The following story is intended for adults over age 18 interested in male to male sexual fantasy. If that's not you, please read no further.

This is a continuation of the story, "The Rescue." It is in the story arc that has "Bill's Education," "Bill's Continuing Education," "Bill's Summer Vacation," and "The Surfer."

Practice safer sex.

All characters in this story are fictional with no resemblance to any real persons implied.

The Rescue II (M/M, Interracial, Muscle) by

I'm Jack Gordon. Last Saturday night I was rescued from a beating by the timely intervention of a muscular Chinese-American stud, named Eddie Lee. As he checked me for injuries I couldn't help being aroused by his strong touch. Who wouldn't be. Eddie was maybe a bit shorter than my six foot one, but had at least 100 lbs. of muscle more than my 160. His arms must have been well over twenty inches, with a huge chest tapering to a waist no bigger than mine. His thighs bulged with power, each thicker than his waist. With all that he must have been at least three times stronger than he looked. I know he handled my weight with casual ease.

But it was fourteen and a half inches of steely cock that really got my attention. He fucked me with it all night and, for a devoted top with nine and a half inches of my own, it was a life changing experience. I loved being the submissive bottom to this powerful Asian stud. When we found out we both go to Berkeley and he invited me over to his fraternity the next Friday night, I accepted immediately.

When I got back to the university, my roommate, Ricardo, a nice Hispanic guy from the Central Valley near Fresno, saw my bruises and asked me what happened. I told him about my beating and rescue, but left out the intimate parts. However, as we were playing around that evening, leading up to my fucking his slim, defined, 5 foot 6 inch, 135 lb. body, he noticed my ass was no longer cherry. The friction and stretching from Eddie's huge pole ramming me for nearly 12 hours made that obvious, so I had to tell him everything.

When I told him of my invitation for Friday he insisted to coming along. Ricardo said he had a friend who told him of a friend that visited Eddie's fraternity. Apparently they have lots of hot guys.

Over the week I spent a lot of time looking at the Asian students. Of course, Asians make up over a third of Berkeley's student population. I didn't see Eddie around campus. Most of the Asian guys seemed pretty normal, but I did see a few that appeared almost as developed as my Asian Adonis.

It was 8:00 PM sharp on Friday when I knocked at the fraternity's door with Ricardo standing beside me. After a short pause the door was opened by a hugely muscled Vietnamese wearing only tight fitting gym shorts. He was only a bit taller than my roommate, but with at least 50% more mass, all muscle. The outline of a long cock was visible under the nylon cover. It began above what appeared to be egg sized balls and extended up and out past the side of his hip as the head formed a thick bulge under the waistband.

I swallowed and said, "I'm Jack. Eddie Lee invited me over for the evening. This is my roommate Ricardo. Is it OK if he tags along?"

"Come on in. Eddie told use to expect you," he said with a welcoming smile as we entered the foyer and he shut the door behind us. I saw another muscular guy headed down the stairs to a lower level as we arrived. He was already nude. "I'm Tony," he added.

"Eddie should be down in a few minutes. He's probably warming up Bill, one of our freshmen. Jack, Eddie said you were a good fuck. We'll show you a good time tonight. Ricardo, are you ready to handle some action with this?" Tony pulled off his trunks exposing a twelve-inch hard cock that stood up past his navel.

"Jack's pretty big, but I've never been fucked by anything like this," exclaimed Ricardo, reaching out to stroke Tony's piece. "It's thick and so hard, but I'd love to try."

"I like a guy who is up to a challenge. I think both of you are going to have fun. Let's get started." He wrapped his arms around our waists and herded us down the stairs to a lounge and exercise room that filled the large finished basement.

There were about a dozen Asian studs in the room. The party had already started it seemed as most were fucking other guys, white guys mostly, but a few were black or Hispanic. I recognized a star from the basketball team getting reamed by a Thai-looking stud a foot and half shorter than himself. He was bent over supporting his front on his elbows while his fuck buddy held his thighs, splitting his legs widely to gain access. His toes barely brushed the floor as his butt was plowed with foot-long strokes. Streaks of cum indicated he'd shot already, but his ebony eight-inch cock was still hard.

