The Prince - Chapter 2

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The Prince
Chapter 2
"Gavin Joseph Butler"

***Friday Morning***

"GAVIN!  Get you're ass out of the bed!" Gavin's mother, Paula, called from the lower level of their modest North Alabama farm house.

"Damn," Gavin whispered to himself from beneath the cotton sheets tightly fitted over his double bed.  He woke to find himself lying on his stomach, a raging morning wood pressed against his body.  He moaned and groaned and repositioned himself in the bed.

"GAVIN!  IF YOU DON'T GET UP, I WILL COME UP THERE!" his Mom warned again.  He looked at the clock on the table beside his bed.

"Fuck.  It's only 8:15," he said to himself.  He turned himself onto his right side.  After a few deep breaths, he threw the covers off of his body.  Sitting up on the side of his bed, he rubbed his face, trying to wake himself up more and more.

"Gavin!  Gavin!  Gavin!" Conner, his little brother, taunted as he came into the room.

"Morning, Conner," he said as his little brother came and jumped up on the bedside him.

"Are you going to miss me?" the little boy asked.

"Of course, Con-Con.  You're my little buddy."  Gavin reached over and messed up the little boy's hair.

"What if you find a boyfriend when you get down there?  Will you forget about me?"

"Do you think I could ever forget about you, little man?"

"No.  I'd kick your ass if you tried," the spunky five year old said.  Gavin laughed.

"Don't let Mom hear you say that," Gavin warned.

"OK."  Conner stood up beside Gavin and wrapped his arms around Gavin's muscular neck and shoulders.  "I love you, Gavin.  I'm going to miss you."

"I love you, too, and maybe Mom and Dad can bring you to see me sometime," Gavin said.

"Yeah!" Conner said.

"GAVIN!" their Mom yelled.  "This is the LAST time."

"Do me a favour and go tell Mom that I'm up."

"OK," Conner said, jumping off Gavin's bed and running downstairs.

"MOM!  HE'S UP!" Conner said as he ran downstairs.  Gavin smiled, pulling him self off of the bed and walking to the bathroom just down the hall that he shared with his little brother.  He yawned as he looked into the mirror.  His hair was a mess; his eyes were still surrounded by the dry, crusty, sleepy snot.  He turned on the faucet and washed his face with the warm water that flowed from the silver coloured faucet.  He yawned once more as he walked back into his bedroom to put on a t-shirt.  His mother expressly forbade being shirtless on the lower level of the house.

"Mornin'," Gavin's dad said as he walked into the kitchen.

"Good morning," he said, walking to his mother and kissing her on the cheek.

"Sleep well?" Ray asked.

"I did," he answered as he sat at the table.  He could hear Conner watching cartoons in the living room.

"We've got a lot of stuff to do, today," Paula said.

"Are we still going to Birmingham?" Gavin asked.

"If you want to," she said.  

"I'd like to.  I want to go get my computer and a couple of outfits for school."

"So you can impress the boys?" Ray asked, laughing as his son turned a bright shade of red.

"Damn right, Dad!" Gavin said after a second, forcing a harder laugh from his dad and a smile from his Mom as she handed him a cup of coffee.  "Thanks, Mom."

"Alright.  If we're going to Birmingham, we better get going soon.  You know how I hate those crowds down there!"

"Yes ma'am.  I want to be back kind of early anyway."

"OK.  Your grandparents are coming for dinner, anyway."

"MOM!" Conner yelled from the living room as he ran into the kitchen.  "I made a mess on the floor."

"Conner Eugene Butler!  I told you about making a mess," she said, grabbing a towel and following the younger Butler out of the kitchen.

"Son," Ray started, "I'm very proud of you.  You will be the first person in our family to attend college, and I want you to do well."

"Thanks, Dad."

"Seriously, when you get down there, I'm sure there will be a lot of things that are different from up here.  You're gonna meet a lot of people.  Promise me that you'll be careful, and that you'll use protection EVERY time you have sex with someone."

"Dad.  I know, and I promise you that I will keep myself safe."

"Good.  Cause somebody's gonna have to take care of me when I'm old," Ray joked.

"I know.  You're gonna retire as soon as I get a job paying a hundred thousand a year."

"Damn right!" Ray joked, sipping a cup of coffee.

"If that child spills his cereal one more time..." Paula said as she came back into the kitchen.

"CONNER!" Ray yelled.

"Yes sir?" Conner asked as he meekly walked into the kitchen.

"You're grounded for one week.  No TV."

