The Craft (Novel Version)
by Julien Gregg

Chapter Nine

After they'd returned the trailer and gotten Aaron's deposit Adam had him drive to the t-shirt store. He told him to stay in the car as he went in to get the shirts he wanted. The sales girl's eyes nearly bulged out of her head when he ordered seven medium black t-shirts to be printed with bold white uppercase letters to say "Cum Dump" on them. Then he thought about it and ordered seven large black shirts with "Fuck Toy" printed on them in the same lettering. He made sure that the t-shirts were the stretch material. Medium would be a bit small for Aaron and large would be small for Donny, but he wanted them tight.

He was delighted to find black spandex bicycle shorts in the store as well. He purchased fourteen pairs, depleting their stock. These he got in small and medium. He wanted their assets on display and smiled as he pictured it in his head. He paid the hefty price for all of the items and then decided something.

"Can you print any article of clothing?" he asked.

"Um, sure," said the wide eyed blond teenager. "There's a special price for other items. The price depends on lettering, size of the letters and the size of the garment."

"I was thinking of black wide banded jock straps," he said, smiling at her.

"Um, okay," she said, blushing so much that her blue eyes looked dull compared to her face. She promised that she could print them. He promised to bring them back soon.

He was laughing as he left the store with his purchases in two bags. He had Aaron drive him to the sporting goods store they'd passed and had him wait in the car. He went in and found the jock straps he wanted. They were completely black all over. The only other color was the white label inside the band. He paid for fourteen of them and then went back to the car and told Aaron to take him back to the t-shirt store.

The sales girl printed seven with "Cum Dump" and seven with "Fuck Toy". Her face burned with embarrassment the whole time, but Adam paid no attention. He paid for the work and accepted the two bags as he'd instructed that they be separated. He went back to the car and told Aaron to drive them back to the house.

Once inside he showed Aaron where to set up his weight bench. Then he hooked his printer to his laptop and printed out the schedule he'd drawn up for Aaron. The boy needed something to do until school started. He supposed he could tell him to find a job, and he thought he still might. Until that happened Aaron had work to do.

He'd also saved a list of rules for slavery. He amended those to fit Aaron's role and printed them out as well as a modified version of the contract he'd saved. He presented Aaron with the rules, schedule and contract when he came back upstairs from the small weight room. Aaron's eyes grew large as he looked at the rules.

"Read them carefully, Aaron," Adam said. "There's one for you to sign and another copy for you to keep in your room. The schedule will be taped to the inside of your bedroom door. The contract you will sign and I will keep in my safe. I'll get you a collar and the tattoo that's mentioned in a day or two."

"Do I have to do all of these things?" Aaron asked with wide eyes.

"Yes, Aaron," Adam said. "You will follow that list of rules to the letter. Take heart, your brother's list is going to be extensive. You will enjoy freedoms that your brother will never have once he walks through the front door. You can sit anywhere you like, eat at the table and even eat real food. You can use the bathroom in the hall and even close the door and use the toilet seat. These are a few things that your brother won't be allowed to do. If you've noticed the bedroom at the end of the hall is locked. It isn't going to be Donny's. He'll sleep either tied to the bed downstairs that you haven't seen or in a cage. I haven't decided."

Aaron stared at him for a long moment before he signed the rule sheet and moved on to the schedule. He read that as well but didn't say anything about it. Adam was sure he'd say something about the weightlifting every day, but he didn't. He went on to the contract and read through it. His eyes grew larger and larger until his mouth popped open as he read.

"This says that my body and everything I own is your property," Aaron said, looking at him with a terrified expression.

"Yes, it does," replied Adam. "It also says that I can loan you out to anyone I choose at any time. All of that is the reality of your situation, Aaron. Take heart though. I don't want your bed or any of the things you brought with you. I don't even want or need your money. I'll open an account for you and put all of the money in it. You'll have access to it and can spend it any way you want. Understand though, if you run out or want more you will have to get a job. Then I'd just rework the schedule."

"What about testing my limits on pain?" Aaron asked.

"Downstairs, behind that locked door is a dungeon," Adam said. "Do you know what I'm talking about?"

"You mean like cells and stuff like that?" Aaron asked.

"No," Adam said. "Sign the contract and I'll show you the dungeon."

