Jack Edwards

The Activist , Pt 5

When we left the house that morning – actually, closer to noon – I took Nathan to Denny’s for a late breakfast; a big one. A night of sex can create a hell of an appetite.

I watched Nathan eat. I’d never watched anyone eat before, simply because I liked the way they ate. Not many guys can look handsome while they chew. I was fascinated. Nathan smiled, amused, watching me watch him.

We swam that afternoon; at Barton Springs. Nathan wore a Speedo. Damn, he was beautiful! The way he filled the front of his swim suit made it so fucking difficult to not touch him… at least until I dragged him to deep water.

We wrestled and we groped each other under the water… laughing. We laughed a lot that afternoon. I laughed more than I had since I was a kid.

We returned that evening to Nathan’s house, with a pizza and a two-liter Coke.

“We should strip to eat this,” Nathan told me. “That way, if we spill any, it won’t get on our clothes.”

“Yeah, right,” I answered with a chuckle… but I pulled my shirt off.

“And if any falls in your lap,” Nathan added, laying a hand on my bare belly and grinning slyly, “I’ll lick it up.”

“I think,” I told him, grabbing his shirt, “that I’m going to be damned sloppy with this pizza.”

I undressed both of us while Nathan held my head in his arms and tried to lick out my ear. We sat side by side, with our backs to his bed. Nathan spread the pizza box across our laps. My cock, which had grown hard several times while swimming, thickened once more, rolling up onto my leg. Nathan had a semi, too. It felt friendly; the two of us eating naked, shoulder to shoulder, with thickened cocks lying out toward our hips.

“After this, I actually do need to study,” I told Nathan. “I’ve got four chapters to read and a paper to write.”

“I’ll lotion your back while you work,” Nathan said. His eyes dropped to my shoulder and he touched it with two fingers. “You got sunburned today.”

“Even after all that sunscreen you put on me?” I asked, trying to peer down at my shoulder.

Nathan smiled; his large, dark eyes close to mine. “Well, just a little sunburned,” he said. “I want to rub lotion on you.”

I narrowed my eyes. “How am I supposed to study?”

Nathan kissed my shoulder, and then leaned closer to kiss my lips. He reached into my lap, under the pizza box, lifting my balls as he kissed me. I opened my mouth to him, and my cock grew erect. Nathan rubbed it with the heel of his hand. I reach into his lap and grasped his thick erection. I stroked him.

He took the pizza box from our laps, and then, taking me firmly by the shoulders, Nathan laid me back onto the floor alongside the bed.

“Stay!” he commanded, gazing down into my eyes. He got up and returned with my books. “Study!” he said, putting the books down beside my head. “Roll over, and I’ll take care of your back.”

I rolled over, straightening my erection under me, and I opened a book. I wasn’t sure what book; I wasn’t paying attention. Nathan got up again, and returned with body lotion from atop his dresser. Kneeling beside me on the floor, he moved our sodas and the pizza box completely out of the way. Then he straddled my butt. He felt good there, his balls draping my butt and his erection laying up the base of my spine.

I glanced back as he squirted lotion onto his hands. Nathan smiled at me and laid his hands on the backs of my shoulders. I turned back to my book, but my mind was on the feel of Nathan sitting naked on my butt and on his hands on my shoulders.

“I had a friend in high school,” he said, quietly, working lotion over my shoulders and up onto the back of my neck. “His name was Arnie,” Nathan continued. “When Arnie got his first car, he fell in love with it. He washed it; he waxed it. He thought it was the most beautiful car ever made. He spent all his time with it.”

I laughed. “So… I’m like a new car to you?”

He leaned forward onto me and kissed the back of my head. “Your body is,” he whispered, caressing the tops of my shoulders. “It’s the most beautiful body ever made.” He kissed the back of my shoulder and I felt his erection press from the top of my butt, up my spine. “I love touching you,” he whispered. “I love looking at you. I love doing this.”

I reached back and felt his butt. “Yeah,” I said, giving his firm bottom a squeeze. “I know what you mean. I love your body. I love that this,” I patted his bottom, “sort of belongs to me.”

He kissed the back of my neck. “Exactly.”

Nathan backed his hips, dragging the length of his erection through my butt crack. He worked lotion down my back.

“You aren’t studying,” he observed.

“You gotta be kidding.”

“Study,” he said, sliding his butt down the backs of my legs. “You’ve got four chapters to read.”

I groaned, and with a sigh, I turned to the correct page in my book.

Nathan worked lotion down my back and then worked over my bottom.

“Am I supposed to be remembering what I’m reading?” I murmured.

“Of course,” he said, kneading my bottom. “Isn’t this helping?”

