The Craft (Novel Version)
by Julien Gregg

Chapter Six

Two things happened on that Friday. The first was that Adam took his last final. The second was that the money from the settlement had been deposited in his account. He was now officially a millionaire. Adam was excited but he kept it inside. He and Melvin were meeting Lisa and Pete that evening to celebrate the end of their exams, and Adam wanted to wait to tell them until they were ready to leave the diner.

He had another plan to further Melvin's humiliation. The plan had two parts. Melvin would balk at the first, but the second he probably wouldn't understand until it was too late. When Melvin came in from his last exam he started to strip, but Adam stopped him. He told him they were going to get a few things and then had him follow him to the truck. Adam didn't tell him where they were going until he parked in the lot in front of a two story red brick building. The huge sign on the front of the building had airbrushed skulls, swords and flames. The flames spelled the name of the establishment, Flaming Tattoo.

"What are we doing here?" Melvin asked, looking at Adam with nervous eyes.

"We're getting you a tattoo, Melvin," he replied, opening his door. He got out and stood in front of the truck to wait for Melvin.

"Adam, I don't want a tattoo," Melvin said as he got out of the truck.

"You're getting one anyway," Adam said and smiled. "You're doing it for me."

Adam actually had plans for two tattoos for Melvin. He'd be getting both while they were there. The first was the Japanese symbol for "slave". That one he planned to have tattooed on the back of his neck. He'd printed out the design after their discussion about Melvin's status as Adam's sex slave. The other Adam had drawn in his sketch book. It was two strands of barbed wire with his name in celtic letters between the lines of barbed wire. That one was for Melvin's arm where his shoulder met his bicep. Adam had searched the net for this place the night before. He'd chosen it because it was a gay establishment. The tattoo artists were all gay and lesbian. It was perfect.

They went inside and Adam told the girl behind the counter that Melvin Borlan was there for his appointment. She had raven black hair, buzzed on the sides and in the back. The hair on the top of her head was molded into a series of spikes with bright red tips. She had a stud in her nose and two in her left eyebrow. Her arms were covered in skull tattoos.

"Hey, Adam," said Jeff Tucker, the tattoo artist who was also in Adam's Literature class. "We're doing what you told me before the exam this morning, right?"

"Yeah," replied Adam with a smile. "Thanks for getting us this appointment."

"Hey, no problem," Jeff said with a smile.

Jeff was over six feet tall with long jet black hair. He had no facial piercing but he had a web tattoo on his neck from his left earlobe to his collar bone. He always wore long sleeves so Adam had never seen the tattoos on his arms. He was as surprised by the naked man on his left bicep as he was by the naked woman on his right bicep. Jeff had told him he was bisexual shortly after they'd introduced themselves to each other in class at the beginning of the semester. Adam was surprised by how bold of a statement the tattoos were.

"This the boyfriend you were telling me about?" Jeff asked, nodding at Melvin.

"That's Melvin," he said, smiling. He turned to look at Melvin and saw how uncomfortable he looked. He laughed at his expression. "Relax, Melvin. You're getting two tattoos today and I'm getting one. It'll be all right. I promise."

"Come on, Sexy," Jeff said, smiling at Melvin. "I promise I'll do a good job. I can't say it won't hurt, but I promise I won't try to make it hurt any more than it has to."

"Sit in the chair, Melvin," Adam said and waited while Melvin walked over and sat in the chair. He looked up at Adam with a look of fear in his eyes. "Relax."

"Got the page from your printer?" Jeff asked as he pushed Melvin's head forward until his chin was resting on his chest. "Stay that way for me. It'll be over before you know it."

Adam handed him the page with the picture of the Japanese symbol and sat down in the folding chair to the side of the tattoo chair. Melvin looked at him the whole time Jeff worked on him. He winced in pain a few times, but he never made a sound. He just looked at Adam with this strange resigned look in his eyes. It didn't take long. The symbol was only going to be two inches tall and about an inch and a half wide.

"That wasn't so bad now, was it?" Jeff asked Melvin, smiling at Adam over his head. "Let me get the inks for the second tattoo. I'll be right back."

He left the cubical and Adam looked at Melvin. That look was still in his eyes. Adam smiled at him and the look got worse. Adam had decided to ignore Melvin's feelings. This was supposed to humiliate him and shame him. When he told him later what the symbol meant he was sure it would be humiliating. Adam looked up as Jeff came back and handed him the page from his sketch pad.

"This is great, Adam," said Jeff. "I didn't know you could draw this good."

"To be honest I didn't either," laughed Adam. "I just doodled it and knew I wanted it on his arm."

"It's sweet that he's getting this for you," Jeff said. He turned to Melvin and said, "You must really love Adam."

