The Craft (Novel Version)
by Julien Gregg

Chapter Four

"Jesus!" gasped Pete when Adam told him what the lawyer had told him about the lawsuit. "That's a lot of money, Adam."

"I know," replied Adam, playing with his coffee cup. They were sitting in the campus diner after Adam's shift at the gas station. It was becoming a regular hang out spot for them.

"So how are you and Melvin getting along?" Pete asked.

"We're getting along all right," Adam said and had to stop himself from laughing.

"That's good," said Pete. "I got the impression the last few weeks that you didn't like this guy."

"I don't," replied Adam. "I just needed his help. He's getting better, though."

"I got the impression that something bad happened between you two," said Pete, eyeing Adam now. Adam hated how observant his new friend was.

"Well, that's been taken care of," Adam replied slowly, glancing up at Pete. "We've come to an understanding, and things are better. They aren't perfect, but I'm working on it."

"Whatever," sighed Pete after a while. "Back to this money."

"What about it?" asked Adam. He was thankful that there wasn't going to be any more discussion of whatever had happened between himself and Melvin.

"You're going to be rich, my friend," laughed Pete, apparently letting go of the riddle of Adam and Melvin. "What do you plan to do with this money?"

"I don't know," replied Adam honestly. "I'm still trying to get used to the idea that I might have that kind of money soon."

"Oh you'll have the money," said Pete. "They'll settle fast. These companies always do."

"Well then I guess I'll be rich soon," said Adam with a small smile. "I don't know what I'm going to do with the money. I'm still a freshman, so I can't live anywhere but in the dorm with Melvin here."

"Oh I'm sure they'll make an exception," said Pete. "You could be living in your own house before too long."

Adam hadn't thought about that at all. Sure, he'd thought of buying a house, but what Pete had said reminded him that he already owned a house in Crete along with the car. He didn't want either of these possessions, but the lawyer had advised against selling either of them. Now it seemed that Adam wouldn't need either of them at all very soon.

"Well I'll stay in the dorm for the rest of the year," Adam replied. "Then maybe I'll get a house. Have to get one big enough for Melvin, too."

"Melvin?" Pete asked. "Adam what the hell is going on between you two?"

"I told you, he's helping me," Adam replied. "We have an arrangement, Pete. Don't worry, everything is fine."

"It better be," Pete said. "Lisa told me that the guy's a first rate jerk. She seemed to think you might be scared of him."

"I'm not scared of Melvin," Adam replied. "Believe me. Melvin is the least of my worries."

"Well, I gotta get to work," Pete said, looking at Adam hard. "You tell me if that fucker does anything to hurt you, Adam."

"I will," he said, thinking that it was too late for that now. "I'll see you later."

Adam went back to the dorm to wait for Melvin, thinking that it was time to put more of his plan for Melvin into play. He had to decide which was more important though, rape or humiliation. Humiliation was easy. All he had to do was tell Melvin to do degrading things in public. That would humiliate him. Could Adam really bring himself to rape Melvin? He was a beautiful guy, and even though he'd raped him, Adam was turned on by any form of sex with Melvin. It was sick, he knew that, but there was no denying it.

He looked at the clock and saw that he had over an hour to wait for Melvin to return to the dorm room. He had plenty of time to think about it. And thinking about it was all Adam could do. His dick was hard as he thought about making Melvin suck his dick or fucking Melvin. There were all sorts of possibilities where Melvin was concerned. He did know one thing though, Melvin's dick wasn't going into any orifice of his body ever again.

When Melvin finally came through the door it was all Adam could do not to get up and force the boy to his knees and make him suck his dick. He looked hotter than hell all sweaty from practice. His cheeks were pink from the heat and exertion, and there were grass stains on the knees of his football pants. Adam could smell him from the door. Then, pushing Adam's resolve to the limit, he started to strip out of his football uniform and pads. When he was gloriously naked he stuffed his jersey, pants, underwear and socks into his laundry bag and then stood there, looking at Adam.

"Take a shower, Melvin, but leave the door open," he said finally. The boy had to get out of his sight. With the mood he was in Melvin wouldn't stand a chance of remaining an anal virgin if he had to look at him like that any longer.

