The Craft (Novel Version)
by Julien Gregg

Chapter Eleven

Aaron had been nervous that morning when he'd sucked Adam's dick. Adam didn't truss him up and make him cum with the weights that morning. He just didn't have the heart with the way Aaron was acting. He let the boy put on a condom and masturbate. Then after he ate the cum out of the condom he got in his car and headed off for Greenfield. Adam watched him go with a mixture of nervousness and excitement.

He went down to the dungeon and started to get things ready. He put the restraint cuffs on the legs of the bondage horse. Then he added them to the suspension cables and put the cranks together. He added cable restraints to the rubber sheet covered bed and took the sling down. He put that in the concealed cabinet beside the bed.

It was a three hour drive to Greenfield and back from Crippin, an hour and a half each way. Greenfield wasn't really that far from Crippin. Adam hadn't realized that until Aaron had looked at the map that morning and pointed it out. He kept looking at the clock as he put the saucepan on the stove and added the bottled water, salt and other ingredients. He brought it to a boil and then let it simmer. He had twenty minutes left before they should be pulling into the back driveway.

While it simmered Adam made lunch. He mixed some of the leftover sauce with ground beef and got two loaves of French bread and cut them in half. Then he sliced them down the center until he had four half pieces of bread. When the sauce was done he spread it over the bread. Then he covered that with mozzarella cheese and added sliced pepperoni. He put them in the oven and let them warm and the cheese melt. Then he started on the salad. He cut the lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and radishes and tossed them together with light olive oil. He was putting the food on the dining room table when he heard Aaron's car. A ripple of nervous excitement ran through Adam as he waited.

They came in the back door and into the dining room. Donny had a twelve pack of bottled beer under one arm and a duffle bag slung over his shoulder. Aaron looked angry but otherwise unharmed. He gave Adam a look that he didn't understand. Donny was looking around the room and at the food.

"Well you guys got here just in time," Adam said, proud that his voice didn't shake. "I'll put your beer in the fridge and put your bag in my room. Sit down guys. Eat while it's hot."

He took the bag and beer from Donny without comment. Then he took the beer into the kitchen and put it in the fridge. He went to his room with the bag and had an idea. He opened the bag and took all of the clothing out of it. Donny wouldn't be needing it after today anyway. He found a shaving kit and opened that. Then he saw the hair brush. He smiled as he looked at it. Donny's name was written on the handle of the brush in what looked like silver paint. He pulled the hair out of the brush and headed for the kitchen. He put the hair in a ziplock bag and added four strands to the simmering potion. It turned red almost immediately. He turned it off and got a beer.

He opened it and spilled a bit into the sink. Then he got the dropper he used only for the potion and added nine drops. He could have added less, but he wasn't taking any chances. He watched it move through the liquid and then disappear. He smiled and headed back to the dining room. He put the beer in front of Donny and sat down in his chair.

"This looks better than anything they served at the half-way house," Donny said with a grin. He looked at Adam. "You make it?"

"Yeah," Adam replied, thinking that it was a very stupid question. Aaron had been with him. Who else would have made it.

"I've been telling Aaron about all the fun we're gonna have together," Donny said with a smirk. Then he picked up his beer bottle and took a drink. Adam's eyes never left his as Donny drank more than half the bottle.

"We're going to have a lot of fun," Adam said as Donny put the bottle back on the table.

He looked at Adam and Adam saw his eyes glaze over. Donny shook his head and looked at Adam again. His eyes were clear one moment and then he was doubled over in pain. The potion was in his system. Adam marveled over how fast it worked. Donny sat back up and looked at his food.

"What did you do to it?" he demanded.

"Nothing," Adam replied. "You haven't even taken a bite yet."

"I feel funny," Donny said, looking from Adam to Aaron and back. "What's going on?"

"I'll tell you what's going on, Donny," Adam said coldly. "You're mine now. Forget who you used to be. I'm going to train you to be the person you were fucking meant to be."

Donny doubled over in pain again and Adam noticed that Aaron was eating his pizza bread with a small smile on his face. He clearly didn't know what Adam had done, but he knew that Adam had done something. Adam got up and took his plate away and told him to drink the rest of his beer. Donny did that.

"What's going on?" Donny asked. "Why are you taking my food?"

"Because you don't deserve to eat like the rest of us," Adam said. "I want you to get up and take off all of your clothes, Donny."

"Are we going to have sex?" Donny asked as he got up from the chair and pulled his shirt over his head.

"Oh we'll have sex," Adam said. "Don't you worry about that."

"Good," Donny said. "I've been thinking about it for weeks."

Adam waited until he was naked. He took his clothes into the bedroom and added them to the pile of clothes that Donny had brought. He hoped this was all he had. If he had more clothes he would likely have to go to where they were and retrieve them. That could lead to questions that Adam didn't want to answer. He went back to the dining room and found Donny sitting in the chair at the table. That wouldn't do.

