The Craft (Novel Version)
by Julien Gregg

Chapter Five

"Nice wheels, Adam," Pete said when he saw the truck for the first time.

"Thanks," he replied, smiling. "I like it."

"When did you buy it?" Pete asked.

"Saturday," Adam replied. "I was going to come and show you, but things got a little hectic. Then I had to work Sunday. By the time I got home you were already at work. So here we are today. Lisa hasn't even seen it yet."

"So where's Melvin's car?" Pete asked. "You said he was upstairs in your room studying, but I don't see his car."

"He sold it to help pay for his tuition," Adam replied.

"You're not going to let him drive your truck around, are you?" Pete asked.

"No," replied Adam. "No one drives the truck but me."

"Good," said Pete. "So what are you going to do for Winter Break?"

"Stay here, I guess," he said. "No point in going anywhere. I'm working for most of it anyway."

"They didn't give you the break off?" Pete asked.

"I didn't request it," he replied. "I wasn't planning to go anywhere."

And Winter break was spent much like any other time. Of course there was snow on the ground now. Adam had paid to have snow tires put on the truck just before break began. Melvin was a little depressed because he wasn't going home for the break, but Adam found ways to help pass the time.

When he wasn't working, they worked out together in weight room. Adam could get away with being in there because ninety percent of the student body were gone for the break. Melvin gave him pointers, spotted him when he was bench pressing and the two of the had a great time. Adam was sore after every work out, but then Melvin surprised him again in that department.

"Do you trust me to give you a massage?" he asked when Adam complained about his sore muscles.

"You want to give me a massage?" Adam asked.

"I've got the oil in my closet, Adam," he said. "I used to get Lisa to rub it into my shoulders after work outs and heavy practices."

"Well then are your muscles sore?" Adam asked.

"Yeah, but I'm used to it," he replied. "No one has been massaging my shoulders or anything since Lisa broke up with me."

"Well you can give me a massage," Adam said after a moment. "If you talk me through it, I'll give you one afterward."

"If I do it right, you won't be in the mood to give me a massage afterward," Melvin said with a smile.

So Adam stripped and crawled onto his bed on his stomach. He didn't even flinch when Melvin straddled his ass. He could feel the boy's dick just above his ass, but he knew that with the potion Melvin wouldn't try anything. He relaxed and let Melvin do his thing. Melvin's thing turned out to be a very soothing and erotic massage. He heated the oil in their new microwave before he started to spread it over Adam's shoulders and back.

His expert fingers soothed Adam's sore muscles and kept his dick hard underneath him. Melvin kneaded and rubbed Adam from his shoulders to just above the crack of his ass. Then he had him spread his arms out, and he kneaded and rubbed them as well. Adam was nearly putty by the time the massage ended. Then Melvin had him turn over and he sucked his dick. When that was over Adam decided that Melvin had been right about him not being in the mood to give him a massage.

At work that evening, Adam started thinking about what was going on between him and Melvin. Things were rapidly moving in a direction that both made Adam happy and, at the same time, extremely uncomfortable. He couldn't turn this into a happy relationship. Melvin raped him. Nothing the potion could do to Melvin, or make Melvin do could ever really make up for that fact. He'd raped him.

He also thought of all of the things that had been happening between them. He thought about what had happened the night that Melvin had kissed him quite a bit. Melvin had instigated the kiss. Melvin had slid down the bed to suck his dick. He'd done all of that without Adam telling him to. The kiss was what really had Adam's mind running a mile a minute. Melvin had been tender and passionate with the kiss. He'd been the one to ask about kissing to begin with.

Adam needed to find out what Melvin was really feeling. Only then could he figure out what he was feeling. He knew it was stupid to fall for the guy when he was only acting the way he was acting because of a potion that Adam had found in a book of spells. He decided that soon he would stop giving the potion to Melvin and find out what was really underneath it. It wouldn't be any time really soon. He was still too scared of what Melvin was like without the potion. He needed to think it through a little bit more.

