The Craft (Novel Version)
by Julien Gregg

This story is a work of fiction its characters do not exist outside the story. Any resemblance to living people or places is strictly coincidence. This story is Copyright © 2014 Julien Gregg. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This story contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the author.

Chapter Three

Adam got up and dressed before Melvin could get out of the bathroom again. He left the dorm room and headed for the cafe where he and Pete were supposed to meet. He'd be early, but he couldn't sit there wondering about Melvin all morning. That wouldn't do him any good. He hadn't thought of how to test the potion after putting it in the coffee. He didn't know what to expect.

He sat down at a table in the cafe and got his potion book out of his backpack. He was reading through the section on that particular potion when the waitress arrived to take his order. He mumbled that he wanted coffee, but he never took his eyes off the page. It said that after the intended had ingested the potion, he would be at Adam's beck and call. In other words, he would do anything Adam told him to do, and he would hate himself for it each time.

He put the book away when his cup of coffee was placed on the table in front of him. He stared at that cup for a few minutes, thinking about Melvin again. If Melvin would do anything that he was told, then revenge was only part of what Adam could get from that potion. He asked himself if he really wanted to have his revenge bad enough to use Melvin in that way.

His mind filled with images of himself bent over his bed with Melvin's dick forcing its way into his torn ass. He remembered the pain and confusion he'd suffered because of Melvin. The fear. He hated Melvin even more after remembering how he'd made him feel. Plans formed in his mind, and he was so busy putting those plans together that he almost didn't acknowledge Pete when he sat down.

"How long have you been sitting here?" asked Pete as the waitress came over again.

"I don't know," replied Adam. He was shocked to find that his coffee cup was empty. The waitress was refilling it as Pete ordered a cup of his own.

"How are you holding up after the funeral?"

"Oh, that was Hell," said Adam, forcing thoughts of revenge and Melvin from his mind. He told Pete everything that had happened in Crete, leaving out his visit from Aaron Coleson. Pete still had no clue, as far as Adam knew, that he was gay. He summed up his tale with the flowers after the funeral.

"Well, this might sound wrong," said Pete, sipping his coffee, "but at least they can't hurt you anymore."

"That doesn't sound wrong, Pete," argued Adam. "They were horrible parents, and I thought that they would kill me several times. Now that they're gone, I'm finally free."

"Not to mention with money," added Pete, and Adam grinned. It really was good to hang out with Pete.

They talked about what Adam could now afford, but Adam reminded Pete that he was only a Freshman, so he had to live in the dorm. That wasn't to say that he hadn't thought of renting an apartment and breaking the rules, because he had. Now, though, he had all of these plans for Melvin. It wouldn't do to be away from the dorm with Melvin the way he was. That was, if the potion had worked.

And what was he prepared to do to Melvin if the potion did work? That was the biggest question that he had no answer to. Could he bring himself to do what Melvin had done to him? Could he bring himself to be the source of someone else's misery when he'd lived a lifetime of it himself?

He thought of the things that Donny Coleson had done to him when he'd moved him into the trailer in Crete. Could he do those things to Melvin? What really scared him was the fact that thinking about it had a dual effect on him. He felt like he would vomit and at the same time his dick was hard in his pants. Was he really a sick fuck who could do that kind of thing to someone else? Sure Melvin had raped him brutally, but did that give Adam the right to break him the way that Donny had tried to break Adam?

"You zoned out on me," Pete said as the waitress came to refill their coffee cups again.

"Sorry," he said. "Got a lot on my mind right now."

"I think I understand that," Pete replied. "But Adam, don't let any of this fuck with your head, man. You know that you're better off now, right?"

"Oh, of course I do," he said, deciding to lie just a bit to explain himself. "That doesn't mean that I should take a perverted pleasure in any of it."

"That's not what I mean," said Pete. "I just don't want you getting all warped over the fact that they died. I get how you could probably be feeling that you'd never have this money if they hadn't died, but Adam they were horrible to you for most of your life if what you've told me is the truth. And I believe it is the truth. I saw how broken you were before you quit working for Hal. I saw that look in your eyes. They did that to you."

They hadn't done that to him, but they'd had a hand in it. He couldn't tell Pete that it was Donny who had done that to him. He couldn't tell him that it was a mixture of the way his parents had treated him all his life, Aaron and his friends doing what they did for four years of Hell, Aaron forcing him to suck his dick twice a day and then setting his sadistic brother on him to really fuck his head up. He couldn't tell him any of that.

"I'm not getting all warped over their deaths," he sighed. "It's just all that's happened, you know? I mean the way they were to me and now they'd dead. I have all this money and I'm in college. There's just a lot to think about."

"Well as long as you're not letting it warp you," Pete said, but he didn't look like he bought any of what Adam had just said. "I've got to get to class. What are you up to today?"