"Get up, Donny," Adam said. "You never sit on the furniture for any reason."

"All right," Donny said. He looked at Adam and doubled over in pain again.

"You might as well stop trying to think about what to do to me, Donny," Adam said. "You're just going to rupture your stomach if you keep it up."

"What the hell did you do to me?" Donny yelled.

"No yelling, Donny," Adam said. "I'm going to get you something to drink. It will be all you get to eat or drink today so I suggest you drink it all."

"I want a beer," Donny said.

"No, Donny," Adam replied. "There'll be no beer for you. Ever." He pointed to the corner of the room. "Go over there and sit, Donny."

He waited for him to do what he was told and then went to get him a sports bottle of the shake. He came back and handed it to him. He told him to drink it and watched as he did so. He shivered when the bottle was empty and looked at Adam. He looked like he was thinking. Adam smiled.

"That tastes like shit," Donny said as he handed the bottle back to Adam.

"I know it does," Adam replied. "You're going to drink that three times a day. You will be permitted to drink water if you ask nicely, but that's all you'll get."

"Why?" Donny asked. He looked scared. Adam liked that.

"In just a moment you'll find out all you need to know," Adam said. "I'll be right back."

He went into his locked office and got Donny's rules sheet, his schedule and his contract. He went back to the kitchen and handed them to Donny along with a pen. He waited while Donny read the rules sheet. He looked over at Aaron and found that Aaron had eaten his lunch and was sitting there watching them with interest.

"What the hell is this?" Donny asked.

"Did you read all of them?" Adam asked.

"I read plenty," Donny said angrily. Then he doubled over again.

"I told you not to think of what you're going to do to me," Adam said. "Perhaps I have to order you to do what I want in this. Here goes. Donny, you are never to think bad thoughts about me or Aaron. You are never to think of hurting either of us. You will do exactly what I say when I say it. You won't ask questions and you won't lie to me. Now read that set of rules, because you are going to follow them to the letter."

Donny read the rules. It took him a few minutes and Adam waited. When he finished reading he looked back up at Adam. Adam told him to sign the bottom where it indicated. Then he took the rules sheet back. He told him to read the contract and initial where it said and finally to sign where it said. He waited while Donny did that. Then he took the contract from him. He let him look over the schedule and smiled.

"I don't get fucked, Adam," Donny said as he read the schedule.

"You do now," Adam said. "You're a fuck toy now, Donny. You're going to be fucked every day for the rest of your life. I plan to make sure of it."

"Okay," Donny said, but he looked terrified now. Adam smiled.

"Stand up, Donny," Adam said. "Follow me."

Adam nodded at Aaron and headed for the basement with Donny behind him. Then he decided to make Aaron wait a bit. He told him to clean up lunch and clean the kitchen. Then to come down and join them. Donny followed behind him and stopped in the doorway of the dungeon.

"What the hell is this place?" Donny asked.

"Your new home," Adam replied. "Now come on."

He told him to stand in front of him with his arms straight out. Then he was running his hands over Donny's body just like he had Aaron's the night before. He paid special attention to the muscles and the shape of him. He liked the way Donny's body looked. He didn't think it needed any work. He decided that toning was all he would need. Then he told him to bend over, put his hands on his knees and push his ass out.

"Are you going to fuck me?" Donny asked. His voice shook.

"Not yet," Adam said. "I'm going to test your prostate. You remember, Donny. You did it to me once."

He got into position and Adam lubed his index finger. He didn't rub Donny's hole. He shoved his finger into him savagely. Donny grunted but stayed in position. Adam found his prostate and smiled when Donny didn't react. He rubbed it a few times and still he didn't react. He didn't have a sensitive prostate. It would make it even worse for him. Adam nearly laughed. He told him to stand up and then had him bend over the horse. He secured his wrists and ankles and then got the paddle. He didn't say anything. He gave him no numbers to call out. This was just about beating his ass.

"AH!" he screamed when Adam brought the paddle down on his ass.

"That's it," Adam said and hit him again. Donny jerked and screamed out again. Adam hit him twenty times until his ass was an angry red.

He put the paddle away. Then he put a condom on and lubed his dick. He walked over and shoved his dick into Donny's ass to the hilt. Donny screamed like he was dying. Adam was suddenly very happy that the dungeon was soundproof. He fucked him hard and fast. Donny kept screaming. Adam kept fucking him. He knew it wouldn't last long, because he was excited by the fact that his dick was in Donny Coleson's ass and he was fucking him hard and fast. When he came he slapped Donny's red ass and pulled out just as fast as he'd shoved inside him.

He turned and saw Aaron standing in the doorway. He took off the condom and handed it to him. Aaron put it in his mouth and sucked the cum out. Adam handed him a new one and Aaron smiled.Adam watched as Aaron took his clothes off. He wasn't surprised that Aaron was hard. He'd been wanting this chance for so long. He'd probably been hard since he left the house to go and get Donny. Now his chance had come. One of them had come anyway. Adam watched as he rolled the condom down over the head and then the shaft of his dick. Then he stepped up to his brother and Adam stopped watching. He didn't want to see it. No, he didn't want to see it, but he heard it.

