The Quarterback and the Bookworm 1
by Milk Baby

This story is complete fiction. Any and all characters are pure fiction. This story contains homosexual acts between colleged aged boys. Please be 18/21+ and above when reading.Fair warning, the sex scenes might get a bit raunchy. You've been warned.
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And there he was. The Campus Heartthrob, Brad Wright. Standing at a towering 6'3", 204 lbs. of pure muscle. He was his college's star quarterback. He was tall, well built, his school's pride and joy, with a sexy face to boot. Brad was walking along with his fraternity brothers, fooling around and making a raucous when a sudden body slammed into him. This body belonged to a guy, some inches shorter than Brad. The guy had his nose buried in a book, failing to see where he was going. This caused both boys to fall to the ground with the bookworm falling on top of Brad.

"Ow..." The guy groans, his face buried in Brad's thick chest as he rubs his head. Brad suddenly recovers, shoving the smaller body off of him. "YO WHAT THE FUCK! GET OFF ME!" Brad exclaims as he hurriedly gets up, his frat brothers helping him up as they look at the guy the dirty looks. The boy was oblivious as he recovers, dusting himself as he gets up, his path blocked by big bodied frat guys who look like they eat testosterone for dinner, lead by the biggest testosterone eater of them all. "Watch where the fuck you're going next time, or I swear to god." Brad threatened.

The boy only gave him a blank look before picking up his book and continuing to walk away, oblivious once again to his environment. This made Brad livid and was ready to tackle the boy to the ground and beat him senseless, but a hand yanked on his arm to stop him. "Not right now, man, we're late for practice." Brad could only give an angry huff and the dirties look he could muster to the boy, only getting angrier knowing that the boy was unaffected by it.

Practice took Brad's mind off of things. Football season was starting soon and he didn't want to get distracted during practices. Time flew by quickly for Brad and soon, he and his brothers were returning to their house to rest. After eating, Brad made his way to the living room, sitting on the couch with his brother, and closest friend in the house, Doug. Doug was just sitting on the couch, staring at the ceiling, doing nothing. Brad plopped down beside him, turning on the TV. "What the fuck are you doing?" Brad said with a chuckle as he starts to surf through different channels before settling on a cooking show.

"Just thinking." Doug replied, still eerily staring at the ceiling. "About?" "Getting my dick sucked." This made Brad snort and laugh a little. "And here I thought you were thinking about somthing deep. Fuck man." This made Brad think about the last time he had gotten blown. Brad could easily get a girl to suck him off, but practice and academics kept him busy the past few weeks. Brad suddenly craved for a mouth around his cock. This made his cock grow a little.

"Yeah but, I've been thinking. I wonder how it would feel to get blown by a guy..." Doug trailed off. Brad's cock deflated as he looked at Doug with surprise and a bit of anger "Dude what the fuck?! You turning gay now?" "What? No! It's just, I heard that guys gave good head, you know, with them being a guy and all?" Brad grew more curious about Doug's source. "You heard? From who? A fag?" "I don't think so, he's a close buddy of mine in my chem class. He told me that since guys know what feels good to a guy, they know how to treat a cock better." Brad had no comment. He was still kinda pissed but also now a bit intrigued. "And apparently, the guy was so good that my friend had the best orgasm he's had, ever."

Brad shut the TV and started to get up. Things were getting awkward, to him at least. "Fuck, I'm going to bed and forgetting we had this gay ass talk. If you wanna get sucked by a guy and be gay afterwards, I don't care. Just don't recount the story to me. Good night." Brad said, as he walks to his bedroom. "Fuck you, Brad!" Doug shouted from the living room as Brad shut his bedroom door. He strips his clothes off and jump on the bed. Brad had a hard time falling asleep thinking about what Doug said. Maybe he was right, but Brad was not planning on getting sucked by a guy anytime soon.

With that being said, Brad never really had an amazing blowjob from a girl. Brad tossed and turned on his bed, unable to find a comfortable position to sleep. His time spent practicing and studying left him very, very pent up. His mind kept thinking about... NO. No. He was not falling for Doug's gay traps. He was not going to get blown by a guy. He was not gay. Brad fell asleep, with the words "I'm not gay and I don't want to be blown by a guy. I'm the start quarterback of this school. I'd rather die." repeating in his head.

The thought of getting blown by a guy never left his mind though. Brad kept thinking about it day in and out. He tried not to let it affect his performance. But his cock apparently wants to get blown. So he asks for one of the sorority girls for help. Penny was a frequent fuck buddy of Brad. They were both satisfied with just sex, so they kept it at that. Brad calls up Penny, asking her to come over. A few minutes later, Brad hears a knock on his door. Penny was fixing her top when she was suddenly pulled in and shoved to the bed.

She was shocked at first but when she sees Brad pushing his pants off, she does the same. Soon the two of them were naked, Brad on the bed and Penny between his legs. She grabs his cock, slapping it on her face before putting it in her mouth. Brad had been waiting for this moment. His cock was craving to be sucked. And then as soon as Penny put his engorged, leaking tip into her mouth.... nothing. Brad couldn't feel the excitement. Sure it felt kinda good. It sort of tickled his cock, but there was nothing else.

