This story is a work of pure fiction taken from the author’s feelings, thoughts, and at times his own experiences. There maybe some sexual encounters between guys as the story goes on so if this offends you please stop reading. Also if you are too young or it could be considered that you illegal to be reading this story stop now, you shouldn’t be reading this. This is also the authors work and may not be used without his permission. And now most importantly, enjoy!

** This is my first story I’ve written so if at times it seems dodgy please bare with me. **

‘The Dunes”
Chapter 2: Understatement

            I looked at the clock and it said 1:15 pm. Damn the time had flown by and I wasn’t feeling too good. That party we went to last night was fun but I drank too much. I put my arm around Ryan who was spooned next to me shirtless. I rubbed my hand across his chest lightly and he moved closer to me. You could feel the very little stubble that he had on his chest. Two days had passed since we were at our spot on the beach and this weekend had been everything we both needed and more. I was just enjoying Ryan’s presence the whole time and I hoped he was enjoying mine too. My friend Talan had a party that everyone went to last night and I drank way too much. From what I remembered Ryan had to carry me from my car to the door and then help me back the apartment because I was just that wasted. My knees were pretty scratched up so I’m guessing I fell somewhere along the line too.

            This hangover is going to have me dragging ass all day. I would have to wake up Ryan pretty soon because we’re going to the mall before Ryan leaves. Lying there next to my man was something I hadn’t had the chance to do in awhile so I figured I would set there and just take it in for a bit.

            “How much longer you going to act like you’re sleeping before you were planning on waking me up?” Dammit, I was caught. Ryan rolled over and faced me and started to give me a kiss.

            “Whoa there big boy, take care of that morning breath before you come any closer!” I teased him.

            “Yeah, well you should be lucky I even kissed your throw up mouth big boy!” Gross, so I am guessing I threw up last night but just don’t remember. God I am such a light weight, but I will never admit to any of my friends! I gave Ryan a pinch on his bare ass and he rolled over on top of me.

            “Careful now, don’t get me excited, you left me wanting some before you knocked out on me. See Trist the difference between me and you...”

            He gave me a kiss on the neck where he knows drives me crazy. Ryan’s the one person who I told the spot that drives me over the walls and he uses it to his advantage every now and then. There’s times where he’d walk up to my side from behind and just whisper in my ear. One time he scared the shit out of me and I ended up hitting him in the balls.

            “Is that unlike you, when I drink, I always follow up on what I say I’ll do once I get home. You on the other hand were all talk and no action. Got you in your bed and you knocked out within minuets, you’re such a tease!” I felt bad but he’ll get over it, just would have to make it up to him some other way.

            Ryan had his hands on my stomach slowly going down by torso. I was still in my boxers and his hand got to the waist line and slid it under the band. He grabbed a handful of my semi hard dick and gave it a squeeze. He looked up and smiled at me. He put his mouth right on my right nipple and nibbled on it. Ryan gave my now hard dick a couple of strokes and I felt like I was going to explode already. We hadn’t messed around in close to three weeks so I had a lot pent up. I was so horny everything was turning me on prior to Ryan’s visit. He spit in his hand and kept on stroking going faster and faster. I looked down and there was my 7 inch dick moving in and our of Ryan’s fist. He looked up at me with his beautiful eyes.

            “You see this; this is mine to play with later. Right now I’m going to jump in the shower and when I get out, I expect breakfast bitch!” Ryan got up and I was too much in shock to say anything. By the time it got to me he was already turning on the water. And besides that, I don’t do breakfast… well I didn’t feel like making anything right now.

            ‘Well that sucks’ I thought to myself, must have done something like that to him last night. I threw on a pair of his gym shorts and opened the bathroom door. The steam almost encased me as soon as I opened up the door.

            “And now who is the tease?” I told him as I took out my dick to take a piss. I finished pissing and saw that Ryan was washing his hair. He must have heard me finished because he said through the curtain.

            “Tristan Jacob, do not flush that toilet!” Ha-ha, he was calling me by my first and middle name, but he was too late. I heard a yelp and walked out of the bathroom into the front room laughing. I can be such a dick sometimes, but it was all in good fun. I looked out the window and it looked pretty nice outside. I poured a cup of apple juice for myself and took an aspirin.

            The shower was still on so I went back to my room to watch TV. I was bent over my bed reaching for my remote when Ryan came up from behind and grabbed me. He had caught me off guard and had me bent over.