So for the rest of Winter Break, Melvin was passionate and tender when he dealt with Adam. Adam continued to let him have a little more room to move around in the confines of the potion as well. He didn't tie him to his bed every night, but he also didn't invite him into his own bed more than a handful of times. Each time Melvin had acted the same way as he had the first time. Adam was getting confused, and that wasn't a good thing.

Adam was still hesitant to fuck Melvin as well. He needed to get over that. This was supposed to be about revenge. He needed to elevate things and take the final revenge. Only then could he deal with what was in his head and what he thought was in Melvin's. So until that event had taken place, Adam decided that he'd keep giving Melvin the potion.

Time flew by as Adam stayed in his confused state over Melvin. Classes resumed, and then it was time for cramming sessions to study for semester finals. Melvin went back to practice, but now it was only three times per week. The college football season was nearly over now. Adam still worked five nights a week at the gas station, so studying was difficult. It meant lost sleep and a lot of tired days. Melvin seemed to be having the same problem.

Then something really strange happened, though when he thought about it out right, Adam supposed it wasn't all that strange. He had been hanging out with Pete and Lisa quite a bit, but after Winter Break he hadn't had as much time to hang out with them. He'd never thought about them hanging out without him, not that he'd thought he was the only reason the two of them hung out to begin with or anything.

The strange thing had happened when Adam had decided that he was studied out. He needed a break so he left Melvin in their room with an order to study and then he'd called Pete and Lisa to hang out at the campus diner. They sat with plates of food and cups of coffee and talked about their pending finals and how each of them thought they'd do on them. Pete was confident while Lisa seemed a bit manic about them. Adam was sure he'd do all right. It was a normal night with the three of them at least until Adam went to use the restroom. When he came out of the bathroom he saw that Pete and Lisa were kissing.

It shocked him so much that he stood there just outside the bathroom door to stare at them. Then he really started to think. He'd been too busy to hang out with the two of them lately, and he supposed that they'd gotten closer in his absence. Either that or they'd been getting closer, and Adam had been too wrapped up in what was going on between him and Melvin that he hadn't noticed. He decided to be happy for them. He understood that just because he was attracted to Pete didn't mean there was any way he had a claim on him. He had enough to worry about with Melvin. So why couldn't his two friends be happy even if their happiness was intertwined between them?

"So you guys are together," he said with a smile as he sat down across from them.

"Yes," Pete said, looking slightly uncomfortable.

"Adam, we didn't know how you would react to the news about us," Lisa said quickly.

"I'm thrilled for you guys," he said. "What did you think I was going to say?"

"Well, Adam," Lisa said and then faltered.

"We've both noticed certain things," Pete said, looking even more uncomfortable.

"What things?" he asked, though he was fairly sure what they were talking about.

"It's obvious that you like me," Pete said as his face started to turn red.

"Pete," Adam said with a sigh. "I suppose you've always known that I'm gay. I never tried to hide it from you, and yes, I find you attractive. That doesn't mean that I expected anything or had any intentions of trying to start anything with you. I'm not ready for a boyfriend at this point anyway. You're my friend, and I'm happy that you've found someone that makes you happy. The same goes for Lisa."

"First, let me say that I'm both relieved and happy to hear that you feel that way," said Pete. "I'm flattered that you think I'm attractive, and I'm glad that you're not hurt over this. I consider you a good friend, Adam, and I never wanted to hurt your feelings."

"Pete, you've done nothing to hurt my feelings at all," he said, smiling. He was touched that Pete thought so highly of him. "I knew you were straight from the very beginning. Honestly, I'm not disappointed by this or hurt in any way. Like I said, I'm thrilled for you guys."

"Well thank you," Pete said, smiling and looking relieved. "Now I want to talk about Melvin."

"What about him?" Adam asked, hoping that Lisa hadn't told him what had happened between them.

"I know what he did to you, Adam," Pete said, and in that moment his attractive friend looked angry and a bit mean. "I can't believe you're still living in that room with him. Lisa tells me that you're blackmailing him to keep him in line. Adam, how much longer do you think that's going to work?"