Melvin's shower didn't take as long as Adam would have liked. The boy was toweling himself off in the doorway, and Adam could barely stand it. Giving up, he stood up and started to take his clothes off. He noticed that Melvin froze when he saw what he was doing. He had to remind him to dry himself twice before he was naked.

"Adam, I don't want to have sex with you," Melvin said with a shaking voice as he dried his body.

"Well I didn't want to have sex with you when you raped me, either," Adam reminded him. "You didn't give me a choice, remember?"

"I said I was sorry," Melvin whined.

"Yes, you've said it so many times I'm tired of hearing it," Adam replied. "But the fact remains, you didn't give me a choice. Because of that I don't see any reason why I should give you a choice in the matter, Melvin."

"If I do this, are you going to hurt me?" Melvin asked.

"Not tonight," he replied, though he knew that at some point he was going to hurt Melvin. He just had to wait until he was sure he had the strength not to hurt him too severely.

"Okay," Melvin sighed. "What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to suck my dick, Melvin," Adam replied, spreading his legs on the bed to expose himself more completely.

"I've never done that before," Melvin whined.

"You're going to learn," Adam informed him. "Now come over here and get on your knees."

Melvin walked over and knelt down in front of Adam's bed. Adam scooted the edge so that his dick was almost in Melvin's face. Then he put his hand on the back of Melvin's head and slowly pulled his face to his dick. He sighed when he felt Melvin's tongue touch the head of his dick.

"That's it, Melvin," he said, keeping his voice as controlled as he could. "Lick it like you love it."

Melvin licked all around the head of Adam's dick, giving Adam shocking thrills each time his tongue touched him. Adam had never had his dick sucked or licked or even played with. This was as new to him as it was to Melvin. He enjoyed every single moment of it. The feeling sent chills through his body. There was a tightening in his knees and his toes wanted to curl. He couldn't believe how great it felt to have Melvin licking the head of his dick.

Then Melvin took the head of his dick into his mouth. Adam winced as Melvin scraped him with his teeth. He slapped him lightly on the side of the head and told him to watch his teeth. Then it got better. Melvin didn't take but the first inch or two into his mouth and at first Adam was fine with that. It felt amazing. His warm wet mouth was like a velvet cocoon around his dick. Melvin actually sucked as he moved those two inches in and out of his mouth. But now Adam wanted more. He gripped Melvin's hair and pushed him further onto his dick until the boy began to choke on it.

"Breathe through your nose," he said, hearing the same words in his own head that had been spoken to him by Aaron the first time he'd been forced to suck his dick. "That's it, breathe through your nose, Melvin. You can do it."

He felt the head of his dick slip past the entrance to Melvin's throat and then the boy was choking again. Adam remembered what it was like for him the first time and let him back off a bit. He'd have to work on Melvin's gag reflex a little later. Right now he was trying to keep from cumming. It had been so long since he'd masturbated that this wasn't going to take long. He was disappointed but it was time to teach Melvin another of the new rules. He gripped the sides of his head and held tight. As his orgasm began he applied pressure to keep Melvin on his dick.

"Swallow it, Melvin," he said. "Come on. Don't leave me hangin'."

And Melvin swallowed it. He coughed around Adam's dick as his cum spewed from the head and into his throat. Adam was amazed that he didn't let any of the cum fall out of his mouth. He slurped and coughed, but still he swallowed it all down. When it was over Adam let go of his head. Melvin sat back on his heals, but Adam was shocked when he saw him licking his lips. Melvin had enjoyed it! That was something to think about. He asked him if he needed to rinse out his mouth and Melvin nodded. Adam told him to open his mouth to make sure there was no cum still in there. There wasn't. Melvin had swallowed it all down like a pro.

When Melvin stood up Adam noticed that his dick was painfully hard. He was leaking precum as well. Yes, Melvin had enjoyed his first blow job all right. Adam really had to think about that for a while. It was supposed to be bad for Melvin not something he enjoyed.

He stopped Melvin when he saw that his hands were headed for his dick. "No!" he cried. "You don't touch yourself unless I tell you to, Melvin. From now on you only cum when I say you can. Is that clear?"

"Yes," Melvin said in a pained voice.

