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The Meeting Part 2


With that one word my heart leapt into my throat. He actually answered! Damn it, why wouldn't it just go to voice mail? Part of me hoped I dialed the wrong number, part of me wanted him to ignore a call from a number he didn't know, part of me thought I should send a text message first, and part of me wanted just this. I wanted to hear his voice again but wasn't prepared for it. I felt the pause growing on the phone as I sat in shock at the beautiful melody that was his voice.

"Hello, anyone there?"

I had to say something, anything. My mind raced through the possible things I could say to make a good first impression. Well, the first sober impression. How can I impress this handsome guy after puking on his shoes last night? Everyone always says to be yourself but right? What if you don't like yourself? I mean, I wasn't bad looking but I didn't qualify as `sexy' either. My mind raced and raced for what to say. Why I hadn't thought of my opening line before I called? I don't know, but here I was searching for the perfect thing to say. Finally I just spurted out the first thing that came to my mind.

"I'm sorry I threw up on your shoes." I blurted out, much to my dismay. The first sober thing I said to him and I sounded like an idiot. "I mean, hi my name is Sean from the other night." I said with a bit more confidence.

Strangely enough he just chuckled a bit. It was a light airy chuckle that could ease the tension in any situation. I soon calmed down and we fell into what can only be described as an easy conversation. We talked about life, school, family, majors, relationships, the weather, etc. We talked about anything and everything under the sun. None of it was awkward and we found that we shared a lot of the same interests and hobbies. We were both from big cities and transplanted into this small town. We both came from single-parent houses with the asshole father practically out of the picture. We both wanted to end up on the East coast somewhere once we finished school. I was a sociology major with a minor in psychology and he was a psychology major with a minor in criminal justice. We horny young men alone in the world. We were like two peas in a pod.

The hours flew by. Yes, hours. We talked until dusk and all of the hangover feelings from the night before were magically gone. Needless to say I figured I loved him. I had never had this kind of connection with someone before. In all honesty I'd never even dated a man before. I messed around once with a cousin when I was younger (that is an entirely different story) but that's it. I was a 21 year old virgin who had never even been kissed. Pathetic, eh? I told you I wasn't all that attractive, so to have this handsome stud of a man interested in me was something I almost couldn`t understand!

"Hey, I gotta go right now but we should get dinner on Monday, just the two of us. I know this great little steak house," he said out of the blue.

I was confused. It sounds like a date, right? But what if it wasn't? Is this how dates worked? I had no clue if it was just a dinner or if it was a dinner date or if he expected something after or...I was just clueless. I silently cursed myself and my lack of experience with this kind of stuff. I decided in a split second to just accept the offer and consult my hag, Mira, about what this all meant later that night. I was sure she would have some opinion about it. We agreed that he would come pick me up at seven o'clock on Monday night since he knew where the place was.

I was more excited than a mouse in a bowl of queso. It was Saturday night and I had to get through two more days until "The Night," as it became in my head. I looked around my place. Not a bad little bachelor's pad I thought. Typical of a college student's modest income and taste. I would like to dispel the myth right now that all homos are good at decorating and have creative minds. My apartment never has been and never will be something out of the pages of "Modern Living". I wasn't anal about my room being perfectly clean and everything being in its place. Dirty clothes were stored on the bathroom floor and clean clothes were sometimes folded and put away but more likely dumped in front of the dresser. My bed didn't get made and dishes stayed in the sink for days on end until I got frustrated and just washed the damn things out of spite. My second-hand living room consisted of a brown couch and green recliner from the local Women's Shelter Project and I had a TV that I'm sure was older than I was that my grandmother gave me as a high school graduation present. Bless her heart. Nothing matched but it was all clean and comfortable and cheap.

I never gave much thought about impressing anyone with my lifestyle; I had a mentality of "If they don't like it, they can fuck off." But, looking around, I became conscious of the fact that Matt would see my place when he picked me up (and possibly after dinner...). He would get a glimpse of where and how I lived, and I wanted it to all be perfect. I quickly scrubbed the dishes and the kitchen until it glowed. I took all of the dirty clothes out of my bathroom and shoved them into huge black garbage bags. I would have to go to the local 24-hour laundry mat since I didn't have a washer and dryer. I shoved the over stuffed black bag into the passenger seat of my car and turned my attention to the rest of my bedroom. I worked well into the night finding a home for everything.