"This is Eddie's friend, Jack, and his roommate Ricardo, " Tony announced to the group. Most of the Asian studs gave quick greetings while continuing their activities and looking us over, estimating future possibilities. The guys they were with had their attentions elsewhere.

"We invite some of our outside friends in for a party some Friday nights. It's a bit of a free-for-all. Let me get you undressed and warmed-up."

"Bill, can you get Ricardo started?" Tony called out to a well-built Filipino stud that just entered from the upper level.

"We have some bins for your clothes over by the wall." He picked me off the floor, put me over his shoulder and walked me over there like he was carrying a sack of flour. Setting me down, he wasted no time stripping me to the skin. "You won't need these until tomorrow morning."

"How do you like to get fucked?" Tony asked.

"Well, before I met Eddie, I'd always been a top."

"Yeah, you're pretty big," Tony remarked, stroking my 9.5 inches that were already hard and dripping precum. "But except for Eddie's roommate, Little Bill, you're smaller than every guy in this fraternity," he said, holding his cock against mine. It was almost 3 inches longer and twice as thick.. It's golden flesh was hot against my lighter skinned shaft. Drops of my precum dripped from my cock head onto him. As he squeezed us together in his powerful grip encompassing both members he produced a copious flow of his own lube that he slathered liberally over both pieces. I licked my lips as he pushed my back onto the floor.

He raised my legs to his shoulders and reached for a condom in one of the baskets spaced throughout the room. As he rolled it on a squeal from Ricardo drew my attention across the room where I saw my roommate on his back getting drilled by the guy Tony designated for him. The guy still had several inches of dark shaft extending from Ricardo's ass, but he was a good bit thicker than me and my roommate was already straining to accommodate him. The firm pressure of Tony's sheathed shaft touching my hole snapped my attention back to my situation.

"I know you had Eddie last week, but you're probably still pretty tight since you haven't bottomed for our frat regularly. I need to get you ready for a long night," Tony observed in a calm voice as he slipped a lubed finger into my bottom. He quickly added a second. "You're taking it really nice, a lot of guys are nervous at their first party."

"I am too, but I practiced a bit with Ricardo using a big dildo. It was a foot long."

"That's my length."

"Yeah, but you're thicker. Oh, God," I moaned as Tony pressed my prostate with the three lubed fingers that now expanded my hole.

"I think you're ready," said Tony who wiped up my precum that pooled on my abdominals while he was preparing me and smoothed it on the outside of his condom with the residue of the lube coating his fingers. "Just try to relax," he urged as I felt his tip press hard against my entrance.

I failed. How could I relax with a foot of hard flesh as thick as my wrist waiting to spear my gut. It didn't matter. The pressure increased and I felt my flesh start to yield. My cock twitched and spewed a gob of precum as I held my breath. The barrier was breached and I felt the bulb of his cock head expand my gut as half a foot of shaft followed it into my depths. I released the air in my lungs in a long moan as the friction from his thick penis massaged my pleasure points.

Tony withdrew a few inches, leaving just the head inside with the flange lightly pressing my ring from within. He held my hips in a tight grip as he pushed the shaft into me again. He hit my pleasure button continuously as he plunged deeper than before. I writhed under the stimulation, my body shaking in ecstasy. He stopped, much deeper. He withdrew again and the sensations returned. In again, he trust, overwhelming all senses. My muscles spasmed and my back arched. I felt my seed splatter on my face. I gasped for air and a spurt caught me full in the mouth. I swallowed.

I relaxed my body as my cock pulsed out the last few drops onto my now sweating torso. I sighed deeply, catching my breath. "That was great," I complemented Tony who was holding my hips a couple feet off the floor pressed tightly to his groin.

"I can see why Eddie invited you over. You'll be a great bottom for the brothers here. I think you have enough size, strength and endurance to handle a full night. Believe me, most don't."

"Your buddy certainly didn't. He's out of it," said the guy who'd been fucking him as he carried Ricardo's limp body to a couch. "He passed out after only four orgasms; not able to handle the stimulation from a real fuck."