"DAD!" he whined.

"You know what your mother told you about making a mess in the living room."

"Yes sir, but can I start my punishment on Monday.  I wanted Gavin to watch cartoons with me this morning."  Ray looked at Paula.  Paula rolled her eyes as she sat down at the table.

"Just this one time, but only for a few minutes.  Gavin and I are leaving for Birmingham in just a little bit," Paula said.

"Come on, Gavin!" Conner said, taking his big brother by the hand and pulling him into the living room.  Gavin could have overpowered and stayed in the kitchen with his parents for a few minutes, but he chose not to, opting to spend a little bit more time with the baby of the family.

The two of them sat in front of the TV for a few minutes as they watched an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.  Gavin watched as his little brother ran around the living room, imitating the characters on TV.  It was truly a sight to behold as Gavin laughed at his little brother's antics.

"Alright, you two!" Paula said.  "Gavin.  Go get ready.  Conner.  Turn off the TV and go up to your room and pick up your toys."

"BUT MOM!" Conner tried to whine.  All it took was a look from the matriarch of the family to get him to do what she wanted.  He stomped out of the room and up the stairs to his bedroom.

"That child will be the death of me," Paula said as she picked up the few toys scattered across the room.  "Although, you were this boisterous as well," she said to her oldest, "and now you're getting ready to go off to college.  I'm so proud of you, Gavin."

"Thanks Mom.  Please don't cry."

"What makes you...think...that I'm..." she said as she began to get emotional.  "Well, shit!" she said.  She walked over to her oldest child and gave him a hug.

"Paula!  Let the boy get ready!" Ray said as he stood in the entryway to the living room.

"Alrighty.  Go get ready," she instructed.  Gavin turned around and ran up the stairs.

To his mother's pleasure, he took a very quick shower and then donned a pair of jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt with his high school's logo on it.  Before going downstairs, he went into his brother's room to say a quick good-bye.  Conner promised he would be good for their father while Gavin and his Mom were on their way to and from Birmingham.

"I promise that I will be good," Conner promised as Gavin smiled at him.

"Good.  I'll bring you a prize," Gavin said.

"OK," Conner said.

"Aiight.  See you in a bit."

"K," Conner answered.

In just a few minutes, Gavin and Paula were off.  Their trip took them down Highway 79 from Albertville down through Oneonta and Pinson until they turned to go to Trussville.  From there, they took Interstate I-459 to the Galleria.  Paula was more than ready to be back in Albertville even before they got to the mall.  Linda took the flyover exit on her way to the mall.  As she turned onto Galleria circle, a late model Honda Civic cut her off as it was trying to get out of the circle.  "DAMN IT!" Paula yelled as she expertly moved the van around the traffic and got into CompUSA's parking lot.  "I need a cigarette!" she said, pulling the pack from her purse once the van was completely parked.  She narrowly cracked the window on the driver's side of the van and lit the Benson and Hedges Menthol light.  "That's better," she said after two drags on the cigarette.

"You know you should quit, Mom."

"Not right now, Gavin," she said as she took another drag from the cigarette.

"Yes ma'am," he complied.  In just a few minutes, they walked into the computer store.  Gavin spent part of the money he'd been saving from working to purchase a modest Toshiba laptop with enough power to make it useful at school.  Along with a copy of Microsoft Office, they left spending a little under $1,000 dollars.  They went into the mall next.  Being that it was the middle of the day on Friday, it was cramped full of people there to do a spot of shopping on their lunch breaks.  Gavin dragged his mother into Abercrombie, American Eagle, and a couple of shoe stores before treating her to a short trip to the Godiva store.  They stopped by KB Toys and picked out a cute trinket for Conner.  What only meant a few dollars to Gavin meant the world to Conner, since he idolized his big brother.

By two, they were on their way back to Albertville.  Linda was happy.  Gavin was excited.  The day was edging closer and closer to the realization of one of his dreams, to attend college and be successful.  He never would forget the time that he spent on his family's farm.  He cherished the experiences he had there, but he longed for something more than that life could give him.

"So," Paula said, "do you mind helping me with dinner?"

"Sure, Mom.  What do you need?"

"Mind making some of your fried apple pies?" she asked.

"Not at all.  If Conner helps me, and I keep him out of your hair for a couple of hours, will you let him off the hook?"

"You drive a HARD bargain, Mr. Butler.  I guess that would be possible," she caved.  "Just don't tell him until after he's done."

"Yes ma'am."

