The Craft (Novel Version)
by Julien Gregg


When Adam got back to the house he put both of the slaves in the dungeon. Donny was bound on the bed and Aaron was in the bondage chair. He had to think and he couldn't do that with the slaves in his face. Thankfully Brian had something to do that kept him away from home. He didn't think he would get any thinking done with Brian asking questions.

He knew one thing. He didn't want a public reunion with Melvin. There were things that could be said that Adam didn't need the general student body to hear about. There were things that could be said that he was sure he didn't want to hear as well. So many things could go wrong with a public reunion. His head hurt just from thinking about it.

He wasn't stupid enough to believe that smile that had been on Melvin's face when he'd seen him at the stadium. Melvin had told Lisa that he'd never loved him and never wanted to see him again. Adam knew that what he'd said had to be the truth because he wasn't under the effects of the potion when he'd said those things. He could say anything he wanted about Adam now without the adverse effects the potion would have made him suffer.

He sighed as he thought about that. Then he decided that he couldn't make the slaves suffer because he was confused and scared. He went down to the basement and let Aaron out of the chair. He unbound Donny and told him to use the bathroom. Then he told Aaron that he was free until Brian came home. When Donny came out of the bathroom Adam restrained him on the bed. He didn't use the fucking machine this time, though.

He went upstairs to his room and sat on his bed to do some more thinking. He thought back to everything that had happened between him and Melvin from the rape to the day he'd come home only to find that Melvin had cleared out everything that belonged to him and left him. Then he remembered that he'd found the collar on the dresser in the bedroom that day.

He sat up after that thought. He'd seen the collar around Melvin's neck. It was the same collar that Aaron and Donny wore around their necks. He got up and grabbed his keys. Then he unlocked his file cabinet and removed the box that held the third collar he'd bought. It was still in the box. He didn't understand how Melvin found the same collar. It had a lock on it. He didn't know who had collared him. Was Melvin a slave to someone else? That made him angry. Who would collar him? Why would they do it?

He sat down at his desk and fired up his laptop. Then he went to his site and looked at the links page. There it was. On the links page was a picture of the collar that his slaves wore along with a link to the store he'd purchased them from. His site email icon was spinning, alerting him that he had email. He clicked on it and found three from Melvin. He sat there and stared a the screen for a long moment before he clicked on the first one.

The first only said that he needed to talk to him. There was an email address and a cell phone number. Adam searched the prefix and found that it was an Ohio cell phone. Then he read the second. Melvin wrote that he'd been accepted at Statler-Mead and would be there at the beginning of the semester. The third said that he was there and wondering why Adam hadn't answered any of his email.

Adam sat there staring at the screen once again, thinking about what it meant that Melvin had sent three emails and obviously clicked on the site for the store where Adam had bought the collars for his slaves, ordered one and locked it around his neck. He didn't know what to think of any of it. He was still sure that Melvin hated him for what he'd done to him. In Melvin's mind what Adam had done was likely so much worse than what Melvin had done to make Adam believe that he'd deserved any of it. He was rocked by that thought and startled when there was a knock on his bedroom door. He got up and opened it to find Brian standing on the other side.

"Hey," said Brian. "What are you up to?"

"Currently?" Adam asked as he stepped aside to allow Brian to enter his room. "I was just staring at three emails that Melvin sent me, and I've been stuck on the fact that I saw a collar around his neck in the cafeteria and again at the stadium after the game. I didn't put it around his neck."

"Do you think he has a new Master?" Brian asked as he sat on the bed. Adam went back to his desk chair.

"I don't know," Adam replied. "I suppose it's possible, but I highly doubt it. Melvin was only my slave because he felt he deserved to be."

"Adam, the slaves are who they are because they need to be," Brian argued.

"Yes," he said. "But Melvin knew his slavery would only last until he felt he'd made up for what he'd done. It was different with Melvin. He was no longer my slave after so long. We were lovers after that. When he left me he was no longer my slave."

"Well perhaps he has found that need within himself," Brian said. "Maybe he knows now, only because you enslaved him before that he can't function in a normal, vanilla relationship."

