Jack Edwards

The Activist , Pt 4

“We can’t just walk out there naked,” I protested.

Nathan paused at the door, holding my hand. I held a clean, fluffy towel for us to share in my other hand. He turned toward me and I experienced a fresh realization of how he could be so damned convincing in drag. Nathan had delicate, wide lips, fine features, and big dark eyes; eyes that, at the moment, were amused.

“Why not?” he asked, amusement in his big, dark eyes. “It’s just guys, and they’re probably all out… it’s Friday night.” He leaned close. “And if any of the guys are here, I get to show you off.”

He opened the door and tugged me out through it. It was a short walk down the hall to the bathroom, but Nathan paused at the bathroom door, facing down the hallway toward the living room and kitchen.

“Anybody home?” he called out.

With him holding one of my hands and the towel in my other hand, I couldn’t pop his butt like I wanted to. I kneed it instead.
Nathan chuckled.

Paul peered down the hall, and then Andrew, much taller, behind him. Both stared. Andrew grinned. I stepped behind Nathan. I’m not normally a shy guy, but then, I wasn’t used to being looked at by other gay guys.

“We’re going to be using the bathroom,” Nathan told them. “Loren needs a bath.”

Andrew laughed and gave us a thumbs up.

“Need help?” Paul asked with a hopeful grin.

“No,” Nathan answered happily, just before stepping into the bathroom and, leaving me bare. I quickly followed him in.

I didn’t notice that he didn’t lock the door after us.

I hadn’t taken a bath since I was a kid; I always showered. But a bath was exactly what Nathan meant. He started the tub filling and added fragrant bath salts. Then, while the water ran, he rubbed a light musk oil all over my body. His hands were firm over my muscles and gentle in my cracks and crevices.

I took the oil from him, and smoothed it over his body. “I feel like I’m oiling a statue,” I told him, rubbing the oil over his chest and shoulders. “You have really firm muscles.”

He smiled. “Some are getting firmer than others.”

I glanced down. His dick had started to rise from the base, but was still half-limp, and hung like a little waterfall of tubular flesh from between his legs. I oiled it.

Nathan leaned close to kiss my cheek.

“You’re hard as a statue, but your skin,” I told him, as my eyes fell to his lightly oiled shoulder, “isn’t like a statue at all; your skin is warm and soft.” I kissed the nape of his neck, and kept oiling him.

I stood back to see if I’d missed any spots. His body glistened lightly under the bathroom light. “You look incredible,” I told him. “I’m going to keep you well-oiled.”

Nathan laughed, and, grabbing the back of my neck, he pulled me into a kiss. I took him in my arms and found out what fun an oily embrace can be.

Bathing with Nathan brought back memories of baths with Jimmy when we were kids; it was fun. It was like being boys again. Though we didn’t have the bath toys of my childhood, we had better. We had floating dicks and balls, and a buddy to bathe. The bathing we did sitting, kneeling up, and on all fours. It was intimate and caring.

I was on all fours with Nathan behind me, gently exploring up my butt with a wet finger, when the door opened. Andrew and Paul came in together. Paul put down the toilet seat and sat on it. Andrew leaned back against the sink.

Though I had a semi and a finger up my butt, I didn’t freak out. I thought, Fuck it! If these guys want to see us naked, let ‘em!

“Are you guys doing anything tonight?” Andrew asked. “Besides the obvious, that is. Pauly and I thought we’d like to go see a movie.”

“No,” Nathan said, casually, pulling his finger from my butt to caress my bottom with the washcloth. He worked the washcloth down between the backs of my legs, down under my perineum. “I’m fixing dinner for Loren and me.”

“I could tell,” Andrew said with a grin.

The fingers of Nathan’s hand under my perineum pushed my balls forward. My cock was heavy, and it swang up and back under my belly. Andrew and Paul watched it. Nathan chuckled.

It was like I’d arrived in a totally different world. Here I was in a tub, intimately naked with another boy, while two other guys sat casually watching; and we all talked as if all this was absolutely natural. We talked as if Nathan and me having sex was perfectly normal. For the first time in my life, I was with other guys and I could be me. I could be transparent. I could be gay.

It was like I finally found my people, my home. I felt happy and comfortable inside for the first time since junior high.

“What are you fixing for your dinner?” Paul asked.