"Don't know," Adam replied. "Thought I'd go buy a computer or something."

"That's an idea," laughed Pete. "I'll find you later. If I can't find you, you just find me."

Adam was about to go pay for his coffee as Pete left, but as he was about to get up Lisa came in. He could tell that she'd been crying and he wanted to be there for her no matter how weird it felt to be her friend when her recently ex boyfriend had just raped him. He waved her over when she looked in his direction and his stomach felt funny when she smiled.

"Hey," she said. "How are you doing?"

"I think I've never had so much to think about in my entire life," he replied, smiling at her. "What are you up to?"

"Nothing," she sighed, putting her elbows on the table and burying her face in her hands. "I just had a big fight with Melvin. He said some pretty awful things to me the other night and I broke up with him for it. When I tried to talk to him after his Poly Sci class he just went off on me about how everything is my fault, and he never would have done what he did if it weren't for me. I don't even know what he's talking about. Adam, did something bad happen after he left me the other night?"

Before Adam knew what he was doing he was telling her everything from the first time that Melvin got drunk at that frat party to the night he'd raped him. He gave her every gory detail and had to look down at his folded hands on the table as he did it. She didn't say anything or try to interrupt him, but when he was finished telling it all to her he looked up to see tears running down her face.

"I don't know why I just told you all of that," he sighed, horrified at himself for dumping it all on her.

"Oh, Adam," she said and then her arms were around him. "Are you going to the police? Did you turn him in?"

"No," he said. "I haven't gone to the police and I don't plan to. I'm not turning him in either. My parents died and I went to Crete for the funeral and to sort out the insurance and all of that."

"But Adam, he has to pay for what he did to you," she said, looking at him hard.

"I know he does," he agreed. "Believe me, and I'm working on a way to make him pay."

"I can't believe he did this," she said, crying again. "And he's blaming me!"

"Lisa, none of this is your fault," Adam said, taking her hands in his. "Melvin did this. It was all Melvin, and no one else. You didn't push him to do this to me. He did it on his own."

"I can't believe you're sitting here now," she said. "If I were in your shoes I'd be a wreck."

"I was," he admitted. "I wanted to kill him at first, and I didn't ever want to get out of the shower. But then I had to go to Crete and deal with all of that, and I had time to think, I mean to really think. I can't let what he did break me, Lisa. He did a horrible thing, but I can't let it destroy me."

"Oh, Adam," she said again and hugged him tight once again. "You're the strangest person I've ever met."

"Thanks, I think," he chuckled.

"So how are you going to make him pay?" she asked, looking at him with a look in her eyes that kind of scared him.

"I haven't decided yet," he replied. "I've been sitting here, drinking cup after cup of coffee and thinking about it."

"Adam, I can't believe you're so calm after this," she said. "I mean when I said I'd be a wreck I was talking about like for a year or more at least."

"You'd be surprised what you can deal with," he said softly, looking at his hands.

"Can I ask you another personal and intrusive question without risking our friendship?" she asked, looking nervous.

"Lisa, after all I've just told you I don't think I have any more personal secrets," he said.

"Are you gay, Adam?" she asked. "Melvin always thought you were, and I couldn't make up my mind about it. I'd just really like to know."

He looked into her silvery grey eyes and sighed. Then it was all coming out. He told her about the years of abuse at that hands of his stepfather, how he'd had to clean up after his mother's drunken mishaps, being picked on at school, going to school with black eyes, spilt lips and bruises and coming home with even more of them. Then, before he could stop himself, he told her about Aaron and what he'd forced him to do every morning before school and every afternoon after school. He told her about how Aaron had put him in his older brother's sights and how sadistic and cruel Donny was to him. He told her everything, and when he was done he'd never felt so hollowed out before in his life.

She sat next to him, holding his hand and looking so traumatized by what he'd told her. He hadn't exactly answered her question but he planned to. He told her about how his long hair had been a rebellion in his house against what his stepfather wanted, how his stepfather would use his ponytail to drag him out of his room at times and how later that ponytail had attracted the wrong attention at school. He was teased and kicked and punched, called a fag and ultimately forced to perform oral sex on his arch enemy. He told her how that same enemy had tried to do the right thing by helping him get away from his brother and into the motel before he'd come to Storyville. He told her how he'd hated himself for thinking they were attractive and wondering what it would have been like to touch them sexually and then to have it all twisted and warped and used against him like the ultimate weapon.

"You asked how I wasn't a wreck," he said. "This is why I'm not a wreck. I have never known anyone besides you and Pete to treat me with anything other than violence and hatred. You asked if I'm gay. Well to answer your question, I thought I was, but then all of this happened and I learned that sex is a weapon just like everything else, so I'm not so sure of my sexuality anymore. I think I might actually be asexual."

"Oh, my God," she said with that haunted look in her eyes as she looked at him. "Adam, I just can't believe all of this happened to you. Did no one at least try to step in?"