They talked as they drove the reverse route from the mall to their home in Albertville.  For mother and son, it was an awesome experience.  Gavin relished the time as much as Paula did.  Once they were back in town, they stopped at the store to buy the last few things for dinner.  They got home to find that Conner and Ray were playing one of his many board games.

"GAVIN!" Conner yelled as they came into the house.

"Hey buddy.  Were you a good boy?"

"Uh huh," Conner said, smiling at his brother.

"OK.  Well, I got you something."


"Uh huh."  Gavin pulled the two out of the bag and handed it to Conner.

"Thanks, Gavin!  You're the best brother."

"Thanks, but I think the same thing about you," Gavin said.  Conner wrapped his arms around Gavin's neck to say thank you for the small gift.  "So are you going to help me make some fried pies?"

"SURE!" he said.  

Gavin and his little brother went into the kitchen after he ran his new things up to his room.  Together they got everything going on the dessert.  As the day turned into evening, with the early coming of dusk, the boys' grandparents pulled their car into into the driveway of the country home.  

     "MEEMAW!!!" Conner yelled.  "Meemaw and Pawpaw are here!" he declared as he opened the front door and ran out to meet them.  Gavin had long finished the pies and turned the kitchen over to his mother, who was feverishly finishing the final preparations for dinner.  
     "Well hello there, little man," Edna (known to Gavin and Conner as Meemaw and to Paula as Mom) said.  "Are you ready to go back to school on Monday?"
     "No," the little kid answered.  "I want to go to school with Gavin."
     "You have to wait until you're older."
     "I know," he said as his grandmother rose back up from him to give Gavin a hug.  Gavin ran into the living room by himself.
     "Hey Meemaw," Gavin said, giving her a hug.
     "How is the college man?"
     "Good.  How is the coolest grandmother on the planet?"
     "Tired.  She went to Huntsville today, for no real reason."
     "Gavin," Paul said, extending his arm to shake his grandson's hand.  "Good luck."
     "Thanks, Pawpaw," he said, realizing that his grandfather was passing him money.  Usually when that happened, it was understood that Gavin wouldn't mention it to his parents.  Without looking, he put the money in his pocket and hugged his grandfather.
     "Make us proud," his grandfather mentioned.  "And don't be kissing on all the boys that give you the time of day!"
     "I promise I won't," Gavin said, chuckling.
     "Paul!" Ray said.  The two shook hands as Ray offered him a beer.  Edna went into the kitchen to help Paula with the final preparations for dinner.  Gavin ran up to his room to put the money in his wallet, which he always put on the top of his dresser when he was at home.
     "Gavin?" Conner asked.
     "What's up, buddy?"
     "Do you have to go?"
     "Yeah, buddy, I've got to go.  I've got to get my degree so that I can get a good job."
     Conner, emotional, put his arms up to the air.  Gavin picked up him, letting him wrap his arms around Gavin's neck.  "Can I camp out in here tonight, then?"
     "Sure.  I'll read you a story, too."
     "Can I pick out the story?"
     "Of course," Gavin promised.
     "GUYS!" Paula yelled.  "DINNER!"
     "Alright.  Come on, Con,"
     They walked down the stairs to the dining room.  Paula had prepared an impressive spread for dinner, much to Gavin's pleasure, since he knew it would be a while before he'd get a dinner that good again.  As a family, they enjoyed the meal, laughing and joking the whole time.  For Gavin, it was an amazing time.  He loved being around this part of his family, the part of the family that knew about him and still didn't care.
     As the night dinner party came to and end, Gavin felt his energy waning.  His grandparents left around 8:30, and shortly thereafter, he and Conner climbed the stairs of the modest home to get ready for bed.  Gavin made sure that Conner brushed his teeth and put on his pyjamas before letting him pick from his impressive children's library a story that would quickly put him to sleep.  As Gavin opened the Velveteen Rabbit to the story that Conner wanted to hear, the younger Butler child snuggled closely to his brother.  Before long, Conner was asleep, drooling onto his brother's t-shirt.  Gavin reached down and kissed Conner on the crown of his head.
     "Look at them, Ray," Paula quietly whispered as the two parents watched the children from the darkness of the hallway.
     "I know.  Who would have thought that Gavin would be such a great big brother?"
     "I know." Paula said.  "I think Conner's going to miss him more than we are."
     "It's not like he's a big trip away, though, Paula.  We can go see him anytime we want," Ray said, putting his hands softly onto his wife's shoulder.  Gavin began to fall asleep as they pulled themselves away from the door.  Gavin turned off the light and positioned both him and his little brother to sleep for the evening.
     He dreamt quite vividly that night.  He wondered, in his subconscious, if he were making the best decision about Montevallo.  He imagined meeting new friends and making the most of his study time, something he'd had to learn to do while he was in high school.  
     As the night changed again to day, Gavin woke to find his brother still asleep, with his little head on Gavin's muscular chest.  He turned to look at his clock.  It was 7:30.  `What the hell am I doing up at 7:30 in the morning?' he thought to himself.  `Shit!  I'm moving in today,' he thought.  Gently he moved Conner onto another pillow so that he could continue to gently sleep away.  Stealthily, he moved throughout the house.  The rest of his family was still asleep.  They did usually sleep in on Saturday morning, thought usually not much later.  He put on a pot of coffee before again scaling the stairs to take his morning shower.  