Aaron had no choice but to sign the document because of the way Adam had said the words. He looked like he might pass out when he handed the signed contract to Adam, but he got up and followed him down the stairs to the locked door. Adam unlocked the door and hit a few switches, bathing the entire basement in light. Aaron stood at the door with his mouth hanging open for a moment. Then fear set in and he looked sick.

"Relax," Adam said. "This is more for your brother than for you, Aaron. Make no mistake though. You will be in this room a lot. I won't go as far with you as I plan to go with Donny. I'm not trying to break you. You forced me to suck your dick twice a day and you got your friends to help you beat on me every day for six years. You have all of that to make up for. I won't use my fists and feet. I have paddles, flogs, whips and crops for that."

"My God, Adam," Aaron said, gripping the side of the door. "You're going to kill us."

"No, Aaron," Adam said as he came to stand before him. "I'm going to make you feel all of the pain and humiliation you made me feel. Nothing more will happen to you. Your life won't change all that drastically. I won't make you walk around the house naked. I won't make you eat slop from a bowl on the floor and I won't make you meek and mild all the time. I won't beat you until you have no choice but to retreat into yourself. It will be painful and you will suck my dick all the time, but it won't ever be a matter of life or death. You deserve what's happening to you. I get that you were a victim, but you were also the monster."

"What are you going to do to me?" Aaron asked.

"Right now? Nothing I haven't already done," Adam said, unbuckling his pants. "On your knees, Aaron."

"Yes, Sir," Aaron said and then knelt on the floor in front of Adam.

"Make it good, Aaron," Adam said. "You can get me off as quickly as you want to. I have two weeks to train you to do it the way I like it."

Adam was shocked that he didn't have to have Aaron coax his dick to get hard. He was rock hard from all of this. He couldn't believe how much it turned him on to see the fear in those green eyes. He sighed as Aaron took his dick into his mouth. He worked his mouth up and down, getting it nice and wet. Then he swallowed it and began to fuck his own throat with Adam's dick. Adam held on to the sides of his head and let him do the work. He didn't go for the pay off as quickly as the first time, and Adam was happy with what he was doing. It would get him off quicker than he was used to with Melvin, but then he'd trained Melvin well.

It didn't last as long as Adam would have liked. All too soon he was gripping the sides of Aaron's head and burying his dick in his throat. Aaron swallowed around it, letting Adam understand just how talented the boy already was. Then he came down his throat, jerking and gasping the entire time. When it was over, Aaron put his dick back in his pants and zipped and buttoned them before he stood up.

"Come on," he said as he walked around Aaron. "I'm hungry."

"Yes, Sir," Aaron said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

Adam locked the dungeon door before they went back up the stairs. He went into the kitchen and got the chicken he'd bought out of the fridge. He opened bottles of seasonings and began to rub them into the chicken. Aaron stood there and watched him work. Adam thought about that for a moment and then decided to find out if Aaron could cook. He stepped back and looked at him.

"You should be doing this," Adam said. "It's part of the rules. When Donny gets here I suppose you'll have to teach him to cook. That is if you can cook."

"I can cook," Aaron said. "You're going to bake this?"

"No, you are," Adam said. "There are potatoes in the bin over there. You'll find canned vegetables in the cabinet beside the fridge. Pick one and make dinner."

Adam washed his hands and went to the nook and opened his laptop. He checked his email and sorted through it, answering one from Pete and two from Lisa. Then he played a game of Solitaire while Aaron cooked their meal. He watched him while he played the game. Aaron was better looking then when he was in high school. He still wasn't as good looking as Donny, but he was a looker anyway.

He thought about what he was going to do to him and what he was going to do with him when he had Donny to spend so much time to break him. He didn't really want to break Aaron, and he didn't want to hurt him drastically. He understood why he had done some of the things, but there were unanswered questions he planned to talk about when they were eating. He'd get honest answers because he'd tell Aaron to tell him the truth. In fact he planned to tell him never to lie to him for any reason no matter what.

He watched as Aaron plated the food. He looked uncertain after he'd made Adam's plate. He looked to Adam as he held the empty second plate. Adam nodded and he made his own plate and then took both of them to the dining room. Adam got up and followed him after he'd shut down his laptop.

"Let's have a little conversation while we eat," Adam said when he sat down. "Aaron, you are never to lie to me for any reason. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir," he replied.

"All right tell me why you picked on me in school," Adam said, getting to his biggest question. "Why did you seek me out to torment?"

