This story is a work of pure fiction taken from the author’s feelings, thoughts, and at times his own experiences. There might be something’s you don’t agree with, but I am not promoting them, just working from my own thoughts and experiences. There also maybe some sexual encounters between guys as the story goes on so if this offends you please stop reading. Also if you are too young or it could be considered that you illegal to be reading this story stop now, you shouldn’t be reading this. This is also the authors work and may not be used without his permission. And now most importantly, enjoy!

** This is my first story I’ve written so if at times it seems dodgy please bare with me. **

Chapter 3 “Seasons”

            When I woke up he was pounding away at the piano downstairs in the family room with his ipod on. I didn’t want to bother him and didn’t really have a way home so I just walked over to my house and waited for Jason to get him. I hadn’t really got a chance to talk to him since I moved out in August. I let myself out of Joe’s and went home.

            Jason was sitting down in the kitchen eating a cheeseburger and listening to the radio over the house speakers. My parents were going to be in meetings until late today so I figured I would just go up to my room and straighten some things up for Christmas. Sometimes when I am upset I just like to stay active and be doing something. I decided I would rearrange what was left of my room because it has been that way for awhile now. I turned up the volume to the speakers in my room and got to it. Before I knew it, it was dark outside and I figured I would go talk to Jason.

            “Hey little bro, got some time?” I walked into his room and sat on his lazy boy.

            “Yea, Trist, what’s up man? It’s been quiet without you around here. Is it Ryan, I never liked him…” I thought it was funny that he would say that. I mean in highschool we kinda rolled in the same circle so we were pretty close. I mean Joe and I were a hell a lot closer but we had a good brotherly relationship.

            “No Ryan and me are fine, what do you mean you never liked him? You guys get along all the time. What about when he was over here every day when I was at the lake house this summer? Mom told me you two were playing football and hanging out.” I got a little defensive for Ryan.

            “Oh I was just messing with you; I thought he did something so I gotta take your side bro.” Jason got up and closed the door.

            “Nah it’s a little worse then that man.” I sighed and leaned back into the chair.

            “Let it out, we haven’t talked in awhile so it will be nice to hear what’s going on up there Trist.” Since when did my brother become Dr.Phil I thought to myself?

            “So I officially told Joe about me today and it didn’t go as planned. We ended up getting into an argument and pretty much I don’t know where we stand right now. He’s pounding away at the piano right now over at his house.”

            “Wow, Joe never ceases to amaze me. Varsity basketball player who rocks out on the piano; you can’t write that kind of stuff! But seriously though Tristan, just give him some time. You know it wasn’t easy for me to accept you at first man. I never told you this but at first I was kind of confused. I mean I looked up to you and I found out you were gay it threw me through a loop. Just give him some time I’m sure he’ll come to his senses.”

            Wow my little brother was really growing up. I guess I didn’t do such a bad job on him. I looked over at Jason and he was looking right at me. I swear if I wasn’t a whole year older then him I would think we were twins. Only difference between the two of us is his eye brow he’s got pierced it seems.

            “I know Jason, I just… I don’t know, he really seemed like he was genuinely hurt. Like I’ve lied to him about this when he had confronted me other times about it.” I said.

            Truth was I kind of did lie to him and I feel like shit, but he doesn’t understand how scared and hard it was for me to finally admit to myself. I mean I didn’t want to believe I was gay until Ryan came into my life.

            “Here come over here” Jason stood up and put out his arms. I walked over to him and we embraced.

            “You’re my brother and I love you man. Give him time he’ll come to his senses. I mean who would want to lose someone like you Tristan? You guys have been through a lot don’t worry about this. It’s just a bump in the road.” I ruffled his head and let go of the embrace.

            “So Jason will you take me home… errr… to my apartment actually.” I was home, this was my home and Jason reminded me of it.

            “Yea sure, want to catch a movie before I take you back. This one came out that I really wanted to see. We’re both outta school so don’t have to worry about anything and mom and dad won’t be home until late anyways.”

            “When aren’t they home late” I said with a laugh.

            “Hey now, that’s what we have each other for; and besides Brad has been making himself quite comfortable in the guest room since his parents split up.”

            Brad was Jason’s best bud; he was his ‘Joe.’ His parents had split up and going over a nasty divorce so my parents agreed to go ahead and let him come over whenever he wants. Well... provided someone were home. But he’s usually attached to my brothers’ hip so he is like our little adopted brother.

            The movie was good. We decided to catch a bite to eat on the way back to my apartment. We went to our local Hooters and ordered up 20 wings to share with each other. Our Hooter girl was actually a friend of ours from high school. She graduated a year before me. I was starving and downed 15 wings myself. We had to order another 10 because I ate so much. I may be gay but this boy loves himself some hot wings. I’m going to be paying for it at the gym tomorrow but hey, I can’t resist em. We drove back my apartment and it was getting really bad outside. I hadn’t heard from Ryan since the morning but I knew he had to work so I probably wouldn’t hear from him until late tonight or early tomorrow. I told Jason to call up dad and let him know that he was going to stay at my place tonight because I didn’t want him driving home in this snow. Jason put up a bit of a fight but I told him I had some beer left over from when Ryan was in town and he could finish it off with me. He’s just like me and can’t turn down liquor.