"Now go rinse your mouth and then come back," said Adam. "You have to study and so do I."

When Melvin came out of the bathroom Adam went in and used a wet washcloth to clean his dick. Then he slid on a pair of shorts and settled in his bed to study. He pulled his laptop over and began to surf the net for topics for his Literature paper. Melvin watched him for a while, no doubt wondering why Adam had bothered to put on a pair of shorts.

At ten o'clock Adam closed his laptop and put his notes away. Then he got up and remade his bed. He announced that it was bedtime and gave Melvin time to put his notes and books away before he told him to use the bathroom and then get into bed. As soon as that was done Adam cuffed him in place and then turned off the light. He crawled into his bed and fell right to sleep.

The next morning Adam woke up before Melvin once again. This wasn't new. Melvin was a heavy sleeper, probably used to lazy mornings as he was at one time his parents' golden boy. Adam went to the bathroom and then couldn't get his dick to go down. He kept thinking about what it felt like to have Melvin suck it, and he knew it wasn't going to go down unless he did something about it. The only thing he wanted was Melvin's mouth. Then he got an idea that made his balls hum with excitement.

He came out of the bathroom and walked over to Melvin's bed. The boy was cuffed securely so there was no danger of him trying to throw him off of him. He climbed carefully onto the bed, putting his knees on either side of Melvin's head. He braced himself with one hand on the wall in front of the bed while he guided his throbbing dick to Melvin's sleep slacked mouth. Once the head touched Melvin's lips Adam sighed as Melvin opened his mouth and his eyes at the same time. He ran his tongue around the head and then began to suck as Adam began to slowly thrust his dick in and out of his mouth. This was the best way to start the day.

He was careful not to choke Melvin. The last thing he wanted was to suffocate the boy. After all he was so good at sucking dick that Adam wanted to keep him around for a while. It took longer that morning than it had the night before. Adam had already gotten off in the last twelve hours so he wasn't such a hair trigger. Melvin's eyes remained open and he looked up into Adam's eyes to see the pleasure on his face.

As Melvin sucked his dick Adam had a thought about letting Melvin cum. Of course the boy couldn't reach his dick with his wrists cuffed, so Adam took his hand off the wall which put all of his weight on Melvin's chest. Melvin watched him and he put his hand behind him and leaned back slightly until he had a hold on Melvin's hard dick. Melvin's eyes grew large with shock as Adam began to jerk him off. The more pleasure Melvin gave him, the more Adam pleasured Melvin. It was a give and take thing that morning, and Adam was sure it was probably going to be the last time he did this for Melvin.

Melvin came before Adam, coating his stomach and Adam's hand with thick cum. Adam moved back, pulling his dick out of Melvin's mouth. He wiped the cum on his hand off onto his slimy dick and then put it back in Melvin's mouth. He wondered if Melvin had ever tasted his own cum. Adam had tasted his own when he was no older than fourteen. It didn't matter if Melvin had ever tasted it or not, he was tasting it now. Adam scooped up cum from Melvin's stomach and then pulled his dick out of Melvin's mouth and fed his own cum to him. It was strangely erotic for Adam, and having Melvin's eyes firmly locked on his own only intensified things.

When Adam could find no more cum on Melvin's stomach he put his dick back in the boy's mouth and started to slowly thrust it in and out again. Melvin continued to look him in the eye the entire time, and Adam got off on it. He was shocked when he started cumming and Melvin locked his lips around the head of his dick. The sensation was almost unbearable as Melvin began to literally suck the cum from the head of Adam's dick. When it was over Adam got off of the boy quickly and stood on shaking knees. Melvin really knew how to suck dick.

"You said you'd never sucked dick before last night," Adam said as he caught his breath and steadied himself.

"I never sucked a dick before last night," Melvin replied.

"How the hell are you so good at it if you've never done it before?" Adam asked.

"I know what it's like to have my dick sucked," Melvin explained as he cheeks started to turn pink with embarrassment. "I know how I like it, so I tried to do to you what I like done to me."

The explanation satisfied Adam, so he uncuffed Melvin and told him to use the bathroom and clean himself up. Then he went in after him and cleaned his dick with the same wash cloth. As he was getting dressed he noticed that Melvin was, too. He looked at him for a moment, thinking that he'd spank him for it that night. Then he wondered why Melvin was getting dressed.