"I don't know what to think," he sighed. "I agreed to see him in the cafeteria Monday, but I don't really want our discussion to be a public one."

"Oh I don't think it should be a public discussion either," Brian said. "I think he should come here where you can control the situation."

Adam thought about that for a moment. He supposed he would feel at least safer at the house than in public with him if he said anything that someone might overhear. However he'd feel safer physically if he kept the whole thing public where Melvin would be hesitant to do anything violent. It was a problem he had to figure out. After thinking about it for only a moment he made the decision to have Melvin come to the house.

"Well he left an email address," Adam said after a long moment. "I guess I could email him and give him the address and tell him to come here."

"I'd give you as much privacy as you need," Brian said. "I could always keep the slaves busy while he's here, too."

"Thanks, Brian," he said before turning back to the laptop and typing up an email asking Melvin to come to the house the next day. "There."

"All set?" Brian asked.

"Yeah," he said with a sigh. "I hope I did the right thing."

He got a response almost an instant later. Melvin wrote that he'd be there after his lunch shift at two the next day. Adam turned off the laptop and followed Brian out of the bedroom. They collected Aaron and went to the dungeon. Adam released Donny from the restraints and told him to get up on his hands and knees. He rolled a condom over his hard dick and fucked Donny while thinking about the first time he'd gotten Melvin to beg him to fuck him.

Brian had gotten off in Aaron's throat by the time Adam had gotten off. He stood up and took off the condom. Aaron accepted it and sucked his cum out of it. Then Adam had Donny use the bathroom one last time for the night before securing him in the bed again. He left him on his back with the plug in his ass. Then he took the chastity device off of Aaron and handed him a condom. He told him to masturbate and then suck his cum out of the condom when he was done. They stood and watched while he did this. Aaron would never have an orgasm that no one saw again.

Adam went to bed that night and tossed and turned. He couldn't get images of Melvin beating him to a pulp out of his head. Finally pure exhaustion won out and Adam fell asleep. He fell instantly into a dream of the images he'd had trapped in his head before falling asleep. Over and over again Melvin punched him in the face, kicked him in the balls and raped him again. He woke up gasping and crying as the sun began to rise.

Aaron knocked on his door only a moment later. He allowed him to come in and shower with him. Aaron washed him from head to toe and sucked his dick in the shower. Adam allowed all of this but he never stopped thinking about Melvin and his arrival at the house.

"Get breakfast going and make Donny's shake," he said when they were dried off and he was putting on his clothes.

Twenty minutes later he and Brian sat at the table across from each other as Donny served their food. Then Donny knelt on the floor by Adam's chair and waited for his shake. Aaron came in and sat at the table with his own plate of food. They said nothing to each other until Aaron was taking the dishes away.

"Nervous?" Brian asked.

"A little," Adam lied. He was more than a little nervous. He was terrified of what Melvin would do when he arrived at two.

"Don't be," Brian replied, smiling. "You're going to be fine. Slave Melvin will be eating out of the palm of your hand shortly after he arrives. Trust me."

Adam wasn't so sure about that. He set the slaves to cleaning the entire house and dungeon after that, stopping only to allow Aaron to make lunch. They ate in silence and then Aaron cleaned up before Brian took them both back to the dungeon, leaving Adam alone to await Melvin's arrival. He didn't have long to wait. Promptly at two Melvin knocked on the front door. Adam went and opened it and just stood there.

He stood there looking at Melvin. He couldn't believe he'd had him come to the house. He didn't know what to expect from him. Was he there to fight? Was he there to accuse him? He didn't know. He just stood there for the longest time taking in the sight of him. Melvin had lost weight. He didn't look as bulky as he had before. His blond hair was longer and shaggier. His blue eyes looked tired and worn as if he'd lived a hard life since they'd parted. Adam knew just looking at him that he was still in love with Melvin. His heart ached to touch him, to kiss him and hold him.

"Can I come inside?" Melvin asked. "I promise I'm not here to hurt you or anything like that, Adam."

"Of course," Adam said, stepping aside to allow Melvin to come into the house.