"AH!" Donny screamed again. "Damn!"

"Do you feel it, Donny?" Aaron yelled. "How many times did you do this to me? Huh? How many times did you make my ass bleed over the years? How many times did you hold me down and shove your dick into me like I'm doing to you now?"

"Aaron, please!" Donny begged.

"Please?" Aaron snorted. "I begged, Donny. I pleaded. You told me I was born for it. Well guess what, Big Brother, you were the one who was born for it. You! Do you know how many times I wanted to die? Do you know how many times I wanted to scream out that you were doing this to me at the dinner table?"

"God, Aaron," Donny cried.

"I prayed every night that you'd leave me alone, Donny," Aaron replied. "I prayed that you'd find someone else to fuck. Then maybe I'd be free of you. My prayers weren't answered for a long time. I had to do something that I regret so badly that sometimes I can't sleep. I had to give you Adam!"

Adam turned at the sound of his name. He watched Aaron's ass muscles work as he slammed himself into his brother. Then he grabbed him by the hair of his head and pulled his head back. Donny screamed something but Adam didn't understand him at first. He let out a long moan that was punctuated by each thrust of his brother's dick into his ass.

"I'm sorry, Aaron," Donny screamed.

"You're not sorry, Donny," Aaron said, pulling his hair harder, yanking his head back. "You told me all the way here today that you couldn't wait to have my ass around your dick again. You said you were going to fuck me and make Adam watch! You said you were going to fuck us both and make us beg for it. So the tables have turned now. Beg for it, Donny! Beg me to stop!"

"Please," Donny groaned.

"It's never going to stop, Donny," Aaron replied. "I guess in a funny way me giving you Adam was the best thing I could have done. Don't get me wrong, though. I'm sorry for what I did to Adam. I'm making up for it with my mouth twice a day and my body every day just like you'll be making it up to him every day. You know what though? Adam doesn't fuck me, Brother. No, he saves that for your sorry ass!"

"Please, Aaron," Donny breathed.

"Not now, Brother," Aaron replied. "I'm gonna cum now. Hear that? I'm gonna get off in your ass! Oh you have no idea how satisfying that is. I hate you, Donny. I hate you so much I'd kill you if Adam would let me."

Then he thrust his pelvis forward and yanked on Donny's hair. He threw his head back and yelled as he came into the condom which was all that stood between him and his brother. He pulled out and let go of Donny's hair. Then he was pulling the condom off his dick slowly and carefully. He turned to face Adam as he put the condom in his mouth and sucked out his cum. Then it was like he couldn't wait to get out of the dungeon and away from Donny.

Adam watched him go and then released Donny from the restraints. Donny stood up and Adam saw that he was crying. Adam paid no attention to the tears. He got the chastity device that he'd used on Aaron while the guys were there. He locked it in place around Donny's dick and balls and then led him over to the cages. He made him crawl into the bottom one and then he locked the door.

"I'll be back for you when it's time to eat," he said and then walked away to the sound of Donny sobbing and begging to be let out.

"Let me out!" Donny screamed when the door the dungeon closed and he was in the dark.

Adam went upstairs and found Aaron's door closed. He could hear him sobbing through the door. He had no idea how to help him, and he had no desire to. What had happened between the two brothers was nothing he could even fathom. He'd seen Donny fuck Aaron, and now he'd seen Aaron fuck Donny. It had been savage and cruel but not so much more cruel than the way Adam had fucked him.

The whole thing caused strange emotions to well up in Adam's heart. He felt angry and sad at the same time. He didn't know why though. Was he angry at Donny or at Aaron for fucking Donny? Was he sad for Aaron or was the talk of being raped reminding him of the times Donny had fucked him or what had happened with Melvin.

As if thinking the man's name was a curse Adam began to cry. He went to his own room and crawled onto his bed and sobbed. Melvin was gone, and he was never going to come back. Adam had tried so hard not to think of him. He'd tried not to cry over him. It was crazy. He'd fallen in love with a man who had raped him. He'd fallen in love with the words the man had said, the tenderness he'd shown him later and the man who'd held him in his arms at night. Melvin was the first man to ever kiss him, to ever make him feel like he was more than a useless young man who deserved nothing more than hatred and torture. Melvin had been so many things, but he had never been truly his. The potion had caused it all with Melvin. Adam had fallen into his own trap. In a way it was like he'd been under the effects of his own spell.

He was startled by the ringing of his cell phone. He looked at the caller ID and cried a little harder. It was Pete. Pete was the first friend he could remember having. He'd been the first one to look at him with anything like respect. He'd been upset that Adam was dating Melvin after what he'd done to him. Pete cared about him. Sure he was straight and would only ever be his friend, but he cared.