“Hamburgers,” Nathan said, and then he leaned close behind my ear

“Umm,” Andrew said. “Nathan’s hamburgers. Has he told you that he’s a great chef, Loren?”

“He told me he likes cooking.”

“He’s really good at it!” Paul told me.

Nathan, kneeling behind me, reached under my chest and pulled me upright into his lap, sitting us both back on our haunches like nested frogs. “Loren’s good at a lot of things,” he murmured. He kissed the back of my neck.

“You keep showing Loren off naked, Nathan,” Andrew warned, “and you’ll have to beat guys off with a stick.”

“No he won’t,” I said. “I’m not interested.”

“Ooh-hoo!” Andrew hooted.

“Are you guys already boyfriends?” Paul asked, leaning closer to the tub, “because I could, like, see it when you guys met. It was like love at first sight, right?”

Nathan hugged my chest from behind, and I glanced back at him.

“Something like that,” I agreed, smiling. I reached back and patted the side of Nathan’s butt.

“Damn, Nate!” Andrew murmured. “What’d you do to the boy?”

Nathan kissed the back of my neck. “I fell in love with him.”

We kissed back over my shoulder. I wiggled my butt in Nathan’s lap.

“Be careful, Loren,” Andrew warned with a chuckle. “If he puts that thing up your butt, your love affair will have a sudden encounter with reality.”

I smiled and leaned my head back beside Nathan’s. “I’m game,” I said.

Nathan ran his hands under my chest and kissed the back of my neck. “Game for supper?” he asked. Nathan got up from behind me and pulled me up with him. “Hand me the towel, Andrew,” he said.

Andrew passed the towel over. He and Pauly watched while Nathan dried me off.

“After supper,” Nathan said, wiping down my back and bottom, “Loren’s going to model the underwear he bought from me. You want to see?”

“Yes!” Paul instantly replied.

“Sure,” Andrew said, “if we can still make it to a movie.”

“Loren in his underwear will be better than a movie,” Paul said, grinning at me.

I took the towel from Nathan to dry his chest. He smiled at me and pulled me close.

“You look happy,” he murmured at my ear.

“I am,” I murmured back, hugging him. “I’m in love with you, and I have my first gay friends.”

“What are you guys whispering about?” Andrew asked, slyly. “Do we need to leave?”

“Loren says he has his first gay friends,” Nathan told him, leaning back in my arms. He smiled at me, then turned to Andrew. “I think he means you guys.”

Paul grinned widely, and Andrew smiled, cocking an eyebrow.

“Does that mean we’re invited for supper?” he asked.

Nathan shook his head. “I don’t have enough hamburger.”

“I’ll buy more,” Andrew quickly said. “Pauly and I will run to the store and buy some while you guys get dressed.”

“Who said we were going to get dressed?” Nathan asked with a chuckle.

“Come on, Nate,” Paul implored. “Please?”

Nathan glanced at me. I actually wanted them to eat with us. I was enjoying being with gay friends. So I nodded. “I’d like it,” I said.

Nathan owned three kitchen aprons. We chose two for us to wear and we wore nothing else. The aprons wrapped around us so that there wasn’t much butt to see other than a sliver of butt crack, but it was fun to cook, naked. While Andrew and Paul went to the store, I helped Nathan in the kitchen and learned that there is an art, even to French fries.

We opened the wine bottle; to let the wine breathe, the way my father had taught me. I sniffed at the open bottle; it smelled okay. When I went with Richard, a senior on the track team, to pick it out, I tried my best to remember my dad’s preferences; though they were more expensive than I could afford. I settled on the most elegant looking label in my price range.

Andrew and Paul returned, handing Nathan the hamburger meat, and ogling the gaps at the backs of our aprons.

“Strip,” Nathan told them,“down to your underwear.” He gathered himself, importantly. “This is a formal dinner.” He glanced up and down their bodies. “I hope you’re wearing clean underwear.”

“My best whites,” Andrew told him with a grin as he and Pauly pulled off their shirts. Neither of them appeared very athlete, though both were skinny guys. Andrew was tall and weedy. Paul, of course was short, almost frail. However, once down to his underwear, it was obvious that Paul had a couple of redeeming features; he had a fleshy mounded bottom – a bubble butt, they call it these days – and a rather prominent package for a little guy.

While Andrew had sharp, intelligent features, Paul had a small face and very fine features. He was actually pretty in a way, and I was getting past my initial discomfort at his feminine mannerisms. As a friend, I liked him.