"Why are you putting your clothes on?" he demanded.

"I have a class in half an hour, and I'm supposed to let my friend, Zack borrow my notes before class," Melvin explained.

"Oh," replied Adam. It hadn't occurred to him that Melvin might have a morning class. He realized that he didn't know his course schedule. "I want you to write down your schedule so I know when you have class and practice. That way I won't get mad when I see you putting on your clothes if I know you have a class to get to."

"I have practice every weekday from four to eight," he said.

"All right," Adam said. "Just write it all down for me, Melvin. And don't forget to drink your coffee before you go to class."

Adam had a class that day as well. This would be his first day back in classes since returning from Crete. He was caught up on all of the assignments, and according to the syllabus for each class he hadn't missed any exams. His paper for Literature class was done as well. He hooked up his printer and printed it out as Melvin made his coffee. When he had a cup the boy sat down and wrote down his class schedule. Then he downed his coffee and headed out with his books.

Adam's life fell into a pattern once again. In the morning and before they went to bed Melvin sucked his dick. He cuffed Melvin to the bed each night and about every fifth night he allowed Melvin to masturbate. He'd been reading on the internet about milking and was thinking about trying it out on Melvin. He'd have to make him masturbate himself to do it, though. He wasn't giving him that treat again unless he was very good for a long time.

He went to his classes and was at work by three each day. When he got off at eleven he trekked back to the dorm room where Melvin was always waiting naked for him. He'd shower and come out of the bathroom naked so that Melvin could suck his dick. Then Melvin would take his shower and they'd go to bed.

Twice a week he got together with Pete and Lisa at the campus diner and they'd talk about anything and everything other than Melvin. Adam refused to discuss Melvin with either of them. For a long while they went along with that. He did a lot of studying on his breaks at work until Melvin started to show up around the time his break started with something for Adam to eat. This wasn't something Adam had asked him to do, but he was happy that Melvin was doing it. It was because of this that Pete broke the silence where Melvin was concerned when they were sitting in the diner waiting for Lisa to show up.

"I heard from a friend that Melvin brings your lunch to work to you every night," he said, looking at Adam evenly.

"Yeah, he does," Adam replied. "Not every night, though. Sometimes he has things to do and can't bring me my lunch. I study on those days."

"So you and Melvin are getting to be pretty good friends then?" he asked.

"More or less," Adam replied for lack of a better way to disguise what was really going on.

"I'm glad, I guess," Pete said. "Lisa doesn't like it that you spend any time with Melvin though."

"I understand that," he said. "I get that she broke up with him and never wants anything to do with him again. That's why I don't have him meet us here. I do that out of respect for Lisa. He's my roommate, Pete. I have to get along with him or there'd be no peace in my room."

"Okay," sighed Pete. "I still think he's a bad guy, Adam. He never had me fooled."

"Well he probably is a bad guy," Adam replied, knowing that he really was a bad guy but knowing he couldn't say anything about that to Pete. "I'm only interested in peace in my room."

When he left the diner, after they'd figured out that Lisa wasn't coming, Adam checked his cell phone messages and found one telling him to call Tom Denton. It was six in the evening, so he didn't think it was too late. He called him back. Of course he got his voicemail because he wasn't at the office and Adam didn't have his home number. He didn't leave a message though. He decided he'd call him in the morning.

When he got back to his room he decided to do his assignment. He kept watch on the clock to see how much time he had before Melvin would return and become the naked distraction. However when eight fifteen came and went Melvin wasn't there. It took him exactly fifteen minutes to get from the practice field to the dorm. Adam assumed that either the coach or another player was holding him up, so he gave him the benefit of the doubt. Nine o'clock came and went and Melvin still wasn't back.

Adam had finished his assignments. He sat staring at the clock, thinking that Melvin was going to get that spanking finally for breaking the rules. He couldn't believe the potion allowed him to break the rules though. He'd made sure that Melvin always drank his coffee every morning. He'd made another batch of the potion and put it in the new can of coffee just two days before, so Melvin was dosed. That meant that he was actually breaking the rule on the potion. Adam thought that wasn't supposed to be possible. Even if he was being held up this long he was supposed to call Adam with the cell phone that Adam had paid for and was continuing to pay the bill for.