"Donny told me to find the weakest kid and make him into the wimp," he said. "I didn't know you then. I just knew that I didn't want to be the wimp my brother always told me that I was. The first time I saw you it was Calvin that pushed you out of his way that day. I saw you flinch as he walked past you and then I knew that you were the one to do that to."

"So you decided to find a kid to pick on so that you wouldn't be picked on instead?" Adam asked, trying to understand.

"That's right," Aaron said. "There was nothing about you that I didn't like or anything. It was all self preservation."

"Do you understand what you turned my life into?" Adam asked. "I mean you had no idea what was going on in my house at the time. I don't think anyone did before you brought it to everyone's attention. School was my escape, my safe place. Then you started picking on me and it wasn't any more. Did any of that ever occur to you?"

"No, it didn't," Aaron said. "When I found out what was happening to you at home I felt sorry for you, but by then I was in too deep. My friends expected something that I couldn't get out of."

"You could have gotten out of it," Adam countered. "You were the ring leader."

"If I hadn't been then Calvin would have been," Aaron replied. "Calvin is a sick fucker."

"All right," Adam said with a sigh. "Then why did you start forcing me to suck your dick?"

"The first time I said that to you I was just repeating the same thing my brother had said to me all the time," Aaron said. "I didn't expect you to actually do it. I didn't know then that you were so scared of me that you'd have likely done anything I said. Once you actually did it, I liked it so much. I mean I'd never had my dick sucked before. I'd never been with a girl. All I'd ever known was sucking Donny's dick and getting my ass fucked by Donny. I didn't know how it felt until that first time with you."

"So you kept it up because it was your only sexual release that wasn't painful to you?" Adam asked.

"Pretty much," Aaron said. "I chose the boy's room in the basement because nobody came in there. I didn't want the guys to know what was going on. Part of me was afraid that they'd call me a fag, but the other part of me was afraid they'd take you away from me. I mean you were my personal cocksucker, and I didn't want that to end."

"Did it matter to you that I didn't like it?" Adam asked.

"I thought you did for a while," Aaron said. "Then I realized that I was just kidding myself. You didn't like it at all."

"Did you even know that I was gay?" Adam asked.

"No," he said. "I really never thought about that one way or the other. I didn't even know that I was gay at first. I mean sex was just something I was forced into. Then you started sucking my dick and I started to think about you all the time. That's when I figured out that I was gay, but I never thought you were."

Adam thought about all that he'd said. He supposed he could see it all from Aaron's perspective. His older brother, who he probably worshipped in every way had raped him for years. Then he had gotten Adam to suck his dick and it had blown his world apart. Then he had a secret and it kept up because he liked it. It was sick and twisted, but Adam could understand sick and twisted.

Adam started talking to Aaron like a friend at that point. He told him all about Melvin and what had happened the night he'd raped him. How he'd gotten him the same way he'd gotten Aaron and planned to get Donny. He didn't mention the potion or even allude to anything like it. He just said he got Melvin to be his slave and eventually fell in love with him. He promised Aaron that he wouldn't make that mistake with him. Melvin got under his skin because he kept saying he loved him. Adam knew better than to believe anyone when they said that now.

"I wanted to be your friend after high school was over," Aaron said. "I really was happy to see you when you showed up in the mall that day. I had no idea that any of this would happen, and I really don't understand how it happened. I just knew that I wanted to be your friend. I can see now that you'll never be my friend."

"No I won't," Adam said. "I don't like you, Aaron. You were one of my biggest tormenters for a long time. I'm never going to forget it, and I'll never forgive it. What you're doing now will never make up for what you did to me. You have to understand that. That's why I'll never stop doing this to you. We won't ever be friends even if it seems that we are at times. Never forget that I'm not your friend. I'm your Master. I'm your owner, and I'm never going to let you go."

After that they said nothing to each other. They ate the food that Aaron had cooked and then he told Aaron to put the rest in the storage containers under the sink and to clean up the mess and the dishes. He went to the dungeon to get things ready for Aaron's first trip down the road of pain.

He got the restraints attached to the pulley system. He found the cranks for it and put those together. Then he found a roll of rubber sheeting and placed that on the floor under the area where Aaron would be standing for the first part of the ordeal he was about to face. Adam was angry after their talk, and Aaron would pay for it.