"Pete," he said into the phone when he answered it.

"Adam, what's wrong?" Pete asked immediately. He'd no doubt heard the tone of Adam's voice and known he was crying.

"Nothing is wrong," Adam replied. "Just thinking about Melvin."

"I swear if I could just get my hands on that guy I'd kick his damned head in for hurting you," Pete said.

"Thanks, Pete," Adam said, touched by the man's anger over his being hurt. "You didn't call me to hear me sob about Melvin. What's up?"

"Nothing much," Pete said. "We hadn't heard from you in a while so I thought I'd call and see how you're doing. How do you like Crippin so far?"

"It's a nice place," Adam said. "I've met some people and made a friend or two. At least I think I have. Any way it's far away from memories that hurt and then not far enough away from them."

"I keep forgetting that Melvin was your first relationship," Pete said. "Adam, the first time your heart is broken is the worst, but I promise you it will get better."

"I know it will," Adam replied. "It just hurts right now. I'll get through it. I've been through worse and had bigger disappointments in my life."

"Yes, you have," Pete agreed. "If you need us, Adam we're only a phone call away."

"Thanks, Pete," Adam replied.

When he got off the telephone he got out of the bed and went into his bathroom to wash his face. Then he checked on Aaron, looked at his watch and then opened Aaron's door. The boy was lying on his bed asleep. He'd cried himself to sleep, but Adam couldn't give him an inch. He shook him awake.

"What?" Aaron asked, looking into Adam's eyes. "Oh, sorry I guess I fell asleep."

"It's time for you to start supper, Aaron," Adam said. "Make a shake for Donny. I'm going to go down and have a discussion with him while you're cooking."

"All right," Aaron said as he sat up.

Adam went to the basement after that. He unlocked the dungeon door and turned on the lights. Donny was still in the cage of course, and he wasn't asleep. He didn't say anything as Adam unlocked the cage door. Adam stepped back and Donny crawled out of the cage. He stood up and stretched his body. The chastity device looked obscene on him. Adam told him to turn around and put his hands on his knees. Donny got into position and Adam looked at his ass. He checked it for bleeding or tearing. His sphincter muscle was raw and a bit swollen but there was no blood. He told him to hold the position and then went to get the lubricant. He lubed his index finger and poked at Donny's ass hole. Donny sucked in air as Adam's finger touched his sphincter.

"You're going to be a bit tender until your hole gets used to being stretched so much," Adam said. "In a few days I'll have devices that will make sure your hole gets used enough so that it gets used to the stretching and friction. Right now I have some cream to rub on it that should take care of most of the raw skin."

He went and got the special cream that until now he'd had no use for. It was thick and greasy and smelled like chap stick. He dug a healthy amount out with his fingers and then slathered it all over Donny's ass hole. Donny made no comment or sound at all. Then he had him stand up and turn around.

"This room is your home now, Donny," Adam said. "You have no need of clothing or personal effects. I will provide all you need. You will only come out of this room with my permission. You won't touch anything unless I give you permission either. From now on you will address me as Sir or Master. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir," Donny said.

"Also never look me in the eye, Donny," Adam said. "You keep your head bowed at a respectable level. You never look anyone in the eye, because you are a slave now. You are not a man, you are a fuck toy who men use for their pleasure. I know that you never wanted this, and I know that it's going to be hard for you. However you deserve everything that's happened and everything that will happen to you. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Sir," he said with his head bowed.

"Good," Adam said. "Because I'm never going to let up. You will be fucked by me, by Aaron and by any other man I decide to let fuck you. When no one is fucking you, you will follow the workout schedule. When you're done with your workout I will have a special workout routine for you. When that is not in use I will have a machine that will fuck you for hours. You will be milked. That means that you will be masturbated and stimulated until there is no cum left in you. Remember this, though. What comes out of the slave must go back in. You will drink your cum, Donny. You will either drink it straight from the container it is milked into or I will add it to your shake every day. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir," Donny replied.

"You never speak unless I give you permission," Adam said. "Your safe word will be the word red. You will only ever use it when I say the word safe word three times. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir," he said.

"Good," Adam said. "Because I will never tell you any of this again. You will have to remember. If you slip you will be punished. If you think the spanking you got today was bad then you should not slip. If you do your punishment will make that spanking look like a pat and tickle. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir," Donny replied.

"Your life has changed now," Adam said. "You belong to me. You need to get that clear right now. I don't care about what hurts you or what you don't like. Your life isn't about you anymore. It's about me and what I want. I want you to suffer, and I want you to be fucked over and over again. I'm doing this because of what you did to me."

"Yes, Sir," Donny breathed.

"Aaron has his own issues with you," Adam said. "You need to understand that he is also my slave. He will do anything I tell him to. He fucked you today because he wants revenge for all of the times you held him down and fucked him. I gave him a part of that revenge today. I will decide if he gets another go at you. I will decide what you eat, wear and do for the rest of my life. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir," Donny said.