Adam was silent for a few moments while he thought of just what to say to them. Lisa was looking guilty, and as far as Adam was concerned she should feel guilty. She'd broken his trust by telling Pete what Melvin had done, and he wouldn't forget it. He understood that she was worried about him, but she should have come and talked to him again instead of telling his secret.

"All right," sighed Adam. "I understand that you're both worried about me, and though I understand it I'm also hurt that Lisa would break my confidence and tell you what I specifically asked her not to tell anyone. I will say this once and only once. Melvin is not a threat to me. I'm not blackmailing him anymore either. I said I wasn't ready for a boyfriend, but that wasn't exactly the truth. I've been kicking this around in my head for so long, and I didn't know how to tell either of you what's going on. Melvin is my boyfriend."

The lie had the effect he expected. Pete's face went from outraged to stunned in about two seconds. Lisa was just staring at him as if he'd suddenly grown two heads. He understood that as Melvin's ex, she would have trouble believing him on this, but he was prepared to prove it. For all practical intents and purposes, Melvin was his boyfriend. It was a strange and complicated relationship fueled by the potion, but he wasn't about to tell them that. He knew that with the potion he could make Melvin pretend to be the loving and doting boyfriend any time he wanted. It seemed he'd most likely have to do that soon.

"So the bringing you lunch, you going to his games and sometimes his practices and all the time you spend with him," Pete said with a voice that dripped sarcastic outrage. "All of this is because you decided to be his boyfriend?"

"Pete, don't do this," Adam begged. "I knew that it would be hard for either of you to understand what's going on between me and Melvin. That's why I didn't tell you." He turned to Lisa. "I didn't tell you because I respect you too much to hurt your feelings. I know what you think of him now, but I promise both of you that Melvin isn't the guy any of us thought he was when he did what he did. He was a confused, scared guy who did a bad thing. That doesn't make him a bad person."

"But Adam," Lisa said, looking at him hard. "Melvin isn't gay."

"Oh I assure you, he is," Adam replied. "I tell you what. We'll get together to celebrate the end of finals. I'll show you exactly how Melvin and I get along then."

When he got back to the room his head was spinning. He'd told them that Melvin was his boyfriend. Though he knew that he could make Melvin act like the boyfriend he wanted them to believe he was, he also knew that it would fuck with his own head a lot more than what was already going on. For him to do this, he'd have to make Melvin act like the dutiful boyfriend all the time. It was seriously going to mess with both of them. There was no backing out now though. He'd already told them the lie.

"Melvin, I have a problem," Adam said after they'd showered. "Lisa told Pete what you did to me."

"I figured she'd tell somebody," Melvin said, hanging his head.

"That isn't the problem, Melvin," Adam said, wondering just how Melvin would react to what he was going to tell him he had to do. "I told them both, to get them off my back about what you did that you are my boyfriend now and that you did what you did because you were drunk, confused and a little scared."

"So what's the problem?" Melvin asked, shocking Adam. "I am your boyfriend pretty much. What's the difference?"

Okay, he thought. It was time to get into the meat of the problem. He had no idea how far the potion would make Melvin go. This had to work though. He didn't want them to know he was lying to them even though he felt like hammered shit for doing it in the first place. Here goes, he thought.

"Melvin, you do realize that by telling them that you're my boyfriend the information will get out," he said. "You're going to have to be the perfect boyfriend in front of people. That means that everyone will think you're gay."

"But I'm not gay," Melvin replied. He still didn't sound upset.

"Well you're going to have to convince people that you are," Adam said.

"This is what you want then?" Melvin asked. "You want me to be your boyfriend?"

"Only in public," Adam said quickly. "In private nothing will change. This isn't me falling in love with you, Melvin. You raped me, and this is my revenge. Don't forget that."

"Are you ever going to forgive me for that?" Melvin asked. "I do everything you tell me to. I suck your dick, I kiss you and I let you do things to me that I would never let anyone do in a million years. I don't really know why I let you do it, but I do. Do I have to make everyone think I'm gay, too?"

Harden your heart, Adam, he thought. "Yes, Melvin. That's exactly what you have to do."

Melvin looked at him for a long moment without saying anything. A million expressions crossed his face from fear to anger. Then he was doubling over in agony for being angry. The potion was still as strong as ever, Adam realized. There was no way Melvin could refuse to do what he'd told him to do.