"Ahh...This feels good," he said, the water washing over his body.  He washed his muscular body, consciously spending a bit more time on his groin and inner thigh.  Given that he knew he wouldn't have time to take care of the primal urges that had developed in the wake of his self-exploration.  Slowly and rhythmically he stroked his hard penis, imagining that his hand was Andy Roddick's supple, tennis player's ass.  His breathing became heavier and heavier; he knew the moment was coming, though.  His scrotum tightened around his body, and he stroked feverishly for a few seconds more.  He moaned audibly as stream after stream of cum shot the distance of the tub, leaving a gooey stream going toward the drain from the side of the wall.  He stood there in the steam, relaxing from the orgasm that he'd just had.  He washed the cum from his body and wiped the cum from the side of the tub.  He hadn't had a orgasm that powerful in a very long time, and he enjoyed it.  

He towelled off quickly and pulled on the boxers and t-shirt that he'd brought into the shower with him.  By the time he got back up, Conner was awake and jumping up and down on his bed.  "Morning," Gavin said as he walked to his closet and grabbed a pair of jeans and a long-sleeve Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt that hugged up against his muscular frame.

"Morning!" Conner said.

"You better be careful, or you're going to get hurt!" Gavin warned.

"CONNER!  GET OFF THAT BED!" Paula scowled.  Conner let himself fall into the middle of the bed and smiled at his mother.  Paula couldn't help but laugh at the expression on her youngest child's face.  "I'm going to get coffee," she said as she yawned and walked away from the room.  

Conner and Gavin headed down shortly after her.  Their father was already awake and sipping the coffee as he read the morning edition of the Birmingham News.  Conner went over and gave his dad a big hug before sitting at `his' place at the table.  Paula fixed him a bowl of cereal as Gavin pulled the gallon jug of milk from the fridge.  He fixed himself a glass and poured enough into Conner's bowl to cover his cereal.

"So are you ready?" Ray asked.

"I guess.  I've got to pack my clothes, but other than that, I'm ready to go."  Ray looked at Paula for a second, to find her back turned to them.  He reached in his pocket and pulled out something, holding his hand out to Gavin.  Gavin took the cue and took what was in his dad's hand.  He looked at it after putting it out of his mother's view.  Apparently, the same code applied with his dad as with his grandfather.  

"What's that?" Conner asked.  Gavin held his index finger over his mouth and quieted the tyke.

"What's what?" Paula asked.

"Nothing, honey.  I'll explain later," Ray said.  His mother looked between the two older men, but didn't say anything.  Gavin sat there watching as his parents talked about something related to the farm.  Gavin looked at the glass of milk, then at his brother.  He realized in that moment that he was doing the right thing by going off to school.  He did, after all, have to show his little brother how to act by example.

Around 8:30, he went back to his room and began packing his clothes into two leather suitcases that his grandparents had given to him for a long trip he took the summer before.  Conner, at his mother's instruction, stayed in the living room playing.  She'd rescinded the grounding per the arrangement she'd made with Gavin the day before.

At the same time Gavin was packing his suitcase at the family home, Alex was pulling himself out of bed the first morning in his new dorm room.  The sound of people moving into the rooms beside and above him had brought him to the land of the living.  He looked around and noticed that he'd managed to let a few of his things to make their way around the room.  He pulled himself from the bed and picked up the belongings.  He didn't know when his roommate would be arriving, if he'd even be arriving that day.  Naked as the day he was born, he made the bed he'd slept in the night before.  He looked out the window and decided, given the traffic going into and from the building, that a run would be nice.  He'd be able to check out all the guys, without giving his secret longings away to any of them.

