This story is pure fantasy. No matter what this story implies, you should always protect yourself by wearing a condom when having sex.


By Erik Maskot

On the way home from work one Thursday night, I had to pass this group of ten to fifteen young guys drinking beer. They seemed to be in a good mood, they were laughing and sipping beer from their bottles. I thought it would be safe to pass them, as this was a well lit street with pretty heavy traffic.

When I was walking past them they offered me a drink. I didn't accept. Maybe I should have, because one of the guys got upset and grabbed my arm.

"Hey, come on, have a beer. Aren't we good enough for ya?"

I wanted to get loose, but he held me hard.

"Hey guys, don't ya think he should join us?" The rest of the gang agreed.

"See, they want you to join."

I still wanted to escape, as I didn't know what they were up to. I still refused to take a sip from his bottle.

He put his hand on my crotch and squeezed my cock and balls hard. I screamed as it hurt. At the same time my cock filled with blood.

"Hey, this guy's got a pretty nice big dick." The others laughed. "Look at his buns, he's got a nice ass, too," he continued, and squeezed my ass. My cock pushed against the front of my jeans.

The others were standing in a circle around me, so there was no way I could escape anymore. They pushed me towards the wall.

"Why don't you show us what you've?" I didn't move, and this guy, whose name was Ronnie, grabbed me again and unbuckled my belt. Then he pulled my jeans down, and my cock popped out. The others cheered as they saw my ten inch cock.

"I hope you don't mind if I fuck your ass," Ronnie said to me, "because that's what I'll be doing. Here, take this beer and relax." I accepted this time. Maybe they'd leave me alone. I took a sip.

"Finish it all," Ronnie said, and I drank the whole bottle. Then he handed me another one. I drank that one too. I tried to pull up my pants again, but Ronnie wouldn't let me. Instead he turned me around. Then he opened his own pants, and pulled out a dick that was as least as big mine, maybe even an inch longer. He pointed it right towards my asshole.

I said, "No please! Not here!" The gang was surrounding me, so nobody could see anything, but I was not comfortable with the fact that there were cars passing by less than twenty feet away from us. Other than that I thought Ronnie was hot, and I wouldn't mind his cock at all.

"Oh yeah, I'm gonna fuck you right here," he said, and he pushed his cock into my hole. He was big, and my hole was tight. I hurt, so I almost had to scream.

"Put on a condom," I told him.

"No, you're gonna feel my flesh," he answered. He took a brown little bottle out of his pocket. "Poppers," I thought, and took a huge whiff without hesitation. I felt a little drugged, and didn't care where I was any longer. I wanted Ronnie's cock inside me, and I thrust my hips back at his tool. I bit my teeth together and let out a sound between my lips when he forced his way in. He fed me more poppers, and then he was in all the way. He fucked me hard. I loved it, and I'm sure he fucked me for at least ten minutes, his friends cheering him. Then he came in my ass, a big load of cum. I could feel it running down between my legs.

All of a sudden I heard a siren, and a cop car that stopped right by us. Ronnie pulled himself out fast, and buttoned his jeans again. I did the same thing, and we all started running. I guess none of us wanted to get caught.

We ran down to the underground train station, and I barely managed to jump on the last coach before it started moving. I noticed that the others made it too. Except for me and the gang, the coach was empty.

Ronnie smiled at me, obviously happy about the fact that I'd followed them. Then one of the other guys, Kevin, walked over to me, and pulled his big dick out.

"Why don't you suck on it," he said. Again, still being in a public place, I refused at first. He put the poppers up to my nose, I sniffed some, and then he forced his cock into my mouth and down my throat. I almost gagged, but managed to take the whole thing. It didn't take long before he came and filled me with his semen. I swallowed it all.

I jumped off at the next station and started walking home. When I was almost home, I walked across a big parking lot. Then someone came up behind me and forced me onto a car. They still wouldn't let me go.

It was one of the members of the gang, a cute guy called Rick. He was alone, and he pulled down my jeans, then lifted my legs up in the air. They rested on his shoulders when he took his ten inch cock out and forced it into my ass. My hole was still lubed from Ronnie's sperm, so Rick didn't have any problems entering me.

I could hear voices from people walking nearby when Rick fucked me in the middle of the parking lot. I believe that turned him on. It sure did for me. It didn't take long before Rick filled my ass with cum. He then pulled himself out, pulled his pants up and left with a smile.

I walked home, locked myself in, made sure that the door was locked in case someone was still following me. Then I opened the balcony door to let some fresh air in. I took all my clothes off in the living room and went to the bathroom, where I filled the tub with hot water and made myself ready for a bath.

I thought I heard a sound when I got into the tub, but decided it had to be the wind. After all, I was living on the fifth floor.

Then Ronnie came into the bathroom, smiling, and started to take his clothes off. He had climbed up to my balcony, went over to my door and let his friends in. They were now about thirty hot guys, and they all started to undress. I noticed that my neighbor's seventeen-year-old son was with them too.

Ronnie lifted up my body, and he said "You're the best fuck I've ever had. I just had to have you again," and he pushed his cocked into my ass that was still lubed from the other fucks. Another guy stood right in front of my face and made me suck him. "And he sucks good too," Kevin said from somewhere behind the others. The gang laughed. Pretty soon semen filled both my holes. Not a single drop was spilled.

Two new guys took their places. I didn't know that this many people could fit in my bathroom, but the whole gang were crammed together, and pulling on their cocks around us.

They both came at the same time, and pulled themselves out. New guys entered me. I didn't think I could put my lips around George's cockhead. George was a black guy who tried to fuck my face. His cock must have been at least fourteen inches and thick as my arm. It was limp and wouldn't get hard. But somehow he pushed it down my throat. I thought I was gonna choke. His big ballsack was slapping my face, and he almost made me forget completely the guy who was fucking my ass. Not before he came and pulled himself out I remembered he was there. George kept fucking my throat.

One guy slid underneath me, and his cock entered my asshole. Then I noticed the other guy who pushed his cock against my hole and entered me. While George was still stuffing my face, I was being double fucked by those other two guys. I was so turned on that I shot a big load of cum that landed on my stomach.

When George came I thought he was pissing down my throat, and I was sure I was gonna drown. He pulled himself out and I was relieved that I could breath again. But not for long.

Another guy took his place. This is how it went all night long, until they'd all fucked me. The last one who fucked me was my neighbor's son, Andy. He fucked my ass slowly. But as young and inexperienced as he was, he came almost right away. Then they all got dressed and disappeared.

That's when I woke up and realized it had all been a dream. But what a dream! I was all sweaty and my sheets were wet from sperm. My cock was red and limp.

I looked at my watch and noticed that it was almost eight already. I had overslept, and had to take a quick shower and get to the University again. I wonder if I could look into Ronnie's eyes after last night's dream? On the way to the parking lot I met Andy. His eyes met mine, and he smiled when we passed each other. I noticed he stopped behind me. I turned around, and caught him staring at my buns. He blushed, and I smiled. He got this "busted" look in his face, and I said "Why don't you come over a beer tonight?" Still embarrassed, he said "Sure!" and turned around and walked away. Hmmm, maybe tonight won't be so bad after all...