"Hey, I fuck him regularly," I objected.

"And how do you think you compare with what Tony's giving you? I've had football players twice my size. Some were hung bigger than Tony, but they were begging for my cock by the end of the evening. We're wasting time. You can clean my cock while Tony finishes his fuck. I've got that ass next," he insisted, straddling my chest.

I was about to try a comeback, but "Umph," is all I said as when I opened my mouth he plugged me with the whole of his cum-coated shaft. It went half way down my throat on the first stab. The gasp I made as Tony resumed his thrusts in my ass enabled Bill to add the last few inches until I had his taut balls pressed to my chin. "Mmmm," I moaned. Tony seemed to know every sensitive spot in my gut. His cocked rubbed them continually and the pleasure went straight to my brain. Meanwhile Bill would rock back a bit, withdrawing half a foot of cock from my lips, letting me grab a taste of his steadily dripping juice before plunging home so deep I'd feel his bulbous cock head under my breast bone.

It only took a few strokes before the sensations they were generating became my whole world. I closed my eyes as the feelings overwhelmed my senses. I erupted. My cock spewed forth again, but the Asian studs fucking my ass and mouth didn't miss a beat. As the flow stopped I stayed hard. Tony upped his pace. I was moaning around the shaft that plugged my throat. That encouraged Bill to keep it full embedded in my throat. His black pubes tickled my lips.

Tony added a few last strokes, more violent than before. My body rocked from the force as his groin smacked my glutes, lifting my entire body from the floor even with another muscular stud riding my chest. As the impact of the third blow ended I felt his cock pulse deep inside my gut. On the next pulse my cock joined in orgasm as Bill shot his first jet of seed directly to my stomach. Again and again we released our loads. Bill backed out of my throat and his next shot flooded my mouth. I swallowed, but a second later was filled again.

It seemed they came forever and my cock couldn't stop either. I don't know how many mouth fulls I swallowed before Bill pulled it out completely and spewed several loads on my face and hair. Finally the peak passed, the last few spurts delivered, and calm returned. I relaxed in the afterglow, shivering a bit as I felt Tony extract the long length of flesh from my gut.

I wiped up some gobs of cum on my eyelids. I could feel more drying on my forehead and dripping off my cheeks and nose. Bill had reared back and was rolling on a condom. His cock was still hard. As Tony set my legs on the floor and stood up, Bill replaced him. He knelt behind me, lifted my thighs over his muscular legs, and pulled my ass back to his groin, slipping easily into the spot his buddy just left.

"That was fun. Maybe I'll see you later for seconds. In the meantime here's something to remember me by." Tony poured the load from his condom into my mouth. He was a bit saltier than Bill's. I lost sight of him as Bill started steady fuck strokes in my ass.

I was already hypersensitive, so it only took Bill a few minutes to get me sweating in passion. He may have been a bit smaller than Tony, but he compensated by being much more aggressive. He had my knees pinned back on my chest as he pounded full-length fuck strokes in my clutching chute. He leaned forward and kissed me deeply. When he broke the kiss I saw Eddie standing over me.

"I'm glad you could make it, Jack. I see the guys have made you feel welcome."

"He's your guest, Eddie. Do you want to take my place in his ass?" Bill offered while continuing the long strokes that were dazing me enough to make it difficult to follow the conversation, much less say anything myself.

"No rush. The night is young. Stand him up and I'll fuck his mouth until you finish up."

In response Bill plugged himself into me fully, put his arms under my shoulders, rocked back on his feet, lifting his knees from the floor as his bulging thigh muscles pressed into my back, and stood up. I found myself suspended in the air, facing the ceiling, supported by his hands and the stake that pinned my butt to his crotch. I was looking up along Eddie's towering tube of male flesh at his smiling face. He made a quick signal to Bill who turned me on the axle of his cock until I was face down. Eddie grabbed my head to bend it back and lowered his cock to my mouth. I opened wide to accept his thick piece as he slid the first seven or eight inches in, getting halfway down my throat on the first try. Eddie replaced Bill's grip on my shoulders while Bill slid his hands down my body until he was holding the inside of my thighs, taking most of the load off his cock and spreading my legs so wide I lost contact with the floor.