"I saw your web site," he said as he walked past Adam into the hallway. "My brother found it and showed it to me."

"Your brother?" Adam asked as they went into the living room. They sat on the couch as far from each other as possible.

"Yeah," sighed Melvin. "There's so much to tell you about. I just have to sort through what I want to say first."

"Lisa told me that you told her that you never wanted to see me ever again," Adam said as his heart began to race. "She said that you told her that you never loved me and that you would never love me."

"Adam, I needed to think about all of what had happened between us," Melvin said. "I was confused and scared. I couldn't figure out how I fell in love with you. I never realized that I was bisexual. I thought I was but then I thought it was just crazy because I never felt that way about a man. I never thought about a man in any sexual way. I'm not attracted to men. I've always been as straight as can be. Then there was you. I couldn't figure out how it had happened. I still don't understand. I'm still very confused."

"All right," Adam said, deciding on the spot that the best way to make Melvin understand what had happened was to show him. "There's something I have to tell you and show you."

He got up and went into the kitchen. He took the vials of Aaron's and Donny's potion back to the living room with the book. He sat on the couch closer to Melvin this time and spread it all out on the coffee table in front of Melvin. Then he opened the book and to the page with the recipe for the potion and handed it to Melvin. He sat there and waited while Melvin read it all.

"What is this?" Melvin asked. There was no malice in his voice.

"It's a compulsion potion," Adam replied.

"That's what's in these vials?" Melvin asked, pointing to the vials on the table.

"Yes, Melvin," Adam said. "I give those to Aaron and Donny every day. It's what makes them do what I tell them to do."

"You gave me this potion?" Melvin asked, looking at him evenly.

"Yes," he said simply. "You said that you didn't understand how I got you to do some of the things you did, things you said you'd never have done. This is it."

"You used this on me?" Melvin asked, though that's exactly what Adam had just said.

"Yes," Adam replied. "It started out as revenge for what you had done to me. Then I fell in love with you, and I was so convinced that you really loved me that I stopped giving you the potion. You left that very day."

"How did you know it would work?" Melvin asked. "I know a lot of people who have copied spells out of books and tried to do things, but it never worked. How did you get it to work?"

"I don't know really," Adam admitted. "I took the spells from the books, but I changed them to personalize them. I concentrated so hard on them. Then I cast them."

"Did you cast any spells on me?" Melvin asked.

"No," Adam replied. "I cast one spell, and it cost my parents their lives. Killing them wasn't what I cast the spell for, but I learned a valuable lesson with that spell. I cast it to get money so I could get away from you. Then they died and the insurance payment was the exact amount I'd cast the spell for."

"So you got all of your money from a spell?" Melvin asked. He was still calm, and Adam couldn't figure out why. He'd just admitted that he'd been compelling him with a potion that made him do things he'd never had done before he'd been given it.

"No," he said and decided to tell him all about it from the charm bag he'd made in Crete to keep his parents out of his room all the way to the compulsion potion he'd used to take his revenge on him. When he was finished Melvin sat there, looking back at him for the longest time.

"So what you're telling me is that you made a charm bag to keep them from searching your room all the time, and to keep your stepfather from coming into your room and dragging you out by your hair," Melvin said. It wasn't a question so Adam waited for more. "Then you cast a spell to get seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Your mother and stepfather died in an accident that could have happened anyway, and you got the money from their insurance policies that they just happened to take out the day after you cast the money spell. Then your lawyer decided to sue the company the driver worked for and you got the rest of the money."

"That's right," Adam said, waiting for him to get to the part about what he'd done to him.

"Then I hurt you in the worst way," Melvin said, looking down. "So you put together this potion and put it in my coffee to take your revenge for what I did to you."

"That's right," Adam said, expecting him to blow up about it.

"So you only made a charm bag to protect yourself, cast a peace spell when you were in the house in Crete by yourself, then cast a spell to get money to get away from all of it," Melvin said. "Then you made a potion and used my hair to get back at me for hurting you?"

"That's right," Adam repeated.

"Adam," Melvin said, looking at him with such calm and love that Adam flinched. "You only tried to protect yourself, get money to keep protecting yourself and pay me back for what I did to you."