Adam got the paddle he'd bought just a week before out from under the bed and placed it on Melvin's bed to show him that he was in trouble. He sat back down on his own bed and crossed his arms. Melvin came in at twenty minutes past nine o'clock, looking angry. Adam didn't care if he was angry. He'd broken the rules.

"You told Lisa that I raped you," he said hotly and a second later doubled over in pain for it.

"Yes, I did," Adam replied. "You're lucky I didn't tell the whole world, Melvin. She happened to see me right after it happened and she knew something was wrong, because you opened your big mouth and blamed her for it. Even though you didn't tell her what you'd done she knew you'd done something bad. She asked me about it, and I was in a bad mood already so I told her. That was before all of this began."

"She just read me the riot act and told me that if I don't move out of this dorm room, she's going to turn it in," Melvin spat. "Then, when I tried to call you she slapped the phone out of my hand and it broke."

"I'll deal with Lisa tomorrow," Adam replied. "Right now you need to get in the damned shower and then suck my fucking dick. When that's done I'm going to cuff you to your fucking bed on your stomach, gag you and then paddle your ass for breaking one of my rules. You may have an excuse, but Melvin, Lisa is a girl you aren't even supposed to be speaking to. You should have just walked away from her and come home. Instead you stood there and broke my rule. That in itself is five swats. Then you let her break the phone that I paid for. That's another ten swats. Now get your sweaty, stupid ass in the shower."

Melvin stripped out of his uniform and stuffed it into his laundry bag. Then he went into the bathroom and got in the shower. Adam watched him in silence. He wasn't really all that mad at Melvin for what had happened. Lisa needed to be dealt with, and he had to figure out what to say to her to make her back off so that this could continue. There was no way in hell that Adam was going to let Melvin move out of the room and go off the potion. There was no telling what would happen if that were allowed to happen. Lisa needed to just butt out.

He also decided it was time to start getting Melvin ready for the other thing he owed him. He grabbed the bag from under his bed and took out the other provisions he'd bought when he'd bought the paddle. There was another ball gag, nipple clamps, a ball stretcher and three butt plugs in various sizes from small to "normal". He decided that after he'd spanked him he'd work the plugs into his ass until he got the biggest one in. Melvin would be required to wear it at all times unless he had to shit.

He got the bottle of lubricant out of the bag as well. He was sitting there with all of these things spread out on his bed when Melvin came back out of the bathroom. The boy's eyes grew large with fear when he saw what was scattered on Adam's bed. Adam decided to let his fear seed itself as he got up and told him to lie down on the bed on his stomach. Then he cuffed him in place and took his own shorts off. He climbed on the bed and had to maneuver around until he was sitting on the bed with Melvin's face in his crotch. His dick was already hard from just thinking about spanking Melvin. Melvin got right to it and started sucking his dick.

Adam put his fingers in Melvin's hair and gripped tight on both sides of his head and literally pulled him down on his dick. Melvin choked and Adam didn't let up. He fucked Melvin's mouth much the same what that Melvin had fucked his. He could even feel Melvin's nose bouncing off his pelvic bone. He didn't force him down fast or hard enough to cause him damage. The last thing he wanted was blood from Melvin's nose all over him. He didn't know if it was fucking Melvin's throat or the anticipation of what was to come afterward that had him cumming in record time as Melvin chocked and coughed as the cum shot into the back of his throat. When Adam was sated he got off the bed with even more maneuvering.

He put the ball gag in Melvin's mouth and buckled it behind his head. He didn't want Melvin's cries of pain to be heard all over the dorm. Then he got the paddle and gave him fifteen hard swats. Melvin's body jerked with each one. Adam counted them out and made sure the paddle always landed in the same spot. Melvin's ass was very red when he was done. Adam wasted no time however. He grabbed the lube and plugs and climbed between Melvin's legs. Melvin was trying to speak over the gag, and Adam was sure he was begging not to be fucked. Well he wasn't going to fuck him that night, but he was going to get him ready for when he decided to actually fuck him.