I was suspended in the air between two mighty Asians. Bill resumed his assault on my ass with foot-long strokes that finished with his crotch slamming my ass and shoving another inch or so of Eddie into my throat. After half a dozen, my nose was pressed against the marble wall of Eddie's abdominals smelling the musk from his pubic hair.

Eddie then stepped back a bit, drawing a long tube of flesh from my mouth. He pulled while Bill pushed and my mouth reswallowed his sex sword while simultaneously a foot was pulled from the scabbard of my gut. Then they reversed the motion and I was shuttled back and forth between their bodies sliding smoothly over the poles that pinned both ends of my torso.

I knew I had no control. I was their human sex toy, yet the situation was exciting. Waves of pleasure swept my body from the stimulation of their internal massage of all my sensitive spots. They seemed to know how best to raise me to new heights. My overheated body was squirming in their combined grasp. They shifted to a faster pace that I recognized as signaling their approaching climax. When they pressed in together it arched my back as they started to infuse by body with powerful jets of their hot sperm. Again and again I shot in sympathy as my mind clouded in ultimate ecstasy.

I came to my senses draped over the back of the couch. Ricardo had gotten a second wind and was no longer resting. I saw him sitting on the lap of the Thai guy that we'd seen fucking the basketball player. He was facing the guy with his legs wrapped around his waist. Fresh sperm was just dripping from where he'd shot it across both their bodies, but his cock was still hard and balls drawn tight, resting on an inch of thick, dark shaft, the only visible part of the organ that stretched over a foot further inside him.

"You're back with us," I heard Eddie remark from behind me as he placed a firm hand in the center of my back. "It's not unusual for guests at fraternity parties to pass out, but, in our parties, it's from too much fucking instead of booze. I think it's my turn now," he said as I felt the long hose that I loved last weekend expand my gut even more than before.

"God, you're big. I love the stuffed feeling though. It presses all my hot buttons. I can feel the beat of your heart right in my belly. Oh! Oooh! I'm going to cum again." I did.

Meanwhile Ricardo was bouncing up and down on the lap of his stud propelled by the guys hands lifting his short body. The Thai's skin was darker than my Hispanic roommate's and no tan line either. It was quite a contrast where the taut brown skin of the shaft disappeared up the clutching untanned skin of Ricardo's hole rubbed red by the steady friction of flesh on flesh. Ricardo had his arms wrapped about the flaring muscles of the Thai's strong neck, his head flopped back and mouth open, gasping air.

I wasn't in much better shape as Eddie was really giving my ass a pounding. He had my upper body horizontally out above the couch by his hold on my lats. That was the only thing that prevented me from shooting out into the room as he slammed into my butt when each pile-driver stroke bottomed out. I reached out in sympathy for my roommate, stroking his arm with my hand. He reacted by lifting his head, seeing me also being fucked as never before. He gave me a wan smile.

The smile turned to uncertainty, then surprise, followed by joy. The Thai stud had stopped his motion, holding Ricardo fully embedded. I saw Ricardo's abdominal muscles ripple, not from his own action, but from what was going on inside. He gave a strangled cry and shot a jet of cum that passed over the Thai's right shoulder and splashed onto my back. Just then my own body shook from the first powerful wave that ran down Eddie's cock and spewed forth with a force that I felt even through his condom. I no longer had any thoughts about my roommate as I was lost in the reverie of my own ecstasy.

When I next became aware I was sprawled on the couch with my legs limply splayed out in front. I looked around quickly to try and get oriented again. Ricardo was panting deeply, recovering from his own experiences, just to my left. Our fuckers had moved on. I spotted Eddie doing a guy on a weight bench. He was talking to another Chinese guy who was with a really huge black dude. He cocked his head toward us and the pair started coming our way.

The Chinese member of the pair was almost as big as Eddie, both in muscle mass and cock size. He was dwarfed by the other, a chocolate covered mountain of muscle, over a foot taller and at least a hundred pounds heavier with a cock that must have exceeded 20 inches and as thick as my forearm. I couldn't take my eyes off it as it swayed from side to side as he walked, brushing from one massive pec to the other as it pointed proudly toward the ceiling.

