The Quarterback and the Bookworm 10
by Milk Baby

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Tears were streaming down Baby's face as he walked away, heading nowhere. Tears were streaking his cheeks but he wasn't crying, it was a result of the overwhelming emotion he felt the moment he saw the girl cling onto Brad and place her lips on his. He felt anger, jealousy, despair, frustration, betrayal, embarrassment. He was wiping his cheeks as he his mind shouted, I should never have trusted that douchebag!

The tears were endless and his breath was shaky as the lump in his throat grew. Finding a particularly wooded area within the campus, Baby ran into it, leaning against one of the trees and started bawling his eyes out. The emotions all melded into one: hurt. He was trying to make as little noise as possible but his tears kept flowing and his whimpers followed. He could imagine looking at himself and seeing a weird, crying mess. He tried to stop himself.

It took a while but Baby was finally able to subdue himself. The tears stopped and he was reduced to a sniffling boy. Wiping all traces of tears and snot off of his face, Baby made his way to the campus cafe. With all that has happened, he needed a drink. He kept his head down while walking knowing that his face was puffy and red and he didn't need the judging stares of his campusmates at that moment.

While heading to the cafe, Baby tried his best not to think about whatever had just happened, for fear of bursting into tears once again. He also tried not to think about Brad. Not at that moment at least. The walk to the cafe was short, which was provided a great distraction from Baby's thoughts. Seeing as it was a Friday night and it was right after the game, the cafe was pretty packed. Baby was going have to drink his coffee and sulk in his room then.

The line was pretty long but Baby had patience. It took about 5 minutes to to reach the front. The barista looked just as tired as Baby was. It was as if there was a sort of connection between the two as their eyes made contact. An understanding of each one's tiredness. Baby was quick to the point. Decaf skinny cappuccino. Baby paid and waited for his drink. He wished it came early because he didn't like standing around surrounded by people laughing with other people. What a way to sour the mood.

His drink finally arrived and out he went as quick as he could. He was walking back to his room, sipping on his drink and staring at nothing in particular. It was getting dark and chilly so he began to snuggle into his jacket. He wanted to go home but he was conflicted. His room always felt like Brad was in there. From the memories to the smells, it was hard to forget about what the two had done in that room.

But remembering Brad was long over. It was time to forget him.

During his slow walk back to his room (which he was still conflicted of going), Baby reflected. About what had been happening. He started to dissect his feelings. Underneath all the anger, the sadness and hurt was the new feeling of unfamiliarity. He was feeling different. His life had been taking too many blind turns. He was nostalgic of the days he was alone in his room, reading, sipping on his coffee. He only realized now that the Baby actively lusting after Brad wasn't the real Baby. It wasn't a real part of him.

And then he froze, a realization coming upon him. He stood in middle of the path, looking straight up at the stars. It was time to stop. It was time to go back to his old self. To the old Baby. To the quiet, nerdy, loner Baby. It was time to go back to himself. It was all to protect himself. Protect himself from Brad and from the memories that haunted his life before college. Before he became the Baby he was comfortable being.

* * *

Meanwhile, outside of campus, the whole team was celebrating once again. Drinking and dancing with girls, having fun. Except for Brad. Brad was seated in a booth, nervously biting his fingers as he stared down at his phone. Beside him was a bored looking Heather, her chin in her hand as she stared blankly at her drink.

Brad was getting antsy. He had sent at least 20 texts to Baby in the past hour. He was going crazy. He didn't intend for any of that to happen. Seeing the boy cry and run away from him left him feeling like absolute shit. He tried to get away from the group but they've apparently had enough of him ditching them so they forced him to come. To make things worse, Heather was with them. She was welcomed with open arms as if the whole team knew her since childhood.

It was bullshit.

Brad hated how the team wanted the girl to come. She was the root cause of all this. Brad barely knew the girl. All he knew was that she was a loud, clingy bitch who has never heard of lip balm in her life. Her lips were the worst he's had. And he was probably going to lose Baby because of those disgusting chapped lips.

"I'm bored, babe." Heather whined.

"I'm not your babe." Brad added sternly.

"Well, I'm bored. I'm gonna go dance."