You know how sometimes random thoughts pop into your head and you aren't quite sure where they come from but they make total sense? Well, it happens to me at least. In the middle of putting my socks away it occurred to me that I didn't have any condoms or lube. I wasn't thinking about sex per se at that exact moment but the thought just popped into my mind. I tried to push the thought aside as being just stupid. After all I wasn't even sure this was a date, date. And even if it was that kind of date, I wasn't the kind of guy to hop into bed on the first date. But I didn't know that for sure, I'd never been on a first date. I wouldn't have been opposed to losing my virginity if he wanted it but I didn't want to come across as so...ready? I was confused again. I decided to call Mira and talk it all out with her.

It was one in the morning but I knew she would be awake. After all, what respectable person went to bed before 2am? She was excited about the Matt news. She was even more excited that he wanted to take me to dinner. She may have actually been more excited than I was.

"It is as date." She said matter-of-factly. "Take some money just in case, but I bet he will pick up the tab. And buy condoms. You won't look like a slut, you will just look like you want to be safe." She added with a jump in her voice. I really don't know what I would do without her.

That night I fell asleep thinking of Matt. What he would be like, what he would say, what I would say, and picturing our future together. It was corny, I'll admit that, but you know you've done stupid things when you were young and in love too. I imagined us growing old together and having a house together and moving East and I tried to picture him naked. I imagined him with a circumcised cock and an uncircumcised one. I played out what my first time would be like. I felt his legs over my shoulders and me slowly pushing into his tight hole. A warm tight feeling around my cock that I've never felt before. I hoped he would let me rim him. I've always wanted to do that. I flipped our positions in my mind, him fucking me and my ass feeling the most amazing sensation I've ever felt in my entire life. I laid in bed and stroked my cock as I thought about him and all of the naughty, dirty, fun things I wanted to try. My fingers became his warm, wet mouth sliding up and down my cock as my hips bucked up. We were in a perfect 69 and we were in perfect rhythm sucking away at each other when my balls tightened up and shot cum over my head once followed by five or six more shots that ended up various places on my face, chest and stomach.

I may have been getting a little ahead of myself but hey, a boy can dream can't he? I fell into a deep, restful, dreamless sleep.

Sunday flew by. My first stop was the drug store for condoms and lube. Talk about awkward. I had no clue there were so many kinds of condoms! Since I'm being perfectly honest I'll tell you that I actually tried to look for sizes on the condom boxes. I didn't know if there would be like a large-medium-small sizing or if they would just go on penis size when erect but I figured they had to know somehow. Then I didn't know if I should get the three pack or the ten pack, the ribbed, the extended pleasure, the flavored, the animal skin, the latex, the pre-lubed, the ultra thins, the Trojan brand or the Durex brand. There were so many god damned choices! I couldn't exactly ask someone what the best condom to use for gay sex was, could I? I finally went with a three pack of Trojan ultra thins because they were the closest thing to a "normal" condom that I could find. I had also never even heard of a Durex condom. I had a bit of a problem with the lube as well. KY or AstroGlide? Warming sensation or not? I couldn't imagine a butt-hole on fire as being sexy so I just went with the original KY. Jesus, it was like pulling teeth just to get sex stuff. Then I had to fight all of the old blue hairs, who were getting their medications while still dressed in their Sunday Best, for a spot in a line. I hated shopping on Sunday afternoons. Everyone comes directly from church and decides they need to buy a month's worth of groceries all at once. So after getting the stink-eye from everyone in line for my "unholy" purchase on God's day, I made my way to the laundry mat.