He lubed three fingers on his right hand and started to work his index finger into Melvin's ass. It was difficult at that angle, and Adam remembered that Donny had always put a pillow under his crotch when he tied him down and fucked him. Adam grabbed the pillow out from under Melvin's head and shoved it under his crotch. He noticed that Melvin's dick was soft for one, and he imagined the boy was far to terrified to be aroused. That was fine with Adam.

He went back to fingering Melvin, trying very hard to find his prostate just to see if it was sensitive. When he found it, Melvin jerked. Adam had his answer. He inserted two fingers into Melvin's ass and twisted them around, trying to pull them apart to stretch him a bit. Finally Melvin's ass loosened around Adam's two fingers, so he inserted the ring finger with the index and middle. Melvin was grunting and moaning around the gag. Adam was sure it was painful, but he didn't care. It was nowhere near as painful for Melvin as it had been for Adam.

When he was sure Melvin was loose enough he lubed the smallest plug. He pushed it into Melvin's ass but not all the way. He kept pushing it in and pulling it back to let Melvin get used to the girth of it. Finally he shoved it completely into Melvin's ass. Then he pulled it back out again. He did this five times before he lubed the second plug and started the process over again. Finally he had the largest plug in Melvin's ass.

"You're going to keep this plug in until I tell you to take it out," he said with his mouth next to Melvin's ear. "If I catch it out of you at any time I'm going to shove my fist up your ass. Now you'll sleep just like you are tonight, if you get any sleep. I'll ungag you in the morning."

Adam lay in his bed, wide awake and thought about what had happened. He'd spanked Melvin, had three fingers up his ass and then plugged him with three different butt plugs. He'd just threatened to fist him, something he'd not known was even possible until he'd seen pictures of it on the internet and he'd left him bound and gagged in the bed across the room. Suddenly he wondered what right he had to do any of this to Melvin. Melvin had raped him. He'd raped him, but it had been one event and was over and done with. What Adam was doing was much more than rape. He called it revenge, but if he really wanted only revenge why hadn't he given Melvin the potion, made him suck his dick and then fucked him and been done with it?

Why was he dragging all of this out? Did he think he could keep Melvin forever? Was that what it was? He asked himself in his own way if he had some perverse idea that Melvin now belonged to him forever. Was this his way of having the golden boy for himself? Sure he'd raped him, and Adam had tried to hate him for it. He didn't hate Melvin, though. He didn't respect him, but he didn't hate him. Otherwise he'd have had no self doubt about what he was doing to him at all. He'd have just done it and been happy about it.

He drifted off to sleep with those thoughts running through his head. In the morning after ungagged Melvin and force fed him his dick, he uncuffed him and showered with him. He realized that he liked touching Melvin and he loved it when Melvin touched him. It was really messing with his head, but he thought there was much more going on here than just revenge. He thought about it for the rest of the day. He was even thinking about it when he called Tom Denton back.

"Adam," said Tom when he answered the call. "I have great news. They settled out of court for a million five."

"You mean they're going to give me one million, five hundred thousand dollars?" he asked, stunned.

"That's exactly what I mean," said Tom. "Of course I have to take my fee out of the settlement, but I assure you that I won't take the standard ten percent. I've been billing you as a client through this whole thing. I'll take exactly what I have billed you for and not a penny more."

They talked for an hour. Tom told him he could expect the funds to be in his account no later than two weeks from that very day. Adam got off the phone and went straight to the admissions office and told the secretary that he wanted to pay the second semester tuition for Melvin. He told her that he'd gotten to know his roommate and had suddenly come into a lot of money. He said that he wanted to do this for his friend without anyone knowing about it.

He missed his first class that day, because he had to fill out all of the paperwork and then call the bank to get them to wire the money to the university. When he left the office, Melvin was paid in full for the rest of the year. He stood there in front of the Admin Building, pulling his coat tighter around his body as the wind had gotten rather cold. He decided to buy Melvin another cell phone, but before he did that he had to talk to Lisa about it.

She met him at the campus diner and apologized for jumping all over Melvin. She said that when she saw him, he was laughing and carrying on with two of his teammates as if nothing had happened and it had made her furious that he could act like that after what he'd done to Adam.