"More than you could ever know," Melvin said in a voice that sounded so earnest and sincere that anyone would have believed it. Adam knew better, however. Then he looked at the sketch and turned back to Adam with his eyes wide and scared.

"It's all right, Melvin," he said, smiling at him. "It'll be over in no time. Then we'll go get you a gift. I figured since you decided to get these for me it was only right to get you something in return."

Adam almost laughed at the sick look Melvin gave him. Then he winced when Jeff touched him with the stick of what looked like deodorant. He rubbed it over the area where the tattoo was going to be and then placed the cut out pattern of the tattoo over the spot he'd applied the stick to. He pressed hard as he explained to Adam that he'd been tracing over it with charcoal pencil as they talked. He said the deodorant was used to soak up the charcoal so he could see the patter to create the tattoo.

When he started with the first part, Melvin looked at Adam with tears in his eyes. Adam just looked back at him, keeping his expression neutral. He was getting the desired effect. There was no need to be a dick and make it worse by smiling or anything. When this was finished anyone who saw the tattoo would know who's name was on his arm, and they would believe that he had Adam's name on his arm because he was his boyfriend.

A half hour later the tattoo was complete. Jeff rubbed antibiotic cream on both of the tattoos he'd just given Melvin. Then he handed the tube to Melvin and told him to apply it after his shower each day until the tattoo healed. Then Adam traded places with Melvin to get his tattoo. His was going on the back of his neck and was the Japanese symbol for "master". He smiled at Melvin as Jeff began to give him the tattoo. It was painful, but Adam had felt worse. He just looked back at Melvin as serenely as he could.

When the tattoo was complete and Jeff had rubbed antibiotic cream on it, Adam paid him and gave him a fifty dollar tip. He thanked him for doing this for them and they left. Melvin was silent as they got into the truck and drove out of the parking lot. Adam drove the six blocks to the sex shop where he'd been buying his supplies. Melvin saw the place and his eyes were wide again. He looked at Adam with pure fear in his eyes. Adam smiled and got out of the truck. He transferred his wallet from his back pocket to his front pocket as he got out. He waited until Melvin came to stand in front of him. He turned his back to Melvin and looked over his shoulder.

"Put your four fingers in my back pocket," he said. "Keep them there and look down. Don't look anyone in the eye and don't say a word no matter what happens."

They walked through the front doors of the two story black stone building with its tinted windows and black interior. Adam smiled as he imagined Melvin's reaction to the displays. He would have liked to see the look on his face but he kept facing ahead and walked up to the counter. This time there was a younger guy behind the counter. His head was shaved bald, and he had a open ring through the center of his nose. He was wearing a black leather harness with silver studs. His body was muscular and tanned. He smiled at Adam.

"What can I do for you?" he asked.

"I wanted to look at your collars," he said. "You'll need to measure his neck, though. I don't have any idea what size to get."

"Newbies, huh?" the guy asked with a smile.

"Kind of," Adam said, thinking of his time with Donny. "I'm new in this role, and this is his first relationship."

"Cool," he replied. "Everyone's gotta start somewhere. Congratulations on your acquisition."

"Thanks," Adam said with a smile. He stuck his hand out. "Adam."

"Mark," he replied, shaking Adam's offered hand. "What's your boy's name, or do you just call him 'boy'?"

"His name is Melvin," said Adam.

"Well come to the back and I'll find the collar for him," said Mark. "I'll let you put it on him when I find the right size. What type of collar did you have in mind?"

"D-links," Adam replied. "The smaller ones, I saw the collar on your website."

"All right," said Mark. "I know which one you're talking about. I design the site."

Adam followed Mark to the back of the store with Melvin following along. His fingers were still in his back pocket. Adam's only indication to what Melvin thought of his discussion of collars was when Melvin tried to make a fist with his back pocket in his hand. He smiled when that happened. Melvin was in for it, that was for sure.

Mark pulled out a fabric tape measure, and Adam took Melvin's hand out of his pocket and pulled him around to stand in front of Mark. Mark told him to look at the ceiling in a crisp, authoritative voice. Melvin's head snapped up in an instant. Adam was impressed. Mark put the tape measure around his neck and announced that he'd need at least a nineteen inch chain, but recommended a twenty inch chain. Adam took his recommendation, and Mark handed him a white box.

Adam took the chain out of the box and turned to Melvin. He told him to look at him, and Melvin looked at his face but refused to meet his eyes. It was actually perfect for the scene Adam was trying to create. He put the chain around his neck and the placed the small padlock through the ends and locked it. He tilted the box and got the two keys on a wire ring and then handed the box back to Mark. He put Melvin's hand back in his back pocket and followed Mark back to the counter.