"My boss did once," he said, thinking about the times that Hal had sat him down in his office, grilling him about his bruises and split lips. "But I shut everyone out, Lisa. You have to understand that after so long I just expected that people would hurt me, so I stopped opening up to them."

"You just opened up to me," she pointed out, still looking at him with that haunted expression.

"And I don't know why," he admitted. "I just believe that you're a good person and you won't use anything I said to hurt me. I can't explain it."

"I would never use anything you've said to hurt you, Adam," she said. "I still think you should report Melvin for what he did to you, though. I also think you might need to talk to someone more qualified than I am about this. I'm only a freshman and my psych classes haven't gotten far enough."

She'd said it with a smile, and Adam laughed at it. He probably could benefit from talking to someone but how would he trust anyone? Turning Melvin in wasn't an option. For one thing it would mean dragging it all out into the open for everyone to hear about. For another he'd already taken steps to ensure that Melvin would pay. He just didn't know if they were working yet or not.

In the end she went with him to purchase his computer. He got a laptop that would be sufficient for his classes and various software programs to make research and writing his papers easier. Then he bought a printer and paper to go with it. One the way out of Computer Land he saw a cell phone kiosk and went straight to it. Lisa sat with him while he chose a plan and paid for a phone. She demanded that he let her store his number in her own phone when it was activated. Then they went to the salon and he got his hair cut.

Lisa declared it sexy, making him blush and feel funny again. She didn't like the product in his hair, but she did say that it changed the way he looked in a positive way. He was happy about that. They grabbed pretzels from Pretzel Palace and sodas to go with them. Then they were busing it back to campus so that Lisa could make her cheer practice. She made him promise to call her if he needed to talk when she left him standing in front of his dorm. He promised and then went upstairs.

He let himself into the dorm room and sighed when he noticed that it was empty. The bathroom door was open so he knew Melvin wasn't in there. He sagged onto his bed and thought about all he had said to Lisa. He'd told her every sordid detail of his past and now all he could do was hope that she was the person he believed her to be. He could only hope. He had to start trusting people more. He trusted Lisa even though it terrified him. What about Pete? Could he trust Pete with all that he'd told Lisa? Would Pete look at him differently?

Then there was Melvin to think about. If the potion worked and he actually had to do whatever Adam told him to do, could Adam really hurt Melvin the way he'd been hurt? Was he that kind of person? Then he thought about it another way. Every guy he'd ever been attracted to had ultimately hurt him. He'd been attracted to Aaron, and it had driven him nuts. Then Aaron had started making him suck his dick. On one level it was exciting and hot, but at the same time it was degrading and horrifying. He'd been attracted to Donny, and Donny had nearly broken him completely. Then there was Melvin. Melvin was one of the best looking guys that Adam had ever seen. Then Melvin had raped him, brutally.

He was attracted to Pete as well. Did that mean that Pete would suddenly turn on him like the others? He didn't think so. Pete had been nothing but friendly since he'd met him. So maybe Adam had to admit that not all people were like Aaron, Donny and Melvin. Not all people were like his mother and stepfather. He knew there had to be good people in the world. Everyone couldn't be as evil and dark as those that had hurt him. Lisa was proving to be a good person so far. He was sure that Pete was a good person, too.

So what he really had to decide was if he trusted Pete as much as he trusted Lisa. Could he tell him everything and expect him to remain his friend? What would he think if the potion worked on Melvin and Adam told him what he'd done to get revenge. Sure he hadn't done anything more than slip the potion into Melvin's coffee and tell his ex girlfriend what a monster he really was, but that was enough wasn't it? Would Pete understand?

And what if he took his revenge further, actually got his ultimate revenge on Melvin? What would Pete think of that if he knew? Adam didn't think he'd look at him the same way if he found out what could be going on between him and Melvin. No, he decided, he wouldn't tell Lisa or Pete anything about what he'd done so far or what he would do if the potion worked. It wasn't that he didn't trust them. He just didn't think they'd see it as revenge. He thought they'd see him as being the same as Melvin, Aaron and Donny. He couldn't have that.

It was time to really think about what he was going to do about Melvin if the potion worked. He needed to figure out what he was going to do about Melvin if the potion didn't work. Could he live in this small dorm room with an unchecked rapist? Unbidden, images of the night of the rape returned to him in such horrifyingly exquisite detail. He remembered the pain, the humiliation and the shame. He remembered all of it as if it had happened only hours ago. His ass gave a phantom pain in response to his memories and he wiped his hand under his nose, fully expecting to pull it back and find the blood. Then he had to jump off the bed and get to the bathroom. He threw up the contents of his stomach and sat there on the floor in front of the toilet, retching and feeling miserable. In that moment he knew. He knew he could do to Melvin what Melvin had done to him. He knew he could do much worse to Melvin than what he'd done. If the potion worked, Melvin would become his sex slave much like he had become to Donny. He would take out every painful, shameful memory on Melvin and he wouldn't feel bad about it.