Nathan made a formal meal out of hamburgers. He arranged each plate, with a plump burger between warm, buttered buns, and with golden fries. On the table, he set out pickles and olives; and he frowned when Paul got out ketchup. There were clean napkins and placemats, carefully arranged.

I poured four glasses of wine. The table sat six, so Nathan and I sat side by side on one side, while Paul and Andrew sat side by side across from us. As soon as I took my seat, I felt Andrew’s foot slide up the inside of my leg. I jumped.

“Behave,” Nathan warned, “or I’ll take back the hamburger.”

Andrew stopped immediately.

“I’ll behave… until later,” he said with a wink.

I bit into my hamburger and was surprised by a mouthful of complex flavors. It was delicious. Even Nathan’s French fries were delicious.

We’d barely started eating when three guys came by, looking for Travis.

They entered the kitchen as noisily as a dozen gay boys; they were in ‘high camp’ or ‘campy’ as we used to say. They were being as absolutely gay as Nathan and his two buddies in drag had been that first day. They ooh-ed and aah-ed at finding Andrew and Pauly in their underwear and us naked under aprons.

“Oh, Andrew, honey,” a short, blond guy, with pretty eyes and a long nose, oozed, resting his forearm on Andrew’s shoulder and looking at me, “who’s this?” The other two guys stared at me.

“Forget it,” Andrew said. “That’s Loren, and he belongs to Nathan.”

The blond guy covered his mouth, his eyes going wide, comically. He winked at me. “Why miss Natasha, darling,” he said to Nathan without taking his eyes from mine, “you must share your toys; didn’t anyone ever teach you that?”

“I’m no toy,” I said, looping my arm over Nathan’s shoulders. I turned to look at him. “And Nathan’s the fucking love of my life,” I murmured, and I kissed him.

The kitchen filled with hoots.

“Oh, my,” the blond said, “I’m going to swoon.”

Nathan simply smiled and gave me a peck back.

“Are you two really boyfriends,” one of the other guys asked.

Nathan smiled at me, and nodded. “Yeah.”

“Well, shit, Nathan, I’m jealous,” the blond boy said in a pout. “He’s beautiful.”

“I’m jealous,” Pauly said, “because they’re like, really in love.”

The three interlopers stood, staring at us a moment with a mixture of disbelief and admiration, which led me to wonder if gay boyfriends didn’t fall in love much. But then, straight guys didn’t always love the girls they went with, so that wouldn’t be a surprise. And yet, straight guys did fall in love, and marry girls. I glanced at Nathan, wondering if I’d stumbled right past having a gay boyfriend or two, and into something more serious. I hoped so. I really hoped so.

The blond guy and his two friends left. It was late.

“There shouldn’t be any others coming until later, when Travis and the others bring home their trick for the night,” Andrew observed.

That struck me as awfully cynical; guys just bringing guys home for sex. I was still learning.

Andrew, Paul, Nathan, and I settled down to enjoy the meal. I found out that Andrew was a brain; a philosophy major. His boyfriend, David, had gone home for the weekend. Paul was a sophomore and wanted to be a teacher. He lived in one of the dorms, but hung out at the house.

Nathan served a homemade sorbet for dessert, and a special coffee. I didn’t drink much coffee back then, but it was good; as was the conversation. I even forgot for a while that we were all half-naked. But then Andrew leaned back, stretching an arm over the back of Paul’s shoulders, expansively, and he smiled.

“Time for the fashion show!” he said. “You promised that Loren would model underwear.”

“Nathan should model, too,” I protested. “I want to see him model his.”

We compromised. I was to start while Nathan narrated, as in, “And now Loren is wearing an example of the new T cut, Italian briefs by Yves Saint Laurent. Walk this way, Loren; yes, that’s right, past the couch here where our customers are sitting. Gentlemen, notice the way the waist band barely clears the pubic mound, drawing the eyes down Loren’s flat belly and the V of his muscled loins to the full pouch of his briefs. Observe how the briefs lift his marvelous endowment up proudly, and boldly. Turn around Loren. That’s right, slowly. Gentlemen, notice how the thin fabric snuggly caresses his lovely bottom, revealing every detail of its perfect form. Notice how you can see his compact buttocks flex and dimple.”