"Thanks for the recommendation, Mark," Adam said. "It looks great on him."

"It sure does," said Mark. "That's a fine specimen you have there, Adam."

"I know," Adam replied with a smile.

"Why did you put a collar around my neck, Adam?" Melvin asked when they were back in the truck. "And why do I have your name on my arm?"

"You have my name on your arm because you belong to me, Melvin," Adam replied as he started the truck. "The collar is around your neck because you said you were my sex slave. The tattoo on the back of your neck is the Japanese symbol for 'slave'. The symbol on the back of my neck means 'Master'. You set the tone for this, Melvin. You're the one who called yourself my sex slave. I just gave you the symbolism and made it real."

"Tattoos are permanent, Adam," Melvin said in that whine that drove Adam crazy.

"I know they are," he said. "Your status is permanent, too, Melvin. Now shut up and let me concentrate on the road. We have to meet Lisa and Pete in a half hour. You be on your best behavior, Melvin. You're my boyfriend. Don't forget that. You're in love with me and you will act accordingly, and for the sake of all that's sacred, act happy about it for once."

Melvin didn't say another word for the rest of the drive back to campus. He looked miserable and afraid when Adam turned to him as soon as he'd parked the truck in front of the diner. Adam reminded him to act the part he was supposed to be playing, and was amazed when the misery and fear left his face. Melvin put on a happy face that was very convincing.

"Sorry, baby," he said, looking at Adam with an adoring expression. "I was just shocked by the collar. Thank you for buying it for me and for the tattoos. Now everyone will know exactly who I love and how much."

"That's better," Adam replied.

"Should I put my hand in your pocket again?" Melvin asked when they got out of the truck.

"No," sighed Adam. "That was only for the sex store. You're just a regular boyfriend here, Melvin. With any luck not too many people will even know what that collar is. If anyone asks, tell them it's a necklace."

They walked inside the diner and went to the table that Adam usually sat at with Lisa and Pete. A blond haired waitress came to take their order. She looked from Adam to Melvin with wide eyes. Clearly she knew Melvin. Then it dawned on Adam. She was a cheerleader. He noticed her look down at the tattoo on his arm and her eyes got even wider.

"Hello, Kelly," Melvin said. "Do you know my boyfriend?"

"Um, no," she said, looking embarrassed. "I've seen you in here a lot with Lisa and her boyfriend, but I never knew your name."

"Well I'm Adam Wells," he said, smiling as he offered his hand.

"Nice to meet you, Adam, I'm Kelly," she said, shaking his hand. "So you're Melvin's boyfriend?"

"Yeah," he said. "We've been together almost since the beginning of the semester. We've just decided to stop hiding."

"Well that's great," she said. "All the colors of the wind, after all."

"Thanks, Kelly," Melvin said. "Can we just get coffee? We're waiting for friends."

"Sure, Melvin," she said, smiling finally.

"Well all of my friends will know about us now," Melvin said when she left. He smiled at Adam. "Isn't that just great?"

"Of course it is," Adam replied with a fake smile of his own. "Everyone needs to know about us, Melvin. They need to accept us."

"Well they won't have a choice now, will they?" Melvin asked, keeping his voice light and cheerful.

"Does that bother you?" Adam asked seriously.

"Of course it does," Melvin said with a smile. "Having everyone know that I'm gay scares me."

"Well, you've got me," Adam said, taking his hand. He saw Melvin gulp when he touched his hand and nearly laughed.

Just then Lisa and Pete came in, holding hands. Adam realized he hadn't told Melvin that they were dating. He wondered what his boyfriend thought of it. Adam smiled at them as they made their way over to the table. He held fast to Melvin's hand as they approached. Both of them saw the tattoo on Melvin's arm. They looked at each other for a second and then sat down.

"Adam," Pete said. He glanced at Melvin and nodded. "So it's true."

"Why would I lie?" Adam asked.

"Well I'm still in shock," Lisa said, looking at Melvin. "You're really together?"

"I love him, Lisa," Melvin said. "Please understand."

"As long as you don't hurt him again, I'm fine with it," she said.

"I couldn't hurt him again without hurting myself," Melvin replied. Adam about choked on his coffee. That was the first true thing he'd said since they sat down.

"Well, hey Lisa," said the waitress, startling both Adam and Melvin. She was standing behind them and they hadn't noticed her until she spoke. "Why didn't you tell me about Melvin and Adam?"

"Well until they decided to tell anyone at all it wasn't my place," Lisa replied. "Don't they look great together?"

"They sure do," Kelly said. "I'll get you and Pete some coffee. You guys need menus?"

"No," said Adam. "Well, Melvin and I don't. We'll have the usual."