"You know," Melvin said slowly. "Sometimes I really don't like you."

Then while he was doubled over in pain from that admission, Adam made up his mind. He would make everyone believe that he was gay, and they'd believe that he was Adam's boyfriend. He also decided that it was time to take the one thing he'd been hesitant to take from Melvin. He was going to fuck him that night.

In reality the admission had hurt him. It had also done something that Adam wanted. It had reminded him that though he was bound by the potion, Melvin hadn't changed. He was still a cruel person. What Adam had said to Lisa and Pete about Melvin doing a bad thing but not being a bad person because of it had turned out to be flat out bullshit.

"I'm changing the rules of our relationship starting right now, Melvin," he said coldly. "You raped me, and I think it's finally time that I return the favor."

"Adam," gasped Melvin. His eyes were huge and round with shock and fear. "Please don't do this. I'm sorry for what I said. Don't hurt me any more than you already have."

"What exactly have I done that's really hurt you, Melvin?" Adam demanded, furious suddenly. "I paddled your ass and put a plug in you. That can't possibly compare to what you've done to me. So tell me, Melvin, what exactly have I done to you that can make you feel as ashamed, dirty and broken as you made me feel?"

"Do I have to spell it out for you, Adam?" Melvin asked, but his voice never rose, instead it sounded like pleading. "I'm not gay, Adam. I have never done anything with any other man. I never wanted to do anything with any man. You make me do what I'm doing. I don't know how, but you're doing this to me. You're making me feel like I'm nothing but a toy."

"A toy," laughed Adam. "What about the night you kissed me? You instigated all of that, Melvin. I didn't order you to do a damned thing that night. I put you in my bed that night because I wanted to reward you for being so nice to me. I didn't have any plans to have sex with you that night. You did that. It was all you."

"You said that I had to have sex with you," Melvin replied. "When I told you I didn't want to have sex with you before the first time you told me you didn't care what I wanted. How is that any different than what I did to you?"

"It's different, Melvin," Adam assured. "Believe me, it's different. Have I bloodied your nose? Did I make your asshole hurt for days so bad you couldn't sit down? Did I leave you lying in bloody sheets after I'd had my way with you?"

Melvin looked shocked and haunted by Adam's words, but Adam was still angry. How dare he compare what Adam had done to him so far to what he'd done the night he'd raped him. Adam didn't try to intimidate him, he didn't call him derogatory names or punch him. Yes, he'd forced him to have oral sex. So far that and a little anal play was all he'd forced him to do. It may be no better than what Melvin had done to him, but it was surely different.

Melvin didn't say anything for a while, and Adam didn't either. He was thinking too hard about what Melvin had said. It was a wakeup call for Adam. If he'd started to have any feelings for Melvin, they'd died that night. Melvin reminded him just why he was doing what he was doing, and Adam didn't believe for a minute that anything would ever be enough to scrub the ugly scars the past had left on him. If he could do this to Donny and Aaron he would. He'd have all three of them lined up all the time, ready for whatever he decided to do to them.

He decided that it was time to carry out the final act of revenge. He told Melvin to lie on his bed and then he placed the pillow under his butt to elevate it. He got his lubricant out from under his bed and lubed his dick while Melvin watched with a horror stricken expression.

"Adam, please," Melvin nearly whispered. "Don't do this."

"Legs up," Adam said, ignoring him. "Put your feet on my shoulders."

Even though Melvin looked like he wanted nothing more than to refuse, he put his feet on Adam's shoulders. Adam leaned forward to get his hard dick in line so that he could shove it into his ass as soon as he removed the plug. He worked the plug around in a complete circle, tugging slightly the whole time. When the plug slipped out of Melvin's ass, Adam tossed it on the floor and shoved his pelvis forward, driving his dick fully into Melvin to his pelvic bone.

"Ah!" gasped Melvin as his eyes opened wide with shock. "Damn you."

"I'm not done," Adam replied as the look of pain washed over Melvin's face, replacing the shocked expression. "We've got a way to go yet."