"You will never tell anyone that you don't want to be my slave, Donny," Adam said. "If asked and I give you permission to answer your answer will always be that you want to be my slave, you love being my slave and it completes you. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir," Donny said.

"Good," Adam said. "Now follow me upstairs. Your brother should have my supper ready soon. Yours will be the shake. You will sit on the floor beside my chair and I will give you the shake after I have eaten my meal."

Aaron wasn't nearly finished with the meal though. He had potatoes on the stove boiling and he was opening a can of corn. He had a plastic cup of beef base and the box of corn starch on the counter. The oven was on and there was something in there. One side of the sink was filled with steaming soapy water. A mixing bowl, two measuring cups and a cutting board were in the water. Aaron was wiping the counter with the dish cloth.

"In about a half hour I'll have it all ready," Aaron replied when Adam asked him how long it would be until supper was ready.

"I'll just go in the living room and watch television," Adam said. "It smells good."

"Thank you," Aaron said with a smile. The boy was really proud of his cooking.

Adam went into the living room with Donny right behind him. He sat on the couch and told Donny to kneel at the end of the couch next to his legs, facing the couch and to stay quiet. There was nothing on the television that he really wanted to watch. He ended up watching the news. He paid very little attention to the television as he thought about what to do with Donny until his items arrived in the mail. He planned to fuck him again after supper, but he wasn't going to let Aaron fuck him again until they'd had a long talk about it.

With what had come over Aaron afterward he wasn't sure that he should allow it to happen again. He had to think about it some more and of course he had to talk to Aaron about it. As for his own melt down he'd decided to push it aside. It had been a moment of weakness. He couldn't cry over the past any more. It was time to get on with his revenge. He was still thinking about that when Aaron called him in for supper.

"It looks good," Adam said as he sat down in his chair. Donny moved to kneel beside his feet.

"I hope you like it," Aaron said.

What Aaron had prepared was a meatloaf with mashed potatoes, beef gravy and buttered corn. Adam liked it all right. It was delicious. He told him so and they were quiet for a while as they ate. When Adam's plate was empty he handed the sports cup full of the shake to Donny and told him to drink it all.

"We have to talk about what happened earlier," Adam said, looking at Aaron.

"It just brought back a bunch of memories that I couldn't handle very well," Aaron said.

"I understand that," Adam said. "But you were savage with the fuck toy. I don't want him damaged, Aaron. I think it'll be a while before I let you fuck him again. It will also be a few days before he can be fucked again."

"I'm sorry," Aaron said, putting his head down.

"Well I'm sure you are," Adam said as another idea occurred to him. "The fact remains that I can't fuck my toy for a few days. I'm not sure that fucking your throat will suffice. What do you suggest?"

Aaron looked at him then. Adam watched his face for any sign that what was coming had dawned on him. He got it as Aaron's eyes grew large for a moment. Then he looked at Donny who was still drinking his shake and then back at Adam again. He knew what was coming all right. He just didn't like it. Adam just kept looking at him.

"You're going to fuck me," Aaron said softly. A haunted look came into his eyes. "Will it be like it was with Donny?"

"I don't know, Cum Dump," Adam said, letting him know that it was no longer Adam and Aaron having a discussion. It was Sir and Cum Dump. "You did injure him so that I can't fuck him for a while."

"I'm sorry, Sir," he said, lowering his eyes. "I understand that I did a bad thing. I also understand that I will have to take Fuck Toy's place until he is able to perform again."

Adam looked at Donny. A cold glint had come into his eyes. It didn't take much for Adam to figure out what Donny was thinking. He was thinking that Adam would use Aaron the way that Aaron had used him. He was dead wrong about much of what he thought though. Adam planned to punish him for allowing himself to be so damaged that he couldn't be fucked. He also planned to make him suffer for it.

"Don't look so smug, Fuck Toy," Adam said, making Donny snap his attention to him. "You allowed yourself to be damaged. Don't think you're going to get off without a punishment. Cum Dump will be punished for damaging your hole, yes, but then you will be punished for allowing him to do so."

Donny looked sick at that. He no doubt was thinking about the fact that he'd been secured to the bondage horse and couldn't have prevented what had happened. If he was smart he'd also understand that he was really being punished for two things. One reason was that Adam hated him and wanted him to suffer. The other reason was the look that had come into his eyes when he'd realized that Aaron would take his place.

"Yes, Sir," Donny said slowly. Then he realized he'd broken another rule. He was looking Adam in the eye.

"Yes," Adam said when Donny dropped his eyes. "You looked me in the eye. You broke a rule. Tell me, Fuck Toy, what happens when you break one of my rules?"

"I get punished, Sir," Donny said.