I modeled a second pair of underwear – it took absolutely no time for a wardrobe change – while Nathan, still in his apron, narrated. Paul and Andrew sat beside each other on the couch, in only their underwear, and it was sort of pleasing to see the rise of their erections. The end of Pauly’s actually poked up past his waistband.

In my third pair of underwear – very brief, black briefs – Nathan had me turn my back to Andrew and Paul, and bend over to touch my toes… so that they could see the “form-fitting comfort”. When I stood back up and turned to them, Pauly had leaned back against Andrew’s chest. Andrew had his hand in Pauly’s underwear.

When I finished with the fourth pair of underwear, Andrew and Pauly kissed, groping inside one another’s underwear. It was my first time to see two other boys kissing, and I immediately began to stretch the front of my briefs. Nathan took me by the hand and led me toward his bedroom.

“C’mon, Adonis,” Nathan said.

As we headed down the hall, I leaned close behind Nathan. “I thought David was Andrew’s boyfriend,” I whispered.

Nathan pulled me into the bedroom and closed the door. “David’s not here and you got Andrew and Pauly worked up.”

I smiled, lopsidedly. “It was sort of fun,” I admitted, and then I frowned. “But I… I mean… ."

Nathan wrapped his arms around my waist and gazed into my eyes. “I won’t be that way,” he said. “I don’t want anyone else.”

I hugged him hard, pressing my cheek to his. “Me, either.”

We held each other tightly, and nuzzled one another’s hair. I loved him, and I was grateful as hell that he loved me. I kissed the nape of his neck and ran my hand down the hard muscles of his back, reaching for the tie at the back of his apron.

“Me and you, Nathan,” I murmured. “Me and you.”

Loosing his apron, I lifted the neck strap over his head and tossed the apron aside. I backed Nathan to the bed, laying him back onto it. I stood over him, stripping off my briefs, and he waited for me and opened his arms. I knelt between his legs, and falling onto my hands, lowered my dick to his, before lying down onto him. We embraced. We kissed. We rolled. And we wound up exactly like we had earlier in the evening; Nathan lying on me, his hips pumping between my legs, making me come, and come again. We rolled and I made him come.

We cleaned up and hit the bathroom for a dual piss. Then we returned bed to lie, nose-to-nose, talking, far into the morning. We slept in each other’s arms. I’d never been so content and comfortable.

It was close to noon when I woke, spooned behind him; his butt in my lap. My arm was over his side and my hand was on his taut belly. I took a deep breath of the scent at the back of his hair. I had an erection, and I rubbed it deliciously between his butt cheeks.

“There’s lube in my nightstand,” Nathan murmured.

“I’m alright,” I whispered and kissed the back of his neck. “I’m very alright.”

He rolled onto his back toward me and looked up into my eyes, smiling sleepily. “I don’t mind if you do it,” he said. “We’re going to try a lot of different things, aren’t we?”

“I honestly don’t care if we do,” I told him, rubbing his belly. “Last night was fucking incredible. I’m fine to do it the same way every time… unless you want to do other things.”

He smiled and swept the hair back from my temple. “Try it,” he said. “I think you’ll like it.” He rolled away from me and pulled open the nightstand drawer. The covers fell away, exposing his back, his smooth skin, long lines, and firm bottom. Yeah, I did want to try it.

Nathan handed a tube of lube back to me and then backed his bare bottom toward my lap. I spread lube onto my fingertips, and then kissed the back of his shoulders while rubbing the lube into his butt crack.

“I love your butt,” I told him, smiling. “It’s one of your best features.”

“You love me for my butt?” he asked, laughing lightly.

“Among other things.”

I lubed my erection, making sloppy sounds as I jacked the lube up and down. Leaning back from Nathan’s bottom, I aimed my dick between his butt cheeks and pressed in. He moved to meet me and I felt his opening give way to my crown. Edging my hips forward, I felt his tightness pass over my crown and slide slowly down my shaft. He was warm inside. I held onto his hip and watched until his bottom was flush in my lap.

I remembered Jimmy’s bottom, the one time we tried cornholing, as being fleshy. But not Nathan’s, it was firm and fit my lap like it was sculpted for it. I kissed the top of his spine as I molded my body to the back of his, wrapping both arms around him. I pressed my hips forward as far as I could, wanting to be as deep as I could.