"For both of you?" Kelly asked as she came to stand beside the table so she could look at them.

"Yeah," Melvin said. "That's good."

"Same for us," said Pete.

"Be just a minute," Kelly said as she walked away from the table.

They sat in an uncomfortable silence after that. None of them knew what to say. It was clear to Adam that both Pete and Lisa were uncomfortable with the proof of what he'd told them in front of them. He had no idea what either of them made of the tattoo on Melvin's arm. They hadn't seen the tattoos on the backs of their necks yet.

"So glad finals are over," Melvin said, smiling at them. Adam breathed a sigh of relief.

"Yeah," Pete said.

"Melvin, Adam has apparently decided to forgive you for what you did to him," Lisa said, making Adam squirm. "So for his sake we're going to try to let it go. I just can't believe you're gay."

"I told you he wasn't gay, Lisa," Adam said, making Melvin turn to look at him. "Melvin is bisexual."

"Well I just can't believe that in all the time we were together you never told me about your sexuality, Melvin," she said.

"I didn't know how to tell anyone," Melvin replied as if he were serious. "I was scared of how I felt, Lisa. My dad would have killed me if my brother hadn't gotten to me first. How could I have risked telling anyone?"

"You think I'd have told your family?" she asked.

"Please, Lees," he said, looking at her with pleading eyes. "Try to understand. I was scared."

"Come on, Lisa," Adam said as he took Melvin's hand again. "Give him a break. Please?"

"I'll let it go," she said, leaning against Pete. "It just hurt to find out that all that time you were lying to me."

"I didn't lie to you," Melvin said. "I just couldn't tell you. I never actually said I was straight."

"That's not something anyone says, Melvin," she said, but she shook her head. "Fine, I forgive you. Just please don't keep secrets from me again."

"So are we friends at least?" Melvin asked.

"I suppose we are," she said, looking at Adam. "Pete and I care very much for Adam, Melvin. That means we'll be your friend until you hurt him again."

"I'm never going to hurt Adam again, Lisa," Melvin said, sounding so sure of himself. "I'm in love with him. I can't imagine my life without Adam anymore. If I hurt him again, I'll lose him. I'll hurt myself even more than I'd have hurt him. You don't have to worry. I'm going to spend the rest of my life being his dutiful, devoted lover."

"Come on, guys," Adam said. "Melvin won't hurt me again. He knows I'd cut his balls off if he ever hurt me again. Can we just be four friends who are celebrating the end of semester finals? I mean I'm in a great mood. I have the guy I love at my side, my friends are in front of me, I think I did reasonably well on all of my finals and I'm officially a millionaire as of today."

"I'm sorry, what?" Melvin asked, looking at him with wide eyes.

"The settlement money was deposited into my account this morning," Adam said, smiling at each of them. "I found out after I took my last final."

"Adam, that's great!" Pete said. "I told you you'd get the money!"

"Baby, that's awesome!" Melvin said enthusiastically. "I'm so happy for you."

"Thanks," Adam said, leaning over to put his forehead against Melvin's. "I love you."

"I love you, too," Melvin said. Then he shocked him by kissing him in front of everyone. It was just a quick peck on the lips, but it was astonishing.

"Adam, I'm so happy for you," Lisa said. "What are you going to do with your money?"

"I haven't even thought about what to do with it," Adam laughed. "I have to live in the dorm until summer. Then I thought I'd look for a house to buy. If I decide not to stay in Storyville after I graduate I can always either sell it or rent it out."

"That's a great idea, Adam," Pete said. "You and Melvin in your own house! I bet you're both excited."

"Oh we are," said Melvin, leaning against Adam. "I think when he told me that he was going to get the money I was so shocked that I blocked it out. I can't believe he finally got it."

That wasn't hard to believe. Adam hadn't told Melvin about the money. He hadn't told Melvin about the law suit or any of it. Melvin was definitely playing the part of the loving boyfriend to perfection. Adam had told them about the money to shift the focus off of Melvin, but he just wouldn't shut up.

They talked about the things Adam could do with his money for the rest of the night. Adam was happy about that. He was tired of defending Melvin. It also seemed that his mission to humiliate him was complete. He'd noticed Kelly texting several times during the night. She was no doubt spreading the word about Melvin. It wouldn't be long and everyone he knew would know about him.

"You couldn't have chosen a bigger bitch to spread the word about this," Melvin said as he was taking his clothes off in the dorm room. "If you wanted to ruin me socially, congratulations, mission accomplished. I'm finished."