He marveled at the feeling of Melvin's ass around his dick. Even after the plug had been in for so long it was squeezing him tight. It was so tight, silky and warm. Adam pulled his hips back until just the head of his dick was still inside Melvin's ass, then he slowly pushed it back in to the hilt. He closed his eyes and rode the mind numbing feeling. He did that twice more, opening his eyes to look into Melvin's. He noticed that Melvin was actually crying, so he tried not to pay any attention to it. He worked his dick in and out of Melvin's ass, then he thought of Melvin's reaction to his fingers on his prostate. He'd read enough stories on the internet to have a basic idea how to get his dick to touch the gland.

He rolled Melvin's hips as he adjusted the angle of his thrust. He knew when he found it, because Melvin's tear filled eyes went wide and he jerked. Adam had to repress a smile as he thought about what he was doing. Sure he was pushing Melvin to the limit of his sexual torture, but he was going to ride his prostate to make him enjoy the fuck. That would probably do more damage than anything else.

He thrust in and out, battering Melvin's prostate as he tried so hard to ignore the pleasure it was giving him. He didn't want to cum before Melvin got there. The stories all said that a guy with a sensitive prostate would cum from this. Adam wanted Melvin to cum. He wanted Melvin to have a mind blowing orgasm to think about. That way he'd never forget the night that Adam had fucked him. He watched his eyes and noticed that the crying stopped, but the look of agonized degradation didn't leave those blue eyes. It fogged with pleasure after a few minutes of Adam pounding his prostate, but he still looked like he was in distress.

Adam knew the fuck wasn't hurting him. The plug had kept his asshole open long enough that the intrusion of Adam's dick couldn't be stretching him to the point of pain. It was the psychological pain that Melvin was experiencing. He was probably not enjoying the feeling of Adam being inside him, but he was obviously battling with that as his prostate was worked over in the process. Adam fucked him harder, making sure that his dick rubbed over his prostate every time he pushed into him.

Then suddenly he got what he wanted. Melvin threw his head back and issued a strangled moan of pleasure as cum shot from his dick up his stomach and landed on his chest. Adam sped up once again, focusing on the pleasure he was receiving as he fucked him this time. Now he wanted to cum in him. He wanted his cum in Melvin's ass. He stopped fucking for a moment and leaned over Melvin's right leg to grab the plug off the floor. He looked it over and then wiped it on the sheet to get the dirt off of it from the floor. Then he lubed it again and held it as he started to fuck Melvin again. He drove his dick in and out of Melvin's ass with pleasure filled abandon, reveling in the feeling of his ass clamping down on him as the waves of the after effect of the orgasm spread through Melvin's body. Then he slammed his crotch against Melvin's ass and came. His body jerked, and his nerves seemed to be electrified. He nearly blacked out from the pleasure of it. He realized he was humping against Melvin, pistoning his erupting dick in and out of his battered ass just slightly. He kept that up until the last shockwave of his orgasm zinged through his body.

He was covered in sweat, and so was Melvin. Melvin's eyes were closed. Adam imagined he was trying to deal with what had happened. Adam didn't give him time to think about it long. He pulled his dick out of Melvin's ass and shoved the plug back in to the fat knob. Melvin's eyes flew open at this new sensation and his mouth dropped open. There was so much cum on his belly and chest. Adam had a devious thought.

"Scoop up your cum, Melvin," he said. "Scoop it up and eat it. Don't waste it. Do it now."

Melvin's eyes grew hard with anger as he did what Adam told him to do. He scooped up his cum with his fingers and sucked it off over and over again until he'd gotten it all. Then he put his head back and shuddered. Adam got off the bed and told Melvin to follow him. They got in the shower and Adam made him wash him like usual, ignoring the torment in his blue eyes.

When Adam's turn came to wash Melvin, he did it with force. He dug his soapy fingers into Melvin's muscles. He squeezed his dick harder than he'd ever squeezed it, making Melvin wince. Then he turned him around and repeated the process from the back of Melvin's neck to his ass where he pushed his fingers against the base to the plug over and over again. Melvin hissed and jerked each time he did it. Finally he washed the backs of Melvin's legs and stood back up. They rinsed their bodies, taking turns under the spray. Then Adam washed his hair and completely ignored Melvin. When his hair was rinsed he handed the shampoo to Melvin and waited while he washed his hair. He paid no attention the whole time.