"So now you're being punished for allowing your hole to be damaged," Adam said, thinking that Donny's first day as his slave would turn out to be legendary. "Then you're getting punished for looking me in the eye. What do you think your punishment should be, Fuck Toy?"

"I don't know, Sir," he said softly.

"Well I'll decide that when we get to the dungeon," Adam said. "I'll carry out your punishments while Cum Dump cleans the dishes and gets himself ready to take your place."

Adam had read about the effects of raw ginger in a man's ass on the internet. He'd bought a large amount of ginger after reading about it. He had no idea if it was actually true that a piece of raw ginger in a man's ass would make it tingle and itch until it ultimately burned, but he was about to find out. He went to the kitchen as Donny followed him. He opened the fridge and took out the largest piece of ginger he had. Then he got a paring knife from the drawer. He walked down the basement steps with Donny behind him.

When they were inside the dungeon he put the ginger and knife on the table. Then he took out four restraint cuffs and walked Donny over to the suspension rig. He attached the cuffs to the cables and then secured Donny's wrists and ankles. He went back to the cabinet and got the cranks. It took only seconds to assemble each one. Then he turned them until Donny was lifted off the floor with his arms and legs spread apart. He knew it was uncomfortable from the way Donny was breathing. That was good. He asked him if was uncomfortable and smiled.

"Yes, Sir," Donny huffed.

"Well it isn't over yet, Fuck Toy," Adam said as he went to the wall and took down a riding crop and a cane. He walked over to Donny and then around the rig to stand behind him. "Count the swats, Fuck Toy. Out loud."

He smacked his left ass cheek with the crop and Donny cried out the number one. He did it ten times on the left cheek with Donny counting. Then he told him to start over from one and started in on the right cheek. When his ass was very red and raw he switched to the cane. He told him to count again from one and then struck just below the left ass cheek.

"ONE!" screamed Donny. Then he howled in pain as an angry red welt raised where the cane had touched him.

"Good, Fuck Toy," Adam said and struck him again a hair lower.

"TWO!" screamed Donny though it came out in a howl.

"Very good, Fuck Toy," Adam said. "You can count. Let's do it again."

"ONE! OH GOD!" screamed Donny after Adam struck just below his right ass cheek with the cane.

"Very good," Adam said and then struck just below the new angry red welt again.

"TWO! PLEASE, SIR! OH GOD, PLEASE!" screamed Donny.

"Relax, Fuck Toy," Adam said. "That part is over."

He released the cranks and Donny slowly sank to the floor as his legs came back together. He was still grunting and gasping from the pain of the cane. Adam took the restraints off his wrists, telling him not to touch himself or he'd suffer. Then he uncuffed his ankles and walked him over to the table. He selected one of the smaller butt plugs from the wall and sat it on the table. Then he told Donny to cut the ginger into the shape of the butt plug.

Aaron came into the dungeon as Donny worked on carving the ginger to look like the butt plug. He was still twitching and gasping from the pain of the welts. Aaron slowly stripped out of his clothes, remembering that when he was in the dungeon as the Cum Dump he was to be naked. When his clothes were folded and stacked neatly on the table across from where Donny was carving the ginger Adam walked up behind him and bent him over the table so that his face was just inches from the plug. Then he lubed his dick and shoved it into Aaron's ass until his pubic bone was mashed against the boy's ass.

"AH!" cried Aaron.

"Easy, Cum Dump," Adam said. "You're taking Fuck Toy's place for a few days, so you'd better get used to this."

"Yes, Sir," Aaron huffed as Adam fucked him.

Adam didn't fuck him hard like he'd fucked Donny. He took his time and enjoyed Aaron's ass around his dick. He pumped in and out slowly, rubbing Aaron's back as he did so. The entry had been painful and shocking for Aaron, but Adam didn't want the whole experience to be terrible for him. He fucked him slow and steady until he felt his orgasm approaching. Then he pulled out quickly and turned Aaron around while shoving him to his knees. He shoved his dick into Aaron's throat and began to fuck his throat until he held the boy's head against him and came down his throat. When he let go Aaron coughed and gasped. Adam had a thought about how to make it easier for Aaron. He stood him up and turned him around again, bending him over the table. He took the plug from the table and lubed it. Then he worked it into Aaron's ass until it was snug.

"You'll keep this in your ass unless I'm fucking you," Adam said. "If you have to shit ask me to take it out for you."

"Yes, Sir," Aaron said as he stood and turned around. He kept his eyes averted the whole time.

"Now for your punishment for damaging Fuck Toy," Adam said as he led him over to the horse and secured him. "You know this song, Cum Dump. Count for me."

He selected the hard rubber paddle and gave Aaron fifteen swats on his left ass cheek and then fifteen more on his right. Then he rubbed the cooling ointment into his red ass. He hadn't done this for Donny and he didn't plan to. When he uncuffed Aaron and had him standing before him he was shocked by what Aaron did next.

