispered, brushing his lips with mine. “You’re going to teach me how to take care of you and how to make love to you. I’ll suck your cock and we’ll fuck each other and whatever you want to do. I’m going to make love to you, Nathan, over and over.”

He wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me down onto him, squeezing my hips between his thighs, his body undulating wildly under me. I drove hard against him and nuzzled into the side of his neck.

“I love this, Nathan,” I whispered. “I love your body moving under mine this way. I love the feel of you under me. Let go, Nathan, let go and feel good against me, and come for me… ”

He arched back, our bellies pressing. I could feel his cock throb; I could feel the cum squirt between our bellies. And when he collapsed, eyes closed, I kissed his eyelids and over his face, rubbing my cock in his cum. I wrapped my arms over his head and nuzzled beside his ear.

“Thank you,” I whispered.


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