"Melvin, you'd be surprised how many people will view this in a positive light," Adam replied. "Sure there are some who will recognize that tattoo on the back of your neck and understand completely what that collar means. Those people will probably laugh at you, or at worst they might talk about you. This isn't high school and we're not in Ohio. You're going to be all right. You'll be embarrassed, no doubt, but I don't think anyone is going to hurt you. Besides, you have more than half the student body beat hands down in physique. I don't think any of the ones who would think about violence would want to come up against you."

"You know, you outed yourself, too," Melvin said as he folded his clothes.

"Melvin, nearly everyone already knew about me," Adam laughed. "Jeff, the guy who tattooed us, was in my Literature class. He told me he was bisexual and I told him I was gay pretty much the first day in class. There were cheerleaders sitting right in front of us and heard every word. Trust me, that news traveled faster than express mail. By the time I'd made it to my Religion class people were stopping me to ask me to join the GSA. Outing myself completely isn't going to phase me. Besides, Kelly also heard us talking about the money. Pretty soon they'll all know about that, too. That's what they'll talk about where I'm concerned."

He was right about that. The next day he was approached by three different fraternity presidents and formally asked to join their fraternities. It didn't escape his attention that they were the three fraternities on campus that catered to the wealthy. He was new money of course, but he was still a member of the in club where money was concerned.

He was also congratulated countless times by several people on his relationship with Melvin. People had seen his name tattooed on Melvin's arm and they knew that he and Melvin were roommates. It didn't take anyone that hadn't heard Kelly tell the diner tale long to figure out who Melvin's Adam was.

Classes ended officially on Monday. They were given three days to recover from finals before the second semester began. Adam had all of his classes picked out, but Melvin had some changes to make. Adam had decided that Melvin wasn't cut out for politics, so he'd told him to change his major from Political Science to Business. Adam had ideas about business. He was a business major himself, and the thought that if Melvin had any trouble with some of his classes he could help him. After all he was paying Melvin's tuition. He wanted him to gain his degree.

Melvin shocked him a few days after classes began by telling him that he was leaving the football team. It seemed his teammates didn't react well to his sexuality. Adam actually felt bad about that, because he knew that Melvin really enjoyed football. However it did mean that Melvin would be free to spend more time with Adam during football season. He liked that part of it.

Because Melvin was no longer an athlete, he'd lost his weight room privileges. Adam liked his muscular physique and understanding that he could really benefit from a little weight lifting himself prompted him to find a gym for them to become members of. It wasn't hard. He asked some of the guys he knew were gay and got the address of an exclusive gay gym in Pine Falls. They told him membership was expensive but worth it. Adam signed them up the Saturday after classes started.

Melvin complained because Adam wouldn't take the collar off of him for the gym. Adam thought he'd been very accommodating by removing the plug from his ass. Melvin was still pulling his pants out of the crack of his ass and jerking when his fingers touched his hole, which made Adam laugh every time. Adam told him the collar was not coming off for any reason unless Adam decided it was necessary. They went to the gym on both of Adam's days off for the entire month of February. No one said anything about the collar, though Adam was sure that there were many at the gym who knew what it meant as well as the tattoos on the backs of their necks. He just didn't bother to tell Melvin about them.

Adam gave his notice at the gas station at the end of February, and by the first week of March his notice was up. Now he had more time to study and to play with Melvin. He'd still only fucked Melvin that one time. He'd been eager to fuck him again, but for one reason or another he hadn't done it. He decided to make it a part of the rules permanently. Melvin would still suck his dick every morning, but now he'd be fucked every night instead of sucking his dick.

Their first night after spending the evening in the gym, Melvin gave Adam a massage and sucked his dick. Adam decided that a make out session was in order. He had Melvin lie down in his bed on his back and then he climbed on top of him and started kissing his neck. He ran his tongue up behind Melvin's left ear, making him shiver in response. Adam was happy to have found a spot that turned Melvin on. He wanted him very aroused before he fucked him. He hadn't had the plug in his ass for a week, so Adam was sure that his hole was closed up nice and tight. He'd need to be highly aroused to get through what was coming.

He sucked and nibbled at Melvin's ears, then he licked and gently bit his nipples. Melvin was reduced to moans and gasps as Adam worked his body like a well oiled machine. Every touch, ever lick and every kiss got Melvin more and more aroused. It was working for Adam, too. He may not have really liked Melvin, but he couldn't deny that he loved his body. He kissed, sucked, bit and licked a lot of places on Melvin's body. He even licked his balls for a while. He purposefully stayed away from the hard and leaking dick, driving Melvin more and more crazy.

"God," sighed Melvin. "You're driving me absolutely crazy, Adam. So am I your boyfriend tonight or your sex slave?"

"A little bit of both, I guess," Adam said against his left ear.

"So does that mean I can cum tonight?" he asked.