A knock on the door was just what he needed to bring himself fully awake.  He quickly pulled on some jogging pants and a t-shirt to cover his body.  "Yes?" he said as he opened the door to Lisa standing in front of him.

"Could I ask you a favour?" she said.

"Sure.  If I can help," Alex said, motioning for her to come into the room.

"I am busy with the moving in and everything, but I would really like something from McDonalds.  Do you mind running downtown and getting it for me?"

"Not a problem," he said honestly.  "I was going to go for a run around town anyway.  Just write down what you'd like, and I'll be more than happy to pick it up for you."

"It's not a problem?  You promise?"

"I promise," Alex said, flashing the reassuring smile that usually got him his way.

"Cool.  I'll go write it down for you.  Be back in a few minutes," she said.

She left the room and Alex smiled.  He was happy that she'd taken on the task of helping him adjust to what he often thought was `normalcy.'

Alex ran for almost an hour, stopping at McDonald's on the way back to the dorm.  Lisa was very appreciative.  Despite the sweat and odour, she gave Alex a hug for being such a sweet person.  As he walked down his hall, there wasn't much noise.  The only sound was that of a domineering woman, instructing someone on how to position things and where to put his things.  As he walked closer, he realized that the sound was coming from his room.  "Mierda!" he said in Spanish.  (Shit!)

"I wonder why your roommate has a locked box under his bed," the very dominating Southern woman said.

"I don't know, Mom."

"I just hope he doesn't have a gun or something."

"I'm sure he doesn't," the son said.

"And what kind of name is Saavedra?  I hope he's not a Mexican or a Muslim," she stated.  Alex, who had been standing just outside the room stepped toward the door.

"Actually," he said to the two of them, "Saavedra is my family name.  I am a Catholic from Lorenzia, a small nation in Europe.  And I have a locked box to keep my passport and a few personal mementos that I don't want anything to happen to."  He looked at the astounded pair of people.  Eddie, the son, looked as though he'd seen a ghost.  Doris, his mother, looked as if she were offended.  "I'm Alex Saavedra," he said, not taking the time to shake either of their hands.

"Well, I'm Doris, and this is my son, Eddie."  Eddie waved at the vision of beauty before him.  He had to hide that little fact to his mother, though, who wouldn't approve.

"It's nice to meet you," Alex said, taking a seat at his desk.  He had planned on taking a shower, but was hoping, after meeting his roommate that the odour emitting from his body would force them to hurry along.  He grabbed his cell phone, which had been moved from the original position on his desk.  He exhaled quietly, grabbing the phone and moving to his bed.  He dialled his sister's cell phone number.

"Hello?" she answered happily.

"Hola.  Cómo estás, hermana?" he said in Spanish.  (Hi.  How are you, sister?)

"Bien.  Por qué hablas en castellano?" she asked.  (Good.  Why are you speaking in Spanish?)

"Porque acabo de conocer a mi compañero de cuarto y su madre," he answered, "y quiero que ellos se piensen tontos por momentito."  (I just met my roommate and his mother, and I want them to feel stupid for a second.)

"Ah...entiendo.  Cómo es tu compañero?"  (Ah.  I understand.  What's he like?)

"Pues, él es niñito de mamá.  Gordo.  Feo."  (Well, he is a mama's boy.  Fat.  Ugly.)

"Qué tú sabes de hombres feos?" she asked, jokingly.  (What do you know about ugly men?)

"Bueno.  Puedo reconocer a un hombre feo, cuando lo veo," he said honestly.  (Well.  I can recognize an ugly man when I see him.)

"Ah.  Supongo que sí."  (I guess so.)

"Bueno...ellos están mirándome hablar español."  (Good.  They're watching me speak Spanish.)

"Bueno.  The things that you can do with another language," Mags said.

"Exactly," Alex added.

"Well.  I have to get back to shopping," Mags said.  "Since you left, Mom has been much more generous to me!"  The two of them laughed.

"Give her my love the next time you see her," Alex instructed.

"I will," she said.  "I love you, too, little brother."

"I love you, sister of mine," he said.


"Bye!" Alex said, hanging up his phone and turning over on his bed, with his back to Eddie and Doris.  As they talked and continued to move things into the room, Alex drifted off into the land of sleep.  