When he had everything the way he wanted it he went back upstairs to check on Aaron's progress in the kitchen. He was happy to find that the dishwasher was already working on the dishes and Aaron was cleaning the last part of the cooking mess from the counter. When that was finished he had him follow him down to the dungeon.

Aaron's eyes were round pools of fright as they walked through the doors. Adam told him to strip and then to stand on the rubber sheet. He attached the restraint cuffs to his wrists and then Aaron was standing with his arms straight out from his body. Then he had him spread his legs and attached the ankle cuffs.

"As you read in your contract, your primary role in my house is a cum dump," Adam said. "Did you read the description under the words?"

"Yes, Sir," Aaron said.

"Then you understand exactly what a cum dump is?" Adam asked.

"Yes, Sir," Aaron replied.

"Then tell me what it is," Adam said.

"It is what I am," Aaron said. "I am a cum dump for you and any man you decide to let use me. It means that I suck your dick and any dick you tell me to suck. I never spill cum, not even my own. I eat the cum every time."

"Very good," Adam said. "Did you read the section on testing your limits?"

"Yes, Sir," Aaron said, though his voice began to shake.

"And what did it say?" Adam asked.

"It said that you would test my limits on pain, endurance and any other limit you chose," Aaron said.

"Are you afraid, Aaron?" Adam asked.

"Yes, Sir," Aaron replied. "I'm terrified."

"Do you think that I was terrified every day when we were in high school?" Adam asked.

"Yes, Sir," Aaron said. "I know you were."

"Do you know why you're in this position?" Adam asked.

"Yes, Sir," Aaron said. "I belong to you. I am your property to do with as you see fit."

"Very good," Adam said. "Now, do you think you deserve what is happening to you?"

"Yes, Sir," Aaron replied, shocking Adam.

"We had a discussion at the table," Adam said. "You told me the truth about why you tortured me. Do you know that the truth made me angry?"

"Yes, Sir," Aaron said.

"Then you know that you deserve to be punished for angering me, right?" Adam asked as he walked over to the crank that would pull the restraints on Aaron's arms.

"Yes, Sir," Aaron said.

Adam began to turn the crank, surprised by how easy it was. He turned it until Aaron's arms were straight up over his head. He turned it until he was standing on the tips of his toes. Then he turned the other crank just enough to pull Aaron's legs apart tightly. He went to stand in front of him and look at his property. He made quite a sight all trussed up like that with everything on display.

"When was the last time you came, Aaron?" he asked.

"The morning of the day you came to the trailer for the first time," Aaron replied.

"Would you like to cum, Aaron?" Adam asked.

"Yes, Sir," Aaron replied with a sigh.

"Then I'm going to make you cum," Adam said. "What are the rules about cum, Aaron?"

"I have to eat it," Aaron replied.

"Very good," Adam said. He reached out and wrapped his hand around Aaron's dick and started to play with it. "Come on, Aaron. Get it up for me. You want to cum, don't you?"

"Yes, Sir," Aaron replied.

When Aaron's dick was hard Adam let go of it, promising to return to soon enough. He went to the cabinet and found the black rubber cock ring. Then he worked it down Aaron's shaft and pulled it apart with his fingers. Aaron gasped in pain as Adam forced it over his balls. Adam let go of the ring and let it snap into place, making Aaron wince and moan. It was a tight ring, and Adam knew it would keep him erect even through what he planned for him.

He went back to the cabinet and got the ball stretcher. It was a parachute stretcher that had very little weight to it. He fastened it around Aaron's balls and then went back to get the weights. He added weights to each of the hoops on the parachute. He added weights until Aaron began to gasp and moan from the pain of it. Then he went back to the cabinet and got the masturbation sleeve, a condom and a bottle of lubricant.

He put the condom on Aaron's dick and then spread lubricant over the entire shaft of his dick. Then he shoved the masturbation sleeve down over his dick and began to push it up and down his shaft, masturbating him. Aaron's eyes never left Adam's. The boy knew exactly what was happening now. His orgasm would come, but it would be mixed with pain. Adam planned for each of his orgasms to be mixed with pain for a while. He wanted Aaron to know the sacrifice it would be to get off.

There was one more thing Adam needed to make this complete. He pulled the video camera out of its slot in the wall and got the tripod. He positioned it and looked through it to make sure that he could see Aaron's entire body from his hands to his feet and still see clearly. Then he went back to masturbating him. The movement of Adam's hand wrapped around the sleeve brought Aaron both pleasure and pain, because it stimulated his dick and made the weights swing on the parachute at the same time, tugging at his balls as he was manipulated.