When they were out of the shower and dried off, Adam cuffed Melvin to the bed. This was the first time he'd cuffed him to the bed since before Winter Break. It would be the way Melvin would sleep from now on. Their playful, erotic fun times were over. Adam remembered why he was doing this now. He turned off the light and went to his own bed, listening to Melvin's defeated sobs.

The next day their final exams began. Adam had taken the week off from work so that he could concentrate on his exams. He'd told Melvin to do his best on each exam and to concentrate, to put all of what had happened the night before out of his mind. He wasn't sure if he was successful or not though. He had two exams to take that day and he focused on them.

When he got back to the dorm room Melvin wasn't there. He checked his phone and found the text message that said Melvin had gone to a football meeting. Adam wondered what that was about. The team hadn't made the play offs, so their season was completely over. The coach wasn't even holding practices anymore. Adam decided that he wouldn't worry about it. Instead he called Lisa and met her at the campus diner for coffee.

"How do you think your exams are going?" she asked as they sat down.

"I had two today," he replied. "I think I did pretty good on both of them. How about you?"

"I took one this morning, and I'll take another in about two hours," she said. "I know I did fine this morning."

"Great," he said, smiling. "Let's just hope that Pete's doing better than he thought he would."

"Oh I'm sure he is," she said. "I'm so glad that you took our being together so well, Adam. I can't tell you how worried he was that you'd stop being his friend. Pete really cares about you. We both do."

"I just can't understand why either of you thought it would bother me," he said. "I mean I care about both of you a lot. If you two can be happy together, then why would I be anything other than happy about it?"

"Well Pete was convinced that you kind of liked him a bit more than you really do," she said. "He thought you were giving off vibes that I guess you really weren't."

"Well I like Pete a lot," he said, choosing his words carefully. "He was one of the only people in Crete to treat me like I was a person instead of a punching bag or a charity case. Pete was my first no bullshit friend, so yeah, I really like Pete. I just don't like him the way he thought I did."

"You know we both care very much about you," she said, looking at him hard again. "That's why neither of us can understand this relationship you're having with Melvin. Adam, after what he did to you I can't believe you'd even think of him as anything other than a victimizer."

"I did think of him that way for a while," Adam admitted, and in reality he still did. "I just took the time to get to know him. We've had many conversations about the way he was raised and how scared he was of what he was feeling. I mean look at his life. You know him better than anyone. His brother is a military man, the epitome of macho man. His father is a farmer and a God fearing man. How in the world was Melvin ever going to be able to express his true feelings, who he really was in the midst of all of that?"

"I hadn't thought about it quite that way, but Adam, that doesn't excuse what he did to you," she said. "Then there's the fact that we were together from the time I was thirteen until we came to college. I mean we never had full out sex, but I was sure beyond any doubt that Melvin was completely and utterly straight. Now I feel like he lied to me all that time and it's hurtful."

"Lisa," he said, taking her hand across the table. "I don't think Melvin was lying to you all that time. I think he honestly and truly meant everything he said to you through the years. Sexuality isn't always a fixed thing. Melvin isn't completely gay. He's told me that I'm the only guy he's ever been with and that though he had the fantasy in his mind for years, he never thought he'd actually act on it. I believe that Melvin loved you."

"That just makes it harder for me to understand how he can be with any man," she said. "Let alone the horrible thing he did to you. You say he did it out of drunken desperation and confusion, but Adam that doesn't change what he did one little bit. He hurt you in a way that can never be made right. I don't understand how you can be with him any more than I can reconcile his being with you."

"I knew you'd probably have trouble with it," he said. "That's why I was so hesitant to tell you or Pete about us. Lisa, I would never do anything intentionally to make either of you even slightly uncomfortable. If you think it would be better to just stay away from Melvin, he's prepared to keep his distance. We don't have to get together if it's going to be hard for you."