"Melvin," Adam said, sitting up and looking him in the face. "You can cum tonight, but there's only one way it's going to happen."

"Oh fuck, just tell me," gasped Melvin as Adam pinched his nipples.

"You'll cum with my dick in your ass," he said as he pinched them again.

"Please, Adam," Melvin hissed as Adam went back to licking his ear.

"You have to beg for it, Melvin," he said against his ear. "If you want to cum you know the only way it's gonna happen. But you have to beg me to fuck you."

"No, Adam," Melvin said.

It hadn't been an order, so Melvin could say no all he wanted. Adam didn't plan to order him to beg him to fuck him. He wanted him to get there because he was so hot he couldn't stand it. He wanted Melvin to suffer another defeat that night, and he knew just how to get him there. He went back to Melvin's balls and licked them to get them wet. Then he blew on them. He sucked the skin between his leg and his pelvis, still not touching his dick.

Melvin was moaning and gasping as Adam worked him over. Adam knew that it would happen any time. He just kept pushing him further and further over the edge. When he went back to sucking his balls he upped the stakes by running his finger in the saliva that dripped from them and then using his saliva slicked index finger to tease Melvin's hole. He ran his finger around and around it without actually touching the center of it. He'd been right about it being closed up. He'd have to finger him for a while to loosen him up. But that was fine with him.

Melvin's breathing hitched when Adam touched the outside of his hole. He was almost constantly moaning, but it was now a cross between a moan and a whine. Adam knew he had him. He just kept doing what he was doing and waited for him to say the words. When he took his finger and his mouth away from Melvin's body he got what he wanted.

"God, Adam," Melvin whined. "Please fuck me. Fuck me, Adam."

Adam got off the bed and grabbed the bottle of lube from his desk. Then he climbed back onto the bed as Melvin raised his legs. Adam smiled as Melvin handed him the pillow to put under his ass. He lubed his index finger and slowly pushed it into Melvin's ass. Melvin hissed at the intrusion. Yeah, Adam thought, it's tight tonight. He went straight for Melvin's prostate, finding it almost at once. Melvin began to moan again. His dick was leaking like a faucet. Adam quickly inserted two fingers and only hit his prostate on every third thrust of his fingers. He tried to pull his fingers apart to loosen Melvin's sphincter and was amazed at how tight his ass was after wearing the plug for so long. He used three fingers and finally four. Then he lubed his dick and lined it up with Melvin's hole.

"You want me to fuck you?" Adam asked as he held himself in place with just the head of his dick touching Melvin's hole.

"God yes," Melvin gasped. "Please, Adam. Fuck me. Push it in. Please, God!"

Adam pushed slightly against Melvin's hole. The resistance was firm. He had to get Melvin to loosen himself up. He coaxed him in a soft voice just above a whisper, telling him to relax and let it happen. He kept saying it over and over again as he pushed. Twice he asked Melvin if he wanted to cum. When he got an affirmative answer he told him he had to open up and let him in. Melvin begged and pleaded, and Adam applied more and more pressure. Then finally the head of his dick popped through Melvin's sphincter.

"Ow! God!" Melvin gasped. "Jesus!"

"Breathe, Melvin," Adam said as he held still. "It'll stop hurting so much in a minute. You've got to breathe. You begged for this, now accept your reward. Breathe, Melvin and relax."

"It fucking hurts, Adam," Melvin hissed as he screwed his eyes shut and took huge gasping breaths. "It hurts!"

"Melvin, you have to breathe and relax or it will keep hurting," Adam said. "You want to cum, don't you?"

"Please, Adam," Melvin begged. He made a visible effort to calm himself. He started to breathe deep.

Adam was amazed that Melvin's dick was still hard. He knew his wouldn't be if he were in Melvin's position. Then again, Melvin hadn't cum in quite a while. Maybe he just needed to so badly that the pain didn't matter. Whatever the reason, his dick remained hard and leaking. He also relaxed. Adam felt the sphincter release, lessening the vice like pressure around the head of his dick. He pushed his hips forward a little and fed Melvin's ass a little more dick.

"That's it, Melvin," he said as he stopped again. "Just keep breathing, and it'll get better. You know it will. I'll make you cum, Melvin. Just relax and let me in."

"Ah," Melvin gasped as Adam pushed himself deeper into him. "Please? Adam, please!"

Adam kept pushing until he was all the way inside Melvin's ass. Then he stopped to let him get used to it. Melvin continued to gasp and try to breathe. Adam was amazed that he'd made it through without asking him to take it out. When his eyes opened, Adam began to fuck him. He rolled his body until his dick found its target. Then Melvin's eyes flew open and he jerked.

"God, yes!" he gasped. "Fuck me, Adam. Oh God, please fuck me!"