"Tell the camera how it feels, Aaron," Adam said. "Look at the camera while you tell it how it feels."

"It hurts," Aaron said, looking at the camera. "It also feels good."

"Do you like it?" Adam asked.

"No," Aaron replied.

"Then why are you letting me do this to you?" Adam asked.

"Because I belong to you," Aaron said. "I'm your property, your slave. I'm your cum dump and you have every right to do whatever you want to me."

"Good boy," he said. "Now cum for me."

He began to move the sleeve up and down Aaron's dick faster, gripping it tighter. The faster he went the more the weights swung and jerked. Aaron gasped and grunted, shaking his head from side to side. Then he gasped louder and Adam could feel the pulsing dick in his hand and knew that Aaron had cum.

Aaron cried out from the pain and pleasure of it. Adam masturbated him until the pulsing stopped. Then he removed the sleeve and pulled Aaron's dick down, away from his body. He rolled the bottom of the condom up and trapped the cum in the reservoir. Then he put the condom in Aaron's mouth.

"Suck your cum out of it, Aaron," Adam said. Aaron began to move the condom around in his mouth. "Get it all. Look at the camera while you do it."

When Aaron had gotten all of his cum out of the condom Adam took it out of his mouth and tossed it into the trash can. He turned the camera off and put it away as well as the tripod. Then he went to the paddles on the wall and took the hard black rubber paddle. He went back to Aaron and held it up in front of his face.

"Pick a number between one and twenty," Adam said.

"Three," Aaron said.

"Clever," Adam said, smiling. "I forgot to tell you that whatever number you chose would be multiplied by ten, Aaron. You chose three, so that means you get thirty swats with this paddle on your ass while the weights remain on your balls."

"Yes, Sir," Aaron replied, but now the boy was crying. Adam paid no attention to the tears. He'd cried enough tears because of the way Aaron had treated him over the years.

"Count them," Adam said. "Thank me for each one or you'll get sixty."

Adam walked around him and swung the paddle with as much force as he could muster. The result was a resounding smacking sound and Aaron wailed out the number and thanked him for it. He did it over and over again until Aaron had cried out the number thirty and thanked him for it. Then he started to rub Aaron's very red, very raw ass with his hand. He knew it stung as well as soothed.

"Good boy," Adam said. "That was your punishment for making me angry, Cum Dump."

"Yes, Sir," Aaron sobbed.

Adam went to the cabinet and got the soothing gel to rub into Aaron's ass. He rubbed it in and Aaron sighed as the cooling gel began to leach the pain out of his ass. Adam rubbed him with the gel for a while. The gel would also help his raw ass to heal. He didn't want him damaged after all.

"Better?" Adam asked when he stopped rubbing.

"Yes, Sir," Aaron replied. "Thank you, Sir."

"You're welcome, Cum Dump," Adam said.

He took the weights off the parachute and then took the parachute off of Aaron's sore balls. He didn't know that the sudden release of the parachute would cause Aaron pain though. He heard him gasping and moaning, felt him jerking and sighed. He'd have to remember that it would be painful going on and coming off. He rubbed Aaron's aching balls for a few minutes, but it only seemed to hurt the boy more. Finally he released the tension in the cables and Aaron stood on his feet. He looked down at his dick and then at Adam. Adam understood.

"The ring stays on," Adam said. "You'll be able to go semi soft. It'll make a nice bulge in your pants and jock strap. That reminds me."

He left Aaron standing there and went up to get the bag of Cum Dump jock straps. He went back down and took one out of the bag. He let Aaron see it and smiled. He told him that this was the only underwear he would ever wear again. He uncuffed him and told him to put the jock on. When that was done he handed him the bag.

"I want all of your other underwear in this bag," he said. "You put these in your underwear drawer. We'll throw the others away."

"Yes, Sir," Aaron said. The boy was crying again.

"Are you unhappy with your new station in life?" Adam asked as he stood and watched him cry.

"Yes, Sir," Aaron replied.

"Well now you know how I felt," Adam said. "I was very unhappy with my station in life that you helped to put me in. I feel no pity for you, Cum Dump. Remember that. Tears won't sway me."