"Thank you for punishing me, Sir," Aaron said, kneeling before him. "This cum dump is sorry for damaging Fuck Toy. And thank you for fucking your cum dump, Sir. Thank you for deciding Cum Dump was worthy."

"Stand up, Cum Dump," Adam said, stepping back to allow him to stand. "You can get dressed now, Aaron."

"Thank you, Sir," Aaron said and then went to retrieve his clothing while Adam checked on Donny's progress with the ginger.

"Looks good, Fuck Toy," Adam said. All of the skin had been peeled from the ginger and it looked almost like a butt plug. It had the cone shaped top and the fat bottom with enough left to hang out of his ass when Adam inserted it. "Bring that and come with me."

"Yes, Sir," Donny said.

Adam led him over to the bed and attached the restraint cuffs to the loops and hooks. Then he told Donny to lie down on his stomach. Once Donny was on the bed he cuffed his wrists and ankles to secure him. Then he grabbed one of the hard foam rubber pieces and shoved it under Donny's lower stomach just above his pubic bone, lifting his ass to the right angle. There was still quite a bit of the soothing salve on and in his hole. Adam took the ginger plug and worked it into Donny's ass. Donny didn't even flinch.

"How does it feel, Fuck Toy?" Adam asked him.

"It hurts, Sir," Donny said.

"That's just because your hole is still tender," Adam said. "It'll do much more pretty soon. You lie here tonight and let the ginger do its thing. We'll check your ass hole in the morning. If you piss this bed I'll make you lick it from the sheets. Remember that. Goodnight Fuck Toy."

"Goodnight, Sir," Donny said.

Adam turned off the lights in the dungeon, closed and locked the door before going upstairs to check on Aaron. Donny was in for a rough night of itching and probably burning. It had his dick hard again thinking about it. He supposed he was turning into a real sadist but he didn't care. Aaron and Donny deserved everything he gave them and so much more. Still he supposed he could be a bit softer. He wasn't about to fall into the trap he fell into with Melvin, but Aaron had really been crying over his past that afternoon. That wasn't a show. He'd closed his bedroom door and sobbed himself to sleep. Adam felt for him. He wasn't about to release him or coddle him, but he really felt for him. It was one thing that he hadn't allowed himself to think about until he'd heard that sobbing. Aaron's life may not have been much better than his own.

It didn't excuse what he'd done to Adam one little bit. It did however deserve one soft moment in a sea of harsh reality. He found Aaron sitting in the living room watching television. He noticed that Aaron was sitting at an odd angle. He was resting his weight more on his hip than on his ass. Adam supposed the entrance and the fucking itself was probably to blame. He had no idea how long it had been since Aaron had been fucked before that day.

"Stand up, Aaron," he said as he came into the living room. "Take your pants off and bend over. I want to check your ass."

"Yes, Sir," Aaron replied and did as he was told.

When he was standing there in his t-shirt and jock strap bent over with his ass out Adam got behind him and looked him over. There was a tiny bit of redness around his sphincter, but there was no swelling or bleeding. Adam decided he was fine. He told him to get dressed and then went and sat in his usual spot.

"When was the last time, before today that you were fucked, Aaron?" he asked.

"The night Donny nearly killed me," Aaron replied. "He beat me until I couldn't fight back and then he fucked me so hard that I shit blood for a month. I had a broken nose, two broken fingers and a cracked rib when it was over. I drove myself to the hospital and called the police. I told them everything and they arrested him. I hadn't been fucked since that night until you fucked me tonight."

"I heard you crying in your room after you fucked Donny," Adam told him and watched as Aaron put his head down. He seemed ashamed.

"I'm not proud of that, Adam," he said. "I fucked him the way he always fucked me, but when it was over I just felt so dirty and awful. I'm not proud of what I did, because he made me feel like I had turned into him. Does that make any sense?"

"It makes perfect sense," Adam replied. "I have you, Donny and Melvin to thank for who I am today. Because of the three of you and all of the friends you got to hurt me I'm a sadistic man who is excited by inflicting pain on others. Then I heard you sobbing over what had happened, and I remembered that I also have a tender side. It pisses me off that you made me remember it. I thought about punishing you for it, and in part I did punish you for that tenderness you reminded me I still had. I also think you deserve something."

"You're going to hurt me again?" Aaron asked with fear in his eyes and voice.

"Well I won't lie and say that it won't start out that way," Adam replied. "Your ass is tender already. Do you remember what I did to you when I fingered your ass?"

"You touched my prostate," Aaron said. "You said you wanted to see if I had a sensitive prostate."

"That's exactly what I did," Adam said. "You do have a sensitive prostate. That means if it's done properly you should enjoy being fucked."

"So you're going to fuck me again," Aaron said, putting his head down again. It wasn't a question.

"Yes, but I think you're missing the point, Aaron," replied Adam. "I said if done correctly you should like it."

"So you're going to do it correctly?" Aaron asked, looking at him. "Please don't be angry about this, but do you know how to do it correctly? I mean my brother was never nice about how he fucked you."