"That's what I'm telling you," Adam said. "Now I'll understand if you want nothing to do with me. All you have to do is get up and leave. I won't try to stop you. I haven't given you any potion."

"You have the ingredients to make more potion," Melvin stated.

"But I won't make any for you," Adam promised. "Melvin, I don't want to compel you."

"Adam, do you love me?" Melvin asked.

"Yes," Adam replied and began to cry. "I love you so much that it's killing me to tell you all of this. I wanted you to stay with me, Melvin, but I don't want you to stay because of a potion. I don't think I could take it if that was why you stayed."

"It won't be the only reason," Melvin said. "Adam, I can't sleep because I dream about you. I catch myself thinking about the things we did together before I left and I get so turned on that I'm ashamed. I can't masturbate or even have sex. I've tried both. All I can think about is you fucking me and making me cum. I can't understand how it really happened. You said the potion was responsible, and I guess it was for some of it, but I love you, Adam. I love you so much that I've been lost without you."

Adam watched as Melvin plucked a few hairs from his head and then stood up. He went to the kitchen with the book and all of the vials of the potion. Adam followed him. He watched as Melvin read the recipe and then put all of the ingredients for the potion on the counter and stood back. He stared at Adam for a long moment and then placed the hairs he'd plucked from his head on the counter with the ingredients.

"What are you doing?" Adam asked in stunned confusion.

"I'm showing you that I love you, Adam," Melvin replied. "I want you to brew the potion and put my hair in it. I'll drink it, Adam. I want you to see me drink it, knowing exactly what it is and what it does. I don't care if you have control over me. I love you, and I want you. I want to be yours and I want to live here with you. This potion will let me do it."

Adam was stunned by this. It was far from the reaction that he'd been expecting. He still couldn't believe that he'd shown Melvin the potion and book. He began to put the ingredients into a sauce pan on autopilot. He didn't need the book to do this. He'd done it so many times before. When the potion was bubbling he added Melvin's hair and it turned red. He took it off the stove to let it cool.

"It has to cool," he told Melvin. "You can't just drink the potion. It has to be added to something else in a smaller quantity. I have no idea what would happen if you just drank it straight."

"All right," Melvin said as he sat down at the kitchen table.

Adam got a glass and filled it with water. Then he used a dropper to put nine drops of the potion into the water. He handed the glass to Melvin and stood there to wait and see what Melvin would do. He expected him to throw the water in his face and laugh at him, to tell him that he'd never drink it in a million years and had been letting Adam think he'd have what he wanted. Then he'd start beating on him. That's not what happened though. Melvin smiled at him and then drank the glass of water straight down.

"That's it," Adam said with a sigh of relief.

"Am I yours again?" Melvin asked with such an expectant look in his blue eyes that Adam shuddered at the sight of it.

"Yes, Melvin," he said. "You're mine again."

"Then you'll need these," Melvin said, reaching into his pocket for the keys to his collar. He handed them to Adam.

"We have to discuss what happens next, Melvin," Adam said as he took the keys.

"What do you mean?" Melvin asked. "I'll move in here to be with you, right?"

"Well yes," Adam said. "But there's more to think about. Three other people are living in this house at the moment."

"Your other two slaves," Melvin said, looking down for a moment. "I'm sorry for hitting your slave, Adam."

"I don't care about that right now," Adam said. "I want you to understand that I can't just let Aaron and Donny go."

"Of course you can't," Melvin replied. "But Adam, who is the third person living here?"

"His name is Brian," Adam said as he sat down at the table across from Melvin. "He's a Master like me."

"Are you going to let him hurt me?" Melvin asked, looking a little worried.

"No," Adam replied. "No one touches you but me."

"Good," Melvin said, smiling radiantly.

After that Adam called Brian and the slaves upstairs to discuss the new house slave and what the new rules were. He would call Melvin a slave, but he would never think of him as anything but his lover. Brian and Aaron sat at the table while Donny sat on the floor beside Adam's chair.

"So this is Slave Melvin," Brian said as he looked at Melvin.

"Yes," Adam said. "But he's just Melvin."