“I don’t think so… but don’t stop!”

He chuckled. And then he leaned forward and rubbed his face against my butt.

“Your skin is soft,” he murmured.

“Are we like… cheek to cheek” I asked, grinning to myself.

Nathan bit my butt; just a little bite.

“Whoa!” I hollered.

He laughed and separated my legs, kneeling between them. He rubbed lotion over the backs of my thighs and calves; first one leg, then the other. He rubbed lotion up the insides of my legs, and firmly over my perineum. I heard him squeeze more lotion onto his fingers, and then felt his fingers in my butt crack. I felt a wet fingertip at my sphincter, gently rubbing. And then Nathan pushed his finger up inside me.

“Oh!” I murmured softly.

“Keep studying,” Nathan said.

“You’re kidding.”

“Read your book,” Nathan said. “Take your mind off what I’m doing back here.”

I squeezed his finger with my butt. “Why would I want to take my mind off what you’re doing? It doesn’t feel bad.”

“In a minute,” he said, “I’m going to use two fingers.”


I did try to take my mind off what he was doing. I tried to relax and read about the rise of western civilization while Nathan probed with one finger. It felt good. He knew where to press, and it felt very good. He kissed my butt and stroked the backs of my legs with his free hand while probing.

“Okay, baby,” he said, softly. “Let’s try two.”

I took a deep breath.

“Relax, Loren,” he said. “We’re just having fun, okay?”

I tensed as he inserted his second finger, but forced myself to relax my rectum.

“Relax,” he repeated. “Are you alright?”

I nodded, and rested my forehead on the floor. I groaned.

“Want me to stop?” Nathan asked.

“I want you to stick your dick up my butt,” I told him.

“Not yet,” he said. “Probably not today.”

“Why not?” I asked, rolling my forehead on the floor. “I’ve taken two fingers, right?”

Nathan pulled his fingers from inside me and patted my bottom. “That was just practice. Roll over so I can rub lotion on your front.”

I rolled over, and Nathan grinned as he climbed astride my thighs. “You stayed hard!” he observed, pleased.

“So did you,” I pointed out with a grin of my own. His thick erection pointed up over my balls. “I think you like my butt.”

Nathan had the bottle of lotion in his hands and squeezed some onto his fingers. He spread it between his palms and leaned forward over me, palms on my pecs. His balls settled onto mine and his erection pressed mine to one side.

“Yep, I like it,” he said, smiling down at me.

“Guess what,” I said.


“I need a break from studying.”

Nathan smiled, rubbing lotion over my chest and up onto my throat. I took his sides in my hands, feeling his ribs, his warm skin, his muscles. Nathan backed down my legs, rubbing lotion down my belly. He used the flats of his hands inside my legs and around my pubic mound. He used his fingers, very gently, to spread lotion over my scrotum and the length of my erection; and then over my crown.

He backed off my legs. Rubbing lotion up and down my left leg, he laid it out to the side. He did the same to my right, laying it out to the other side. I watched, then moaned appreciatively when he laid his palm on my cock and balls.

“Wanna try again?” he asked.


Nathan grabbed a pillow off the bed. “Lift your butt,” he told me, and when I did, he stuffed the pillow under my bottom.

He pushed my knees up and out to the sides even more. I held them out there while Nathan spread lotion onto both his hands. One, he laid on my cock and balls, rubbing me, soothingly. With the other, he probed my bottom again.

He started with one finger. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations as he rubbed my cock while probing for my prostate with his other hand. It wasn’t bad, even when he inserted the second finger.

He rubbed and probed. I lay with my eyes closed, getting used to it, adjusting, wanting to please Nathan.

“I’m liking it, Nate,” I told him, working my hips against his fingers. “I’m ready.”

Nathan was ready, too. He scooted up to my bottom, sliding the tops of his legs under the sides of mine. I felt his wet crown slip between my buttocks. His eyes met mine.

“You sure?” he asked.

I nodded. “Sure.”

Nathan took hold of my hips. “Relax now,” he said.

I had mild second thoughts as his dick opened my bottom. I tried to stay relaxed, but arched anyway. “Geez,” Nate,” I murmured. “You’re… bigger than… two fingers.”

Nathan paused with his crown just inside my rectum. He rubbed my cock and balls and stroked my legs, intent on relaxing me. He eased in very slowly; little by little. And then, when most of his length was inside me, he moved his hips forward and back. I clutched his legs.

“You alright?” he asked, concerned.

Chewing my lip, I nodded.

He eased in, and I felt his belly between my legs, then his balls on my ass.

My mouth dropped. “I did it!” I told him, gasping. “You’re all the way in.”