If the potion didn't work, well he had enough money to get out of the dorm room. Sure scholarship students were required to live in the dorm for their entire freshman year, but if it came down to it, and if Tom Denton won his lawsuit against the driver that had killed his parents he'd have enough money to pay back the scholarship and move out of the dorm. Or if he absolutely had to, he could quit school, keep his job at the gas station and just put the money away. Yes, he knew what he could do.

He got up and splashed cold water on his face. He rinsed his mouth with the cup on the sink and then went back to his bed. He pulled out his laptop and set it up on the desk. He quickly connected it to the school's wifi and began to search the internet for what he could do to Melvin. He found sites on sado masochistic sex. Sure on these sites the participants were willing and had actually sought this lifestyle out for themselves, but he could adapt it all to fit his purpose. If the potion worked he knew exactly what he was going to do to Melvin. Some of this stuff was what Donny had tried to do to him. He'd experienced some of it, so he thought he knew at least the fundamentals of how it was done. It would take a lot of effort to do this stuff, but he copied and saved everything he thought he might need and put it all in a file marked for Melvin.

Then he got out his notebook and started making a list of the things he'd need to pull this off. If he was really going to do this he'd need these supplies. He supposed he could talk to some the architectural students about building a bed like the one he'd seen on the site. It would be Melvin's bed, and he wasn't sure the university would go for having one of their own beds modified, so Adam decided to wait on that but to keep it in the file. Instead he thought about how to secure Melvin to the bed that was already in the room. He got up and inspected his own bed's headboard and footboard. There was no way to secure his wrists and ankles to those, but he knew that if he got the right equipment he could pull it off by securing whatever he used to secure his wrists and ankles to the legs of the bed instead. It would work. Now all he needed to know was if the potion worked.

In case it didn't work, Adam began to search the net for apartments. He'd made his decision. If the potion worked he'd implement what he now called "Plan Melvin". If it didn't work he'd try to pay off his scholarship and then find an apartment or a house. He had his job at the gas station, and it wouldn't take much of the insurance money to buy everything. One way or another he had his bases covered.

He thought about the buses as he checked the clock on Melvin's shelf. It was only five o'clock. He supposed he could get to the hardware store on the bus, but he'd have to cab it back to campus. The buses would stop running eventually for the night, and Adam had no idea when that would happen. It would probably be better to call for a cab to bring him back anyway. If he had a lot of bags and such he didn't exactly like the idea of bringing them all back to the dorm on the bus. Then he decided that what he really needed was a car.

He made sure he had his wallet and his key and then took the page with his list out of the notebook and headed out. Melvin still hadn't come back to the room, so he thought he'd get the supplies just in case anyway. He went down and waited for the bus, had a short conversation with the driver about which bus to get on to get to the hardware store and about when the buses stopped running for the night. He was told which bus to transfer to and that the busses stopped running at eight o'clock. That was plenty of time if he decided to come back by bus.

He got to the hardware store and quickly found most of the items on his list. He knew they didn't sell wrist and ankle cuffs, but he'd seen a specialty sex store when he'd walked from the bus stop to the hardware store. He paid for his purchases and then headed over to the sex shop. The place was outrageous. The walls were all black, the floor was black tile and the windows were tinted so that anyone inside the store could see out but no one outside could see in.

There were displays of leather items, harnesses, chaps, cod pieces and so many other things. Adam wasn't interested in any of that stuff. He saw a huge display of a rubber suit that came with a hood and what was called a ball gag. He grabbed one of the ball gags and went in search of cuffs. He found them amongst all sorts of other items from tit clamps to ball torture devices. He wasn't sure about any of that stuff, so he just got the cuffs, the gag and a coil of nylon rope. He felt stupid at the counter when the clerk tallied up his purchases, but the guy said nothing. He was an older man who looked like he hadn't had a bath in weeks. His dull brown hair was dirty and greasy. He had it combed straight back, which Adam thought was a mistake. His bushy eyebrows were the same color as his hair, but it was the waxy look to his pale skin that really made him look bad. His dull brown eyes looked Adam over from his head to his feet as he punched buttons on the cash register. Then he gave him the total, Adam paid with his debit card and got the hell out of there.

He had six bags, so although the buses were still running he didn't want to take them home that way. So he consulted the numbers he'd written down on his shopping list for the cab company and used his brand new cell phone to call a cab. By the time he got back to campus it was starting to get dark. He wondered if Melvin was in the room or not but he decided it didn't matter. He needed to get back into the room and put this stuff away in case the potion hadn't worked after all.