"I see," Brian said. "I assume he's your personal slave then?"

"Yes," Adam replied. "Melvin's status is above Aaron's in that I am the only one who will touch him sexually or to punish him. Things will remain the way they have been with Aaron and Donny."

"Well then welcome to the family, Melvin," Brian said, nodding at him. Brian wouldn't shake his hand because in his eyes Melvin was a slave.

"Thank you, Sir," Melvin said formally, shocking Adam.

Later, when they were alone together in Adam's room, he informed Melvin that he wasn't actually required to call Brian "Sir". Melvin argued that he should call Brian and any of the other Masters that came to the house Sir to keep his status firmly in their minds.

"But you're not really a slave, Melvin," Adam said.

"Yes I am," Melvin said with a smile. "But I'm only your slave."

"What are you saying?" Adam asked, putting his hands on either side of Melvin's face.

"I'm saying I want this to be what it was," Melvin said. "I want you to make me feel the way I felt when we were in that dorm room in Storyville, Adam. I want to feel wanted and desired. I want to be made to beg you to fuck me the way you used to make me beg. I want it all."

Adam looked at him for a long moment, saying nothing. It was like being given the keys to the castle. Everything he wanted was now right before him. Melvin was there, looking at him with those pleading blue eyes. Sure he looked a bit worn, but Adam could change that. He could change anything about him that he wanted, because Melvin had knowingly drank the potion that would allow Adam complete and utter control over him and every single piece of his life.

"You want to go back to being my sex slave?" Adam asked, trying to clarify what he had in his head.

"Something like that," Melvin replied with a grin that was so sexy that Adam had to restrain himself from grabbing him and pushing him to his knees.

Did he want things to go to what they had been? With him in control all the time? Could he control Melvin that way again? He knew he could do it. It was a simple thing with the potion in his system, but he loved Melvin. Could he do those things to someone he loved even if that someone was asking him to do it all? He supposed he could try.

"Then you can have what you want," Adam replied. "You can be my slave, Melvin. Just remember that I am in control. I won't allow any other man or woman to touch you sexually or to punish you in any way. If you do something that angers Brian or any of the others they will come to me with it. I will punish you for anything you do wrong."

"As you should," said Melvin.

"I won't give you a list of instructions other than that you have to always be faithful to me," Adam said. "You are never to cheat on me with a man or a woman."

"I will always be faithful," Melvin said. "You have to know I will be. I love you, Adam."

"Then I suppose you'll have what you want," Adam said.

It wasn't as simple as that though. Lisa called to find out what had been going on. She asked if Adam had talked to Melvin and when Adam told her that Melvin was in the process of moving in with him she went on and on about how that was a terrible idea. He was shocked by her outburst. He was so shocked that he just let her go on and on until she finally hung up on him.

Then he had to get everyone ready because they were in town again. Pete called the following Saturday to tell him that they were on their way to the house. There was nothing really to do to get things ready other than to discuss the day's events with Melvin. He gave him specific instructions on how to behave and what not to say to Pete and Lisa. Then he gave him the uniform he would wear for this visit. Melvin smirked at him when he handed him the black jock strap and t-shirt. There was no lettering on either. He wouldn't match Aaron and Donny completely, but then he wasn't supposed to.

When they arrived, Adam was in for an even bigger shock. First he had to put up with Lisa questioning Melvin. He gave her all of the answers she asked for. They just weren't the absolute truth. They were the careful instructed answers that Adam had given him. She never mentioned the potion. He was thankful for that because Brian was sitting in the room with them. He wasn't worried so much about Aaron and Donny listening. They could be ordered to forget what they'd heard. Brian was different. It wasn't any of what was being said between them that shocked him so far. It was what she told him next that shocked Adam.

"Your brother has called me every day to find out if I've heard from you," she snapped, glaring at Melvin. "I told him you were going to school here. He said he knew that, but he couldn't get in touch with you. He says you turned off your cell phone and moved out of your apartment. He wants to know what's going on."

"What did you tell him?" Adam asked, stopping Melvin from saying a word.