It went on like that for days. Adam would have Aaron suck his dick in the morning before his shower. He let him get him off quickly in the mornings. Then they'd go to the basement and Adam would set it all up again and make him cum. Aaron cooked, he cleaned and he worked out every morning after sucking Adam's dick. Now and then Adam would have him suck his dick again throughout the day. Aaron only got to cum after they'd had breakfast each morning and it was always the same way.

Then Adam gave him another job. This one was probably the hardest for Aaron to do. He discovered that Aaron was good at web design. He gave him the chore of setting up a website for him. He took several pictures of the dungeon and of Aaron in the suspension restraints with the ball stretcher and the used condom hanging out of his mouth. He had him compress the videos he took of his first visit to the dungeon and put it on there as well.

He took Aaron to the tattoo parlor and got the slave tattoo on the back of his neck. Then he went to the sex store in Chicago and purchased his collar. He put a padlock on it and added both keys to it to his key ring. He bought depilatory cream for Aaron's balls and ass crack. Of course the boy still had to shave it, but it was easier for him.

He paid to have a privacy fence erected around his back yard. Aaron was in charge of cutting the grass. Adam bought a push mower and told Aaron that in the back yard he would cut the grass in his jock strap just after his work out. He could put on the spandex shorts to mow the front yard.

They discussed Aaron's plans for college. Adam brought him an application from Stattler - Mead and had him fill it out. He dropped it off one day when he was out pricing pools. He wasn't sure he wanted one and then he was. It went back and forth. He supposed he had a little time to decide on that.

Aaron got an interview with the school to talk about his application. The credits from the community college would transfer. Adam let him pick his major and then had funds transferred to the school to pay Aaron's tuition for four years. They were happy to accept him after that.

The t-shirt and spandex shorts were too small for Aaron, but they covered everything. That's what was important. Adam hadn't decided to make him wear them in public other than to mow the front lawn. He liked seeing him in them however. He was right that it showed off everything. The cock ring helped with that as well. It was obscene and it embarrassed Aaron to no end. He was getting his money's worth. He couldn't wait to see Donny in the get up.

The website was coming along. Aaron was really good with graphics and design. Adam sat him in front of the camera and told him to tell the camera everything he'd done to Adam over the years. Aaron talked for nearly two hours while Adam recorded what he said. He paused the recording and told Aaron to explain what he was to Adam now and for how long it would last. He resumed recording while Aaron told the camera that he was now Adam's property to do with as he wished. He told the camera that he was Adam's Cum Dump and that he sucked his dick any time he was told to, he swallowed his cum and his own when he was allowed to cum. He surprised Adam by explaining just how he was allowed to cum. He told the camera that he deserved what was happening to him and warned other bullies to think before they hurt anyone.

When it was all over Adam had Aaron splice the videos together with the footage of his first cum session. He promised that here would be other videos, pictures and testimonials from both him and his brother as time went on. Aaron put the website together and Adam purchased the domain name They uploaded everything to the server and then Adam checked out the website. He was pleased by the video section. It was all there. First was the video of Aaron telling the camera what he'd done to Adam. He'd named names of the other boys he'd hung out with who had also hurt Adam. He talked about the sexual abuse and how long it had gone on. Then there was the video of his cum session. That was dramatic and a bit sickening to watch. Adam had made sure that his face was never on camera, but it might as well have been. Aaron had used his full name in the testimonials.

Then there was the video of Aaron telling the camera what he was to Adam now, how he deserved what was happening and his warning to other bullies. It was perfect. He started taking pictures of Aaron in his Cum Dump outfit. First it was the spandex and t-shirt and then it was just the jock. He put Aaron into every bondage device he had and photographed him. He beat Aaron's ass until it was red and welted and took pictures of that. Aaron uploaded them all to the website's pictures section.

Then Adam sat down to write a bit about himself, his interests and what he wanted out of life. He talked about the abuse he'd suffered at the hands of his mother and stepfather and then the abuse he'd suffered at the hands of Aaron and his friends. He even talked about what had happened with Donny and promised the readers that he'd have Donny just like he had Aaron as soon as he could get it done. He set up his email on the server as Aaron had set up his as

Adam was surprised by the positive emails he got from so many different people. They congratulated him on getting control of his primary bully. He got emails from other Masters who told him what they thought of the pictures and videos. Some said that they had been victims of bullies in their younger years and said that they'd have given anything to have their bullies in Aaron's position.