Brad gave her a grunt as a reply as he continued to stare at his phone. He stared at all his messages. Asking for Baby to talk, telling him it wasn't what it looked like. None of chat bubbles showed the 'Read' sign. Meaning Baby still hasn't picked up his phone. Brad was stating to get pissed. How could Baby ignore Brad? From worried and going crazy to frustrated and going mad, Brad was transforming. With a loud, angry grunt, Brad shut his phone off and threw it onto the table, dropping his head into his hands.

As Brad was wallowing in his mixed emotions, a finger tapped his shoulder. Ready to bark the person away, Brad lifted his head with an angry face. He was abruptly stopped by Heather holding a glass of beer. "Drink up. It's a victory party, stop looking so glum!" Heather said in her usual shrill voice as she pushed the drink into the jock's face.

Usually, Brad would decline any invitation from Heather but the frustration was getting to him. Brad grabbed the drink, gave Heather the stink eye, and chugged the whole glass easily. Heather gave a howl of approval as Brad swallowed his frustrations away.

Literally seconds after chugging the drink, Brad began to feel weird. He was getting more than tipsy at that moment. Brad had a high tolerance for alcohol and he was a known heavy drinker in his team. Getting tipsy after one drink was strange, but it emboldened him to let loose and drink more. He was getting impatient with Baby. He was going to have fun and forget about whatever happened earlier.

And forget it he did, after taking another chug from Heather's drinks, Brad was wild. He joined his brothers on the dance floor. He was dancing, the music was fuzzy to his drunken mind but he didn't care, he went wild. Everyone around him was amused. This massive guy was wailing around, off beat to the music but was still technically dancing with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Heather's drink eliminated any of Brad's inhibitions.

And without any of his inhibitions, Brad began hitting on any girl he could find. He was roughly grabbing them and pulling them in front of him, grinding into their butts. Of course, a lot of the girls were turned off and left him almost immediately, but there was one girl almost as drunk as he was that stayed. It wasn't Heather because she was gone as soon as Brad finished the drinks given to him by her. It was strange, but he didn't care.

The girl was fuzzy to Brad as they drunkenly danced in the dim club. All he knew was that she had black hair and milky white skin. There was a sense of familiarity coming from her features but his cloudy mind was spazzing out. The drunken couple danced the night away, their bodies sticking close to each other.

After getting tired from the dance, the two headed for the bar and ordered more drinks. They were flirting with each other, and getting even more inebriated. Soon after that the two agreed to go to the girl's apartment, with something in mind as they grinned at each other. The walk to the girl's place was quick. She was from nearby. Although it was miraculous that none of them tripped on their feet considering how drunk they were.

Once the two entered (though it looked closer to the lines of stumbling) the apartment, it seemed they had other things in mind. Brad sobered up just a bit to faintly realize what the two were about to do and there he felt a sudden but small apprehension to doing it. The girl however, was no holds barred. Right after locking her door, she clung to Brad who was resting against the wall and commenced what Brad could say was one of the sloppiest kisses he's had, even if he were drunk. What was it with girls and their terrible kissing skills recently, he asked himself.

But the sense of apprehension was fleeting. As soon as Brad calmed down from his little panic, he got into the mood. Now that he could focus, he saw that the girl would be a great substitute for Baby. Stark, black hair and pale milky skin. The only difference was she had breasts and a vagina.


Rather than get apprehensive, Brad's mind was now growing in chaos. On the other hand, the guilt of hurting Baby was eating him up. On another, Brad's cock was painfully struggling in his pants, screaming for it to be free. He was sobering up again. He had a choice to make of whether he'd stop and go to Baby, to apologize and to make it up to the boy. Or, he could take this girl upstairs, take her clothes off and make her a Bbay substitute.

That night, Brad's dick apparently had control of all his body. He engaged with the girl, already superimposing the image of Baby on her. In a few minutes, the two were rushing to her bed, drunkenly taking off their clothes and jumped onto the bed. To Brad's surprise, the girl pushed Brad onto his back and straddled him. This wasn't a usual position for him but it was reminiscent of the time Baby rode him. Substituting her for Baby was easy.