            “Now who’s got the upper hand Trist?” Ryan said to me with his hands on my hips.

            “I would guess you do babe. I gotta get ready quickly, I have to be at work at 5 and I want to go with you to the mall.” I got up and ran into the bathroom to get ready. I was so happy this weekend went good. I have my finals coming up this week and then I get a month off and Ryan will be coming home too for two weeks. Plus I’m going to go out there and visit him.

            I got outta the shower and heard Ryan listening to the radio on my computer while he messed around on myspace. I opened up my closet and tried to figure out what I wanted to wear to work today. That’s what I love most about my job; there is no dress requirement, as long as you’re not looking sloppy then your all good. I started drying myself off and grabbed my glasses since my contacts weren’t in yet. Ryan didn’t flinch, we’ve seen each other naked so many times obviously, and I have nothing to hide anyways.

            “Let me wear something of yours today.” I said to Ryan, I have plenty of clothes to wear, but I like to wear his every now and then too.

            “I didn’t grab any extra clothes Trist. I just packed enough for the time I would be here.” No problem, I would just grab what I planned on wearing anyways. I decided I would go trying to look studious. But then I thought better of that because I was going to be working the coffee part of the shop today and you never know when you’ll get dirty. A black polo and some cargo khakis I just brought..

            “See, you don’t need my clothes, you look cute as it is.” Ryan kissed me on the forehead and grabbed his jacket. I grabbed a cap and pair of sun glasses still feeling pretty hung over. I was halfway tempted to call off.

            “Ah, going covert today Trist?

            “Not covert, just going for the hung over please don’t bother me look.” We jumped into Ryan’s car and drove the 20 minuets to the mall. I fell asleep listening to Ryan sing some random songs he had playing softly in the background.

            “Hey Trist we’re here. You’re still tired, let me just run in and then we’ll go and grab something to eat.”

            “No Ry, don’t worry about me…” I didn’t feel tired once he said something to eat, I felt sick; I leaned out the door and threw up.

            “I guess your still feeling hung over then.” Ryan said with a laugh. He walked around the car to where I was throwing up and grabbed some paper towels he had in his trunk. “Wipe off your mouth; let’s get you inside and at least a coffee in you.”

            I usually can handle my liquor but I knew I drank too much even before I got to the party when I was pre gaming with Ryan. I finished throwing up and got my phone out and called work.

            “Jen…” I said cautiously hoping she was in a good mood. Luckily she sounded like she was somewhat in a good mood and before I got out another word she started to talk.

            “Don’t worry Trist, I talked to Ryan earlier today and he told me how drunk you got. Go ahead and get better and don’t let this become a routine. I’ve already got Jacob coming in for you anyways. He was acting up yesterday so he owes me. I’ll see you Tuesday Tristan.” Phew, that wasn’t even as bad as I thought it might go. Ryan was a few steps in front of me and I walked up and put my arm around his waist.

            “Your too good to me sometimes I hope you know that.” He just smiled at me acting like he didn’t know what I was talking about. I dropped my arm and we walked into the mall.

            Ryan had said he wanted to go get a new jacket and a new pair of shoes. We walked into a couple of stores and he couldn’t find the jacket he had wanted. We walked into A and F and he found the jacket he wanted and decided he would grab a pair of jeans and 2 matching hoodies. I’m guessing one for each of us but didn’t say anything. I started looking around and grabbed a pair of flip flops and a track jacket I liked... Ryan just laughed at me. We got in line for check out and I grabbed Ryan’s things too since I was in front of him and put it down with my stuff. I decided I was going to pay for it since he took care of me getting the day off of work without me even knowing.

            “Tristan you don’t have to…” He tried to get out before the cashier rang up to total. He grabbed the hoodies and told me he was at least going to pay for these.

            “Fine, but let me get the rest.” The cashier looked at us and gave a little smile. She was a cutie, I mean I wouldn’t be interested, but I’m sure Joe or another one of my friends would be.

            We walked outta the store and I just looked at Ryan with a smile. He was laughing and put his arm over my shoulder in a big brother type of way. I didn’t mind buying things for him. We walked over to a little coffee stand and I ordered two drinks and Ryan paid for it.

            “So you’ll buy me 250 bucks worth of clothes, but not coffee?” He gave me his puppy dog eyes and I laughed and walked to the side to pick up. Ryan paid the lady and waited by me. We got our drinks and headed to his car.