His tight ring at the base of my shaft and his lean body in my arms were like no girl I’d ever known. I pumped my hips and caressed him. I kissed the back of his neck and shoulders, and I made love to him. Nathan moved with me, backing in rhythm against my slow thrust and grind.

I cocked my leg over his hip, as if I could go deeper. I reached in front, between his legs, and found his thick cock, thick, hard, and hot. I rubbed the underside of it with my palm and Nathan pumped against it. Our movements were slow; almost languid; almost a dance.

“You like it?” Nathan asked in a thick voice.


Our bodies writhed together. Nathan wound up on his stomach with me on top of him. I dropped my legs outside his and squeezed them between mine. I wrapped an arm under his chest and held the back of his shoulder with my other hand, kissing behind his ear and moving with him.

“Nathan,” I murmured, “We’re good!”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Are you liking this?” I asked.

“Of course.”

“Will you come this way?”


My dick made slippery sounds in his butt, and my lap made little slaps on his butt.

“There’s another way that I’ll come for sure,” Nathan said.

I paused. “How?”

“Get up a moment.”

Reluctantly, I pulled off him and rolled to my side, my dick feeling naked and wet. .

“Sit up and back up to the headboard,” Nathan told me.

So I sat up, backing my butt to the headboard. Nathan straddled me, face to face, and guided my cock up his butt as he sat down into my lap. Taking my face in both hands, he kissed me and probed into my mouth with his tongue. At the same time, he rubbed his cock on my belly, and my dick moved inside him.

I got the idea, and, grabbing his bottom, I pumped my hips under him. Nathan wrapped his arms over my shoulders and rocked his hips, forward and back; his cock sliding up and down my belly. He pressed his cheek to my forehead, and moaned softly as he rode my dick.

His weight in my lap drove my dick well up inside him, and his moving around wagged my cock and moved his tightness around on it. I clutched hard at his butt. Nathan kissed me again, open mouth, devouring.

I felt over his sides, his back, his bottom. He moved athletically. He moved incredibly. I kept my belly taut for his dick and drove my hips up under him. We hit a rhythm.

Even though we had several orgasms the night before, I’d had several hours sleep and I wasn’t sure I’d last very long, the way Nathan rode my cock. But I lasted, and lasted. The two of us rode a high of sexual pleasure until finally I came, gasping and clutching his sides.

Nathan hadn’t come, though.

“Damn, you have stamina,” I said with a groan as he grew still in my lap.

His kissed my face. I looked up at him.

“Fuck me,” I told him.

He shook his head. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I don’t care.”

He shook his head again, and rose from my lap. He rested his cock on my lips, and I wrapped my arms around him, tackling him onto his back. Grabbing his cock, I took as much as I could into my mouth; more than I had the night before.

He stroked my hair at first, but I was determined to bring him off and soon had him squirming under me. I couldn’t take him very far down my throat, but I sucked and licked and stroked for all I was worth. Nathan grabbed the sides of my head, and his hips bucked. When he shot into my mouth, I could have cheered for finally getting him off. I swallowed his salty cum, actually enjoying it because it was Nathan’s.

I let his dick flop back onto his belly, and I moved up beside him; cocking a leg across his legs and an arm across his belly. Propping the side of my head on an elbow, I smiled down at him.

“I got you off,” I said, pleased with myself. “You don’t come very easily.”

“I like taking my time,” he said, smiling and tracing his fingertip over my lips.

I smiled under his fingertip. “I’m going to get that dick of yours all the way down my throat like you did with mine,” I told him.

He laughed. “You’re sounding awfully liberated for an Oklahoma farm boy.”

“I’m not a farm boy,” I told him, “but yeah… ” I nuzzled the side of his face. “I’m feeling really liberated.” I kissed his cheek and lowered my voice to a whisper. “Do you still love me this morning?”

He rolled up to face me, and we entwined legs. Nathan smiled and stroked the hair from my temple. “Even more in the daylight,” he said.

I smiled, too, and ran my hand over his shoulder. “When do you have to go to work?”

“I don’t,” he told me, curling some of my hair on a finger. “I got someone to cover for me.”

“You did?” I asked, grinning. I pulled his belly to mine. “I need to go by the dorm and get my books. I’ve got to study sometime.”

“I’ll drive you,” Nathan volunteered. “And we can go by the store for breakfast… or lunch.”

“My treat,” I said, sitting up. “Today is my treat.” I squeezed his thigh.


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