"Adam, all I want is for you to be happy," she said. "Melvin and I are over, and I'm not holding any torches for the guy. I have Pete now, and I really think we have a shot at something wonderful. I won't say that it won't bother me to see the two of you together, but you have to know that it has nothing to do with my having feelings for him. I simply don't have any feelings for him in that way. I mean, I damned near hate him for what he did to you, but if you can forgive him and be with him then who am I to hold a grudge?"

They stopped talking as Pete came into the diner. He came straight over, kissed Lisa and then sat down. The waitress came to the table a second later, preventing him from saying anything. He ordered a burger and fries with a soda and then turned to Adam. He looked at him for a minute before he said anything. Adam wondered what was on his friend's mind. If he had to champion Melvin again he thought he might puke.

"Adam, is everything all right between you and Melvin?" he asked, momentarily sidetracking Adam's thoughts.

"Yeah, why?" Adam asked.

"Well I saw him before I came here," he said. "He looked wrecked. I just wondered if you'd had a fight or something."

"No," replied Adam. "He's a little nervous about you guys knowing about us but we didn't fight about it."

"I don't know, Adam," said Pete. "He looked like it was a lot more than nerves about anyone knowing he's your boyfriend. I talked to him for a few minutes. He admitted that he was your boyfriend, but it looked like he'd have rather died than say it. Something's up."

"Well I'll see him after his exam," said Adam. "I'll find out what's going on."

He thought about it while Pete ate his burger. Could getting fucked really be screwing with his head that much? Adam supposed it could. If Melvin was actually straight then it could be screwing with his head in a big way. He worried that he would have a lot to deal with when he saw Melvin next. He was curious about the fact that he didn't feel guilty about it though.

"When is his exam?" Lisa asked.

"He should be taking it right now," Adam said, looking at his watch.

"Well if something happened since you've seen him he'll tell you about it soon," she said. "He was never one to keep things from anyone. Well, you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Adam replied. "Listen, I'm gonna jet. I'll talk to you guys tomorrow."

"Be careful, Adam," Lisa said as he got up and fished money out of his wallet for his check.

"Don't worry so much," he said with a smile. He nodded at Pete and then left the diner.

Adam went back to the dorm. Melvin would be out for a while yet, so he gathered the sheets and blankets from both beds along with his and Melvin's dirty clothes. He packed them into the truck and headed for campus laundry. As he sat there in the laundry to wait for the clothes and blankets to wash he thought about what had happened the night before and that morning.

Melvin hadn't seemed all that bothered that morning when he'd sucked Adam's dick. He hadn't said anything about the night before. Adam knew that Melvin didn't like the fact that Adam had fucked him. He was sure that his fucking him and making him cum from nothing more than his dick in his ass was taking a toll, too. He just couldn't figure out how to make Melvin accept it. Would the potion do that?

The fact was he wanted Melvin to experience the shame and the degradation. It wasn't even near as much as Adam had felt. He didn't buy for one minute that Melvin was feeling any shame or degradation from sucking his dick. Maybe after the first time, but after that first time Melvin sucked his dick without comment. He even tried to make it good for Adam. But having a dick in your mouth was a far cry from someone taking your manhood the way he had the night before. Good, the thought. Let it eat him up, but he wanted it to eat him up when no one could see. If Pete could see it then it was something that Adam had to fix and soon.

He thought about just what to say to Melvin and how to say it as he transferred the wet laundry from the washers to the dryers. He would let him know that he'd been forced to bury how he felt so he could go on with his life when the tables had been turned. Melvin would just have to force himself to suck it up. He had to, because Adam wasn't going to keep dodging bullets over his damned feelings.

By the time he got back to the dorm Melvin was there. He'd stripped naked and was sitting on his unmade bed studying. He didn't look up as Adam came in with the laundry. Adam sighed as he sat the baskets down. He wasn't going to put the clothes away or make the damned beds. He'd only done the laundry himself because Melvin wasn't there and he'd needed to think.

"Put your books away and take care of this laundry," Adam said. "I took it and washed it. You can put it away and make the beds."

