Jack Edwards

Apologies up front; this is a long chapter. It was not possible to break it down into two very easily. Sorry. :)

The Activist , Pt 8

When I first met Pauly, I was turned off by his effeminacy. I certainly wouldn't have gone walking around campus with him.

Paul was sort of cute, with doe eyes and full lips. He actually did look like a fairy; one of those little fairies or pixies they drew on children’s’ things. He was intelligent in an average sort of way. He was small, thin, and no athlete. And yet, he was likeable, and he liked hanging around Nate and me. When Nate was at work and I didn't want to wait back in Nate’s bedroom, studying, Pauly and I studied together; in the kitchen or on the living room floor.

Paul had a crush on me; I knew that. He sought me out whenever he was around. I always gave him a hug, and he beamed when I did. Nate gave him hugs, too. They’d been friends longer, of course, and I had the impression that they’d had sex together, more than once. But that didn’t matter; Paul was no rival for Nate’s love.

Truth was, other than Nathan, Pauly had become my only other close friend at UT.

I had generally avoided Paul on campus, when I saw him, because he was so damned effeminate. Off campus was different. Tuesday night – the Tuesday after we returned from Thanksgiving break – I met Pauly on the edge of campus, and we walked toward Lambda House. (Lambda House was what they had started calling the house where Nathan, Travis, Andrew, and the others lived, now that it was doubling as a gay activist hangout.)

I always relaxed whenever I stepped off campus; and relaxed more, the farther we got away from it. It was like I could be me without all the worry about being outed. I had done well on a test that day. I was happy. Pauly and I were even talking about trying to register for a couple of classes together the next semester. I talked about it because I was determined that I would quit keeping my gay friends at arm’s length.

In fact, as we walked, I threw my arm over Pauly's shoulders and he put his behind my back. We were walking closely, like schoolboy friends on a playground, but not like guys our age, at least in Texas.

We were laughing about something, when three guys from the track team drove past. They stared, and then one waved when he realized it was me. I wondered if they knew Pauly from classes. UT is big, but it's a small world sometimes. If they knew him, they would have figured him for gay. Even if they didn't know him, we might have looked a little gay, the way we were walking.

I told Nate that night that I thought the time had come for me to tell Tom. And so I did, Wednesday night.

“If I tell you what I want to tell you, you’ve got to keep it confidential between us,” I told Tom.

He looked at me suspiciously, but nodded. “Okay.”

I took a deep breath. “You’re my friend and my roommate. I figured you ought to know.”

He frowned slightly. “Know what?”

“I’m gay, Tom.”

Tom went visibly white. “Oh.”

I wasn’t sure what else to say. I watched him a moment. He shrugged and gave me a hollow smile. “Each to his own, right? I sorta wondered if you might be.”

That surprised me. “Yeah,” I agreed, “it’s not like I’ve had a choice about it. I’ve been this way as long as I can remember.”

I wanted to talk about it, but Tom’s brow furrowed uncomfortably, and he turned away.

“We’re all different, I guess,” he said, and he opened a book to study.

The next morning, he requested a different dorm room. That afternoon at practice, several of the other track athletes whispered among themselves and with Tom, looking at me. They stayed back from me.

I was angry, hurt, and embarrassed. It was my first encounter with the hard realities that gay boys live with, and that I had been afraid of for so long.

In one day, I had been marginalized at track. I figured more marginalization would follow.

I didn’t want to go back to my dorm room that night, and I needed Nate. As I walked toward his house, I consoled myself that it had been bound to happen. Increasingly, I had been greeting my gay friends when I saw them on campus. I had introduced Nate to people. I hadn't gone as far as hanging out in the 'gay corner' of the student union, but I might even start doing that now.

Approaching Lambda House, thoughts of Nate and my gay friends comforted me. It is easier to handle difficult things in life when you have love.

Nate had worked that day, and was still in his shirt and tie, finishing a sandwich when I found him. He was talking to Andrew, but stopped when he saw the look on my face. I told them what happened.

Nate came to me, and Andrew said he would clean up for him. Taking my hand, Nate drew me back to his room.

We stripped to our briefs the way we always did in his room, and then I dropped to my knees in front of him. Nate’s briefs were sky-blue. I remember the color and the thin fabric stretched over his full pouch, vividly. I nuzzled into his softness. I loved the feel of him when he was soft.

“This is therapy,” I murmured.