Soon, Penny was bobbing up on Brad's thick cock, trying her best to make it as wet as possible. Brad was becoming more and more uninterested. To him, it seemed like Penny was trying too hard and soon his cock was slowly getting softer. Penny started to notice. She looks up at Brad, slowly stroking his shrinking shaft "Everything okay, big guy?" "Uh, yeah, I guess I'm just not into it tonight. Sorry." Penny was pissed. She gets off of Brad and off the bed. Soon she was standing with a fiery look in her eyes. "You call me, tell me to come over to this pigsty of a frat house, and then get SOFT on me?! What the fuck?!" Penny was shrieking. Brad quickly stood up, trying to shush her.

Penny continued to make a noise as she started putting her clothes on. Soon she was storming out of his room, still screaming up a storm. Doug's head pops in Brad's door frame with a sly smile. "Can't get it up, huh?" "Fuck off, I just wasn't in the mood." Brad defended, putting his boxers back on. "Sure. Night, softy." Doug playfully teases, heading back to his room. Brad slams his door shut, pissed at Doug, Penny and mostly himself. His mind just couldn't stop thinking about getting blown by a guy.

After a few more days, his mind was getting tortured. His performance was suffering. He could not do the plays properly. He was becoming either too slow or too fast. His mind was all over the place. He had to do something about this. After a particularly bad practice, Brad came home and went straight to his room. He kept thinking about it for a few moments before finally downloading a gay hook up app. It was the first thing that popped up when he searched 'gay' in the app store.

The app finishes downloading. Brad stared at the icon, contemplating on whether to open the app. "Fuck it." He touches the icon with a shaky thumb and it prompts him to create a profile. Brad hadn't a clue to what to write on it so he just went with his gut feeling.

Username: footballbro74
Description: 6'3" 204lbs. im not gay but a bud of mine told me guys gave good head. hmu.

Brad used a shirtless pic as his profile picture. It was inconspicuous enough not to make it seem like it was him. Brad Wright was a famous name on campus. He had a reputation and a career to maintain. As soon as he creates his profile, a million messages pop up. Almost all of them starting with a picture of their cocks, holes, and bodies. Brad was instantly turned off. He blocked each and every single person that did this until his inbox was mostly empty. Brad was annoyed and almost gave up when he received a message.


The message was from a 'Bookworm1193'. It seemed innocent enough, if not nerdy. Brad decided to reply.


curious about getting blown, huh


come over. i'll show you a real good time.

Brad was suddenly nervous. He's never thought about this part of hooking up. The actual meeting. Brad's mind always kept skipping to the good part. Now he had a choice of whether going to this guy or tapping out the last minute and let this torment him forever.

Against his better judgement (and his brain shouting "YOU'RE NOT GAY"), Brad agrees. Bookworm1193 gives directions to his place, which is incidentally, the nearest building to Brad's frat house. He exits his room, trying to avoid as much of his brothers as he could. He then heads off, thankful for the darkness of the night because it helps hide his identity. He felt so dirty and guilty with every step. He feels like that the nearer he reaches the apartment, the nearer his career comes to an end.

After a long, painful and paranoid walk, Brad finally reaches the doorstep of 'Bookworm'. It's now or never, he thinks to himself as he lifts his knuckles ready to knock. After three heavy breaths, Brad knocks three times, trying not to make it too loud. He wanted to leave the hallway as soon as possible but also not attract attention. The door suddenly swung open, and there stood the guy that fell on Brad. "What the, you're the idiot that fell on me!" "Oh, and you're the douchebag. Hello, come in." Brad was as pissed as he was the last time. Douchebag? "What did you say? I guess now's the perfect time to knock your lights ou—"

"Look are you coming in or not." The nerd cut him off, seemingly unphased by Brad's little tantrum. "Wha-what?" "I guess you don't wanna get sucked. Oh well, goodbye forever." Bookworm was closing the door before Brad's meaty forearm stops it easily. "Dude shut the fuck up, the neighbors might hear about that 'sucking' business." "Uh, who cares?" Brad was puzzled. "Who cares? Do you not know who I am?" Bookworm looked clueless. "Nu-uh." Brad didn't know if this was a good thing but he goes along with it. "Nevermind. I'm coming in." Bookworm happily moves away, letting him in and shutting the door behind him.

"So, uh, ho—" "Sit." Bookworm once again cut him off, gesturing to the couch. Brad decided to get on with it and to go with the flow. Taking a deep breath, he heads for the couch and sits on it. It was more comfortable than it looked. Brad watched Bookworm head somewhere, leaving him time to finally get a good look at the guy. He was around 5'10", slim but not skinny, probably around 175lbs. He had the nerdy look down to a T. He also had an amazing ass. So now I'm getting blown by guys and looking at their asses? What the fuck is with me? Brad thought to himself. He reasoned that he had always been an ass man and that he had to acknowledge a great ass, girl or guy. He wouldn't admit that it was probably be the best ass he's seen.