"Hi," said the Chinese. "Mind if we join you? We see you're without a fuck buddy and don't want you to get too lonely. I'm sure you're both nicely loosened up by now and it's more fun once you've been broken in, so we can't have you tightening up again. I'm Don and the big guy is Earl."

"Hi. I'm Jack and this is my roommate Ricardo. I know I'm stretched as never before, but, even so, Earl's thing could kill me."

"Ha. I've never killed anyone with this yet. Did put a guy in the hospital, but he'd hurt my little brother and I was trying to teach him a lesson. He learned it really good too. But I'd never hurt one of our guests. You look like you're up for a challenge. At least your cock is."

He was right; my cock knew. It was stiff as a board just from the proximity of this guy. In the normal world I was a big man. Here my 9.5 inch cock was less than half the length and a third the thickness of this stud.

"You'll be careful?"

"Sure. You can be in control," he offered, sitting on the couch next to me. The cushions sagged under his weight and I leaned against the muscles of his massive arm as I was tilted toward him. He felt like he was carved from hot stone.

"Stand on the cushions, facing me and straddling my thighs," he directed. I did. "Then just sit down and you can take as much or as little as you want. What could be fairer?"

I had my hands on the melon-sized mounds of his shoulders to steady myself and slowly bent my knees. I didn't bend far before I felt the head of that towering shaft touch my balls. I shifted a bit so it passed behind my sack and felt the tip penetrate my glutes. Earl had a huge hand wrapped around one of my calves to steady me and used the other to adjust his position. He found my hole.. It felt way too big to actually fit inside.

"Just put a little of your weight on it like you're sitting down," he encouraged. I did. Then a bit more, and more until I started to think that that was all I'd be able to do; sit on the end of his cock head . I was just about to say something when the pressure became too much for my ass ring. It stretched and the bulbous head and half a foot of steely shaft pierced my gut before I could regain my balance.

Earl had his arms threaded through my spread legs with his hands wrapped about the tops of my upper thighs. A little pressure from those mighty muscles encouraged me to squat a bit deeper. Another thick inch of cock slipped into my bowels.

Don meanwhile had lifted Ricardo's legs to his shoulders and he was enjoying the full length of a thirteen inch member plowing his rear. His guy was just a little bigger than his previous fuckers; nothing like the log entering me.

Of course the cock I was trying to take was so wide it made continuous contact with all my sensitive spots. Every motion was a mixture of exquisite agony as pleasure competed with, if not exactly pain, the discomfort of my intestines being forced beyond normal limits. As I let him urge me lower and lower, each motion became harder, but when I tried to stand up the friction from the retreat of his pole made me weak. I wasn't strong enough mentally, not physically, to get off it, so I let myself be guided down again, settling lower, with him deeper each time.

My thighs were almost parallel to the floor when the sensations became too strong and my body spasmed in another orgasm. My juice sprayed out coating Earl's neck and shoulders. My muscle strength drained away and I lost my balance, sitting down numbly as another half foot of cock stuffed my straining gut.

It took a couple minutes to recover. I found myself being held by the waist in Earl's strong grasp. My knees were hooked in the crook of his elbows with my feet splayed loosely out to the sides. He'd caught me and was holding me steady a few inches above his groin. He was maybe an inch or two further than Eddie had explored, but, of course, he was even thicker. I could see one side of my abdominals bulging and the swelling curved across under my ribs.

"I was never really in control, was I?" He just smiled and lowered my body another inch closer to his groin.

He raised me up about a foot and I saw the swelling in my gut that marked his territory recede. Then he let me down settling deeper. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride. What else could I do? Before I felt his curly pubes tickle my bottom I'd had another draining orgasm, but he never stopped his motions. Now I was being lifted until I could feel the flange of his cock head press my ring from the inside before he lowered me back to the base. He was flexing his hips up into me to speed the penetration of the ultimate few inches.