"No he wasn't," Adam agreed. "I'm not angry with your question. The answer is yes I do know how to do it correctly. I learned a lot with Melvin. He was my slave for a year, Aaron."

"Why did you let him go?" Aaron asked. "I mean I don't know how this happened to me or Donny, but I know you did something to us that made us do this. I assume you did it to this Melvin guy too. So why is he not here with us or down in the dungeon with my brother?"

"Melvin left on his own," Adam said, carefully omitting truths. "I didn't do anything to anyone to make them do anything. I made suggestions and first Melvin then you and finally your brother followed them. It isn't my fault that the three of you became my slaves. You each did something that made you feel it was necessary to become my slaves and let me show you a fraction of the pain you showed me."

Aaron shocked him after that. He stared at him for a moment and then got up and took off his clothes. Adam watched him until his clothes were folded and sitting in a pile on the couch. Then he stood there with his head down. He looked amazing in nothing but his jock strap. The workouts that he was doing every day were paying off. His muscles were growing.

"I'm ready, Sir," he said.

Adam got up and told him to follow him. He went to Aaron's room and told Aaron to lie on the bed on his back. Then he went after the lubricant. When he came back he spent a little time with Aaron's legs up. He massaged the lube into his ass hole and teased it with his finger. There was no way he was going to use his mouth. He pushed some lube into Aaron's ass and then began to finger him. He didn't go straight for his prostate. He took his time, letting Aaron get used to the finger inside of him. Then he went for the prostate and Aaron hissed and jerked.

Adam lubed his middle finger and inserted both his index finger and middle finger into Aaron's ass. Aaron closed his eyes tightly at this intrusion, but Adam was patient. He slid his fingers in and out, forcing them apart to stretch Aaron's hole. When Aaron opened his eyes again Adam lubed his ring finger and then he had all three fingers in Aaron's ass. Aaron was in obvious discomfort for a few minutes, but once he got used to Adam's three fingers in his ass he relaxed again. Adam went back to rubbing his prostate. He noticed that his dick was leaking precum all over his stomach.

"Remember, Aaron, whatever comes out of your dick from this you will eat," he said.

"Yes, Sir," Aaron replied and then started panting.

"You're ready," Adam said. He used his other hand to squirt lubricant onto the head of his dick, tossed the tube on the bed and then worked the lubricant all over his dick with his fist.

"Yes, Sir," Aaron said, but he sounded afraid again.

Adam put the head of his dick to Aaron's asshole. He removed his fingers quickly and put the head of his dick inside Aaron's ass hole before it could close completely. He ran his lubed fingers around his stretched sphincter and told him to push out like he would to shit. Then a few inches slipped inside of Aaron. He kept massaging his sphincter until he was all the way in. Then he wiped his hands on Aaron's bedspread, changed positions and let Aaron lower his legs until his ankles were resting on Adam's shoulders.

"How does it feel?" Adam asked after staying still for a few minutes.

"I feel full," Aaron replied.

"But does it hurt?" Adam asked.

"No, Sir," Aaron said. "It doesn't hurt."

He sounded amazed by this fact. Adam began to slowly pull his dick backward until only the head was trapped by Aaron's sphincter. Then he pushed it back all the way into him slowly. Aaron grunted. Adam shoved a pillow under his ass and began to slide his dick in and out of him at different angles until Aaron's eyes flew open and he gasped.

"There it is," Adam said with a smile.

Then he fucked him. He picked up speed but never stopped touching his prostate. Aaron closed his eyes again and began to roll his head from side to side. Adam fucked him steadily while watching his face. He knew this would make him cum. He was just waiting for it. He hoped it would be soon, because though he'd cum three times already that day he was about to cum again. Then he got what he wanted. Aaron's ass clamped around his dick. Aaron tilted his head back and moaned. Then a rope of cum shot from his dick up his torso and landed between his pecs. Three more shots in rapid succession joined the first. Then there were smaller shots until there was nothing. His ass kept spasming around Adam's dick, but it was perfect. He pulled out as soon as he felt it.

He lowered Aaron's legs and climbed his body, careful to stay out of his cum. Then he put his dick in Aaron's mouth and fucked his throat until he came. When he was sated he climbed off of Aaron and told him to eat his cum. Aaron scooped it up with his fingers and stuck them in his mouth over and over again until he had it all. Then he laid back and sighed. Adam asked him how it was.

"That was incredible," Aaron replied. "I never knew getting fucked could feel that good. It's always been painful and horrible. Tonight was like a whole different world. Thank you, Adam. Thank you for showing me that there was more to it than pain."

"You're welcome, Aaron," Adam said. "But that's the last time I fuck you like that. From now on it will be exactly the way it was in the dungeon."

"Yes, Sir," Aaron replied.

"Now get your clothes and clean yourself up," Adam said. "It's bed time."




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