"But Lisa," he said, taking her hand across the table. "I'm dealing with it just fine. Melvin isn't moving out of the dorm. How can I make him pay for what he did if he doesn't live with me?"

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"He knows I have the evidence, Lisa," he lied. "He knows that as long as I have it, I can still turn him in. He's doing anything I tell him to do so that I won't turn him in. I own him, Lisa."

"Well he won't be here much longer anyway," she said. "The semester is almost up, and I know he's only paid for one semester."

"Lisa, his second semester is paid," he informed her. "Melvin will be staying in the dorm for the rest of the year. After that I'll decide if I want him gone."

"You're really blackmailing him?" she asked with a smile.

"I really am," he lied.

"Well in that case you should just return the favor and make him have sex with you," she said, looking hard and mean.

"Lisa!" he gasped, pretending outrage.

"I know," she laughed. "It's just something that I think about now and then. I know it makes me a bad person to get a thrill out of the idea of it. If you have him under control then I'll stop bugging both of you about it."

"Believe me, Lisa," he said honestly. "No one has ever been more tightly controlled in the history of man."

After his lunch with Lisa he went to his second class. He even managed to make it to work on time. While he was at work he thought about what he wanted to do now that he had Lisa all straightened out. The next day was Saturday, and he was off. He decided it was time to buy a car, he had to get Melvin's cell phone replaced and he needed to test himself to see what it was that he was really feeling for Melvin. Tomorrow would be a busy day.

"I kept the plug in all day," Melvin said almost as soon as he was in the room with the door shut. He was stripping out of his uniform as he spoke. "It was hell at practice. Everybody thinks I have crabs or something."

"It's only for a little while longer, Melvin," he said. "Take your shower and you can take the plug out so that you can use the toilet. Clean your ass real good, though. I'll be putting it back in as soon as you're done."

"All right," he said. "Can I stay in the room all day tomorrow? I don't have practice or anything."

"No," said Adam. "We're going to go get your cell phone replaced, and I want to buy a car. You're going with me for that, too."

"Okay," he said as he turned and went into the bathroom.

After he'd showered and the plug was back in his ass, he sucked Adam's dick. Adam was giving serious thought to how to test what he really felt about Melvin for the rest of the night. They studied in silence, but Adam saw him fidget now and then. He supposed the plug would be a tad uncomfortable from time to time. He hadn't really decided how long he would keep it in. He just wanted to make fucking him easier for both of them. He was putting his laptop away when he noticed that Melvin was watching him pretty hard.

"What's up, Melvin?" he asked as he stood up and stretched. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"I'm curious about something," Melvin said.


"Well, I'm not trying to be rude or anything," Melvin replied. "But if you're gay, and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, trust me. I just wondered why you haven't tried to kiss me or anything like that. I thought gay men liked that kind of stuff."

Adam was silent as he thought about what Melvin had said. It was odd that he'd been the one to mention it. It was even more odd that Adam had never thought about kissing Melvin. After all it wasn't like he could refuse to kiss him or do anything to hurt him, so why hadn't he thought about it? He supposed the simplest reason was that no one had ever kissed him before so he hadn't thought about kissing much at all.

"I've never been kissed before," he finally said. "I guess I just don't think about it."

"Well, okay then," Melvin said. "Is it time for bed?"

"Yes," Adam said, but he didn't tell him to get into his own bed. When Melvin started to, Adam stopped him. "No. I want you to sleep over here with me tonight. We're going to try it out."

"It's a little bed, Adam," he said.

"We'll manage," replied Adam as he stood up and took his shorts off. He climbed back into the bed and scooted over to the wall. "Come on, and turn off the light."

Melvin climbed into the bed and Adam immediately saw what he meant about their beds being little. There was absolutely no room for both of them in the bed. They tried it on their sides, but Adam wasn't about to sleep with Melvin's crotch against his ass. There was no way that was going to happen. When they tried it the other way, Melvin nearly fell out of the bed all together.

"Wait," Melvin said when they started to reposition again. "I know how to make this work. Lift up."

"Okay," Adam said, raising up off the bed.

"All right," Melvin said as he lay flat on his back as close to the edge as he could get without hanging off the bed. "Now just lay back down, but put your upper body across mine. You can put your head on my chest if you want."