Melvin wasn't in the room, however, so Adam got all of his purchases put away. He took a few items out of the bags just to look them over. He consulted his computer about how this or that was supposed to be used and then he got out his text books and did some of the assignments in the syllabus to keep himself caught up in his classes. He had work the next day so around ten he turned everything off, put everything away and stripped to his underwear and went to bed. He was a little leery about being asleep in the room when Melvin came back, but he couldn't live in constant fear. It took him a while but he did sleep.

The next morning he got up and found that Melvin's bed either hadn't been slept in or he'd made it. He didn't think Melvin had even come back to the room the night before. He went into the bathroom and took his shower. He was coming out, wrapped in his towel when Melvin came through the door. Adam stopped moving and stared at him like he'd never seen him before.

Melvin stared back with bloodshot eyes. He didn't look well. His hair was a mess and his clothes were wrinkled. Adam wondered about that but he didn't say anything. He decided to be brave instead. He walked the rest of the way out of the bathroom, dropped his towel and got dressed. Melvin watched him from the door, but at least he'd closed it as soon as Adam had dropped his towel.

"I didn't know you'd be here," he said stupidly.

"It's my room too, Melvin," Adam replied, putting as much bite in his voice as he could. "Where have you been?"

"I've been sleeping in my car," he said, which explained the way he looked. "Can't do it anymore though. Campus police gave me a ticket for it."

"I don't have time to talk to you," Adam said coldly. "I have to work. You'll either be here when I get back or you won't."

But Adam didn't come straight back to the dorm after work. Tom Denton was waiting for him when he got off work. The man wanted to talk to him about the lawsuit. He drove Adam to the campus diner where they ordered coffee while he laid out the facts for him.

"We're suing for two million dollars," said Tom Denton, stunning him.

"And you think we'll get it?" He didn't know what to think of that. What would he do with two million? Adam was stunned by the amount of money Denton was talking about. He hadn't cast a spell to become a millionaire. He'd only asked for the amount in the insurance settlement.

"I expect that they will be contacting me very soon to try and reach a settlement," replied the lawyer. "This isn't their first incident. This is the first time that anyone was killed, but there are three other 'accidents' that resulted in injuries. Two of those injuries are life altering."

"But you think they'll pay that much money?"

"I think they'll try to settle out of court with a lesser sum," said Denton. "I'm not even going to accept less than a million, but they won't know that until I'm done informing them of how great the case is against them. If this goes to court, Adam, you'll get the two million. Believe me."

Adam's mind whirled with all of this. Two million dollars, one million dollars. It didn't matter which sum they got. Adam didn't know what to think about being a millionaire. He was eighteen years old and living in a college dorm. He wouldn't be able to move out of the dorm until summer. Then what? What would he do with that money? He couldn't even think of anything.

"This is unreal," he sighed, raking his fingers through his hair. "I can't even begin to think about that kind of money."

"Well, get set for it, Adam," Denton said. "You're about to be a very rich young man."

He was still sitting there after Tom had gathered his paperwork and left the diner to head back to his hotel room. Adam didn't know what to think. Two million dollars? What on Earth would he do with that much money? He thought about that all the way back to his dorm room. He was only slightly irritated by the fact that Melvin was in the room. The boy was sitting on his bed with one of his text books open and a notebook. Adam did notice the coffee cup sitting on his nightstand though. Melvin was still drinking his coffee.

He was dressed in an old high school football t-shirt and a pair of loose fitting blue cotton shorts. The blue fabric of the shorts might have one day matched the blue t-shirt, but it had long since faded to a softer shade of blue. The thing that had Adam looking at him though was the fact that with one knee hitched up to hold the textbook while the notebook was settled on his other leg which was bent slightly toward the foot at the end of the other leg had unwittingly exposed one testicle and a portion of Melvin's scrotum.

He took a minute to study Melvin while the boy sat there looking passively back at him. He really was a good looking country boy. He had the perfect short cut wheat blond hair, the clear and bright blue eyes and that innocent face with its little dimple in the left cheek when he smiled. His body was packed with muscles and his legs looked powerful and muscular, covered with just a dusting of blond hair. It was the same sun bleached blond hair that dusted his arms, though on his legs it was a bit thicker and darker.

His mind filled with images of what he planned to do to Melvin if the potion worked and he had to really concentrate to keep his dick from springing up in his jeans. Melvin had an effect on him before the rape, but now it was twisted and dark. Adam shuddered as he thought about just how dark his thoughts were concerning Melvin.

"Can I talk to you now?" Melvin asked as he looked at him with a look in his eyes that was strange that Adam couldn't put a name to it.

"I suppose we should talk, Melvin," he said, walking over and sitting on his own bed. "We have to live in this room together after all."

"Adam, I'm so sorry for what I did to you," Melvin said, and the look in his eyes changed from whatever it had been to a beseeching look. Adam wasn't falling for it.

"Do you understand what it was that you did to me?" he asked. "What it really was?"