Some had even left links to their own sites. He clicked on one link from Master Brian and was shocked to find the guy from the video he'd seen before. He'd been to this site already. He'd thought about sending the guy an email because of the fact that they had the same tattoo on the backs of their necks. He read the bio section of the site and learned that Brian was going to be a sophomore at Stattler - Mead in the fall. He was studying electrical engineering. He'd had his slave for one year, but their contract was ending because his slave had graduated from the university and would be returning to his home town at the end of the summer to take a job.

He learned that three of the other Masters were living in the area. Two were in Chicago and one other was actually living in Crippin. He was an older man who owned and ran an advertising company. Making a split second decision he emailed these four guys and told them each that he enjoyed reading their emails. He told them he was new to Crippin and was interested in meeting likeminded men in the scene. He sent the emails and then shut down the computer.

Then he left Aaron with precise instructions and headed for the home improvement warehouse store he'd seen when they'd taken the trailer back to the rental company. He purchased a grill and a propane tank. He wanted to host a barbecue and invite the four guys and their slaves. He checked his email when he got back home. All four had responded. Brian and Mark both wanted to meet Adam. Brian said it would be nice to have someone that shared his interests at school. Mark, who lived in Chicago and worked for an animal hospital said that he'd liked what he'd seen so much that he wanted to get together with Adam some time and talk about how he'd done it. Of course he couldn't tell anyone about the potion, but he could wing it.

Rick and Paul both wanted to meet him and check out his dungeon. They said they really liked the pictures and couldn't wait to see it in person. He emailed each of them back and proposed a barbecue to get to know each other. He promised a tour of the dungeon and to have shakes for all of the slaves who were brought to the house. Then he decided to invite Dave. He'd told Adam to tell his friends when he'd left the day he'd finished the installation of the dungeon. This way he might actually be able to sign up a client or two.

He sent email back and forth with all five men for the rest of the afternoon to finalize plans. Brian, Mark and Paul said they'd bring their slaves but they'd also bring sustenance for them. Rick said that he was intrigued by the shakes and couldn't wait to get the recipe. They settled on Saturday afternoon. It was two days before Donny would arrive and Adam thought it was perfect. He had some things to do before then, but he emailed them all back and told them that Saturday afternoon was a go.

He gave Aaron specific instructions for that day and made him repeat them word for word until he got them right. Then he had him set up the grill and connect the propane tank. Then he had him clean the dungeon. Dave had sold him leather cleaner and polish for all of the leather items as well as disinfectant solutions that wouldn't break down the rubber sheeting or damage the leather. He told Aaron he wanted everything polished and disinfected.

"Do you know how to cook steaks?" Adam asked that night after Aaron had sucked his dick.

"Yes, Sir," Aaron replied. "My father taught us both how to cook steaks any way you could want them cooked."

"How about thick porterhouses?" Adam asked.

"I can grill them," Aaron replied.

Friday afternoon Adam went shopping. He went back to the home improvement store and bought deck furniture. He paid extra to have it delivered to his house that very day and set up. There were eight chairs, a table with an umbrella and covers for everything. He went to the grocery store next. There he bought six of the largest porterhouse steaks he could find along with salad fixings, huge white potatoes and plenty of soda. Then he got all of the ingredients on the list for the supplement shakes. He got a bigger cooler and bought four bags of ice.

At home the steaks went in the fridge after Aaron put together a marinating sauce for them to bathe in. The potatoes were placed on the counter and the salad fixings went into the fridge. The ingredients for the supplement shakes went into the pantry. There were only four ingredients that had to be refrigerated and Adam already had them in his fridge. He'd purchased the vitamin supplement powders to add to the shakes at the GNC store.

Then he went down to the dungeon to get something he'd been meaning to put on Aaron but hadn't done it so far. He'd purchased two of the chastity devices with Aaron and Donny in mind. They were chrome and looked like plumbing pipes that were curved. They had removable caps at the end so that the slave could urinate. They locked around the base of the dick and balls much like a cock ring. The flaccid dick was inserted in the curved chrome pipe. It prevented the slave from touching his dick and also made erection extremely uncomfortable. The devices could be worn in the shower and were guaranteed not to rust.