            We got back to my place and Kenny left me a note saying he would be back tomorrow he had went home to do the laundry. That was cool because I was enjoying hanging out with my brother just me and him. I popped in another movie and gave him a beer. I made myself an Apple martini and sat down on the couch with Jason.

            “Whoa, look at Tristan the bartender.” Jason joked and made himself comfortable on the couch.

            “Yea I know right? You just got to love dating a bartender. Ryan taught me a few things. I haven’t really perfected anything like I have this though. Here have a drink.” I passed him my cup and he took a sip.

            “Man that’s good, why don’t you make me one of them Trist?” I took my cup back from Jason.

            “Because I want to get rid of this beer and I don’t want to finish it off because I got sick last time so drink up.” We cheered and took a drink of our drinks.

            My brother obviously didn’t have my skills in drinking yet; he passed out after 5 beers and was sleeping like a baby. I finished watching the movie while he slept. I looked over at him; I really do miss seeing him everyday. He looked peaceful just sitting there sleeping. I noticed it was 2:30 in the morning and decided to call it a night. I cleaned up the beers and did some cleaning around the apartment quietly. I covered Jason up and took off his cap and shoes and put them on the side.

            “Night Jason.” I said as I walked outta the common room and turned off the light.

            I went over to my room and closed the door. It had been a very long day. Things were so messed up with Joe and me. And I still have to tell the rest of my friends at that! I slipped on a pair of basketball shorts and put on some music in the background. Just as I was starting to slip off to sleep my cell started to ring. I looked at the ID to see who was calling me but I figured it was Ryan. I was right too. I picked up the phone, even if he was just calling to say “Hi” that’s all I needed.

            “Hey you, what’s up?” I said before he got out a word.

            “Nothing just got back to my place. It was crazy in the bar tonight.”

            “I bet. There was a game tonight right? I bet you made a lot of tips though.” He laughed lightly in the background. I could tell he was tired.

            “Yea, I got enough tonight to buy you Christmas presents! I can’t wait to come home and see you. So how did the whole Joe thing go?” I had told Ryan I planned on telling everyone before Christmas and he knew Joe was the first one to be told.

            “Not so good… I don’t know it wasn’t a good situation at all. I don’t know where we stand as far as our friendship goes right now.” I felt my voice crack and every emotion was flooding back at me.

            “I’m really sorry Trist. I wish I could be there for you. Do you want me to give him a call?”

            “No worries, Jason helped me through it for the most part earlier. He’s staying over tonight it’s pretty bad out there.”

            “Yea I know, it took the cab forever to get me back to my place after work. But I really am sorry about the whole Joe situation. I hope you don’t feel like I rushed you into this. I’ll make it up to you when I come home in a few days.” He was coming back right 3 days before Christmas for the holiday.

            “No you didn’t rush me into any of this; it was time for him to know anyways. Thanks for calling though. I really needed just to hear your voice.” Ryan sighed into the phone. He sounded really tired so I didn’t want to keep him.

            “Sorry Tristan, I’m just tired but I want to talk to ya too. So how is Jason? Really didn’t get a chance to talk to him when I was there last time.”

            “Jason’s doing pretty good. We talked about you for a little bit today. He passed out on the couch though. I gave him some beer that was left over from when you visited last weekend.”

            “Look at you Tristan, corrupting your 18 yr old brother, what would you mom say?” He can still crack jokes even when he’s tired.

            “Hey, he’s 18 he can make his own choices. Not that I approve of him drinking, I’m just not going to be a prude about him drinking either. And besides I’m only a year older then him anyways so I know your not talking mister.” I can be pretty witty myself.

            “Yea, yea, yea… But Trist I really am pretty beat so I will talk to you tomorrow or well today but you get the picture. I hope everything works out, I’ll see you in a few days.”

            “Night, love you.” I told him, whops… that one slipped out I don’t think I’ve told him that to his face yet let alone on the phone

            “Wow…. Well we got ourselves some talking to do then later. I’ll talk to you later babe. Night Tristan.” He hung up the phone.

            I was halfway like in shock that I told him I loved him. I mean… I guess I did but I haven’t even told him myself yet. But then I realized he didn’t say it back to me. He was probably just caught off guard like I was. It is a little weird though that he wouldn’t say it back. And what did he mean that we have some talking to do? Did I care about this relationship more then he did? What a night… I just need to get to sleep… but what if? 

To Be Continued!!

 That’s all for chapter 3! Sorry about the long delay between chapters. This was originally planned at being the first part of what chapter 3 was supposed to be about but I enjoyed writing about Tristan and Jason that I basically wanted to devote a chapter to their relationship as brothers. But I still have the whole other half of what chapter 3 is supposed to be written down and ready to be typed up.

I have gotten really busy as of late. I know I promised chapters quicker but some things changed and I had other things to get done first so “the Dunes” had to be put on hold for awhile. But I am back. I’m sure things will get more sexual and it will come eventually but right now you’re still in the process of meeting everyone in Tristan’s life. That’s one of the downers about having a long distance commit relationship between two people. I still have an idea of how I want this story to go but it has changed too so we’ll see what happens!

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