"I raped you," Melvin said, looking down at his notebook as if it pained him to look at Adam.

"You brutalized me, Melvin," he said, and then he started talking just like he'd talked to Lisa earlier. He told him everything from the way he was treated by his parents to Aaron's forcing him to suck his dick twice a day and finally about what Donny had done to him. Melvin looked horrified by all of it. "And then you raped me. You raped me, Melvin. So what if I looked at you when you were naked? There isn't all that much space in this room, and I tried not to look at you. I really tried, but you just paraded around the room in all of your naked glory. How was I supposed to not look?"

"I'm so sorry," Melvin said as tears welled in his eyes. "Adam, I've never done anything like that to anyone before. I never even tried to hurt anyone before. I don't know why I did it. I really don't, but I know that I'm sorry. I can't believe you didn't call the cops on me and have me put away for it."

"I thought about it," Adam replied. "I thought about turning you in and screaming that you were a rapist to anyone who would listen. At first I wanted to do that, and the only thing I wanted more was to kill you for what you did. But then I thought about what it would really mean if I went to the cops. I'd have to talk about it, and everyone would find out. I don't tell everyone about where I came from and what's been done to me. I didn't want anyone to know, so I didn't call the cops. But now we've got to figure out how to go on from here, because things can't stay this way. I won't live that way again, ever."

"I can't move out," Melvin said. "I don't have any money. I'm probably going to get kicked out of school anyway, but I really am sorry, Adam. I want to make it up to you. I just don't know how."

Adam looked at him for a long moment, trying to decide if he was willing to push this to find out of the potion worked or not. He was drinking his coffee, and the potion was in the coffee. If it worked he was dosed already, and Adam would just have to order him to drink his coffee every day. He was nervous and worried that if it hadn't worked Melvin could become violent. But he had to know.

"I know a way you can make it up to me, Melvin," he said. "You can let me do to you what you did to me over and over again until I don't feel so dirty anymore."

They were both silent after that. They stared at each other, and Adam saw Melvin's eyes change as he stared at him. They seemed to glaze over a bit and then the boy nearly threw his book off his knee as he doubled over in what looked like pain. Adam had no idea what was going on, but Melvin was breathing hard, his eyes were screwed shut and he was clutching his stomach.

"God," he breathed. "I don't know what's happening to me. Every fucking time I try to even think something bad about you I get all twisted up, and it feels like a knife is being shoved into my gut. For the last two days I've thought of nothing but you. I've had the most disgusting thoughts about you, Adam. I think about what it felt like to touch you, what it was like to be inside you and although I hate myself for it, it turns me on. Twice today I caught myself writing your name in my damned notebook. I nearly made an idiot of myself in class today, because when the professor asked me a question the only thing I could think of to say was your fucking name. It's like you put a spell on me or something."

"What are you talking about, Melvin?" he demanded, though he was pretty sure he knew what was going on. The potion was working.

"I mean that I think about you every minute of the fucking day," snapped Melvin. "I can't get you out of my head, and every time I try to think anything bad about you I get sick. I don't know what's going on."

Adam looked at him and tried to keep from smiling. It was working! The potion was doing exactly what the book said it would do. Well it was doing a bit more than what the book said it would do, but that wasn't important. The important thing was he needed to know if Melvin would obey him. He decided to test it further.

"So what you're telling me is that you can't stop thinking about me and you can't think anything bad about me," he said. "But what I want to know is how far this goes. I mean am I safe in this room with you? Are you going to try to attack me again?"

Melvin doubled over again and clutched his stomach. He let out a strangled moan and Adam almost felt sorry for him. It really was working. All that was left was to order him to do something and he'd know for sure. He just didn't know what to order him to do first. There were a number of things he wanted to make Melvin do, but he'd get to that after some careful experimentation.

"Melvin, I want you to get off that bed, put your book down and take off your clothes," he said, deciding to just go forward and see what happened.

"You want me to get naked?" Melvin asked.

"That's right," replied Adam. "Naked, Melvin."

Melvin put his book down and got up off the bed. His eyes never left Adams as he pushed his shorts down, revealing that he wasn't wearing underwear. He lifted his shirt over his head and took it off. Then he folded his shorts and shirts and put them on the bed. He didn't know why he was doing this, but it was like he didn't have a choice.

"Now what?" he asked, and Adam could see he was dreading the answer he thought was coming.

"Study, Melvin," Adam replied. "You said you couldn't think of anything but me all day. Well I'm here, so now you can study. You need to study if you're going to stay in school."

"I don't have the money to stay in school," Melvin said, but he sat down on the bed and picked up his textbook. "My dad cut me off."

"I've got that covered," Adam replied. After all he was about to be a millionaire and if Melvin was going to be his sex slave he needed easy access.

"How?" Melvin asked.