Adam smiled and gave him what he asked for. He was a little worried that Melvin wouldn't get off before he did. His ass was tight and it was milking his dick. He made sure to jab Melvin's prostate on every forward thrust. He had him whimpering and shaking his head slowly back and forth. Adam gripped his hips and fucked him faster. Then he decided that Melvin needed encouragement.

"Come on, Melvin," he panted. "Give it up for me. Just let go, Melvin. Cum for me."

"God, Adam," Melvin responded. "God! It feels so good, Adam."

"Then cum for me, Melvin," Adam crooned. "Just let go."

Suddenly his ass clamped down on his dick so hard. Melvin gasped and put his head back, lifting his torso off the bed as rope after rope of cum shot from the head of his dick. The spasms in his ass brought Adam over the edge. Then he was gasping and moaning along with Melvin as he filled his ass with cum.

When they were both breathing hard but no longer twitching or cumming, Adam pulled his dick out of Melvin's ass. Then he started to catch the cum as it leaked out of his hole and fed it to Melvin. Melvin was already scooping up his own cum and sucking it off his fingers. Adam smiled as he watched and continued to feed him the cum that was leaking out of his ass. He was stunned when he felt Melvin pushing with his anal muscles to expel the cum. Adam fed it to him until there was no more. When Melvin's stomach and chest were virtually cum free, Melvin fell back against the bed breathing softer with his eyes closed.

"Thank you, Adam," Melvin said without opening his eyes.

"Don't go to sleep, lover boy," Adam said. "We both need a shower."

"Can we wait just a minute?" Melvin asked, finally opening his eyes.

"Sure," Adam sighed. "That was some fuck."

"Believe me, I know it," Melvin replied. "I can't believe I begged you to do it."

"You wanted to cum," Adam said with a shrug.

"Well yeah," Melvin said, looking him in the eye. "That was because you kept teasing me and making me hotter and hotter. You're actually an incredible lover, Adam."

"So does that mean that getting fucked tonight wasn't all bad?" Adam asked.

"I wouldn't say it was all bad," Melvin said, looking away. "I'll admit that once the pain stops it feels amazing. Not just your dick rubbing my prostate, the friction, the feel of you it's all of it."

"So you like it," Adam pursued.

"I like it," Melvin finally replied. "It makes me feel sick to my stomach to admit that to you, Adam, but yes, I like it."

"What about sucking my dick?" Adam asked, curious about what he'd say to that.

"The first few times it was disgusting," Melvin admitted. "I hated it, and I have to admit I hated you for making me do it. But then it got easier to take. I made a real effort to get over my gag reflex, and then it was fine. I also learned that I like the taste of your cum. I like it a hell of a lot better than my own."

"Careful, Melvin," Adam warned. "You're starting to sound like a gay man."

"Only for you, Adam," he chuckled. "You're the only man I'm ever going to consent to be with."

"You said you hated me for a while," Adam prompted. "Do you still hate me, Melvin?"

"No, I don't hate you," Melvin replied without thought. "I sometimes think I should. I was really hurt by the tattoos, Adam. I never wanted a tattoo. I never planned to ever get one. You took that decision away from me."

"I'm not going to apologize for it," Adam said after a moment of thought. "The tattoos or the collar."

"I know," Melvin said, looking at him again. "And I get it, Adam. I'm yours."

"How does that make you feel?" he asked, cocking his head as he looked at him.

"Sometimes it makes me feel like shit," Melvin admitted. "When you're mean it makes me feel like shit, but then other times it's really great being with you. I get that you're never going to forgive me or even care about me the way that you would care about a real boyfriend, but I was so damned proud of you and happy for you the night after finals. You managed to make me forget about the tattoos and the collar that night just by defending me to Lisa and Pete. You made me feel like a man that night Adam. I know you didn't actually feel any of the things you said you did that night, but I want you to know that for just a little while that night I was really your boyfriend, and I was proud to be your boyfriend."

"Sometimes I think you've got a dual personality, Melvin," Adam sighed as he got off the bed. "I mean just before that night you were having a fit because you wanted all of this to end. You talked about this like it was the most disgusting thing you'd ever had to do. Now you tell me that I made you proud to be my boyfriend for a while that night. Can't you see how contradictory that is?"

"Adam, I said those things that night because I believed that's what I was supposed to feel," Melvin said. "You've turned my entire world upside down. You paid my tuition, made me change my major and turned me into your sex slave. You completely and utterly changed my life so drastically that it scares the shit out of me. But you have a power over me, Adam. I didn't know what it was at first, but I guess I do now. I've fought it kicking and screaming, but it must be the truth."

"What are you talking about?" Adam demanded. Could he know about the potion?