I kissed. I nuzzled. I pulled down his briefs before he could grow hard. I wanted to play with him while he was still soft. I wanted to nuzzle his low-hanging balls and feel his soft dick trace a line down my cheek. I wanted to start sucking while his cock was flaccid; I liked gently skinning him back and sucking him while he was still soft.

Nate stroked my hair, but as he grew hard, he ran his fingers into my hair more forcefully, and pressed his upturned cock to my face. I rose from the floor and stripped off my briefs. Then I sat onto the bed, backing to the headboard, my cock pointing up from my lap.

Nathan knew what I wanted. He retrieved the lube from his nightstand. Kneeling beside me, he kissed me while wrapping my cock with a lube-coated hand. Then he rubbed lube into his butt before straddling my lap, facing me.

With one hand behind my neck to steady himself, he lowered his bottom onto my cock. I held his hips and closed my eyes as I felt the resistance of his opening, then the give, then his tightness passed over my crown and down the length of my cock. His weight settled into my lap. His hard, bottom bones pressed in on either side of my cock and pubic bone, stretching me far up into him.

Nate put both hands behind my neck, and he kissed me, rocking his hips forward and back; slowly.

“Feeling better?” he asked with a smile.

“Yeah,” I whispered, and I looked him in the eye. "When we're like this, Nate, nothing else really matters. Tom doesn't matter. The track team doesn't matter." I shook my head. "They really don't."

Nathan leaned forward, hugging my neck and pressing the side of his face to mine as he gently rocked his hips and his cock slid up and down my belly. I took a deep breath of his scent. With one hand high on his hard-muscled back, and one low, I cradled his body in my lap and kissed the nape of his neck. For several moments, Nate rocked in my lap and I rubbed his back. His bottom pressed down my balls and stretched my cock up inside him. His tightness rode at the base of my cock.

Nate leaned back, his dark eyes on my mouth. He took my head in his hand and brushed my lips with his. He nibbled at my lips, and nibbled... as if taking steady sips from a cup, All while his hips rocked in my lap.

I had been developing stamina like Nate’s, and that afternoon, I needed the comfort of Nate’s body and attentions more than I needed a climax. We took a long time.

Nate and I didn’t say much that evening. I should have studied, but I didn’t get much done. My mind kept wandering back to the way the other runners behaved at track.

Nate crawled into bed first that night, and watched me as I put my books away. I glanced at him and he smiled that happy smile of his.

“I love watching your body,” he said. “I love the way you move.”

I returned his smile, crawling into bed beside him. We faced each other and interlaced legs. Nate gently and stroked back my hair.

"Someday, I'll have my restaurant and you'll be a famous biologist," he said, "and it won't matter that we're gay."

With my hand on his bottom, I pulled our interlaced legs snugger.

"It won't even matter," I told him, "if you have a restaurant and I’m a famous biologist. We'll just do those things for fun... when we're not making love to each other."

Nate stroked my hair again, his dark eyes searching mine. "I love you," he said quietly.

I moved closer to him, nuzzling into the pillow under the side of his face. "I love you,” I told him. “I'll always love you."

Nate held me close. "We know how to make lovemaking last, Loren," he said quietly, "We'll make love last."

"Forever," I agreed, hugging him hard.

We were naive, of course; about many things. But love is purest when it is naïve, or chooses to be. Nate stirred my heart back then in ways that made life real and brave, and our future exciting. Naivety enabled us to love deeply, before love faced challenges. Our love made us stronger for what lay ahead. All I knew that night, though, was that we had something wonderful, and I couldn't imagine what being outed would have been like if I had been alone.

I was scheduled for some one-on-one time Friday afternoon with one of the running coaches. He cancelled, leaving only a note to say that something had come up.

Being outed colors everything. I was sure the coach put me off because he found out that I was gay. That turned out not to be the case, but I didn’t know it that afternoon. Dejected, I worked out by myself. The running relieved stress; it felt good to run, but I didn’t stay long.

When I returned to the dorm, all of Tom’s things, including his Playboy centerfolds on the walls, were gone. I called Pauly’s dorm room, and was glad to hear him answer.

“Want to walk with me to Lambda house?” I asked.


“Why don’t you come by my room; it’s sort of on your way.”

“You want me to come by your room?”

“Yeah. Nathan’s working tonight. Bring your food card, and we can eat together in the cafeteria before we walk over.”

“You’re going to eat with me… in your cafeteria?”

“Sure, why not?”

“Oh-kay,” he said slowly.

“You may not want to, though,” I said. “I’ve sorta been outed.”

There was a slight pause. “I’m sorry, Loren.”