     As Alex lay there, as peacefully as one could given the surroundings in his invaded dorm room, Gavin was just finishing loading his clothes into the SUV his parents had helped him buy when he graduated from high school.  The whole family came out to see him off.  Conner cried and yelled as he hugged Gavin for the last time before he left.  It tore him apart to leave his little brother.
     "Conner...I promise I will be back to visit in a couple of weeks."
     "I don't want you to go!!!" Conner yelled.  "Who's going to read to me at night?  Who's going to pour the milk over my cereal?  DON'T GO!!!"
     "I have to go," Gavin tried to explain through Conner's tears.  "I love you more than anything," he said, kneeling to look his brother in the eye.  He pulled the minute man into his large embrace.  He began to cry himself.
     "Conner.  Go inside for a second.  We need to speak to Gavin for a second."
     "NO!" Conner said, wrapping his arms around Gavin's neck.
     "Conner!" his mom said sternly.
     "Go inside, buddy.  I'll call you as soon as I get to Montevallo.  OK?"
     "OK," Conner finally agreed, wiping his eye.  "If you don't, I'm going to kick your ass!" Conner warned.
     "CONNER BUTLER!" Paula said.  Gavin looked at his little brother and winked when their mother couldn't see.  Conner giggled and ran into the house.
     "I'm going to go make sure that he doesn't destroy anything," Ray said, "but Gavin, I want to say this to you.  Make us proud, son!"  He hugged his son before walking into the house.  Paula and Gavin turned to watching him slowly walk into the house.
     "I am so proud of you," Paula said.  "Here," she said, pulling something from her pocket, handing it to him and then turning to see if Ray were watching.
     "Mom.  Dad and Pawpaw already gave me money."
     "I know.  They think they're so slick," she said, smiling at her son.  "Just take it, though, so that I don't worry."
     "Yes ma'am," Gavin said, wrapping his arms around his mother's neck and giving her a hug.  "I love you, Mom."
     "I love you, too, Gavin!" she said.  "Now go, before I start crying some more."
     Gavin chuckled, "Yes ma'am."  He turned and got into the car, starting it quickly.  He waved once more to his mother and then backed out of the driveway.  She stood there, watching him, until he was out of sight.  The further he drove from home, the easier the decision to leave for school became.  He already missed his brother, but he knew that it would be no time before they again saw each other and Gavin was able to read him a good night story.  He drove through the countryside through all the small towns that he'd come to know before arriving in Birmingham.  As he pulled on the interstate, a string of dance songs began to play on his iPod.  He became energised by them as he drove down.  Before he knew it, he was pulling off the interstate and going through the back roads toward the campus of the University of Montevallo.
     "Well.  I should be going.  It's a long drive back to Savannah," Doris said as she kissed Eddie's cheek.  "Be careful," she said, glancing at Alex's sleeping body.  He walked her to the car, and when he returned, Alex turned over onto his other side and looked at Eddie.
     "Is she gone?" Alex asked.
     "Yeah.  I'm sorry about earlier."
     "It's not a problem," Alex explained, having learned how to deal with arrogant and ignorant people.
     "Yes it is.  That's why I wanted to come away for school.  She can be a little domineering at times."
     "Uh huh...I picked up on that," Alex said, honestly.  "I've dealt with people like her all my life.  She reminds me of my older sister, Elizabeth."
     "Ah.  Sorry dude."
     "Not a problem.  I haven't seen her but three times in the last five years.  She lives in Italy."
     "Ah.  OK."
     "Enough about her, though," Alex said, smiling as he got up from the bed.
     Gavin arrived at the dorm and made his way to the lobby through the crowd of people.  "Hi!" Lisa said as he walked up to her.  "Who are you?" she asked directly, but sweetly.
     "Umm...Gavin Butler," he answered.
     "Oh!  You're much hotter than I expected," she said, giving him a once over.  "LEE!  Get me the key for 133!" she yelled across the lobby.
     "Catch!" Lee said as he threw the key to her.  With expert precision, she caught the key.  
     "I just need you to sign a few papers, and then I can show you down to your room."
     "OK," he said, bending down to sign the papers.  Lee inspected the ass before him, and gave Lisa a thumbs-up.  Lisa smiled.  "There ya go!" he said, giving her the pen and papers.
     "Alright.  If you'll follow me!" she said, motioning for him to follow her down the hall to his room.
     "Nice," he said as she opened the door and showed him around.
     "And you won't have to worry about the roommate very much.  His name is Kevin, but I haven't seen him since the middle of November.  Rumour has it that he stays at his boyfriend's apartment most of the time," she said, winking at Gavin as he stood there in the room.
     "Ah.  Nice."
     "Well.  I'll leave you be," she said.
     "Thanks, Lisa."