After spending three lovely hours at the laundry mat with a man who smelled of tuna and onions I finally went back home. I had an entire afternoon and evening to kill by myself. Mira was with her boyfriend that night which meant she was too busy getting her sex on to go out. But her cute brother was probably looking for something to do. I called up Mira and suggested that Cody might like going to see a movie more than listening to her moan and groan with her boyfriend. (She can be quite a screamer in bed. I know, I've heard it.) Cody thought it was a good idea so I went to pick him up. The irony wasn't lost on me that this was kind of like a date before my actual date. But it wasn't like I was cheating. Matt and I haven't even been on one date, he wasn't my boyfriend, and besides, Cody was straight. I sat in the dark of the theater with a hot guy sitting next to me gorging myself on popcorn that was probably a week old and watching a movie I was only half interested in. My eyes kept drifting over to Cody. He was stunningly hot. His blond hair perfectly cut, the sharp features of his face outlined in the theater. I would have given anything to brush my lips against his, to caress his body, just hold him close to me. Stupid thoughts. I had a hot guy waiting to go on a date with me. I had just bought a box of condoms even though I'd never even put one on for goodness sakes!

This last thought led to my practice run. When I got back from the movie I decided to try on one of the condoms to make sure I knew how to do it correctly. Wow, what an adventure! We had gone over the basics in high school health classes: open the package, squeeze the tip, roll the condom down the erect penis. Simple enough right? Except that the head of my cock was larger than the condom opening which made rolling it down rather hard. There was some pushing, scraping, fingernails, pinching, and a bit of pain, just to get it over the head. In the process, half of the condom came unrolled and was utterly useless. I decided to try condom #2. I grabbed the tip of the first condom and tried to yank it off of my hard dick. This just served to squeeze things even more, to the point that there was some burning sensation right at the tip of my cock. There was a lesson, don't just yank it off, finesse it off from the bottom up. The next condom I was able to get over the head of my cock with minimal pain. As I was scraping it down the shaft of my cock with my fingernails the damn thing tore along the side. This was NOT going as well as I hoped. Time for condom #3. This one I actually got to fit over the head of my cock with some clever stretching and rolled down the shaft. But I didn't know how far down to put it. I knew it didn't cover the balls but I didn't know if it should go all the way to where the balls met the penis. I just pulled it down as far as it would go, trapping and yanking out some pubic hair along the way. At this point my cock felt like the life was being squeezed from it by this latex wetsuit I had forced it into. I imagined that if my penis could talk it would tell me in a very muffled voice that it was going to press abuse charges.

I let my penis go soft before removing the condom. No need to add additional stress to it the night before my date with a super hottie. I didn't want to masturbate that night because I wanted to save my cum just in case we had The sex after our date. Slutty? Maybe, but I was hopeful. I went to sleep that night in a freshly made bed which was in a spotless room which was part of a sparkling clean house. Again I had no dreams as I slept soundly.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of rain falling on the roof. It wasn't a light rain, but a heavy, pounding, ominous rain that darkened the sky and gave the world a gloomy feeling. I was as happy as could be! Tonight was The Night. Maybe I was building it up but by god I was excited. I waited twenty one years for this night and the butterflies in my stomach would not sit still.

I spent most of that day getting ready for my first date. I showered, I brushed, I bought more condoms, I spiked, I shaved (both places), I sprayed, I ironed, I got dressed, I changed, and I changed again. I wanted to wear something perfect but I didn't know how fancy I should dress. So I decided on an outfit that could go either way, fancy or dress casual. I was nervous so I decided to do what any good homosexual would do when they become overwhelmed with emotions; I wrote in my online diary. Cliché I know, but hey it is a great way to get pent up emotions out.

Finally seven came. It came and went and there was no Matt. I watched the clock. 7:00...7:04...7:10 My heart sank. I can't explain how bad I felt. Low is the only way to describe it. I was stood up at my own house! Sorrow turned to anger toward Matt. How dare he! What an asshole! Just about the time I was ready to rip his head off he pulled up. He jumped out of his truck and ran up to where I was waiting outside. Without saying a word he dropped to his knees in front of me and took my hand in his. He explained how he was in such a hurry to pick me up that he was pulled over for speeding. The cop took his sweet time issuing him a ticket and sending him on his way. He pleaded for me to forgive him and still accept his dinner invitation. I couldn't hear any of it. His dark chocolate eyes consumed my entire attention. I was captivated and I forgave him the second I saw him. I caressed his head with my hands and smiled.

"Lets eat," I said in a soft voice.

We drove around town talking about how good each other looked. And damn, he looked good! His sexy features were accented by his tight grey shirt and his form fitting pants showed off his perfect ass. I still couldn't believe he wanted to go out with me. I wondered where this steak house was since it looked like we were moving toward a more residential area of town, nowhere near any restaurants I knew of. He finally confessed that he wanted to cook me dinner instead of going out to eat. How romantic! My heart was racing as we pulled into his driveway.