“It’s okay. It was bound to happen soon. So, are you coming?”

“Sure!” he said, enthusiastically. “I’ll be right there.”

I was on my bed, studying, when I heard the light knock.

"Yeah!" I called out.

Pauly walked in, closing the door behind him. He came beside my bed, bending down for the hug he knew I'd give him.

"Give me a couple of minutes," I said. "I need to make a few more notes about this chapter.

"Sure," Pauly said, taking a seat by the desk.

Paul looked around the room. "I thought you had a roommate."

"I did," I answered. "He moved out. He found a couple of guys who said he could move in with them, and the housing director gave his okay."

Paul's eyes fell on the other bed. "They didn't take the bed?"

"Nope. They moved in another bed where he was going. Supposedly, they're going to move someone else in here."

"How about me?" Paul asked, looking up brightly.

I glance up at him.

"Seriously," he said. "I hardly ever see my roommate, and I'd love to room with another gay guy."

"You'd hardly see me if I were your roommate. You know that I sleep more at Nathan's than here."

"Oh, come on, Loren," he said, going to the other bed and lying back on it to try it out.

I cocked an eyebrow. "I'm not sure I'd feel safe in bed at night," I told him.

He smiled. "You'd be safe. But you could always come to my bed if you needed anything."

I shook my head. "Nate takes good care of me," I told him.

Paul shrugged, looking up at the ceiling. “It’d still be fun.”

I smiled slightly. "It'd be fun, Pauly, and of course, you would be free to bring up... friends."

"Yeah," he said sadly. "Help me find one first." He smiled. "You can bring Nathan up here."

"We'd disturb your sleep," I told him.

He grinned. "Yeah."

I shook my head, returning to my book. "The truth is," I murmured, "I'd move off campus and in with Nathan in a heartbeat if I could... but then, my dad would wonder what was up."

I sighed, glancing at the bare walls. Then I grinned. “We could put up our own pin-ups… of guys.”

Pauly’s eyes went wide. “Yeah!”

I shook my head. “I’m not sure that’d be a good idea.”

“We don’t need them anyway,” Paul said, wriggling his eyebrows at me. “You can just run around in your underwear the way you and Nathan do at Lambda House.”

“We only do that mainly in his room… mainly,” I pointed out.

Pauly grinned. “And so?”

Nate had unusual ideas about how to relieve stress.

"I am not going out in drag!" I told him that night; sitting beside him at the kitchen table; watching him eat a peanut butter sandwich for supper. "The last thing I need is to be outed in girl's clothes."

"Okay, we won't go out," he said, patting my leg.

"I'm not dressing in girl's clothes," I told him.

"You'll be pretty," Nathan assured me. "Won't he, Pauly?"

Paul, sitting across the table, frowned. "I like him better as a boy."

Nathan was undeterred. "That's because you haven't seen what I can do with him." Turning to me, Nathan stroked hair off my forehead. "Let me at least put some makeup on you," he said.

I suppose that almost every guy has wondered at some time how he'd look as a girl. I shrugged. "Just makeup; and we don't come out of your room."

As Nathan led me down the hall from the kitchen, Pauly caught up with us.

"Guys!" he said, stopping us. "I wanna ask something, okay?" He looked nervous.

Nate and I glanced at each other and nodded.

"Tomorrow's my birthday," Pauly started to say.

"Happy Birthday!" I told him, clapping the back of his shoulder.

"Your twentieth?" Nathan asked.

Pauly nodded.

"You don't look a day over sixteen," I teased. It was true.

Pauly grinned. "You think so?"

"Oh, yeah," Nate and I both agreed.

Pauly simpered a moment, then remembered his question and returned to looking nervous.

"I was hoping... that is... I wanted to ask you guys… would you go to The Pearl with me?”

The Pearl was a gay bar. The drinking age was eighteen back then, and I had turned eighteen at the end of September. (My dad insisted on starting me in first grade when I was still five. He expected me to be as smart as him.) I hadn’t been to a bar yet; much less a gay bar. After all, you can’t be in the closet very well if you’re hanging out at gay bars.

And, too, I didn’t drink… normally. I was serious about track, I didn't do drugs or smoke, either. Besides, I had Nathan, and maybe I didn't feel the need to do those things. Nathan didn't mess with drugs or drinking or smoking either, though in his case, it was probably as much because he couldn't afford them… well, and he had me… of course.

“The Pearl? For your birthday?” Nathan asked.

Pauly nodded hopefully.

I shrugged. “Well… if I’m gonna be out, I might as well be out.”