It felt strange for Brad's cock to enter a vagina once again after a long time with Baby's anus. It was nice but he wouldn't say he missed it. Long into their session, the girl was making strange noises like a cat fighting with another cat in an alley. It was a turn off so Brad's fuzzy imagination worked harder. There he saw Baby straddling him, bouncing on him, their eyes connecting as if their souls were reaching for each other. Baby's eyes looking at him like he was the only man in the world.

He missed Baby.

It wasn't long before the two achieved their orgasm. Brad's mind was screaming Baby's name the entire time, thinking of the boy cumming with him. One of the best images he would see in person, in his opinion. Once they were done, the girl collapsed right beside Brad. Brad was quick to roll away and turn his back on her. She didn't seem to mind because she was asleep as soon as she fell on the soft pillows.

Brad was partways sober. He was reflecting on sex with Baby. To him, it wasn't just surface-level lust for each other like he had with this nameless girl. There was a connection between them. And that was what hurt the most. It hurt knowing that he hurt Baby and had most probably just lost him. It was Heather's fault. But mostly, he blamed himself. He blamed himself for not stopping Heather earlier. He blamed himself for not chasing after Baby. And now he was feeling even shittier for having boring sex with another person. He felt as if he was betraying Baby.

He wanted to leave but his antics from earlier were catching up to him. He was exhusted and the soft bed was inviting. He wanted to go see Baby, to talk and apologize. And to finally make up, make out, and hang out together. He missed Baby.

Before his eyes grew too heavy, Brad was remembering the time they cuddled. It was one of the best sleep he'd had. He fell asleep feeling tired and dejected. He was such a douchebag.

* * *

"Wake up."

A fairly feminine voice echoed in Brad's sleeping mind. "Wake. Up." The voice said again, louder this time and with an accompanying nudge to Brad. And that was when it happened. A cold splash of water to his face. "I said wake the fuck up, asshole!"

The shock of the cold water shook him awake. Once he was conscious, the pain of a thousand worlds came crushing down on him. If this loud mouth bitch wasn't going to kill him, then this hangover would. "Alright, alright, I'm on it! Stop!" Brad shouted, only causing more waves of pain to flood his brain. Brad sat up, only then noticing his nakedness and seeing his clothes kicked to his feet by the girl. In his sober state, he was surprised to find an even stronger resemblance between her and Baby, but he couldn't dwell on it because it seemed as if the staying longer than the girl would like would cost Brad his life.

After sloppily getting dressed, Brad rushed out of the girl's house, not having the time to be pissed at her. And only then when he was thrown into the street did he realize that he was at least a mile away from campus. And that his phone was nowhere to be found. And that his head was killing him. All these were enough to make Brad collapse but he didn't want to embarrass himself. With a pounding headache and the inability to find a cab or call anyone, Brad began his walk back to campus.

It was what he deserved.

* * *

In campus, Baby was just waking up. He was feeling... normal. There was no feeling of excitement or anticipation. There was just normality and comfort. He had been reading Judith Krantz's Scruples. The mindless eccentrism and the rich people were obnoxious for Baby but it was the only book in his little library that he hasn't read yet. It was given to him by his sister. She meant well but she didn't understand what he liked.

Baby was a fan of inordinary books. Books by H.P. Lovecraft and his type of horror fed Baby's interests well. There were other writers such as Neil Gaiman and Stephen King, but he was a fan of Lovecraftian horror. And every Saturday, before he became the sex-crazed Baby, he would go out to the local bookstore and find some interesting reads.

He got ready, showering, brushing his teeth, and grabbing a slice of bread before leaving his house and heading for the bookstore. It was quite early so there weren't a lot of people around, a fact that Baby embraced. The time he spent alone was more comforting than he expecteded. He was glad he was back.

The bookstore was a few minute walk away from campus but Baby arrived a little later. He liked to walk slow as he watched the city wake up. He was an observer in nature. He watched the joggers, the people coming home from the night shift and the drunkards. One of his secret hobbies were people watching. His arrival put a stop on it though.