I could bore you, dear reader, to tears with the details of his house, the wonderful dinner he cooked, and the heart warming conversation that we had about our pasts and our futures and where we saw ourselves in ten years. But I'll just tell you that he admitted to me that he had never been with a guy before either. He was also a virgin since he had to hide who he was in high school. I couldn't believe my ears. I thought I had to be the only queer on the planet who didn't lose his virginity in high school. I got that "he is made for me" feeling just watching him. We went from dinner to his living room and sipped some wine as we continued chatting.

Just as I felt like we were running out of things to chat about, it happened. He took my glass of wine, leaned over and pressed his lips against mine. Sparks flew, my head spun, the world stopped. My tongue felt my way inside of his mouth. I didn't know exactly what to do when French kissing but I knew you were supposed to wrestle tongues. My right hand moved to the back of his head and my left hand explored his chest. I loved this. He tasted like white wine and man. From that moment on my life changed. I was an animal full of twenty one years of pent up sexual energy and it had to be released tonight. This man in front of me was the object of my affections and he would feel the full force of that energy. I kissed him hard and long, I sucked on his tongue and bit his bottom lip. I forced my tongue into his mouth and literally ripped off his shirt. Somehow my shirt and pants ended up across the room. I don't remember taking them off. I straddled him right there on the couch, my hard cock straining against my boxer briefs as I grinded into him. I broke the kiss for only a second to strip off his pants. To my surprise he was going commando. I stepped back for a second to take him all in. His eight inch cock pointed straight up in the air, his muscular legs were spread slightly apart, and his balls hung down between his legs like a pair of beautiful globes. His toned abs lead up to his muscular chest and wide shoulders were well tanned and well defined. He smiled up at me with a beautiful playful grin that made my heart melt.

I shyly stripped of my boxer briefs. I had never been naked and hard in front of another guy before. I dropped them to the ground and stepped out of them. Matt gave me the once over before our eyes locked once again. I didn't think it was possible but his grin just got even bigger. He stood up and moved my hands away from my cock and took them into his own. He stood there, our cocks just barely touching and kissed my lightly on my neck.

"You are absolutely beautiful." He growled in my ear. The passion and lust that filled his voice matched what I felt inside. He took my hand and lead me down the hall way to his bedroom. I was horny, he was a hot and I was ready.

He laid me down on his bed and straddled me, our bare cocks grinded together, my hands grabbed his tight ass and massaged his beautiful mounds. His strong chest rubbed against mine as he kissed my neck and ear lobes. I couldn't help but let out a moan as he ran his hands through my hair and really pushed his cock into mine.

"Will you fuck me?" He asked in a voice so low I thought I may have imagined it. I was ready, I wanted to be inside him more than anything else at that moment. He reached over and grabbed a condom and a bottle of lube from the night stand. He was ready too! My mind quickly raced back in a panic to the condoms I tried to put on earlier today. Luckily for me he insisted on putting the condom on me because it was more sensual. There didn't seem to be any problems this time. I thought this was a good sign as he got on all fours and aimed is sweet ass into the air.

I saw his hole. A sweet looking hole that just begged me to touch it, to feel it. What I wanted most was to lick it. I've seen the movies online, I've read the stories on Nifty enough times, I wanted to rim his ass. I wanted to taste him and just eat out his ass. I leaned my head in and licked from the base of his beautiful balls to the top of his ass crack in one motion. My tongue slid over his hot hole and it was wonderful...for me. Matt jumped straight up and looked at me with a quizzical look on his face. He told me that tickled him more than anything. He felt embarrassed and started to apologize that he couldn't take the rim job without laughing and squirming. I assured him it was ok and that he should bend back over so I could fuck him. I lubed up my cock and his hole and pressed the tip of my cock against his virgin ass. I could feel the heat from his hole on my cock head. I grabbed his hips and I pushed.