"Fine," Melvin said, slamming his book shut. He nearly sprang off the bed and headed to the closets to get hangers for the shirts.

Adam watched him for a few minutes. He sat at his desk and watched as Melvin hung up their shirts, folded their jeans, shorts and underwear. He bent over to put the socks, shorts and underwear in their drawers, and Adam could see the flat base of the plug in his ass. He paid attention to see if there was blood or anything to worry about. It looked fine though. There was nothing for Adam to worry about there.

"Pete says you looked like hell when he saw you today," Adam said as Melvin started to make his bed.

"I've had a lot to think about today," Melvin replied. "It isn't every day that I get raped."

"Oh, deal with it, Melvin," Adam snapped. "How do you think I felt when you raped me? I didn't mope around campus, letting everyone see my personal hell. I had to suck it up and deal in private, so I could get on with my life. If I could do it after all I've been through, you can do it, too. I don't want any more of this public moping. You got your ass fucked, Melvin. You got your ass fucked, and on some level you liked it. You came from being fucked. So shut up about what you had to think about and act like you aren't miserable. I don't want to see it, and I don't want any more questions about what's eating you."

"The difference between me and you is that you're gay and I'm not," snapped Melvin. "I had never had a dick in my ass until last night."

"Well thank your lucky stars I didn't fuck you the way you fucked me," Adam said. "Maybe I should, so you'll have something worth bitching about. Get over it, Melvin. I plugged your ass so it wouldn't be such a traumatic experience for you. That was a kindness I should never have extended. Believe me, I'll remember not to do anything like it again. From now on I'll treat you the way you seemed to think I should be treated. We'll see how long your precious mind can deal with that."

"It's never going to be enough, is it?" Melvin asked, turning to look at him. "You're never going to consider us even."

"Even?" Adam gasped, outraged. "How in the hell could we ever be equal. You did what you did to me out of hate. I do what I'm doing to you out of vengeance. I don't hate you, Melvin. I know that you hate me."

"I don't hate you, Adam," Melvin said. "I was drunk, damn it. I was drunk and I was mad. I took it out on you in the worst way imaginable, and I've apologized for it over and over again. I suck your dick twice a day, I do everything you tell me to. I lied to Pete today and told him I'm your boyfriend, too."

"Good," said Adam. "I want to hear you tell me how sorry you are for raping me so brutally every damned day. But, know this, if you walk around like you're falling apart over my treatment of you I promise you I'll make it worse. We have to meet Lisa and Pete after we take our last exam to celebrate the end of exams, and to show them what a happy fucking couple we are. You're going to play your part, Melvin. You're going to pretend to love me and adore me, or I swear to every deity in existence you will live to regret it for the rest of your life."

"And you're going to keep on fucking me, aren't you?" Melvin asked.

"Yes, Melvin," Adam snapped back. "I'm going to fuck your ass every night. I'm going to fuck your mouth every morning. I'll fuck either of them whenever I want."

"God," Melvin moaned. "How long is this going to go on, Adam? How long am I going to be your damned sex slave?"

"Try forever, Melvin," Adam hissed. "If I could get Aaron and Donny the way I got you I'd have all three of you for the rest of your lives."

To prove his point he got up and walked over to where Melvin was standing with his back to him. He grabbed him by the hair and turned his head so he could kiss him. He shoved his tongue into Melvin's mouth roughly and ground his pelvis into Melvin's ass. Melvin shocked him to his core when he turned around and put his arms around Adam's neck and kissed him like he couldn't get enough. His dick hardened between them, and he let out a quivering moan against Adam's lips.

Adam broke the kiss and pushed against him until he stepped back. Then he put his hands on his shoulders and pushed Melvin to his knees. He told him to get his dick out of his pants and show him what a cocksucker he was. Melvin did as he was told. He unbuttoned Adam's fly and fished his dick out of his underwear. Then he wrapped his lips around it and made love to it with his mouth and throat. When Adam came in his mouth, he put his hand under his chin and made him look up at him with his dick still in his mouth.

"Never forget who you are, Melvin," he said, looking into his eyes. "You're mine now."


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