"Study," Adam replied, and when he opened his book and began to read, Adam went back to his laptop to do research.

He studied the pictures on his laptop as he formulated a plan on how to deal with Melvin. It was difficult with him sitting across the room naked as the day he was born. But this wasn't only about Adam's attraction to Melvin. It was also about making him pay for what he'd done. He went back to looking at the pictures as he thought about how to keep Melvin in his bed all night. When he thought he finally had it figured out it was getting late. He waited until Melvin put his book and notebook away before he set his plan into motion.

"Finish your coffee while I get your bed ready for the night," he said, standing up. "Sit at the desk, so you're out of the way."

Adam got up and pulled the bag with the rope, cuffs and clamps out from under his bed. He used his pocket knife to cut the rope into sections that were large enough for what he wanted. He cut them long so he could make any adjustments that were needed. The clamps were to attach the cuffs to the rope. He got down on the floor and pulled the rope through the loop on the outer leg at the foot of the bed, wondering why there were loops in the legs to begin with. He had to pull the bed out to get the other legs that were against the wall. Once he had all four sections of the rope where he wanted them he decided he needed Melvin in the bed to figure out exactly how much slack to allow him in the rope.

"Get into the bed and lie on your back, Melvin," he said, stepping back. When Melvin got in the bed, Adam grabbed his right arm and put the wrist cuff on him. Then he attached to the end of the rope, got down on the floor and pulled the rope until Melvin couldn't move that arm more than two inches. Then he knotted the rope the way he'd been taught in grade school. He repeated the process with the other arm and both feet until Melvin was tied to the bed on his back.

"Why am I tied to my bed?" Melvin asked, moving his arms to test the slack. It was perfect.

"Because I don't feel safe to sleep with you in the room any other way," Adam replied.

"But I have to go to the bathroom," Melvin said in a somewhat whiney voice.

Adam thought about that for a minute. He decided that though it would amuse him to no end if Melvin pissed his bed he didn't want to live with the smell. So he uncuffed his arms and legs, told him to use the bathroom and then get back in bed. Melvin did as he was told, but when he tried to close the bathroom door Adam stopped him.

"The door stays open when you're in there, Melvin," Adam said. He stood there in the doorway and watched Melvin piss into the toilet. Then he waited while Melvin washed his hands. He backed up to let Melvin out of the room. When Melvin was lying on his back in the bed again, Adam put the cuffs back on his wrists and ankles.

"Do I have to sleep like this all the time?" Melvin asked.

"Alright," sighed Adam. "I guess it's time to tell you the new rules of the room. From now on you will get naked as soon as you come into the room. No clothes, Melvin, at any time. You will do what I tell you to when I tell you to do it. This isn't just in the room. You'll do what I tell you to do no matter where we are or who is watching. You will sleep this way every night until I feel safe to let you sleep uncuffed."

"Alright," Melvin said softly. "How long is this going to go on?"

"Until I decide I'm done with you," Adam replied as he turned off the light. He climbed into his bed and pulled the covers over his body.

It was difficult to sleep with Melvin lying exposed across the room. Adam's dick was hard just from tying the guy up, and he was wondering why that turned him on. He had all kinds of plans for Melvin, and he couldn't wait to implement them. He thought about that and the fact that he was going to be a millionaire as he drifted off to sleep.

The next morning he got up and went to the bathroom before he even bothered to look at Melvin. When he came back out he was treated to a view of Melvin's glorious morning erection. He was tempted to play with it while Melvin was asleep and let the boy wake up that way but that wasn't part of his plan. Instead he poked at his arm until Melvin's eyes opened. Then he uncuffed him and told him to go use the bathroom and come back.

"Do you want to shower first?" Melvin asked, coming back out of the bathroom. He looked uncertain as he glanced back and forth between Adam and the open bathroom door.

"No," Adam replied after a moment. "Not first. We can just shower together."

"Oh," said Melvin, looking at the floor again.

Both boys were silent and didn't move. They also didn't look at each other. Adam couldn't understand why he was nervous. Melvin was a sure thing. He didn't have to worry about rejection or pain, because the potion took care of all of that. He'd sure fantasized about Melvin before he'd done what he'd done, so he couldn't figure out what his problem was.

Melvin's problem was clear and understandable. He didn't like the idea of showering with Adam. He didn't like the idea of doing anything with Adam now that Adam was the aggressor and he was so submissive. He probably didn't understand how it had happened to him, but Adam decided that Melvin was just going to have to adapt to his new way of life.

He'd never said he was gay, but Adam absolutely didn't care about that. For him to have done what he did to him, Melvin had to have been hiding desire for him in some way. Maybe he hadn't known he was gay, or maybe he only got brave enough to act on his desires when he was drinking. It didn't matter, Adam believed he was at least bisexual on some level.

"Well, it's getting late, and I have to work this morning," said Adam, getting off the bed. "Come on."