And I pushed. He rocked forward and my body went with him. I pushed again and still nothing. I couldn't get my cock into his ass. I tried and I tried but his ass was so tight it started to hurt him. We decided to change positions with me on my back and him on top. So I laid down and he climbed up, knees straddling either side of my body. His cock pointed right at my face. He grabbed my cock and lowered himself down. The head of my tightly wrapped cock once again pressed against his hole. His eyes closed as he took a deep breath and lowered himself down a bit more. The tip of my cock entered his ass. I couldn't believe it. Here I was, no longer a virgin, the tip of my cock surrounded by the hot tight ass of the most gorgeous man I've ever seen.

He lifted up and my cock head slipped out. He looked at me and lowered himself again. This time he forced my cock head into his ass. I couldn't take the feeling. My balls tightened as I looked up at him. I tried to stop it, I knew what was about to happen but I was powerless to stop my body. I tried to tell him to stop, I tried to tell him to wait, but just as he pulled off to check what was wrong my cock erupted into my condom. It was the best and worst orgasm I've ever had. It was strong, it was intense and it was utterly miserable.

I rolled over and couldn't face him. I didn't even get it all the way in and I shot my load. What a horrible lover I was! I had no clue what he would say or do. He finally just wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled his face in the back of my neck. I finally told him that I already shot and I hid my face. He just said it was ok and that it was the most amazing feeling he had ever felt. He was so loving and understanding and patient with me, my heart felt like it was about to burst. Like I said before I loved him.

It was then I felt his still rock hard cock poking into my back. I needed to make it up to him, I wanted him to feel what I felt. I knew what I wanted.

"Its your turn now." I told him with a sly smirk.

"Are you sure babe? Its ok if you don't want to. I just want you to be comfortable." He said with such love and empathy in his voice.

"Take me now." I said with a little desperation in my voice. It was corny but it was all I could think of.

I got on all fours on the edge of the bed. He stood behind me with his hands on my hips. I took a deep breath and he pushed his cock into me. What I felt next can only be described as the worst pain in the world. My ass hole felt like it ripped in two as his huge cock split my ass open. Where was the wonderful sensations? Where was that best-feeling-in-the-world feeling that I read about on Nifty? Porn stars always seemed to enjoy getting their ass pounded hard by well hung studs. Matt wasn't even thrusting, he was just pushing into me. What the hell was the matter with me?

I didn't let Matt see my pain. I moaned and grunted as he pushed all the way inside of me. He laid on my back and kissed my neck as he just stood with his cock in me. He then started to pull out and slide back in little by little. He picked up a rhythm that started to not hurt so bad. It didn't feel good but the pain started to go away. He kept talking about how hot I was and how good it felt to be inside of me. All I could do was grunt. He didn't last long either which made me feel a little better. I would say it was no longer than five minutes but he got off which made me feel great. When he pulled out of me I felt something trickle down out of my ass and down my balls. Apparently it was the lube mixed with everything else that used to be in my ass. Lube and crap dripped down onto his white sheets and got everywhere. I was horrified at the sight.

Oh my god! I came early, I just had my ass hole ripped open, and now I all but shit on his bed. As he was looking around for a towel to clean up, I didn't know what to do so I ran into the bathroom that was connected to the bedroom. I had this incredible urge to use the commode but nothing came out. I needed to get clean. I needed to wash away the embarrassment and sense of horror that I felt. This wasn't how my first time was supposed to be! It was supposed to be romantic and wonderful and perfect, not dirty and embarrassing and ugly. This was far from perfect. I started the shower and got in. The feel of the hot water hitting my body relaxed me. The steam that filled the room coaxed me to take deep breaths which relaxed me even more.

The door to the bathroom silently opened. My body stiffened at the sound, waiting for Matt to ask me what I was doing or to chastise me for being horrible in bed. I waited for him to say something because I couldn't say anything at that moment. Matt didn't say a single word. There was no need for words. He pulled back the shower curtain and stepped into the shower behind me. He simply hugged me close to his body. The water rained down over both of us as I relaxed into his arms. I felt his heart beating in his chest as he brought his face down to my neck. We stayed like that until the water turned cold. His embrace, his touch, his gentle ways let me know more than words ever could that everything was ok. That he loved me as much as I loved him. I wasn't forgiven because there was nothing to forgive. We were both new at this and everything that happened that night was a new and special event that we would share forever. I couldn't wait for the rest of our lives.



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