Nathan grinned. “I get to show you off. We’ll dance.” He put his arm around Paul’s shoulders. “Pauly, too, of course.”

“And supper,” I said. “We should fix Pauly a birthday supper.”

“Yeah!” Nathan agreed. “What’s something you really like, Pauly?”

Pauly smiled hopefully. “I like chocolate cake,” he said.

“Done!” Nathan said, giving Pauly’s shoulder a shake. “Baby, you haven’t had chocolate cake until you’ve had my triple chocolate torte.” He grabbed my forearm with growing excitement. “We’ll go out first thing in the morning. I’ve got to get some things at the store.”

“What else?” I asked Pauly. “You have to have something besides cake.”

Paul considered, then shrugged. “Anything Nathan makes,” he said.

“Okay,” Nathan promised. “It’ll be good. We’ll come up with something good. You’ll go with us to pick things out.”

“I’ll stay here tonight,” he said. “I’ll sleep on the couch.”

“Happy Birthday,” I told him, and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Happy Birthday,” Nathan echoed, also giving him a hug and kiss.

It wasn’t that late, we could do more with Pauly. It was sort of awkward to just leave him in the hall. Nate glanced at me. I raised my eyebrows in an I-don’t-know kind of look.

“Pauly,” Nate said, turning to Pauly, “you wanna help me doll up Mr. Macho here?”

Pauly glanced at me and grinned. “Sure.”

“Too bad we don’t have some champagne,” I said regretfully. “I mean, to celebrate Pauly’s birthday, and all.”

Pauly grinned, and leaned close, conspiratorially. “Andrew has a bottle of Boone’s Farm in the fridge,” he suggested. “He’s gone out tonight with David… to a bar. They aren’t going to be drinking it tonight. We can buy him a new one tomorrow.”

I glanced at Nate. He nodded, smiling.

“I’ll get it,” Paul said. “And I’ll bring cups.”

He disappeared. Nate and I continued on to his room. Nate closed the door behind us and pulled off his shirt.

“We gonna strip to briefs?” I asked.

Nathan shrugged. “We always do. It’s our room.”

I grinned at him calling it ‘our’ room, and pulled off my shirt as well. By the time Pauly tapped on the door, we were in our briefs.

Nate opened the door and I took the bottle of Boone’s Farm Sangria. Pauly looked us up and down; his eyes locked on the fronts of our briefs.

“Get comfortable, Pauly,” I told him, opening the bottle.

Nathan was busy getting out his cosmetics. I poured three cups of sangria, and Pauly stripped to his briefs. His eyes stayed on my briefs and Nathan’s. Our briefs were snug, thin, and… brief. Paul was in white Jockey briefs. He filled them pretty good for a little guy. I suspected he had a semi.

I passed out the cups. “Happy Birthday, Paul!” I said, holding out my cup. The others tapped it with theirs.

“Happy Birthday,” Nathan echoed.

We took a drink of wine, and then Nate set his down on the folding table that served as his desk and vanity. He motioned to the chair beside it.

“Sit here.”

With a resigned sigh, I sat, setting my cup of wine down beside his. The two of them came closer. Nate stood astride my left leg and lifted my chin.

“Look up this way.”

Pauly came closer, standing astride my right leg to watch.

“The colors aren’t really right for him, of course,” Nate said to Pauly. “His skin is pinker than mine.”

“His cheeks have a natural blush,” Pauly observed.

“You should see him in sex,” Nate said, grinning and brushing my face with what looked like a fat, soft paint brush. “His cheeks turn scarlet.”

“Yeah, I’d like to see that,” Pauly said.

Nate paused and looked at him.

“Well you said it,” Pauly told him.

Nate turned back to me, and he winked at me. “Yeah, well his cheeks do go deep red.” He paused to look closely at my eyes. “We could shape his eyebrows a little.”

“What do you mean… shape?” I asked with a frown.

Nate felt over my left eyebrow with a fingertip. “Just a little plucking.”

“I think his eyebrows are beautiful,” Paul said.

“Yeah! My eyebrows are beautiful,” I agreed. “No plucking. I laid my hand on Nate’s smooth thigh; just one of those natural things. I loved the feel of his thigh.

Nathan picked up a pencil and concentrated on my left eyebrow. Paul leaned closer, watching. I lifted the full package of Nathan’s briefs on the palm of my hand; another one of those natural things. I loved the feel.