     "No worries!" Lisa said, smiling as she walked back to the lobby.
     Gavin exhaled deeply as he looked at his half of the room, plain and undecorated.  His cell phone rang in the pocket of his Abercrombie and Fitch jeans.  "Hey, buddy," he said to Conner.
     "You there yet?"
     "I JUST got here."
     "OK.  I love you, Gavin!"
     "I love you, too, Buddy."
     "Call me tonight and tell me a story before I go to bed."
     "Yes sir," Gavin said.  
     "OK.  Bye!" Conner said, hanging up the phone.  Gavin smiled as he realized that his five-year-old brother had hung up on the phone on his face.  
     Going back to his car, he quickly moved his things into the room.  He made the bed, hung some pictures on the wall, and then put his clothes in his closet.  When he was finished, he looked at the room and chuckled, for one could tell that two very distinct people lived there in that room.  Sitting at his desk, he took his new computer from the box and set it up, going through the processes that one goes through with a Windows machine the first time it's turned on.
     As the hours began to wane, Alex began to feel gross.  Despite the fact that it had been the morning when he ran, he hadn't showered.  The whole trying to offend Eddie's mom without overtly doing so had been fun for the first bit, but turned out to be nasty.  As Eddie sat chatting on the computer, Alex prepared himself for a nice, hot shower.  Eddie watched closely as Alex slowly lifted the shirt from his body, exposing his muscular back to Eddie's view.  Eddie secretly wished he could have a man as hot as he thought Alex was in that moment.  Keenly aware of the gaze he was getting, Alex pulled the running trousers down to his ankles before taking them off one leg at the time.  Eddie went hard at the point, watching Alex's ass and leg muscles twitch and seeing Alex's balls hanging lowly from his body.
     "I hope my nudity won't bother you?" Alex said while still not facing Eddie.
     "Not at all," Eddie said, trying to play it off.  Alex grabbed a towel, wrapping it around his waist, and his toiletries.  He sauntered from the room, comfortable in the knowledge that he'd found a way to taunt Eddie should he ever decide to piss Alex off.
     As he walked into the community shower for his wing of the floor, he walked to the back part of the room, to the furthest shower head from the door.  He turned the hot water as wide open as it would go, only adding a splash of cold water to keep him from being burned.  The warm water wrapped over his body as a warm blanket on a cold winter's night.  He relished that moment as the water lapped over him relaxingly.  It promised to be a great ending to the day, despite its opening with his roommate and the woman whom had given him birth.  He closed his eyes for a moment.
     Gavin was finding his day close to ending as well.  He'd called Conner to read him a bedtime story as promised.  He'd chosen "Where the Wild Things Are," after finding the text online.  Conner, as he did at home, followed along in the actual book as Gavin read the words over the line.  After he'd finished, he spoke to his parents for a moment.  Both of them wanted to know how he'd gotten along and ask him a million other questions about the dorm, the town, and the University.  After he got them off the phone, he lay on his bed for a few minutes.  He contemplated school, what it would be like, etc.  He wondered if he'd fit in among the groups of people.  He really didn't know that in college, cliques don't really exist outside of the fraternities and sororities.  He felt his eyes closing, but decided to get a shower before heading into the land of a million dreams.  He climbed slowly from his bed and stripped down to his boxers.  He grabbed a towel and toiletries and headed toward the community shower.
     As he walked up he heard the shower running.  He knew that if he went back to his room he'd fall asleep without a shower.  Given his odour, he couldn't handle trying to sleep while smelling his armpits all night.  He set his things down on one of the two benches just outside the small room with the shower heads.  There were no curtains dividing the four heads that surrounded the walls.  He pulled his boxers off and let his sweaty balls hit up against his muscular thigh.  With his shower caddy in hand, he stepped into the misty room.
     Alex, meanwhile, had turned around in the shower and was leaning up against the wall, letting the freshness of the water relax him completely.  His eyes were closed, and he didn't notice that someone else had entered the room until the second shower head turned on.  "Shit," he said out loud as he opened his eyes quickly and looked around.
     "Oh.  I'm sorry, man," Gavin said.  "Didn't mean to scare you."
     "No problem," Alex said as he nervously but slowly turned around.  He'd stolen a glance of the man as he turned around.  Alex thought he was gorgeous beyond lexical explanation.  He'd never seen a man in person, though, that could give him the beginnings of a hard-on.
     "First day?" Gavin asked, making small talk with the gorgeous man behind him as he lathered his hair armpits.