“You still okay?” he asked.

I nodded. “Yeah. Give me a second.”

Nathan held still, rubbing my cock, belly, and legs.

My insides began to relax. I looked down my body at Nathan’s lean-muscled body between my legs and him holding me by the hips. He was looking at my body, and at my cock. My rectum tightened around his cock; not in an uncomfortable, but in a turned on kind of way.

“It’s not bad,” I murmured.

Nathan pulled his hips back and eased forward again. Then again.

Though his cock was bigger than Travis’ – a lot bigger – the initial discomfort of his penetration subsided. It began to feel okay, especially when he closed his hand around my erection and pumped it in time with his hips pumping. I circled my hips to meet him, and the sensations were good. I let myself get into it. I felt up and down the sides of his tightly-muscled thighs, grabbing them, and moving against him.

While pushing his dick far up inside me, Nathan bent forward over me, and we kissed. And then he did something incredible. Keeping his dick far up inside me, Nathan lay down onto me, belly to belly. He wrapped his arms under me and I wrapped mine over his shoulders. His lean body lay between my legs and in my arms, much like when we rubbed cocks. We held each other and pumped much the same way. But there were differences; his taut belly pressed my cock, while his thick cock pressed up under my prostate.

He nuzzled my neck and I caressed his head. I even tried to take him farther inside.

“Oh, damn, Nate,” I murmured as he moved on me. “I’m a bottom!”

“And I’m a top,” he muttered, nuzzling my ear, “except when you’re on top, and then I’m a bottom.”

We held each other, and I moved with him, grinding the underside of my cock up against his belly. Nathan drove his hips in rhythm with me. We kissed from time to time, and we made minor adjustments. I lasted a hell of a long time considering how overwhelming the sensations were. Nathan sensed me getting ready to come, and drove forcefully, grinding. I clung to him, circling my hips for all I was worth and squirted semen like a loose fire hose. As I finished Nathan grabbed me under the hips, rose up on his knees, and banged my bottom, coming, and my butt grew slippery.

Nathan held me, frozen for a long moment, then, slowly, collapsed onto me. I held him; our chests heaving.

“Holy shit, Nathan!” I murmured.

“That,” he said, and took a deep breath, “was phenomenal.”

He was still hard. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pressed my cock up against his belly again. “It’s still damned good,” I murmured.

He ground into my bottom, and I ground back. Slowly at first, nuzzling. We kissed, and ground harder. That’s when we got athletic.

Nathan wrapped his arms under the small of my back, kneeling up and lifting me up with him. With my arms around his shoulders, I rode up and down in his lap. He took us over onto our sides. He played with my cock while I rocked against him, squeezing his cock with my butt.

He fucked me on our sides. He lifted me again, and even stood up with my legs around his waist. He backed me to a wall and pinned me there, thrusting up inside me while I clutched his shoulders and rubbed my dick on his belly. Nathan was no taller than me, and more slender, but he was strong and hard-muscled. He carried me to the bed and laid me onto my back. We ended with him on his back and me riding his cock. I did most of the work because it felt fucking incredible.

It had been a revelation. It may sound silly, but that night had quite an impact. I might not like being a bottom for anyone else, but I absolutely loved being one for Nate. I knew I’d want to do it again… soon! At the same time, I also liked being on top, and Nathan seemed to like that as well. I liked it all, and Nate was perfect for me!

As we lay in each others arms, much later that night, I stroked back his hair and kissed his lips.

“We’re good,” I whispered.

Nathan nodded, smiling sleepily, and then his expression grew serious. He laid his hand on the side of my face. “I’ve never made love like that… ever.”

I smiled and shook my head. “Me either… not with a girl.” I pressed my forehead to his. “Damn, I love you!” I murmured.

He smiled gently. “Do you still like what we did at first?” he asked. “Do you still like just holding each other and kissing and rubbing dicks together?”

I nodded. “I like everything we’ve done, but I think I still like that, most of all.”

He grinned, happily, and rolled on top of me.

Over the next few weeks, I spent less and less time at the dorm. I managed to keep up with my classes, passably. Most of my nights, I spent with Nathan, having more sex than ever in my life, and I was deeply in love for the first time in my life.

“Why aren’t you ever in your room?” my mom demanded when my parents called the last Thursday of October.

“I study a lot at the library,” I told her, “or at friends.”

“Is that ‘friends’, or ‘friend’?” Dad asked, sounding amused.

“Tell him, Henry,” Mom said, then didn’t wait for Dad. “We’re going to get to meet your friends, Loren,” she said, happily. “We’re coming down for parents’ weekend.”

I felt the bottom drop from my belly. Parents’ weekend was just over a week away.


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