A sudden chuckle invaded the living room "Were you checking me out? I though you were straight." Bookworm said as he approached Brad, standing between his legs. "Fuck you, I wasn't checking you out. And I am straight." Brad retorted, sounding too defensive even to himself. Bookworm only rolled his eyes. "Sure. But whatever, let's get to it." He said, suddenly falling to his knees and kneading Brad's crotch. Brad was kind of surprised it was happening already

Both of them were silent as Bookworm began to stroke Brad's growing cock underneath his jeans. He didn't know why his cock was getting hard so fast but here it was. Brad was breathing heavy, watching Bookworm unbutton his jeans and slowly slide them off, along with his underwear. He lifted his ass to make it easier for Bookworm. He was being too obedient for his straight self but he went with the flow.

Brad's huge member flopped out and landed on his huge muscled thigh. "Shit, look at that. It's huge and it's not even fully hard." Bookworm admired, grabbing the shaft and slowly stroking it, watching it grow to a full 9 inches in his hand. "This is gonna be so fun." He said as he looked up at Brad with lust filled eyes, licking his lip. This made Brad gulp and his cock twitch a little. The anticipation was killing him

Bookworm lifted Brad's monster shaft and nosediving into his plump balls. Brad groaned in surprise as he feels Bookworms tongue lapping around his scrotum. He throws his head back and his hand slowly reaching for Bookworm's hair, lightly grabbing at it. Bookworm begins to suck in one of Brad's balls making him moan, louder than usual. "Fuck! Shit, suck on the other one too." He commanded, his voice shaky and airy. Bookworm gladly accepted as he looked up into Brad's eyes.

After Bookworm's treatment of Brad's huge balls, they were left wet, shiny with Bookworm's spit all over them. Bookworm grabs Brad's shaft once again, slowly licking up to his frenulum and up to his piss slit. Brad lets out another moan and his grip on Bookworm's hair grows tighter. Bookworm begins to lap up Brad's sweet precum, savoring it, swallowing it and lapping up more of it. He begins to lick around Brad's engorged, red spongy head, making him produce more sweet precum

Brad's head was exploding. He's never had a girl play with his tip before. It was orgasmic. Bookworm puts Brad's tip into his mouth, teasingly sucking it, his tongue still licking around it. He focuses on Brad's frenulum area, the most sensitive part. The electric tingles causes Brad to suddenly grab Bookworm's hair and pull him down on his shaft, forcing all 9 inches down his throat in one instant. "Fuck! Eat my cock, fag. Choke on it." He grunts as he feels Bookworm's tight throat open up for his monster cock, gagging and choking on it.

Bookworm suddenly pulled off, a string of spit forming between his lip and Brad's tip. He was coughing, catching his breath. "Shit don't get too rough. But if that's what you want, you'll get it. Fuck my throat, big boy." Bookworm said, licking his lips. Brad suddenly grew hot as he grabbed Bookworm's hair and shoved him down his shaft until his nose was buried deep in Brad's musky pubes. "OOH FUCK." Brad keeps Bookworm in that position for a moment before proceeding to fuck his throat.

Brad was relentless. He's always wanted to know how it was like to fuck a throat. And here he was, claiming this boy's throat like it was his. It was pure ecstasy as he feels his thick tip sliding in and out of Bookworm's tight throat. Bookworm plays along, his tongue lapping around Brad's thrusting shaft while his hands grabs onto Brad's balls, playing with them. Brad could feel his balls aching for release.

"Shit. SHIT! I'm so fucking close." Brad says. Bookworm's eyes looks up, seeing Brad's own eyes filled with fiery lust so intense that it sends shivers down his spine. Brad picks up his pace. Bookworm's spit flying everywhere as he ravages his throat. Bookworm only keeps his mouth open for Brad's monster cock, letting him abuse his throat however he wants. His hands now holding onto Brad's massive thighs for support.

Brad was breathing short breaths as he feels his coming orgasm. His balls start to draw up, his head suddenly thrown back. "FUCK, HERE IT COMES!" He shouts as his cock begins to spew rope after rope of thick white cum. Bookworm begins to pull off shaft, hoping to get a taste of his cum. Bookworm's begins to suck on Brad's cumming tip, milking out anymore cum as his mouth is filled and he tries his best to swallow every drop. The amount was too much with some of it escaping his lips.

After about 8-10 shots, Brad's orgasm dies down. His mind was a blank. That was the best orgasm he's had. Ever. The fact that a guy had given him his best orgasm was too much for him. He was suddenly pissed. At the guy, at Doug but most of all at himself. Without a word, he roughly shoves Bookworm off of him, stands up and puts on his pants. He flees the room, desperately fast, wanting to leave it as soon as possible. He slams the door as he leaves without a word

Bookworm rubs his head, "Uh, bye."

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