Adam did as he suggested and they fit perfectly. It was actually kind of nice to lie there with Melvin like that. Adam had never been like this with anyone. It did make him feel funny though. He felt like they were lovers the way they were lying there. The truth of the matter was there was no love between them. Adam was sure that he wasn't in love with Melvin. Sure he was starting to like him a little, but it was nowhere close to love.

"What are you doing?" Adam asked when Melvin put his hand under his chin and started to move his head up.

"Just trust me this one time, Adam," Melvin said. "Please?"

Adam allowed him to move his head up until they were staring at each other in the dark. Then Melvin closed his eyes and slowly moved his face closer to Adam's. When their lips touched, Adam nearly jolted out of the bed. His dick got hard and he pressed it against Melvin's thigh. Then he felt Melvin running his tongue over his bottom lip and without thinking he opened his mouth. Melvin slid his tongue into Adam's mouth and ran it over his tongue. Adam moaned against his mouth and they were suddenly kissing like crazy.

Melvin's hand traveled down and wrapped around Adam's dick. He squeezed it slightly as their kiss deepened. Then before he had time to think about what he was doing, Adam turned with his arms around Melvin's head until he was lying on the bed and Melvin was on top of him. He wiggled until their crotches were smashed together. Then he pushed at Melvin to get him to lift up so that he could take both of their dicks in his hand. He masturbated them as they kissed. It didn't last long, because the kiss seemed to make both of them hot. Before either of them knew what to think of it, they were both shooting cum between them. Melvin lifted up slightly so that almost all of the cum was on Adam's belly and chest. Then he broke the kiss and scooted down in the bed.

Adam about yelped when Melvin started licking their cum off of his stomach and chest. He was shocked beyond words when Melvin slid further down the bed and took his still leaking dick into his mouth. Before he knew it, he was ready to go again. Melvin sucked his dick like he always did, but this time he didn't choke when he went all the way down on it. He did it over and over again until Adam was cumming down his throat once again.

Then Melvin was moving back up his body. He kissed him again and locked his arms around Adam's neck. Then he rolled them back over and they wiggled around until they were back in the position they started out in. Adam put his head on Melvin's chest and listened to his heart beating.

"Okay, so I like kissing," he said and then laughed.

"So it seems," Melvin replied.

"Why did you kiss me?" Adam asked, lifting his head so he could look at him.

"I don't know really," said Melvin. "I just kept thinking about how you said no one had ever kissed you, and it made me feel bad. Then I got the idea to kiss you, and I knew that it had to be more than a simple lip smacker. So I gave you everything I had."

"Well it was nice," Adam said after a minute. "We might be doing a lot of that."

"Fine by me," Melvin said. "Thanks for making me cum, by the way."

"Goodnight, Melvin," Adam said. He'd grown too uncomfortable with the direction the conversation was going in.

"Goodnight, Adam," Melvin replied, and amazingly he seemed to drift right off to sleep.

Adam was awake for a lot longer though. So many thoughts and feelings ran through him. Most of them shocked him, and some of the scared the shit out of him. Yes, he was definitely starting to like Melvin. He just didn't understand how it had happened. He did understand that Melvin was only doing any of this because of the potion. That's what had him all twisted up inside.

When he opened his eyes and saw that it was morning he was shocked to find that he'd actually slept. He untangled himself from Melvin, waking him up in the process, and the two of them showered together. This time Adam allowed Melvin to wash his ass. he didn't even flinch when Melvin ran his soapy fingers through his ass crack.

When they were dry and dressed, they headed out to look for a car for Adam. They went by bus so they stopped at the Ford dealership. Adam bought a black Ford F-150 truck, having the bank wire the money. They drove off the lot in the truck and headed across the city to Pine Falls and then to the mall. Adam presented Melvin's broken phone, paid for a replacement with his debit card, waited until it was activated with Melvin's number and then they headed back to campus.

"You know," Melvin said once he was naked again in their room. "All of this stuff you're doing for me isn't going to matter at the end of the semester. I still don't have the money for next semester's tuition."

"Your tuition is paid until the end of the year, Melvin," Adam said. "I took care of that days ago."

Melvin only looked at him with his mouth hanging open.



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