            “You know that was really sweet what you did for me today Ryan.” I told him as we put our stuff into the trunk.

            “Hey, I didn’t do anything, she just called to catch up and I let her know you were bombed last night and she said to not tell you but she’d find you coverage for the day.” Ryan started driving back to the apartment and he had a cigarette. I drank my coffee and had my hand on his thigh the whole way back to my place. I didn’t say much because I didn’t want him to leave.

            As we drove I thought about how lucky I was to have Ryan. I mean he understood about me not wanting to come out right away. He treated me with respect and went out of his way for me. I decided then and there that I would start slowly but surely coming out to my friends because I want them to see the real Ryan. The man that I was lucky to have, I know I’ve sounded all emotional, but I just think about this kind of stuff a lot. I’m in no way femme; just I’m very pensive about stuff.

            We pulled into the parking lot and grabbed our bags. “You know what time it is almost Ryan.” He looked at me, tried to smile but I could tell leaving is the last thing he wanted to do.

            “Don’t worry Trist; I’ll be back on Saturday for two weeks. I just gotta get back home somewhat early because I need to study for my finals this week.”

            We got up to my apartment and sorted out our stuff. And I gave Ryan a kiss against the door. God he looked cute in his hoodie and beanie. We walked back down to his car.

            “I’ll give you a call when I get home.” Ryan said to me and I walked over to him and gave him a hug.

            “Be safe on your way home Ry and you better call me!” I gave him a quick peck and another hug. I’m not one for public displays of affections but I just wanted to go ahead because of what a great weekend we had. I walked to the curb and watched Ryan leave until I couldn’t see his car anymore. I walked back into my apartment and lie down on my bed and let out a sigh.

            Knowing I had a little time before Kenny got back I decided I would study for the one final that I had.  I was already passing the class with a B so I’m not too worried about the final. Around 9:30 I got a call from Ryan telling me he had made it home. I couldn’t talk to him though since he wanted to do laundry and study also. I pretty much studied, and talked to Talan online for a few minuets before I went to bed.

            The final I took was easy. I was done within a half hour. I decided I would wait around campus for Joe to get out of her final and go out to eat with her. I sat outside with my friend Drea from class and had a cigarette.  We we’re talking before I got a text from Ryan telling me good luck on my final. Yea he was a little late but it’s the thought that counts. I cracked a smile and Drea gave me an odd look.

            “Ahh, the boyfriend I’m guessing?” What?!? How did she know about Ryan and me?

            “My what?” I asked her trying to sound like I didn’t know what she was talking about.

            “Your boyfriend, you know the guy you were attached to at the hip this weekend. I saw you guys hugging before he left yesterday when I was cleaning. You know those things called windows work in both directions cutie.” Man, I was busted, but I just smiled at her.

            “Don’t worry; your secret is safe with me. Hey I got to go though; I have class in 10 minuets and want to grab a juice before I go to class.” I said goodbye to her and sent a text message back to Ryan wishing him luck and saying thank you.

            Joe came up to me as I had just finished sending my text message. Joe is the closest guy friend that I have. Now I know I said that Lauren, Steve and Talan were my best friends but I considered Joe to be like family to me. We’ve been friends since my freshman year summer in high school. He was my next door neighbor so he introduced me to all his friends which are my friends now too. He kind of took me under his wing, not that I had any trouble making friends but he made it much easier. Some people think we’re brothers because we look a lot alike. He had brown hair which he usually gives the messy spike look. The bluest eyes that I have seen that are real, and a little bit of chin hair. He had his beanie on today that we got a couple of weeks ago shopping. I picked it out because I wanted it but he ended up buying it for himself. Basically we dress the same and have a similar build. He’s built like me and due to a drunken night this year at his lake house is packing if you know what I mean.

            “Hey biznatch, took you long enough, I was waiting for like a half hour.” We walked over to his car. I love his car almost more than mine. He has a BMW that he got from his dad as his present for getting a license.

            “Put that square out you know I can’t stand that in my car.” I took a final hit and threw it on the ground.

            “Besides I thought you were going to quit anyways?  I still blame your friend Ryan for that, you used to only smoke when you drink and now you smoke when you’re not too. You gotta cut that stuff out or else you are gonna lose that hard stomach and abs we worked forever to get!” I laughed and turned up the heat. I’ll let that comment about Ryan pass since they aren’t exactly friends. Joe and Ryan got into a fight one time awhile ago before we started dating so they’re not exactly the best of friends.