Then there was a final thrust, faster than ever. He stayed flexed. I felt his cock snap upright inside me, slamming my body against the stone pillows of his chest. I shook with each massive eruption as he released his seed. My own orgasm was barely noticed in my brain that was overwhelmed by the sensations from his cock going wild within me.

I awoke. I was sucking on a cock. Better yet, someone was sucking on my cock. I opened my eyes. I was laying on one of the gym mats that covered part of the floor. The room was dimmed, but there was still some light. It was quiet too, clearly the heavy action had stopped. I saw enough to recognize I was nuzzled close to Ricardo's ass, with his average-sized, but stiff cock in my lips. His right leg was draped over my shoulder. The golden shaft of a cock disappeared up his distended hole. I could see several inches, but, knowing the guys in this fraternity, there must much more buried inside. My head was resting on the firm pillow of a massive muscular arm. Perhaps the guy whose body I felt behind me and whose cock I felt lodged deep in my own gut.

Everything was a bit hazy in my memory after Earl, but I'm certain I had several encounters with other members. I certainly didn't remember going to sleep like this. All things considered I probably passed out again and they finally let me sleep, though not without company. Don't say the frat brothers don't take good care of their guests.

I might as well enjoy the situation, so I started sucking Ricardo's piece a bit more seriously. That soon roused my sleeping roommate. I felt his mouth tighten around my cock as he made small movements, exploring the limits of the tangle of bodies and limbs we found ourselves in. He must have had a front row view of the guy penetrating me. It only took a few seconds for him to follow my lead and begin to nurse my cock with vigor.

His motion must have aroused the guy behind him because I saw the rest of that thick shaft ease into Ricardo's tight hole. In reaction his throat clamped down on my cock and he uttered a load moan around my shaft. That was enough to waken our last sleeper who must have stuffed another half foot of cock into my belly. The Asian studs took over and before we disentangled Ricardo and I had swallowed a couple of each other's loads and each taken a couple more up our well used butts.

I felt more invigorated than exhausted as we finally separated and the guys helped us to our feet. The guy having his go at my ass was the Thai hunk we'd met earlier. He told me to call him Pong. Ricardo's guy was a Japanese-American, named Koji. He had almost thirteen inches. He said he'd had me earlier in the evening, but I didn't recall.

I turned out to be almost 9 in the morning. Some of the others were starting to stir, but it seemed most of the guests must have departed in the night. Koji said that most folks get worn out after only a few hours. Several more drop out as the ratio of guests to brothers starts to fall. The lucky survivors are invited to brunch. That's us. But first it's time for a shower.

I was looking where to go when Pong reached a hand between my legs and hoisted me over his shoulder, my chest draped over his back. He carried me up the steps, steadying me with a strong hand on my glutes and a couple of fingers up where his cock was minutes before. Koji followed with Ricardo.

A couple of the muscular Asians were setting up the brunch on the dining room table as we reached the main level. They'd already had their shower, but were still nude. Their massive, defined bodies were exciting to look at. Their soft cocks, at eight to nine inches caused a stir in my own. Pong must have felt me start to stiffen because he slapped my butt, hard, with his palm. As we were carried up another flight of steps, the two guys smiled and gave us a thumbs-up sign. I thought I'd seen them last night sometime.

They carried us into a large communal bath. A few guys were at a row of sinks brushing their teeth or grooming their hair. One pair was in the center of the room in a vertical sixty-nine with one guy standing holding the other upside-down. Knowing how big the guys all are here, they each had a foot or more of cock down their throats.

Pong and Koji set us down in the large shower room. There were a number of guys already there under the warm spray from a dozen nozzles. A few were even showering. I spotted Tony fucking Bill. Bill had wrapped his arms about his own knees, curling up into a ball. It enabled him to suck four or five inches of his own cock. Meanwhile Tony was holding him horizontal at hip level with a strong grip where Bill's chest tapers to his defined waist. He was powering full-length strokes into Bill's ass with much greater force than he'd used with us last night.