Nathan widened his stance, accommodating my hand. I don’t think he really realized he’d done it; he was concentrating on my eyebrows. Pauly noticed, though. I saw his eyes drop down to my hand under Nate’s package, and I realized what I was doing. Reluctantly, I dropped my hand.

Paul’s eyes rose to mine. He looked a little flush. But then he smiled.

“Want your cup of wine?” he asked.


Paul stepped backward from standing over my leg to retrieve my cup of wine. He came back, stood astride my right leg again, steadied himself with a hand on my shoulder, and put the cup to my lips. Nate stopped working on my eye and let me drink, and took a drink himself.

Nate worked on me for several minutes. We drank more wine. Pauly drank from my cup and his. Instead of standing astride my right leg, Pauly sat on it, hand still on my shoulder, feeling my shoulder. His knee brushed the front of my briefs. I felt my cock begin to thicken. I glanced down at the front of Pauly’s underwear. They were tented.

Nate noticed of course, and had Pauly get up.

“Behave yourself, girl,” he said to Pauly.

Pushing my knees together, Nate sat astride both my legs to finish, with Pauly watching from over his shoulder; his hand now on Nathan’s shoulder instead of mine. It looked like he was pressed to Nate’s back. I stole a glance down at Nate’s underwear. It looked like he was thickening. I couldn’t resist sliding my hand between his legs, cupping him.

Nate’s eyes changed focus from my eyelids, which he was working on, to my eyes. He kissed me, and I caressed the front of his underwear.

“I’m about done,” he said and then leaned back to survey me. He frowned. “I got carried away.”

Pauly, also frowning from over Nate’s shoulder, as he studied my face, nodded. “Yeah. He looks like a blue-eyed raccoon.”

“He does not!” Nathan said.

“Let me see,” I said with a frown of my own.

“Just hold on,” Nathan told me. “I think a different eye liner, and I’ve got some blue shadow.”

He worked on me a few moments, then paused again.

Pauly, studying me from over Nate’s shoulder, looked thoughtful. “Umm… now he looks like a redheaded Egyptian.”

Nate studied me a moment, and then chuckled. “He would if I did this,” he said, taking a pencil to the corners of my eyes.

Paul’s eyes went wider. “He does!

Nate gave me a mirror. It was difficult to see much.

“Let me up,” I said, and when Nate got off, I went to the mirror over his dresser. On the way, I noticed that Pauly was definitely tenting the front of his white Jockey briefs. The front of Nate’s briefs curved way out, and he adjusted his dick to point out to his hip. I did the same.

As I stood at the chest, Nate pressed me from behind on the left and Pauly pressed me on the right. Nate’s erection pressed the side of my butt; Paul’s the side of my leg.

The effect of the eye makeup was startling. Somehow, Nate had made it, not only masculine, but exotic. Egyptian was probably what I’d have called the effect … dark eyelids, lined out to the sides; dark eyebrows. However, something reminded me of a Zorro like mask that just covered the eyes

Sometimes, when you catch yourself from an unexpected angle, or unexpectedly reflected in a window or mirror, you get a glimpse of yourself the way others might see you. It was a little like that for me, looking at myself with eye makeup. The effect of the eye makeup, with my large eyes, was exotic, actually. But beyond that, the makeup had the affect of highlighting, for me, the planes of my cheeks, the deep pink color of my lips, the shape of my face, the evenness of my features, even the thickness of my hair. I really was good looking.

“Do me,” Pauly said, quietly.

Nate sat Pauly down. We drank more wine. Nate sat astride Paul’s legs to work, much like he had done with me. I pressed my erection to my lover’s hard back, watching. While Nate worked, Pauly ran his hands up and down Nate’s smooth thighs. I noticed.

Nate worked quickly and skillfully. Though he’d done his own make up a few times before, I think Nate had learned from doing me, and took a different approach with Pauly. In addition to eye makeup, he curled Pauly’s eyelashes and put a touch of bright red lip gloss on his lips. The effect with Pauly was completely different. In Pauly’s case, Nate made him look even more pixyish, more like a lovely fairy boy.

“Damn, I’m good,” Nate murmured as he leaned back against me to survey his work.

“I want to see,” Pauly said, and we let him up.

Pauly went to the chest and I stepped up behind him. Nate stepped behind me, pressing his cock against my butt. Nate’s cock wasn’t fully hard anymore, but thick, like it was almost hard. When he pressed me, my cock, which was still hard and out to the side, pressed the top of Pauly’s butt. We gazed at Pauly’s reflection from over either shoulder.

“Oh,” Pauly said. His eyes went from his face to mine and back. “It’s different.”