            “So what happened to you all weekend Trist? I only talked to you when you were at Talan’s and you were gone. At least Ryan proved good for something and carried you out and took you home when you passed out by Talan’s pool.” Man… how drunk was I that night?

            “What you mean, Friday I didn’t do anything and Saturday Ryan and I just hung out and then we went over to Talan’s. He came up to visit some friends and family so I just hung out.” I turned down the heat because this discussion was getting too close to the topic which I wanted to avoid. But I think I’m going to use breakfast and finally tell Joe what’s going on between Ryan and me.

            “Where are we going to eat at driver?” I asked Joe as we drove back to our subdivision. “Please tell me we’re not going to the country club, I hate eating there. I don’t get why your dad is even in the club, he only goes to golf and he doesn’t even do it that often. We use the membership more then he does.”

            “Quit your bitching Trist, I figured we could just make some food at my place. We just went grocery shopping and we’re done with school so no rush.” Well that sounds like a plan since I could run to my house and grab something out of my room that I needed to get.

            “Oh that’s cool then, anyone home?”  I hoped not because it will be a lot easier if Joe takes the news bad that no one else is there.

            “Nah, parents are on business as usual and Becky is at school. You don’t work today do you?” We pulled into his garage and got out.

            “Shoes off, you know how anal my mom is.” I slipped off my shows and walked into their mud room.

            “We at least I know where you get it from.” I was starting to get nervous because I knew what I was going to say, I just didn’t know how Joe was going to take it. I’m pretty sure he’ll take it alright, I mean if he really was my best friend and all.

            We made breakfast. I had egg and toast sandwich and Joe man himself some eggos. We sat down by the sliding doors and watched the snow falling as we ate. It was beautiful outside. I love the snow… well for the most part at least, I don’t like that my car cannot handle the snow all that well, but that’s not important. We were just talking about anything in general when I figured now was as good as time as any so I bet my lip and let it out.

            “Joe we need to talk. I’ve got something that I need to let out.” Wow, I was full, but now I feel like I’m going to puke. I took a deep breath. Joe looked at me quietly not exactly sure what I was trying to say. “You’re my best friend you know that right… “

            “Yea, Tristan what is it? I haven’t seen act like this before.” I’m sure he had, but this time was just different.

            “Well you know that I wouldn’t be acting like this unless it was something big so it’s obviously something big, not I don’t want to make it a big deal which I am already doing so I’m just going to say it…” My heart was beating fast as hell right now…

            “Ok Joe...  I’m gay…” That was hard getting out and I couldn’t even look at Joe at that point.

            “Oh… you’re gay…” Joe looked over at me. I saw him out the corner of my eye. I couldn’t look at him so I just kept looking out the window.

            “The least you can do is look me in the eye Tristan. I think you could at least owe me that much.” I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I didn’t know what he was going to say but he sounded a bit aggravated.

            “Tristan what the hell do you want me to say? You’re my best friend and you drop this bomb on me after all this time. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m a bit hurt.” Joe got up and threw his plate into the sink; he threw it pretty hard because it shattered.

            “Joe stop it! What the hell is your problem? You don’t think this is hard for me to tell you. I’ve wanted to tell you so many times and I didn’t know how you would take it. If I had known you would act like an asshole I wouldn’t have even bothered!” I walked towards him, I didn’t mean to yell at him, but he was scaring me a little.

            “Tristan you say you’re my best friend, my brother… and you hide something like this from me?! I have been nothing but honest with you ever since we met. I never once hid a damn thing from you because I figured that you would do the same.” I looked at Joe for the first time and I could tell he was upset, his eyes were getting watery but he was hiding it.

            “Who was the one I went to when I was worried about not graduating? What about the time when I thought that I might have gotten Steph pregnant? I went to you because you were my closest friend, my brother!” He was screaming at me and was backing away from me. I kept trying to get closer to him to try to calm him down.

            “I can’t even look at you right now Tristan. You’ve lied to me, even when I asked you this exact same thing when we were at the lake this summer. I told you I didn’t care and that you would still be my brother. You fucking lied to me.” We both had tears rolling down our faces, I was getting upset because everything Joe was telling me was true. I walked closer I just wanted to try to comfort him somehow. I got within grabbing distance and went to grab his arm and he pushed me away.

            “Don’t come close to me.” He turned around and walked out of the kitchen. I grabbed his arm and he yanked it away from me I heard him walk up to his room.