"I told him I had no idea what was going on," she snapped, glaring at Adam now. "This has got to sop. This isn't just about you and Melvin anymore, Adam. Now I'm lying to his brother."

"So don't lie to his brother anymore," Adam said calmly. The plan was forming in his mind as he spoke. Of course he'd have to discuss this with Melvin, but that could happen when they were alone.

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

"Don't lie to him anymore," he repeated. "Give me three days and Melvin will be on the website along with Aaron and Donny. Then you can tell him the truth. Melvin is my slave. He lives with me and nothing will change that."

"So you've done it again?" she asked, looking startled but not angry.

"Not what you're thinking I've done," he said. "Melvin came here of his own free will and begged me to take him back."

"He begged to be your slave?" she asked. "Are you telling me you didn't have anything to do with his begging?"

"That's not fair," Adam said. "I've told you and Pete everything. Why would I start lying to you now?"

That gave her pause. She just looked at him for a moment and then sighed. Pete put a hand on her shoulder, looking at Adam with a strange expression on his face. Adam didn't know what that was all about. He was too busy trying to figure out what to say to Lisa without saying too much and giving Brian information he didn't need. After all he had no plans to give the potion to Brian. He didn't want to. Brian, Lisa and Pete were his friends. He didn't want to compel them.

"All right," she sighed. "I'm sorry. You just have to understand that it's a little shocking to find him here. You were so devastated by his leaving that you moved to another state, Adam."

"Yes, and he followed me," Adam pointed out. "He came back on his own, Lisa. Please believe me. I didn't do anything to him. He came back and asked for things to go back to the way they were so we could be together. He loves me."

"Is this true?" she asked, looking at Melvin.

"Yes," he said with a smile. "I was stupid, Lisa. I hurt him and myself by leaving him. I got him to take me back. Please don't be mad. I won't do it again. I'm his. I'm staying his. You don't have to lie to my brother. He knew I was going to try to get Adam to take me back. I had a long conversation with him about what it would mean if he took me back. He wasn't happy but he said he understood."

"Well I don't know that he really understands," she said. "He's mad, Melvin. He says you went nuts or something. I don't know what to tell him."

"Just tell him to look at the site," Adam said. "Give me the three days and then he can hear Melvin's own words on the site."

"All right," she said. "I'll tell him to look at the site, but Adam he's not going to be happy."

"I understand that," Adam said as he thought about what it was probably going to come to.

They stayed for dinner and it was tense. Then it was always tense when people knew things that he didn't want them to. When they left to head back to Storyville they had been assured that he had everything well in hand. Of course he did. He always had things well in hand. Experience had taught him well.

Later that night Aaron recorded Melvin's speech for the site. Melvin had a few reservations about appearing in some of the ways that Adam had set up for him. In the end he did it, not because Adam ordered him to but because he explained why it was necessary. It was necessary for his brother and everyone else to see that Melvin was just like Aaron and Donny. So he got him all set up in the suspension rig and made sure he was hard. Aaron got photographs of that. Then he got him secured to the bondage horse and Aaron got pictures of that. Finally Adam had him on his knees, sucking his dick while Aaron got pictures of that as well. That was as far as Adam wanted to go with the site and Melvin.

It took three days for Kyle Borlan to show up on their doorstep. He'd called the house and talked to Melvin, demanded to talk to Melvin and only Melvin. Adam sat with him while he was on the phone with his brother. They'd talked about what Adam would do if Kyle didn't take this the right way. If he was a problem then he'd be added to the household in one way or another.

"So you're Adam Wells," Kyle said when Adam answered the door. "You don't look like much."

He looked so much like Melvin it was almost as if they were twins. Of course he was older than Melvin. He looked older. His head was shaved down to maybe a half inch of very blond hair all over it. His blue eyes were just a tad darker than Melvin's, but Adam could tell that Kyle and Melvin were brothers.

"I never claimed to be much," Adam said, stepping aside to allow Kyle to come into the house. "Come on in."