“You’re different,” Nate observed.

“And pretty,” I said.

Pauly’s eyes met mine. “You think so?”

I nodded.

Pauly’s red lips pulled up in a smile, and he gazed at his reflection, pleased and surprised.

“You, too,” I told Nate.

Nate retrieved his cosmetics from the table and stepped to the dresser. Pauly poured the last of the wine and the three of us drank it as Nate worked on his own eyes. Pauly stood beside me, his side against mine. He took my cup when I was finished, and set it with his empty cup on the table. He came back beside me and leaned against me. I put my arm over his shoulders and he rested against me as we watched Nate.

Nate finished and we crowded up behind him for a better look. He had made his eyes up the way he was used to… sultry, alluring. Nate had beautiful dark eyes.

We shuffled to get a good look at all three of us together, moving Pauly to the front between Nate and I because Pauly was shorter. It was like looking at three entirely different people, and not simply different, but more like characters in some weird play… an auburn-haired Egyptian youth, a fairy boy with doe eyes and full lips, and a slender, young Mediterranean type, androgynous despite his bare chest, with dark, alluring eyes.

We looked over each other in the mirror, moving closer together. No one spoke; it was as if we’d break to spell if we spoke in our normal voices. Nate’s eyes met mine. He smiled slightly and kissed the back of Pauly’s head. His hand swept over Pauly’s back and then over mine. I turned to face them, laying my hand on Pauly’s belly; a belly not as taut as Nate’s, but flat and soft. Nate turned toward me, pressing Pauly between us. I reached for Nate’s side, behind Pauly.

Nate and I were eighteen. Pauly was twenty. We were young, and more like boys than young men, in many respects. We didn’t think about consequences to relationships or anything beyond our immediate arousal, friendships, and love.

Pauly looked up at Nate, and then me. He turned toward me, face uplifted, and I kissed him. I kissed Pauly on the lips.

He wrapped his arms around my neck and melted into me. His mouth opened to my mouth, hungrily. Slipping my hands into the back of his briefs, I cupped his fleshy bottom and pulled his hard cock against mine.

Nate dropped down behind Pauly, and I felt Pauly’s briefs tugged down over the backs of my hands. Pauly backed his hips from me and I felt his dick spring free against my belly. A moment later, Nate tugged down my briefs as well, and Pauly and I trapped our erections between our bellies.

I grabbed Pauly up by the butt and he wrapped his legs around my waist as I carried him to the bed. I laid him down on his back in the middle of the bed, crawling on beside him. Nate turned off the overhead light and got on from the other side; naked now, like us, in the warm light of his nightstand lamp.

Nate and I pressed our erections against Pauly’s narrow hips and our hands met at Pauly’s erection and balls. We fondled him as first I kissed Pauly, and then Nate did, and then Nate kissed me.

I had no idea three boys could kiss at the same time. I’m not sure they did either. It just sort of happened as our mouths got closer in our round-robin kissing. Our mouths wound up together; three tongues working and probing while Nate and I fondled Pauly.

His cock was shorter than ours, but as thick as mine and possibly as thick as Nate’s. The little guy’s hung proud, I thought, and then almost chuckled as I thought, Now that’s gay pride!

Slipping down Pauly’s body, I sucked his pinpoint nipple into a hard little nub. His belly heaved as I kissed down his ribs and the soft, white skin of his side, down onto his hip and belly.

Nate backed his own hips from Pauly’s side as I buried my face between Pauly’s legs, and Pauly opened them to me, moaning. He had small balls in an absolutely smooth ballsack. He smelled more like a boy than Nate. I licked under his balls. His taste was slightly tart. Pauly was almost hairless down there, with only a tight little pubic patch above his cock, like a mustache. His thick, pink dick pointed up his belly like a steel banana.

I lifted it, taking the end into my mouth. Pauly was circumcised. There was already precum in his slit. He was different from Nate. But at that moment, I wasn’t evaluating differences. I certainly didn’t feel about Pauly the way I did about Nate, but I was thoroughly enjoying my intimacy with the feminine little guy and his proud member.

Nate reversed body positions over Pauly, and he nuzzled beside my face. Pauly accepted the invitation, taking the end of Nate’s dick into his mouth. Nate murmured against my cheek as I bobbed.

“Baby,” Nate whispered. “Let me suck you.”

I shifted my body, bringing my cock up closer. We all shifted a triangle on top of the bed; Nate sucking me, me sucking Pauly, and Pauly sucking Nate. Our three heads bobbed and the room filled with sucking noises and soft moans.