     "Yeah.  You?" Alex responded, trying not to sound dorky.
     "Yes sir.  First day of college," Gavin said, with the same feelings rumbling deep within him.
     "Very nice."
     "So where are you from?" Gavin asked, feeling the need to make small talk since he'd scared the poor boy a moment before.
     "I'm from Lorenzia, in south western Europe."
     "Nice country.  I was there for a couple of days last summer.  The beaches are amazing!"
     "They are quite nice.  Did you go to the islands?"
     "No.  I didn't have the time.  I was travelling between Madrid and Milan."
     "Ah!  If you ever go again, you should take a few days to go out.  The beaches are nicer and not as crowded."
     "Thanks for the advice, man," Gavin said, turning around to wash his hair and inconspicuously check out the other man in the room.  It wasn't that he was trolling the showers, but rather that he wanted a better glimpse of the man who, on first impression, was very attractive from the front.  He was equally as impressed with the back.  "I'm Gavin."
     Alex turned back around for the moment, secure enough that his penis wouldn't betray him and let its presence be known.  "I'm Alex."
     "Nice to meet you, Alex," Gavin said, smiling at Alex.  It was enough to force Alex to turn back around quickly.  It was amazing.  It wasn't a full teeth smile, but one of those sexy smiles where the guy's lip just barely curls in the corner.  That, combined with Gavin's eyes, made him painfully aware of his attraction to this stranger before him.  Not to mention the man's penis was large and veiny.
     "Likewise, Gavin," he said, painfully and silently wishing his hard-on would go away on its own.  When he realized there was no hope, he turned off the shower and walked toward the benches with his shower caddy.  "See you around."
     "Alright man," Gavin said.  Alex hoped that this man wouldn't noticing the large protrusion below his torso.  "See ya."  Gavin tried not to stare but couldn't help it.  It was the largest penis he'd ever seen, and it was uncut, something that drove Gavin to a point that few things did.
     Nervously, Alex dried most of his body off.  He wrapped the towel around his waist once more and scurried out to door.  "Damn," Gavin said as he heard the door shut, but not in the `Shit, he's gone way' but rather the `He's very handsome,' way.  
     Alex echoed the sentiment as he walked down the hall.  Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that a man would give him the same reaction that he'd only dreamt about in the past.  It was both thrilling and scary, and it forced him to think about the sexuality deep within him.  He returned to his room to find Eddie sitting at the computer, chatting on Yahoo messenger.  Alex couldn't think.  He put the towel on a hanger in the closet and pulled on a pair of cute white briefs with a blue band across the waist.  They felt good, despite the fact that he'd had to adjust his still puffy penis so that he was, at least, comfortable.
     Gavin found that he couldn't stand there without thinking of Alex.  Each time he tried not to think about him, something of his physical attributes would come back into his mind.  He rinsed his body quickly and headed back to his room, a white towel wrapped around his waist and his boxers stuffed into the blue shower caddy he carried.  He walked back in to find the room empty, much to his pleasure.  He shed the towel and lay down on the bed.  Underneath the covers on his bed he slowly began to stoke his semi-hard cock.  It was completely hard within seconds.  He continued to stroke slowly, though, imagining that his hand was the `new kid's' mouth.  "Oh yeah," he said to himself.  Closer and closer he came to the point of no return.  He pulled his penis toward his chest, beginning to stoke faster and faster.  His breathing became heavy.  "Oh, Fuck," he whispered loudly, closing his eyes.  He moaned loudly as the first wad of cum landed around his right nipple.  Each subsequent blast landed between there and his pubes: his torso was covered in goo.  "Fuck," he said, climbing up to find something to clean himself off with.  He made sure he was clean enough and pulled on a pair of boxers.  
     As Alex lay on his bed, thinking about the man he'd seen, he was torn.  He wanted to ravage the man, but couldn't even masturbate, since his roommate was sitting across the room from him.  He felt himself growing hard again in his briefs.  Eddie graciously turned off the light so that Alex could go to sleep.  It didn't help, though.  He was still very engrained in the thought of `Gavin.'  He was intrigued as his mind wandered to the thought of him.  `I wonder if he's even gay,' he thought to himself.
     As the two of them fell asleep, one in pleasure and one in agonising pain, each of them thought about the other.  Gavin went to sleep smiling at the thought of the fantasies he could create in his mind.  Alex went to sleep thinking of the same thing, but toiling between what he would love to have and what his life in Lorenzia expected of him.  Either way, it looked to be an interesting semester...for both of them.