It was all waiting for him. Aaron, Donny and Melvin were all done up in their uniforms. Aaron was in his "Cum Dump" jock and t-shirt while Donny was dressed in his "Fuck Toy" jock and t-shirt. Melvin was in a plain black jock and t-shirt. Adam had given him no title. He was thinking about having "Alpha" printed on the jock and shirt the same way as "Cum Dump" and "Fuck Toy" were printed on Aaron and Donny's. So far he hadn't done it.

The three of them were kneeling with their heads down along the side wall. Kyle followed Adam into the room and stopped short when he saw Melvin. Then he just stood there with disbelief stamped all over his face. Adam wondered what he was thinking, though he was sure he could probably guess.

"What the hell is this?" he exploded at his brother.

"He hasn't been given permission to speak," Adam said and then stood his ground when Kyle turned to face him with such a look of hatred on his face.

"You!" he spat, pointing at him. "You did this to my brother."

"No, he did it to himself," Adam spat back. "He started this when he raped me. Did he tell you about that? It was on the site. I assume you listened to his words when he told his story to the camera. That's when this started. If you have to blame someone then blame Melvin. None of this would be happening if not for him and the other two. They started me down a road I didn't even know existed. They taught me cruelty. One with his fists and the other with his dick. Then your brother did what he did and I accepted the fact that if I was ever going to have any peace in this world it would be by being in control.

"Well I'm in control now," he said. "They relinquished control of their lives to me. First it was your brother. He was my slave almost the entire time we were in Storyville. Then he decided he was getting too fucked up by it all so he left. Then these two decided to submit. It blew me away, too. I didn't understand it. Then I just accepted it. They're mine. Melvin came back and now he's mine again. You can either accept that or you can get the hell out of my house."

"And you let him do those things I saw him doing to you on the website?" Kyle demanded of his brother now. "I watched you suck his dick, Melvin. You told me that you would never do that again."

"I'm sure he meant it at the time, Kyle," Adam said. "But he had a change of heart. You can either accept it or just write him off. You can be a part of his life if you accept his new life, or you can be another person who has written him off, just like your father wrote him off."

"So to be a part of my kid brother's life I have to accept that you beat him and fuck him and make him do all of these other vile things I've seen you do to the other two?" Kyle asked.

"No," Adam replied. "I don't beat him. I have never gone further than spanking his ass. I won't beat him, and I won't do half the things you saw me do to the other two on the site. Melvin is a slave, but he's not like the other two. We're in love with each other. I don't love the other two. What I have with the other two is nowhere close to what I have with Melvin."

"You love my brother," Kyle said with a sigh. "Well if you really love him then why do you have to treat him like this?"

"Melvin, you may talk to your brother," Adam said, glancing at him.

"Adam treats me like this because this is what I want and need," Melvin said. "I love Adam with all of my heart, and I need him to love me and still be able to do the things to me that I need."

"But why?" Kyle asked. "Just tell me why, Melvin."

"Because I love him and I want him to do this to me," Melvin said. "I can't explain it all to you the way you want me to. All I can say to you is that I love him and I'm happy. This is what I want, so can you please just accept it?"

"Do I have to see it?" Kyle asked. "I mean I saw the website. Wasn't that enough? Do you have to be here on your knees dressed like that?"

"I am here, on my knees dressed like this because it is part of what I need," Melvin said. "I need him to be in control. I want him to be in control. I love it when he's in control. Do you have to see it? Well I suppose not. We can visit each other with Adam's permission in any way you want, I suppose. But if you are going to come here to this house, to Adam's house then you have to accept that I am his slave. You have to show him the respect that he deserves as my Master and the man I love."

There was a longer discussion that Adam allowed to be had in private, away from Aaron and Donny. Brian still hadn't come home so Adam wasn't worried about him. Kyle basically asked the same question over and over again. He wanted to know why his brother needed this or even wanted this. He could accept the fact that he was in love with Adam. That wasn't so hard for him to accept. He wasn't their father.

It took longer than Adam wanted, but Kyle left just before Brian came home that evening. Everything was fine. Kyle didn't stay away though. He returned a lot that year. He was in their lives no matter what they might have wanted. Adam allowed Melvin to leave with his brother whenever he came to the house. He just wasn't happy about it. However the potion would keep Melvin in line.