He went upstairs and put the device on Aaron to see how it fit. He knew once it was on that there was no way for him to wear even the jock strap. He decided that for the barbecue the chastity device would be the only thing Aaron wore. He showed Aaron how to get the cap on and off and then took it off of him. He explained that this would be all he would wear the next day and Aaron's shoulders slumped at the news.

"Speak freely, Aaron," Adam said, expecting him to voice his opinion of the device.

"Are you going to make me suck their dicks?" he asked, surprising Adam.

"Well, if I tell you to you'll do it," Adam said. "I wasn't planning to tell you to though. We'll have to wait and see."

That seemed to upset him a little more. He nodded however and went back to cleaning the house. He had a list of chores to get through before the next day. Adam wanted the house spotless. He oversaw the guys from the home improvement store, though he knew they knew what they were doing. He did tip them well and took yet another comment card from them before they let. Then he went around taking the sales tags off of all of it. He sat in one of the chairs that faced the rest of the deck and looked around. It looked good. He knew that if he was going to do anything at night out here he'd need light. But he was also sure that by the time the sun went down they'd all be in the dungeon.

"Why are you doing this, Adam?" Aaron asked when he came back in and sat in the living room.

Adam's first thought was to get up an backhand him for talking out of turn, but then he remembered that he'd told him to speak freely earlier in the day and had not told him to go back to slave mode. He sighed as he thought of that. He had to be more careful with Aaron's orders in the future.

"I'm doing this so that I can have likeminded friends," he said. "These guys may not turn out to be close friends like Pete and Lisa, but at least I'll have things in common with them."

"You talk about Pete and Lisa like I should know them," Aaron said. "Adam, who are they?"

"Pete worked with me and Donny at the gas station in Crete," Adam said. "He was also attending Storyville University. I told you about Melvin. Lisa was Melvin's girlfriend. They came from the same town in Ohio. She broke up with Melvin and started to date Pete. They now live in my house in Crete. They're two of the best friends I've ever had. Actually they're the first two friends I can remember having."

"Do they know about this?" Aaron asked.

"Not that I'm into this stuff, no," Adam said. "Though I wasn't into this when I met either of them. Blame your brother for teaching me any of this to begin with. He may not have had a dungeon, but then his fists and slaps were enough for him. He's the one that got me researching it and learning all about it. I started this with Melvin, but I made a mistake with him and he left. Now I have you, and very soon I'll have your brother. You may think your situation is bad, Aaron. Just wait until Donny is in this house. Then you will see just how bad it can get."

"You might not believe this," Aaron said. "I really can't wait until you have Donny downstairs in that dungeon, Adam. I really can't wait."

"Oh I believe it, Aaron," Adam said. "You were his victim, too. I spent months under his care. You endured him for years. I believe that you can't wait for him to be in my dungeon. I believe that you'll really enjoy watching him suffer."

"Will I get the chance to help you with Donny?" Aaron asked.

"You've already helped, Aaron," said Adam. "You're delivering him to me."

"I get that you want him to feel what you felt," Aaron said. "I also want him to know what it's like for his brother to turn on him. I want him to know what it feels like for his own brother to rape him and shove his dick down his throat. I want him to know what it feels like for his brother to beat him until he can't see straight."

Adam thought back to his days in Donny's trailer. He thought about the first time he'd seen Donny fuck Aaron and what he'd felt at the sight. It had sickened him. Then he wondered why it had sickened him. Why should the fact that they were brothers make any difference to Adam? At the time he should have just been happy that Donny wasn't fucking him the way he fucked Aaron. With Aaron it had been all about pain. It had been about pain with Adam, too, but at least Donny had been trying to get off with him. With Aaron he prolonged it to make the pain last.

He thought about it and tried to imagine what his reaction would be if he let Aaron do what he wanted. He'd said he would never be Aaron's friend, and that was the truth. However they were both victims of Donny and that made them a little better than enemies. He supposed he could deal with it if that's what Aaron wanted. After all he was all prepared to get his own revenge. He'd heard from other men who were now in this scene they'd said they wished they could get their childhood bullies under their own thumbs. Surely their childhood bullies didn't do anything like what Aaron and Donny had done to Adam, but would he deny them the chance to get their own revenge? The answer to that question was no he wouldn't. So should he be all morally superior when it came down to the fact that Aaron wanted to fuck his brother's ass and mouth for revenge? No, he didn't think so.

"You'll get your chance, Aaron," Adam said. "Just be patient a little longer."


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