He walked to the bathroom door, and a few seconds later, Melvin followed him. Inside the bathroom, Adam adjusted the water temperature in the shower while Melvin stood passively watching him. He stepped inside, making sure to leave room for the massive football player waiting behind him. He turned around and looked at Melvin, and once more there was protest in Melvin's eyes. He didn't voice it, however. He just stepped into the shower as Adam handed him the soap.

Adam got his body wet, making sure to let the cascade saturate his hair before he turned his back on Melvin and asked him to wash his back. It was only a few seconds before Melvin began to rub his soapy hands over Adam's back. The feeling was incredible, and Adam loved it. Melvin didn't botch his job, either. He made sure that he covered every inch of Adam's back with soap until he was starting to wash the very tops of his ass cheeks. That's when Adam panicked. He knew that with the potion working on Melvin, he couldn't hurt him, but the last time he'd touched his ass was one of the most painful experiences of Adam's life.

"I'll do that part," he snapped, and Melvin jerked his hands away from him. "Wash my legs."

Melvin crouched down and began to work on Adam's legs, but there wasn't really a lot of room. The shower wasn't really designed for two people, but Adam decided that they'd come this far, they'd see it through. When Melvin stood back up, Adam turned around. Melvin looked him in the eye for a second and then began to wash his chest and stomach. He didn't go too low before he switched to washing his arms. Adam suppressed a smile. Melvin was methodical, and he actually seemed to be enjoying himself. There was no look of disgust in his eyes or any look really. He just seemed to be pressing on.

He crouched down again and began to wash the front of Adam's legs until he got to his feet. He didn't move, so Adam lifted his right leg to bring his foot off of the shower floor. Melvin began to wash it immediately without question. When he was finished, Adam lifted his left leg, and Melvin washed that foot, too. Then he just squatted there for a few seconds before looking up into Adam's face. Adam just looked at him, and Melvin sighed. He grabbed the bar of soap off the shower floor and lathered his hands again before he began to wash Adam's crotch.

Adam sighed as Melvin wrapped his soapy hand around his dick and then his balls. He spread his legs so that Melvin could have better access, and Melvin washed under his balls, being careful not to touch his ass in any way. When he was done, he stood back up. He looked uncertain again, but Adam decided that fair was fair and took the soap out of his hands to lather his own.

When he brought his soapy hands to Melvin's chest, Melvin closed his eyes and put his head back. Adam worked with just as much care and accuracy as Melvin had, but he didn't stop when he got to Melvin's stomach. He lathered his pubic hair and wrapped his soapy hand around Melvin's hard dick. Adam was pleased to find that Melvin was aroused as much as he was by the encounter. He heard Melvin gasp as he started to slowly move his soapy hand over his dick. He used his other hand to hold it up against Melvin's abdomen as he soaped his balls and reached back to soap under them.

Melvin sighed when Adam let go of his dick and started to soap up his legs. He lifted each leg for Adam to wash his feet as well, and then he just turned around to let Adam wash the back of him without being told. Adam worked his way up his legs until he got to his ass. He didn't hesitate. He just started to run his soapy hands over the mounds of Melvin's ass. He felt Melvin stiffen when he let his fingers slide into the crack of his ass, but he didn't try to stop him. Adam only let his soapy fingers graze over Melvin's puckered hole, but he got another gasp for his effort. He almost chuckled out loud at that, but he stood up and started washing Melvin's back. When he was finished, he stepped back under the spray of the shower to rinse his body, grabbed the bottle of shampoo off the shelf and traded places with Melvin.

He lathered his hair as he watched Melvin run his hands over his body to rid it of the soap. Melvin didn't look at Adam at all. He concentrated on rinsing his body. Adam had to clear his throat to get Melvin's attention as he tried to hand him the bottle of shampoo. They traded places again, and Melvin lathered his hair as Adam rinsed.

After their shower, both boys dried off with towels, but Melvin didn't bother to get dressed once they were back in the room. He stood there and watched as Adam got his clothes on. He didn't know why he'd gotten so turned on in the shower. He didn't know why any of this was happening or why he was allowing it to happen. He just knew that he had to do what he was told.

"Do you have class this morning?" Adam asked him.

"Not until eleven," Melvin replied.

"Football practice this afternoon?" he asked.

"Yes," said Melvin.

"All right," he said. "Stay in this room until it's time for you to go to class. No clothes, Melvin. I'll ask you about that when I see you this afternoon. When are your classes over and when does practice start?"

"My last class gets out at three and practice is from four to eight," Melvin replied.

"Then go straight to practice from your last class," Adam ordered. "Then after practice come back to the room. If I'm not here you wait to take your shower until I am here."

"All right," Melvin said, looking at the floor.

"I expect you to do as you're told," Adam said as he walked out of the room and went to work.

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