As a recent graduate of Nate’s endurance sex school, I was lasting quite well when Pauly came, writhing, into my mouth. His mouth came off Nate as he gasped for breath and clutched at the back of my head.

I sucked him enthusiastically; I sucked him dry.

Nate released my cock and came up beside me. We wound up with our heads side-by-side on Pauly’s belly. We kissed and grabbed one another’s cock.

“You think Pauly’s having a happy birthday?” Nate asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Pauly murmured, laying his hands on our hair. “He is.”

Nate grinned at me, his dark eyes glistening in the lamp light. “I know what Pauly would really like for his birthday,” Nate said.

“Oh?” I asked.

Nate smiled and kissed me, then rolled away and retrieved lube from the nightstand.

“Kneel up,” Nate told me.

I kissed Pauly’s belly and knelt up. Nate handed the lube to me, then grabbed Pauly’s ankles to straighten him on the bed.

“Lube your cock,” Nate told me, while grabbing a pillow to stuff under Pauly’s butt.

I lubed my cock and then handed the lube to Nate. He spread some on his fingers, and bent over Pauly’s middle from the side to spread the lube into Pauly’s butt. He sucked up Pauly’s flaccid cock into his mouth while he worked the lube into the little guy’s bottom. Pauly’s hips rocked.

I was kneeling between Pauly’s legs, stroking my lubed cock. He was watching me, and spread his legs wider. I could see that Nate’s finger was up Pauly’s butt. I could also see that Pauly’s perineum had thickened as well as the root of his cock lying up through his ball sack.

Nate pulled off when Pauly was completely hard, and I moved up between Pauly’s legs. He pulled his knees up and out for me, and I aimed the end of my dick at his exposed butthole. I pressed my crown against it, and watched my crown disappear inside. He was tighter than Nate, a little. He was hotter inside.

I watched my cock ease into Pauly’s bottom. His sphincter clenched when I was halfway in, then relaxed.

Grabbing Pauly by the hips, I pulled his butt all the way onto my cock, and then I folded myself over him, enclosing his small frame in my arms. It was a good fit… no; it was a great fit. With my dick up Pauly’s butt, his mouth was right under mine. His smaller body fit under mine, as pliant as a girl’s. I planted my mouth over his.

Pauly kissed me eagerly, wrapping his arms over my neck. I slipped my arms under his back and ground my cock up his bottom while probing deeply with my tongue. Pauly felt incredible under me, and my hips took on a life of their own.

He hugged my neck tightly, and I hugged him tightly. The sides of our faces pressed and Pauly’s breath was hot against my ear. I ground into his bottom, deliciously. Pauly ground back against me.

His body didn’t have the tightly-muscled perfection of Nate’s, nor did I love Pauly the way I loved Nate. But I did like Pauly, a lot. Holding him, I felt my affection for him. His body was slender and soft. He smelled of fruity soap, and his cheek was soft against mine.

“Oh, damn, Pauly,” I murmured as he ground his dick up against my belly the way Nate and I did to each other.

And then I felt Nate’s fingers, in my buttcrack, with lube.

Oh, this is gonna be good, I thought.

My hips were between Pauly’s legs and my legs were stretched out on the bed so that my butt was humped up as I pumped into Pauly. Nate knelt astride the backs of my legs with his knees inside Pauly’s. I felt Nate’s cockhead in my crack, and I paused.

Nate eased forward on his knees, working them forward along my hips and under the backs of Pauly’s legs. His dick eased into my bottom. Once all the way in, he sat back on his knees. He rubbed my buttocks together, and I gave his dick a squeeze with my sphincter. Slowly, I began to pump and grind once again.

The sensations – embraced in a tight ball with Pauly under me, in my arms, holding me, my dick in the sleeve of his tight, hot rectum, while Nate’s thick cock up my butt rubbed across my prostate – were intense; extremely intense.

I still managed to last for a while… until my orgasm hit like none I’d ever had before. I couldn’t breathe. It felt like I was shooting golf balls up Pauly’s bottom. Nate grabbed my shoulders and pounded his dick up my butt while I was coming, and I made a hell of a lot of noise.

My body shook in Pauly’s arms and between his legs as I took a ragged breath and finally collapsed.

“Oh… wow!” I murmured.

Nate patted my bottom. “I’ll take over,” he said.

I got off Pauly, and Nate moved into my place. In a post coital haze, I watched the two of them tighten into a ball. My emotions were slightly mixed. On the one hand, Nate belonged in my arms. On the other hand, the two of them looked hot; especially since Pauly was really worked up by then and he moved under Nate with obvious pleasure.