            He slammed the door and then I heard a loud thud. I didn’t know what to do so I followed him. I knocked on the door and tried to open it but it was locked. This wasn’t going how I thought it would. I really did fuck up our friendship. I didn’t know what to do so I just started pouring my heart out to him.

            “Listen Joe; don’t think this isn’t hard for me either!” I was yelling at him through the door. “Don’t you even try to make this all my fault, Joe I didn’t tell you earlier because I wasn’t sure how you would react. I knew coming out was going to be the hardest thing I had to do ever but I didn’t think telling someone who I consider my brother that it would be this hard.” I hit his door and fell against it to the ground. I sat there with my head in my hands not knowing what to do.

            “Bullshit Tristan! There were plenty of times you could have told me, how many times have we talked about life and stuff we didn’t tell anyone else? I even told you I was alright with it when I asked you at the lake and you swore on your life that you weren’t gay.” He opened the door and there were tears running down his face.

            “What did you want me to say Joe?! That you were right? Fine you are!! You don’t think this hurts me?!” I was facing the one person who I cared a lot about.

            “Tristan I know it hurts you, you don’t think I feel for you? But how do you think I feel right now? How many times I had defended you against people who are you friends when they would talk behind your back and say you were gay? What about the night I picked you up when you called me balling your eyes out over something that you still haven’t told me about?!” Man… I thought he had forgotten about that night. Ryan had gotten into a fight with a friend at a get together he had and I went to stop the fight and Ryan and I ended up getting into an argument about the whole situation.

            “I didn’t ask you any questions about it because I knew that you would tell me. But I never hid anything from you Tristan. You don’t understand that you’ve lied to me all this time! I don’t know what to even say to you right now!” I felt horrible, I hadn’t even thought about what I had done to Joe. I’ve put him through hell and the whole time he had been by my side through it all.

            “Joe I know I have been a horrible friend but I don’t want this to be something that ruins our friendship!”

            “Well you’ve done a good job at that now haven’t you Tristan?” he said to me, I looked up at him and he was still crying.

            “I don’t know how I can still be friends with someone who has lied to me, who’s hurt me as much as you have right now Tristan.” Joe’s words were cutting me deep. Each time he said something it made more since why he would be so mad at me.

            I threw my arm around him and just started crying on his shoulder. He stood there lifeless. It seemed like he was thinking about what to say next to me and I sure couldn’t take the fact that I hurt someone who I trusted so much.

            “Tristan…” His voice was sounding lighter, “Tristan I can’t do this… I don’t see how we can go on being friends. I obviously cared about our friendship more then you did.”

            “Joe don’t you fucking say that… don’t you fucking give up on this… I’ve stood by your side through so many things when you felt like you had no one!” I now knew this wasn’t about me being gay, this had now turned into a fight for my friendship with the person I was closest with; the one person that was a friend that I cared for the most. “Joe I’m not letting you walk away from our friendship, your not doing this!” I was pounding on his chest and Joe was just standing there looking off into the distance.

            “Joe say something! I know I fucked up, but I’m not letting you walk away from our friendship!” I backed off of him and he was still standing there looking at me.

“Tristan maybe you should leave…” I stepped back and looked at him.

            “Just give me awhile to process this… if what you were looking for was my acceptance that you were gay, you’ve got that, but this is deeper then that.” He wiped the water from his face and walked away from me to his window that over looked both of our back yards. He sat down on one of the two chairs that we’ve had many conversations about everything on.

            “Joe…” I said weakly to him. I felt like I had nothing left to give. I had hurt my closest friend and now it was up to him to decide what to do.

            “Tristan just… just… Tristan I just need to be by myself right now.” I tried to compose myself but I was way past that point right now. I went over to his couch in his room and laid on it. I grabbed a pillow and laid down. I fell asleep crying silently while my best friend sat there hurt. I didn’t know what to do so I let him have his time well I fell asleep in one of the places where I must have spent so much of my time. My bed away from home. I hoped to wake up and this whole situation is over with.

To Be Continued…

Well that is it for chapter two! What drama, much like the first chapter this one went in a different direction that I had planned and I am very happy how it ended up. What’s going to happen with Joe and Tristan’s friendship? You’re going to have to read chapter 3 to find out what happens next! Plus with it being finals week, Ryan is coming back into town and Tristan still has his other friends to tell about him! Check back to see what happens in the next chapters!!

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