"I must be in love with you for real," Melvin replied. "If not then how the hell have you had this power over me all this time? I know that sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes I feel like I can't wait for you to touch me or to kiss me. Sometimes I want you so much it scares me. So I must really be in love with you."

"Come on," he said, turning away from Melvin. "We have to shower. We both have morning classes."

Melvin got off the bed and followed Adam into the shower. The way he washed him made Adam feel strange. He touched him with a gentleness that he'd never used when he touched him before. That coupled with his half baked profession of love had Adam all mixed up inside. He knew that Melvin wasn't in love with him, but it had felt so wonderful to hear him say he thought he was. Adam thought about that. How terrible was it that his rapist could make him feel all warm inside just by saying he thought he was in love with him?

Adam knew the answer to that question though. It was terrible, because no one had ever told him they loved him before. Melvin had said that night at the diner after the tattoos, but Adam had ordered him to play the dutiful loving boyfriend that night. It was all part of the act. To hear him say the words then did nothing for Adam. Tonight was a different story all together. Now he was touching him so gently, and the look in his eyes was soft and warm. Adam felt his heartbeat accelerate.

Adam returned his touches with the same gentleness and warmth. He decided that for just one night he would pretend that they were actual lovers, that Melvin really loved him and that it was possible to be happy with each other. He leaned forward and kissed him lightly. Then they were pressed against each other all soapy and slippery, and the kiss became more passionate. Adam moaned into it. He ran his hands up and down Melvin's back to his ass and cupped his cheeks. He held on and he kissed him and let out all of the pent up desire and passion that was inside of him.

When the shower was finally over he allowed Melvin to dry him. Then, when Melvin had dried himself they went to Adam's bed and Melvin got in first on his back. Adam had flashbacks of the first night they'd slept this way as he climbed into the bed half on top of Melvin and started to kiss him again. He knew this was a mistake on so many levels, but for just one night he wanted it to be like it was the real thing. He wanted to pretend there was no potion, that they loved each other like normal people.

His hands roamed Melvin's body before finally he wrapped one around Melvin's hard dick. He just held it as he kissed him. He felt and heard Melvin moan into his mouth as he held his dick in his hand, and for that moment it was real. Adam grabbed the lube and lubed his own dick. Then he lubed Melvin's. He climbed between his legs and then he was inside him again. This time he fucked him gently and slowly. He made sure that his stomach was always in contact with Melvin's lubricated dick, making him moan into the kiss over and over again. Adam never stopped kissing him. He made love to Melvin that night until they were both moaning and cumming, Adam in Melvin's ass and Melvin between their bodies, gluing them together.

It took some doing to pry themselves apart the next morning. Then they were showering again and Melvin sucked his dick in the shower. Adam kissed him long and hard before he grabbed his books and coat and headed out the door. He was going to be late for his first class of the day.

It didn't matter that he was late. His mind wasn't any good for classes that day. All he could think about was the night he'd spent with Melvin. It had been amazing and wonderful, but he knew it wasn't real. What he needed to decide was if he'd forgiven Melvin for raping him. He knew that he could never stop giving the potion to him, but had he really forgiven him?

"You're being awful quiet," Pete said when he and Adam were in the cafeteria after their morning class. This was the only class they shared.

"Just thinking," Adam said, smiling. Then his phone vibrated. He checked it and found a message from Melvin. In it he had typed that last night was amazing and he was thinking of Adam as he sat in his class pretending to listen to the lecture. On the heels of that message was a second one telling Adam not to worry, he had asked one of his friends if he could copy his notes after class.

Even though he knew the reality of the situation, Adam was touched by the text messages. He smiled when he thought of the night they'd shared and put it together with the two text messages Melvin had sent. He tried not to feel all warm and happy about it, but it was very hard.

"What's got that dopey look on your face, Adam?" Pete asked from across the table, making Adam blush.

"Nothing," he said, smiling. "It's just Melvin."

"Well I'll be damned," Pete said, shaking his head slightly.

"What?" Adam asked in confusion.

"I have to tell you, Adam, I didn't believe it," Pete said. "Even when the two of you were sitting in front of me and Lisa acting all loving and attentive. I didn't believe it about you and Melvin. That you were together was obvious. That you were in love with him for real was what I didn't believe. I believe it now."

"Pete," he said, but he was interrupted.

"No, Adam," Pete said, grinning at him. "I'm happy for you. It doesn't matter how you guys started. Just seeing that dopey look on your face and knowing that Melvin put it there tells me that you're happy. That's all I was worried about. I just wanted you to be happy. If Melvin makes you happy then he's all right in my book."

Adam sat there, looking back at his friend in stunned silence.



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