Rubbing between my legs, I stayed hard, and once again grew excited. I moved behind Nate the way he had moved behind me. I plugged in behind him, fell onto my hands over them, and matched Nate’s rhythm, driving my hips with his into Pauly.

Pauly came, and then Nate. His firm bottom tightened, squeezing my dick. I stayed on top of them, riding. When Nate slowed, I kept going. I didn’t try to stretch it out, but dropping onto Nate’s back, I caressed his tight body, so different from Pauly’s, and ground my cock around inside him, enjoying. My second orgasm of the night was much milder, but more intimate, nuzzling the back of Nate’s neck.

I rolled off them to one side and Nate rolled off Pauly to the other side and onto his back. I lay on my side, looking over their side-by-side bodies in the lamp light. There was a lot of cum on their bellies; little Pauly made a lot. Their twin, pubic bushes were like little tree covered hills which sloped gently down to warm bellies. Even relaxed, Nate’s tummy was clearly firmer.

Nate sighed. “Happy birthday, Pauly,” he said softly.

“I’ve never been in a three-way,” said Pauly, quietly.

“Me either,” Nate said, glancing across Pauly at me.

“I’ve certainly never been in one… till tonight, that is,” I said. I smiled, laying my hand on Pauly’s chest. “I liked it. I really liked being in the middle.”

My eye’s dropped to Pauly’s face. He looked like a sleepy pixie. I kissed his full lips. “Happy birthday, Pauly.”

He smiled and hugged my neck.

“I need to take a leak,” Nathan said, sitting up.

“Me, too,” I told him, getting up as well.

“I’m coming,” Pauly said.

“Everyone’s in bed,” Nathan said. “We don’t need to put anything on.”

With Pauly giggling, the three of us padded down the hall, naked, and stood around the toilet bowl, aiming our three streams at the same point in the middle. Nate and Pauly washed their bellies. Returning to the room, we removed our makeup. Nate helped me with mine, and I kissed him. He came into my arms, and it felt good to hold him again. Nate was who I loved.

We crawled into bed together, Nate and me facing and entwining legs. Pauly climbed in behind me, molding his body to the back of mine.

“Thanks, guys,” he whispered.

I smiled apologetically at Nate and reached behind me to pull Pauly over my side and between us. He belonged there on his birthday. Pauly grinned up at us happily and the three of us settled down to sleep.

At first, I thought it was Nate behind me, rubbing his cock on my butt, and I awakened happily. But then I realized it was Pauly. I glanced at Nate’s clock. It was close to five. I reached back for Pauly’s hip and gave it a friendly pat. He hadn’t topped either of us yet; I couldn’t blame him for being in the mood.

Nate kept my butt pretty loose anyway, and I was still lubed from earlier. I reached back, found Pauly’s cock with my hand, and guided him in. Pauly pressed all the way in, grabbing my shoulder from behind. He also reached over my side to fondle my cock. It took only a few moments for him to fondle me up hard.

Pauly’s pace increased. He cocked a leg over my hip. I grabbed it, hanging onto it, keeping him pulled tightly to my butt. He pumped hard and we began to bounce.

It was an easy, sleepy rhythm; at least for me. After a few minutes, Pauly paused, and the bed jiggled. I realized that Nate was plugging in behind Pauly.

Nate’s big cock up Pauly’s butt must have stimulated him, because Pauly ground with more fervor. Holding my belly, he ground hard into me, and I felt impacts relayed through Pauly’s hips from Nate’s.

By the time Pauly came, giving me a juicy butt with surprising amount of cum, I was fully aroused. Staying under the covers, I disengaged from Pauly and climbed over him and Nate. Finding the lube, I greased up, and entered Nate from behind.

I reached over Nate to grab Pauly’s hip and hold us all together, but I let Nate do the work; backing onto my cock and forward into Pauly’s bottom. When Nate came, the clinching of his butt triggered my own climax.

I stayed inside Nate, caressing his side and back, kissing the back of his shoulder, and nuzzling the back of his neck. It was fun to include Pauly for a night, but I loved Nate and I hugged him to me. I held him, even after my flaccid cock slipped from inside him.

Nate rolled onto his back in my arms. I rested my chest and belly against his side. Pauly backed to Nate’s other side, and we made ourselves comfortable to return to sleep.

I thought a moment about what had happened between the three of us that night. There are definitely some differences about being gay, I thought, like the types of things you do with friends.


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