The familiar ding of the bookstore door gave Baby a sort of nostalgic feel. Following the sound, the head of the cashier popped up from under the counter, greeting Baby with a familiar smile. "Baby! Good morning! Haven't seen ya in a while!" The girl exclaimed, standing up straight and leaning on the counter. "Yeah, a lot has... happened but I'm back. I missed this place a lot." Baby said as he looked around, staring at the dusty shelves filled with books, new and old.

"That's great to hear! We just got a new shipment yesterday, check it out at the new arrivals." "Yeah, thanks Mary." Baby said, grateful for Mary's helpfulness even if he didn't need it. He has the shop memorized like the back of his hand.

While scouring the new arrivals section, Baby jumped to hear a sudden pounding on the store window from behind him. He turned around and froze at the sight. It was Brad looking the definition of disheveled. His hair was a mess, his face was pale and his eyes had dark circles. His clothes were extremely unpleasing. His button down shirt was unevenly buttoned and the top two buttons were actually missing. His shirt and pants were creased and messy. All sorts of question popped up in Baby's mind as they stared at each other.

But Baby's first instinct was to hide.

Baby speed walked it out of that section as soon as he saw Brad turn for the door. He heard the bell as he began to weave around the bookshelves, trying to lose Brad in the store before exiting. He did this successfully thanks to his knowledge of the store. He could hear the jock's heavy footsteps and heavier breaths as Baby managed to not get caught. Taking this opportunity, Baby immediately made his way to the door and left. He ran a few feet before leaning against the wall and catching his breath. He was definitely not an athlete.

His rest was cut short because seconds later, Brad's hulking figure suddenly launched out from the store and was looking around. Before Brad could see him, Baby was already running away. With a swear and a groan Brad began chasing after him. Baby could hear the jock calling after him but he had no words to reply, he was focused on running.

As he made a turn, he found an alley that he was sure Brad wouldn't think he'd be in. Quickly turning into the alley, Baby stood beside a dumpster enough to hide his whole body. He was leaning against the brick wall behind him, his burning lungs finding relief. As soon as he thought he was safe, he saw Brad run past the alley, only to come back.

"Baby!" Brad exclaimed, jogging into the alley.

"Shit! L-Leave me alone, Brad!" Baby groaned, seeing as he was conrnered into the alley with Brad slowly approaching him.

"Look, I just wanna talk. Stop trying to get away from me goddamnit!"

The loud roar of the man shook Baby, causing him to run away only to hit the end of the alley. Brad chased after him, stopping right in front of the boy and grabbing his wrists. He pinned Baby by the wrists held right above his head. Brad's other hand held onto the boy's chin, forcing him to look up. The two breathing heavily as they stared into each other.

"Just hear me out, then I'll let you go." Brad said with all staring straight into Baby's eyes which were struggling to make contact with his.

Baby had nothing to say. All he did was struggle against the jock, which only seemed to piss the jock off further. "Silent treatment? Fine. I deserve it. But let me take this time to apologize. I'm sorry for what you saw. I'm sorry, okay. I'm so, so, so sorry." Brad said, his eyes clothes as he tried his best to muster up as much sincerity as he could. Once he opened his eyes, he found Baby's looking far away from his.

This only served to piss Brad off even more.

"What the fuck?! Here I am baring my soul to you and you don't even have the decency to look at me?!"

Baby was silent, his eyes still looking far away, unfazed by Brad's shouting. "URGH! At least tell me you accept my apology."

Brad was replied to with a shrug and a pair of defiant eyes looking at him. His grip on the boy's wrists grew tighter to the point where Baby was wincing from the pain.


Baby was silent for a few seconds before responding in a quiet voice. "It's... not that easy for me."

"What the fuck do you mean?! Stop being so vague!"

"You wouldn't understand."

Brad was going more frustrated. Groaning into the sky, Brad looked into the boy, the frustration proving to be unbearable. "Then make me understand!"

"I-It's not that easy for me to say it..."

"Just fucking say it, Baby! It ain't that hard to open your mouth! You're not that much of a dumbass!"

Baby grew angry enough to beat Brad's little tantrum. "You want the truth?! Huh?!" Baby said, his voice louder than it has ever been with Brad.

"Fine! You wanna know why it's so hard to forgive you?! Because I was sexually abused as a child. There. I said it. Happy?!"

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