Don was doing a slow standing fuck with the huge black stud, Earl, as he was soaping up the front of his body. That twenty-inch cock was fully erect and pointing up. As he soaped it's impressive, vein covered length, I shivered a bit, remembering that I'd had that inside me last night. Earl must have already shot a few volleys from that weapon if the gobs of cum dripping from the ceiling above them were any indication.

Eddie was with another Caucasian guy, about my size, perhaps a bit more muscular, with a cock I'd estimate that would be about nine when hard. I thought it was one of the other guests, but he turned out to be a member of the fraternity and Eddie's roommate. His name was Bill, like the Filipino guy still getting a pounding from Tony a few feet away.

The guys helped us wash off the residue of last night's action. There was a tub of condoms handy in the shower, so Koji rolled one on and soaped up his thirteen inches to get me clean inside and out. My cum didn't come close to the ceiling, but, after last night, I was surprised I had any left to shoot at all.

While we were finishing up one of the guys carried in another of the guests, apparently he and us were the only ones to make the entire night. He was a Native-American and very muscular, about a fat-free 220 pounds on a five foot eight frame with darkly tanned reddish-brown skin, completely smooth, and shoulder-length straight black hair. When he was set down I saw he had a ten-inch hard uncut cock almost as thick as some of the brothers.

But, as impressive as he would have been anyplace else, he was just another sex toy with these guys. The Chinese-looking guy who carried him in was a couple inches shorter than he, but must have had 30 pounds more muscle. He handled the guy like he were lifting a sack of feathers.

He spotted us and recognized us as compadres and we shared a smile. His name was Joseph Running Bear. This was his fourth party with the fraternity brothers. I asked him about the interesting stud with the yin-yang symbol he wore in his right earlobe, but he refused to discuss it. Pong whispered to me to wait until after brunch.

The tradition is you sit at brunch with the guy who brings you upstairs. By "sit with" they meant on his lap with a huge, hard cock up your tail. So I sat facing Pong with my back against the edge of the table, my legs widely spread straddling his 38 inch thighs. My balls were drawn up tight to my shaft. They looked like small bird eggs nestled in the nest of his fine black hair. My stiff cock pressed into the deep groove between the rows of his abdominal muscles. A steady seepage of my precum was flowing down that channel and had already soaked his hair. Not a bit of his thick pole was visible as he had me impaled to the very root. When he flexed his thighs, the expanding quadraceps would push me a few inches off, only to settle back when he relaxed them. That never failed to pump a little more precum from my cock and Pong seemed to delight in surprising me with it at the most awkward times.

The others were at adjacent spots along the table in identical positions. Ricardo with Koji and Joseph with Zai Zai, who we found out was originally from Singapore. We couldn't feed ourselves with our backs to the table so our personal studs served us like infants. It was just another reminder of how helpless we were amongst a group of truly supermen. I, for one, didn't need the lesson. I'd gladly be the slave of any one or all of them.

Eventually, it was time to leave. As we were getting dressed Eddie took Ricardo and I aside. He asked if we had a good time. He already knew the answer and didn't wait for us to say anything before he asked if we'd like the opportunity to attend all their parties. It seems they invite the few guys who demonstrate they can handle the sexual energy that saturates their fraternity to join a special club as fraternity boyfriends. We'd have an open invitation to their monthly parties. The other duty was to be available whenever a brother needed or wanted you, perhaps an invite by a few guys to come over on non-party weekends, or a quick sex break if you're spotted around campus. He made that sound like an imposition, but I looked forward to it.

We both agreed instantly. Our new status is symbolized by the oriental-style ear stud I'd noticed on Joseph. He's been a fraternity boyfriend for a few months and there were a handful of others. I met one, a lithe, black gymnast, walking on campus later in the week. Our ear studs identified to the other our shared status. We had lunch together, sharing our experiences with the guys.

As we were about to get up, Tony came into the room and spotted us talking. Our expressions as he walked over must have made our hopes pretty obvious. He ushered us to the mens room where he dropped a load up both our butts over the next fifteen minutes as we drank the cream he coaxed from the other's balls. We took the handicapped stall for room and privacy although the sounds we couldn't help make or hide made what was happening pretty clear.

"Well, that's my story. There's another party this Friday night. Wanna go?"