Things were a bit bumpy for a while on the slave front as well. Aaron started asking Adam why he needed them when he had the man he loved. Adam reminded him that he would have Aaron and Donny for the rest of his life and told him not to ask him about it anymore. The potion made his words a command and Aaron never questioned it again. He was thankful for that.

Melvin never said anything about being jealous when Adam fucked Donny or had Aaron suck his dick. He liked the fact that Brian was doing the same thing to them but not to him. Brian never treated Melvin like an equal, but he didn't ignore him like he did Aaron and Donny either. He suggested another get together as soon as the temperature was good enough for a cook out. Melvin was a hit that day, but the other Masters were a bit put out by the rules regarding Melvin. He wasn't to be touched sexually, ordered about or bothered in any way. He was Adam's and Adam's alone.

It worked out. Things were never exactly easy while Adam, Melvin, Aaron and Brian were in school. Brian talked to Adam quite a lot about what he wanted to do when he graduated. He'd discussed the sex toy store with him before, but Adam expanded on it quite a bit. He drew up his plans in a nice neat report that he gave to Brian three months before Brian would have graduated from the university with his degree in business.

The plan was to have a massive store with a private section where shows could be put on. The store catered to all but specialized in the leather area of sex toys and equipment. The shows would be a draw for the leather crowd. Brian hired a likeminded friend to be the show director once the store was open. Of course Adam was his financial backer. They had to get so many different kinds of permits to sell their merchandise as well as to hold the shows.

Donny and Brian were featured in one of those shows. Donny's appearance was severely altered for the show, but Adam liked the changes so much he decided to make them permanent. His hair was cut short, almost buzzed off. They'd had wrist cuffs fashioned for him that locked like the collar. For the show he had a thick metal band of a collar that was very uncomfortable for him. Adam had paid to have Donny's nipples, nose and penis pierced. Thick metal rings were placed in his nipples, the head of his penis right through the meatus of his penis and through the center cartilage of his nose. They were permanent along with the tattoo of the words "Fuck Toy" on his ass cheeks.

Donny was trussed up like the piece of meat he was. Aaron was worried for a while that they were going to do the same things to him. Then the night of the show was upon them and Aaron was even more afraid of what was coming. Donny was secured to a St. Andrew's Cross, facing the cross. Then Brian whipped him from the back of his neck just across his shoulders down to his ass. He secured him facing out from the cross and applied plastic clothespins with a hemp cord running through them. Then he used a riding crop to swat Donny's dick and balls. When he had Donny yelping and moaning he pulled the cord, yanking all of the clothespins off of him at once. Donny screamed from the pain of it. Then he secured him to a bondage horse and fucked him first with a dildo and then finally he fucked him properly while the gathered spectators cheered.

The shows were like that a lot. There were various other scenarios portrayed for a paying crowd, but mostly they were like that. Brian and Donny were such a hit that they did six more shows together and not all of them were at The House of Adam. Adam had what he wanted with Donny. The man was broken and finally in his place. With Aaron it wasn't about breaking him. It was always just about controlling him.

When Adam graduated, Pete and Lisa came to the ceremony and party afterward. Kyle came to be there for his brother, but most shocking was that Aaron and Donny's parents came to be there for him. Adam gave Aaron specific instructions on what to say and what not to say to them and then stayed away from them.

Adam opened his own store six months after graduation. His was an occult store that sold everything from Tarot Cards to herbs, candles and crystals. He hired palm readers and tarot readers to read for the public. He hired an astrologist to cast charts for the public as well. He bought mostly handmade candles and home grown herbs that were harvested, dried and ground by local witches.

They were successful and happy. But most importantly Adam was at peace. He and Melvin were only slave and Master in public. Behind the closed bedroom door they were lovers. It was nothing close to a conventional relationship. They were happy with what they had. Adam had the man he loved, his two slaves and more friends than he'd ever had in his life. He'd come such a long way from the quiet, abused young man who pumped gas and checked oil for the very kids that taunted him in high school. Now he was a confident, self-assured man. It was the way it was supposed to be.


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